Heel spurs photo

Than to treat spurs on heels

Than to treat spurs on the heels

Than to treat spurs on heels

What is heel spurs and what are the main reasons for their formation

Spurs on the heels, or, as they are called medical language, plantar fasciitis, represent bone protrusions on the plantar part of the foot. The calcaneal spur has the form of a hook or spine, and if you perform an X-ray examination, you can see how it protrudes toward the fingers. Usually, its dimensions range from 0.5-1 cm.

Imaging the heel spur

Visualization of the calcaneal spur

The disease most often occurs in people of advanced age, especially in the risk group are women after forty. The most important reasons for the appearance of spurs include: excess weight, stoop( due to displacement of the center of gravity), joint disease, spine disease, heavy physical stress on the feet, uncomfortable shoes, broken gait.

The most important cause of plantar fasciitis is the deposition of calcium in the calcaneus, the process can develop over many months. Quite often, the appearance of the disease is due to the multiple rupture of the membrane covering the calcaneus, the stretching of the muscles and ligaments of this region. But the development of plantar fasciitis is not ruled out without any reason, the disease can arise on its own.

To certain risk factors, increasing the probability of occurrence of spurs on the heels, include:

  • advanced age;
  • diabetes;
  • flat feet;
  • regular long walking with the feet;
  • high arch of foot;Calf muscle tightening.

Symptoms of calcaneal spurs

In most cases, in patients with plantar fasciitis, there is no pain syndrome, so often treatment is treated with drug therapy, without surgical intervention( spur removal).Out of 10% of patients, only 5% complain of pain in the foot.

Painful sensations and wounds are the main symptoms of the heel spur

Painful sensations and wounds are the main symptoms of the heel spur

The most common symptoms of the disease are: pain sensations directly in the heel area;pain occurs immediately after the morning rise from the bed, while it quickly passes after the person diverges;pain intensifies after physical exertion, and not during it. Often, the spurs do not cause pain, pain can occur not because of the presence of the spur, but because of the soft tissues that are injured and the presence of an inflammatory process.

Patients characterize pain with plantar fasciitis, comparing it with a needle sticking in the foot. In the mornings, this pain is acute, and already during the day acquires a stupid character. Also, an acute attack of pain can occur when you get up, after a long sitting position.

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out by radiographic examination, MRI, ultrasound. The doctor examines the patient's leg, examines the medical history and, based on the results of the examinations, appoints the appropriate treatment.

Treatment of spurs on the heels of

After a person has had the main symptoms of plantar fasciitis, he, of course, immediately asks the main question: how to treat spurs on the heels. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication, since sometimes treatment requires surgery.

If you see signs of spurs on your heels, you should consult your doctor. Only he will be able to conduct a qualitative examination, make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Treatment can be medicated or operative. Of 100% of patients in 90% of conservative treatment it is possible to achieve a positive effect after 9-10 months.

Treatment of plantar fasciitis will depend directly on the severity of the disease and the causes of its occurrence. Drug therapy is aimed at reducing pain syndrome and removing the inflammatory process in the affected area. Usually, doctors prescribe NSAIDs, for example, ibuprofen, voltaren.



Drugs of this group can be used either orally or externally. An external application should be understood as the application of ointments and gels containing NSAIDs. These include doloben, indomethin ointment, hydrocartisone ointment, turpentine ointment, "Vishnevsky" ointment. Sometimes doctors prescribe injections of corticosteroids, this allows you to significantly reduce the pain and quickly remove the inflammatory process.

Blockages in the heel give a very good result, after a few injections the patient feels relieved. But the lack of blockades is such that the injections are very painful, so patients reluctantly agree to such a procedure.

Great value in the treatment of this disease is given to physiotherapy procedures. Most often used electrophoresis, shock wave therapy( UVT), magnetotherapy. UHT promotes the destruction of the calcaneal spur by shock-wave impulses, which very often allows avoiding surgical intervention.

Therapeutic exercises are designed to improve blood flow. Performing regular special gymnastic exercises, you can not only improve blood circulation, but also help reduce pain.

LFK with heel spur

LFK with calcaneal spur

Very well assisted by therapeutic massage and wearing special orthopedic insoles or heel pads. Putting such an insole in shoes, you can evenly distribute the load on the foot, it will significantly reduce the pain. Although such devices are expensive, but the opportunity to walk without experiencing severe pain, justifies the money spent on them.

Do not forget about cleaning the whole body. In addition to taking prescribed medications, consult your doctor, perhaps colonotherapy, magnetized water, running or rubbing will only improve the overall effect of the treatment. Indeed, effective treatment of the disease can be achieved only with the integrated application of the above activities.

Quantum Therapy

Quantum therapy

In order to avoid the appearance of a spur on the heels, it is necessary to monitor the weight, not to allow excessive stress on the foot area, to consult a doctor in a timely manner and to treat diseases of the spine and joints. If you have flat feet, it is better to purchase special insoles in advance to prevent the appearance of the disease.

Traditional methods of treatment of heel spurs

Today, quite a lot of people talk about folk medicine and, undoubtedly, some folk methods can significantly reduce the pain syndrome. But still it is not worthwhile to fully trust and dwell only on such treatment, it is better to use it as an adjunct to the basic medical treatment.

Using only folk methods, you can achieve a positive result only after a considerable amount of time, and conservative treatment will bear fruit in the coming days. There are a lot of methods of traditional medicine aimed at combating spurs on the heels, you can identify some of them.

Treating the heel spur with red pepper allows you to get rid of the pain after a week and a half. To do this, it is necessary to pour a little ground paprika in the toe under the heel and walk until the evening. The procedure should not be repeated at night, only during the day until the pain disappears completely.

A good mixture of honey and sea salt is good, mixing is one to one. First you need to steam your legs, then spread the heel area with the prepared mixture, wrap it with a double layer of gauze, then with polyethylene or food cellophane, put the socks on top and get warmer on the feet. This procedure should be conducted no more than 10 days.

Relieve pain and potato packs. It is necessary to grate it on a grater, lay on a heel, properly wrap it with polyethylene and, if possible, walk with a compress throughout the day.

