Can I drink vodka with gout

What can you eat and what kind of alcohol you can drink with gout?

Gout is mainly affected by men aged 40 to 50 years. Accordingly, they often have a question: what alcohol can you drink with gout? Answer: you can not use alcohol. This disease is associated with a metabolic disorder, during which the body begins to accumulate uric acid, which leads to the onset of the disease.

Gout species

Varieties of gout

Since this disease is provoked by a high level of uric acid, it is divided into two types:

  • primary;
  • secondary.

Primary gout is observed in those patients who are genetically predisposed to this, that is, the organism of such a patient in itself can produce a lot of sodium urate. This disease can be caused by a violation in the functioning of the kidneys, when they can not cope with the withdrawal of salts. This form is called congenital.

As for secondary gout, it arises because of negative effects on the body, which violate the correct metabolism. Similarly, with the first option, here, too, there is a problem of the derivation of salts, or the organism, on the contrary, begins to produce a lot of uric acid.

When a gout is detected, the physician acquaints himself with an anamnesis of the patient's illness, as this disease is often the result of diseases such as psoriasis, hemoblastosis, myeloid leukemia, diabetes mellitus, hemolytic anemia. As for the secondary form, there may be other reasons. For example, a person used a lot of medicines, which led to a disruption in the functionality of the renal tubules and reduced the volume of circulating blood.

Human consumption of products containing lead, as well as alcohol-containing products, leads to secondary gout. In this variant, organic acids will be formed in the blood, which are difficult to excrete by the body.

Why not drink alcohol with gout?

Many people think that if you drink a little bit, then nothing will be wrong, but it's not. Even if you say "I drink only 5 grams," know that this can still provoke a gout attack. And not even a day will pass, as the disease will make itself felt.

Regardless of what alcohol to drink, the sick joints will become inflamed. Very often doctors notice that, despite the fact that the patient undergoes intensive treatment, seizures are repeated from time to time. This is due to the fact that men violate the diet and allow themselves alcohol. Today, studies have been carried out on this topic, which proved that even a small dose of alcohol can aggravate the disease. Especially because gout is such a disease.which is not 100% cured. It was noted that men who drank alcohol in the amount of 5 servings for two days were exposed to bouts of the disease 2 times more than those who abstained. If the dose increased to 7 servings, then the probability increased to 2.5 times.

Beer, wine and similar strong drinks contain purine components, which adversely affect the body. There is a misconception that you can drink elite alcohol with gout, for example, an expensive dry wine. But one glass is enough to make the attack happen again. Although today some doctors disagree about whether or not it is possible to use quality wines.

With gout, there is a severe metabolic disorder, so relapse occurs quite often. This is due to the fact that the patient is prescribed the strictest diet, the violation of which entails exacerbations. There are times when the patient feels calm, and then a sharp pain suddenly begins in his joints, which does not even allow him to move. An attack occurs when the blood is supersaturated with uric acids. This is due to the fact that the patient is abusing meat, coffee and alcohol, especially beer.

In 2004, a study was conducted, in which almost 50,000 people participated. Its main goal was to understand what exactly can cause gout exacerbations. The results showed that, in addition to fatty foods, it is extremely contraindicated in gout to drink not only beer, but also vodka, whiskey, cognac. Although it is worth noting that it was dry wine that did not have any consequences, so scientists indicated that this drink can be drunk, but not more than 1 glass a day. But again, in many respects this moment depends on the individual characteristics of each organism.

It is also interesting to note that, according to the observations of Boston scientists, wine actively provokes attacks of disease in men, this is less true for women. According to their conclusions, daily consumption of beer products raises the risk by 75%, and wine - by 138%.

Some men drink beer, because it is "diuretic," that is, it rinses the kidneys. But this is a very big mistake. In this product, more than in any other alcohol, contains purine, and this component prevents the normal excretion of uric acid.

When gout is not addicted to alcohol, because alcohol itself does not allow the liquid to leave the body and harmful toxins, including uric acid. For the same reason, many nutritionists strictly prohibit slimming people from using such drinks. If the substance does not normally leave the body, it will crystallize and settle in the joints.

