What should be a diet for atherosclerosis?

What should be a diet for atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is a vascular disease, biochemically its main manifestation is the accumulation and adhesion of cholesterol( mainly its esters) to the inner surface of the arterial wall.

The applied methods of prevention and therapy of this disease are aimed at increasing the flow of cholesterol from its deposits on the surface of the walls of the arteries in circulating blood, as normally there is a constant mutual exchange between cholesterol in the composition of these deposits and blood cholesterol in the lipoproteins, but atherosclerosis is predominantthe flow of cholesterol into the arterial wall. This is achieved by reducing hypercholesterolemia, that is, by lowering the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

To do this, drugs are used, more about them on the site normapulsa.org, which either increase the excretion of cholesterol, or inhibit its synthesis, various procedures, for example, plasmapheresis, in which the patient takes a relatively large amount of blood, then returning back his own shaped elementsand injecting a low-cholesterol donor blood or a solution of human albumin. But even the most thoughtful and qualitative treatment will not be full without dieting! Diet is a very important attribute of fighting this disease.

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Diet for Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis uses a low-cholesterol diet. This diet requires an increased intake of vitamins B, vitamin C, linoleic acid, coarse dietary fiber, K, Mg, as well as lipotropic compounds and microelements. The consumption of proteins should be appropriate physiological norm. It is necessary to limit the consumption of cholesterol and its esters, sodium chloride( table salt), free liquid, various extractives.amount of easily digestible( "fast") carbohydrates, animal lipids.

In addition, there is a list of products and dishes to be excluded from the diet:

  • broths( mushroom, fish, meat);
  • high-fat meat;
  • cakes and pastries;
  • sausage;
  • smoked and canned goods;
  • sharp, salty and fatty foods.

With background obesity limited or completely excluded from the diet:

  • ice cream;
  • chocolate products;
  • dishes;
  • containing in the cream;
  • honey;
  • sucrose;
  • dried fruits;
  • strong tea and coffee;
  • various sauces;
  • grapes
  • raisins;
  • pepper.

Depending on the compliance of the patient's body weight with the norm, it is determined to what extent it is necessary to reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates into their bodies. In the absence of obesity, the first variant of the diet is prescribed, the second - with obesity background. The second variant of the diet is more severe. Recommended five-time meal schedule with additional consumption of kefir overnight. The thermal treatment of fish and meat includes only cooking. It is necessary to crush and cook fruit and vegetable products with coarse fiber. The temperature of the dishes when served on the table is normal.

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