Salt bandages for arthrosis

Treatment with salt dressings: reviews. Methods of treatment with saline solution

Normal salt in human life is given a rather contradictory role. History keeps the facts of erecting it on a pedestal. Until the last century, a pinch of crystals was equated with gold. After a while, she was famously thrown off the "pedestal," declaring "a white death."What is its role?

There are many facts when crystals simply saved people from death. For example, during the Second World War, salt bandages were effectively used. Comments on the unique healings of the followers of the methodology were carefully preserved and brought to our days.

Historical background

A participant of the Second World War, Anna Danilovna Gorbacheva, then a very young operating sister, worked in a field hospital with an amazing surgeon II Shcheglov. It was he, not paying attention to the constant criticism from colleagues, practiced the treatment with saline solution of many wounded.

treatment with salt dressings reviews

On the contaminated wounds of his patients, the doctor applied napkins moistened in hypertonic solution. They changed twice a day. Already on the third or fourth day, such treatment with saline dressings gave a favorable result. The reviews, carefully preserved to the present day, testified that Dr. Shcheglov had practically no amputation due to gangrene in the department.

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After the war, after 10 years, Gorbachev used Shcheglov's method for caring for postoperative patients. The result was great. This was the impetus for a more detailed study of the solution. Anna Danilovna carefully investigated the influence of an amazing panacea on a number of ailments. Among them:

  • cholecystitis;
  • chronic appendicitis;
  • nephritis;
  • rheumatic heart disease;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • is an inflammation in the lungs;
  • articular rheumatism;
  • diffuse goiter;
  • abscesses.

Subsequently, the doctor will notice that the positive results were received fairly quickly. And the light will be a unique, unique in the world amazing technique known to the people as "Treatment with salt bandages by Gorbachev."

Mechanism of action of solution

What is the secret of such an unusual drug? The fact is that the hypertonic solution is an active sorbent. He is able to draw from the damaged organ all the "muck".Treatment with salt dressings cleans wounds, providing an antimicrobial effect.

Salt acts solely on the affected organ or the area of ​​the body on which it is placed. Initially, the liquid is absorbed from the subcutaneous layer. Then comes the turn of deeper tissues. Of these, the liquid rises to the surface, taking with it all the microbes, fungi, viruses. Thus, treatment with salt solution updates the diseased organ, cleans it of pathology. Thus, it eliminates the disease.

The dressing impregnated with hypertonic solution, affects the body gradually. So expect instant healing is not worth it. On the question of how much it takes to treat procedures, there is no definitive answer. Since for each disease is recommended its own, a certain amount. In this case, the more complex the stage of the disease, the more bandages should be applied. On average this process takes from seven days to twenty.

Rules for the use of dressings

It is very important to follow all the recommendations so that your body will not be harmed by salt treatment. Salting bandages must necessarily be breathable. It is forbidden to cover them with polyethylene or other compression materials. It is best to use linen cloth or cotton. You can use ordinary gauze.

saline treatment

Hypertensive solution used for medicinal purposes should be 8-10%.This means that for 100 grams of water should be respectively added eight or ten grams of table salt.

Prepared fabric should be folded in 4-6 layers. Moisten it in a warm solution( 50 C).Press a little. Just do not twist it completely. Otherwise, the dressing will be ineffective. Put it on the sick patch. If the internal organ is damaged - on its projection.

In the absence of any contraindications, one-time treatment with salt dressings is from ten to thirteen hours. They are attached to the surface of the skin with a bandage or a thin band-aid. Do not cover with a cloth that does not let in air!


Unfortunately, this method is not universal. Like other procedures, it has a number of contraindications. Therefore, after making the decision to be treated with salt, be sure to consult a doctor. With some chronic ailments, this method can be contraindicated. And with pulmonary hemorrhage even dangerous! Sclerosis of cerebral vessels is a diagnosis in which categorically prohibited to perform salt treatment.

Very carefully, you should apply the solution when:

  • hypertension;
  • heart failure;
  • disorders of the urinary system;
  • migraines;
  • disturbed metabolism.

Remember: increasing the salt concentration does not add salinity to the solution. On the contrary, such a dressing will provoke a supersaturation of the body with chlorine and sodium. As a result, there will be an imbalance of salts.

