Folk methods of treatment of heel spurs

Treating the calcaneal spur folk methods

If a person is worried about the pain in the heel, which is worse when walking, then, first of all, you need to think about a disease such as plantar fasciitis. Most people know it as a heel spur.

Despite the fact that this pathology is not dangerous for human life, but it significantly worsens its quality, causing a lot of inconvenience and causing chronic pain. Therefore, this ailment must be actively identified and treated. Modern medicine can offer several options for the therapy of plantar fasciitis. All of them have a positive effect on the course of the disease and reduce the severity of the pain syndrome. But to strengthen the effect of traditional therapy can be done with the help of years of popular methods.

It's important to remember! Treating the heel spur folk remedies should be considered only as an additional method, it should not in any case replace traditional medicinal and non-medicinal methods of therapy. And you can apply this or that recipe only after consulting a specialist, as a lot of folk potions have their contra-indications and side effects.

Treatment Regimen

With the development of the calcaneal spur, the first thing to do is to reconsider your lifestyle, identify possible risk factors for such a disease, if possible, get rid of them and adhere to a sparing regimen.

It is necessary to abandon the following things:

  • long walks;
  • carrying heavy loads;
  • jumping, running and other types of active physical activity;
  • wearing shoes on flat soles and high heels.

It is mandatory to normalize the body weight, as excess kilograms significantly increase the load on the feet and cause the progression of plantar fasciitis.

Special attention to patients with a calcaneal spur should be given to the choice of shoes. The height of the lift in the foot should not exceed 4-5 cm, but it can not be less than 2-3 cm. Ideal - sneakers with insteps. Also in specialized stores you can buy insoles for shoes with silicone pads, designed for patients with plantar fasciitis.

Silicone pads with heel spur
Such silicone pads will reduce pain when walking to patients with calcaneal spine

Medical compresses

You can start treating the heel spur with compresses. To achieve a positive effect, you need to perform 7 to 15 procedures daily. Consider the best recipes of medical applications.

Based on medical bile

To get rid of the pain in the heels this way, you need to buy in the pharmacy canned medical bile. The legs must be previously heated in warm water for 15-20 minutes. Wadded disk completely moistened with bile and attach to a sick heel. Top up with polyethylene and put on a warm sock. Leave the compress for the whole night. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Based on fat

Such folk methods as fatty compresses will help get rid of pain in the heels. As a raw material suitable for pork, badger, bear, goat fat. A slice of fat is applied to a sore spot, from above wrap a fat compress with polyethylene and put on a sock. Keep the compress all night, the course of treatment - 7-10 days.

On the basis of potatoes

you will need one raw potato, which you need to grate on a small grater. The resulting gruel is spread over a clean cloth and attach to a sore spot. Top with all the cellophane. Keep the compress 4 hours. It takes 6 to 15 procedures daily.

Compression for the heel
You can fasten a compress on the heel with plaster

On the basis of black radish

you will need 50 grams of black radish, which you need to grate on a small grater or pass through a meat grinder. Paste the clean cloth and attach it to the sick heel. Keep it 3-4 hours. After the compress, wipe the skin with a damp towel. The course needs 5-7 compresses.

Based on turpentine

The aching foot should be carefully rubbed with turpentine. Then put on a woolen socks. Such applications must be kept all night. For the treatment course, 6-8 procedures are sufficient.

Based on iodine

You will need a regular alcohol solution of iodine. You need to pour a little into a container and dip a sickly heel. After that, put a clean cotton sock on your foot. If you are afraid of an allergy or a burn, then you can apply a more gentle option - apply an iodine grid. It is recommended to conduct such therapy with a course of 10 days.

Based on soap

You need to take 50 grams of laundry soap, melt it over low heat. The resulting mass must be applied to the sick foot at night. To heal the heel spur this way, you will need 7-9 daily procedures.

Foot baths

It is necessary to mention such methods of traditional medicine as healing foot baths. Here are some effective recipes.


For such a bath you need to dissolve table salt or sea salt in warm water. Proportion: two tablespoons of salt per liter of water. Half of the salt can be replaced with baking soda. Take a bath for 20 minutes. It helps to eliminate inflammation, reduce pain and soften tissues.


You need to take 50 ml of 9% vinegar, 50 ml of turpentine for one liter of warm water. Mix all the ingredients and put the leg in the container for 10 minutes. You can take such a bath for 3 weeks every day. Next, you should make a break for at least a month.