Principles of proper nutrition for gout

Proper nutrition for gout

Gout does not occur suddenly. To her leads an improper diet, the presence of bad habits, including alcohol abuse, and, of course, the individual characteristics of the human body. If, under some circumstances, a high content of uric acid in the blood is found, then it is recommended that such a person immediately change their diet and lifestyle. This will prevent the development of the disease.

There are several principles that should be adhered to:

  1. Food intake should be divided 3-4 times, which allows not to create bursts of purine bases.
  2. You should not overeat at all, or, on the contrary, declare a hunger strike.
  3. With gout and suspicion of her, the patient is forced to gradually lose weight, one kilogram per month.
  4. The daily water norm should be 1.5-2 liters, and when the stage of exacerbation occurs, the dose increases to 3 liters. You can drink natural green tea. The diet includes alkaline mineral water, which helps to remove urate from the human body. Therefore, drink only such mineral water, other carbonated beverages should be excluded.

Regardless of the form of the disease, the following foods can not be consumed with gout:

  • in meat, fish and mushroom broths contains a high concentration of purine bases, while they are in such a form that they are easily absorbed by the body;
  • banned and consumed by-products such as liver, kidneys, lungs, brains, stomachs, etc.;
  • from the diet, canned meat is excluded, as well as sauces cooked on meat basis;
  • peas, lentils, beans, beans, soybeans and other legumes in the menu should not be.

But as far as meat is concerned, it can be eaten, only baked or well-braised, but not fried. Acute and salty is also strictly prohibited. Any alcoholic drink is reduced to 0 gram.

What can you eat anyway? The lowest content of purine is found in milk, chicken eggs, Swiss cheese, bread, forest and walnuts. Since gout is active salt formation, it becomes clear why table salt is virtually excluded from the diet. And to make it easier for the body to cope with the removal of toxins, it is necessary to constantly drink fluids. But not alcoholic, but ordinary tea, which is not well brewed. About beer, wine and other alcohol will have to forget, especially during treatment.

Recommendations: what to drink with gout and eat?

If you suddenly have a red toe on your leg and severe sharp pains, you may have gouty arthritis.

Gout is a joint disease that occurs when excess uric acid and its salts are formed in the body. If the body is all right, then uric acid goes with the urine. If the kidneys do not work well or the cells accumulate a lot of uric acid, then it concentrates in the blood plasma and the salts of uric acid crystallize in the tissues: very small sharp deposits appear, causing inflammation and severe pain. Salts are deposited more often in joints: on the soles of the feet and toes, less often in other joints.

Women suffer from gout less often than men. The disease appears in men over the age of forty, in women - even later. However, manifestations of the disease occur much earlier.

The most common manifestation of the disease is gouty arthritis, from which the joint of the thumb on the foot( at the place of "attaching" the finger to the foot) is the first to suffer. Practice shows that the attack of gouty arthritis was preceded by the use of alcohol, beer including, overeating. Before the onset of a gout attack, a tingling in the affected joint may appear. During an attack of arthritis, the temperature rises, severe pains appear, the patients complain of chills. The finger turns red, it hurts very much. Usually seizures happen at night. If the disease is triggered, the seizures will be more frequent, and the time of exacerbation will be longer. And arthritis will hit new joints. Possible damage to the kidneys and urinary tract.

Dietary food

Gout Mode

Unfortunately, medicine today can not cure this ailment completely. But the course of the disease can be suspended and taken under control. You just need to observe a strict enough diet, there are only allowed products. With gout, it is necessary to reduce the intake of foods that, during cleavage, form an excessive amount of uric acid.

With gout they do not eat such products:

  • meat-rich soups, broths and decoctions;
  • fried, smoked and fatty meat;
  • offal( brain, liver, kidney, beef tongue);
  • lard, pâté;
  • some varieties of fish( herring, sardines, sprat, sprats);
  • fish soup and caviar, fried fish;
  • beans( beans and peas);
  • mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes;
  • chocolate, coffee, cocoa;
  • beer.

There are for gout doctors allow sour-milk products, bread, vegetable and fruit soups, cucumbers, carrots, berry and fruit juices, sweet fruits. Vinegar, bay leaf and lemon are used as seasonings. Two or three times a week you can eat eggs, fish of low-fat varieties, dietary meat. The amount of salt is limited to 6-8 g per day.

