Folk treatment of calcaneal spur at home

Treating the calcaneal spur at home

Plantar fasciitis is a disease manifested by pain of varying intensity in the heel area as a result of microtraumas of the connective fascia - the formation of spine-like bone growth in the calcaneus and aseptic inflammation of the soft tissues of the foot. In people, this disease was called a calcaneal spur.

Causes of formation and symptoms of

Heel spur is formed due to:

  • age changes;
  • flat feet;
  • diseases of the spine and joints;
  • disorders of mineral metabolism;
  • wearing high-heeled shoes in combination with excess weight;
  • of increased load and traumatizing of the foot during intensive training or long standing work.

Heel spur appears:

  • intense pain when walking in the heel area in the morning hours and after a long load, over time, the pain can be permanent;
  • change in gait - due to weight transfer to a healthy leg appears lameness;
  • local inflammation in the heel area - redness, skin hardening, pain with pressure.

Treating the calcaneal spur

Foot bath
To eliminate the calcaneal spur, traditional and non-traditional medicine methods are used. In traditional medical treatment, it is recommended:
  • use insoles and foot supports to unload the foot;
  • to limit heavy physical activity, it is allowed to perform therapeutic gymnastics;
  • use temporary immobilization by tapping, night orthosis;
  • topically apply anti-inflammatory ointments;
  • topical application of anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • physiotherapeutic procedures - electrophoresis, phonophoresis with anti-inflammatory drugs, UHF;
  • surgical treatment with ineffective drug and physiotherapy treatment.

Treating the calcaneal spur at home

In addition to the conventional treatment of the heel spurs, it is often resorted to affordable and effective recipes for traditional medicine, which include various applications( compresses) and warming up, with courses ranging from 2 to 30 procedures.

Methods of treatment with applications( compresses):

  • with a grater to make onion gruel. Kashitsu put on the heel, wrap the package and fix it with a warm cloth. Keep the compress all night. Instead of onions, you can use garlic, but carefully - it acts more aggressively and often causes burns. When applying garlic gruel, the exposure time should be reduced and if the burning is severe, stop the procedure. To reduce the aggressiveness of garlic apples, garlic mass can be mixed with vegetable oil or chalk;
  • cut the head of the bulb in half and apply a few drops of tar on the cut surface, then fix the half of the onion head in a sore spot, warm it and leave it for 5-8 hours. Bulb can be replaced with a crust of black bread;
  • Bow
  • to prepare a mixture of 45 g of bile, 20 ml of vodka and a teaspoon of shampoo or shavings of laundry soap. To steal legs and with the help of the received structure to make a compress for 8 -10 hours;
  • to prepare an ointment from 100 ml of vinegar, one egg and 100 g of melted lard. The mixture must be insisted for 21 days, stirring every day. The ointment is applied to the steamed skin on a bandage basis and sealed with adhesive plaster. In case of severe burning, the bandage should be removed;
  • mix the mashed potatoes with 5 ml kerosene, compress with the mixture;
  • one cabbage leaf to cover with honey and attach to the heel, fix with a bandage and leave for 12 hours. For applications with honey, you can also use salt in a ratio of 1: 1, honey cakes, a mixture of honey and mummies in equal proportions;
  • for local applications you can use sheets of plantain, cabbage, burdock, mother-and-stepmother. The selected leaf of any of the plants is applied to the steamed heel for 6 hours;
  • to prepare a gruel from fresh nettle leaves or black radish, and impose on the ankle as a normal compress;
  • mix 15 ml of purified vegetable oil and 40 ml of ammonia, the resulting composition used for night compresses;
  • for acute pain in the heel as a distracting and warming agent can use a mustard, which is established by the traditional method to the painful point for 10-15 minutes. In the absence of mustard plasters, you can make warming socks. In a woolen toe, dry mustard, black or red pepper must be covered, put on the sock for 20-30 minutes, with severe burning, the procedure should be interrupted;
  • for the removal of pain and inflammation, you can prepare a mixture of iodine and 2 tablets of an anti-inflammatory drug( analgin, indomethacin).Tablets must be pre-crushed and placed in a solution of iodine, use after completely dissolving the tablets. The resulting composition is smeared with a painful patch or a traditional iodine mesh.

