Severely hurts the arm from shoulder to elbow

Why the arm from the elbow to the hand hurts

The hand suffers from excessive strain or injury Pain in the hands of many people. It can be point, sharp or aching. In addition, the whole arm or some part of it( from the shoulder to the elbow, from the elbow to the hand) can hurt. To understand what the cause of the pain, you need to know what are the most common diseases of the hands. According to statistics, the cause of the appearance of pain in the hand can be:
  1. Overexertion. Because of the monotonous work( monotonous flexion-extensor movements of the brush, for example, when working on a conveyor belt), the median nerve is squeezed by the bones and tendons of the muscles of the wrist. This condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Quite often this syndrome also occurs in programmers, pianists, artists and so on.
  2. Sports load. Because of frequent intense training and loads on certain muscle groups, tendons become inflamed. This can lead to constant pain during the movements of the hands. It can hurt like the arm from the shoulder to the elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist. In such cases, it is necessary to postpone the time for sports and go to the doctor's office, who will conduct all necessary examinations and prescribe a treatment.
  3. Diseases of the spine. Such diseases as osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and other diseases can cause pain in the hands. In any case, pain can signal a serious illness.
  4. Injury. It is injuries that are one of the main causes of pain in the hand. Damage can be very different, from a bruise to a complex fracture. In any case, if you hurt your injured hands, you should immediately consult a doctor. Incorrect fusion of bones in a fracture can also cause pain in the hands of varying degrees.
  5. Diseases of the joints. Various joint diseases can cause pain in the hands. To articular diseases include arthritis, arthrosis.
  6. Other reasons. Under this vast concept, doctors imply various pathologies associated with the nervous system.

Features of treatment

Sharp hand movement can cause ligament rupture and severely injure the elbow

Sharp hand movement can cause ligament rupture and severely injure the elbow.

. After understanding the causes of the pain, we can assume why there is pain in the right hand, and why - in the left hand. As already understood from the above, it is possible to divide all types of pain into two types: temporary and caused by chronic diseases. If the pain you are experiencing is temporary( trauma, distension, the first "bell" about serious illness, etc.), it is necessary to understand that any temporary phenomenon can go on into a chronic one. Pain in the right arm can testify to such diseases as cervical osteochondrosis, and this pain can arise from both the shoulder girdle, so it can hurt from the elbow to the hand.

In any case, pain in the hand should be treated by specialists. Initially, when you have pain, you need to see a therapist. He will give direction to a more narrow specialist( neurologist, traumatologist), who will appoint the necessary examination. It is by its results that it will be possible to judge the nature and cause of the disease.

When the right arm begins to hurt, people often do not know that this is a signal about the need to check the condition of the cardiovascular system. That's when the left arm also falls ill, patients often turn to doctors. The course of treatment can include both medications and physiotherapy, which will need to come to the hospital.

The main thing is to remember that the specialist is obliged to give direction to the necessary analyzes and X-ray pictures, if fracture, dislocation or stretching is supposed, and only then he must prescribe the treatment.

Thanks to this approach, patients in the early stages of the disease can completely recover from it and continue to live a full life. Do not forget about the qualification of a doctor. After all, if a serious illness is missed at the initial stage, then full recovery is almost impossible, the chances for an early health amendment are negligible. In any case, it is necessary to go to the specialist who will put the exact diagnosis, and if you need to pass the required number of tests, make the right amount of pictures, devote yourself fully to this issue, this means that our body requires it.

How to reduce pain

Pain in the hand can be reduced by folk remedies, but they can be used only if the cause is clear. In the case of injuries that result in pain, it is necessary to completely immobilize the hand. This must be done before visiting a doctor. Having appointed the necessary examination, he will be able to understand and determine the cause of the pain.

