Medical bile with heel spur

Medical bile with heel spur

Heel spur is the proliferation of the bone tissue of the calcaneus calcaneus, which causes inflammation of the plantar fascia. The disease is manifested by intense pain in the area of ​​the foot, which leads to disruption of gait, lameness, curvature of the affected limb. The marginal osteophyte has the form of a spine, injures surrounding soft tissues and causes disability due to impaired motor activity of the lower extremities. Pathology develops against the background of metabolic disorders, the provoking factor is trauma to the foot, overweight, wearing narrow shoes.

Heel spurs are treated with conservative and operative methods of therapy, a good result shows folk recipes for getting rid of the disease on the basis of medical bile.

Composition and properties of bile

Bile is a secret of the liver cells, which is involved in the digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine. In ancient times healers used the bile of animals to prepare drugs for various diseases. In the modern world, the role of liver secret has not lost its relevance.

The pharmaceutical industry produces medical bile, which is obtained from pigs and cattle. The drug is available in canned form with the addition of furacilin, formalin, ethyl alcohol in vials of 50, 100, 250 ml.

The formation of the marginal osteophyte - calcaneal spur - causes inflammation of the plantar aponeurosis of the foot

The use of medical bile is shown as an external remedy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including in the case of a calcaneal spur. In this case, the drug has the following therapeutic effects:

  • local irritant - affects painful and other sensitive skin receptors, providing a distracting effect;
  • anti-inflammatory - improves blood flow at the site of pathology, normalizes metabolism, promotes the removal of under-oxidized products and free radicals;
  • anesthetic - "blocks" pain receptors, eliminating pain syndrome;
  • absorbable - activates the removal from the focus of inflammation of dead cells, bacteria, metabolic products.

The bottle with medical bile is stored in the refrigerator, before use, the container must be shaken. The drug is used for putting compresses on the affected area, the treatment rate is from 3 to 30 days. If necessary, the therapy is repeated after 1-2 months.

Treatment of calcaneal spur with bile-based compresses usually includes 20

procedures. Before using bile, it is important to read the list of contraindications, which includes:

  • an individual hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug;
  • acute diseases of lymphatic vessels and nodes( lamphangitis, lymphadenitis);
  • skin diseases( erysipelas, boils, abscesses, phlegmon);
  • damage to the skin at the site of exposure to the drug( intertrigo, scratches, cracks, wounds);
  • period of gestation and breastfeeding;
  • child's age.

Bile from the calcaneal spur is necessary after consulting with a doctor, diagnostic examination, in combination with other methods of therapy recommended by a specialist.

Recipes based on bile

Treating with bile gives a good analgesic effect, renders sucking and warming effect, promotes healing of affected tissues in a short time. Among patients using the drug, you can hear a lot of positive feedback. The use of bile is especially effective against a background of conservative therapy, including anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, physiotherapy, curative gymnastics.

Compression of medical bile

To prepare a compress, you need to take a clean gauze and fold it into 4-6 layers. Instead of gauze, you can use a canvas fabric folded in half. The drug should be shaken before use, moistened with a bandage and applied to the projection site of the heel spur. The fabric is fixed with a tubular bandage with elastic band, from above it is possible to heat a foot with a thin layer of cotton wool, wrap the wrap with linen paper and put on a woolen sock. Do not recommend using a plastic bag, because it does not allow the skin to breathe and helps burn the foot with biologically active components of bile.

Preserved bile can be purchased in the pharmacy network without a doctor's prescription

. Compress the pack for the night, remove the bandage in the morning, wash the skin with warm water and soap, wipe the heel with a cotton swab dampened with cologne or medical alcohol. Then the foot is lubricated with a nourishing cream to soften the skin. With the rapid drying of the dressing, it can be freshened with a few drops of bile diluted in a small amount of boiled water. If excessive burning occurs during the procedure, it is recommended to put a fabric gauze pad between the dressing and the skin to prevent irritation and burns. The positive effect of the procedure appears after the first week of treatment, but for complete recovery it is necessary to undergo no less than 20 sessions of therapy.

Another advise reading: What kind of ointment from the heel spurs to choose?