Another important warning before we touch on amazing procedures and no less miraculous healing stories. Ulcers, scars, hernias, constipation, adhesions, intestinal wounds, saline bandages do not heal. And, unfortunately, salt can not be rinsed away with stones either.

Will not bring a bandage of relief and with ischemic disease, angina pectoris, valvular heart disease.

Treatment of ailments with hypertonic solution

From many diseases, you can save salt bandages. The main thing - do not forget to consult a doctor. Another golden rule is not to abandon the drugs prescribed by the doctor. Use saline as an additional therapy.

treatment with salt dressings in oncology

And now let's touch on some ailments that patients have successfully overcome. About their victories over various diseases, they are happy to share in the reviews.

Inflammatory head disease

Effective procedure for salt treatment in dropsy, edema of the brain and its membranes( arachnoiditis, meningitis).Apply it and to fight the flu, typhus, sepsis, excessive blood filling, tumor formations. An excellent result is seen after use by patients who have suffered a stroke.

In this case, the dressing is a "cap", built of a thick bandage, folded in 8 or 9 layers. It is recommended to make a solution of 9%.You can wrap the entire head or apply a bandage around it. The procedure is done at night, at 8-9 hours. In the morning everything is removed from the head. The latter is necessarily washed.

Laryngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, inflammation of the thyroid( goiter)

For the treatment of these ailments, a bandage is recommended from a wide bandage, folded into 6-7 layers. Moisten it should be in 10% solution. The dressing is applied to the neck area at night. The effect of the procedure is very favorable.

Thyroid bandages have been treated with a variety of patients. They share their medical history and miraculous cures. Patients with endemic goiter, which doctors recommended one exit - operation, started treatment with salt bandages. The testimonies indicate miraculous healing. There were enough 11 night procedures. How surprised doctors, and even the patients themselves, when the seal on the thyroid gland simply disappeared!

Patients who have been diagnosed with thyroid nodules and seals have shared their experience with salt treatment. In most cases, a 9% solution was used. A warm gauze cloth, impregnated with a solution, was applied to the thyroid gland. Patients noted that it is advisable to grab a portion of the chin and chest area. These dressings were applied daily. The testimonies indicate that most of the patients had ten procedures for complete healing. Cure of illnesses was confirmed by doctors.

Arthritis, polyarthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, osteochondrosis

In arthritis, the treatment of joints with salt dressings will successfully eliminate the most unpleasant symptoms. It's about pain in the affected joints and puffiness. Before using this technique, be sure to consult your doctor. He will determine the necessary duration of the procedure and its frequency.

treatment of joints with salt dressings

It is important to understand that salt dressings are recommended for use in the remission phase, during the remission of the inflammatory process. Otherwise complications can be provoked.

If rheumatism is diagnosed, treatment of joints with salt dressings is no less effective. They perfectly relieve the swelling of the diseased joints. Normalization of the outflow of fluid leads to a significant improvement in well-being. At the same time, one should not forget that the control of a rheumatologist is mandatory.

For bandages apply a 10% solution. It is necessary to bandage the limbs of centimeters by 10-15 more than the affected area. The procedure is performed every night for 2 weeks.

Treatment of salt bandages of osteochondrosis is no less effective. For the procedure, moistened tissue should be applied to the painful areas.

Hepatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis

With the abovementioned severe ailments, simple table salt will help to cope. It is recommended to apply a bandage 3-4 additions. With such a diagnosis as a dropsy of the abdomen, it is advisable to lay the tissue on the entire surface, beginning from the base of the breast and ending with the navel. The fabric is fixed with a wide bandage. This dressing should work on the body for 9-10 hours. The course of treatment completely depends on the stage of the disease. On average, it is from 7 procedures to 10.

Pelvic organs of the pelvis

Polyps, swelling of the rectum, colitis, hemorrhoids, prostate adenoma, prostatitis are also treated with hypertonic solution. For the procedure, gauze is folded into two layers. After moistening in a 10% warm solution, apply a bandage to the pelvis. From above it is covered with a "wafer" towel and tightly bandaged. In the groin of the groin should be put rollers and pribintovat one layer. They are applied to tighten the bandages.

