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Gout( gouty arthritis): what is it, the symptoms and treatment of

Gout( gouty arthritis) is a disease in which an excess of urate salts( urates) accumulates in the body.

This disease manifests itself in that from time to time the patient has acute attacks of gouty arthritis.

In addition, near the joints are formed special nodules - tofus.

Who most often develops the disease?

Gout is predominantly a male disease: in the stronger sex it is more common than in women.

gout attack: salt crystals injure tissues

On average, one woman who suffers from gout is from 3 to 7 men, who are affected by this disease.

Mostly mature people and older people are ill: most often gout manifests in men after the age of 40-45 years, and in women - after 55-60 years.

This is due to the fact that female sex hormones( estrogens) have a positive effect on the exchange of uric acid in the body. When the climacterium content of estrogen decreases dramatically, then the likelihood of becoming ill with gout is significantly higher.

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In addition, it is considered that there is a hereditary predisposition to gouty arthritis: if someone from your relatives had a gout, chances are that it will arise from you( especially if you are a man) is much higher, and you arein the risk group for the development of this disease.

In addition, factors such as overweight, as well as alcohol abuse, also increase the risk of developing this disease.

In general, in the world, according to statistics, gouty arthritis suffers from 2-3% of the population( data for the United States), but for men after 40-50 years this figure grows to 5-6%.In Russia, the incidence of gout is about 0.1-0.2%.

Why does this disease occur

how does the gout originate

Because gouty arthritis is a metabolic disease, then it arises in those people who have either increased the intake of substances containing purines in their bodies, or whose excretion is difficult due to whichit's a disease.

Which products contain many purines? This is primarily meat and by-products( not for nothing, gout is also called "meat-eating disease"), as well as legumes, tea, cocoa, some fish, and especially alcohol, including beer and red wine.

People who have a lot of such foods in their diet have a high risk of getting gouty arthritis.

And when the removal of purines from the body can be difficult? Most often - because of concomitant kidney diseases, as a result of which renal filtration is reduced, and therefore - the body retains more uric acid salts than necessary, and it begins to be deposited in various tissues - both in the joint region and in the renal themselvestubules.

In addition, an additional risk factor for gout is arterial hypertension, as well as taking certain serious medicines for serious illnesses.

Symptoms of gout

The main and main sign of gout is an acute attack of gouty arthritis, which is also called a gout attack.

Inflammation of the big toe - the main sign of gout

Often such an attack is observed after a plentiful meal with alcohol. Suddenly, more often in the evening or at night, acute pains appear in one of the joints.

Most often, with an attack of gouty arthritis, for some reason, the big toe is affected, but it can be another joint - for example the knee or elbow.

The joint starts to ache badly - so it can even be painful to touch the affected area( for good reason "gout" is literally translated from ancient Greek as a "trap for the leg").The joint swells, the skin around it due to swelling acquires a purple-red hue, and the skin temperature in this area rises.

This condition( attack), if left untreated, can last up to several days and longer. But usually the patient and his relatives quickly turn to doctors who, with the help of medicines for gout, more or less successfully relieve the attack.

The heavier the course of gout, the more likely these seizures may occur. Conversely, if all the conditions are met to ensure that uric acid and its products do not accumulate in the body, then attacks of the disease can be avoided altogether.

Tofusi with gout

tofuys( photo) with gout

If a gout attack with joint inflammation and pains in it can be considered acute manifestations of this disease, tofusi is a sign of a chronic disease.

Because gout accumulates an excessive amount of uric acid salts in the body, it is clear that these salts should be deposited somewhere. They also are postponed - in the field of various joints( at some point causing a gouty attack), in the skin in the region of the elbows, heels, and also in the area of ​​the cartilage of the auricles.

Collecting in these places, salt crystals gradually turn into small white nodules, which can be felt in the area of ​​small joints on the hands and feet. These nodules are called tofusi in case of arthritis arthritis.