Methods of treatment by heating the feet:

  • heat alcohol in the tank, avoiding ignition. If there is a lot of alcohol, you can make a foot bath until the fluid cools completely, if the amount is limited, do rubbing the affected area;
  • salt bath is prepared for steaming the feet at the rate of 1 kg of salt per bucket of water, before use, the solution is brought to a boil. Then they soar their feet until the water cools. Instead of salt water, you can use milk whey. The procedure must be repeated for 10-12 days, daily.

To prevent re-inflammation it is necessary: ​​

  • to limit the wearing of shoes on a high platform and heels, it is advisable to choose models of shoes with a wide heel 3-4 cm high;
  • to reduce body weight in the presence of excess weight;
  • Avoid prolonged standing, trauma to the calcaneus, weight lifting;
  • use orthopedic insoles and heel pads in shoes to unload the foot.

Heel spur: treatment with folk remedies at home

Popular treatment of calcaneal spur: home remedies

Nowadays, people's prescriptions for the treatment of heel spurs, which in combination with conservative methods help to significantly reduce pain and speed uprecovery of the patient.

Treatment of heel spur with iodine

  • To relieve the symptoms of an ailment, you can make foot baths.
  • In the pelvis you need to pour 3 liters of not very hot water and add soda( 1 tablespoon) and iodine( 15 drops).
  • The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. If the water cools down, pour a little boiling water.

Treating the calcaneal spur with medical bile

  • You need to buy canned bile from the pharmacy. Before applying it to the skin, the heel should be steamed for 15 minutes.
  • A cotton swab impregnated with bile must be applied to the affected area, wrapped with polyethylene and secured with a handkerchief or bandage, and on top of the sock.
  • Put such compresses on a daily basis and leave for the whole night. After a while, the symptoms will be weakened, and the spur will disappear.

Treating heel spur with honey

Honey is a universal and very effective remedy that is used in many folk recipes. With the addition of honey, many mixtures are made for compresses with a calcaneal spur:

  • Take a teaspoon of honey and sea salt. Mix the ingredients and apply on the heel. Leave it overnight, fix with a bandage and wrap it with polyethylene.
  • Honey must be mixed with flour, so that the gruel has a consistency of not very liquid dough.
  • The cake should be placed on the affected area, previously steamed, wrapped with cellophane and secured with a bandage.

Treating the calcaneal spur with soap

  • It is necessary to take a bar of laundry soap and rub it on a fine grater.
  • Place in a bowl and melt on a water bath.
  • It is recommended to make compresses from the prepared mass.
  • Apply the soap slurry to the spur for the whole night.
  • From above, the heel can be wrapped in polyethylene and fastened with a bandage.
  • Perform the procedure daily until complete recovery.

Treating the calcaneal spur with fat

  • To prepare the medicine from the spur you need to take half a glass of melted lard, ½ cup vinegar and one raw egg with the shell, grinding it on a coffee grinder.
  • All components must be put in a dark place, stir every day.
  • After 21 days the drug will turn into a homogeneous mass.
  • A small amount of it should be spread on a cotton swab and attach to a sick heel, secure with a bandage and put on a warm sock.
  • The course of treatment is 35 days.

Treatment of heel spur bischofite

Bishofit is a natural substance that has a beneficial effect on health and helps to defeat the disease. To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to adhere exactly to the rules of application of this gel.

  • Warm the heel with a warmer for 5 minutes.
  • Then you should fold the cheesecloth into several layers, apply a remedy on it and put the heels on the skin.
  • Gaulet should be covered with cellophane and put on a warm sock.
  • Compress left overnight, and in the morning remove and wash off the gel with warm water.
  • Set compresses every other day for two weeks.

