How to massage with cervical osteochondrosis video

How to massage or self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis?

To strengthen muscle tone and eliminate pain syndrome it is useful to do massage with cervical osteochondrosis. Mass the cervical spine and collar area( up to the 4th thoracic vertebra).

With a pronounced root syndrome, only one side is most often painful. Therefore, massage on painful muscles should be carried out sparing( especially the first procedures), paying more attention to the healthy side.

Massage Technique

Neck and collar area massage

Massage in the osteochondrosis of the cervical region is performed in the patient's lying position on the abdomen( putting a brush under his forehead and pulling his chin to his chest), or sitting at a table. The muscles of the patient should be completely relaxed.


Begin a massage with a common embracing stroking of the collar area along the lymphatic pathway to the lymphatic axillary and supraclavicular nodes. Then apply flat palm strokes, comb-like stroking. From the 7th cervical vertebra to the right and left is ironing.


After stroking, squeezing is performed, which involves deeper layers of skin. The masseur puts his hand across his neck( while his thumb and index finger are together) and performs movements down to the trapezius muscle along the spine( along the paravertebral zones).Squeezing can be done with the edge of the palm to the shoulder joints. Squeezing of the collar region is carried out from the 4th thoracic vertebra to the shoulder joints from top to bottom.


massage Trimming techniques prepare the muscles for deeper effects. The purpose of rubbing: warm up and relax the muscles, improve blood flow. In the neck region, rubbing starts from the place of attachment of the muscles to the occiput( the base of the skull).Apply a circular and rectilinear rubbing with the pads of the fingers. Hands sliding on the skin, shifting it. Folds the fingers of the area from the spinous processes of the vertebrae on the sides.

I use the sawing technique on the collar area( the palms are set parallel to the rib) and the sawing movements perform the reception. On the forelegs - reception crossing( the thumb is diverted to the side, is performed by the inner edge of the hand).On paravertebral zones - circular grinding.


Mashing techniques operate at a deeper level( muscles, ligaments, fasciae).The kneading is carried out in three stages: muscle grip, muscle fixation and kneading. On the neck perform longitudinal kneading in circular motions along the paravertebral zones.

On the collar area: longitudinal kneading, transverse to individual beams, annular. Reception can be used with weights by the other hand.

Perform penetration along the outer edge of the scapula closer to its upper part.


Finish neck and neck massage by stroking and vibration techniques. Methods of continuous vibration( shaking) and discontinuous( chopping, effleurage) are used.

Segmental massage techniques for cervical osteochondrosis

The technique of massage of cervical osteochondrosis includes receptions of segmental massage. For paravertebral zones, starting from the 2nd thoracic to the 3rd cervical vertebra:

  • Plane stroking on both sides simultaneously from 8 times.
  • Drilling on the disturbance side. With the nut syndrome, the technique is applied on the opposite side.
  • Reception of processing of spinous processes with pads of the index and middle fingers. Work from the lower to the higher-lying departments. Repeat several times( up to 10).On each spinous process to fix for 5-6 seconds.
  • Perform several longitudinal strokes.

Session time from 10 to 15 minutes.

Acupressure with cervical osteochondrosis

Acupressure is based on the following scheme:

  • First act on the point of feng-fu( under the occiput hill) for 1 minute( spend screwing in a clockwise direction, hold for a few seconds, and counteract the hour's effect).
  • The point of feng chi. It is located at the width of two fingers from the mastoid processes of the skull.
  • The point i-men( the distance of the width of three fingers from the point of feng-fu).Exposure within 1-1.5 minutes.
  • Point da-chju( 7th cervical vertebra).The effect of sedation is 1-1.5 minutes.

After a massage of the neck and collar area, a slight dizziness may occur. Therefore, it is recommended to lie down for a few minutes. It is not recommended immediately to drive.

Cervical osteochondrosis can be treated at home and in breaks at work, giving 10-15 minutes of self-massage.

neck massage

Self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis

There is not always time to visit the masseur. Therefore, you can perform self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis. Self-massage is performed while sitting. Perform the elements of segmental massage from the bottom up from the 4th thoracic to the occiput.

Produce stroking of the palms. To do this, you need to put your hands on the back of your neck and wrap your movements to do stroking.

