Treatment of gonarthrosis with folk remedies

Complex treatment of knee gonarthrosis

The number of cases of arthrosis is the leading among knee diseases. Varieties and synonyms of arthrosis( aka osteoarthritis) are several. If the hip is affected, the disease is called coxarthrosis, if the knee is called gonarthrosis. The treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint and other arthrosis is identical.

Who is sick and why?

Gonarthrosis is a degenerative chronic disease of the knee joint with damage to the cartilaginous tissue. It would seem that degenerative changes are characteristic of the elderly. With gonartrozom all on the contrary. Disease in the first place are exposed to people of working age. In the first place are the following reasons:

  • knee injuries - fractures, tears of the meniscus, ligaments;
  • physical stress on the joint when lifting, moving weights without training and muscle training;
  • inflammatory diseases - rheumatoid, reactive, deforming arthritis, complications of gout;
  • overweight is an additional burden on sick joints, leading to early degenerative changes;
  • genetic predisposition.
Healthy and arthritic joint
The difference between healthy( left) and aching joint( right)

is clearly demonstrated. After 50 years, the disease occurs more often in women during hormonal changes in the body, changes in metabolic processes.

Diagnosis of

Treatment for arthrosis of the knee joint is always preceded by diagnostic tests. Correct diagnosis is the key to future successful treatment. It begins with a routine examination of the affected joint. A good specialist can, by outward signs, complain to the patient put the right diagnosis, which is only confirmed by instrumental methods. These are:

  • arthroscopy - an intra-articular method of examining joints with optical instruments;
  • radiography and fluoroscopy;
  • in complex MRI cases - layered joint scanning;
  • Ultrasound is a method of investigation based on the ability of ultrasound to reflect differently from healthy and diseased tissues.
Ultrasound of the knee joint
Ultrasound is one of the most inexpensive diagnostic methods available.

There are additional diagnostic methods, doctors use them much less often. Usually one of the listed methods of diagnosis is enough.

Principles of treatment

Arthrosis is a chronic disease, therefore, the treatment of gonarthrosis will be prolonged. Depending on the severity, it can be surgical and conservative. The goal of both methods is to eliminate the pathological symptoms of the disease and the effect on the cause of their appearance.

Knee arthrosis destroys the cartilage cartilage of the tibial, fibular, femur, forming the joint. Pathological changes in cartilaginous tissue extend to other structures of the joint - ligaments, muscles, bones. Treatment is reduced to cupping:

  • pain syndrome;
  • of aseptic( non-infectious) inflammation;
  • edema of the periarticular tissue;
  • restoration of cartilage or suspension of its further destruction;
  • return to the joint of the lost function - mobility.

Even if you can not cure arthrosis of the knee joint, the temporary elimination of pathological symptoms allows the patient to return to normal normal life for the period of remission.

Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment for gonarthrosis is undoubtedly the main one. Without it, it is impossible to get along in the initial and middle stages of the disease. It is based on drug treatment - the introduction of chemically active substances into the body in various ways: in the form of tablets, gelatin capsules, injections, suppositories, ointments. For the treatment of knee arthrosis, doctors prescribe such drugs:

  • nonsteroidal drugs( NSAIDs, NSAIDs);
  • analgesics;
  • glucocorticosteroids;
  • chondroprotectors;
  • synovial dentures.
Nyz helps to get rid of pain, inflammation and edema

Other conservative treatments use various ointments, mud wraps, exercise therapy, folk methods.

Non-steroidal( non-hormonal) drugs

Heavy weight for the body. They have a lot of contraindications and side effects. But the wide application of NSAIDs is explained by the multidimensional therapeutic effect:

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  • anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesic;
  • is decongestant.

Due to such properties, non-steroidal preparations gradually replace traditional analgesics.


Synthetic analogues of hormones produced by the adrenal glands. On the impact on the disease, they are stronger than NSAIDs. To the above advantages, you can add an antiallergic effect.

Drugs affecting the cartilage

These include chondroprotectors and synovial dentures.