Folk treatment of calcaneal spur.- Compressor

Folk treatment of calcaneal spur.- Compress

The folk method with the use of foot baths is very widely used. To do this, you need to buy at the pharmacy salt of the Dead Sea and dilute one tablespoon in two liters of water, cooled to 40 degrees. The duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes, one should spend it every day without interruption for ten days.

Often when treating spurs on the heels use a black radish. It is necessary to rub it, without peeling, on a fine grater, attach it to the heel area and wrap it with gauze. The procedure should be carried out at night, usually after 2-3 days the pain disappears.

You can also use a compress made of honey, table salt and iodine. We take 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey, mixed with 1 teaspoon of salt and poured with iodine( standard vial 50ml).The resulting gruel is applied to a piece of cotton wool and applied to the affected area, wrapped with polyethylene and tightly bandaged. Follow the procedure after a morning awakening, walk with a bandage no more than fifteen minutes. The prepared mixture is enough for five procedures, the rest is stored in the refrigerator. Iodine can also be used as a bath. Pour a solution of iodine into the dish and dip the heel into it for 10-15 minutes, a similar procedure must be repeated every day for a week.

The most common burdock helps to chop spurs. It is necessary to fold the burdock leaf three times or four times, fix it well and put it under the heel. The leaf dries very quickly, so if you decide to use this method, you should stock up on this plant, and it will be even better if it grows nearby, and you can replace the dried leaf with freshly cut leaves.

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Clinical picture( manifestations) of calcaneal spur:

Treatment of calcaneal spur.

The main task of treatment is to eliminate not the spur itself, but inflammation of surrounding tissues. It is difficult to remove the spur itself, it can be done through a complicated large operation, as a result of which it is impossible to guarantee complete elimination of pain and relapse of the spur. Inflammation is eliminated by complex treatment, which includes:

- orthopedic correction , depending on the situation, using the instep supports, unloading the thrust, etc. - anti-inflammatory system therapy preparations of the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAID ) inside( tablets, injections)and topically in the form of ointments voltaren, nise, movalis, etc. - blockade with glucocorticoid hormones diprospan, depo-medrol, kenalogue , etc. provide the best effect forThu powerful anti-inflammatory action.- physiotherapy - electrophoresis, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone, UHF, etc. - X-ray therapy has a good effect, but is limited in application due to expensive and rare equipment.- Shock Wave Therapy is a relatively new method, consisting in the impact wave action on the spur, in which it( according to some authors) can even resolve.- surgical method spur removal, is used extremely rarely, if all other methods are ineffective.

Heel spur - the cost of treatment services

The blockade is possible on the day of treatment.

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From the experience of our readers we have received a lot of folk recipes for treating the heel spur.

1 example of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

My wife suffered from this scourge for a long time, and helped her round( also called his "waggy") peas. Nashila on socks( on the heel) is another layer of fabric, previously pouring peas in one layer. I put on a sock, on top of my shoes, and walked like that. Complained to me at first that it was uncomfortable to walk, but then gradually got used to it.

I do not remember exactly how much she went with that toed pea, but for five years, as she does not know what spurs are.

2 example of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

Spurs for heel I cured so. In the slippers under the heel lived a thick layer of his hair, and so went with them for a month.

It's been ten years since I do not know what spurs are. But in fact earlier how I with them was excruciated!

Thanks to one kind unfamiliar female nurse for that simple and efficient advice.

Valentina Romanova Kovalenko,

3 example treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

My method of treatment of heel spurs - with the help of tincture from the flowers of lilac ordinary. This tincture can be used for rheumatism, as well as for the deposition of salts in the joints. Dried flowers pour 40-degree alcohol in a ratio of 1:10, insist 8-10 days in a tightly closed dish in a dark place. Take 30 drops 2-3 times a day and simultaneously rub or make compresses from the same tincture to the affected areas.

If this recipe helps someone, then apply it to the glory of God! By faith and you will be given! God bless you!

4 example treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

I want to share a life-proven prescription for healing heel spurs.

Put a chicken egg in a glass and pour it with table vinegar so that the egg vinegar is covered with the top.

Then put the glass for a few days in a dark place. When the egg shell dissolves in the vinegar, the soft film( the inner shell of the egg) must be ripped and poured into the vinegar( discard the film).

Stir the formula thoroughly and add 1 tablespoon to it.sunflower oil.

Now you can be treated. Wet a piece of cloth in that composition and put it on the spur, wrap the heel on top with cellophane and a warm cloth. Do a few such sessions - the spur and resolve, and the pain will go away.

5 example of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

Since 1967 and to this day spurs do not bother me. Because in the very same year in 1967, on the advice of one grandmother, I healed the heel spurs with pharmaceutical turpentine.

Before going to bed soap with soap and feet, then wiped them dry, poured a little turpentine in the palm and rubbed the heel. Repeating this several times( I rubbed the entire foot), I wore a woolen socks, then I did the same with the second leg - and in the bed.

It is advisable to do this near the stove, because turpentine has an unpleasant smell.

To do so you need seven evenings, after which - seven days break and seven more times to do. I did this procedure immediately fourteen times without a break, because after seven improvements there were no improvements. And only after that she arranged for herself a seven-day break, and after seven evenings she repeated treatment.

To this day spurs do not bother me.

Another version of treatment of heel spurs folk remedies :

I had spurs. What I did not do, but nothing helped. Then the neighbor advised me to try this method.

- Fill it, - says, - Anya, black rye fresh bread with sour cow's milk and make a frequent mess. Then apply a thick layer on a rag and heel your patient rewind. Put a cellophane bag on top and wrap it around with something warm.

I did it for the night. After five times, my skin took off like a cake, and my heel looked like a baby. Forty years have passed since that time. And the spurs no longer bothered me.

A good recipe for treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

I remember, heel spur me five years of pestering. Treated everything that doctors attributed, but only to no avail. Kind people advised in the evening to get their feet stuck, after which for the night put on the heel a piece of unsalted fat. I've been doing so for a week, and, thank God, the spur has not bothered me for many years.

The most famous treatment of heel spurs folk remedies :

I want to share a recipe for spurs, thanks to which my daughter was cured.

Take the garlic, transfer it to the garlick, put it on a rag and attach it to the spur. You need to be very careful not to get garlic mass on the body. Hold the garlic until it becomes a stove. It is best to do the procedure during the day, although the daughter kept the whole night. Toward morning the heel became pink, like a baby. Ten years have passed since then, and sleep does not know what heel spurs are.