No special damage to the body by tofus is directly applied - it only signals to the person himself, as well as his doctor, that there is an excess of salts of uric acid in the body - which means that you need to pay attention and take the necessary measures. But we will talk about this in the treatment and prevention of gout.

We offer to watch an interesting video about what is gout and gouty arthritis, and how dangerous this disease is:

Treatment of

disease Treatment of gout can be conditionally divided into two tasks:

  • cupping( interruption) of an acute attack;
  • normalization of metabolism in the body, that is, treatment and prevention of the disease outside seizures.

Treatment of an acute attack of gout( acute gouty arthritis)

The first attack of gouty arthritis is best treated at the hospital

. As often the first manifestation of gout, unfortunately, usually becomes a developed gouty attack, its treatment is usually carried out in a hospital - in the rheumatology department of the hospital.

This is necessary not so much to cure this attack, but how to conduct a full-fledged examination and make the correct diagnosis. After acute arthritis of the joint can be with a variety of diseases - infectious or reactive arthritis, as well as with other ailments.

After the diagnosis of "gouty arthritis" is set, there is usually no need for repeated hospitalizations.

So, what medicines are used by doctors in order to relieve a gouty attack?

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

NSAIDs, including all known diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen and other agents. These drugs are good at both pain relief and effective reduction of inflammation in the affected joint. They are prescribed in certain dosages according to the scheme, and anti-inflammatory drugs are an important component of the complex treatment of a gouty attack.

Note: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do not treat gout really: they are needed in order to reduce the severity of its symptoms - pain and inflammation in the joints. Do not attempt to treat gouty arthritis yourself with NSAIDs, consult a doctor!

2. Colchicine

Treatment of this disease should be prescribed only by the doctor

Colchicine is a medicine that can reduce inflammation in an acute gout and restore the function of a sick joint.

This drug is prescribed on a special schedule and is taken every few hours for 1-1.5 days - until the severity of the attack goes to zero or when it becomes clear that you need to use another medicine.

3. Hormones

In those cases when colchicine did not have a therapeutic effect( as sometimes happens), the doctor prescribes hormonal drugs that suppress inflammation - glucocorticoids. This group of drugs includes such drugs as methylprednisolone and betamethasone. They are usually administered topically as injections into the joint area.

Using this or that means, doctors manage to defeat a gouty attack already within one and a half - two days from the beginning. But, as you know, treating an acute attack of gout is only part of the therapy.

Another interesting and useful video about this disease is a fragment of the program "Live Healthily" with Elena Malysheva:

Treatment of the disease outside of seizures

Because this form of arthritis is a metabolic disease and arises from the increase in the amount of urate in the body, treatment will be aimed at reducing the content of these substances in the body.

For this, during the interictal period, the doctor prescribes medicines to the patient that reduce the formation of uric acid salts( eg, allopurinol) in the body, as well as drugs that increase the excretion of these substances from the body.

Diet for gout

In fact, it is difficult to name any other disease, in the treatment of which nutrition is so important.

therapeutic diet is an important element of the recovery of

Even if you after the first attack of arthritis received this disappointing diagnosis, then, following a proper diet and taking medications, after a while you will be able to refuse medication only due to the fact that you will observe the rules of therapeutic nutrition. And it, unfortunately, is not so simple, considering what foods can not be eaten with this disease.

Thus, on the anti-gouty diet, it is necessary to exclude red meat and its products, meat by-products( kidneys, liver, heart), fatty fish, legumes, sharp and salty cheeses, as well as alcoholic beverages( this concerns cognac,beer, champagne and sweet dessert wines).Learn more about what you can, and what you can not eat with this disease, you can read in the article Therapeutic diet for gout.

Despite the fact that gout is accompanied by a painful attack of arthritis, remember that this disease with timely access to a doctor is successfully treated, and not only medicamental, but also folk remedies.

Therefore, if you find symptoms of gout listed in this article, do not suffer pain, consult a doctor, and very soon mobility and health will return to your joints again!

The appearance of pain in the joints is an occasion to immediately consult a doctor who will exclude other arthritic conditions - systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, which have symptoms similar to gout.

