Ukrainian diet

Girls are Ukrainian, they work very hard, and their harmony lies in a small secret. In order for life to be full of energy, we want, it looks good. But not everyone can afford it. Many women just do not have time for this. But do not worry. All you can get the main thing is to believe it. This diet is not so difficult.

Moreover, it can suit almost everyone, without exception. Ukrainian ladies certainly before the diet itself, do not engage in sports at all. They have enough physical activity when doing homework. Therefore, the ladies of other regions, it is worth thinking about. What else can you add to this diet. Whether it's a sports hall, or just an active image of existence.

The main criteria for the diet

You need to remember that in this diet a limited time. Eat only from eight in the morning until seven in the evening. This time plays a very important role in the diet. With food you need to know. The number of cereals should always be equal to one hundred grams. Liquids can drink only one hundred milliliters. When preparing porridge, salt, various pepper mixtures and vegetable oils should not be used. Fruits only apply fresh. Vegetables use only boiled. And forget about bread either whether it's black or white. Also, when a diet is not allowed to smoke and drink alcohol.

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Basis of the

diet It is recommended to drink a very small cup of green tea at exactly seven o'clock in the evening. In order for it to act on the body as a diuretic. And by doing so, he took out unnecessary fats and toxins from the human body.


Duration of the diet is eight days.

The first day of

For breakfast, you need to boil rice porridge. Cooked chicken and chicken broth. Time for lunch. You need to eat to start one apple green, a salad of cucumber and beets. Wash with carrot juice. For dinner you need one hundred grams of milk and one mandarin. In the evening, drink a small mug of green tea, but just do not eat sugar.

The second day of

Breakfast: sour cream is not fatty preferably purchased. Since there is a lot of fat in the home sour cream. Dinner soup from vegetables, but only without spices and garlic. You can drink tea. Dinner: buckwheat porridge, fruit salad. Late afternoon tea again.

Third day

You can make an omelet for breakfast. You can not drink anything. For lunch, you need to eat again the vegetable soup, or you can have a wheat porridge. You can drink apple juice. Dinner: salad from any vegetables at will, you can use zest. You can drink only green tea. Do not forget that before going to bed, too, drink tea.

This is the main three days then all the days need to be repeated and so eight days.

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