The most effective drugs for gonarthrosis

Effective treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis

The structure of the knee

The structure of the knee joint of a person

Problems with joints are familiar to almost every second person on Earth. Modern methods of treating the disease help the body to mobilize its own resources, open new resources and be healed of such a disease as gonarthrosis of the knee joint. There are indications and contraindications for any kind of medication, as well as nuances, non-observance of which causes harm to health.

How to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint and what effect does this or that medical preparation give? The pain can be successfully eliminated if the doctor has sufficient knowledge and can make a specific plan of treatment for the patient. Self-medication of joint ailments is unacceptable and entails dangerous consequences for the diseased organ.

Knee joint gonarthrosis is accompanied by numerous symptoms characteristic of other diseases, so the specialist should always monitor the progress of treatment and the performance of prescribed procedures. The doctor who is treating the gonarthrosis of the knee joint 1 degree, appoints a complex of medical procedures to the patient, which contribute to the following important tasks:

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  • improvement of the cartilage nutrition process;
  • elimination of pain symptoms;
  • adjustment of pressure on the joint area;
  • preserving the mobility of the cartilaginous joint.

Ointments and creams for the treatment of gonarthrosis

Having set a specific goal, a person seeks to cure the ailment with the help of ointments and anesthetic gels or creams. It is important to remember that anesthetic with ointments is a symptomatic treatment that is not capable of eliminating the cause of the ailment, but which brings relief in an uncomplicated process.

Cartilage tissue is gradually destroyed, leading to the destruction of the bones of the joint

Cartilage gradually deteriorates, leading to destruction of the joint bones

Knee joint gonarthrosis is treated with warming ointments that improve blood circulation in the affected organ. When they are applied, the mechanism for reconstructing the blood filling of the cartilage tissues is triggered. For treatment use such preparations:

  • "Espol";
  • "Nikofleks";
  • "Menovazine";
  • "Fast Relief".

Therapeutic ointments have a therapeutic effect, penetrating through the skin. They pleasantly warm, soothe the skin. When using local anesthetics, the overall psychological mood of the patient is important. With the development of clinical manifestations of synovitis, the physician recommends the treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint with ointments containing non-steroidal components.

  1. Indomethacin and turpentine ointments.
  2. "Fastum-gel".
  3. "Apisarthron".

Treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis with non-steroid ointments is less effective due to the insignificant penetration of the active substance to the diseased organ.

Application of chondroprotectors

Chondroprotector - a drug that is injected directly into the joint

Chondroprotector is a drug that is injected directly into the joint

Quite often the doctor recommends that patients begin treatment with chondroprotectors that restore the cartilage base and supply it with the necessary nutrients. The state of cartilage is well influenced by glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. When the diagnosis of "knee joint gonarthrosis" is required not only to eliminate the symptoms of arthrosis, but also to work on the cause of the disease.

Glucosamine heals the cartilage surface, and also promotes:

  • to improve the formation of synovial fluid;
  • to change and normalize its qualitative composition.

Gonarthrosis 1 degree is treated very quickly and successfully if the doctor uses chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. In more advanced cases, treatment with chondroprotectors is less effective due to the complete destruction of the cartilaginous tissue. In the second and third stages of knee joint gonarthrosis, chondroprotectors stop the development of the disease very slowly.

The course of therapy lasts 3 months, during which glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate is taken. To achieve a stable result, you need to undergo 2-3 courses of treatment. The funds prescribed by the doctor after the examination and diagnosis, help the patient to effectively combat the disease, especially with the disease of the knee joint 1 degree.

For therapy use monopreparations and combined agents:

  • "Artra";
  • "Chondroitin AKOS";
  • "Dona";
  • "Hondrolon".
Popular Medication for Arthra Joints

Popular medication for arthritic arthritis

Chondroprotectors do not have contraindications and only in case of individual intolerance cause side effects. Among them, most often there is an allergic reaction. There are also such symptoms:

  • insomnia;
  • headache;
  • diarrhea;
  • constipation.

Caution should be given to biologically active additives containing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. They are not medical devices and can harm a person's health.

Treatment of joint damage 1 degree

If there are signs of gonarthrosis, treatment of joint fatigue and restriction of movements should be started as early as possible to obtain a quick effect. Medicinal products should fulfill the main therapeutic task - reducing the burden on the affected joint. Treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint involves diet food, exercise therapy.