Fig.: joint damage in systemic lupus erythematosus

A set of diagnostic methods for the detection of this disease include:

  • blood test , which will show whether the level of urate is increased. Although there are cases in which the crystals of uric acid are contained in the blood at a normal level, but gout occurs.
  • Take a sample of tissue( under local anesthesia) or intraarticular fluid( the procedure is very painful, but necessary) for the presence of needle crystals of urates in them.
  • X-ray studies of , showing gouty bone injuries and tofusi.

The diagnosis of "gouty arthritis" is based on anamnesis and clinical examination of the patient.

Video: how the gout-affected joints of the extremities look like

What provokes gout? Since the disease is directly associated with hyperuricemia, the lack of treatment leads to the accumulation of excess uric acid salts in the body and subsequent changes in internal organs( primarily in the kidneys).

In a quarter of all cases, gout patients with kidney disease develop kidney disease and kidney failure.

Fig.: urolithiasis of

Other possible complications of gout are:

  • appearance of gouty kidney( tissue damage);
  • complete renal failure;
  • erosive-destructive polyarthritis;
  • marked atherosclerosis.
How to get rid of salt deposits in gout? On folk methods of treatment, read in the article on how to treat the deposition of salts in the joints.

Tired of chronic pain in joints? You can remove the symptoms with an ointment with anti-inflammatory effect. Learn more about this here.

Methods of treating gout ↑

An integrated approach is important in the treatment of gout. An indispensable condition is the normalization of the balance of the metabolic process, the restoration of kidney function and the administration of medications.

The general plan of treatment includes the removal of pain and constant intake of necessary medications to avoid repeated attacks and prevent subsequent deposition of urates.

Medical treatment

For the treatment of acute attacks, colchicine is used, after which the pain subsides for 12 hours and disappears completely in 48 hours.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( ibuprofen, diclofenac, indomethacin, etc.) are used to relieve pain.

Photo: colchicine for the treatment of gout

Also widely used for treatment are corticosteroids( for example, dispropan), which are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs.

In addition, prescribed drugs that excrete uric acid( usually, it's allopurinol).

There is also a treatment for gout with ointments that have a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect.

It should be remembered that medical therapy, conducted in a timely manner, can solve the problem of gout once and for all.

In addition, to stop the attacks of the disease apply compresses with 50% dimexide solution, which has a pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

To do this, mix 1 tbsp.dimexide solution with 1 tbsp.water and an ampoule of novocaine or analgin, compress on the affected joint for 30-40 minutes. Typically, the course of treatment with a solution of dimexide is 10-20 procedures.

Hardware treatment

This type of therapy helps to remove acute attacks of the disease.

The most commonly used:

  • ultraviolet irradiation of the affected area, for example, the knee joint, which can help even before the appearance of swelling and redness, i.e.stop the approaching gout attack
  • treatment with ultrasound : thus, the patient's joint is resorptive, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
  • laser therapy : the laser destroys joints in the joints( so-called tofusy).
  • phonophoresis with hydrocortisone( sometimes combined with ultrasound therapy): helps to weaken the inflammatory process, increase lymph and blood circulation and accelerate the excretion of salts from the affected tissues.

Photo: hardware treatment of gout

Particularly helps with the treatment of a combination of chronic gouty arthritis with osteoarthritis.


Homeopathic remedies China, Sabina, Colchicum, Berberis are used for the treatment of this disease.

They can correct minor deformities, remove swelling, and also correct related disorders.

The necessary preparation is selected individually by a specialist homeopath.


In the remission period of the disease heat treatment is applied:

  • applications with mud;

This treatment reduces the pain, the severity of the inflammatory process and improves the function of the joints.

Photo: treatment of gout with mud

Also often as a method of rehabilitation prescribed spa treatment, including balneotherapy( iodine-bromine, radon, sodium chloride and hydrogen sulfide baths).