For those who had spurs on the heels of this recipe treatment of heel spurs folk remedies will not be new:

It feels like someone nails in them hammered. And the pain is hellish, like an abscess ripens.

At that time I did not know the folk methods of treatment, and the doctors recommended that the bile should be applied to the spurs area. But this method did not help me, and I did not feel better walking.

Then, with great difficulty, I got a ticket to the Azerbaijani sanatorium Naftalan. And only after passing the course of treatment with oil mud, I got rid of this disease. Galina, Israel, ROV 417, Maalot, 21013

The most effective method of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

I know that many suffer a calcaneal spur. In 1975, I even offered surgery for this. But the traumatologist from the regional polyclinic advised me to first try one lotion.

Salicylic acid -1,0 ml, Acetic acid 100% - 2,0 ml, Alcoholic ammonia - 1,0 ml, sulfur - 5,0 g, Camphor alcohol - 30,0 ml were used for preparation of medical composition., alcohol wine 96% - 50,0 ml( the obligatory condition is to take just 96% alcohol, and neither vodka, moonshine, nor any other alcohol is suitable!).

All components should be carefully stirred and moistened with cotton wool or bandage, applied to the spur and fixed with adhesive plaster. I made myself such a lotion for the night( although you can walk with them in the daytime).

I only needed five procedures - and the spur resorbed!

It's good that there is such a newspaper in Ukraine, through which I can pass this recipe to all the suffering. God bless you!

Method treatment of heel spurs folk remedies which used in the old days:

I want and I share one recipe. From the spurs heel. I experienced it myself. Already on the heel could not attack, but cured her in just three days. The cone on the heel disappeared and still does not bother. So listen, listen to it.

In the lid of the canister, pour 1 tbsp.iodine and put in iodine heel - until iodine is fully absorbed into the skin. Five such procedures are enough, although I personally and three were enough. The skin on the heel came off with the spur.

After that, you should clean the heel with pumice stone and lubricate with any nutritious cream. Pig will be clean, soft and painless.

Example of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

Spurs from leaves of a ficus flower are needed.2-3 grind the leaves as vermicelli, put them in a glass jar and immediately fill with ammonia( two 50 ml bottles).Only here alcohol needs to be bought in advance, so that the leaves do not dry out.

If you need to carry leaves from somewhere, then you need to do this in a cellophane bag. Cut and immediately pour.

In a day you can lubricate your heels. In a few days you will forget about your spurs.

Example of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies from personal experience:

I had spurs on my heels, suffered two years. The hospital said that only surgical intervention would help, but one woman, God forbid her health, advised to be treated with urine.

For a day, we whole family collected a full pot of urine, which in the evening I warmed to such a temperature that it was possible to keep her legs in it. I parried my legs until the urine had become almost lukewarm. After that, without wiping her feet, she put on her socks and lay down to sleep. In the morning I washed my feet and started my working day. And in the evening the procedure was repeated again.

I've been doing this for 15 days, not missing a single day. And now fourteen years have passed since I got rid of those spurs.

Example treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

I want to inform the readers of the newspaper the recipe for heel and plantar spurs. Recipe proven. And it is used by very many people.

Buy a medical bile at the pharmacy. Undress the legs at night, holding them for half an hour in hot water. Then pour the bile onto a piece of cotton wool and apply it only on the "spur"( on a healthy skin, a burn may appear).Cover with a piece of polyethylene and bandage. Put on a warm sock and go to bed.

In the morning, you can remove cotton, and if you want, leave for a whole day. But in the evening, you must again break up your leg and tie the cotton wool soaked overnight. And do it every night until the pain disappears completely.

One woman during the entire course used the same fleece. According to her, such cotton wool is well saturated with bile, and when steaming, the bile is absorbed more deeply into the skin, and the treatment is more successful.

Example of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

I got rid of the heel spurs with the help of massage leg rollers. After the bath, when the spurs somewhat softened, I rolled the soles of my feet and heels on the rollers for 2-5 minutes.

Since the spurs are formed, as a rule, on the back of the heel, I massaged this place more, placing the foot at an angle to the plane of the rollers( in order to break the spur more efficiently, legs should be set straight and tilting left and right at an angle15-30 degrees).

If you do not have any foot rollers, then you can use the usual two- or three-row massage rollers for the body( manual) to achieve the goal.

And a day to quickly "roll out" the spur, you can and do not wait for the next bath. It should be for 10-15 minutes to steam up your feet in hot water, then wipe your feet dry, and then work on rollers. After 3-4 sessions, the spur leaves your leg.

And for preventive maintenance( that the spur has not returned any more) besides do not forget about a bath, after which it is necessary not only to study with the fingernails, but also to massage heels of legs.

Iwam will be guaranteed a "lifeless" life for a long time.

Example treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

Spurs in the heels and pain under the fingers for a long time did not bother me. In the Rabochaya Gazeta, I subtracted that it was necessary to put the elderberry leaves on the spurs, and decided to try this method. Wet elderly leaves laid on the heel and under the fingers, and on top of the sock put on. Two weeks later the spurs passed, but I continued to lay the elderberry leaves until autumn.

It's probably been eight years since I broke up with the spurs.

Example treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

From the spurs on the heels, I suffered greatly. I'll sit for a while, stand up, and on the heel of

I can not get up. And if I step on the stone, I would not scream in general with my voice. What I just did not do was not help. Even went to the hospital, where I was prescribed treatment, alas.

One woman advised me to prepare a medicine from one glass of kerosene, a glass of ammonia, a glass of lean market oil, five bitter peppercorns and the saltcane of Extra. I immediately poured salt into the ammonia( let it dissolve), then pepper( after thoroughly washing it), after which kerosene was poured in, and after that, the oil was lean.

Five days of insisting and doing compresses on the heel. She took a wand and wound a bandage on her. One edge of the bandage held the wand at the top so that the bandage did not fall into that tincture.after which she thoroughly blundered in a jar, pulled out her wand with a bandage, and squeezed a bandage on her wand. She took off the bandage from her wand, folded it into six layers( although in four layers it is possible) and put a heel on her heel. From above - a paper special for a compress, and more cellophane wrapped, wearing a sock on top.

So I forgot what it's like when your heels hurt.

