Is it possible to cure arthrosis of the knee joint

How to treat joint arthrosis

Joints in the human body carry daily physical activity when walking, standing, tilting, climbing stairs. Under the influence of a systematic load, they gradually wear out, they age. Before all, the cartilage tissue undergoes changes. So arthrosis occurs.

What you need to know

What is this disease, and how to treat arthrosis? Arthrosis of the joints is a chronic degenerative-dystrophic disease characterized by changes in various joint structures, primarily cartilage. The cartilaginous tissue gradually loses its elasticity, and microcracks appear on the surface. Their number gradually increases, and the sizes increase. The cartilage looks corroded. The edges of the joints become uneven.

Changes in arthrosis joints
Arthrosis of the joint destroyed cartilage and bone tissue

After destruction of the cartilage, bone and soft tissues are involved in the pathological process. The joint is deformed due to changes in the length of muscles and ligaments, and bone growths are formed - osteophytes. They irritate soft tissue, causing nonspecific inflammation. The aching joint begins to crack, losing its former mobility. There are pains during movement. The disease does not spare large and small joints:

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  • knees,
  • ankle,
  • hip,
  • brachial,
  • elbow,
  • wrist,
  • interphalange, etc.

The risk of getting sick is primarily people whose lifestyle is associated with joint stresses. This category includes:

  • athletes;
  • dancers;
  • loaders, miners, builders;
  • people who are obese;
  • with hereditary predisposition;
  • suffered joint fractures;
  • with impaired posture;
  • with joint developmental defects;
  • having a history of rheumatoid, hormonal and metabolic diseases.

The list of potential patients includes a large number of people. But they can stay healthy for a long time if they start treating the disease at an early stage.

Family run on the beach
Active life pushes away the aging of the joints

Eternal question

Every patient is interested in the natural question, is it possible to cure arthrosis? The disease is not a sentence of lifelong suffering. For people of young age, not burdened by other serious diseases, such as diabetes, the prognosis is favorable. The disease can be reversed. The task of the elderly is to maintain the elasticity and integrity of the cartilage, the mobility of the joints as long as possible. The aging process can be postponed for years due to:

  • a healthy active lifestyle;
  • adequate physical activity;
  • reduce excess weight;
  • correct balanced nutrition;
  • systematic monitoring of their own health.

Prevention of arthrosis needs to be done constantly, regardless of mood or desire, and tangible results will necessarily appear. Otherwise, the quality of life will decrease significantly with time.

Complex treatment

For the treatment of arthrosis, two methods are used: conservative( without surgical intervention) and surgical. There is also arthroscopy - a low-traumatic method for treating deforming arthrosis of large joints with the help of an arthroscope device. Operations are more often performed on the knee and clavicle-abdominal joints. Two small incisions are made. One for the introduction of an arthroscope, the second for a tool.

Arthroscopy of the knee joint
Arthroscopy minimally traumatizes the diseased joint and tissue

As for arthroscopy, medical experts differ. Some doctors consider the operation ineffective and even useless. Others, on the contrary, recommend surgery as the only way to treat late-stage arthrosis.

Having been ill for the first time, the patient usually asks himself who is treating arthrosis from practicing doctors and who to contact. With the disease at different stages are associated surgeons, orthopedists, traumatologists, rheumatologists. The primary link in this chain are therapists.

Treatment is preceded by a mandatory examination of the patient with clarification of all the symptoms, the circumstances of the disease. The most important task of the attending physician is correct diagnosis, and further treatment depends to a large extent on it. Usually conducted:

  • radiograph of the joint in several projections;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis on modern apparatus of expert class;
  • MRI study;
  • arthroscopy;
  • standard clinical tests.

The goal of conservative treatment at the initial stage is to return the lost joint mobility due to:

  • elimination of pain syndrome;
  • elimination of tissue edema;
  • restoration of blood circulation of the joint;
  • cartilage restoration.