To achieve maximum effect, the doctor suggests the patient:

  • LFK;
  • sanatorium treatment;
  • massage.

The medicamentous effect consists in the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal and anesthetic drugs, chondroprotectors. Anti-inflammatory drugs eliminate pain in the joint, reduce inflammation and promote faster recovery. The result of treatment depends on how the disease proceeds. Before prescribing NSAIDs, the doctor examines the patient's state of health, since these drugs are contraindicated for people with liver, kidney, stomach ulcer.

It should be remembered that anti-inflammatory drugs do not treat gonarthrosis, but only eliminate pain in the joint. Long-term therapy with drugs leads to a disruption in the supply of cartilage to water, exacerbation of the inflammatory process and destruction of the cartilage of the diseased joint.

Doctors recommend the use of drugs that have a selective effect, for example, "Movalis."This medicine has no dangerous side effects and does not destroy articular cartilage. It can be taken for a long time, but only under medical supervision, until the patient feels better.

Folk medication for joints sufferers

Effective components of folk remedies for the treatment of joints

Phytotherapy of articular ailments can effectively remove inflammation of the hip and knee joints, eliminate pain attacks. Treatment of sawdust from pine, fir, spruce has a calming effect. These substances are used as an integral part of compresses that do not cause any harm, if there are no abrasions on the skin.

Nature is a universal healer, and preparations from laurel leaf relieve inflammation and treat sick joints no worse than medications. Collected herbs, carefully selected, used for articular ailments, using as infusions and broths. Treatment with folk remedies involves the use of sunflower. From his baskets, a medicinal ointment is made for rubbing into the patient's skin several times a day. Tincture of dried chestnut flowers on turpentine eliminates pain and deformity in the joint. She warms up the affected tissues well, relieves pain. During treatment, drafts must be avoided.

An effective remedy is the Caucasian hellebore and a drug based on it. After its use in patients, pain disappears, inflammation passes, joints are freed from salt deposits. Oil based on a resin, with the addition of ginger, juniper, propolis, relieves inflammation, removes puffiness and pain.

For joint diseases, it is useful to take medicinal sage preparations or to make rubbing from turpentine turpentine, pork fat, iodine and aloe juice. Turpentine baths are used at 1 degree of arthrosis. They greatly facilitate the patient's condition. Before their application it is necessary to consult a doctor, as they are contraindicated in case of increased blood pressure, heart disease, after a stroke. In the period of exacerbations of the disease, the patient is also helped by coniferous baths, which relieve pain and muscle spasms. The fee for gonarthrosis includes:

  • birch leaf;
  • flowers of violets;
  • nettle leaf.

Treatment of phytopreparations alleviates the condition of the patient 1.5 months after the start of treatment. Metabolic processes improve the collection of clover, linen and grass sabelnik. Patients should not wait for the full stiffness of the joint. They need to include a day of exercise for the joints, which are gentle. Do not exercise when exacerbated. The result is Nordic walking, which has a healthy character. Use a pedometer for lessons, gradually increasing the path to 10,000 steps per day.

For many years, the condition of patients helps to ease the saber. It suppresses the formation of salts in the joints, cleans the cells of accumulated toxins. From the grass, the plants are made to infuse, for 10 days, an ointment is used from the rhizomes and stems of the saber. Ointment is rubbed into sore spots and covered with a warm cloth. When the disease worsens, the treatment continues: a more vivid manifestation of the symptoms testifies to the effective action of the plant on the diseased joint.

Treatment of gonarthrosis is long, symptomatic. To date, there are no highly effective drugs that affect the mechanism of the disease. Physiotherapy and medicines are the basis of complex treatment of joint diseases.

Treatment of gonarthrosis with folk remedies

Popular treatment of gonarthrosis

Blue clay

One guy was sick with gonarthrosis. I started taking a lot of pills, because of what I planted a liver. With each passing month it became increasingly difficult for him to move around the stairs, he was already unable to climb and descend. He and his relatives did not know what to do, his joints completely failed. One day, his friend suggested to him the prescription for the national treatment of gonarthrosis, by which she cured her husband herself. He also had great difficulties in his time with the movement because of the sick joints.

To prepare the remedy for this recipe, take the red or blue clay. But do not forget that if you collect clay with a metal spoon, then all the healing properties will be lost. Therefore, use only a spoon made of wood.