The spur I deduced thirty five years ago, after which this recipe was advised to everyone. And everyone who applied it thanked me. But when the compresses from this tincture to myself on the diseased knees did, it did not help, my knees and hurt.

If a large portion, you can make half the portion( take half of all components).

Example treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

From spurs of the heel, take equal parts of a drop of valerian and a drop of Zelenin, mix, fold the cheesecloth into four layers, moisten with the composition and attach to the heels, wrapping the top with cellophane. Then put on a sock and leave overnight. After 8-10 procedures, the spurs will pass. This tool I experienced on myself.

Example of treatment of calcaneal spur folk remedies :

Dear editorial staff of the newspaper "Grandmother( Recipes from 100 troubles)"!I want to thank you for the prescription from the heel spur with the help of starch( 1 teaspoon of starch to be poured out in the morning into the sock and walk all day, do so until the spur disappears).Spur disappeared in two weeks.

One of the best - Maclaren Volo wheelchairs, on the site krohi.ru, there is an opportunity to buy strollers of this company, so on the site there are strollers and other brands.

Heel spur treatment with folk remedies, heel spurs photo

Actuality: Heel spur treatment with folk remedies

Heel spike " spur " is a bone growth in the attachment point of the tendon

The treatment of the spiral spurs is to reduce the load on the heel spur with the various insoles and thrusts

Heel pain for a long time - the symptoms of the calcaneal spur

The pain with heel spear can be stinging, sharp while resting on the heel

Spatulate . treatment spurs at home easily and simply

Heel spur this, ( plantar fasciitis) spine-like bony growth on the plantar surface of the heel bones at the attachment of the ligament of the foot or heel( Achilles) tendon;type of osteophyte. Develops more often with metabolic disorders, flat feet due to overstrain of the ligaments of the foot.

Externally heel spur is not manifested .but can cause severe pain. It is detected by X-ray examination of the foot.

Modern treatment of calcaneal spurs: physiotherapy, special orthopedic insoles, boots;with persistent strong pains apply X-ray therapy, surgical operations

Modern physiotherapy with a calcaneal spur:

with heel spurs usually recommend ultrasound with hydrocortisone ointment.

If it does not help, the course of shock wave therapy.

Folk remedies treatment of calcaneal spurs:

Remember: real treatment of heel spurs is a surgical excision of the spur itself - only in a hospital!

Folk treatment of calcaneal spur №1.

A simple method for treating heel spurs with hot alcohol

. It is necessary to pour alcohol into a frying pan and simmer over low heat, be very careful, becausealcohol is easily ignited! Provide a measure of security. After this, pour the heated alcohol into the pelvis. For 15-20 minutes, lower the legs into heated alcohol. After the procedure, do not wipe the feet from alcohol.

Heel spur treatment with folk remedies №2 - iris and Vaseline

It is necessary to excavate the root of the iris flower.250 g of this root wash and pass through a meat grinder or blender. The resulting gruel fill with the same amount of alcohol 96%, close the container with a lid and put it in a dark place for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the infusion is ready. Wet it folded four times in a bandage and apply to the heel at night. Top with polyethylene and secure. The next morning you can remove the bandage. Next night, instead of iris, apply medical Vaseline. And so alternate the procedure through the night. The course of treatment of the spur is 20 days, that is, 10 compresses of each remedy. The spur completely passes about a month and a half later.

Treatment of heel spurs of nettle nettle

It is necessary to collect nettle in May and scroll through a meat grinder. The resulting gruel put on a sheet of mug and compress at night, secure with a bandage. After 14 days, the pain becomes much less. The best is the May nettle. By the way, this recipe will certainly help with arthritis.

Treating the calcaneal spur

Honey and dough. Cover the heel with honey, then put the dough on the heel and wrap it with polyethylene, put on the sock. And so go for a few days. Then wash your foot and repeat again - the spur passes two months later.

Laundry soap. Quite an easy way and affordable. Wash the household soap on a grater, melt it with fire. This mass is applied to the calcaneal spur in the form of a compress for the night. Do this daily until you are cured.

Massage. Probably the most affordable folk method for treating the heel spur. Every evening, sitting on the couch, rub a heel on the old boots for a long time. A month later the spur passes

Treating the calcaneal spur with bile

It can be cured in just 3 nights! The popular method of treating spurs.

It is necessary to take 40 g of animal bile, only not the bird's, 20 g of vodka and a little shampoo. For example, pork bile, make a mixture by eye. For the night, break up your legs and apply a compress on your heels, bandaging with a bandage. Top your socks. The result will surpass all expectations, after the first procedure it will become easier to walk. And after 3 days of such procedures, the pain will pass.


"The tincture of lilac flowers is used for rheumatism, salt deposits in the joints, with heel spurs. Tincture prepared as follows: dried lilac flowers pour vodka in the ratio of 1:10 and insist 8-10 days in a sealed container. Take 30 drops 2-3 times a day and at the same time rub the diseased areas or make them compresses from the same tincture. Diseases of the legs must stop, the heel spurs will disappear. "

Other methods of treatment of heel spurs:

Often use 10 percent tincture of pine nuts( 20 g crushed nuts insist in 200 grams of vodka 10 days), drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times daily before meals.

Black radish in the skin rub on a fine grater, the resulting gruel is applied at night to the spur. In the morning, wash the heel with warm water. Usually there are three procedures.

Leaf of plantain( do not wash) apply "reverse side" to the heel, when it dries - replace it with a new one. The first 3-4 days can be severe pain, be patient, in two weeks you will forget about your spurs.

Fill a three-liter pot with small potatoes and potato peels, cook until ready, put into a basin and knead it all until it cools. Wipe your feet, put iodine on the soles in the form of a mesh and put on socks. The course of treatment - 7 procedures.

A bottle of triple cologne, two vials of pharmacy valerian, two vials of iodine, five pods of bitter pepper to mix and insist a day in a dark bottle. Lubricate the night sick spots and wrap.