Treatment of heel spur with dimexid

Dimexide is a medicinal preparation that can relieve inflammation in the heel spur and relieve the symptoms of the disease.

  • As a rule, a solution of dimexide is used( a tablespoon of the drug should be diluted in three tablespoons of boiled water).
  • Compress should be applied for 20 minutes.
  • To do this, a tampon soaked in a solution must be placed on the heel, secured with a bandage and put on a woolen socks.
  • The duration of the course of therapy is 7-30 days.

Treating the calcaneal spur with alcohol

  • You need to pour a glass of alcohol in a bowl and heat it over low heat. You should do this with caution, since alcohol can ignite.
  • It is recommended to lower the heel in a hot liquid for 20 minutes.
  • Then pull out the leg and wait until the alcohol is absorbed.

Treatment of calcaneal spur with

  • It is necessary to take fresh leaves of nettle. It is advisable to collect them in May.
  • A small amount of raw materials should be followed by a meat grinder, to make 2 gruel.
  • The resulting drug is evenly distributed on a burdock sheet and applied to a sick heel, fastened with a handkerchief or bandage.
  • Compress every day at night. In two weeks the pain will decrease, and after a month the spur will disappear altogether.

Treating calcaneal spurs with herbs

  • It is required to take a glass of dried horsetail and pour three liters of hot water. The broth should be insisted for two hours and filtered through gauze.
  • Before going to bed, you need to make foot baths lasting 15 minutes. Wiping feet from water, a painful heel should be lubricated with Lugol's solution.
We also recommend that you read the article Treatment of the knee joint meniscus with folk remedies.

It is well known that any disease is easier to prevent than treat. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken to eliminate the causes that cause the formation of the heel spur. Among them:

  • weight control;
  • timely treatment of flat feet, use of orthopedic insoles;
  • no excessive load on the feet;
  • competent treatment of diseases of the joints and spine;
  • wearing comfortable shoes;
  • active way of life and sports;
  • balanced diet.

Do not forget about preventive exercises, thanks to which you can avoid the appearance of a spur. It is advisable at all times to walk barefoot, to stomp on toes, on the outside or inside of the foot. You can also take foot baths, adding in them soda, soap, salt or essential oils.

Spur on heel than to heal: at home, reviews

Warmings as a method for treating heel spurs

At home, you can do the following heating procedures:

  1. Kilogram of table salt mix with five liters of boiling water. When it boils, cool a little and steam into the resulting foot solution. The course of treatment with such trays is 10 days. Prepared salt solution simply warm up and a pair of legs. The pain will subside already on the fourth procedure, but the treatment course is important to do until the end;
  2. Similarly, you can soar your feet in warmed milk whey;
  3. Preheat alcohol over low heat. Put your feet in it, steam them for 15 minutes. After the procedure, do not wipe your feet, but simply put on socks. If after five such procedures there are no improvements, change the method of treatment.

Compresses as a method of treating the calcaneal spur

To treat spurs on the heels can be done with the help of such compresses:

  1. Grated garlic is applied to the heel. Wrap it with cellophane and fix it with a warm cloth. After three hours, remove the compress. If the heel is very hot during the procedure, remove the garlic and wipe the skin;
  2. Mix in equal proportions crushed garlic with chopped chalk. Undoing the foot in the foot bath, attach the product to the foot. Top with cellophane and warm cloth. Several sessions of such a compress will help to ease pain in the heels;
  3. Leaf the cabbage with honey and attach it to the heel. In the morning, rinse the compress with warm water. Duration of treatment - three days;
  4. In the same proportion, mix sea salt with honey. For the whole night, make a compress, and in the morning, wash it off with water;
  5. Make a cake of flour and honey. Undo the heel and attach the product to it. Over wrap the bag and put on a warm sock. The compress is done all night. For complete recovery, you need to do ten such procedures;
  6. Mix 100 grams of lard or lard with acetic essence( 100 milliliters), a chicken egg with a shell. Insist you need three weeks in a dark place. From time to time, the agent must be mixed. Add the finished medicine to the steamed patient foot with a cotton swab. The course of treatment is one month. When carrying out such a compress on top you need to wear warm socks;
  7. Mix hot boiled potatoes in a uniform with kerosene( 5 grams).Lay out the product on the bag, pribintuyte it to the heel with a spur. Top your socks. Duration of treatment - no more than 12 procedures. After three sessions the pain will begin to subside;
  8. Mix bile( 40 grams) with vodka( 20 grams) and shredded laundry soap( 5 grams).Before going to bed, steaming your feet, attach the resulting product to the heel with a spur and fix it with a bandage. Thanks to such a compressor, after the first session, the first results will be visible. A couple of procedures will be followed by painful sensations;
  9. Put the raw grated potatoes together with the skin on the bandage, and reattach it to the diseased heel. Secure the compress with polyethylene. After 24 hours, remove it. To make such a tool work, you need to do about eight such procedures;
  10. Pour a couple of crushed aspirin tablets with an iodine ampoule. With the resulting mixture, treat the heels, put on warm socks and go to bed. Such a compress should be done two times with breaks in one week;
  11. Black radish together with peel grate. Apply the resulting mass to the heel and fix with a bandage. This compress is done at night. In the morning, you need to take off and do your own business.

Massage as a method of treating the calcaneal spur

Treatment of spurs at home can be done with the help of a massage effect on the feet. There are such types of home massage:

  1. Heat a kilogram of large salt and pour it on a flat floor. Stand with your bare feet on hot salt and walk along it for 15 minutes. Such a folk remedy will help to cope with the spur in just a couple of such procedures;
  2. Sitting in a chair, and placing on the floor an old washing board, follow it with stops. It is necessary to rub the feet intensely on the board, focusing on the heels. The duration of one procedure is 10 minutes. Massage the feet should be done twice a day until the spurs completely disappear in the heels;
  3. Boil until cooked a three-liter pot of small potatoes along with the peel. After pouring it into the basin, start kicking with your feet until it cools down. Wipe the heels, draw on them an iodine grid and put on socks. Duration of treatment is 1 week. That this method of treatment was more effective, during the cooking of potatoes it should be strongly salted.

Recipes of remedies that will also help cure the heel spike :

  1. Fresh sheets of plantain tape with a bandage to the injured heel. Remove the leaves when they dry. Duration of treatment is 14 days. The plant excellently pulls salt, so that painful sensations in the heels are removed;
  2. Undress your legs, tread on the freshly harvested nettles for half an hour. After five such procedures, do not even remember the spur;
  3. Such a medicine will help to cope with spurs in the heels instantly. Mix six bags of magnesia with a liter of water and heat it to 60 degrees. Steam the legs in the bath 10 minutes. Then to the heels attach a compress of liquid valerian and put on terry socks. Duration of treatment - 10 procedures;
  4. After pouring a little ground red pepper into your toes, you have to walk this way throughout the day. Daily wearing of socks with pepper for two weeks will save spurs on the heels;
  5. Pour vodka( 200 grams) pounded pine nuts( 20 grams).Let it infuse for at least ten days in a dark place. Drink tincture of 10 grams before eating three times a day. A couple of days from the spurs there will be no trace.
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Heel spur: home treatment with iodine, ointment

Faced with pain in the foot around the heel, not everyone wants to run to the doctor. Of course, only the surgeon can make the final diagnosis after carrying out the necessary studies, but many even without a specialist can understand that they have a calcaneal spur. In our time, there are many ways how to treat a heel spur at home, and many of them are not exclusively folk, they are recognized as official medicine.

Spur no longer bothers! How to get rid of heel pain in 2 weeks at home?