Before treatment, take a damp napkin and wipe her joint. In the clay add water - so that you get a thick sour cream. Put clay in two layers with a wooden spoon on a cotton cloth. You should get decomposed clay about two centimeters thick. Attach this compress to the aching joint, bandage it and wrap it with a scarf made of wool. So hold the compress for two hours.

After the procedure, rinse the joint with warm water to wash away the remaining clay, the cloth you used, wash, and the next time you can apply it again. Throw the clay, which was applied, discard. With swelling, you need to do about five of these lotions on a day in a row. You also need to take clay water every hour.

Treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis

There is a good folk method for treating gonarthrosis. For this recipe, you will need to tear up five dandelion sheets every day in May. Sheets should be torn from above. Then it is necessary to wash these sheets with water, but not ordinary, but boiled, then dry them and chew until the consistency of sour cream.

You can break the sheets and put them on the winter time. And when required - just pour them with hot water and chew once a day. In this case, you need to walk 3000 steps a day.

In summer, this recipe will help. Take 5 bottles of dark glass, fill them up to half with the heads of dandelions, which are still yellow. Top with a triple cologne. It is necessary to give the means to infuse for a month, and then filter. Wipe with such medicine sick joints for the night before you go to bed. I was treated for a month - and the pain was passing, it became much better. One bottle is enough for a month. If you do not want the disease to come back, wipe the affected joints with this remedy every day twice and chew the dandelions, as described above. Tincture of dandelions should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.

Decoction of Jerusalem artichoke leaves

Jerusalem artichoke leaves

With gonarthrosis, the following folk remedy will help you. Take one and a half kilograms of Jerusalem artichoke leaves and stems, first chop them, pour in eight-ten liters of boiling water in enameled pots, insist the composition until the water temperature becomes tolerant to the skin, but so that it does not cool down strongly. And then dip into the dishes the sick joint.

A person, for example, has a sore hand, and he almost completely shoved his hand into the infusion. So hold it for about half an hour. To cure the disease you need to do so about ten times.

Another method will also help you. Take the hooves and the beef of the beef and cook them in the water until the meat is well separated from the bones. This broth should be drunk for 100-200 grams for half an hour before each meal until completely cured.

Treatment of gonarthrosis with infusion


This method of treatment of gonarthrosis will help you cure deforming arthrosis and gonarthrosis. To do this, take three lemons, one hundred and twenty grams of garlic, two hundred and fifty grams of celery root. Celery can be used instead of celery. All the way through the meat grinder and mix. Put this composition in a three-liter jar and pour it with boiling water to the very top of the jar. Put the compound overnight, wrapped it in a warm blanket.

Take an infusion for half an hour before eating seventy grams daily, starting with the morning intake and gradually bringing up to three times a day. For a full course of treatment of gonarthrosis, you need to make three three-liter cans of infusion and use them. One bank lasts for a month.

Treatment pack for gonarthrosis

For gonarthrosis, take three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of honey, mix these ingredients and lubricate the sore spot. Above put the leaves of mug and cabbage. They must be fresh. If there is, then, of course, it is better to take an aloe leaf. Then put the polyethylene and wrap it with a warm cloth.

This compress is done at night, before you go to bed. Try not to remove the compress until the sheets dry, but this will take several days. The course of folk treatment is one month.

How to cure gonarthrosis

The woman had gonarthrosis of the knee joint. She treated the disease with the following folk remedy. It is necessary to break the grass of black beans when it blooms, cut it and allow it to dry in a dark place.

When gonarthrosis makes itself felt, take dry grass, pour boiling water and leave in the thermos for six hours. Eat like tea for a month, and then take a break for one month. Usually, pain intensifies in the autumn. Therefore, you are treated in the autumn - and the whole year the joint will not hurt.

For a full course of treatment for gonarthrosis, prepare a five-liter bucket of such dried herb.

Source: Newspaper Healthy Life, the all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Grandmother"

How to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint

Gonarthrosis of the knee joint, that is, damage to its cartilage, is a chronic disease. While there is no medicine that completely heals. However, knowing how to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint, it is necessary that when using different methods to slow the progression of the disease and reduce painful symptoms.

Treatment measures

Therapeutic treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint requires the combination of therapeutic measures in order to solve the following problems:

  • elimination of pain;
  • improve articular cartilage nutrition and accelerate its recovery;
  • activation of blood circulation in the affected joint;
  • reducing pressure on the damaged parts of the joint;
  • strengthening muscles around the affected joint;
  • increases the mobility of the joint.