Compression of bile and red pepper

With normal skin sensitivity, pods of red bitter pepper are added to the bile to enhance the healing effect. To prepare a compress, mix a bottle of bile with a volume of 250 ml, 4 bottles of camphor alcohol, 10 pods of bitter pepper( you can not grind it) in a liter jar. The container is sealed with a lid or polyethylene, placed in a cool place without direct sunlight for 3 days. The filtered product is stored in the refrigerator, the shelf life is not more than a week. The technique of the procedure does not differ from the previous method of treatment.

Compression of bile and vodka

For preparation of medicinal product mix 40 ml of bile, 20 ml of vodka, 20 grams of grinded laundry soap or 30 ml of hygienic shampoo. The compress was placed overnight according to the above procedure. Vodka in the mixture improves skin permeability for beneficial bile ingredients, and shampoo softens the skin and reduces discomfort, such as burning and tingling.

Treat heel spur compresses based on medical bile usually recommended in the early stages of the disease. In advanced cases, we can not do without conservative therapy and surgical intervention, by which the bone formation is removed on the calcaneus. Heel spurs: treatment with folk methods. Folk remedies for the spur of the heel

Heel spur is an ailment in which bone tissue grows in the lower limbs. As a rule, the phenomenon is observed in the heel. The growth in shape is very similar to a spike. People who are faced with such a disease know how painfully every step is given.

In search of a method to alleviate suffering, patients are ready to experience any ways. After all, the illness that has been let loose will soon make it impossible to walk. How to heal the heel spurs? Treatment with folk methods, proven by generations, is a fairly effective way to combat the pathology of the foot. Consider them.

Why choose folk methods?

Of course, we should immediately stipulate that traditional medicine provides the patient no less effective treatment. And if you connect it with folk remedies from the spur of the heel, then the effectiveness is increased many times. This is not the only reason why the choice is based on methods that have been preserved by generations.

Quite often the appeal to folk remedies is determined by the following factors:

  • is easy to use;
  • no any side effects;
  • availability of funds due to their low cost.

Consider below what the calcaneal spur is. The photo shows how the spike pierces into soft tissues. The pain is caused by a strong inflammatory process. You can not exclude and a lot of nerve endings, which now and then grazes the thorn. This all creates unbearable discomfort.

However, it should be understood that disposal is possible only with complex therapy.

Basic principles of

If we treat the heel spur folk remedies, we should understand how the chosen method works on the body. Recall, the fight against the disease should be comprehensive. It is unacceptable to get rid of only unpleasant symptoms( pain), completely forgetting about the main source of the problem.

Thus, if it comes to calcaneal spurs, folk methods should perform such tasks as:

  • removal of the inflammatory process in soft tissues;
  • maximum joint unloading;
  • softening of the stud;
  • tissue repair;
  • stop of the dystrophic process;
  • stretching of hardened and shortened connective tissue and tendon;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • treatment of concomitant ailments( arthritis, flatfoot).

However, remember one nuance. If we treat the heel spur folk remedies, then we choose only innocuous ways. These are natural products, herbs, medical products. It is not necessary to try extreme types of treatment. After a rough breakdown of bone growths is very dangerous.

Means based on medical bile

This component is widely used in both traditional and folk medicine. Being a natural analgesic, the drug is successfully used to treat a variety of ailments. The bile is medically effective with a calcaneal spur.

The product is easy to buy at the pharmacy. This availability made the component the most favored method of treating bone growths. Bile of the medical with a calcaneal spur eliminates burning pain and promotes resorption of the thorn. Ingredients of this remedy are: bile( 40 g), vodka( 20 g) and a little shampoo. Mix all the ingredients.

Wet a piece of bandage or gauze in the resulting solution. Attach it to clean, dry-heeled heels. Secure the compress with a bandage. Over put on warm socks. It is recommended to put compresses at night.

The prepared solution is enough for you three times.

Recipe 2

Combine one grated potato( raw) with 20 grams of bile. Stir the ingredients thoroughly. The resulting gruel is applied to the heel, fix it with a bandage. Compress remains for a day.

The procedure should be repeated daily for ten days. It is not recommended to take breaks.

Recipe 3

For this compress, medical bile is used in its pure form. Dampen the bandage in it and attach it to the heel. Wind the wrap with polyethylene. After carefully fixing it, put socks on your feet. The procedure should be carried out overnight. In the morning, remove the compress. The surface of the heel wipe with lotion or boric alcohol.