Chondroprotectors - chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. Safe drugs are used in the treatment of arthrosis in the knee joint. They are obtained from natural raw materials - cartilage of animals, fish and shell of crustaceans. Chondroprotectors are a building material for cartilaginous tissue, improve metabolic processes in it, stimulate regeneration. The most common in Russian practice are:

  • teraflex,
  • don,
  • rumalon,
  • alflutop,
  • structum and others.
Dona regenerates cartilage and relieves inflammation of joints

The drug Don has a dual action - anti-inflammatory and regenerating. But chondroprotectors have a curative effect in the initial stage of the disease. At a time when there is no significant destruction of the cartilage, persistent long joint pain, disruption of the knee function.

Synovial dentures - the so-called therapeutic agents based on hyaluronic acid. It is a natural natural gelling agent, as it is part of the synovial fluid. Able to link a huge amount of water into a single structure. Positive effects on the joint are drugs containing hyaluronic acid:

  • hyastat,
  • fermatron,
  • syncope,
  • ostenin.
Hyastat is an effective synovial prosthesis

But in severe, advanced cases, synovial dentures are ineffective. In difficult cases, how to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint? It remains to resort to surgical intervention.

Additional treatment

Conservative therapy is not limited to drug treatment. Restoration of the function of the patient joint is difficult to imagine without:

  • therapeutic physical training;
  • physiotherapy;
  • Sports Medicine;
  • massage, self-massage during remission;
  • sanatorium or resort.

Health improvement procedures have a positive effect on the dynamics of gonarthrosis, help to return lost work capacity to patients. Young and old people are useful for easy exercise therapeutic gymnastics.

The easiest way to preserve the mobility of the knee is to roll back and forth a small ball, pin or other cylindrical object several times a day.

Surgery for gonarthrosis

If the knee can not be cured by conservative methods, doctors are forced to offer the patient an operation. It can be performed on an open and closed joint. The possibilities of surgery in the therapy of osteoarthritis are constantly expanding. The equipment is improved, new modern methods are added to the old methods of treatment:

  • cold-plasma ablation( coblation) - is based on the ability of an electric current at a certain voltage in the electrolyte solution to create a plasma field 0.5-1 mm thick;
  • different methods of chondroplasty - microsurgical methods of repairing damaged cartilage;
  • endoprosthetics - replacing the fractured part of the joint with an artificial prosthesis;
  • laser treatment( laser therapy) - the instrument is a laser beam of a certain wavelength, power, pulse frequency;
  • arthroscopy - invasive( with a minimum violation of the integrity of tissues) intraarticular method of diagnosis and treatment of gonarthrosis.
Laser therapy of the knee joint
Laser treatment of gonarthrosis is modern, painless and convenient

Modern innovative methods of surgical intervention are not very traumatic. They allow you to accurately act on the area of ​​damage, to produce a large number of complex manipulations.

Traditional medicine

Some patients with gonarthrosis are treated only by doctors, others prefer to medicate their treatment with folk remedies. To your knees do not hurt and do not crunch, you need a couple of meals a year to drink such an elixir. On the meat grinder, scroll:

  • 3 lemons with skin;
  • 100 g of peeled garlic;
  • 200 g of washed celery roots.
Honey, garlic and lemon
When medications are not being used, folk treatment is used.

Pour the ingredients in three liters of boiling water, close the lid tightly and cool. Drink ¼ cup three times a day for one month. Repeat when there are pains again, or for prophylaxis in six months.

In case of osteoarthritis with joint pain, the following simple means can be used:

  • one chicken egg is beaten;
  • is mixed with 2 tablespoons of salt;
  • is applied to a bandage folded in several layers.

A bandage soaked in a mixture lies on the diseased knee. Covered with a cotton cloth. Holds until it dries. The procedure is repeated twice in a row.

If the joints hurt, try to be treated by another folk method. For the ointment, you will need:

  • 50 g camphor;
  • 200 ml of alcohol;
  • 50 g of mustard powder;
  • 100 g of raw egg white.

In alcohol, camphor, mustard is consistently dissolved. Protein is beaten separately. Then both compounds are mixed, rubbed into the diseased knees.