This treatment is applied with salt dressings for oncology. This procedure is recognized effective in the fight against fibroids, fibroids, uterine cancer, ovaries. Three weeks is the treatment of cancer with salt. It is recommended to perform salt bandages for other abovementioned diseases for 2 weeks. The peculiarity of this treatment is a certain alternation. In the first week of bandages are put every night. The rest of the time for both cases the procedure is repeated every other day.

treatment with salt dressings

Treatment of prostatitis with salt dressings is quite effective. The patients themselves tell about this, being surprised that it took only 8 nights to struggle with the disease.

Bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, emphysema, asthma

And with these ailments the universal seasoning is struggling. It is very effective treatment of cough salt dressings. This is especially true for bronchitis. Gorbachev herself used such a remedy for getting rid of cough in whooping cough. The babies she was treating felt relief in an hour. And four procedures were enough for children to fully recover.

It is worth recalling that the treatment of salt bandages with oncology is very effective. In this case, lung tumors. A 10% solution is required for the procedure. The dressing is applied to the entire surface of the back. Men can also be on the chest. It is recommended to cover the moistened bandages with two "wafer" towels. They should be sufficiently tightly bandaged with wide bandages.

The course of treatment of inflammatory lung diseases is 7-10 procedures. In this case, dressings should be placed daily. Three weeks lasts a course to treat tumors. It is recommended for the best effect the first seven days to put bandages every night. The two remaining weeks - the procedure is repeated every other day. It is advisable to keep the dressings for about 10 hours( until they dry completely).

It is very important to know, in case of pulmonary hemorrhage, the salt procedure is strictly forbidden. In this situation, it is capable of damaging the body.

Female diseases

Some ailments, as a rule, are quite imperceptible. But many of them "beat" the very patient - the ability to give birth to a child. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor in time to avoid this pathology.

In this case there is an excellent method that allows to remove the inflammatory process. As you guessed it - treatment of salt bandages of female diseases. For the procedure, a 10% solution is needed. Before applying the bandage it is good( preferably with soap) to wash the stomach. As before, it is ideal for bandaging linen cloth or cotton. However, the best option is gauze. It is stacked in several layers. However, not more than eight. The solution for the procedure should be hot - about 60-70 C. But before applying the bandage, it is recommended that the cheesecloth cool somewhat. Treatment with saline in this case lasts about 10-15 hours. Wet gauze is superimposed on the region of the appendages. It is fixed with a band-aid and cowards. Again, no airtight fabrics! After the procedure, the body is wiped off with a damp towel.

treatment with salt bandages of the thyroid gland

Treatment of varicose veins

Such an unpleasant disease is bothering many people, especially women. However, treatment of varicose with salt dressings is an effective way to get rid of such an ailment. A little effort, patience - and the disease is cured. About problems with the vessels can be forgotten.

It is recommended to wear socks soaked in solution at night. Top pull dry. Such procedures have a favorable effect on the body. This technique excellently eliminates edema, because it is aimed at normalizing the operation of small vessels. It is able to relieve even thrombophlebitis.

Treatment with saline solution with addition of 3% hydrogen peroxide( 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of liquid) is considered effective enough. Such bandages are able to get rid of knots in veins, blood clots. The procedure lasts 3-4 hours. In this case, it is optimal to apply dressings twice a day to damaged areas or to all the eggs.

Oncology. Reviews

Previously, it was repeatedly noted that the treatment of cancer with salt dressings gives a favorable result. This is confirmed by many patients. And since the topic of oncology has reached large scales today, it is simply impossible not to dwell on it in more detail.

So, for the first time Anna Danilovna Gorbacheva tested this remedy on a patient with a cancerous birthmark in the face. The result was excellent. Today's patients who are diagnosed with cancers are also using this therapy. A lot of positive feedback on the methodology gives an idea of ​​the process. As a rule, people notice that several procedures can change the unfavorable prognosis. And the full course of recommended treatment really does wonders. Patients are cured of such an insidious disease without surgical intervention.

In the archive, the doctor has enough evidence of miraculous healing from cancer. Daily procedures are able to rid of breast adenoma. Such an effective technique and, at the same time, elementary simple, and today heals a lot of patients. Treatment with salt dressings, reviews testify to this, relieved patients of surgical intervention, from the need for a long and painful struggle with the disease.