Preventive methods of preventing the disease

If you just started to feel discomfort in your legs in the morning trying to get out of bed, then it is likely that youyou will manage with massage and exercises. Therapeutic gymnastics with a calcaneal spur is designed to gently stretch the plantar fascia. After all, all problems arise because the connective tissue is contracting, and with the slightest trauma, painful gaps and foci of inflammation appear on it.

Performing simple exercises aimed at stretching the calf muscles and directly fascia, you can rid yourself of the problem at a time when it will only begin to make itself felt. The most effective ways to make the plantar fascia work is to collect small and medium items from the floor with your toes and to skate along the longitudinal arch of the foot with water bottles.

Also not bad proved itself and massage of problem zones. You can do it yourself, its main purpose is to increase blood circulation. So, you can just rub the soles of your feet, blot them out, or you can walk on bags of small pebbles and beans several times a day. In addition, if you are trying to learn how to get rid of the heel spur, then do not forget about the maximum discharge for the patient's feet, comfortable shoes and liners in shoes - special insole or heel pads.

Ointments and compresses

Of course, preventive measures can only be helped if only a few days have elapsed since the first pains appeared. But few people pay attention to minor discomfort, usually the question of how to treat plantar fasciitis, occurs even when it becomes difficult to get out of bed in the morning. So, at home, you can use various painkillers, which also have anti-inflammatory effect. Among them, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Dolobene, Indomethacin, Hydrocortisone and many others.

Strengthen the effect of these funds can be, if a few minutes after their rubbing, make a compress with Dimexid. It is this drug that will contribute to the fact that the ointment from the spurs on the heels will penetrate into the inflamed tissues. Before using any external preparation it is better to steam out a leg - it will strengthen blood circulation and will stimulate more active absorption of medicinal substances.

Often even doctors recommend, in addition to the main treatment, use such a remedy as medical bile. Compresses with it will help you forget what a heel spur and such treatment at home can be done quite effectively. In order to do the application on the sore spots do not have to lie in the hospital, just get this medication, apply it on gauze, attach it to the sore spot, cover it with polyethylene, wrap it securely and leave it overnight. This will help to ensure that the substance passes through the skin and membrane membrane of the inflamed cells.

Some people are helped by special plasters with analgesic substances. They are glued to the problem site, after which the active components contained in them begin to work. It is also not bad to make various baths or other warming procedures, which are aimed solely at improving blood circulation. The listed ways of treatment though refer to the home, but are appointed in many cases by doctors. Gels, creams, ointments, as methods of combating plantar fasciitis are recognized as official medicine. But do not neglect the visit to the doctor, because not always the reason for the pain is the spur.

Alternative methods of getting rid of the

problem Recently, the treatment of spurs with bischofite has been increasingly spoken of: it can be found in the form of ointments, concentrated solutions, gels. This applies to non-medicinal methods, because the main active ingredient in them is a mineral, which includes magnesium, potassium, iodine, bromine. Some argue that due to the balanced amount of minerals and natural substances in the gel created for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, it is able to relieve inflammation and anesthetize. Given that the price for it is not too high, then its effectiveness can be checked by everyone.

Many fans of alternative treatments have already heard about the vibroacoustic apparatus "Vitafon".As its manufacturers say, it stimulates cellular vibrations in the treated area, which improves lymph circulation in the foot and relieves inflammation. To buy or not this device everyone should solve independently, but to hope for instant and full healing it is not necessary.

Some do not represent how you can live without homeopathy, so they use it to treat heel spurs. But to overcome this ailment with the help of balls, in which the drug substance should potentially be contained in negligible small doses, is unrealistic. Of course, for many people homeopathy is a panacea for many diseases, although the "placebo" effect has not been canceled yet.