Age ages joints, it is difficult for athletes to avoid injuries. But look around you. Half of the population has a "sedentary" lifestyle, suffers from excess weight. These are just the reasons that prevent the joint from remaining healthy and mobile for a long time.

Diseases of the knee joint, which appear mainly in adulthood, are usually called the deposition of salts. However, the real cause of pain is gonarthrosis of the knee joint. This is due to inflammatory processes occurring in the joints or dystrophic changes in the hyaline cartilage that covers the surfaces of the bones inside the joint, resulting in edema and deformity of the affected knee, limiting motor activity.

Like all diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gonarthrosis requires the use of long-term and complex therapy, including treatment with folk remedies. In the early stages of gonarthrosis, it is not hard to be amenable to elimination, and treatment based on natural components in combination with drugs can have a good therapeutic effect.

General recommendations for the treatment of gonarthrosis folk remedies

The use of traditional medicine recipes is most effective in the early stages of the disease. However, in the course of treatment, other simple recommendations should be followed to strengthen the therapeutic effect.

First of all, you should observe a diet in which you need to include fresh fruits, vegetables, foods rich in calcium, as well as the first dishes cooked on strong decoctions of bones, various jellies, jellies. From the diet should be excluded meat, milk, fresh tomatoes, sour fruits. It is also necessary to get rid of bad habits: smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Food should be frequent and fractional, since it is not recommended to overeat, as this can cause weight gain, which is also highly undesirable. During the treatment period, you should reduce physical stress on the affected joint, limit walking for long distances.

Features of treatment with folk remedies

Recipes used in the treatment of gonarthrosis have been tested by time, because for centuries they have helped to get rid of this ailment for many patients. And today these funds have not lost their relevance. The most effective are warming compresses and rubbing, which help to remove inflammation, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Tool 1

Mix 100ml of vodka with a glass of black radish with honey, add 15g of table salt. The composition is rubbed into the affected joints daily until relief comes.

Medium 2

150ml pure undiluted turpentine to combine with pure alcohol and olive oil, which also take 150ml. Add 5-8 drops of camphor. Ingredients also rub in the affected area.


It is useful to rub the diseased knee with tincture of chestnut flowers. To make it, you need to fill a handful of flowers in a dark glass jar and pour a half liter of vodka. The mixture should be insisted for at least a week, after which it can be used for its intended purpose.


Gonarthrosis of the knee joint at the very beginning can be cured with compresses from a pre-soaked map of burdock. It should be placed gently on the affected knee, then wrapped with food wrap and wrapped in a warm kerchief.


Compresses made from natural honey or tincture of propolis are popular and effective, as beekeeping products have unique properties. Treatment with this product helps to relieve inflammation and eliminate swelling and pain.


Gonarthrosis of the knee joint is perfectly treated with tincture of ficus. To make it, you should wash the leaf of the house ficus, grind it with a blender and mix with 100ml of vodka. After a three-week infusion, the resulting composition must be filtered and placed in a dark glass container, which should be stored in a cool place.

Before applying the composition to the affected area, it is necessary to take a salt bath( at the rate of 300 g of sea salt), then rub the tincture warmed to room temperature and wrap up the knee.


Many healers recommend treating gonarthrosis of the knee joint with Jerusalem artichoke. One and a half kilograms of the fruit of the plant should be crushed and mixed with 8 liters of boiling water. The composition should be kept under the lid until it is warm, after which the affected knee is lowered there for half an hour. The procedure should be repeated on a daily basis for 10 days.


If it is possible to collect leaves and dandelion flowers, then this plant can be used to treat the disease. To do this, it is necessary to cover the flowers of a plant in a glass of dark glass to the middle, and top up with a triple cologne. The resulting mixture is insisted for a month, after which the tincture is filtered and rubbed into the affected knee.

Simultaneously, every day, chew and eat at least five leaves of the plant, fresh or dried( pre-soaked in warm water) does not matter.

Treatment with folk remedies involves the use not only of rubbing and compresses. Knee joint gonarthrosis is well treated with medications that should be taken internally. An effective tool is such a composition.