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Then, using the pads of the fingers, they produce circular rubbing, shifting the skin. Carefully massage painful seals in the area of ​​the shoulder. Muds are produced in the form of crushing - extrusion. Between the spinous processes of the vertebrae, drilling is performed.

The shoulder pads, including the shoulder joint and trapezoid muscles, are massaged. Massage movements are carried out from the scalp down to the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is massaged in a circular motion, making strokes, rubbing and kneading( you can carry out receptions through clothes).Pay attention to the shoulder and deltoid muscle.

Circular movements of fingers knead the places of attachment of muscles to the neck. Finish self-massage stroking and patting the collar area.

The effectiveness of self-massage will increase, if after the procedure, do a few exercises for the neck: slow turns of the neck and circular movements.

Massage and self-massage can not be performed in the acute period of the disease. You can use warming and anti-inflammatory ointments and gels. Before a massage, it is advisable to visit a doctor. In some diseases, massage is contraindicated. In order to better understand the technique of massage techniques, it is recommended to watch a video of massage with cervical osteochondrosis:

How to properly massage with cervical osteochondrosis

In cervical osteochondrosis, the main direction of the doctor's action is aimed at eliminating the pain syndrome. Only after easing the pain in the cervical spine, you can proceed directly to the treatment, which consists of exercises of physiotherapy and massage. And massage of the neck with osteochondrosis can often be much more effective than exercise lfk. It is carried out with the aim of suspending the disease, as well as stopping the progression or relapse of the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Massage appointment for osteochondrosis of the cervical department of

One of the successful additions to the treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical region can be a massage, which is performed only in the period of remission, when pain syndrome does not appear. Otherwise, you can aggravate the progression of the neck disease, increase the pain syndrome and swelling of the inflamed part of the spine. It should be carried out only after the appointment of a doctor, and preferably conducted by specialists. This is due to the fact that some patients have peculiarities of the course of the disease, it may be contraindicated manual therapy.

Massage techniques are primarily aimed at relaxing muscle tissue. When the muscles of the neck are constrained, any slight touch or load can lead to soreness. Thanks to the application of this type of treatment, there is a noticeable improvement in the patient's condition:

  • normalizes blood circulation in the affected area;
  • eliminates the appearance of spasms of the muscles of the neck and back;
  • helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck;
  • relieves pain caused by osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • helps to reduce excessive muscle tension;
  • relieves the access of power to the suffering disks;
  • positively affects the metabolic processes occurring in the tissues.

Massage of the cervical spine will allow the patient to forget for some time about painful sensations, headaches, weakness, sudden pressure drops, a feeling of nausea.

Trust your back only to specialists!

Method of performing massage

For osteochondrosis of the neck, massage is based on simple manipulations, thanks to which the flow of blood to the damaged tissues and spine improves. The direction of manipulation in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine depends directly on the clinical picture and the stage of the disease. Massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine differs by classical and point, each of which has its own peculiarities of carrying out.

Classic neck massage

Classic massage is performed in a sitting position starting from the collar zone and heading towards the thoracic area. Massagers can be used for manipulation.

The technique, which can be studied through a variety of videos, consists of a leisurely and delicate kneading of the muscles of the collar zone and the upper spine. Other methods of the classical method are used: kneading, rubbing, stroking, vibration and squeezing. These manipulations can relieve the tension of the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back.

Begin with the neck, gently moving to the thoracic spine. During the manipulation, the massage lines remain unchanged, but with each session the intensity of depression increases. But the patient should not feel painful feelings. In the event that the pain with each session of the exercises recede, it is necessary to change the tactics. Exercises for stroking are replaced by grinding and squeezing.

When a patient has only one-sided pain, it is necessary to start manipulation from a healthy area of ​​the neck, gradually moving to the painful side.

As a result, both sides of the neck are massaged with the same technique and intensity. If there is no way to contact a professional masseur, modern massagers can help. They can be applied on the basis of information obtained from video, distributed to the general public.

When carrying out the massage, there are clearly felt seals that indicate inflammation or spasms of the vessels. It is to eliminate these seals and sent a massage. Subject to regular massage, the neck muscles will be freed from nodules and seals.

If the disease worsens, acupressure will help you!