Much more effective will be the use of folk remedies. Among the most common: the heating of a painful place with salt, treatment with iodine or extract from a plant of golden mustaches. For example, an iodine mesh has a warming effect, but one of its uses is unlikely to help. More effective will be a compress, in addition to this drug contains honey and common salt. But which of the alternative methods you would not choose, do not rely only on them. It is better not to delay and not wait for the deterioration, but to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and the appointment of effective ways to combat plantar fasciitis.

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Heel spur treatment with folk remedies, Heel spur photo - Treatment with folk remedies on KRASGMU.NET

Heel spur treatment with folk remedies Heel spike " spur " represents bone growth at the attachment point of the tendon Treatment of the aspirated " spurs "is to reduce the load on the heel spur with the use of various insoles and heel pains in the heel for a long time - the symptoms of the calcaneal spur Pains with heel spear can be searing,strymi by relying on pyatkuShporapyatochnaya , lechenieshpory home easily and simply

The heel spur is,( plantar fasciitis) spine-like bony growth on the plantar surface of the heel bones at the place of attachment of the ligament of the foot or heel( Achilles) tendon;type of osteophyte. Develops more often with metabolic disorders, flat feet due to overstrain of the ligaments of the foot. Externally heel spur is not manifested, but can cause severe pain. It is detected by X-ray examination of the foot.

Modern treatment of heel spurs: physiotherapy, special orthopedic insoles, boots;with persistent severe pain, X-ray therapy is used, surgical operations. Modern physiotherapy with a heel spur: with heel spurs usually recommend ultrasound with hydrocortisone ointment. If it does not help, the course of shock wave therapy.

Folk remedies treatment of calcaneal spurs:

Remember: real treatment of heel spurs is a surgical excision of the spur itself - only in a hospital!

Folk treatment of heel spur №1.

A simple method for treating heel spurs with hot alcohol. It is necessary to pour alcohol into a frying pan and heat it over low heat, be very careful, becausealcohol is easily ignited! Provide a measure of security. After this, pour the heated alcohol into the pelvis. For 15-20 minutes, lower the legs into heated alcohol. After the procedure, do not wipe the feet from alcohol.

Heel spur treatment with folk remedies №2 - iris and Vaseline

It is necessary to excavate the root of the iris flower.250 g of this root wash and pass through a meat grinder or blender. The resulting gruel fill with the same amount of alcohol 96%, close the container with a lid and put it in a dark place for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the infusion is ready. Wet it folded four times in a bandage and apply to the heel at night. Top with polyethylene and secure. The next morning you can remove the bandage. Next night, instead of iris, apply medical Vaseline. And so alternate the procedure through the night. The course of treatment of the spur is 20 days, that is, 10 compresses of each remedy. The spur completely passes about a month and a half later.

Treatment of heel spurs of nettle nettle

It is necessary to collect nettle in May and scroll through a meat grinder. The resulting gruel put on a sheet of mug and compress at night, secure with a bandage. After 14 days, the pain becomes much less. The best is the May nettle. By the way, this recipe will certainly help with arthritis.

Treating the calcaneal spur

Honey and dough. Honey coat the heel, then put the dough on the heel and wrap it with polyethylene, put on the sock. And so go for a few days. Then wash your foot and repeat again - the spur passes two months later. Laundry soap. Quite an easy way and affordable. Wash the household soap on a grater, melt it with fire. This mass is applied to the calcaneal spur in the form of a compress for the night. Do this daily until you are cured. Massage. Probably the most affordable folk method for treating the heel spur. Every evening, sitting on the couch, rub a heel on the old boots for a long time. A month later the spur passes

Treating the calcaneal spur with bile

It can be cured in just 3 nights! The popular method of treating spurs. It is necessary to take 40 g of animal bile, only not the bird's, 20 g of vodka and a little shampoo. For example, pork bile, make a mixture by eye. For the night, break up your legs and apply a compress on your heels, bandaging with a bandage. Top your socks. The result will surpass all expectations, after the first procedure it will become easier to walk. And after 3 days of such procedures, the pain will pass.


