Apply the diet thoughtfully

Each person is unique, has its own characteristics both in character and in the structure of the body. Strengthening health, especially treatment with a variety of diets, requires an individual approach. An unwise decision to use dietary foods recommended by popular publications or on forums can only worsen the work of various organs and lead to illness.

You always need to take into account your individual characteristics: age, body condition, type of occupation, vital activity. After all, any diet, even recommended by authoritative editions, is designed for a certain average person. The range of products offered can include components that your body does not perceive well, or they cause acute allergic reactions. The unreasonable use of such products can lead to disastrous consequences.

You can not lose sight of the age features, when choosing diet food for therapeutic or preventive purposes. It is known that for each age group can fit a certain type of products. Some products can be contraindicated or can be consumed in strictly limited quantities.

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As the child grows and develops, there is an increase in the activity of the body, metabolism. After reaching a certain age, activity begins to fall, this age line is purely individual. Accordingly, the quantity of consumed products, their composition, changes, therefore dietary food should be determined not by the recommendations of the media, but after detailed examination by doctors and appointed by a dietitian individually.

For example, in early childhood, more carbohydrates are required for normal body development. Further, with growth, the child begins to consume more protein food, necessary for the construction and full growth of the body. Mature age is characterized by some decrease in consumption of energy-saturated foods, dietary nutrition can contain more fiber, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive system.

The list of products for any age includes fruits and vegetables with a low content of starch. The use of fruits requires a balanced approach, diet food should include products that grow in your area. Exotics can cause disorders and allergic reactions.

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