What are the treatment of joints with arthrosis? Conservative therapy includes a full range of therapeutic measures: medicinal treatment, physiotherapy, sanatorium-resort, physiotherapy, treatment with folk remedies.


When the disease has gone far enough or is in an acute stage, the primary goal of the treatment is the coping of severe pain. For this purpose, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs) are commonly used:

  • indomethacin,
  • naproxen,
  • diclofenac,
  • ketanol,
  • ibuprofen,
  • nurofen,
  • aspirin, etc.
An injection in the knee joint
Intra-articular injections - a quick way to relieve acute joint pain

Nonsteroidal drugs have a number of side effects. First of all, negatively affect the mucosa of the stomach and intestines. Preparations of the last generation are deprived of such a defect, they are characterized by a minimal damaging effect. These include:

  • celecoxib,
  • parecoxib,
  • etorikoksib,
  • valdecoxib,
  • lumiracoxib,
  • rofecoxib.

New drugs are less toxic, but also have side effects in the form of fluid retention in the body, tachycardia, allergies, drowsiness, headache, gastrointestinal disorders. Despite the shortcomings, new generation drugs are less dangerous, they can be used for long-term treatment of joint arthrosis. The most effective in osteoarthritis are the pyrazolone series, such as ketazone, antipyrine, tandenedil, feprosan. All NSAIDs, regardless of the type, have the following actions:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • analgesic,
  • antipyretic.
Celecoxib is a new generation of NSAIDs with minimal side effects.

Drugs are available in the form of capsules, ointments, gels, tablets, suppositories, injectable solutions. Of the other medicines used for the treatment of arthrosis are drugs:

  • improving blood microcirculation in the joints - nicotinic acid, ATP, trental, nikoshpan, prodektin, heparin;
  • improving the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the joint - vitamins "B"( pyridoxine, thiamine, cyanocolamine);
  • acting on metabolism in cartilage of the joint - rumalon, arteparone, mukartrin, chloroquine;
  • desensitizing agents, reducing the reactivity of the body, - tavegil, dimedrol, suprastin, pipolfen;
  • synthetic hormones of the adrenal glands - hydrocortisone, dexamezaton, prednisolone.

Hormones( glucocorticosteroids) are used in conjunction with analgesics for intraarticular injections. In this case, they act directly on the pathological focus, quickly relieve pain, inflammation.

Non-medicamentous treatment

Physiotherapy( LFK)

Still advised to read: knees How to cure arthrosis of the knee joint?

With pains, a person unconsciously begins to spare a sick joint, reduce physical activity. This only aggravates the existing situation. Muscles gradually atrophy, ligaments weak. Therefore, after relief of pain, maximum after 5 days, it is necessary to train the joint not only in the hospital, but also at home.

Load and amplitude of movements increase gradually. The patient should realize that without motor activity recovery is impossible. Short-term training does not give a tangible result.

Sanatoriums and resorts

The impact of such therapeutic factors as mud, radon baths, massage, physiotherapy, exercise therapy contribute to the fastest rehabilitation of the patient. They are shown only outside of an exacerbation.


There is no special therapeutic diet for arthrosis. The daily diet is determined by physical loads, labor intensity, the presence of excess weight, concomitant diseases. But with arthrosis, doctors advise eating foods rich in calcium. These include milk and all dairy products, vegetables, fruits.

Homemade cold is a source of collagen for joints

A cold is considered useful. When cooking cartilage, pork, beef legs, ears, collagen turns into broth and favorably affects the joints. When gelatin is split, many useful substances are formed that affect various vital functions of the sick organism.

Popular ways of

The famous medieval thinker and healer Avicenna said that the doctor has only three weapons: a word, a plant and a knife. The word really cures, but can kill. Under the knife to go to bed is never too late, and the plants have always treated the people.