You will need three liters of warm water, a tablespoon of soda and 25 drops of an alcohol solution of iodine. Take a medical bath for 15 minutes every day for 2 weeks.

Foot therapeutic bath is not only useful but also pleasant


For burlap based on medicinal herbs, burdock, nettle, wormwood, chamomile, calendula are suitable for the treatment of the heel spur. To cook it you need this way: for a liter of warm water you need to add a tablespoon of dry herbs. The course of treatment consists of 10-15 procedures daily.


For 3 liters of warm water you will need 100 milliliters of 70% medical alcohol, 100 grams of sea salt. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and keep the heels in the water for 15-20 minutes. The course of treatment will require 7-10 procedures.

Infusions and tinctures

In addition to external methods of treating the heel spur, there are infusions and tinctures for internal reception, which enhance the therapeutic effect of compresses and ointments.

Lilac tincture

It is necessary to take 1 part of dry lilac flowers and 10 parts of vodka. Let the material infuse for 10 days, then drain. Take a teaspoon, diluted with water 2 times a day, regardless of food intake. Also tincture of lilac can be rubbed into a sore spot.

The tincture of the

sabelnik Such a medicine can be purchased in any pharmacy already ready. Take 3 times a day on a teaspoon with water.

Tincture of the saber
The tincture of the saber can be purchased at the pharmacy in ready-made form

Infusion from cowberry

To cook it, you need to take on 1 liter of boiled water 2 tablespoons of dried leaves of cranberries. This amount of tea should be drunk throughout the day, divided into 3-4 meals. The course of treatment is 7 days.

Tincture of pine nuts

You will need only 20 grams of peeled pine nuts. Pour the raw material you need 200 ml of vodka and insist for ten days at room temperature. Use on a tablespoon three times a day before meals.

Therapeutic ointments

Despite the fact that such folk remedies as ointments are difficult to prepare, they have a pronounced curative effect. Cope with the heel spur will help the following ointment formulations.

Based on iris

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To begin with, you need to prepare the tincture of iris. You need to take 250 grams of iris flower root, rinse it and grind it through a blender. Pour the resulting gruel with the same amount of vodka and leave for 5 days to infuse in a dark place.

To prepare the ointment, you need to melt 100 grams of Vaseline in a water bath and add 50 ml of the prepared infusion. After cooling, the ointment will be ready. Keep it in the refrigerator. You can use it daily for rubbing or ointment.

Based on the

egg you will need:

  • one chicken fresh egg;
  • 250 grams of butter( unsalted);
  • 100 ml of acetic essence.

Place the egg in a glass and pour it with vinegar so that it is completely covered with liquid. We leave it in this form until the shell of the egg dissolves. Butter butter melted in a water bath and connect all the ingredients. After cooling, the ointment is ready. Keep it in the fridge.

Apply it preferably in the form of ointment compresses. To do this, a small amount of the drug should be applied to the cheesecloth and attach to the diseased heel. Top with a bandage and leave overnight. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Based on honey and mummy

On a water bath you need to dissolve 5 grams of mummy and 100 grams of natural candied honey. Then the mixture must be cooled. The ointment is ready for use. Rub it in a sore spot can be 2-3 times a day for a week.

Honey is an excellent basis for the preparation of folk ointments

Based on a baby cream

A tube of any baby cream should be squeezed into a container, add one chicken egg and a tablespoon of acetic essence. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator. Rub in the heel of the composition is better at night. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Other folk methods

Among the folk methods of treating the heel spur, the following should be noted.

Massage with a rolling pin

Such an exercise will allow not only to get rid of pain at the heel spur, but also to prevent its development. For treatment or prevention, you need to roll your heel on the floor every day with an ordinary kitchen roll for 15 minutes. This is an excellent massage that will strengthen the muscles and improve blood circulation. After a session of such a massage, it is good to make a therapeutic foot bath and apply one of the compresses for the night, which are described above.

Warming with salt

Half a kilogram of ordinary kitchen salt should be well heated in a dry frying pan or in the oven. After the salt has reached a comfortable temperature for the skin, it is necessary to immerse the diseased heel in it. To warm a leg is necessary before the cooling of salt. You can do such procedures every day for 1-2 weeks.