Composition for ingestion

It is necessary to prepare 3 lemons, 250 g of celery root and 120 g of dry garlic. All components must be crushed thoroughly using a meat grinder, mixed and placed in a three-liter jar. The mixture of the top is filled with boiling water and left overnight in a wrapped state.

Treatment is designed for 3 months, during which you should drink 3 cans of infusion. Take should be 70ml daily for 30 minutes before the morning meal. Begin the treatment with a single dose, gradually leading up to three times a day.

Black beans

Those who have gonarthrosis of the knee joint, it is necessary to collect the grass of black beans during the flowering season. It should be crushed and dried. During the exacerbation of the disease, this herb should be insisted in a thermos bottle and taken as regular tea for a month, after which it is necessary to make a monthly break in the treatment. Favorable treatment time by this means is autumn.

Treatment of folk remedies of a clonal joint in most cases yields results, however, in order not to harm your health, it is necessary to consult with a specialist before starting treatment.

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Effective methods of treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis abroad

Gonarthrosis - one of the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which mostly affects women of middle and old age.

The first descriptions of the disease are found in medical treatises of a hundred years ago. But, despite the fact that modern doctors are well acquainted with this disease and methods of diagnosis, there are no 100% effective methods for its treatment to this day.

What is gonarthrosis of the knee joint?

Gonarthrosis refers to the pathological lesion of the knee joint, when the cartilage tissue is destroyed, gradually involving all parts of the joint in this process. As a result, it deforms, which leads to a partial or complete restriction of mobility of the limb.

The causes of gonarthrosis are still not accurately determined.

To date, the causes of the onset of the disease have not been accurately determined. In some cases, the primary gonarthrosis occurs for no apparent reason, while the appearance of secondary gonarthrosis can result in a chronic infectious disease of the knee joint or trauma.

Is it possible to treat leg joints? Which methods are used in this case.

All about rehabilitation after arthroscopy of the knee joint here.

Treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint of 2nd degree

To date, all existing types of treatment for gonarthrosis do not guarantee complete recovery and are aimed mainly at reducing pain and restoring the functionality of the joint.

Treatment of gonarthrosis begins with medical examination and diagnosis. First of all, the patient is assigned an X-ray, which helps to establish the diagnosis accurately and determine at what stage the disease is located.

Depending on the dynamics of the disease and the general condition of the body, certain types of therapy are prescribed. As practice shows, the best results can be achieved with a comprehensive approach to treatment.

In most cases, a well-chosen treatment regimen allows you to slow down the degenerative processes in the cartilaginous tissue of the joint, therefore, there is no longer a need for surgery.

All conservative methods of treatment are justified only at I - II severity of the disease. In advanced cases, only the surgical intervention can improve the patient's condition.

Drug treatment for gonarthrosis

Conservative treatment involves the use of medications and physiotherapeutic procedures aimed at strengthening and reducing the burden on the affected joint. The patient is prescribed:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs - to reduce pain,
  • hormonal preparations - to restore cartilage tissue.

In order for the healing effect to be maximum, the patient's joint should be provided with complete rest. For this, a patient with gonarthrosis in the acute stage is recommended to use a cane or orthopedic insoles. Very well in this case, the orthoses proved to be their own - special fixing mechanisms that allow redistributing the load to different parts of the joint.

Physiotherapeutic procedures

In a complex with medical treatment all European clinics specializing in the treatment of gonarthrosis offer physiotherapeutic procedures:

  • electrophoresis with novocaine;
  • phonophoresis with hydrocortisone( ultrasound therapy);
  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • oxygen therapy;
  • therapeutic exercise.

Phonophoresis with Hydrocortisone is a method of influencing the painful part of the body with ultrasonic waves. In Russia, for the treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint ultrasound device UZT 1.01 F( EMA) is used.

Oxygenotherapy is an innovative technique, in some cases allowing to refuse hormonal therapy. During the procedure, medical oxygen is introduced into the joint cavity, which is in a gaseous state. It provides an opportunity to remove puffiness, remove pain syndrome and promote the treatment of injuries.