In Russia, the recipes of folk medicine were used in the old days, they are still used today. It is believed that using the following recipe, you can drive out the salt, completely clean the joints. The course of treatment takes 10 kg of black radish. Vegetables are cleaned, squeezed juice in any accessible way - under the press, juicer. Pour into a glass jar, put in the refrigerator. Take strictly 30 g( two tablespoons) three times a day, regardless of the diet. Radish is contraindicated in gout.

Black radish
Radish black - the best tool for cleaning joints and whole body

For arthrosis, the following composition will help:

  1. 1 liter of burdock juice.
  2. 1 liter of liquid honey.
  3. 1 liter of vodka, moonshine or diluted alcohol.

The fluids must be mixed.

The composition is well preserved in a conventional refrigerator, shaken before use. Drinking in the morning on an empty stomach on a tablespoon, always washed down with water. If the norm is exceeded, the liver may suffer. The rate is a three-liter bank. Treatment with plants is not short, you need to be patient and will adjust to recovery.

Doctors try to cure arthrosis by their methods, patients prefer to use folk remedies. A combination of modern technologies and centuries-old knowledge of the people help to cope with the disease.

How to cure arthrosis of the knee joint

Arthrosis of the knee joint ranks first in the frequency of diseases with arthrosis and arthritis. Patients most often complain of the inefficiency of long-term treatment. In despair, they begin to think about endoprosthetics, treating it as the last remaining option. How to treat arthrosis of the knee joint, without resorting to an extreme radical method - we'll talk about this in this article.

Droppers with arthrosis of joints

No miracle cure for arthrosis of the knee joint: it is treated in a complex way

Complex treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

Why it is impossible to abandon the conservative treatment of

Surgical operation only at first glance seems to be such a simple way:

The implantation of an artificial joint will still require the use of medications that prevent inflammationand the rejection of a foreign object detected by the scouts of the immune system .

This means:

  • After the operation, it may be necessary to artificially reduce the immunity of the patient, so that the implanted joint is adopted
  • The endoprosthesis will have to be worked out for a long time, which means that rehabilitation with the entire set of exercises on special equipment and simulators

is needed. These arguments are not generally directed against the operation( sometimesit is the only way out), but against premature abandonment of conservative, softer methods of treatment.

Is it possible to cure gonarthrosis?

There is no specific medicine or panacea for arthrosis of the knee joint.

To cure the disease in the first stages it is possible if many methods of treatment are used to treat :

  • Medical treatment:
    • IM and / or injection( intramuscular and intravenous injections and droppers)
    • intraarticular injections
    • chondroprotectors
    • external ointments
    • compresses
  • Surgical treatment
  • Manual therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sanatorium treatment
  • Proper nutrition

Video: Nature of arthrosis with the example of the knee joint


Anesthetizing injections with gonarthrosis

NSAID-drugs for analgesia in gonarthrosis used drugs NSAIDs

Scheme arthrosis treatment in the acute stage conservative and did not change from "granny" times: changing only drugs used to suppress the inflammatory response of pain suppression.

They are called anti-inflammatory .Medication of pain relief is done with the help of the following non-steroid preparations:

  • diclofenac
  • indomethacin
  • tselrebex
  • piroxicam
  • ketoprofen, etc.

Patient must spare his joint during this period, trying not to load it. To unload the knee, you can put a tight bandage on it for several days.

The use of NSAIDs brings apparent relief, but they can not in any way stop the process of cartilage destruction, and even vice versa, lead to dehydration of the cartilage, and thus accelerate the degenerative process.

The second detrimental effect of NSAIDs is that all preparations of this group have many contraindications:

  • in the first place - irritation of the intestinal mucosa and stomach
  • long-term treatment of pain with NSAIDs is possible only with gastrointestinal tract protectors, for example, omeprazole

It is erroneous to assume that ifUse injections instead of tablets, NSAIDs become intestine and stomach harmless.