If there is a risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, you should take precautions and regularly do preventive exercises. Work associated with the constant tension of any muscle group, requires the observance of precautions. For prevention, you need to constantly move, swim and engage in such sports that will allow you to develop all the muscle groups on your hands. If the pain in the right hand is caused by inflammatory processes, diseases of the heart or joints, as well as various diseases of the spine, which can also cause pain in the right or left hand, you should immediately go to the doctor.

It should not be forgotten that if one way of eliminating pain is good for one or another disease, then in another case it can simply simply harm the patient.

Prevention of diseases

The most important thing is to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Movement is life. Give up lifts, walk daily( and not only from a stop to home and work), make leisurely evening walks that will benefit your whole body.
  2. Swim. It's no secret that during the swimming all muscle groups develop. If you do not get to practice swimming regularly, do not forget at least about the morning exercise, which will also help improve blood circulation and well-being of the whole organism.
  3. Eat right. For good work of your body you need to consume more fruits and vegetables. Proper nutrition can avoid the occurrence of a variety of diseases, both vascular and joint.
  4. Give up bad habits, they destroy the body.
  5. "Calm down! The main thing is calmness. "That's what the beloved animated character Carlson said. And, no doubt, he was right. The less a person is nervous, the less he has a disease. Even when the right arm hurts, it can be associated with nerves that trigger inflammatory reactions in the human body.

If you adhere to this simple list of tips, you can not think about the disease.

Since pain in the arm from the elbow to the shoulder can occur for various reasons, the treatment should begin after the necessary diagnosis, which will appoint a qualified trauma specialist, neuropathologist. If discomfort in the limb first appeared, then for a few days, give complete rest to the hand. But if the pain syndrome is sufficiently intense or there was a trauma, then it is not worth to delay with a visit to the medical institution.

How to treat pain in the arm from the elbow to the shoulder

The treatment plan directly depends on the cause that causes the pathological symptom. You can not treat "at random", it can only do much harm. Self-medication can be used during a period of acute pain, on the way to the hospital, but you can not refuse to visit a doctor.

Treatment of pain in the hand with a limb injury

Overlapping the tire on the arm

The effectiveness of the treatment depends largely on the correct transportation of the patient to the nearest medical institution. If you suspect a limb injury, then you need to give the arm full rest and put it in ice bladders or put a cold compress. Apply a tight, tightening bandage from shoulder to elbow.

Let the victim try to find a comfortable position for the limb. If the hand does not hurt less, then try to completely immobilize it by means of a tire.

Bend the injured person's healthy arm at the elbow, and measure the length from the shoulder joint to the hand. So you learn the necessary length of the tire, and the design is easy to make from improvised materials. If necessary, you need to give painkillers, stop bleeding with open injuries and fractures.

Treatment of pain in the hand with joint diseases

Physiotherapeutic procedures

If the cause of the pain is a disease of the shoulder or elbow joint, then you need to take anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to medicines prescribed:

If the arm is hurted from the elbow to the wrist, then a fairly large number of pathological processes can be suspected. Only after performing the necessary clinical studies can you accurately say why there are unpleasant sensations. But for this it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The causes of pain from the elbow to the wrist can hide in the pathology of bone tissue, muscles, vessels or nerve bundles. And now more in detail about the reasons.

Traumatic injuries

Trauma is the most common cause of pain in the arm. The area from the elbow to the wrist suffers as a result of a man's attempt to protect himself from anything, to shield his face or neck. Therefore, this area is more prone to injury.

Elbow joint lesion

The elbow joint is a rather complex formation, as the articular surfaces are formed by three bones. Therefore, biomechanics of the joint is more difficult than in joints with two contact surfaces. The elbow joint can be involved in the following pathological processes:

  1. Arthritis - inflammation of the joint tissues against a background of any systemic pathological process( rheumatism, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis).
  2. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of cartilage of the joint. In this case, the cartilage loses its functions, the volume of movement in the joint is markedly reduced. Gradually, the "cicatricial" cartilage begins to grow on the site of normal cartilage, gradually forming osteophytes.
  3. Gout is a disease associated with the accumulation of urea salts in joints. In connection with this, the joint ceases to function normally, and exacerbations of gout cause severe pain. The most common manifestations of gout occur at the first metatarsophalangeal joint, but in some cases the disease may affect the elbow joint.