Wash the raw egg, put it in a small jar, pour it with acetic essence, cover it and put it in the refrigerator until the shell dissolves( about 10 days).Egg to take out with a steel spoon and put in an enamel bowl, remove the film, grind and pour the remaining essence, stir well, add 40 g of creamy unsalted butter. The ointment is ready, the shelf life is 2-3 years. Heels lubricate and put on cotton socks

A tablespoon of honey, 5% iodine solution( 5-10 drops), a teaspoon of the small table salt mixed. Apply to cotton wool or bandage, put on the heel, wrap with cellophane and tighten pribintovat. In the morning, walk around 15 minutes with a bandage, then take off. This amount of ointment is enough for five procedures.

Put a teaspoon of honey on the cabbage leaf and fix it on the heel, overnight, in the morning, rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure three times.

Sporish( mountain bird bird), fresh grass, put yourself in shoes and walk all day. The next day, discard the old grass, and insert the new

Steam the legs in a hot tub, then do a compress of medical bile for the night.


Conservative therapy of calcaneal spurs( planar fasciitis)

Treatment of plantar fasciitis begins with the selection of comfortable shoes. To reduce the pressure when walking on the heel area and maintain the longitudinal arch of the foot, patients are recommended to use orthopedic insoles in insoles and special soft liners in the form of bagels, which are glued to the insole in the area of ​​the heel. The use of such orthopedic products allows to reduce the load on the plantar fascia, to slow the development of degenerative changes in it. In severe pain syndrome, non-narcotic analgesics( paracetamol, aspirin, analgin) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are indicated. The most effective method of treatment of plantar fasciitis is a therapeutic blockade with a suspension of glucocorticoid drugs( hydrocortisone, diprospan, kenalog).These medicines have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which leads to rapid subsidence of local inflammation and relief of pain syndrome. However, it must be remembered that the unreasonably frequent introduction of glucocorticoids leads to atrophic changes in the subcutaneous fat of the calcaneal region, which in a few years can lead to the progression of the disease. In the presence of heel spurs of large dimensions, shock wave therapy is shown. This is a modern method of treatment, while the bone outgrowth is destroyed by directional action of wave energy.

Surgical treatment of calcaneal spurs

Surgical treatment is indicated for a very small number of patients with a calcaneal spur. With plantar fasciitis, the following surgical procedures can be performed:

• Elimination of calcaneal spurs

• Partial excision of the plantar fascia

• Neurolysis( relieve compression) of nerves in the heel region of the

Elimination of calcaneal spurs can be performed either through a small incision or through a puncture of the skin using endoscopic technique. Currently, there are conflicting opinions about the effectiveness and appropriateness of surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis.

( c) Heel spurs treated with

Heel spurs. Treatment of the calcaneal spur

Last time we talked about pain in the joints. Today we will talk about calcaneal spurs.

The diagnosis of "heel spurs" is not such a rare disease. Its basis in the true sense of the essence is the presence of "thorns" of osteophytes in the calcaneus, which, based on the morphological concepts of this pathology, cause pain in the heel when walking purely mechanically, causing irritation of surrounding soft tissues. This explanation suits both the doctor and the patient, and is a convincing argument in making a radical decision on this issue - the prompt elimination of these structural changes.

Is this really so? Our long-standing practice shows that in this issue, in almost 100% of cases, there is a hyperdiagnosis, or rather, an incorrect diagnosis of heel spurs. This is confirmed by the treatment of the calcaneal spur with a conservative method and even without affecting the heel itself.

Most often this pain is of a reflex character. Pathological impulse from the focus of OPVI( the focus of pathological autonomic impulses) located in the soft tissues of the external surface of the thigh( a muscle straining the external fascia of the thigh or in the fascia itself).There were situations when, after the first session, the picture of the calcaneal spur disappeared.

Clinical examples of treatment of heel spurs

Heel spur - the cause and the course of pain

Clinical example: The neuropathologist is 45 years old, Chernivtsi has been limping for more than a month, unable to step on his heel, especially to walk on his heels. The pain was and in rest. During the examination, an OPVI center was found in the area of ​​the external surface of the thigh. After a single exposure to the focus by the method of ischemic compression - the pain was gone, the patient could knock his heel on the floor. Observation during the week, and later and for 20 years, confirmed our version that these pains in the heel were of a reflex character.

Often, these pains in the heel passed by themselves, if they were not expressed, caused, say, discomfort when walking on his heels. The rejection of heels, the reception of heat - physiotherapy improved the condition. All this was associated with the treatment. At the same time, attention was not focused on the fact that the pain in the heel had passed, but there were pains in the knee, bones, for example, the calves or calves, ankles or the spasms of the calf muscles became more frequent.

The second clinical example: A patient of 60 years old, a resident of Ilyichevsk, a carpenter by profession. I came to the reception lame, with a stick, I could not step on my leg, there was a question specifically about the operation. Everything was agreed, however, I decided to try to use one more chance. Again, a similar situation happened again. Pain from the heel went to the end of the procedure, but I did not want to believe it. However, the next day the patient came and reported that in his opinion the operation was canceled.

By the way, on the survey X-ray, there were no X-ray signs of the spur. With this phenomenon we have met repeatedly. There were also cases of surgical treatment, which did not result in a result, in the same way as the knee joint is operated, allegedly due to a meniscus injury, or the spinal column due to herniation of the disc, and the picture of the disease goes away only after our treatment.

Correct X-rayanatomy of calcaneal spurs

The conclusion is that the diagnosis of "calcaneal spur" is based on complaints and incompetent evaluation of normal calcaneus anatomy of the calcaneus. Radiologist confirmed the diagnosis of a traumatologist due to inertia or incompetence of knowledge of normal x-rayanatomy. The fact is that the powerful three-headed calf muscle, passing into the Achilles tendon, attached to the calcaneus, creates a powerful bone hook that looks like a thorn. However, this is the norm.

X-ray of the calcaneal spur

Moreover, surgical intervention causes an adequate reaction of the body to hyperregeneration. And in fact, powerful osteophytes are formed in the form of a hetman's club.

So, we artificially created a heel spur and nothing will ever prove that it was not there, and now repeated surgical interventions are needed. Sometimes, when examining a patient, we ourselves pay attention to whether there was ever a pain in the heel, especially if there is irradiation. And the body never deceives. The patient agrees that such a picture has happened, but since the patient did not receive adequate treatment, the disease was transformed into other sensations, which we mentioned above.

Conclusion: You never need to make sudden decisions regarding surgery and treating the calcaneal spur. It will be correct to get consultations from several specialists, especially from a competent radiologist.