"Tincture of lilac flowers is used for rheumatism, salt deposits in joints, with calcaneal spurs. The tincture is prepared as follows: dried lilac flowers are poured with vodka in a ratio of 1:10 and insist 8-10 days in a sealed container.drops 2-3 times a day and at the same time rub the diseased areas or make them compresses from the same tincture. Diseases of the legs must stop, the heel spurs will disappear. "

Other treatments for calcaneal spurs:

Often use 10% tincture of pine nuts( 20 g crushed nuts insist in 200 grams of vodka 10 days), drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times daily before meals. Black radish in the skins rub on a fine grater, the resulting gruel is applied at night to the spur. In the morning, wash the heel with warm water. Usually there are three procedures. Leaf of plantain( do not wash) apply "wrong side" to the heel, when it dries - replace it with a new one. The first 3-4 days can be severe pain, be patient, in two weeks you will forget about your spurs. Three-liter pot filled with small potatoes and potato peelings, cook until ready, put into a basin and knead it all until it cools. Wipe your feet, put iodine on the soles in the form of a mesh and put on socks. The course of treatment - 7 procedures. A bottle of triple cologne, two vials of pharmacy valerian, two vials of iodine, five pods of bitter pepper to mix and insist a day in a dark bottle. Lubricate the night sick spots and wrap. Wash the raw egg, put it in a small jar, pour it with acetic essence, cover it and put it in the refrigerator until the shell dissolves( about 10 days).Egg to take out with a steel spoon and put in an enamel bowl, remove the film, grind and pour the remaining essence, stir well, add 40 g of creamy unsalted butter. The ointment is ready, the shelf life is 2-3 years. Heels lubricate and put on cotton socks A tablespoon of honey, 5% iodine solution( 5-10 drops), a teaspoon of shallow salt mixed. Apply to cotton wool or bandage, put on the heel, wrap with cellophane and tighten pribintovat. In the morning, walk around 15 minutes with a bandage, then take off. This amount of ointment is enough for five procedures. On the cabbage leaf, apply a teaspoon of honey and fasten on the heel, overnight, in the morning, rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure three times. Sporysh( birdwort), fresh grass, put yourself in shoes and walk all day. The next day, discard the old grass and insert a new one. Steam the legs in a hot bath, then do a compress from the medical bile for the night.


Conservative therapy of calcaneal spurs( planar fasciitis).

Treatment of plantar fasciitis begins with the selection of comfortable shoes. To reduce the pressure when walking on the heel area and maintain the longitudinal arch of the foot, patients are recommended to use orthopedic insoles in insoles and special soft liners in the form of bagels, which are glued to the insole in the area of ​​the heel. The use of such orthopedic products allows to reduce the load on the plantar fascia, to slow the development of degenerative changes in it. In severe pain syndrome, non-narcotic analgesics( paracetamol, aspirin, analgin) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are indicated. The most effective method of treatment of plantar fasciitis is a therapeutic blockade with a suspension of glucocorticoid drugs( hydrocortisone, diprospan, kenalog).These medicines have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which leads to rapid subsidence of local inflammation and relief of pain syndrome. However, it must be remembered that the unreasonably frequent introduction of glucocorticoids leads to atrophic changes in the subcutaneous fat of the calcaneal region, which in a few years can lead to the progression of the disease. In the presence of heel spurs of large dimensions, shock wave therapy is shown. This is a modern method of treatment, while the bone outgrowth is destroyed by directional action of wave energy.

Surgical treatment of calcaneal spurs

Surgical treatment is indicated for a very small number of patients with a calcaneal spur. With plantar fasciitis, the following surgical procedures can be performed: • Removal of heel spurs • Partial excision of the plantar fascia • Neurolysis( relieving from compression) of the nerves in the calcaneal region. Elimination of calcaneal spurs can be performed either through a small incision or through a puncture of the skin using endoscopic technique. Currently, there are conflicting opinions about the effectiveness and appropriateness of surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis.

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