When the disease worsens, you need to eat liquid or semi-liquid food. Do not take any heavy food. It is better at this time to drink compotes, various juices, mineral water, jelly.

What if the gout is complicated by obesity? It is necessary to reduce body weight. This means you can not eat bakery products in large quantities, easily digestible carbohydrates, cereals, fats. It is necessary to arrange unloading days. For example, throughout the day there is only cottage cheese and yogurt( kefir-curd day), only vegetables( 1.5 kg of allowed vegetables) or fruit( 1.5 kg of oranges or apples).

Drinking regimen: advice and recommendations

Very often, gout patients find out what to do, how to eat, what medicines to take, but forget about drinking regimen.

Drinking regimen for gout

Drink 2-3 liters of liquid every day - this is very important for gout. But in large quantities you can not drink all the drinks.

Avoid heavily aerated lemonades, canned beverages. It is preferable to use fruit drinks, compotes made of strawberry or apples, herbal tea, mineral water. Note that it is necessary to drink alkaline mineral water: it helps to remove uric acid and its salts from the body. The same properties, derive excess uric acid, and many plants. Therefore, teas and decoctions of birch buds, cowberry leaves, madder dyed, the root of a large burdock, medicinal medicinal, heather ordinary and others can also be brewed and drunk with gout.

However, the content of purines is quite high in fruits of the common vine, raspberry fruits and sweet potato. Therefore, they can not be used for gout.

And, of course, you can and should drink the most ordinary water. Take the rule of drinking water throughout the day and be sure to drink a glass of water before each meal.

With water and tea everything is clear. And what about alcohol, especially drinkers, who also often suffer from gout. In this case, it is necessary to completely abandon wine and beer( especially), you can drink only vodka in the smallest doses, and drink with mineral water( alkaline).

How to treat gout?

Although gout can not be completely cured, it should not be started. Dysfunction often leads to kidney failure, and in this case, the excessive formation of uric acid crystals can not be prevented.

Doctors recommend taking anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs during gout that prevent the formation of uric acid. Physiotherapy procedures improve the state of health. Correction of body weight is mandatory, drugs are prescribed that promote the treatment of diabetes and atherosclerosis, accompanying gout.

Desertification is also susceptible to gout

Even if you are a convinced teetotaler, do not assume that this insidious disease will bypass you.

Suffice it to recall the distinguished English poet John Milton, who suffered from this illness for most of his life. He left this world at the age of sixty. The cause of death was called gout.

This exhausting disease was known long before Milton's death, but a deeper study and description was created in the seventeenth century by the English physician T. Sidenham.

One historical fact is very revealing. A patient who lived to ninety years old, who did not know this ailment, is known to the history. But one day the attending physician discovered the signs of the disease and advised the man to abandon his beloved sweet sherry, since, according to the doctor, the use of this drink was the main cause of acute joint pain. The patient was recommended to use lighter drinks. The wine supplier sent a bottle of dry sherry to his customer after a moment's hesitation. However, he returned the bottle back, attaching a note in which it was said that the customer would prefer to exacerbate the illness, but would not give up on his favorite drink.

As we see, to consume alcohol or not, everyone chooses for himself.

The main cause of gout is poor heredity.

However, among people firmly believed that this is a consequence of drinking alcohol. Therefore, many abandoned the addiction, but still continued to experience incredible anguish from the attacks of the disease, not receiving proper treatment.

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As a way of making bottles for alcohol affects the occurrence of gout

Historically it was believed that not all types of alcohol can cause an attack of the disease. It was believed that a great role in the choice of a drink is played by the recipe, which was used by the manufacturers of bottles. And also the ways in which bottles were filled with wine and which bottles were corked.

In the past, bottles of wine were sealed around the cork with a seal containing a large concentration of lead. Accordingly, from long storage the seal was spoiled, began to break down, which, when pouring alcohol, allowed lead to get into the glass. The same happened with crystal decanters. As a result, it turned out that lovers of well-seasoned wine could be poisoned by lead, subsequently it caused a specific form of gout.

To everyone's joy, the process of bottles production and sealing wine in the modern world has nothing to do with past experience.