These tasks are solved by various methods of treatment.


These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs), for example, indomethacin, paracetamol, aceclofenac, diclofenac and others. They are the main analgesics. However, their task ends here.

These drugs are not able to stop the development of the disease and treat joints.

Among patients, uncontrolled ingestion of indomethacin or diclofenac is very common, especially at the onset of the disease.

It should not be forgotten that long-term use of these medicines can lead to serious side effects: the formation of gastritis or stomach ulcers.

This is due to the adverse effects of NSAIDs on the mucosa, especially in the elderly and people prone to gastric diseases. Moreover, it is very important in what dose the medicine is taken. According to the latest medical research, it was found that some doses improve the condition, while others, on the contrary, have a harmful effect on the articular cartilage. That's why it is better to discuss the optimal drug plan with your doctor.

As a rule, treatment with such drugs begins with paracetamol. In the absence of effect, stronger painkillers, up to analgesics of central action, for example, tramadol, are prescribed.

Treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs

Corticosteroids( anti-inflammatory hormones) reduce inflammation of the knee joint. By their action, these are very strong substances. Since they cause many side effects, in recent years, they are almost never prescribed for oral administration. Preparations of the group of corticosteroids - hydrocortisone and kenalog - are administered topically to the knee joint with the help of injections. This procedure is called intra-articular blockade of the knee joint. It reduces inflammation and reduces pain( especially when NSAIDs are not effective).

In the presence of synovitis a good effect as a topical treatment is given by anti-inflammatory and analgesic gels and ointments containing both hormonal substances and NSAIDs. This ointment DIPRelif, Diclofenac, Butadion, Bystrumgel and others.

If gonarthrosis occurs without synovitis, it is useful to use warming ointments that improve blood circulation in the joints. These are Menovasin, Espol, Gevkamen, and others.


These are preparations that induce cartilaginous cells( chondrocytes) to synthesize a young cartilaginous tissue instead of collapsing. When entering the body, these substances deliver "building material" to the joints for the formation of cartilage. As a result, the condition of the knee joint improves, the destruction of its cartilage slows down, and pains decrease at the same time.

Drugs and chondroprotectors are chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine sulfate. Chemical compounds of this type enter the gel-like part of the cartilage, providing for cushioning in the joint during walking. Such substances in different dosage and ratios are included in the preparations: Don, Arthra, Arthroarin, Arthroactive, etc.

Features of the treatment with chondroprotectors:

These drugs have delayed action. The effect of them develops within a few months, so you need to wait patiently for the result;

Before treatment is mandatory consultation with a doctor, because the drugs are effective in treating gonarthrosis of the first and second degrees and are useless in the already destroyed cartilage.

If treatment is started in the early stage of gonarthrosis, then, as a rule, prolonged courses of therapy significantly improve the state of cartilage.


Compared with ointments, the means for compresses have a more pronounced therapeutic effect. Popular among them are: dimexide, medical bile and bischofite.

Dimexide is a liquid with a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Unlike other external drugs, dimexid penetrates through skin barriers, absorbed by the body and relieving inflammation at the site of the disease. In addition, dimexide has a resorptive property, improving the metabolism. Therefore, it is especially useful in gonarthrosis, burdened with synovitis.

Medical bile is a natural bile of pigs and cows. It has a resolving and warming effect. However, bile can not be used if the following conditions exist:

  1. pustular skin diseases;
  2. febrile state with high temperature;
  3. is an inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Bischofite is an oil derivative. It gives a moderate anti-inflammatory, analgesic and warming effect of

Physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy of gonarthrosis is a rather fast and effective method that allows for a short time to reduce pain and improve the joint condition. With a combination of physiotherapy and drug treatment, it is possible to reduce the dose of pain medications taken.

The best therapeutic effect for gonarthrosis of the knee joint is:

  1. ultrasound therapy;
  2. infrared laser therapy;
  3. rhodonic and hydrogen sulphide baths.

These physiotherapeutic procedures, in addition to reducing pain, contribute to the overall strengthening of the entire body, reducing stress levels, improving mood.

However, as a rule, procedures are performed only with gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the first and second degrees. And in that period of time when the active joint inflammation is absent in the joint.

Methods of physiotherapy and manual therapy

The use of methods of physical therapy and manual therapy significantly improves the overall condition with knee gonarthrosis.