Balneotherapy promotes:

  • to improve microcirculation and circulation in tissues;
  • enhanced kidney and liver function;
  • normalization of lipid metabolism in the body.

In complex treatment can additionally apply the reception of alkaline mineral water and diet food.

Surgical treatment

Surgically, joint puncture is often performed with the simultaneous introduction of corticosteroids into the intra-articular space.

Sometimes, urate deposits are removed promptly, large gouty nodes( especially in fistula and skin ulceration).

Photo: gouty tofus

Shockwave therapy destroys stones in the kidneys, which are then excreted in the urine.

In some cases, with significant destruction of cartilage after removal of tofus, resort to restorative joint surgery( arthroplasty).

Treatment by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky

The method of Dr. Bubnovsky uses therapeutic exercises and kinesitherapy.

A specially selected set of exercises makes the musculoskeletal system function normally, as a result of which it is possible to get rid of gout and pain accompanying it.

Video: joint exercises for Bubnovsky

New in the treatment of gout

To date, innovations in the treatment of the disease are:

  • the creation of new drugs from the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Celebrex, Arkoksia, Nimesulide fulflex, etc., which are much milder on the gastrointestinal tractthe intestinal tract than their predecessors.
  • application of hardware purification of blood from uric acid( plasmaphoresogemosorption).This new method of treatment is considered sparing and is carried out on special medical equipment.

Photo: preparation Celebrex

Nutrition is an integral part of gout treatment, it includes compliance with a special regimen.

Menu for gout should be changed.

So, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum:

  • meat products, including the liver( only lean beef is allowed)
  • fish products, including seafood( only lean large fish are allowed)
  • consumption of legumes, sorrel, eggplant, cauliflower, mushrooms, radish
  • consumption of chocolate
  • quantity of marinades, canned food, salted varieties of cheese

In addition, it is necessary to reduce the amount of milk, butter and eggs consumed.

Alcoholic beverages for gout should be completely ruled out.

The amount of carbohydrate food increases in the diet:

What is gout and how to treat it: at home and medically

People start to wonder what is gout and how to treat it after the manifestation of this ailment. Most often we come across a similar disease in the pages of books: they suffered literary heroes - mostly to know and royal persons. Most often, gout suffer men over forty, less often women after menopause.

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Gout is susceptible to all joints, the most common cases of knee, finger and leg injuries. Since the time of Hippocrates it is called "disease of the kings" due to the fact that the main reason for its occurrence is excessive consumption of food and alcohol. Today, doctors have found out what gout is and how to treat such a disease.

Historians and doctors note that during the wars the number of patients with gout decreased significantly. This is due to the fact that supplies of provisions were violated, and even more so of alcohol.

Causes of development of

The cause of gout development is a constant elevated level of uric acid in the blood. Urate crystallizes and accumulates in joints, in rare cases in internal organs.

These deposits subsequently without proper treatment can completely destroy the joint. Doctors call 2 main reasons for the development of gout:

  • the body produces an excessive amount of acid and healthy kidneys simply can not get it out;
  • a person suffers from any disruption of the kidneys, and they can not excrete even a normal amount of acid from the body.

Today gout occurs more often. This is due to the fact that people began to eat without measure food with high content of purines - fatty meat and fish. Also, the general availability of alcoholic beverages aggravated the situation with this ailment.

Symptoms of gout

The main symptom of the disease is a gouty attack - inflammation of the affected joint. Usually it occurs at night and is accompanied by pressing pain.

In addition to the external tumor, joint redness and temperature increase in the affected area are observed. The duration of the attack usually does not exceed one week.

Over time, a joint develops on the joint, and a blood test shows a consistently high level of uric acid. These deposits prevent a person from leading an active and fulfilling life of the .Without proper treatment, gouty nodes or tofus develop over time. They cause a reaction of the immune system - the active formation of leukocytes, which are the cause of inflammation.

With gout, kidney stones can form. Because of this, a person may begin to suffer from kidney failure, which sometimes leads to death.