Intra-articular injections of

You can restore gonarthrosis

Do not inject with corticosteroids more than once every two weeks

In the chronic phase with frequent exacerbations often resort to:

  • Injections of corticosteroids: hydrocortisone, celeston, diprospan
  • Introduction of hyaluronic acid in the joint
  • Oxygenotherapy( introduction of oxygen into the affected joint)
  1. When prescribing medication with corticosteroids, the physician should remember:
    • These hormonal drugs are effective for swelling of the joint caused by the accumulation of synovial fluid
    • . Without the symptoms of synovitis, their appointment is unreasonable.
    • Unreasonably frequent intake of corticosteroids can cause considerable harm, for example, enhance bone resorption.
    • injecting with corticosteroids more often than once every two weeks:
      Too frequent intraarticular injections can injure the joint, anddamage the ligaments and muscles
    • Prodrugs should not be administered for prophylactic purposes.
  2. Hyaluronic acid has a very beneficial effect on the joint surface, creating a protective film on it:
    • Hyaluronic acid preparations are prescribed for synovial fluid deficiency and play the role of lubricant
    • Injections with acid also increaseelasticity of the joint and its elasticity
    • Virtually no contraindications
    • Treatment is conducted by courses:
      Three to four injections with an interval of one or two weeksand repetition in half a year
    • For injections used:
      Ostenil, synviscus, duralan, etc. drugs
    • Despite the high cost of the drug, its use is justified, as with proper therapy it avoids the operation of
    • . The preparation of Hyastat of domestic production is cheaper than imported ones by 30%.


    It is not necessary to apply hyaluronic injections for exacerbation of inflammatory processes and synovitis, as they under such conditions are destroyed and are useless. Effective such drugs during the remission of

  3. Oxygenotherapy is prescribed with the objectives:
    • To improve the metabolism in the joint
    • To extend the remission period of
    • The essence of it is to inject ozone irradiated with laser beam
    • Four injections with an interval between them in two days
    • The method is effective in earlystages


Chondroprotectors are designed to restore cartilaginous tissues of the joint, replacing the deficiency of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate

Patients often complain about the high cost and neEffectiveness of these funds. Why is this happening?

  • The first reason is incorrect advertising, in which "effective and quick elimination of pain" is promised.

Chondroprotectors are not an anesthetic, this is a protection for the cartilage

  • The second is the use of the drug at the stage when the cartilage itself is completely destroyed, that is, there is nothing to protect and repair anymore.

In the third stage, the use of chondroprotectors is absolutely useless.

  • Another reason is spontaneity and episodic treatment:

The patient went through one course, and then not completely or sometimes skipping the drug - and waiting for the result immediately. Meanwhile, treatment with chondroprotectors should be conducted cyclically, intermittently, and not for one year.

Even more useless are the ointment-chondroprotectors, which are primarily used by the patient with deforming arthrosis of the late stage of

. Due to unfair advertising of companies producing similar ointments, there is a wrong attitude towards these good drugs, really capable of slowing the degenerative process in the joints.

The following chondroprotective agents are used in the treatment:

  • Alflutop
  • Structum
  • Chondroitin
  • Dona
  • Elbona, etc.
Ointments for the treatment of arthrosis
Import chondroprotectors

Ointments of irritating and warming action for arthrosis

To anesthetize with arthrosis apply not only injections but also external preparations -

  • Ointments of irritating and warming action :
    Menovazine, Capsoicin, Nicoflex
  • With synovitis, it is necessary to lubricate the knee with ointments containing NSAIDs :
    Butadione and indomethacin ointment, Fastum gel, Voltaren

However, the effect of ointments is much less effective than injectionsOnly a small fraction of the drug penetrates to the joints.