It is recommended to conduct a continuous course of 20 sessions. The results after applying this remedy are simply excellent. To completely get rid of a problem such as a calcaneal spur, treatment( the photo showing the effect, located below) can not be interrupted or stopped. As a rule, already on day 7, there is relief. But only after 20 procedures it is possible to say goodbye to the ailment.

Therapeutic tinctures

The folk remedies for the heel spur are mostly based on the healing power of nature. It's about medicinal herbs. They are used in various tinctures, broths. They use unique medicinal plants for making grindings, compresses. At the same time, it is important to remember that grasses can also do harm if it is wrong to apply them.

Golden rule of phytotherapy - take all the means, strictly observing the dosage and duration of the course.

Lilac tincture

Dried flowers fill with vodka in the proportion 1:10.For ten days the composition should be insisted tightly closed in a dark place. At the end of this period, the medicine will be ready. Drink it is recommended for 30 drops three times a day. You can stop taking infusion when symptoms disappear completely.

Tincture of the saber

The effectiveness of grass is also appreciated by official medicine. Today's pharmacological industry for the manufacture of a variety of medications is used by the swamp saber. It is no wonder, after all the grass is the strongest anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing agent, promotes a conclusion of salts from an organism.

To prepare the drug, tincture of medicinal tincture of the saber( 1 tbsp.) Is diluted in 1/3 cup of plain water. Take the drug before eating( somewhere for half an hour).It is recommended to take three doses a day. The course of treatment varies from 20 to 30 days. Do not be afraid of exacerbation of symptoms in the first days. This is natural.

Home Ointment

To create another highly effective tool that can save from such a disease as a calcaneal spur, folk methods return to nature.

For the production of such grass as a golden mustache. Stock up the stems and leaves of the plant. To prepare the ointment from the heel spur, unsalted fat is needed. You can use badger, goose, bear or pig. It is allowed to replace fat even with butter.

Grind the grass thoroughly. Combine it with fat. The latter should be taken twice as much as the plants.

Use the obtained ointment from the heel spur to rub the painful area. Applying it, do not forget to put on socks. The course of treatment is designed for 7 days. After a week, make sure to take a break.

It is important to remember that this tool is not allowed to be used by smoking patients. They may experience severe allergic reactions.

Use of insoles

An important addition to treatment is flatfoot correction. For this purpose, special orthopedic insoles are used. With a calcaneal spur, they contribute to reducing the trauma of soft tissues. This is achieved thanks to the horseshoe structure.

Orthopedic insoles with heel spur allow to unload the damaged joint. What is quite successful affects the treatment of ailment. If desired, they can be made independently, cut out of dense rubber. The main thing is to remember about the horseshoe shape. There must be a hole in place of the spike.

Methods for crushing and resorption of the spine

It should be understood that effective treatment can be considered only after the complete disposal of the formed bone growth. After all, the remaining calcaneal spur( photo of the disease you can see below) will necessarily remind you of yourself with the greatest pain.

Popular healers recommend these methods for this purpose:

  • Round peas should be poured into the sock. The layer must be single. Socks with peas are recommended to be worn until the build-up is fully resorbed.
  • A raw egg is poured with vinegar. When it softens, you need to clean the shell. The protein and yolk are thoroughly mixed with the original vinegar used. To the composition is added vegetable oil( 1 tablespoon).The prepared solution is impregnated with a cloth and fixed on the heel. Compress should be wrapped with polyethylene and carefully wrapped. This method allows you to get rid of an unpleasant build-up after several procedures.

Warm baths

For patients who have heel spurs, treatment with folk methods provides for the heating of affected areas. Heat causes vasodilation, thereby stimulating blood circulation. As a result, the patient is removed muscle spasm, which provoked severe pain. At the same time, an equally important task is being solved - lengthening of tendons and ligaments occurs.

Folk healers advise the following baths:

  • Paraffin. The chemist's ingredient is heated in a water bath. The bottom of the pelvis is lined with a cloth. It is applied softened paraffin. When the component acquires the consistency of plasticine, it should be covered with a cut of tissue. From the top put the foot for 20 minutes.
  • Ordinary water with the use of bile. In this case, it is recommended that you initially steam out your legs. After that, apply gauze, soaked in medical bile, to the problem areas. Repeat the procedure for ten days.