Elbow bursitis

Bursitis is an inflammation of synovial bags that perform a cushioning function and make the muscles move smoothly. In the area of ​​the elbow, there are three bags: irradiation, interosseous and subcutaneous ulnar. Ulcers are more often affected. The main symptoms:

  • pain in the elbow;
  • is a swelling that can be warm to the touch and is hyperemic;
  • palpation is felt the presence of fluid in the area of ​​the inflamed bag;
  • increase in body temperature.


This intricate Latin name means inflammation of the anatomical structures of the humerus - epicondyles, which are located in the region of the elbow and serve to attach the muscles of the forearm. Inflammation of the epicondyle can result from excessive loads on the muscles of the forearm, while performing a monotonous systematic work, which is associated with the constant squeezing and unclenching of the hand. That's why most often it can affect plumbers, mounters, mechanics.

The main symptoms of epicondylitis:

  • hurts the right or left side of the elbow when the wrist is squeezed or unclenched;
  • movement of the forearm also causes pain;
  • is a characteristic sign - a "handshake symptom" when the hand hurts to such an extent that it is impossible to shake hands or take a cup;
  • passive brush movements are painless.

Affection of nervous structures

A large number of nerves pass from the elbow to the hand, which originate from the spinal cord. Therefore, even infringement of nerves at the level of the cervical spine as a result of cervical osteochondrosis can lead to pain in the arm.

Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the hands

Lesion of the arteries of the arm with atherosclerosis is less common than atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, head, heart. But still, with narrowing of the arteries or blockage of her thrombus, there may be an ischemia, or oxygen starvation, of the tissues of the hand, which will lead to a severe pain syndrome.

Tumor Disease

An oncological disease can affect bone tissue, wrist muscles. The so-called myeloma replaces normal bone tissue with a malignant "clone".This is accompanied by brittle bones, a violation of posture, infectious diseases due to a decrease in the body's immune defenses.


Osteoporosis is associated with hormonal changes in the body, which can occur with age, with relative or absolute failure of hormones.


Tendo is a Latin word for the tendon. Tendonitis is the inflammation of tendons. This process can develop as a result of excessive loads on the hand or permanent microtraining. And since the forearm has a large number of tendons, the appearance of tendinitis can occur closer to the elbow or at the wrist level.

Treatment of pain in the arm

Most of the causes of pain in the arm from the elbow to the wrist are inflammatory. That is why the following drugs are often prescribed:

  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs are used primarily because they eliminate pain of varying intensity, and also reduce the inflammatory response. This is especially true for arthritis, arthrosis, gout.
  2. Antibacterial agents. Inflammation often has a bacterial nature, so the use of antibiotics is mandatory.
  3. Hormones. In severe cases of diseases, with autoimmune inflammation of the elbow joint hormone therapy is used to reduce uncontaminated inflammation. Drugs based on Prednisolone are used.

For the treatment of atherosclerosis prescribe a constant intake of statins, aspirin. It is necessary to adhere to a diet with low cholesterol.

In addition to drug treatment, it is necessary to resort to operational methods. This is necessary for injuries with fractures, wounds, with purulent joint processes, purulent tendinitis, bursitis. In doing so, puncture the joint, arthroscopy, open interventions.

A special place is occupied by physiotherapy procedures, in which they affect the affected joint, muscles, tendons. But during the acute stage of the disease, physical factors can only exacerbate the situation. Also it is impossible to apply physioprocedures for tumor diseases.

The arm from the shoulder to the elbow: causes and treatment

Why does the pain in my arm occur?