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What alcoholic beverages can be consumed with gout

This question was disclosed by Dr. Viktoria Georgievna, doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the department of the Institute of Rheumatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

In her speech, she said that the widespread view that "beer is harmless than vodka" is a very strong delusion. Replacement of the use of vodka with beer will not allow to deceive the disease.


It does not matter which degree contains the alcoholic beverage. The use of any alcoholic beverage can provoke an exacerbation of the disease, since alcohol, getting into the body, leads to a delay in uric acid in the kidneys and to an increase in its production by the liver.

However, thanks to modern research, it is proved that a gouty patient should not adhere to strict dry law.

It is permissible to drink one or two glasses a day of red or white dry wine, because they contain substances that help to remove harmful acid from the body.

A compulsory condition for drinking alcohol is drinking in large volumes of any other liquid( fruit and berry juices, preferably citrus fruit) at least two and a half liters per day, and this is provided that your cardiovascular system is normal.

The main thing is not to combine drugs and alcohol.


Be Healthy. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Gout: ailment of a plentiful feast / Publications / Rheumatology: a healthy lifestyle, prevention and treatment of diseases

Usually the disease manifests itself after 40 years in men, after menopause in women, although seizures may be at an earlier age. In men, the disease is more common than in women.

Gout occurs when excess uric acid and its salts accumulate in the body. Normally, uric acid enters the blood plasma and is excreted by the kidneys with urine. In some cases, the concentration of uric acid in the plasma can significantly increase, which occurs as a result of insufficient kidney work or increased formation of uric acid in the cells. Excess uric acid in the blood leads to the fact that the salts crystallize uric acid salts - tiny acute deposits, cause severe pain and inflammation. Basically, salt is deposited in the joints of the toes and toes, less often in the joints of the fingers, hands, elbows, knees. But sometimes salts of uric acid accumulate and in unusual places, for example, in earlobes.

Affecting joints

The most characteristic manifestation of gout can be called gouty arthritis, which is most often observed in the first joint of the big toe - where it "attaches" to the foot. Typically, an attack of gouty arthritis develops on the background of drinking alcohol, especially beer, or overeating. Arthritis proceeds as an acute attack with very severe pain, fever, chills. The finger at this moment blushes( becomes crimson or even purple), touching it is extremely painful. The attack of gout is usually preceded by a sensation of tingling in the affected joint. As a rule, attacks occur at night and, if gout is not treated, occur more often, and periods of exacerbation become longer. In this arthritis "settles" all the new joints. Kidneys and urinary tracts are also often affected.

The main thing - the

diet As for the treatment of gout, at present official medicine can not offer the means for the complete cure of this ailment. But gout can be controlled, above all, of course, through dietary nutrition.

It is necessary to minimize the consumption of food, the cleavage of which produces a significant amount of uric acid. These are meat soups and broths, fatty, fried and smoked meat, pates, fat, liver, kidneys, brains, rich broths, beef tongue, mushrooms, sardines, sprats, herring, fish caviar, fish soup, fried fish, sprat,peas, beer, tomatoes, spinach, coffee, cocoa, chocolate.

Admitted to use: milk, dairy products, white and black bread, sugar, honey, vegetable, dairy and fruit soups, any sweet fruit, fruit and berry juices, carrots, cucumbers. From seasonings it is possible to use a lemon, vinegar and a bay leaf. Eggs, meat, lean fish - 2-3 times a week. The permissible amount of table salt per day is 6-8 g. Liquids should be consumed 2-3 liters per day, while it is best to drink alkaline mineral water, which removes uric acid from the body. Of alcoholic beverages, gout patients are only allowed to drink vodka, but, of course, in moderation and with alkaline mineral water.

Full gout is not recommended for patients with gout, as it already in the first days leads to an increase in uric acid in the blood, which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

When combined with obesity in the diet, the number of bakery products, cereals, easily absorbed carbohydrates, fats is reduced.

All gout, including when combined with obesity, are recommended to unloading days 1-2 times a week:

  • curd-kefir day( 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 500 g of kefir);
  • milk or kefir day( 1-2 liters per day);
  • vegetable day( 1.5 kg of vegetables in any set, except for prohibited);
  • fruit day( 1.5 kg of apples or oranges).