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Heel spurs. Treatment with folk remedies.

Heel spurs are bone growths in the form of a spine or beak on the sole of the calcaneus or at the attachment site of the Achilles tendon. Treating heel spurs is a long process. Excess weight, diseases of the spine and large joints of the lower extremities, flat feet - all this can provoke the appearance of the heel spur.

Treatment of heel spurs, excrescences folk remedies:

Potatoes from spurs on their feet.

Cook 6-8 potatoes in a "uniform", drain, rastolkite and dilute with kerosene until the density of soft mashed potatoes. In this hot mashed potatoes and put your heels. Hold until it cools( 15-20 minutes).Then wipe your feet with a warm damp cloth, put on woolen socks and - into bed. Someone has enough and 3-4 procedures. The largest number of procedures is 12.

Means for calcaneal spur.

For treatment you need 10 h. Spoons of honey, 10 tsp, oatmeal and a little patience. The procedure is done at night. Take 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tsp oatmeal flour, mix, it turns out a small lozenge. Preliminarily we steam our feet, wipe them dry and apply them to the sick heel. We fix the cake with a bandage, polyethylene and put on socks. We do this 10 times. After a complete course of pain will pass.

Compresses from spurs on legs.

Wet compresses should be applied to the spur. To prepare a means for compresses, you first need to get the aloe juice .For this purpose, a plant that is 5 years old is suitable. Cut off the aloe leaves and let them through the meat grinder. The resulting mass is pressed through a kapron stocking. At a dose of the medicine you need 500 g of this juice. In the juice pour half a liter of pure alcohol, 5 bottles of this valerian( sold at the pharmacy), 10 tablets of analgin and aspirin( tablets should be 0.5 grams, with another weight, calculate another dosage) and 2 tablespoons of ground red pepper. Tablets pre-rastolkite, otherwise it will be difficult to dissolve them. All mix, pour into a 2-liter jar and tightly close the lid. Put the bank in a dark place and let it be exactly 2 weeks. When the infusion is ready, apply moist compresses overnight to the area of ​​the spur. Well soak the gauze in the infusion and attach to the spur, top the cellophane and fix it with a bandage, put a sock on top. With the regular use of this remedy, the spur will soon resolve.

Aspirin with iodine from growths on legs.

To get rid of growths, cones, etc.pound 6 aspirin tablets, dilute them in 50 mg of 5% iodine, in the morning and evening lubricate the sore spots. The course of treatment is a month. To make bumps, outgrowths and spurs completely resolved, you need to drink silicon-activated water. Use it for cooking, tea, etc. Salts will begin to gradually go away and your legs will stop bothering you. Also make lotions on sore spots with a gauze bandage soaked in flint water.

Camphoric oil from the growths on the big toes.

To get rid of the build-up on the big toes, use the following recipe. Spread the lump first with camphor oil, and then with iodine( in no case the reverse!).Do this after you have strewed and dried your feet. If you carry out this procedure regularly, then after a while the cones will disappear.

Chicken bile from the growths on the big toes.

First steam and dry your feet. Then you can make an iodine grid on the cones. Then you need to start making compresses from fresh chicken bile, in extreme cases you can buy a medical chicken bile from the pharmacy. Put compresses every night, moisten cotton and put on a large place. Wrap the cellophane, and then with a warm rag, and into the toe. For 1.5-2 months, the cones completely disappear.

Honey with yolk from calcaneal spur.

In the morning make a mixture of eggs and honey. Take the yolk of a chicken egg( preferably from a domestic chicken), add 1 tbsp.l.natural honey, everything is good to grind. Put this mixture in the refrigerator. In the evening, steam up your legs, then wipe them dry, compress on the heels of this mixture and warm your feet until morning. In the morning, remove everything, Do the procedure until the spur dissolves. Before application, the mixture should be slightly heated in a water bath.

Trays from the calcaneal spur.

550 mg of distilled water.0.75 grams of salicylic acid, 50-grinded baby soap, 500 g of purified turpentine, 100 g of alcohol( 96%).The solution is prepared as follows. Distilled water in the dishes is brought to a boil. Then it is poured into it, stirring, salicylic acid, add 50 g of crushed soap and stir until it dissolves completely. The hot solution is poured into the dishes with turpentine and then alcohol is added. All mix thoroughly. Keep the contents in a glass container with a tightly closed lid out of the reach of children. When preparing the solution and use, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. For foot baths, put a basin filled with water 37

39 ° С, sometimes up to 40 ° С, add to it a well-shaken, emulsion at a rate of 1 ml per 1 liter of water, with tolerance being adjusted to 3-4 ml per 1 liter. Baths are done daily for 15 minutes, 12-15 procedures per course. If there are ulcers, scrapes, irritations, the baths are contraindicated. The use of the baths removes the inflammatory process, and with it the pain also disappears. Nettle from the spur.

If you have spurs on your legs, try a very simple remedy: in the evenings, after hitting your feet, trample them over a bundle of dioecious nettles thrown to the floor for 30 minutes. Enough 5 sessions.

Composition that will relieve the calcaneal spur.

In a vial of dark glass, pour the vinegar essence to half( 70%).Put there 6 dark blades, broken in half. Wait for 1-1,5 months. During this time, in a tightly closed bottle, the liquid will turn brown. Wadded wand wetting solution and lubricate several times a day spurs, spines. Do this until complete disappearance.

Red pepper from the spur on the heel.

Heel spurs are absorbed if a pinch of red pepper is poured into the toe, under the heel. Walk with him all day. Soon there will come a relief.

A tea mushroom will relieve spur.

First pair your feet in hot water with a small amount of soda, then attach a small piece of mushroom or simply moistened in a tea mushroom gauze. After 3-4 hours the gauze dries, and it needs to be moistened again. In 10 days you will completely get rid of the spur.

An ancient recipe from the heel spurs.

Collect pine shoots with pollen and cones, young cones ate and forest heather. All the dried to grind and mix in equal parts.1 tbsp.mixture pour 1 liter of water, bring to a boil and keep on low heat for 10 minutes. Pour hot water into the large basin, add the broth and steam the legs for 20-30 minutes, pouring hot water as needed. Do this for the night after a day, take about 10-15 procedures and get rid of calcaneal spurs.