Amazing white salt crystals can also defeat prostate adenoma. Numerous reviews of patients who were cured due to salt bandages, indicate that, on average, nine procedures are enough to defeat the disease.

treatment with salt bandages of osteochondrosis

And even anemia can cure salt bandages. It is advisable for patients suffering ailment to wear them in the form of trousers and blouses.

However, do not forget that when taking home treatment with hypertonic solution, in no case should you refuse the appointment of a doctor!


I would like to end with the warnings of the author of an amazing technique - A.D. Gorbacheva. She tries to bring to the knowledge of patients that the solution of table salt( for all its effectiveness) is not a panacea for all ailments! This technique allows you to get rid of inflammation, swelling of tissues, burns. At the same time, it can cope with some tumors.

The last thing that a well-known doctor reminds of is strict adherence to all the rules. Only in this case it is possible to speak about complete safety and high effectiveness of this method of treatment.

Treatment of joints with table salt: salt dressings and solutions |Are joints aching?

Salt Compression

The method of salt treatment of joints with the help of compress is effective for gout and rheumatism. The main goal is to improve blood circulation. The steam compress is made from a small bag and heated to 70 degrees salt. If too hot, you can put a towel. Cover the compress with tape and tape. Compress can be done twice a day. This procedure for the treatment of joints with salt well anesthetizes and relaxes.

Salt dressing

For the dressing, a gauze folded in 8 layers is used or ironed several times with a hot iron washed cotton cloth( 4 layers).The bandage is impregnated with 10% saline solution, slightly squeezed and applied to the diseased area. The dressing should be tightened and kept for 7-15 hours until completely dry.

The method of treatment of joints with salt dressings is especially effective in arthritis, bursitis, polyarthritis, rheumatism. The course of treatment can be several months. Do not use the film over the bandage - the air should flow freely to the tissues.

Salt baths

It is most useful to take baths with sea salt: to do this, take a pack( 350 g) of the main ingredient and dissolve in water, then fill the bath with warm water and lie down in it for 10-15 minutes. This procedure will relax the muscles and reduce pain in rheumatism and arthritis. When inflamed tendons hot baths can not be used. Pregnant, as well as suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors, this method of treatment is contraindicated. It is better to use compresses or salt wipes.

Salt wiping

As an option for treating joints salt can be rubbing with saline. A solution is prepared: 10 liters of water - 100-200 g of the main ingredient. In the solution, a towel or washcloth is wetted, then the sore spot is wiped off within 10 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the sore spot with cool water, and then rub it with a coarse cloth until the patient feels a rush of heat. The effectiveness is the same as for a salt bath, but this method has no contraindications.

Other ways of

Salt can be used in combination with other ingredients: honey, fat, milk, olive oil, bran and even sand. Here are some of the ways:

  1. Milled table salt is mixed with melted animal fat at the rate of 100 grams of fat per 1 tablespoon. The resulting composition is lubricated by arthritic joints.
  2. Mix the ash with birch, wheat bran and hot salt( 60 degrees).The mixture is poured into the basin and lowered there the diseased limb so that the sore spot is completely covered. Hold until it cools. Used for rheumatism and solid tumors of the joints of the hands or feet.
  3. Compress of salt( 5-30 grams) and cake of cabbage( beets or carrots) relieves pain and eliminates the immobility of the joint. Apply the course for 7-10 days for 5 hours. With any discomfort, remove the compress.
  4. 5 g of iodized salt mixed with 100 g of olive oil. By means of rubbing the sore spots - well anesthetizes.
  5. For arthrosis of small joints - fingers or feet, gout, a hot mixture of salt and river sand is used in equal parts.


Like any other method, the treatment of salt joints has a number of contraindications. People suffering from heart failure and other diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, metabolic disorders, prone to edema and hypertension should carefully approach these methods. Any method must be discussed with your doctor in advance. The same recommendations should be adhered to the elderly and those who have excessive body weight.

Salt bandages for arthrosis

Osteoarthritis has a variety of treatment options, ranging from the reception of special pharmaceuticals, ending with folk techniques that are one of the most common. This is due to affordability, because they are made primarily from available natural ingredients, as well as with a fairly high performance in symptomatic relief. One of the unusual, but relatively effective recipes - salt bandages , which can be used for arthrosis of varying degrees of education and not only. This recipe has been known since ancient times, since salt was not a seasoning, but a medicine.