Therapeutic physical training - is of great importance in the treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the 1st degree. This kind of physiotherapy allows you to strengthen the joint, improve blood circulation in it and prevent the emergence of contractures.

Knee arthroscopy

Often, patients with the initial stages of gonarthrosis are offered arthroscopy instead of medical treatment - a minimally invasive operation, when the damaged parts of the cartilaginous tissue and meniscus are removed through a small incision.

Arthroscopy is most often recommended to those patients who, by age or other considerations, are too early to do endoprosthetics. Usually arthroscopic surgery after a while requires a repetition, but, one way or another, it allows you to prolong the life of the joint and improve its functionality.

Today, for arthroscopy, most often go to clinics in Israel and Germany, where in almost 80% of cases it is possible to achieve lasting improvement in the course of the disease.

Treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis with stem cells

Some German clinics offer another effective method of treating gonarthrosis - the use of stem cells. Cell transplantation enables early stages of the disease to stop the destruction of cartilage and other pathological processes in the joint. The observation data confirm that after the application of this method the need for radical treatment is postponed for ten years or more.

However, to date, the method of stem cells use only a few of the largest orthopedic centers in Germany.

Treating gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the third degree

In cases where conservative treatment methods are not effective, doctors can offer a surgical method for solving the problem:

  • operation to correct the foot axis,
  • endoprosthetics.

Endoprosthetics are offered in those cases where it is no longer worthwhile to save a damaged joint or it can lead to additional complications. In all other cases, an operation to correct the axis of the leg is prescribed.

Operative intervention entails postoperative rehabilitation.

Based on the x-ray, the orthopedist determines the angle of curvature, and then removes the "interfering" bone fragment. This allows you to reduce the load on the damaged joints, slowing down its destruction. Such surgical intervention subsequently requires rehabilitation and postoperative recovery.

If, despite ongoing treatment, there is no relief, and an X-ray showing deformity of the joint surface, endoprosthetics is recommended. In this case, all damaged bone tissue is removed, and in its place is installed a plastic prosthesis made of biocompatible materials.

About effective treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint folk remedies here. Suitable for the initial stage of the disease.

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Endoprosthetics of the knee joint abroad

Today the list of services of many domestic clinics includes knee replacement, but if this is the case, should go to Israel or Germany for treatment.

  1. If in Russia, such operations have been carried out relatively recently, in European countries, the installation of an endoprosthesis is one of the ordinary operations, which increases the chances of a successful outcome of treatment and reduces the risk of possible complications.
  2. Another factor in favor of gonarthrosis treatment abroad is the fact that foreign orthopedists pay more attention to postoperative rehabilitation of their patients, which additionally improves clinical results.

Treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis with folk remedies

With gonarthrosis, folk remedies - ointments, infusions, decoctions, herbs - can only be used as ancillary rather than basic methods of treatment. However, the patient is quite able to alleviate his condition.

To do this, it is recommended to change the diet, excluding from the diet:

  • fatty and salty dishes,
  • to reduce weight,
  • to regularly engage in exercise therapy.

Despite the fact that gonarthrosis does not refer to diseases with a rapid current and can develop over the years, early diagnosis and timely initiation of treatment often allow prolonging the life of the joint.

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  1. 12/13/2013 at 09:57

    I have arthrosis of the knee joint for about five years. I paid no attention to his first signs. After all, basically my knee began to hurt with heavy loads and I wrote off everything for fatigue. Then the pain began to recur more often and I was helped only by a long rest. But it was not always possible to have a rest, because there are enough cares both at work and at home. When I went to the doctor, he diagnosed me with gonarthrosis - arthrosis of the knee joint. I am only 55 years old, but my problem is that I am still overweight. I knew that sooner or later it would affect my health. The doctor prescribed me a lot of any medications that were ineffective. I tried not only a lot of means against arthrosis, but also visited many doctors. Then I found on the Internet information about products from microspheres and silver ions. I bought it, carried it for about two weeks and gradually life became easier, because my knee was worried less and less. Now I'm back to life without pain, regularly wear a SilverStep product and, of course, watch my weight, try to lead a more correct way of life. Forget healthy!