Pain in the arm from the shoulder to the elbow occurs for various reasons. Causal factors for the localization of the pathological process are combined into etiological groups:

  • Diseases of the shoulder joint - capsulitis, tendo bursitis, tendonitis, bursitis, periarthritis;
  • Diseases of internal organs - pneumonia, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, liver pathology;
  • Neurological diseases - paresis, paralysis, radiculopathy, neuropathy;
  • Systemic diseases - genetic pathologies, tumors, osteoporosis;
  • Injuries.

Factors triggering the development of pain in the joints and tendons of the hands:

  1. Sports training, after which the arms ache, heavy physical exertion, leading to inflammation and irritation of the muscular tendons.
  2. Injuries: bruises, sprains and ligament ruptures.
  3. Intercostal neuralgia is accompanied by intense pain in the shoulder and hand of the pricking nature, limited limb movements and shortness of breath.
  4. Subcooling, leading to inflammation of the joint and myositis.
  5. Infectious processes, manifested by sharp and sudden pain.
  6. Tumors leading to neuritis.
  7. Arthrosis and arthritis of the elbow joint.
  8. Trophic disturbances in the shoulder region that occur when the feeding vessels are damaged or squeezed.
A brief feeling of numbness in the fingers of the hands is not considered dangerous. Attention should be paid to a persistent symptom, especially if there are dizziness, headache, loss of consciousness.

What is uncoarthrosis of the cervical spine? This pathology usually affects people who are exposed to constant, but uneven loads every day. Further here: http: // bolit-v / shejnyj-otdel / unkovertebralnyj-artroz.html

Causes of Pain Syndrome

Myositis is an inflammatory disease of the muscles that occurs under the influence of various factors and is manifested by pain, muscle weakness and muscle atrophy. The causes of myositis are very diverse: infection, trauma, cooling, exposure to toxins and occupational factors. The main symptom of the disease is aching in the hand in the place of the lesion. In the muscles, dense nodules and cords are probed. The patient's general condition worsens - a fever develops, a chill occurs, the skin over the affected area turns red and swells.

Diseases of the joints

  • Capsule - inflammation of the joint capsule. The disease is manifested with the stiffness and pain of the shoulder muscles. The shoulder hurts, the hand does not rise, it is impossible to take it aside. Symptomatic increases gradually: from slight discomfort and inconvenience in the shoulder to the inability to get your hand behind your back. The severe course of the capsulitis leads to a complete loss of mobility of the hand.
  • Tendobursit is a disease characterized by inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder muscles and a lesion of the joint bag of the shoulder joint. There is a pathology of sharply arising pain in the shoulder, arm, neck.
  • Tendonitis is the most common disease that causes shoulder pain. Tendonitis is a degenerative-inflammatory lesion of the tendons of the deep muscles involved in the movements of the shoulder. The shoulder constantly hurts, gives in a hand, tendons on arms or hand hurt. Painful sensations are enhanced by movement and finger examination.
  • Bursitis occurs as a result of injuries, regular overloads, various infections. Intensive pain with bursitis is due to swelling of the mucous membrane of the joint bag.
  • The deposition of salts in the shoulder joint causes pain in the muscles and joints of the hands. Salts of calcium accumulate, which leads to the formation of calcareous outgrowths in the tendons located near the clavicle and scapula. This pathology was called in the medicine subacromial syndrome or the syndrome of "collision of the shoulder".
  • Shoulder-scrotal periarthritis is always accompanied by pain in the shoulder, which gives to the neck and arm. Painful sensations can be so intense that they awaken the patient at night and prevent him from moving normally. The nature of pain varies from sweeping to burning, aching.

Pathology of the spine

  1. Pain in the arms with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine spreads throughout the arm, amplified by turning or tilting the head. Patients often complain that the shoulder hurts and the arm grows numb, there is a feeling of "goose bumps" on the skin.
  2. Herniated or protrusion of the intervertebral disc of the neck is accompanied by pain in the shoulder and arm. Damaged discs are erased and thinned, vertebrae converge, jammed nerve endings, which leads to the appearance of pain syndrome.