With the first and second degrees of gonarthrosis, manual therapy often leads to remarkable results. After a few sessions, the patient is noticeably relieved. Manual therapy of knee joints is especially effective in combination with chondroprotective drugs, joint extension and intra-articular injections of Ostenil.

Certain therapeutic exercises and limited physical activity reduce the excessive tension of the knee joints and relieve the strain of ligaments and muscles. You should choose exercises that strengthen the ligaments of the affected joint and the muscles of the diseased limb, but without increased flexion and extension. That is, we need static exercises.

  1. For example: lie on your back and slightly lift your straight leg, keeping it on the weight. After one or two minutes, fatigue will appear in the muscles of the leg and abdomen, and the joints do not move.
  2. An example of a slow dynamic exercise is the slow lifting from the floor of a straightened leg and its slow descent. Eight to ten such exercises cause considerable fatigue.
  3. Thus, the strengthening of muscles and ligaments in gonarthrosis is facilitated by static exercises with fixation of position for a certain time or slow dynamic.

Methods of folk treatment of gonarthrosis

The described methods of treatment can be supplemented with folk remedies, if approved by the attending physician. With the help of various ointments, decoctions, compresses, tinctures, you can reduce pain in the knee and strengthen the entire body.

  • Tincture of dandelion eliminates pain in the knee. A bottle of dark glass should be filled with yellow dandelion heads and pour triple cologne. The drug persists for a month. Then drain it. Before going to bed, wipe the aching joints. You can make a similar tincture from the leaf of the ficus.
  • When gonarthrosis helps decoction from the leaves of Jerusalem artichoke. One and a half kilograms of stems and Jerusalem artichoke leaves should be chopped and poured with enriched pots of boiling water( 810 liters).Infuse until the temperature becomes tolerant for the skin. The composition should not be allowed to cool. The sick joint should be dipped in this bowl and hold for half an hour. In the following days, repeat ten times.

About prevention of gonarthrosis

Adherence to preventive measures prevents the development of the disease, and if it has appeared, then improve the condition of the knee joint.

The main "provoker" of gonarthrosis of the knees is overweight. The large mass of the body creates an increased load on the joint. As a result, the regenerative capacity of cartilage is reduced. With the help of diet and other means of reducing weight, you can improve the condition of the body in this disease.

It is very important to reduce the physical strain on your legs( respectively, on your knees).If possible, it is better to sit down and not stand. If the work schedule assumes a high physical load on the legs, you need to think about the question of changing it to a more sparing one.

If the disease has gone far, even when the gait changes, you need to use a cane or other orthopedic drugs that reduce the load on your knees.

With competent combination of medical measures, gonarthrosis will definitely give up its positions, especially at the first stages of the disease development. Knee joint gonarthrosis: treatment and symptoms

Types of gonarthrosis

The type of gonarthrosis depends on the location of the changes in the cartilaginous tissue. Thus, we have:

  1. The medial is the most common. The articular cartilage narrows from the medial side. It is often found in people who have congenital deformities of the knees.
  2. Patellofemoral - articular cartilage tapers between the patella and the femur. If the pain is aggravated during the descent of the stairs or squats, we are probably dealing with this type of ailment.
  3. The lateral - articular cartilage considerably narrows on the sides. At the same time, right-sided, left-sided and bilateral gonarthrosis are distinguished. The most difficult is a bilateral gonarthrosis, because in this case both knee joints suffer.

The disease also has different degrees of development - gonarthrosis 1 degree, gonarthrosis 2 degrees and gonarthrosis 3 degrees.

Symptoms of

A common symptom of gonarthrosis is pain, which is localized in the knee and thigh. Patients also feel discomfort when descending the stairs, lifting from a chair, or doing certain exercises. At rest, the pain decreases. The outline of the knee joint thickens and distorts, the swelling arises, the aching joint feels warmer than the rest of the body. When bending and unbending the legs, characteristic crackling may appear. Legs can warp, sometimes Baker's cyst appears behind the knee. The development of the disease can lead to a weakening or even disappearance of the quadriceps muscle.

Having noticed similar symptoms, you should consult a doctor for the correct diagnosis.


Gonarthrosis of the knee joint( medial, bilateral, unilateral, etc.) must necessarily be treated with competent physical exertion. We will give you the safest and most effective exercises.