Knee joint gonarthrosis - folk remedies treatment -

Gonarthrosis is a pathological lesion of the knee joints, in which cartilaginous tissues begin to degenerate. If the disease is not diagnosed in time and the treatment is not started, the process will spread to all parts of the joint, which will lead to its irreversible deformation and, then, complete or partial loss of limb mobility.

The disease often affects professional athletes and people who are exposed to unjustified physical activity day in and day out. In addition, people at risk include those with metabolic disorders, excessive body weight, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

How to treat gonarthrosis?

The sooner the therapy begins, the greater the chances that the disease will not take on menacing forms and will not lead a person to disability. In the early stages of drug treatment is usually not required, as a good effect gives many recipes of traditional medicine. All of them should be aimed at restoring the cartilaginous tissue, eliminating pain and improving blood circulation in the affected joint.

Before starting therapy, you should always consult a competent specialist to clarify the diagnosis and choose the optimal treatment regimen. The effectiveness of all manipulations depends on how accurately the mechanisms of gonarthrosis development are revealed.

Traditional medicine recipes

Currently, no type of treatment( both official and traditional medicine) does not guarantee that gonarthrosis will be cured 100%.However, with proper perseverance, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in pain syndrome and slowing down the processes of destruction of cartilage and bone tissue.

Depending on the general condition of the body and the dynamics of development, the same treatment can give dramatically different results for two different people. This individuality must be taken into account when testing the prescriptions of traditional medicine.

Black Beans

Quickly to achieve positive dynamics in the treatment of gonarthrosis can be with the help of infusion from the grass of black beans. It is prepared as follows: three tablespoons of dry plant raw material is poured a glass of boiling water and insist for at least six hours. Then the infusion is filtered, divided into three equal portions and drunk half an hour before each meal. The course of treatment is four weeks. It is important that the medicinal herb is collected during the flowering period of the plant, since otherwise it will not have the desired effect.

Beef bones

Broth prepared from beef hooves and knees, is very useful for gonarthrosis, as it facilitates the rapid renewal and restoration of cartilaginous tissue. In the preparation of the dish is simple: carefully rinse the product, pour a sufficient amount of water and cook until the meat begins to easily separate from the bone. After the broth has cooled, strain it and consume 100 milliliters 40 minutes before each meal.

Honey and apple cider vinegar

In addition to internal treatment, it is necessary to apply and external means: compresses, ointments, rubbing. They help to reduce pain syndrome, relieve inflammation in the affected area and enhance the effect of drugs used orally.

One of the best healing properties in the treatment of gonarthrosis of knee joints is attributed to compresses prepared on the basis of apple cider vinegar and honey. It is prepared in such proportions: one tablespoon of honey mixed with three tablespoons of vinegar. The mixture is impregnated with a gauze dressing, which is applied to the diseased joints. From above it is covered with a plastic wrap and wrapped in a warm scarf / towel. To further enhance the effect of the mixture, under the compress you can put a sheet of mug or cabbage( previously well pomjav).


Clay compresses reduce inflammation and resolve swelling, effectively affecting swelling, so they must necessarily be included in gonarthrosis therapy. For preparation, blue or red clay is usually used. She is bred with warm water to the state of viscous gruel and applied to a diseased joint, covered with a polyethylene film from the top, and a warm scarf. To get the maximum effect, the compress is left overnight.

Is it possible to replace traditional medicine with traditional methods of treatment?

In most cases, doctors offer to treat gonarthrosis in a radical way: through surgical intervention. However, this method is not always possible due to a weakened state of health, so alternative methods of treatment are also quite in demand.

With a professional approach, all kinds of compresses, infusions and lotions are no less effective than conservative treatment. Especially if treatment with folk remedies includes various methods and approaches.

Gonarthrosis - symptoms, causes and treatment of gonarthrosis. Folk remedies for treatment of gonarthrosis at home. PHOTO AND VIDEO

What is gonarthrosis?