Compresses for the knee joint

For arthrosis compressions it is recommended to use in such cases:

  • For edema and fluid accumulation( synovitis)
  • For joint mobilization( improvement of mobility)

Compresses from dimexide, bischofite, medical bile are used for pain relief, inflammation and edema

dimexide and bischofite - chemicals, bile - natural

packs are more effective than warming and anti-inflammatory ointments, due to better penetration properties can not be


Droppers with arthrosis of joints

Compresses are good for swelling and joint mobilization

Surgical treatment

  1. Knee joint decompression
    It is achieved by:
    • by the expansion of the synovium, which often forms folds around the joint in which pus accumulates
    • with osteotomy - bone excision with joint repositioning( traumaticmethod)
    • arthrodesis - artificial joint wedging( flexion and extension functions are lost, but pain is removed)
  2. VostaKnee joint :
    • Arthroscopy - minimally invasive surgery to remove diseased sections of the meniscus and cartilage
    • Arthroplasty - replacing part of the cartilage with a graft from own tissues or artificial material
  3. Endoprosthetics:
    Replacement of the knee joint is artificial when the joint function is completely lost and restored by other meansit is impossible

Manual therapy in the treatment of gonarthrosis

Manual therapy is a very effective way of joint development in the first-secondth stage of gonarthrosis, especially in combination with compresses, intraarticular injections and techniques of chondroprotectors

However, to cure a knee that has been suffering for more than one year can not be achieved in one session:

  • The first session is aimed at revealing the degree of immobilization of the joint and partially releasing it
  • .for three or four weeks the reception chondroprotectors, made compresses and massage Dimexidum
  • After that - repeated sessions of manual therapy with a sprained knee and reposition it( that Soestin the unlocked and became in place, it can be judged by a specific click)
  • The next two sessions fix the result of
  • At the end of the course it is useful to make two intra-articular injections of ostenil
  • Twice a year you need to repeat the reception of chondroprotectors

Video: Manual therapy with gonarthrosis

Physiotherapy with gonarthrosis

gonarthrosis treatment applied physiotherapy following:

  • laser
  • magnetic
  • shockwave
  • edektromiostimulyatsiya
  • thermal and cryogenic etc

LazeRotherapy with arthrosis of the knee joint well anesthetizes and stimulates healing.

In addition to this, the laser:

  • Accelerates metabolism and intracellular metabolism
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Accelerates cartilage tissue regeneration
  • Improves blood circulation and lowers blood viscosity
  • Softens calcium deposits
  • Relieves muscular tension


Gymnastics is a wonderful way to prevent gonarthrosis at any stage of it. In many cases, exercise therapy can avoid surgery. However, the load on the affected joint should not be large: the static exercises

should prevail. How to treat arthrosis of the knee with gymnastics and nutrition - in the following articles.

Video: Treatment of gonarthrosis

How to treat arthrosis of the knee joint?

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint today disturbs many. At risk are professional athletes or simply those who have enough physical exertion, people with excess weight and problems with metabolism, as well as patients of advanced age.

Very often all of them are concerned with the question of whether it is possible to cure gonarthrosis completely. Timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment can stop the destructive effect of arthrosis on the early lines. But non-compliance with doctoral recommendations can lead to complete or partial disability with loss of motor functions. The patient needs to remember that if he has been diagnosed with gonarthrosis treatment can be very different: from traditional medicine to surgical intervention. Therefore it is very important, together with the treating doctor, to evaluate all the risks and choose the most suitable methods.

Surgical intervention

Osteoarthritis of the knee joints is a disease that passes through three stages of its development. And if at first you can still cure with the drugs from knee arthrosis, gymnastics and massages, then if the knee joint has already undergone irreversible changes, the only way out is the operation.

To date, there are several types of surgical treatment, which in one way or another can eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with gonarthrosis. Some of them, as, for example, artodes, provide a kind of immobility of the joint, rather than eliminate the pain symptom. More advanced methods involve the use of special prostheses that can replace the joint completely or improve its functioning with a special plate.

The choice of surgery is very difficult for patients. Therefore, when diagnosing arthrosis of the knee joint, the treatment is determined by the responses of other people, the recommendations of several doctors and, of course, a complete examination, after all, not for all people, surgical intervention is permissible.