Features of treatment of

Despite the fact that gout almost does not lend itself to complete cure, in no case should the disease be started. After all, if you do not take preventive measures and do not follow a diet, kidney failure may occur, and then it will be impossible to prevent excess formation of uric acid crystals.

Drug treatment of gout is carried out with anti-inflammatory drugs and means that inhibit the formation of uric acid: allopurinol and colchicine. Sufficiently new methods of treating gout are the procedures for purifying blood with the help of special devices - plasmaphoresis. Much facilitates the well-being of physiotherapy. But in any case, all the treatments include weight correction and the treatment of metabolic diseases( atherosclerosis, diabetes) that accompany gout.

General recommendations for a patient with gout that will help him significantly reduce the number and duration of attacks of the disease:

  • gout occurs more often in joints that were previously injured, so try not to injure the big toe, do not wear narrow shoes;
  • during an acute attack, keep the affected joint in an elevated state and at rest;
  • if the affected joint allows you to touch it, attach a packet of ice to it and leave it for 10 minutes;
  • drink a lot of liquid, herbal teas - especially recommended aralia, yarrow, rose hips and peppermint;
  • motor activity is a good prophylaxis of gout attacks.

Tips for Traditional Medicine

Broth of black elderberry( which grows in the form of a shrub with white flowers) - flowers, bark, leaves, roots. Brew 20 grams of flowers with a glass of boiling water. Eat one third of a glass 3-4 times a day before meals, preferably in hot form and with honey, especially at night.

In case of severe pain, you can make a warming - half a glass of dried black elderberry flowers and half a glass of chamomile flowers pour boiling water in an enamel mug, wrap it, let it brew for 10 minutes, then fill with a hot mix linen bag. Apply to a sore spot, wrapped with oiled paper. Then put on a woolen socks or just close the sore spot with a handkerchief.

Decoction of a drop( field sage): 5 g of grass pour a glass of boiling water and 2 tbsp.spoons of port. Insist like tea, wrapped for 15 minutes, and take a third of the glass 3 times a day before eating.

Decoction of swampy saber: 5 g of finely chopped roots pour a glass of boiling water, insist and take half a cup before each meal. You can make and alcohol tincture from the root or stem - 250 g of dry root and 0.5 liters of vodka to insist in the dark for 3 weeks. Take 25 g 3 times daily before meals. Treatment lasts 2-3 months and with a regular admission is very effective.

Flowers of cornflower blue, calendula flowers, peony flowers, juniper fruits, buckthorn bark - 5 parts each;black elder blossoms and nettle leaves - 10 parts each;bark of willow, horsetail grass and young leaf of birch - 20 parts each. Mix all. A tablespoon of the mixture should be poured into 300 ml of boiling water in a porcelain dish, wrapped, allowed to stand for half an hour and drink completely. Repeat every two hours during the day. Then take a break for a week and repeat the course.

Poultice of sage - 50 g of dry herbs pour 3 liters of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Dip into the cooling mixture the affected limb and soar for half an hour. At the same time, you need to gradually add boiling water so that the water does not fall below the temperature of the human body. Then warmly wrap the sore spot and go to bed. The procedure is repeated every day for a month and perfectly dissolves all gouty nodules.

Poultices from chicory - chopped chicory root pour boiling water to get liquid gruel and boil. Then, with the decoction obtained, densely cover the sore spot, cover with a dense cloth and hold for half an hour several times a day.

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Alcohol for gout.

Father Braun

Chronic alcohol intoxication contributes to the development of gout.
So judge for yourself: 100 grams of champagne, of course, exacerbation of the disease will not provoke.
But if a husband has a tendency to abuse alcohol. ... further you understand.


Generally gout is the deposition of salts in the form of cones on the lower limbs and there is no connection here with alcohol. .. This is not a stomach ulcer. Another thing is that you need to limit the intake of salt at all. ..

After treatment of gout, is it possible to drink alcohol sparingly: vodka, beer?

ewgeny gasnikov

Vodka a little, it does not hurt, and beer is CATEGORALLY-NOT AVAILABLE.

Julia J

Beer, wine, smoked and salted, chocolate-if you are your enemy, then you can


If you can not, but really want, then you can.


want to once again undergo treatment?then drink on health.

Nina Gosudareva

Beer at once is excluded - at its or his reception a gout it is not cured

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