As a fastening and strengthening effect, which is achieved through the use of classical, acupressure is applied. But, on the other hand, this type of medical manipulation can be used even during the period of acute cervical disease.

Acupressure with cervical osteochondrosis consists in stimulation of active points by pressure on them with fingers. It is a lightweight variation of acupuncture. The technique of acupressure involves soft screwing of the fingers into the selected points, which are responsible for relaxing the cervical and brachial muscles.

Pressures are carried out on the sites located in a distance from places of localization of pain. It is not necessary to work immediately on all points. Often, a specialist selects several points and puts pressure on them, which directly depends on the intensity, duration and severity of the pain syndrome.

Ideal option will be the performance of massage, both classical and point, by a specialist. And a professional masseur, performing manipulations, can use not only his hands, but also various massagers.

Massage at home

If, for various reasons, it is not possible to get expert help from a specialist, then the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine can be weakened with the help of an independent massage.

At home, you can perform the following types of massage manipulations:

  • self-massage - based on classic techniques, but adapted to perform at home;
  • massagers - for massage of the neck, some massagers can be used due to which it is possible to improve blood supply and restore metabolic processes;
  • honey massage - involves the application of honey, which is distributed on the neck, and further massage manipulations.

A variety of videos representing the lessons of performing massage, will be an excellent assistant thanks to which you can select and correctly perform all manipulations. On the other hand, it is important to understand that numerous videos can not only benefit, but also worsen the state. Therefore, it is recommended that the information obtained from the video be carefully analyzed and compared with the recommendations received from specialists.

Massage for cervical osteochondrosis at home( video, contraindications)


Performed by planar or pinch-like stroking the neck from top to bottom. Then the specialist conducts kneading or longitudinal rolling, followed by continuous vibration and circular grinding. Classic massage lasts about 30-40 minutes.


Produced by pressure on the active points - acupuncture. Begins with work on distant special reflex zones: first 3-4 points are massed, gradually the number of points increases to 6-10.With osteochondrosis of the cervical department, the massage therapist works exclusively with the fingertips.


The effect is on the reflex arc of the autonomic nervous system: the specialist works on special areas of the body( special zones) that are responsible for the cervical spine.

Segmental massage normalizes nutrition and blood circulation, improves the functioning of the spinal cord and brain, enriches the inflamed tissues with oxygen, saving muscles from stagnant processes.

Canned or vacuum

In the affected area, under the influence of a vacuum created in the canal, irritation of the skin receptors occurs, blood circulation improves, peripheral circulation of lymph, blood increases, local nutrition of tissues improves, stagnant phenomena, pain syndrome are eliminated.

The most effective massage for cervical osteochondrosis is a classical( therapeutic) massage. It is shown to almost all patients after exacerbation, appointed by a course of 10-15 procedures, performed daily. If exacerbations of osteochondrosis are not observed, therapeutic and prophylactic courses of massage should be repeated every 5-6 months, provided there are no contraindications.

Cervical osteochondrosis is a very unpleasant disease that causes not only painful sensations in the site of inflammation, but also weakness in the limbs, disorders in the visual system, joint pain. Treatment of the disease can be both medicated, and without the use of drugs. The treatment of cervical osteochondrosis with a massage has a huge influence on the appearance of positive dynamics - most patients note the appearance of a sense of relief and the withdrawal of debilitating pains.

Why is it necessary to perform massage with cervical osteochondrosis? Excess amount of lactic acid, inevitably arising with muscle spasms, leads to the formation of protein-fibrous compounds. These compounds can be probed under the skin - they are clearly felt in the form of nodules or seals. The splitting of these compounds is the purpose of the massage.

Indications and contraindications

Massage of the neck-collar zone

Naturally, like any effect on the body, neck massage with osteochondrosis can be as shown to the patient, and be banned specifically for him. Among the contraindications, experts identify the following:

  • the presence of tumors in the patient's body( the location of their dislocation and type do not matter);
  • active course of tuberculosis;
  • diseases of the circulatory system( at the discretion of the physician);
  • skin diseases at the site of inflammation, including the presence of moles, warts, cracks, abrasions on it.
  • aneurysm;

The indications in the procedure are:

  • diagnosed cervical osteochondrosis;
  • recommendations of the attending physician;
  • pain in the neck.