With heel spurs will help beef meat.

Fight off the pulp with a hammer and apply to a problem place overnight. On top - polyethylene and bandage bandage. That all has passed, there are enough 3 procedures.

Lilac against spur

With calcaneal spur make compresses made of lilac tincture. Dried lilac flowers pour vodka in the ratio of 1:10.Insist 8-10 days in a tightly closed vessel.

Magnesia will defeat the heel spine

Procedure for overnight. Buy in a pharmacy 6 bags of magnesia and dissolve in 1 liter of water. Warm up the solution of magnesia( somewhere up to t 60 °), pour into the pelvis and lower the heels into it, soar about 10 minutes. Then, dryly wipe the heels, apply a compress from the solution of liquid valerian to them. A good warm( wear warm socks) and so on all night, in the morning to remove the compress.3a 10 procedures you will forget about pain in the heels, heel spur you will leave

Getting rid of the spur in 2 weeks.

Spurs - a fairly common disease, especially often annoying older people. Try a proven recipe: take 100 ml of alcohol, 100 g of salt and 10 g of acetic essence, add water to 3 liters. Water to warm and pour into the basin. Temperature - to put up with your feet. Soar your feet until the water cools. Keep the composition in a glass tightly closed container. Reusing, reheat, add 1 tbsp.spoon of essence and 1 tbsp spoon of alcohol. From spurs you will be cured for 2 weeks of daily procedures.

Heel spur: photo, causes, symptoms, heel spur treatment

Heel spur

Plantar fasciitis, popularly called "heel spur" - is a disease of the musculoskeletal system, manifested by pain in the heel area. Plantar from planta - plantar, fascia - this is a special "cover" for the muscles, which performs a supporting function.

Foot pains caused by plantar fasciitis are most often due to chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia, and less frequently, in neglected cases, the pain is directly related to the traumatization of soft tissues by bone growths, which they call "heel spurs" in the people and which exert pressureon soft tissues.

Causes and factors of the origin of the heel spurs

The main reason is the physical nature of the disease. When a person is in an upright position, about half of his body weight falls on the plantar fascia, and the greatest tension occurs in the attachment of the fascia to the heel of the heel. If the load is constant, then micro-snaps are possible( they can be tightened by themselves), but if the trauma occurs constantly, then inflammation develops with the pain syndrome.

Sometimes as a compensatory reaction, marginal bony growths are formed, which in people are called "heel spurs".Bony growth( spur) can be of various sizes( from a few millimeters to a centimeter).

Usually the disease does not arise by itself, but represents one of the symptoms of a number of diseases. It is important to understand exactly why the plantar fasciitis has arisen, and to diagnose the organism. After all, the diseases with which it accompanies can have a different character from harmless flat feet to metabolic disorders.

Diagnosis of the plantar fasciitis itself does not represent the diagnosis: it usually consists of fixing complaints, visual examination of the patient, palpation, and the diagnosis of the calcaneal spur is confirmed, the results of radiography( but it is important to know that in the early stages the roentgenogram "heel spur" does not show thatdoes not exclude the presence of inflammation).Ultrasound is also possible.

The main factors that lead to the "heel spur":


What is the spur

Spur is a growth in the bone of the legs, the treatment of which must be done under the strict supervision of medical personnel. According to stereotypes, the protrusion appears in lovers of high heels or obese girls. In fact, more often, those who walk on low speed( flops, slaps, etc.) and people after 30 years suffer from an ailment.

Before beginning treatment of the disease at home, it is necessary to consult a specialized surgeon. The point is that the heel spur is often confused with a wart: the stem outgrowths on the legs have approximately the same symptoms as the bone:

  1. Sharp pain in the leg when walking after prolonged sitting;
  2. Redness of the heel;
  3. Discomfort when wearing orthopedic shoes;
  4. Edema of the foot.

Initially, you begin to notice pain in the heel, after swelling and difficulty in moving, after the stop begins to show you - it's time to start treating spurs.

How to treat spur

There are a lot of modern techniques that can be used at home to get rid of the spur. They can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Medication;
  2. Hardware options;
  3. Operative intervention.

Professional medicine mainly uses a variety of local remedies: painkillers and disinfectants ointments and creams. Although some doctors recommend also to drink special pills. Doublofenac and indomethacin ointments are the undoubted leaders of the heel spur self-treatment. These tools are quite accessible and have an excellent effect.

To get rid of the problem once and for all, you need to rub the chosen medicine three times a day, at the same time, beforehand, properly steam out the skin. Heat the water to the temperature in which you usually soar your feet with a cold, preferably use a herbal decoction( chamomile, oak bark, mint, sage, etc.).After depending on the instructions, wipe or not feet, and apply active movements on the heels of the spur zone cream or ointment. Do not exert too much pressure, it is better to conduct several times on the sick zone, after the procedure, wrap the legs in polyethylene and a towel. It is desirable to withstand such a compress for at least a couple of hours, during this time the epidermis will become softer and stop ache. Continue to impact for two weeks, after this time the spur will become less noticeable or disappear altogether. You will see the first results in seven days.

A very interesting and effective way to cure a spur is to inject a heel into the joint of the heel. Here you can not cope on your own( if you do not have experience or medical education).In this zone, a strong antibiotic is injected, which anesthetizes and softens the tissues, afterwards the spur becomes small and is not felt at all.

Drugs for the treatment of spurs on the heels must be appointed by professionals.in each case, you need an individual approach. For example, if you do not have the oldest form of the disease, then you can try even a band-aid. This method works on the principle of Chinese medicine - it activates certain points on the heel, which help reduce the pain, remove the swelling and cure the build-up. On average, 15 to 20 patches will be needed for treatment.

Photo - Kind of calcaneal spur

Often the treatment of deep spurs on the heels with medical bile and iodine is performed. This is a pretty tough option, so be careful. It is necessary to connect a few drops of iodine, a spoonful of bile and a spoonful of any soap or shampoo. Spread the mass on the spur, wrap the foot and wait 1-2 hours. Video: a simple method for treating plantar fasciitis

Folk methods

Treatment of spurs on heels with medicines does not always justify itself: it's expensive, long and sometimes dangerous( allergic reactions, inflammations).For hundreds of years our ancestors used to get rid of this ailment with various improvised means.

