Soon on the decree, or the awakened syndrome of a shopaholic

What should be prepared for the birth of a baby

Most pregnant women, coming to work, think daily: - "would rather be on a decree".And in fact, it is difficult to work in such a situation, no matter what kind of work it was. Pain in the lower back, swelling of the legs, drowsiness and other unpleasant aspects of pregnancy, cause less and less desire to be in the workplace.

As you know, the long-awaited maternity leave begins at 30 weeks of pregnancy. A woman talks in advance with her obstetrician - gynecologist, when she comes for a hospital sheet, she passes the necessary tests and documents.

So, the long-awaited moment has come and the future mums, from not that to do, rushed to buy up all children's clothes shops. Do not do this, it is better to direct this energy in the right direction. After all, firstly, it is not known with what weight and height the baby is born, and secondly, the newborns grow very fast. In the first 2 months of life, the baby is gaining 1200-2000 grams, and sometimes more and grows by 4-6 cm. And so, it will continue for up to a year. But to the birth of a child, you should thoroughly prepare. And here, just come in handy this craze to buy.

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In the hospital for a newborn, it is necessary to prepare a set for discharge, packing diapers, packing wet wipes. In the kit for discharge should be, cap, cap, two pajamas - thin and denser, two diapers - a thin and denser and an envelope. All of the things that are needed must be with external seams. Nowadays, many mothers instead of the standard set for discharge, buy body, suits and walking envelopes with sleeves. This of course is the business of every mother, but before you prepare things in the hospital for the baby, you should think about how comfortable it is for him to wake them up. After all, at discharge, he wakes up only 5-9 days.

It is also necessary to prepare everything, for a new tenant, at home. A cot, changing mattress or table, a bath and a slide - this is what you need right away. As well as blankets, diapers, ryazhonki, sliders, oilcloth, bottles, nipples and hygiene products. To the hygiene of the baby, you can include: hydrogen peroxide and zelenoku, diapers and napkins, cream and paraffin oil, cotton wool, gauze, cotton buds with a stop and without, cotton wheels, shampoo, baby soap, syringes and scissors with rounded ends.

All items must be washed with baby powder and ironed. Bottles and nipples should be postirilizovat. Given the amount of work, bored in the decree, the future mother will not have to.

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