Therapeutic massage for cervical osteochondrosis can be performed both by a specialist and by yourself. And if in the first case the patient does not need to worry about the correctness of the massage, then in the second case, special preparation and study of the basic methods of performing the procedure are necessary.

Massage efficiency

Neck massage with osteochondrosis

Massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical region is often the only way to get rid of debilitating pain and various disorders associated with the course of the underlying disease. Carrying out the procedure correctly, you can achieve a positive dynamics based on:

  1. appearance of muscle tone of the neck - due to increased load on them;
  2. removal of muscle spasm in the neck, collar zone, thoracic spine - due to a decrease in the amount of accumulating lactic acid;
  3. improving blood circulation in the area of ​​inflammation and adjacent tissues;
  4. complete elimination or partial extinguishing of pain.

In addition, massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine contributes to relaxation and relaxation of the patient, and in some cases allows you to cure the disease without the use of medications.

The progress of the massage between sessions should be monitored by the attending physician, since it must monitor the patient's general health and the condition of the seals( if any).

The most effective types of massage

Massage of the collar zone

Massage of the collar zone with osteochondrosis is one of the most popular for performing among the home massage methods, as it does not require any special equipment or medical education. The most important thing is the desire of relatives to help the sick person. Before starting the procedure, the patient should sit comfortably with his head bent forward. The body should be relaxed, as a support the head can be placed on the arms crossed in front of them, and them - on the table. The person performing the functions of the masseur is located behind the patient and, in accordance with the technique of performing the procedure, strokes, rubs and kneads the patient's muscles around the affected area. In no case should you exert pressure on the vertebral column! After performing the procedure, the patient's condition improves significantly, he feels relieved and relaxed.


Acupressure with cervical osteochondrosis is a procedure that brings maximum relief to the patient. The technique of its implementation is complex, since it will be very difficult to determine the points of influence to a specialist. The essence of this type of implementation is the formation and use to treat the reflex connection between the point and the affected area.


A very effective and effective massage method for osteochondrosis of the cervical region is self-massage. Why do you observe the fastest recovery of the patient and achievement of positive results in the fight against the disease? The patient independently determines at what time to carry out the procedure, based on his own feelings, chooses the pressure force in the area of ​​the damaged area and performs massage at home - where he is most comfortable.

Self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis

The most important rule of self-massage is a clear sequence of the patient's actions. At the same time, the area of ​​coverage is from the hair growth zone with the approach below the shoulders. You can work as one hand( which is convenient), and both at the same time. And so, the sequence of actions:

  1. Neat stroking of the skin in the area of ​​inflammation tightly pressed to her palm( within half a minute).
  2. Movement with the edge of the palm with pressure( you can pads thumbs).
  3. Rubbing with fingers, pulling the skin from the sides to the spine.
  4. Skin creases with muscle seizure - movements should be intense, but painless.
  5. Repeat the first paragraph of the procedure.

By the time the movements are performed, we can say the following. In a normal, calm pace, you need to perform 6-7 movements from each point( approximately 20-30 seconds).Important! It is extremely difficult to perform a quality independent massage for cervicothoracic osteochondrosis, so if you are diagnosed with this disease, it is best to seek help from either your relatives and relatives or specialists.

Video - massage of the neck and collar zone

Where to find a specialist?

If for some reason you do not want to, fear, do not know how or do not know how to do neck osteochondrosis massage, then the specialists who are ready to help both one-time and a cycle of procedures are at the service of patients. The easiest way to find a masseur of the appropriate profile is to contact your doctor or the polyclinic. Practically in all state medical institutions there are specialists who provide relevant services to the population.

If the patient is observed in a private clinic, then it's even easier. In all institutions of the appropriate profile, there are massage therapists who perform a cycle of procedures in a precise manner with the recommendations of the attending physician.

The cost of the service starts from 200 rubles per 1 session of a full neck massage for osteochondrosis. Please note that the duration of the full course is approximately 2 weeks, and such courses per year must pass at least three.

Massage for osteochondrosis

About massage with osteochondrosis tells the teacher of massage courses of the Moscow Institute of Restorative Medicine

https: // watch? V = 5nCf6GqoET8

Watch Massage With Osteochondrosis - Cervical osteochondrosis How to Do Massage

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