Gonarthrosis is one of the most common types of arthrosis of the knee joint. This illness became known not yesterday: doctors already knew about its existence 100 years ago. The common name of this disease is the deposition of salts. The basis of gonarthrosis, like any arthrosis, is an increase in the content of calcium salts in the body and their subsequent deposition in the joints. But these processes are not in themselves of decisive importance for the person's well-being. The development of the disease occurs only after the circulatory disturbance in the bone vessels, after which the joint( cartilage) cover begins to change.

First, cartilage tissue changes at the level of molecules. Then the changes concern the hyaline cartilage: in some places it becomes cloudy, in some places it becomes thinner, and somewhere it becomes delaminated or cracked. These processes end in that the cartilage completely disappears, and the underlying bone is exposed. The reaction of the bone to this outcrop is its peripheral growth and the formation of spines, which leads to deformation( curvature) of the leg. Precisely because of what is described in this paragraph, this kind of arthrosis is called deforming.

Symptoms of gonarthrosis

The traditional symptom of gonarthrosis is the feeling that the joint is constrained and pulled under the knee. However, after a long walk in the knee, pain is felt. Many unfortunate owners of arthrosis of the knee joint complain of unpleasant sensations when walking after prolonged sitting or after a dream. After a person "diverges", the pain decreases. As gonarthrosis develops, pain in the knee increases and becomes more frequent. Often, there is a crunch in the knee joint. In the future, the amplitude of flexion and extension of the leg becomes smaller. When the progress of the disease continues to develop, lameness develops. If we come across a more neglected case, we will see that it is difficult for a person to move without help or without crutches. Most often, when a person lies, the pain weakens, but it happens that at night a person does not give rest to painful sensations.

If you examine the knee joint in the stage of the onset of the disease, it is unlikely you will be able to detect external changes. With the development of the disease, deformation of the joint becomes noticeable, changes in the contours of the bones forming the joint are also visible( they become coarse), contracture( hampered and incomplete flexion and extension) is curved. If you put your hand on the knee, then with the flexion and extensor movements of the leg in the knee, there is a crunch. Such a crunch can also be felt if the patella is moved in the transverse direction( this symptom was called "patello-cordillary").

If you feel a sick joint, then on the inside you can find a painful area in the femoral condyles, the big burtz and the joint gap. In this case, as a rule, inside the knee joint begins to accumulate effusion, and develops a synovitis - another joint disease. This can be seen if the contours of the joint are smoothened by protrusion above the knee and from the side of the tissues and if a feeling of this protrusion is felt a fluctuation, that is, the presence of a cavity in the joint that is filled with liquid.

Two types of gonarthrosis and their causes

Primary gonarthrosis( or arthrosis of knee joint ) is a disease that occurs in relatively healthy people. This kind of arthrosis affects people of advanced age( mostly women).Most often gonarthrosis is affected by those who are obese and have problems with being overweight.

Secondary gonarthrosis is an ailment that develops after trauma or transferred knee disease. If the timely determination of the above-mentioned diseases and complete treatment, you can avoid gonarthrosis.

Diagnosis of gonarthrosis

The main method for diagnosing the disease under consideration is an x-ray examination of the patient's joint. In the early development of gonarthrosis, it can not detect anything, and, if it detects minor changes, it will be difficult to make an accurate diagnosis on them. The narrowing of the joint gap, bone damage and salt deposits become noticeable at later stages of disease progression.

A nuclear magnetic tomography can be used to replace the X-ray. But the study of the patient's joint with the help of ultrasound in something can give the best and more accurate results, but to replace the radiographic diagnosis is completely unable. Therefore, first of all people suffering from joint disease, experts appoint an X-ray.

Photo and video about gonarthrosis

Blue clay

Folk remedies for gonarthrosis

Blue clay

Once there was such a story that happened to a man with gonarthrosis. This sick man tried all the pills, as possible. Such a number of drugs could not affect the work of his liver, but the arthrosis only progressed. Every month, movement was given all with great difficulty, and climbing and descending the stairs became a task increasingly unbearable. And it is not known what would have happened if the acquaintances who once had joint problems did not prompt the remedy they had previously tested on themselves.

Blue clay

To obtain this remedy, red or blue clay is needed. Important note: to collect, mix and shift clay it is necessary wooden spoons, because when using spoons of metal all the healing properties of clay are lost.