The main therapeutic component of sodium chloride is sodium chloride. The lack of this microelement leads to a disbalance in the body and dehydration. Life without salt is impossible. There are many medical, saline solutions that are used for treatment and rehabilitation after severe diseases and surgeries. No wonder the belief arose that hypertensive salt dressings treat almost everything. In heavy, war years, bandages with a solution of ordinary salt helped to avoid gangrene to thousands of wounded soldiers.

Tissue dressings impregnated with saline solution were applied to lacerated, infected wounds, and wounds were cleaned for 3-4 days. This method was widely used by the operating sister Anna Danilovna Gorbachev, who helped the surgeon II.Shcheglov to operate wounded fighters. Even the so-called Shcheglov-Gorbachev's method arose. Anna Gorbachev subsequently successfully nursed postoperative patients with the help of salt dressings.

This amazing effect is explained by the ability of salt to absorb infected fluid from the wound, while the blood and tissue cells remain intact( alive).The therapeutic effect is only a saline solution of 8-10% concentration. Bandages are made only from breathable, cotton( linen) fabrics and no compression materials like cellophane are used. In the modern world, the spectrum of treatment with salt dressings is very wide.

Therapeutic properties of salt dressings

Salt as a medicine has been used since ancient times. The salt solution has a strong absorbent effect. When a dressing is applied, the salt reacts with tissue fluids and absorbs pathogenic microbes, toxins and viruses. The liquid in the tissues of the organ is cleaned and renewed. The therapeutic effect is on the organ, the area of ​​which is in contact with the bandage.

Salt bandages successfully treat infected wounds and deep purulent processes, cholecystitis, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system: laryngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia. Salt bandages are subject to the treatment of joint diseases: rheumatism, arthrosis, bruises and dislocations. Bandages with a solution of salt are used even for the treatment of oncology.

How to apply salt dressings

To prepare an isotonic solution you need a liter of distilled water and 3 tablespoons( without a slide) of salt. The water should be hot, about 50 degrees. The salt dissolves in water and everything - the cure for many diseases is ready! On a diseased organ, a cloth impregnated with this solution is applied and fixed with a band-aid or bandage. As a compress salt solutions can not be used, so neither cellophane nor wool fabric is needed. The dosage of the solution should not be above 10%, only in this case, the salt will be a medicine.

  • If you suffer from a headache, high blood pressure, runny nose, then make the bandage circular, on the frontal and occipital area.8% solution is used. In a liter of water, you need to dissolve 80 grams of salt, moisten the cloth, wring out a little and wrap around the head. Secure the bandage with a bandage and leave to act until the condition is relieved.
  • In cases of influenza, the dressing is applied overnight. If this is the beginning of the disease, a headband is placed. In case of pain in the throat and cough, the bandage is also applied to the neck and back. This treatment relieves even a debilitating cough. To put the bandage on your back you need 2 towels, moistened with 10% solution. From above put the towel dry and fix it all with a bandage.
  • Mastopathy and breast cancer are treated, applying salt masks to both mammary glands for 8-10 hours, it is best to leave it overnight. The course of treatment of mastopathy is 2 weeks, and oncology - 3 weeks.
  • With oncology of the cervix, saline solution impregnates the tissue swab. It is inserted into the vagina for 15 hours, the tampon should touch the cervix. Therapy is 2 weeks.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints: bursitis, arthritis, rheumatism of the joints are treated with 10% saline solution. To do this, a wide bandage, gauze wetting with salt solution and bandaging the joints, repeating the layers several times. The procedures are carried out for 2 weeks.
  • In the lumbar region, bandages are applied for kidney disease, at night, the course duration is 15 days.
  • Inflammation of the intestines, appendicitis, colitis - bandage is applied to the abdomen. Wet the towels and apply in 4 layers, overnight. Weekly treatment is enough. And to withdraw toxins from poisoning, enough and 2 sessions.
  • In cases of gastritis, liver disease, gall bladder, a bandage of waffle towels( 3-4 layers), impregnated with hypertonic solution is placed on the area from the base of the breast and to the navel and fixed with bandages. Treatment lasts for 10 days, daily. The exposure time is 10 hours.