Diagnosis of gout

On the Internet, you can now read a lot of information about the diseases and put yourself supposedly an accurate diagnosis that this is gout: how to treat is also easy to find. But it is worth remembering that first of all you need to see a doctor: an error with a diagnosis can cost you health. If you think that you have gout: to which doctor to address becomes the main issue. It is always worth remembering that for any problems with joints is necessary to visit a rheumatologist.

The next important step is diagnostics. Doctors prescribe the following tests to patients:

  • blood test;
  • puncture of the joint( joint fluid analysis).

Also an experienced rheumatologist checks the external symptoms of the disease and on them can make a correct diagnosis.

How the gout

is treated After you have found out what gout is: what kind of doctor you need to treat, you need to think about ways to combat this ailment.

There are several approaches to how to treat gout. They all complement each other and are not interchangeable:

  • medication;
  • traditional medicine;
  • creams and ointments that relieve pain in seizures.

Before starting treatment, consult your doctor about each drug and remedy that you plan to apply. After all, you should avoid not only a possible allergy, but also eliminate the conflict of medications and methods of therapy.


To begin treatment first of all it is necessary with observance of the special diet approved by the doctor. You have to find a balance between overeating and hunger to bring the body back to normal. If you sharply start to lose excess pounds, you can only cause a strong increase in uric acid and deterioration.

It is recommended to cook food only for a couple, excluding salt from the recipes. If you can not deny yourself in its use, then the daily dose should not exceed half a teaspoon. It is necessary to abandon spices and hot sauces, caviar and broths from meat and fish. Vegetable, melted or butter can be eaten, but not more than 10 grams per day.

Gout is what it is and how to treat it, gout what kind of disease it is and how it looks like a photo, gout signs and a photo treatment, what is gout symptoms photos

In this article we learn about gout disease what is it , we will analyze the symptoms, signs and treatment of gout , we will talk in detail how to treat it, and see the photo under the heading what is gout and how it looks like photo .

Many people are interested, what is gout ?If you eat a lot of delicious food mixed with a fair amount of alcohol, while leading a sedentary lifestyle, then sooner or later there is a chance to find out how the gang looks.

Gout what is this disease

So what is this gout disease? One can not answer this question, but one can characterize it as a disease of a rich and prosperous life. The disease of the gout has been known for a long time. In the Middle Ages, a lot of rich people who could afford to eat a lot of meat, fatty foods with alcohol. Symptoms and signs of gout have troubled such famous people as Henry VIII, Michelangelo and Charles V.

In a pathological condition such as gout disease , there is a metabolic disorder. People suffering from this disease have increased the amount of uric acid in the body. Remains of uric acid turn into crystals, which are subsequently deposited in tendons, joints and cartilage. The white blood cells try to fight with these crystals, but they do not succeed, and then these white blood cells die. In this place, there is a strong inflammation that provokes gout .

There are people who are predisposed to having gout disease. Provoke an ailment can overweight, excess consumption of protein foods and alcoholic beverages.

Gout signs and treatment photos

Gout is characterized by a high uric acid content, but there are no symptoms and signs of gout .This stage can last for one to two years, after which the patient may have an attack of gout. Most often this occurs at night after a prolonged use of alcoholic beverages and protein foods. From this moment, we can assume that a person has had gout disease.

The first signs of gout can be considered pain that is localized in the joints. Most often develops gout on the legs of ( see photo below).Practically half of all patients have gout on the thumb of the foot.

Gout that these are the symptoms of photos

Subsequently, from time to time symptoms of gout in the form of acute pains reappear. This is due to the fact that uric acid settles in the joints, as well as ligaments and tendons, which leads to the appearance of nodules. They are called tofuys for gout ( see photo).Uric acid can accumulate in the kidneys, which leads to the formation of stones and the emergence of acute paroxysmal colic. Then, renal filtration may be impaired, and further - a complete organ failure.

The gout disease has two forms: primary - hereditary, it is also called idiopathic gout ;and secondary, which occurs as a consequence of some ailments and disorders in the body( leukemia).