There are many other methods of traditional medicine that are used to treat the calcaneal spur. But we should not forget that these methods should only complement the therapeutic complex, and also be applied only with the permission of the attending physician.

Treating the calcaneal spur folk remedies

We highly recommend you the article "Effective treatment of the heel spur: the story of one person."

May nettles saved from spurs

Spurs more than a centimeter tormented for more than 15 years! The pain was so strong that it was necessary to put a thick layer of foam rubber in the shoes instead of insole. It seemed that he tried all means, both traditional and popular, which did not help. But my wife found out another recipe for spur treatment, which I decided to try.

It is necessary to collect nettle in May and scroll it through a meat grinder. The resulting pulp, put on a sheet of mug and make a compress. Secure with a bandage so that the compress does not fall off. It should be done at night, but I personally continued to walk with him in the daytime.

After 14 days I could not even believe that the pain was much less. Later, he was able to play football for the first time in many years! Imagine!

Video recipe from Svetlana Chernova

Spurs do not torture for 10 years

Bile of a bear

It takes 40 grams of bile of any animal, not birds, 20 grams of vodka and a little shampoo. It's easier to get the pig's bile, to make a mixture by eye. For the night, steam up your legs and make a compress on your heels, bandaged with a bandage, on top of the socks should be worn. The result exceeds all expectations: after the first procedure it becomes easier to walk, and after 3 days of such procedures the pains do not go away!

Ignis and Vaseline

helped to forget about spurs

It is necessary to excavate the root of the iris flower and about 250 grams of this root to wash and pass through the meat grinder. The resulting gruel should be filled with the same amount of alcohol, cover the vessel with a lid and put in a dark place for two weeks. In two weeks the infusion will be ready. Wet a 4-fold bandage in it and apply to the heel at night. Top with polyethylene and secure with a bandage. The next morning you can remove the bandage.

Next day, instead of iris, you need to attach a medical Vaseline, which can be bought at the pharmacy. And so alternate procedures every other day. The course of treatment of the spur is 20 days, that is, 10 compresses of each remedy.

Simple methods of treating spurs

Honey and dough. It is necessary to take honey, cover the heel with it, then put the dough and wrap it with polyethylene, put on the sock. And so walk a few days. Then you need to wash your foot and repeat it all over again. The spur will take place in two months.

Household soap .You need to take the laundry soap and grate it, then melt it on the fire. This mass is applied to the heel spur in the form of a compress for the night. So it is necessary to do daily until the cure.

Massage .The oldest and simplest recipe for treating spurs is to rub a long heel daily with a spur about the old felt boots.

Bone spine( calcaneus) - Symptoms and treatment with folk remedies at home

Bone spine( heel)

Sprouts of the calcaneus in the form of a wedge or spine at the site of the plantarthe surface of the hillock or in the place where the heel tendon is attached is called the calcaneal spur.

The cause of the disease can be trauma, as well as flat feet. Sometimes the appearance of a calcaneal spur leads to a sharp increase in weight. Contribute to the appearance of spurs sedentary work, gout, various infectious diseases.

Symptoms of spurs.

When attacking the heel, there is a sharp pain. The pain is so strong that many people prefer to walk with a cane or crutches, so as not to step on the heel, or only step on the toe, for fear of painful sensations.

Traditional methods of treating spurs.

In the acute stage, the doctor prescribes analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, electrophoresis. After the pain ceases, special insoles with holes in the spur area are recommended. Spurs can be surgically removed.

Non-traditional and popular methods of treating spurs

Home remedies for spurs

  1. Pour 100 g unsalted fresh lard or lard 100 ml of acetic essence, add, breaking, 1 chicken egg together with the shell and insist 21 days in a dark place, occasionally stirring until the mixture turns into a homogeneous mass. Undoing the heel or sole of the foot, apply a cotton swab with a thin layer of ointment applied to the spur. If burning occurs, stop the procedure and wipe the leg with a dry cloth. This procedure should be repeated for 35 days, tying each time the tampon to the leg with a bandage and putting on a sock.

  2. Grate half the head of garlic and tie it for 3-4 hours to the spur. Repeat the procedure until the pain disappears completely. When burning, stop the procedure.

  3. Cut in half 1 head of onions and pour 1 drop of tar into the middle of each halve. After this half attach to the patient spur place.