Physiotherapy exercises

Regardless of whether you have chosen a medicamental therapy for the calcaneal spur or prefer the folk methods, it is necessary to properly load the affected joint. LFK exercises, like massage, improve salt metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, promote stretching of damaged ligaments.

The exercises below should be carried out in shoes with insole. Before the beginning of the lesson, diligently diligently, correctly stretch the entire muscular system.

Complex of exercises.

  1. Put your hands on the wall. Put your feet on one level. The patient should be behind. If the problem is in both legs, then it is recommended to alternate them. Do squats without looking up from the floor. It is recommended to repeat the exercise 10 times.
  2. Put a variety of objects on the floor. It's better if they differ in size. Use your toes to try to take the item and move it to another location. Do this for 5 minutes.
  3. For the exercise, you will need a ball, a bottle or an ordinary rolling pin. Place the object under the foot. Roll it. This exercise allows you to perfectly massage the foot. If there is a painful discomfort in the bottle, pour water. This will significantly reduce discomfort. The duration of the lesson is 5 minutes.

Foot massage

This method is very effective. It perfectly eliminates the muscle tension. But the biggest advantage of the massage is to get rid of the underlying cause of spur formation - flat feet.

Folk doctors recommend simple and effective methods that can be performed independently:

  • Every day rub a damaged heel with a felt cloth. If possible, do this procedure as long as possible.
  • Boil the brown potatoes. Put it in a basin, carefully knead the legs until completely cooled. After the procedure, wipe the feet and draw on the heels of a grid of iodine.
  • Massage the foot with your hands. When flat feet should start from the fingers and move to the heel. Recommended techniques: pressing, stroking, squeezing, kneading. You can use a variety of mats, rollers.

Recommended diet

Do not brush away from proper nutrition. In fact results of adjournment of salts are heel spurs. Treatment with folk methods will become more effective if the body begins to restore the acid-base balance.

In the diet should reduce the number of products such as:

  • vegetable oils( including creamy), animal fats;
  • sour cream, cream;
  • candy, any chocolate, syrup, jam, cocoa;
  • beer, yeast;
  • alcohol;
  • meat, by-products;
  • mushrooms;
  • canned food;
  • beans;
  • coffee, tea.

Under the ban of mussels, smoked products, salted products. It is necessary to abandon fatty fish and meat. If you plan on your own diet, you should consider that fats should not enter the body more than 90 grams per day.

Carbohydrates may be consumed up to 400 grams per day. It is allowed to eat rye or wheat bread, cereals and flour products.

Proteins should be added to the diet twice a week. Meat, fish are allowed only in cooked form. Every day the body should receive 80 g of protein.

In the correct diet recommended in the presence of a calcaneal spur, emphasis should be placed on pectins and fiber.

Eat more products such as:

  • pumpkin, potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage;
  • grapes, cherries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, watermelon;
  • peaches, pears, oranges, plums, apricots, apples.

Drink a lot every day. The body should receive up to 3 liters of fluid per day.

Patient Reviews

When faced with a phenomenon such as a heel spine, people, experiencing infernal pains, by all means try to find a method of disposal. In the course goes everything - from drug treatment to non-traditional methods of combating the disease.

However, often enough patients share the secrets of their successful recovery from a disease such as calcaneal spur. The responses of such people allow us to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of various techniques.

It should be noted that the remedy, the ingredients of which are bile, vodka and shampoo, allowed many patients to get rid of the spur. The result is long.

The "old valenka" method is considered effective. This is the use of felt fabric. Patients after one month of daily procedures completely forgot about the spurs.

Three spines have disappeared in some people who used the drug, the components of which were egg and vinegar.


Before choosing the appropriate method for fighting the disease, visit a doctor. Consultation with a qualified specialist is required. At least in order to correctly diagnose and not treat an ailment, which may not be.

Treatment of medical bile in the heel spur

One of the popular methods of treating plantar fasciitis in the home is the use of medical bile. For the application of this method, even a surgeon's consultation is not even required, because this drug can be bought without a prescription in a pharmacy and make compresses at home, guided by instructions. Although before its use it is desirable to still visit a specialized doctor for diagnosis and coordination of treatment methods.

Spur no longer bothers! How to get rid of heel pain in 2 weeks at home?

The effectiveness of the

procedure It is not to be hoped that medical bile at the heel spur will give an instant result. You will have to do lotions from it for several weeks in order for the pain to go away. But to wait for a complete cure due to only this one remedy is not worth it.