Conservative treatment methods

When gonarthrosis is impossible to do without a number of medications. They are used both as a single method of treatment, and as an addition to other methods. Drugs in this case are designed to reduce or eliminate pain, accelerate the recovery processes in the cartilage and bone tissue, improve the mobility of the joint itself, and strengthen the range of muscles that surround it.

All the medicinal treatment used for arthrosis of the knee joint can be divided into two main groups: for internal and external use. In addition, there are also solutions for internal injections.

Anti-inflammatory non-steroid tablets and capsules - first-aid agents for the onset of gonarthrosis. They quickly remove pain symptoms and make possible the use of other methods of treatment. However, you need to remember that such drugs have a lot of side effects, so they should be taken only under the strict supervision of a doctor.

It is very important to use in gonarthrosis drugs containing chondriotine sulfate and glucosamine. They contain natural substances and perfectly restore damaged cartilage and bone tissue.

We treat gonarthrosis with the help of the

diet. In most patients, after they have been diagnosed with arthrosis of the knee, only questions about what medicines to take, what kind of doctor treats gonarthrosis, what operation to choose, are concerned, but few people think about their nutrition. And it, oddly enough, plays an important role. Diet in gonarthrosis is a powerful tool that can positively influence its course.

Nutrition during the illness should be at the maximum balanced, but too high-calorie meals should be excluded, because they can cause excess weight, which is one of the main causes of gonarthrosis.

The peculiarity of nutrition in gonarthrosis is that it must be saturated with proteins, preferably of animal origin, since it is the proteins that take an active part in the structure of the muscles. But to feed the cartilage tissue is necessary to regularly use jelly, caviar and broth, cooked on bones.

There are also a number of products that are not recommended for use with arthrosis of the knees. It, first of all, alcohol, fatty meat, cabbage, fresh tomatoes and pepper, whole milk, sour fruit.

Therapeutic gymnastics

Many people mistakenly believe that with gonarthrosis any physical activity is prohibited. However, this statement is not entirely true. For the normal functioning of the joint, he simply needs strong, trained muscles, which is why exercise with a feasible sport for arthrosis of the knee joints is only beneficial.

It should be noted that gymnastics with arthrosis differs fairly simple and, most importantly, leisurely exercises. It must be remembered that joints do not tolerate sudden movements and too heavy loads.

In addition to gymnastics patients are also shown long walks in the fresh air.

Folk methods

Despite the somewhat skeptical attitude of traditional medicine to folk methods, in many cases they are very effective. And if there is a question, how to treat arthrosis of the knee joint, then many tinctures and ointments with the use of herbs and various products give a good effect. So, for example, a good result is rubbing the sore spot with camphor oil or applying a compress with apple cider vinegar and honey.

Many recipes for the treatment of knee arthrosis use burdock leaves for their base. The essence of the simplest of them is to apply a burdock leaf to the joint, wrap the film and a warm scarf, and keep it all night.

In the same way, you can use leaflets of ordinary white cabbage. To improve the result, it is recommended to grease the cabbage leaf before the procedure with natural honey. Like burdock, cabbage, very well removes inflammation and reduces swelling, which is often observed in patients with gonarthrosis.



I am very glad that I found a site on which there is information on this disease. For five years I have been trying to treat it

I have been treating arthrosis for 6 years already. I use all methods. Medicinal herbs( tincture of sabelnik), diet, special gymnastics, chondroprotectors. True, they are often forged recently. Last year I switched to artradol. A good drug, there were no side effects. To cure this disease it is impossible, but here the third year at me persistent remission to cure gonarthrosis of 2 degrees, in other words arthrosis( the knee pains).

Someone's joy

temporarily help injections Movalis. But this is temporary( ((
Check the hip joints - sometimes knees hurt with inflammation of the joints.)