Many experts recommend using different techniques in a complex, so you accelerate recovery and save time. Of course, do not combine ointments and poultices at the same time, try to act gently.

Popular folk recipes for treating spurs on heels:

  1. The nut needs to be grinded with a mortar or blender. We recommend using green fruits, they are softer and more effective. After that, we put the mass on the damaged place for several hours, as well as the ointment. Apply every day;
  2. Often folk medicine uses the spurs on the heels of onion infusion .You will need to pour 200 grams of onion peel 500 ml of pure alcohol. After that, we pour the resulting broth into a dark bottle and set it for two weeks in a cool place away from the sun's rays. Do not forget to shake the container every two days. Liquid apply to a sore spot at night;
  3. Very effective treatment of spurs on the heels is obtained when using honey, iodine and simple salt( although the sea is better).A teaspoon of honey is mixed with salt and five drops of iodine, then applied to the skin, covered with plaster or polyethylene and leave for several hours( can be overnight).Repeat every day at least once;
  4. Works well with spurs and vinegar. You just need to make a compress and leave it on your foot for a couple of hours;
  5. You can also try using army methods at home. The simplest and cheapest medicine for heel build-ups is a laundry soap. The briquette must be grated, heated in a water bath and applied to the spur zone. You can cover with polyethylene and wear a mixture under your toes.
Photo - Treating the calcaneal spur

The hardware options are not very suitable for home use, but nevertheless, spur laser treatment is the undoubted leader among the proposed methods. In some surgeons' offices, you may also be offered a disposal by an ultrasound device, but this technique has not yet been proven. If you can afford it, then look in the online stores such devices, for example, in Krasnoyarsk such a device costs from 12,000 rubles, and in Kiev from 20,000.

As you can see in the photo, home treatment of spurs on the heels gives an effect, the reviews state, that such options are even more effective than injections or surgeries. If you have encountered similar problems - share your recommendations in the comments.


Heel spur: symptoms and radiographic photos

Heel spur in children

Bunches of the foot are not as strong as those of an adult. They can not resist the increased loads for a long time and effectively. Therefore, children who grow fast, either have excess body weight or are intensely engaged in sports, are more prone to the risk of forming heel spurs. In addition, up to the age of 16-18 years, baby feet are very plastic and easily deformable.

It is the flexibility and suppleness of the feet that often causes the rapid development of flat feet, and then the heel spurs. At the time of intensive growth and development, the child's body, and in particular its bone and joint-ligament apparatus, may lack nutrients. Very often this leads to the development of spine diseases and foot damage.

Heel spur: symptoms of

The signs of a calcaneal spur are observed in the periostitis - inflammatory process, as well as the pressure of the bony tubercle on the affected tissue.

Symptoms of spur on the heel appear usually suddenly or develop gradually for a long period of time. In the future, unpleasant sensations associated with the build-up in the heel zone, begin to acquire a persistent character.

Pain sensations

A frequent symptom of the spur is the onset of acute, sometimes burning pain when pressing on the heel. In many cases, patients describe it as a sensation of an "acute stone" or "stabbing nail" under the heel. At the same time, the intensity of pain does not depend on the shape and size of the tubercle. Usually, people do not feel sharp and large growths, but small and flat in form are very painful.

The intensity of unpleasant sensations in the calcaneal spur is determined by the location of the tubercle rather than its size. The closer to the nerve endings of the foot is the build-up, the stronger the pain. Therefore, unpleasant feelings can appear without stress. Often the pain arises:

  • at the first steps, after getting up in the morning from bed;
  • in the afternoon after a long stay in a sitting or lying position;
  • in the evening with the accumulation of the load.

Change in gait

A gait disorder in the calcaneal spur is noticeable in 93% of cases. When the center of gravity is transferred from the heel area to the front and outer edge of the foot, an incorrect weight distribution is formed, and a transverse flat foot develops. At visual inspection usually pathological changes are not appreciable. Pressing on the hillock or squeezing the heel on the sides causes a characteristic pain.

When spurs, patients involuntarily tend to relieve the heel area and less to step on the affected foot. In turn, this affects the gait. In cases where the disease develops on both legs, movement to such a patient is given especially hard. The gait becomes sliding, as if a person is moving on skis. Sometimes a patient can only walk with crutches.

An additional factor that increases pain and affects gait change with a calcaneal spur is the thinning of the subcutaneous fat. If damaged, this cushioning layer can not perform its functions. Regardless of how obvious the symptom of the heel spur - the photorentgen apparatus - will allow the doctor to better understand the location of the tubercle.

Heel spur in 25% of cases leads to incomplete mobility of the foot. With severe pain, the doctor can prescribe bed rest or recommend sparing working conditions.

Treatment and prevention of heel spurs

Usually, spur is treated conservatively. Its intensity will depend on the causes of the development of the disease and the stage of the process. The patient is prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and locally used gels and ointments, cryotherapy or phonophoresis.

An important condition for treatment is to ensure unloading of the affected area by wearing individual orthopedic means:

  • insoles from flat feet;
  • shoes with a groove in the heel;
  • massage insoles.

Warm baths with sea salt, soda or soap are included in the therapeutic complex, as well as therapeutic exercises, foot and shin muscles massage. Such measures will help to restore the correct circulation in the tissues of the foot. After the inflammatory process subsides, shock wave therapy is prescribed in the affected area. Ultrasound diagnosis should confirm the regression.

A shock wave is generated by a special device. When it focuses on a specific area of ​​tissue, activation of the regeneration processes takes place. Simultaneously, the shock wave provides a blockage of impulse transmission by pain receptors, which decreases sensitivity in the affected area and, as a result, pain.

To the treatment of the calcaneal spur in an operative way try not to resort. Use this method can in extreme cases: in severe and neglected situations. The explanation is given by the fact that the operation does not eliminate the cause of the disease, but will only get rid of the manifestations of the disease. As a consequence, the likelihood of repeated occurrence of the calcaneal spur is very high.

In order not to create a spur in the foot, it is necessary not to overload the area of ​​the calcaneus. Wearing shoes that are comfortable and not injurious to the foot will also play an important preventive role. Do not appear disease and those who often walk barefoot on the grass or stones, because such a natural massage improves blood circulation in the feet. To recommend to the patient measures of treatment and preventive maintenance can only the doctor.


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