Bile has a pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory and absorbable effect. Apply it not only to treat spurs, but also with arthritis, radiculitis, bursitis, with various injuries( bruises, sprains, hemorrhages).But do not use it if the integrity of the skin is broken. After all, it still has an annoying effect.

Despite the skeptical attitude of many to this method, some of it still helps. Even if the pain is repeated after a while, the course of treatment can be repeated. Of course, if the plantar fasciitis worries you not for the first month, then it's unlikely that you will solve the problems with some lotions with bile. In advanced cases, more serious methods of action are required.

How procedures are performed

In order to begin treatment of the calcaneal spur with medical bile it is necessary to buy it in the pharmacy, you also need to purchase an elastic tubular bandage, find at home a cloth or gauze suitable in size and polyethylene. So, a piece of selected tissue, folded in not less than 4 layers, it is necessary to moisten the acquired drug. Put it on a sore spot, cover it with prepared polyethylene or wax paper, you can cut it with a small layer of cotton wool. Secure the structure better with a tubular bandage, which is worn on the foot. From above you can pull a sock.

The compress should be left overnight, the more time the heel will be covered with a bile-impregnated tissue, the faster the inflammation and the pain will decrease. In the morning, the lotion can be removed, and the heel rubbed with alcohol. To get rid of the problem of spurs on the heels, the procedure must be done at least 20 consecutive days.

Despite the fact that some say about the result, which is noticeable after a week, it is not recommended to stop treatment of calcaneal spurs. The main condition for the effectiveness of these lotions is regularity. Even a small break will affect the result. Note, this treatment is best used only in those cases when you just started to feel discomfort.

By the way, some recommend to impose not pure bile, but to mix it with vodka( diluted alcohol).This should help to more quickly absorb the mixture into the skin and, accordingly, to problem areas. Many say that with this combination, the result becomes noticeable earlier, but there is no medical evidence for this.

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What is the effect of medical bile

The heel spur is a built-up on the bone from the plantar side of the foot due to inflammation of the plantar fascia. The cause of pain is inflammation, the growth can not manifest itself in any way. The most common consequences of this disease are foot deformity, acute pain in walking and loss of mobility.

The mechanism of action of bile during the treatment of the spur on the calcaneus is simple - it irritates the skin, thereby increasing the flow of blood. At the same time, the temperature rises in the sore spot, which causes the removal of inflammation and pain. In addition, bile dissolves salt deposits, which enhances the therapeutic effect.

Dear readers! Our articles tell us about typical methods of treatment, but each case has a unique character. Do not self-medicate. At us on a site there is a rating of doctors who can help or assist with treatment of a heel spur.

Bile recipes for calcaneal spur

Good, persistent results can be achieved with plantar fasciitis therapy with purified bile. Such treatment can be carried out at home, as this drug can be bought at most pharmacies and you do not need a doctor's prescription to purchase it. In the treatment of plantar fasciitis, you can use different types of bile, but it is more convenient to buy ready-made medical bile.

  • Recipe one: for use requires bile medical in its pure form. You can buy a ready-made emulsion of bile or use a domestic bile, diluted in a ratio of 50:50 with vodka. It is necessary to steam out the legs in a hot bath and apply a compress to the diseased part of the foot - a gauze or bandage layered in several layers, pre-soaked in bile. Top cover with parchment or wax paper, wrap for better fixation with a bandage, can be elastic, and then put on a sock. Compression bandage is done for the whole night, but if there is a strong, unbearable burning sensation - the bandage should be removed, since bile can cause a dermatosis. In the morning, the skin should be cleaned with lotion. The course of procedures is 20 days, during which you can not take breaks. Despite the fact that on the 5th-6th day there may come a significant relief, compresses must be done daily.
  • Recipe 2: mix in a glass container of 20 g( 1 tablespoon) of vodka and shampoo, add 50 g of medical bile. Spread the legs in a hot tub and apply a compress to the sore spot - rolled up in several layers of gauze or bandage, pre-soaked in the resulting mixture. Top with waxed paper or parchment, wrap around for better fixation with a bandage and put on a sock. The compress is done all night.
  • Recipe 3: mix 70 g of medical bile, 3 pods of chili pepper( crushed) and 1 bottle of camphor alcohol in a glass container. The remedy can be stored in the refrigerator for not more than one week. Compress the method described above, superimposed on the steamed, clean dry skin of the foot in the heel area for the whole night. To stop the painful syndrome there are enough from 3 to 5 procedures, but to achieve a lasting therapeutic effect, you should do compresses daily for 10 days.