There may be unpleasant sensations in the "podzolochke" because of the accumulation of bile. A hot water bottle will help clear the liver and bile ducts. It is necessary to put a heating pad on the area under the spoons and lie down on it, face down. This procedure should be done in the morning, after removing the bandage.

Dry salt dressings

The large-crystalline salt is poured into a canvas bag, sewn as a pouch, and calcined in a dry frying pan. A hot pouch with salt is applied to problem areas dampened with water. For the duration of the procedure, you need to go to bed and cover yourself with a blanket.

For curing for a cold, the calcified salt pouch is applied to the soles, back, on the area of ​​the bronchi or nose.

With arthritis, gout, neuralgia, dry salt bandages put on troubling joints. At a radiculitis - on a field of a loin. To relieve the aches in the joints, before applying a warming bandage to apply on the joint area fir oil. Cooled salt pouch changes to hot. The procedure can be repeated for a week or until the condition is relieved.

With proper application, ordinary food salt can become an effective and affordable medicine.

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The use of salt as simple or as a maritime passes as an additional measure to the main treatment, it is not necessary to consider this as a priority technique. There are several ways to use this old technique: moist type wet dressings, in the form of a kind of ointment, when a special base is taken, as well as a mixture in a consistency, convenient for applying to the problem area. Despite the innovations introduced, the most common for arthrosis is the bandage, with proper use gives certain results.

Concerning the useful properties of salt procedures, there is a decrease in inflammation, a reduction in pain symptoms. Salt adsorbs or "pulls" toxins, bacteria and a number of other harmful substances, and is also one of the best antiseptic compound. A certain influence is exerted by the kind and quality of salt. It is desirable to give preference to the classical type of product, for example, edible salt( not iodized) or marine, but without dyes and flavors.

Gauze bandage on the wrist

Salt dressing recipe

  • Preparation of salt solution, it is important to observe the concentration, as exceeding it can lead to irritation, and less - to low efficiency. Average proportions can consist of 100 grams of salt or 3 tablespoons.per liter of water. It is advisable to take distilled water or additionally purified, before dissolving it needs to be heated;
  • The dressing is a gauze folded several times, in the calculation, that it should be well impregnated with a solution( 4-5 layers).It must be lowered into a salt suspension, it can be left for several hours;
  • Apply salt dressings to the cleansed skin, directly to the area that covered arthrosis. You need to squeeze the gauze slightly, but at the same time leave it well-soaked;
  • Fix a cotton cloth, gauze or around the edges with adhesive plaster. It is forbidden to cover it with polyethylene or warm material, since this procedure is not aimed at heating up, but on the interaction of the active components of the salt, release from harmful compounds, which occurs intensively during the evaporation period. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure normal circulation;
  • After drying, the dressing is removed, the remaining plaque is washed off the skin.

Course of treatment

The duration of the application of salt dressings varies from the desired effect, to what extent the disease occurs. The average interval is 10 hours, but when performing such treatment of arthrosis with salt for the first time, one should start with several hours, make sure there is no allergy. If the process proceeds without concomitant irritation, then you can try to leave the compress for 12 hours. Periodicity depends on the severity of the condition, in a number of cases the result is achieved after only five days, but the course can be extended to two weeks. Sometimes essential oil is added to the salt solution, other components that extend the effect of such treatment. Do this with extreme caution, since there is a possibility of developing burns, allergies.

Compress of salt and flour

In addition to using a salt solution, you can try another option, how to cure arthrosis. The method consists in mixing in equal quantities salt and flour with the addition of a small amount of water. It turns out the consistency of the test, which will have a therapeutic effect. It is recommended to impose such a salt layer on the problem area and withstand 1.5-2 hours, cover with warm matter and polyethylene is not needed. The frequency of the procedure can be daily, the main thing - to make sure of the usefulness of actions, to exclude allergies.

Salt( left), flour( right)


Despite the relatively simple composition of the salt, prolonged contact with the skin can lead to various reactions in the body itself. That is why before choosing how to treat arthrosis, you need to discuss the planned actions with your doctor. With some chronic diseases, problems with the kidneys, pressure such sessions are not recommended and can exacerbate existing disorders in the body. Whoever has dermatological diagnoses should also consult a doctor.

Salt bandages treat almost everything & gt; & gt;Health Designer

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