  4. With spurs on the legs, cover a heated copper basin with a piece of some cloth, so as not to burn the skin, and stand on it until it cools.

  5. Take potatoes, wash, rub together with peel on a fine grater. Lay the mass on gauze and pribintovat to a sore point, from the top bind polyethylene. Do not remove the bandage for 24 hours. Then change. The course of treatment spurs-1 week. The same way you can get rid of calluses.

  6. To reduce pain when walking, put a piece of aluminum foil on the spur.

  7. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 8-10 drops of iodine in 3 liters of hot( preferably distilled or thawed) water. The water temperature is 37 ° С.Keep your feet in the basin with this water for 10 minutes. After the foot bath, wipe off and diseased spur of the site with a 5% iodine solution overnight.

  8. Mix 50 ml of ammonia and 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil. To apply daily for 30 minutes to a sick heel a tampon, moistened in this mixture.

  9. Dissolve in a water bath in 100 g honey 5 g mummy and rub overnight sick spur of the seat.

Herbs and fees for the treatment of spurs

  1. Bind to the spur a fresh leaf of May burdock, or a leaf of plantain, or a leaf of mother-and-stepmother.

  2. Drink as often as possible and more infusion of cranberry leaves.

  3. Pour the flowers of white acacia with vodka in the ratio 1: 3.Insist and lubricate the spurs.

  4. Pour the roots of sabelnik marsh vodka in a ratio of 1: 3.Insist and take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.

  5. Fill a cleanly washed bottle of 3/4 volume with red elderberry berries, top up the alcohol and insist 1 week. Strain and moisten with a tincture a sore spot. You can make warming compresses with the same tincture.

Comments of the doctor to folk remedies for spurs

Treatment of spurs is usually of a conservative nature and depends on the reason that caused this pathological phenomenon. It is necessary to carry out activities that are aimed at removing the inflammatory composition. In an acute period, bed rest is necessary, immobilization with a gypsum langet for about two weeks and antibiotic therapy. One of the most basic and important conditions for a positive result of treatment of this disease will be to ensure maximum unloading of the place in which there are painful sensations. To do this, with a sole heel spur, you need to use personal orthopedic insoles with a special laying of the inner and outer longitudinal arches of the foot, with a deepening and soft lining under the heel bone. As a temporary measure for unloading, you can use a special thrust bearing made of thick foam that will have a recess or hole in the center. The most complete and effective is unloading with special orthopedic shoes with a groove in the place where the heel is located. With the rear spur, the groove in the shoes is made in the back. As a temporary measure, you can recommend patients shoes without a back.

In the complex of conservative treatment, it is also necessary to include warm foot baths( preferably using sea salt, soda and soap), therapeutic gymnastics and foot and shin muscles massage, which are aimed at improving blood circulation, but without injuring the painful heel area;Physiotherapeutic procedures( ozokeritoparaffinous applications, hydrocortisone phonophoresis, electrophoresis of potassium iodide or novocaine).If such treatment does not bring relief, then in the treatment complex it is necessary to include repeated courses of laser therapy.

In case of severe pain syndrome and in the absence of the effect of the therapy, X-ray therapy is used. It is carried out by the method of small total doses. It must be remembered that the therapeutic effect with conservative therapy of heel spurs usually does not come immediately. The courses should be repeated several times at intervals of two to three months.

If conservative treatment is unsuccessful, surgical treatment can be performed, but the indications for such intervention are very relative. In the operation, remove the heel spur. After surgery, the limb should be fixed with a plaster bandage for about one month. After removing the gypsum, orthopedic insoles with arched vaults are prescribed and restorative treatment is carried out: baths, therapeutic physical training, foot and shin muscles massage, physiotherapy if necessary. With persistent and targeted conservative treatment combined with unloading of painful sites, the prognosis of this disease is satisfactory. And although under the influence of this treatment the bone spur itself does not decrease and does not disappear, the pain syndrome is eliminated.

Prevention of this disease should be aimed at preventing early aging of the bones and joints of the foot: active motor system, exercise, hardening of the body. It should avoid overloads of feet, prevent the development and progression of flatfoot.

From the recipes in the article you can use those( in addition to the main treatment), the components of which have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, these are recipes using garlic, onion, burdock, plantain, coltsfoot, white acacia, marshworm,cowberry, elderberry, baths with soda and iodine, heating( not necessarily with a copper basin) are also useful. The rest of the recipes will not bring a positive effect.