If in the first stage, which passes without manifestations, do not prescribe treatment, then the disease begins to progress, that is, the second stage begins, the beginning of which is considered the first acute attack. In this case, the patient first learns what a gout looks like.

Precious time is lost, the patient is now given appropriate treatment and diet. If the seizures appear for six months or a year, they talk about the chronic course of gout .The disease is characterized by a slow development, the attacks are replaced by completely calm, painless periods. If the last stage of the disease occurs, changes occur in joints and tendons of a degenerative nature. How gout is manifested, see in the article how gout looks like a photo of on our website.

Gout is what it is and how to treat it

The treatment for gout is aimed at reducing the total amount of uric acid in the body. Treat gout should with medicines, with a mandatory diet. The treatment of gout is very long, requiring patience.

In case of an acute attack of gout , it is recommended to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , such as Voltaren, Butadion, Metindol, Indomethacin. And also effective corticosteroids, painkillers.

For gout treatment at home, in the interictal period is prescribed drugs that lead to a decrease in uric acid. These drugs include hepatocatalase, Milurite, orotic acid, Thiopurinol.

Also in the treatment of gout medications are prescribed that increase urate excretion and uricodepressor drugs. Benzobromarone derivatives possess this effect. Also effective are uricosuric drugs: Benedamid, Etamid, Anturan and Ketazon.

An important component that is included in the treatment of gout at home is a healthy lifestyle. It is important to move a lot, play sports, drink enough fluids( two or two and a half liters).

In the treatment, a special diet is prescribed for the gout, which tolerates 500-3000 mg of uric acid per week( depending on the severity of the flow).This condition must be observed even when there are no signs of gout. Preference is given to vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cottage cheese. Exclude alcohol, but in special cases, a small amount of alcohol is allowed - wine is recommended.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow all the recommendations of a doctor, the prognosis of ailment is favorable. You can even forget, what is gout .If you ignore the orders of specialists or if complications occur for several years a person can become disabled.


Gout( pictured) is a metabolic disorder in which joint damage occurs due to the deposition of urate( uric acid salt).The disease mainly affects men, on average 3 out of 1000 people suffer from gout. It can arise on various parts of the body: fingers, elbows, knees, hands, feet. How does gout look like you can see in the photo in the gallery at the end of the article.

The history of gout is a century old. It is known for a long time, but was first described in 1685.Particularly many diseases were suffered in the Middle Ages. Then this disease was mainly among the rich people because of the consumption of large quantities of meat, fatty fish and spirits. It is known that the gout was sick Michelangelo, Charles V and Henry VIII.That's why gout is a royal disease, as it is sometimes called.

To date, the royal disease of gout is a very common disease. It is also worth noting that most often it occurs in men after 40 years and in women after menopause. The disease of gout( pictured) is, in fact, a kind of arthritis. Etiology and pathogenesis of

There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of the disease. Among them:

  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Obesity
  • Various chronic diseases: psoriasis, arterial hypertension, ischemia, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc.

Moreover, the disease of gout( in the photo) also develops due to malnutrition. This is facilitated by too frequent consumption of products containing purines: red meat, cocoa, chocolate, alcohol, some types of fish, tea, peas, lentils, etc.

So, gout - what kind of disease? In the process of pathogenesis, the level of uric acid in the blood rises. It is important to pay attention to the fact that hyperuricemia can be observed in other diseases. Therefore, the main elements of the appearance of gout:

  • In the body, uric acid compounds accumulate;
  • There is their deposition in tissues and organs;
  • In these parts of the lesion acute attacks of inflammation develop and tofus are formed with gout( in the photo) - gouty granulomas or "bumps".

It should be noted that the first phase - the deposition of uric acid crystals - can take place for several years, and an acute attack can occur suddenly, usually the first to develop gout of the big toe( see photo).