Before the treatment, wipe the joint with a damp cloth. Clay should be mixed with water in such a way that the mixture has a consistency of sour cream. Put on the cotton cloth 2 tablespoons of the resulting solution with a thickness of about 2-2.5 centimeters. It is necessary to apply this compress to an unhealthy joint, fix it and wrap it with a warm scarf. Compress should be applied for 2 hours.

After the procedure, wash the remaining clay from the joint with warm water. The cloth you used can be stretched, dried and used again the next time. But the clay used to be stored is not necessary - it will no longer have a therapeutic effect.

With regard to the frequency of these lotions, then with edema, you need to do several such procedures per day. You can also periodically drink clay water.

Leaves of dandelions

For this folk recipe it is necessary in May to collect a few leaves of a dandelion every day. Collect the top leaves. After you rinse them( necessarily!) With boiled water and a little podsushite, chew them until the moment that this mass does not take the consistency of sour cream.

You can tear dandelion leaves for future use, for winter time and to dry. When necessary, pour them with hot water and then chew once a day. But with such a procedure, you must simultaneously do at least 3000 steps.

You can use another recipe in the summer. Take a few bottles of dark glass. In each of them half fill with yellow dandelion heads. Pour the dandelions with triple cologne and insist for a month. After filtering, and the medicine received before the night you need to wipe the problem joints. People using this recipe claim that in a month they were getting significantly better: pains ceased to bother. One bottle can be treated for about a month. To increase the effectiveness of this procedure, you can do it twice a day and additionally chew dandelion leaves. Keep the tincture of dandelions in the absence of moisture and at room temperature.

Jerusalem artichoke leaves for the treatment of gonarthrosis

This remedy is also very effective for gonarthrosis. You need 1.5 kilograms of Jerusalem artichoke( leaves and stems), which, after grinding, should be poured with a bucket of boiling water. To persist the drug should be until the temperature becomes tolerable to the skin. While the infusion is not cold, it is necessary to keep a sick joint in it.

If you have joint pains on your hands, you can completely lower your hand into the infusion and keep it there for at least half an hour. To get rid of the disease, you need to do this procedure at least 10 times. Hoofs and cows of the cow. It is necessary to dig the hooves and knees of this cattle to such a state, when it is possible to easily separate meat from bones. Decoction, which happens in this case, you need to use 100-200 grams for half an hour before eating, until the disease is completely gone.

Lemon, garlic, celery. This procedure is good for gonarthrosis and deforming arthrosis. Three lemons, 100-120 grams of garlic and 250-300 grams of celery( you can easily replace celery with nettle) you need to scroll through the meat grinder and mix. What happened was folded into a glass jar and steamed with boiling water to the top of the jar. For the night wrap the jar in a blanket, and let the medication insist.

The obtained infusion is recommended to use 70-80 grams before meals, starting from once a day and gradually to increase the number of receptions per day to three. For an effective course of fighting gonarthrosis, you will need approximately three 3-liter cans. One bank should suffice, somewhere, for a month. Apple cider vinegar, honey, burdock leaves, cabbage and aloe. If you are suffering from gonarthrosis, take three spoons of apple cider vinegar, mix it with one large spoon of honey and the resulting product, lubricate the sore spot. Top with burdock and cabbage leaves. For greater effect, wrap the treated area with polyethylene and a warm cloth.

This bandage is recommended to be applied overnight. But you can try not to remove it until the leaves are completely dry( this takes several days).The course of such national treatment is designed for a month. Black bean grass. And one more remedy recommended by the people. Grass of black beans is collected during its flowering, cut and dried in a dark place. When the gonarthrosis starts to remind of itself, you need to take the dried grass, pour it with steep boiling water, and keep it in the thermos for five or six hours. The resulting tea should be consumed within a month, and then for a month to take a break. As a rule, illnesses are exacerbated in the autumn, and therefore this course of treatment is better in the fall. And if everything is done correctly, then until the next fall the illness will not bother you again.

To conduct a complete course of such treatment you will need, approximately, a five-liter bucket of such dried grass.


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