Other Diseases

  • When the shoulder joint is dislocated and the shoulder tendon ruptures, the shoulder is very sore when raising the arm, limiting its motor function. There is such a traumatic defeat during an accidental fall, intense sports load and active movements during training. A habitual dislocation of the shoulder is a common diagnosis among athletes.
  • Osteoporosis is a disease of the elderly caused by a violation of calcium metabolism and tissue deterioration.
  • Psychological diseases are manifested by sudden pain that occurs in different parts of the body and is accompanied by a sense of anxiety, panic attacks and lack of air.
  • Acute inflammation of the digestive system, stomach ulcer, hepatic colic, cholelithiasis accompanied by pain, extending to the arm, shoulder, under the shoulder blade.

Diagnosis and possible treatment

The diagnosis of pain in the arm from the shoulder to the elbow is performed by a neurologist or therapist.

If, after interviewing and examining the patient, the doctor finds out that the cause of the pain is a disease of the internal organs, directs him to a consultation with specialized specialists who will try to eliminate the source of the pain, and not just struggle with the symptoms of the pathology.

The left arm then hurts shoulder to elbow and numb two fingers, what can it be?

Julia Nikolskaya

There can be an osteochondrosis( it is necessary to descend or go to nevrpogu and to make even a roentgen of a backbone) or heart - the cardiogram. Ultrasound, daily monitoring( this is when a device that removes all heart readings is being attached to you for a day)


The nerve may be clamped


nasal congestion


Nerve inflammation. Or blown.


Can vse-taki check up a backbone and vessels at the same time

Vadim Dement

at me precisely same signs.
I assume that the nerve has chilled.
in the car I often stick my left elbow.


Charge more to do.

Marina Karpukhina( Masko)

This can be a protrusion( hernia) of the intervertebral disc in the cervical region.

kolya novikov

Nerv. What fingers? Here is a reference, there is a wonderful linkage, there is a wonderful schematic there http: // 103.html


check the spine( cervical and thoracic departments, cardiology


This is the result of sitting for a long time at the computer
probably with his left hand to the chin

Maxim Sidorov

Most likelythis is a neuropathy of the ulnar nerve. This is for the neurologist.


Heart-nevertheless. ..

babe on the kitten

osteochondrosis of the cervical region
is one of the symptoms of heart failure, running to the doctor on the
and then to the neurologist.on Dec. Breast massage, vitamins, vasoconstricting, and everything is in order, but it frightened greatly. ..


Do not rest on your elbows on the table while sitting at the computer, keep track of your posture for several days and the problem will go away


Brain DisturbanceIt is necessary to drink 2 times a year neuroprotection, this is the prevention of strokes. There can be an osteochondrosis. And, in general, go to the doctor.

Mozh, who had this or kinship kov. Bolit hand from the shoulder to the elbow, strongly noet. helped( x-rg, nevr, ter)

ewgeny gasnikov

Hand problems are the problem of the neck, according togo, you have myositis( spasm)
trapezius muscle. Treatment-point massage-2,3 sessions.
Is it possible that the neurologist could not see this, what kind of specialists they started to produce( only a shovel is given out to a diploma, and knowledge?).


and made a flush?

Alexander Popov

To look it is necessary, so tell.

mister masochist

can be a trivial osteochondrosis


of course now is not a season, but I did wrapping birch leaves-very well helped, and a few piovochkov.(pains were very strong)

Svetlana Chernysh

Pain in the arm "give" can cervical osteochondrosis. A 100% bioresonance device will help.

Nadezhda Kim

Most likely, brachyopathy periarthritis is a complication of osteochondrosis. Also called "frozen shoulder syndrome" - this is if it is difficult to lift the hand through the side up and insert into the sleeve of the coat. Vacuum cans are best to remove pain.3 pieces put on the most painful points in the region of the shoulder joint, shoulder blades( not underarm and on the inner surface of the hand), and every 2-3 minutes slightly shifted so that the entire area is covered with a large bruise. Do or make 2-3 times a week the pain leaves.

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