Medical bile is not recommended for use in such cases:

  • Presence of deep cracks, wounds and scratches on the skin at the intended place of application of the compress;
  • Inflammatory, wetting and pustular skin diseases;
  • Lymphangitis;
  • Used with caution during pregnancy and lactation;
  • Lymphadenitis.

The effectiveness of treatment of medical bile

Today there are many effective folk recipes for treating spurs by applying compresses with medical bile. Despite the minimum number of contraindications, some of them should not be used, as they can rather damage than give a positive result. Therefore, when choosing methods of folk medicine, take extreme care, after consulting with your doctor. Do not self-medicate!

Treat plantar fasciitis, as a rule, with a conservative complex method, which includes therapeutic gymnastics, foot discharge, physiotherapy procedures, massage, the use of corticosteroids and other medications. The bile used in the treatment of the spur can increase the therapeutic effect of a prescribed treatment course, helping to relieve inflammation and relieve pain. However, it must be taken into account that burning is only an auxiliary tool, and in order to cure a heel spur, additional measures can not be avoided.

In conclusion: prevention of

The preventive measures aimed at preventing the formation of the calcaneal spur should be:

Heel spore: treatment, therapy and folk remedies

Heel spur is a degenerative inflammatory disease of the foot soft tissues, bone proliferation,with a look similar to a wedge or a spine, formed on the sole in the calcaneal bone, it is necessary to treat the heel spur in a timely manner.

The disease is accompanied by sharp burning pain when walking or just resting on the heel. The causes can be: flat feet( high load on the heel area), age-related bone changes( more often after previous injuries), rheumatism, vascular or neurodystrophic disorders. Often spurs are formed as a result of inflammation of mucous bags( Achilobussis) or inflammation of the muscular tissues of the soles( fasciitis).

When choosing a method for treating a calcaneal spur, all factors, including the cause of the disease, should be taken into account. To determine how to get rid of the heel spur is best, you need to consult a doctor. Many people are afraid to do this, because they think that the disease will have to be treated only surgically. However, there are various methods for treating this ailment. As a rule, to treat the disease, it is more effective conservatively, that is, with the help of massages, physiotherapeutic procedures, reducing the burden on the inflamed area.

A specialist in a paid clinic or your doctor will tell you how to treat a heel spur with medicines, and folk remedies for the disease are presented below. Also, the expert will recommend a set of procedures aimed at treatment, such as mud applications or mineral baths and the symptoms of the calcaneal spur will go away. Carrying out ultrasound and X-ray will help to establish how to heal the heel spur, so as not to bring to an operational intervention.

Operation - as a method of getting rid of the calcaneal spur - is tried very rarely, since it does not eliminate the cause of the disease and thus can not give full confidence in the complete cure. Even in the absence at this time of the disease should be aware of it all. This knowledge is necessary in order to take quick measures, and how to cure an unpleasant sensation in the heel.

All types of treatment can be divided into three groups: folk remedies, drug therapy and other types of treatment. It is worth considering each of the groups.

Folk remedies for the calcaneal spur

For the treatment of the calcaneal spur folk remedies use the usual natural products that can be found at home or bought in the store.

One of the folk remedies for the heel spur is the curd dressing .Place three tablespoons of fresh cottage cheese on a bandage wrapped in several layers and apply overnight to a sore spot. The procedure is to spend three nights in a row.

The use of table salt is also one of the folk methods of treatment. To relieve pain, it is recommended that you walk around the scattered salt for 15 minutes with a bare heel.

Another popular remedy is a compress made of grated onions. Grate one small head of onions, place the mass in a cellophane bag and lower the leg into it. From above it is necessary to tie a bag with a bow to the leg with something warm, preferably a downy shawl so that the warming process begins. Compression is done at night, the morning is not washed, but simply wiped off with a handkerchief. The procedure must be done 2-3 times.