Gout: signs of the disease

Symptoms of gout( pictured) are acute attacks that occur suddenly, most often in the morning or at night. One joint is inflamed, in fact, it's common arthritis. But depending on what signs of gout are manifested, you can talk about the severity of the disease. In this case, four stages are distinguished:

  • hyperuricemia is asymptomatic;
  • intercritical period;
  • there are chronic gouty deposits in the joints.

Gout has symptoms similar to arthritis - joint swelling, severe pressing pain, fever, redness of the skin. As a rule, in the daytime the pain subsides, and by night intensifies. Usually, a gout attack lasts up to 7 days, so a second attack leads to the destruction of the joint, albeit partially. The first signs of gout - the formation of peculiar growths( tophi) on the limbs. This indicates a high level of uric acid. Its whitish crystals can be seen when tofusi burst. This is characterized by intense pain. All this interferes with the normal life of a person.

Signs of gout can develop within an hour, while painkillers do not help. Unbearable pain can be accompanied by a strong increase in body temperature to 40 ° C.Also, leukocytosis and an increase in ESR are noted. In this case, the signs of gout in men and the signs of gout in women do not have any serious differences.

Various forms of the manifestation of the disease are classified according to the clinical picture.

1. Acute attack: has the common symptoms described above, most often the signs of gout on the leg. The patient can hardly walk.

2. Subacute form: pain is tolerable, there may be exudative manifestations.

3. Rheumatoid gout: often has signs of gout on the hands( hands).

4. Pseudophlegmonous gout: the defeat of any joints with monoarthritis;inflammatory process, febrile state of the patient.

Diagnosis of gout

The diagnosis of "gout" is based on history, radiography and laboratory results. So, the signs of gout:

- The excess of the norm of the content of uric acid in the blood: in men - above 416.4 μmol / l;in women - above 356.9 μmol / l;

- Presence of tofusi

- Deposition in tissues or synovial fluid of uric acid crystals.

In addition, to determine the level of uric acid, its daily excretion in the urine is measured. It is also necessary to conduct a study of the kidneys.

Gout disease: treatment of

The first help in treating gout symptoms( pictured) is to neutralize the attack. First, you need a bed rest and complete rest. It is recommended to keep the sick limbs in a higher position, for this you can lay a pillow. If there is serious pain to the affected part of the body, you can attach ice. Then make a compress using Vishnevsky ointment or dimexid. It is very important to establish a number of restrictions in food, use broths( vegetable) and liquid porridges. But in the consumption of liquid, you can not limit yourself: it is recommended to drink up to 3 liters per day! This is not just about water, but also a decoction of oats, milk and jelly.

However, the above recommendations are symptomatic treatment. Just because gout( signs) will not disappear and treatment should be comprehensive. First of all, it is necessary to reduce the level of uric acid compounds in the body. For this purpose, uricosuric agents are prescribed, which increase the excretion of uric acid. However, such drugs should not be taken to people over 60 years old and with kidney disease. This group of drugs include aspirin, butadion, anthuran, ketazone, benemide, flexin, atophane, urodan.

To suppress the synthesis of uric acid, uricodepressors are used. How to treat gout disease with these medications? There are no contraindications, therefore, these drugs are prescribed for the chronic form of the disease. The most common remedy is allopurinol( milurite).

For the treatment of leg disease( gouty arthritis), a complex of medicines for anti-inflammatory action is prescribed. When several joints are affected, a course of antibiotics is prescribed simultaneously. Physiotherapy is also actively used. Perhaps, severe forms of the disease will require surgical intervention - surgical removal of growths.

Possible treatment of gout disease with folk remedies. As such tools are recommended to drink various infusions and herbs. They help to eliminate excess uric acid.

A very important part of the treatment of gout( pictured) is diet. First of all, it is aimed at reducing the consumption of products containing purines. The list of such restrictions includes meat, fish products, tea, cocoa, coffee, alcohol. It is necessary to exclude tomatoes, spinach, sorrel, beans, asparagus, cauliflower. In this case, white cabbage in any form is very useful. Useful berries and fruits, especially citrus fruits. Diet as well as full treatment is prescribed by a doctor taking into account all the individual characteristics.