Sonja plenina

Konechno, samoe pervoe-eto nuzno obratitsja k horoshemu http: //ortopedu. Artroz chasto soprovozdaetsja osteoporozom ili skoliozom, poetomu neobhodimo proverit sostojaniene tolko kolennih sustavov, ai vsego http: //pozvonochnika. Pri silnih boljah ne rekomenduetsja mnogo dvigatsja, zanimatsja dolgoe vremja gimnastikoi. Ochen horosho pomogaet pri etom zabolevanii preparat "Dona" -v poroshkah i kapsulah. On, pravda, nedorogoi, no izdorovje u nas odno.v apteke takze mozno kupit podderzivajustsie povjazki na koleni( odevat pri hodbe). A iz domashnih sredstv pomogaet nastoi sireni na spirte. Udachi!

Tatiana Pavlyuschik

Two years ago I was diagnosed with "deforming osteoarthritis of the knee joint".Now I feel quite normal. And in the beginning - the knee hurts and swells, I can not climb up the stairs. ..I went to the doctor. To relieve the pain and inflammation - prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, then - physiotherapy. And now about how I was treated further, because such diseases are not treated quickly. Quickly you can only take off the pain, not its cause.
1. All this time I took PrePart Teraflex( courses, as stated in the instructions).This drug supports the regeneration of cartilage. It contains chondroprotectors -( glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate) - preparations for the restoration of cartilaginous tissue. But the result is only after the second or third year.
2. Vasodilator drugs - to improve the nutrition of cartilage. Vasodilator drugs such as Trental( aka Agapurin, Pentoxifylline) and Theonikol( Xanthinal nicotinate) are very useful for the treatment of arthrosis. They help the restoration of the joint by improving the joint blood flow and reducing the spasm of small vessels. With their help, the delivery of "building material" to the painful joint is facilitated, and night vascular pain is also eliminated. It is especially useful to use vasodilator drugs in combination with chondroprotectors. In this case, chondroprotective nutrients penetrate into the joint more easily and in a larger amount, and also circulate more actively in it.
3. Exercises for the feet. To reduce the burden on the joints, do exercises lying down.
4. Daily - walking( recently - even running).But without fanaticism!
Yes, in the beginning, during the first year - I made compresses on the joints( Dimexid, Bishofit), rubbed with warming ointments.
As a result of such an integrated approach, the knees now do not hurt or swell. But I continue to take teraflex.
I advise you to search the Internet for articles by Dr. Evdokimenko. They helped me a lot - he explains everything in detail.

Than to treat an arthrosis of a knee joint? I pierced the aflutope and it hurts again. Is it possible to drink Don or better geladring forte?

Sonja plenina

Larisa, ortopedi ochen sovetujut Donu. Tolko dozirovku vnimatelno vibrat nado.
Moja mamochka s vashim zabolevaniem pjet Dona 1500.V poroshkah, 2 raza v god.


Osteoarthritis can not be cured. Pain is removed with anesthetic ointments. It is obligatory( !) To reduce the load on the joint. In extreme cases, with severe pain, Nays tablets. Pain with arthrosis is periodic - they themselves pass and arise.

Izotova Galina

We need a complex treatment - Rubbing.physiotherapy, repeated courses of drug treatment., Applications Osteoarthritis is treated for a long time, it does not go right joints hurt for more than a year. The pain was removed only by hormones-injections into the periarticular bag.

Andrey Enyutin

the first thing to do with pains in the joints of the lower limbs - eliminate their a rule this is the most common platypodia.go to any affordable orthopedic office where you will make insoles.after that you give a general blood test biochemical + urea, uric acid, creatinine and C-reactive protein + uzi or x-rays of the joints.then a decision is made on the treatment.then what you pricked and drank - just thrown away money

nina ponomareva

The joint can not be restored, only endoprosthetics. In the meantime, relieve the pain and reduce the strain on the joint.


A Kenalog or diprospan in a joint is to be inserted from your surgeon at the polyclinic.

Ruslan Pohtel

Hondroguard injections are very helpful, I was assigned to him at the clinic for arthrosis last fall. After the course, I generally forgot about the pain, now I'm feeling fine.

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