  1. With your back on the floor, lift your legs bent at the knee joints. Alternately, push your feet on an imaginary wall, unbending the aching joints. Exercise repeat 20 times on each leg.
  2. Sitting on a chair, lift each leg alternately( while the thigh remains tightly pressed to the seat), unbending at the knee joint. Repeat the exercises 20 times on each leg.
  3. Standing, lean slightly and lean your hands on the slightly bent knees. Slowly and gently rotate your knees in this pose. Repeat the exercises 20 times to the right and 20 times to the left.
  4. Standing, do exercises that mimic kicking the ball. At the same time, you must be very careful not to make sudden movements. Amplitude should be very small.

Treatment of

Treatment with folk remedies gives brilliant results if carried out regularly. Most prescriptions for phytotherapy are compresses and ointments that need to be applied externally. However, some herbs should be used inside to strengthen the body as a whole and the bone system in particular.

Arnica compress

At the initial stage, the knee joint gonarthrosis can be treated with compresses from arnica grass. To conduct the procedure, boil a glass of water in a glass of a tablespoon of a dry plant( let mixture simmer for 5 minutes).Warm broth moistened gauze cloth and applied to the diseased knee, then the legs must be warmly wrapped. The compress should be kept for half an hour. Repeat the manipulation every day. Supplement such treatment with other folk methods.

Bay leaf

Treatment with bay leaf gives excellent results even in very severe cases, for example, if the patient has grade 2 gonarthrosis or a progressive bilateral one. It is based on the fact that the tincture of the bay leaf completely cleans the diseased joints from the deposits( osteophytes) and establishes the work of this organ.

Treatment consists of two courses - the first one lasts 3 days, then a week later you should repeat it. During the reception of the tincture, salt and sand from the joints will be excreted through the urine, so its color can vary from green to bright red. This is normal.

On the first day you should finely chop 5 grams of bay leaves, add 300 ml of boiling water, boil the mixture on low heat for 5 minutes, then pour into a thermos and keep the tincture for 5 hours. Then strain the liquid, pour into a cup and drink in small sips every 15-20 minutes for 12 hours.

WARNING!All the tincture immediately drink is not allowed, since it can cause bleeding

.On the second and third days, repeat the same steps. In the process of treatment, it is better not to consume protein foods( meat, eggs, milk, dairy products).After a week of rest, repeat the course. Be prepared for this, that in the process of treating bones and joints, the disease can become aggravated. However, this is normal and indicates that the process is proceeding correctly. Soon all the unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

Tincture of aconite

Tincture of aconite is a very powerful remedy that helps to overcome even launched bilateral gonarthrosis. However, remember that the tincture is poisonous, so it should never be in contact with mucous membranes. Of course, the medicine can not be taken inside!

Tincture is prepared by mixing the crushed root of the plant with alcohol in a 1: 5 ratio. It should be kept in a tightly closed container for 2 weeks, after which the liquid should be filtered.

Treatment is carried out this way: putting on hand gloves, lubricate the patient knee tincture, cover the oilcloth warm with a warm bandage. Then immediately go to sleep. Compress remove in the morning( do it quickly, so as not to catch a cold joint), then rinse your foot with warm water. Repeat the procedures every evening, and in 2-3 weeks from the disease there will be no trace.

Jerusalem artichoke

You can treat the disease with fresh leaves and Jerusalem artichoke stems. Boil a kilogram of crushed plant in a bucket, then wait for the broth to cool to such a temperature that you can dip your feet into it. Keep the knee in the water until it cools. Do not pour out the liquid, but use the bath for the next day. After a few procedures, you will feel better.

If you do not have this amount of Jerusalem artichoke, you can boil 1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water, then make warm compresses.

Onion ointment

Any gonarthrosis( even two-sided) will facilitate onion ointment, which is easily prepared at home. Pass 3-4 large bulbs through meat grinders, add 3 tablespoons of honey and, if there are, 2 tablespoons of aloe juice. This ointment should be stored in the refrigerator. Apply it on a sore knee, then warm the cloth and hold for at least an hour. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a day daily. The treatment will give even more noticeable results, if before pre-applying the ointment you will warm up the knee with a warmer.

Tincture of dandelions

Tincture of dandelion flowers works well. It is applied externally - for rubbing joints. To make a potion, place 10-15 fresh flowers in a dark jar and pour a glass of triple cologne. The tincture is aged for 2 weeks in a dark place, after which it is filtered and used 2 times a day. Additionally, use the medication by other means.