You can see what a gout disease is for video on the Internet. The main thing to understand is that qualified help is needed to solve the problem. Self-treatment can eliminate the symptoms of the disease and only for a while. Be sure to consult a doctor!

Gout on the toes, photo

Gout on the hands, photo

What is Gout Disease?

Inna Aksenenko

Gout refers to diseases associated with metabolic disorders. In this case, the exchange of uric acid is impaired. Uric acid is formed as a result of the exchange of nucleic acids( in particular, the very DNA that encodes information contained in the genes of all living things).They, in turn, are contained in any cells that make up the food. Normally, excess uric acid calmly leaves the body through the kidneys and is excreted in the urine. With gout, this substance accumulates in the body and is deposited in the joints in the form of crystals. These crystals mechanically injure the membranes of the articular surfaces of the bones( the so-called synovial membranes), which causes inflammation of the joints. This is the main sign of gout - arthritis.




is a disease caused by an increase in the concentration of uric acid in the blood( hyperuricemia).
is more common in men, but recently the prevalence of the disease among women has increased, with the age of the prevalence of gout increased. About 2% of the elderly suffer from gout.
Symptoms and course
When the concentration of uric acid increases( urate synthesis is increased, with reduced excretion through the kidneys), it crystallizes and accumulates in the joints, in the form of kidney stones and, in the absence of treatment, under the skin( gouty tophi).
Normally, the uric acid content in serum ranges from about 4.0-4.5 mg%, with gout 5 to 16 mg%.
"Gout."Caricature: James Gillray 1799
Treatment of
Treatment largely depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the nature of the course of the illness. Depending on the nature of the disease, the treatment is distinguished during acute attacks and interstitial therapy.
Acute attack
Three groups of drugs are used to relieve an acute attack of gout - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs), colchicine and glucocorticoids [1].NSAIDs include ibuprofen, diclofenac, or indomethacin. The dosage of colchicine is usually 0.5 mg of the drug every hour before the onset of the effect, the development of adverse reactions( vomiting, diarrhea), or reaching a maximum dose( no more than 6 mg per 12 hours).If it is not possible to use NSAIDs or colchicine, glucocorticoids, such as prednisolone, are used. These drugs also reduce inflammation and edema. The joint can also be immobilized by overlapping the tire, which will reduce pain.
Inter-assed period
In the inter-attack period, drugs that reduce uric acid synthesis are used to prevent new seizures: allopurinol, as well as drugs that increase the excretion of urate salicylates, and also prescribe fenofibrate( tracer), which reduces the level of uric acid and improves metabolic processes, includingexchange of lipids.
Traditional dietary advice is to limit the consumption of purines and alcohol. Products with high purine content include meat and fish products, as well as tea, cocoa and coffee containing purines [2].It has also been recently shown that weight loss by limiting carbohydrates and eating foods with high protein and unsaturated fatty acids led to a significant reduction in uric acid and dyslipidemia in patients with gout [3].


deposition of salts of purine( uric) acid in the joints. Especially in the knees. Causes swelling of the joints, pain.restriction of motion. The disease is hereditary, it affects mainly men

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One of the most common rheumatic diseases - gout - was known to medicine a few thousand years ago. However, despite the solid experience of coexistence with a person, it is difficult to find another disease that has acquired such a lot of errors and prejudices. Gout is called, for example, deformity of the foot( "bones"), as well as arthrosis, which even some doctors for some reason treat as "salt deposition", which is completely wrong. It is also difficult to find a disease that has so many artistic names: "disease of kings", "pirate disease", "drop of poison".

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This is gouty arthritis, inflammation of the joints( swollen and aching), more often on legs. More common in older men, but also in women.


The esoteric cause of gout is that in the mind of a person became inflexible, anger and impatience are deposited in thoughts, and a person is forced to inactivity. Perhaps, being an imperious nature, he wanted to dominate others. Perhaps rejection and pity for the homeless and crippled. A person should be flexible and accept everything that God has allowed.


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