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Heel spur treatment with folk remedies, Heel spur photo - Treatment with folk remedies on KRASGMU.NET

Heel spur treatment with folk remedies Heel spike " spur " is a bone outgrowth in placeattachment of the tendon The treatment of the aspiration " spurs " is to reduce the load on the heel spur with the use of various insoles and heel pains in the heel for a long time - the symptoms of the calcaneal spur Pains with heel spurs may beBurning, sharp when supported on the heel. SCADAP , treatment of the spurs at home easily and simply.

Heel spur is,( plantar fasciitis) spine-like bone growth on the plantar surface of the heel bones at the attachment of the ligament of the foot or heel( Achilles) tendon;type of osteophyte. Develops more often with metabolic disorders, flat feet due to overstrain of the ligaments of the foot. Externally heel spur is not manifested, but can cause severe pain. It is detected by X-ray examination of the foot.

Modern treatment of calcaneal spurs: physiotherapy, special orthopedic insoles, boots;with persistent severe pain, X-ray therapy is used, surgical operations. Modern physiotherapy with a heel spur: with heel spurs usually recommend ultrasound with hydrocortisone ointment. If it does not help, the course of shock wave therapy.

Folk remedies treatment of heel spurs:

Remember: the real treatment of heel spurs is a surgical excision of the spur itself - only in a hospital!

Folk treatment of calcaneal spur №1.

A simple method for treating heel spurs with hot alcohol. It is necessary to pour alcohol into a frying pan and simmer over low heat, be very careful, becausealcohol is easily ignited! Provide a measure of security. After this, pour the heated alcohol into the pelvis. For 15-20 minutes, lower the legs into heated alcohol. After the procedure, do not wipe the feet from alcohol.

Heel spur treatment with folk remedies №2 - iris and Vaseline

It is necessary to excavate the root of the iris flower.250 g of this root wash and pass through a meat grinder or blender. The resulting gruel fill with the same amount of alcohol 96%, close the container with a lid and put it in a dark place for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the infusion is ready. Wet it folded four times in a bandage and apply to the heel at night. Top with polyethylene and secure. The next morning you can remove the bandage. Next night, instead of iris, apply medical Vaseline. And so alternate the procedure through the night. The course of treatment of the spur is 20 days, that is, 10 compresses of each remedy. The spur completely passes about a month and a half later.

Treatment of heel spurs of nettle nettle

It is necessary to collect nettle in May and scroll through a meat grinder. The resulting gruel put on a sheet of mug and compress at night, secure with a bandage. After 14 days, the pain becomes much less. The best is the May nettle. By the way, this recipe will certainly help with arthritis.

Treating the calcaneal spur

Honey and dough. Honey coat the heel, then put the dough on the heel and wrap it with polyethylene, put on the sock. And so go for a few days. Then wash your foot and repeat again - the spur passes two months later. Laundry soap. Quite an easy way and affordable. Wash the household soap on a grater, melt it with fire. This mass is applied to the calcaneal spur in the form of a compress for the night. Do this daily until you are cured. Massage. Probably the most affordable folk method for treating the heel spur. Every evening, sitting on the couch, rub a heel on the old boots for a long time. A month later the spur passes

Treating the calcaneal spur with bile

It can be cured in just 3 nights! The popular method of treating spurs. It is necessary to take 40 g of animal bile, only not the bird's, 20 g of vodka and a little shampoo. For example, pork bile, make a mixture by eye. For the night, break up your legs and apply a compress on your heels, bandaging with a bandage. Top your socks. The result will surpass all expectations, after the first procedure it will become easier to walk. And after 3 days of such procedures, the pain will pass.


"Tincture of lilac flowers is used for rheumatism, salt deposits in the joints, with calcaneal spurs. The tincture is prepared as follows: dried lilac flowers are poured with vodka in a ratio of 1:10 and insist 8-10 days in a sealed container.drops 2-3 times a day and at the same time rub the diseased areas or make them compresses from the same tincture. Diseases of the legs must stop, the heel spurs will disappear. "

Other treatments for calcaneal spurs:

Often use 10 percent tincture of pine nuts( 20 g crushed nuts insist in 200 grams of vodka 10 days), drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times daily before meals. Black radish in the skins rub on a fine grater, the resulting gruel is applied at night to the spur. In the morning, wash the heel with warm water. Usually there are three procedures. Leaf of plantain( do not wash) apply "wrong side" to the heel, when it dries - replace it with a new one. The first 3-4 days can be severe pain, be patient, in two weeks you will forget about your spurs. Three-liter pot filled with small potatoes and potato peelings, cook until ready, put into a basin and knead it all until it cools. Wipe your feet, put iodine on the soles in the form of a mesh and put on socks. The course of treatment - 7 procedures. A bottle of triple cologne, two vials of pharmacy valerian, two vials of iodine, five pods of bitter pepper to mix and insist a day in a dark bottle. Lubricate the night sick spots and wrap. Wash the raw egg, put it in a small jar, pour it with acetic essence, cover it and put it in the refrigerator until the shell dissolves( about 10 days).Egg to take out with a steel spoon and put in an enamel bowl, remove the film, grind and pour the remaining essence, stir well, add 40 g of creamy unsalted butter. The ointment is ready, the shelf life is 2-3 years. Heels lubricate and put on cotton socks A tablespoon of honey, 5% iodine solution( 5-10 drops), a teaspoon of shallow salt mixed. Apply to cotton wool or bandage, put on the heel, wrap with cellophane and tighten pribintovat. In the morning, walk around 15 minutes with a bandage, then take off. This amount of ointment is enough for five procedures. On the cabbage leaf, apply a teaspoon of honey and fasten on the heel, overnight, in the morning, rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure three times. Sporysh( birdwort), fresh grass, put yourself in shoes and walk all day. The next day, discard the old grass, and insert a new one. Steam the legs in a hot tub, then do a compress of medical bile for the night.


Conservative therapy of calcaneal spurs( planar fasciitis).

Treatment of plantar fasciitis begins with the selection of comfortable shoes. To reduce the pressure when walking on the heel area and maintain the longitudinal arch of the foot, patients are recommended to use orthopedic insoles in insoles and special soft liners in the form of bagels, which are glued to the insole in the area of ​​the heel. The use of such orthopedic products allows to reduce the load on the plantar fascia, to slow the development of degenerative changes in it. In severe pain syndrome, non-narcotic analgesics( paracetamol, aspirin, analgin) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are indicated. The most effective method of treatment of plantar fasciitis is a therapeutic blockade with a suspension of glucocorticoid drugs( hydrocortisone, diprospan, kenalog).These medicines have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which leads to rapid subsidence of local inflammation and relief of pain syndrome. However, it must be remembered that the unreasonably frequent introduction of glucocorticoids leads to atrophic changes in the subcutaneous fat of the calcaneal region, which in a few years can lead to the progression of the disease. In the presence of heel spurs of large dimensions, shock wave therapy is shown. This is a modern method of treatment, while the bone outgrowth is destroyed by directional action of wave energy.

Surgical treatment of heel spurs

Surgical treatment is shown to a very small number of patients with a calcaneal spur. With plantar fasciitis, the following surgical procedures can be performed: • Removal of heel spurs • Partial excision of the plantar fascia • Neurolysis( relieving from compression) of the nerves in the calcaneal region. Elimination of calcaneal spurs can be performed either through a small incision or through a puncture of the skin using endoscopic technique. Currently, there are conflicting opinions about the effectiveness and appropriateness of surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis.

Treating the calcaneal spur folk remedies

The heel spur is called the proliferation of bone tissue, which acquires a spine shape. Painful sensations manifest themselves when the load is on the heel or even immediately after rest. The causes of this disease are multifaceted, they can include metabolic disorders, and the presence of excessive weight, trauma and excessive load, osteochondrosis and flat feet. For many patients, the pain sensations resemble the heeling of an acute nail. With a calcaneal spur, many people have changes in their gait. Ultrasound and X-ray examination are used to accurately determine the disease.

Folk remedies - bile, iodine and lard

In the treatment of calcaneal spurs, folk methods have proved themselves well. One of the most common is medical bile. Before applying the procedure, the heel should be steamed for 15 minutes in hot water, then wipe dry and apply a compress of bile. A cotton swab on top is wrapped in a bandage, on top of which polyethylene is wound. The leg should be dressed in a warm dry sock. This bandage is left until the morning, the procedure can be repeated every day until the pain disappears.