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Treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis with folk remedies

Gonarthrosis is a serious disease that requires a long and complex treatment. The combination of various methods of conservative treatment, including non-traditional methods, will help to avoid surgery and increase the chances of a full recovery. At different stages, with the right approach, gonarthrosis of the knee joint is treated with folk remedies well and has a favorable prognosis.

Medical infusions and tinctures for oral administration with gonarthrosis.

  • Birch buds. 5 g of kidneys should be filled with a glass of boiling water. After insisting for about an hour in a warm place to take a tablespoon, it is better after each meal.
  • Infusion from birch buds - a simple and effective tool for the treatment of gonarthrosis.

  • Dandelion. A tablespoon of dry shredded raw material pour a full glass of water and a little boil. Take in the same dose as the kidneys, only in this case before eating. Cowberry, wild strawberry. Take a handful of any leaves, pour a glass of water and boil for 10 minutes, then insist an hour. In a day to drink a glass. You need to drink this infusion for at least 2 months.
  • Garlic - 120 g, 3 medium lemons and celery root. All ingredients grind, put in a three-liter jar and pour boiling water. Night insist, and in the morning start taking before meals, first 75 g once a day, but gradually achieve an increase in receptions up to 3 times. You need to drink 3 cans of this for the course.

Lapping and Compression

When gonarthrosis of the knee joint helps to relieve inflammation, reduce pain and swelling following folk remedies:

  • Composition # 1. Turpentine - 150 ml, olive oil and alcohol - 150 ml each, a few drops of camphor. All stir and rub in the knee.
  • Composition number 2. A glass of radish black juice with honey, 100 ml of vodka and salt - 15 grams. Mix and rub into diseased joints.
  • Chestnut. Handful of flowers to fill in a bottle and pour in the same 0.5 liter of vodka. After insisting for a week, rub in a sore knee.
  • Propolis, honey. It is very useful to apply to the knees a compress made of cloth, which for the winter beekeepers put in a hive, or just smeared with honey.
  • Burdock. Fresh or pre-soaked dry burdock leaf to attach to the diseased knee and wrap it first with a film, then with a woolen shawl.

Manual therapy

In addition to the use of ointments and compresses, a good effect is a therapeutic massage for gonarthrosis of the knee joint. Correctly done, it will help reduce pain, improve blood circulation, remove swelling and inflammation in the joint region and in the early stages completely restore its function. You can self-massage according to the instructions compiled by the doctor, but it is best to entrust the procedure to a specialist. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to go through the entire course of massage. One or two procedures will not give any effect. For the session, both usual massage creams and special ointments used for arthrosis are used. Massage with gonarthrosis is gentle, avoid discomfort and pain in the knee area. It is best to undergo this procedure after a session of therapeutic gymnastics and a warm bath with herbal extracts. In this case, the muscles will be most heated and relaxed, which will enhance the effect of massage manipulations.

Muscle strengthening with arthrosis of the knee

As well as massage, in gonarthrosis, therapeutic exercises should be conducted in a gentle manner, so as not to injure the knee. Nevertheless, the exercises will help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments supporting the joint, but they need to be done regularly. It is advisable to go to LPC.With knee joint gonarthrosis, it is better to do exercises with an instructor who will pick up the right load.

However, you can do it yourself. For gonarthrosis, exercises on flexion-extension of the knee in the prone position, lifting of the legs in the sitting position will do. The main thing is not to allow pain and discomfort. It is impossible to be engaged at bad state of health and at an aggravation of disease. In the rest, gymnastics with gonarthrosis of the knee joint can greatly alleviate the condition of the patient and improve health.

Nutrition for gonarthrosis

When treating all forms of arthrosis of the knee joint, diet should be observed. Fruit containing flavonoids will be of great use: cherry, cherry, blackberry. It is very important to eat foods containing sulfur compounds, such as garlic, onions, Brussels and common cabbage, beans. In patients with all forms of arthrosis, a reduced sulfur content is observed in the blood, and when the patient is added to the diet, the patient's condition improves noticeably.

For arthrosis, it is necessary to reduce or exclude from the diet completely plants of the Solanaceae family: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants. They contain alkaloids that suppress the natural growth of cartilage and promote degeneration of the joints. At the same time, a diet with gonarthrosis of the knee joint must necessarily include such nutritional supplements as cartilage extracts, seafood, vitamins C, B, E and trace minerals boron, zinc and copper.

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