The calcaneal spur is also assisted by a folk remedy or medicine made from chicken eggs and lard.100 g of lard must be poured with 100 g of acetic essence, then add 1 chicken egg with the shell and mix well. Next, the medicine should be placed in a dark place for 10 days, while periodically it should be stirred. Having unscrewed a sick leg, it is necessary to put a swab moistened in the present medicine, for 5-6 hours on a sore spot. If burning occurs, it is recommended to stop treatment.

Birch bark is an excellent folk remedy for the heel spur. It is necessary to twist the flagellum from the birch bark wrap it with a bandage and place it in the shoes in the form of a pretzel. The heel must precisely fall into the resulting hole, which will significantly reduce the burden on the inflamed area.

In fact, there are a lot of folk methods of treatment and it's simply impossible to tell about everything. The main thing to remember is that treatment with folk remedies is a lengthy process, and the effect is not immediately apparent, but after a few weeks.

Therapy with calcaneal spur

In the field of spur treatment on the heel, many conservative methods are used. These include several types of therapy, which we will discuss in more detail.

Shock wave therapy for heel spurs

Shock wave therapy for calcaneal spur( UTV) helps to reduce pain sensitivity, loosen and shrink ossified areas, and improve blood circulation. Installed on the patient's skin, the device sends pulses to the inflamed area and reduces pain. Treating the heel spur with shock wave therapy gives an amazing result in a short time.

X-ray spine X-ray therapy

X-ray therapy of the spur on the heel is done out-patient and absolutely painless. This procedure has no contraindications and is aimed at blocking the nerve endings, which leads to a reduction in pain. A low-dosed x-ray is sent to the spur, which is clearly fixed in the place of the heel where the spur is located. The procedure for treating the calcaneal spur with X-ray therapy lasts only ten minutes. The spur itself does not disappear after X-ray therapy, but the pain stops torturing the patient. Usually there are ten sessions.

Treatment of calcaneal spur by ultrasound

Last years preference was given to the method of treatment of calcaneal spur by ultrasound. During the procedure, the process of heating the most painful areas on the heel, but not more than two degrees from the natural temperature of the body, is going on. This allows you to speed up the metabolic processes and regenerate damaged tissue. Ultrasound improves the process of microcirculation of blood, has an antispasmodic and resolving effect.

Other types of treatment spurs

Excellent results are noted when treating the heel spur with medical bile, use a purified product. Medical bile at the heel spur can be used even at home. It is easily available in any pharmacy and is dispensed without a doctor's prescription. The procedure is carried out at night as an application of a lotion on the area of ​​the patient's heel. A piece of cotton cloth or gauze is moistened with bile and superimposed on the heel, then it should be covered with polyethylene and fixed with a tubular bandage of the appropriate size. For better warming, it is recommended to wear a toe on the leg. In the morning, the lotion needs to be removed, and the heel rubed with boric alcohol or lotion, it is better not to wash. Use medical bile for treatment is recommended with at least 20 procedures. It is not advisable to take a break in treatment. The use of medical bile with a calcaneal spur helps to completely get rid of the disease, provided that the full course of treatment is completed.

The main groups of medicines for the treatment of the calcaneal spur are described in detail:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The most common drug is Ibufen - improves microcirculation, used in the form of gels and creams. Also apply Fleksen( Ketoprofen) after meals in the form of gelatin capsules and Voltaren( Diclofenac) is applied in the form of tablets once a day.
  • Topical anti-inflammatory drugs. The treatment of heel spur with Dimexide( Dimethylsulfoxide) is very popular. This drug penetrates deeply into the focus of inflammation through the skin and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Used in the form of gauze applications, moistened in a solution of Dimexide. Duration of the procedure is 1-2 weeks.
  • Hormonal preparations: Hydrocortisone - is used in the form of a cream or gel, reduces the lumen of the capillaries and the permeability of the vessels. The course does not exceed 14 days;Diprospan( Betamethasone) - used in the form of injections at the site of inflammation with a dosage of 0.5ml.
  • Local anesthetics: Novocain blocks impulses in nerve endings, removes pain syndrome.
  • Wearing insoles with a calcaneal spur reduces the trauma of soft tissues in the heel area of ​​the heel, it is convenient to use with any footwear. After the application of correctly and qualitatively manufactured insoles, the need for hormonal preparations, or the use of shock wave therapy with a calcaneal spur, is usually completely lost.

When choosing medicines for treatment, you should always consult a doctor and not self-medicate.

Video on spur treatment:

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