Treating the heel spur with bile has many positive responses from healed patients. Some of them recommend taking ordinary animal bile, for example, a pig, to which to add half a glass of vodka and a little shampoo. Compression is done by analogy with the above on pre-steamed heels. After several procedures, the pain recedes completely.

For treatment of heel spur with iodine, 5% alcoholic tincture is used. The so-called iodine net is applied to the diseased heel with a cotton swab. It does not require bandaging, in addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Another effective recipe will be the following: in a bubble with iodine, dissolve three shredded tablets of analgin and aspirin and insist in a dark place for a day. Lubricate the patient's heels no more often than once a week. Apply until pain disappears completely. I can also prepare a medicinal bath from iodine. A few bubbles pour into a low capacity and put a foot there. After a few minutes, wrap a leg with a bandage or again put on a sock. With this popular recipe, a significant amount of iodine is absorbed into the heel. However, as side effects, skin peeling may occur, which is burned.

You can cook a lot of useful medicines from ordinary lard. In folk recipes for calcaneal spurs, this product is also applicable. For this, it is necessary to melt 100 grams of old fat in a frying pan. In the resulting fat, drive in a raw egg, and then add a teaspoon of honey and 100 grams of vinegar. Ointment carefully mix and insist for two days. Heal the heel, then apply a small amount of ointment and put a toe on the leg. Ointment to leave for the whole night until morning. After a week of treating the calcaneal spur with fat, the pain passes completely.

Less Famous Folk Drugs

Folk treatments for the disease are also based on the use of a number of other foods and plants. For example, you can use not only lard, but also any other types of animal fat: badger, bear, goat. Applied with heel spur and vegetables. Raw potatoes are cut along and dragged to a sore spot for the night. Potatoes can also be grated and applied as a compress to the resulting gruel. Black radish is also used to prepare medicinal applications. It is crushed and applied for a few days on a sore heel.

For leg patients, traditional garlic is used, which is applied rubbed to the state of gruel. One of the most simple folk methods is the method using table salt. It is properly heated in a frying pan, allowed to cool to a certain temperature so that you can put your foot there. The procedure is repeated for 3 days.

The following composition helps well from the heel spur: take red ground pepper in the amount of 3 tablespoons, add to it 100 grams of vegetable oil, 2 teaspoons of mustard and alcohol tincture of propolis. With the mixture obtained, lubricate the diseased leg and wrap it with a plastic bag.

Another example of folk remedies for spur treatment may be the following recipe. Take three liters of water in which to dissolve three kilograms of red clay. Add the same package of soda and salt. Put mixture on fire and bring to a boil. First, the legs should be kept above the steam, and when the water cools down, lower them completely there. After the end of the procedure, wrap your feet and go to bed.

Plots and spells - take a chance to try it?

However, the most extravagant method of treatment will be reading the conspiracy from the calcaneal spur. All interested persons can experience this technique on their own. As an example, a couple of spells on this topic.

  1. Evening dawn Maritza, a clear star, go from heaven to earth, come to me, slave of God / servant of God( called the name) come. How do you, Maritsa, do not feel your feet like you, a little star, you can not know them, so do so that I could forget about my wits at my feet. Now, forever and forever. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  2. As the cock at the dawn wings, slams, spurs, before dawn it flaunts. Let him slap his wings, stamp my spurs, pretend before the dawn, and not part with my spurs. Get off, spurs, on the rooster with the Servant of God / Servant of God( pronounced name).Amen.

To read this conspiracy, it is necessary to pour water into the basin and throw the leg of the cock, then stand with your legs in the pelvis and read the conspiracy for the decreasing month three times.

How to treat bone osteomyelitis

How to treat bone osteomyelitisDiseases Of The Joints

Symptoms and treatment of osteomyelitis Osteomyelitis is an inflammation of the bone marrow, which also engages the cortical bone substance( Havers channels) with the periosteum. Thus, the conc...

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Hematogenous osteomyelitis in children

Hematogenous osteomyelitis in childrenDiseases Of The Joints

Hematogenous osteomyelitis in children With the advent of the child in the family come not only happiness, joy and all-consuming love, but also cares, experiences and, sadly, to realize illne...

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Antibiotics for bone osteomyelitisDiseases Of The Joints

How to identify the disease At the outset, it is almost impossible to determine the presence of osteomyelitis, because there are simply no symptoms. As a rule, everything begins with an increas...

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