Is gout cured?

How to treat gout with legs: advice from

physicians Gout or "aristocrat disease" is a disease whose main cause is the metabolic disorder and the deposition of uric acid salts in the joints.

Development of gout

This disease usually develops in individuals who have a hereditary predisposition to it. It is interesting that a potential patient may not even guess about such heredity.

For example, if his parents eat correctly, do not abuse alcoholic beverages and lead a healthy lifestyle, then this pathological condition may not manifest themselves throughout life and exist in a latent form.

This person will provoke gout in the event that he leads a wrong way of life.

Typical gout is characterized by the presence of:

  • obesity( in most cases),
  • alcohol abuse
  • or "purine food": meat soups, meat, fish-salted food, smoked products, by-products( kidneys, liver), beans, chocolate, beans, grape wine.

Abuse of these products leads to an increase in the formation of uric acid in the blood, which forms poorly soluble salts of sodium urate. When the uric acid content of the blood reaches a critical level, its salts precipitate in the form of microcrystals in the joint cavity, forming there as the so-called "depot".

Symptoms of gout

For the first attacks of gouty arthritis on the legs, short-term is almost always characteristic. The attack usually begins suddenly, most often in the night.

In most cases, only the joint of the big toe is involved in the inflammatory process. Less often can be inflamed thumbs on the hands, ankles, knee, elbow joints, calcaneal tendons, very rarely - wrist joints. External signs of gout on the legs illustrate the figure.

Pain is of extreme intensity, the patient literally "climbs on the wall."The affected joint turns red, swells, the skin over it becomes crimson, bright red and becomes hot to the touch. Unbearable pain occurs even with a slight touch to the affected joint.

After three or four days, such a gouty attack passes by itself. However, after a certain period of time the pain again resumes. Moreover, if the initial periods between attacks are quite large( up to eight months), then in the future everything changes radically. The duration of attacks increases, the intervals between them are reduced. Below we will consider how to treat and, in the end, cure this disease.

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The main directions of treatment

In acute attacks of gout on the legs, the patient is provided with complete rest. The diseased limb is given an elevated position, pads under it. When the inflammation is pronounced, the ice is applied to the joint, after the subsiding of the painful sensations - the warming compress.

Effective gout therapy on the legs involves not only eliminating the signs of arthritis, but also the main causes of its occurrence.

To eliminate the increased content of urate salts in the blood,

  • steroid hormones are used;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • drugs that increase the excretion of urate salts from the body, drugs that inhibit the synthesis of uric acid;
  • recipes of traditional medicine;
  • diet.

How to treat gout with legs?

Gout is known for a long time, but how to treat this disease has been described even by the ancient alchemists. Remember, as in the book "The Odyssey of Captain Blood," the captive physician Blood treated the gout on the governor's legs? It used to be that gout is a disease of the upper class, they are sick only by rich people who could afford to eat abundantly, fatly, with libations of spirits. The cause of gouty illness can really become wrong, as well as abundant nutrition. At present, the standard of living has increased significantly, now far from all consciously denies himself the abundant food and alcohol. In the group at risk for gout, there are people with obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, abusing alcohol. More often men suffer from gout at the age of 35 and older, this disease is overtaken by women at the age of menopause. And as a result, today gout reaches the level of the epidemic.

What is gout, how to recognize it?

Gout more often affects the joints on the legs. It would be erroneous to consider that this is a disease of the joints. This is a consequence of impaired metabolism. It should take a little time to explain the mechanism of such an unpleasant disease. In our body, such valuable building material as purine is synthesized or supplied with food. Purines in the body decay to uric acid, which, ideally, should be completely excreted by the kidneys. In patients with people, the uric acid content is increased as a result of excessive formation or poor performance of the kidneys, unable to remove the products of the purine degradation. The information is provided for information purposes only, this does not mean that after reading the article you will be able to independently diagnose yourself and prescribe a cure for gout.

If a person notices an increase in bone near the thumb and it is painful, then to which doctor will the patient go? Most likely, it will be a traumatologist. However, considering that gout is just a consequence, and the cause is a disturbed metabolism, a violation in the work of the kidneys and other problems, then in a word you can not say which doctor should treat gout. Considering all the problems and symptoms, it will be necessary to be examined by a rheumatologist, urologist, it will not hurt to look to the endocrinologist if there are problems with excess weight. A competent rheumatologist, just having a look, will immediately diagnose. Treatment with medications can be started without preliminary tests on the same day as they did with the doctor. Then, nevertheless it will be necessary to be surveyed. Note that there should be no self-medication! Before, something to solve, necessarily consult, even for the beginning at the therapist.

The main symptoms of gout are the increase and sharp burning soreness of the area around the metatarsal-phalanx joint, and the internal symptom can be recognized only by checking the level of uric acid. X-ray examination is not mandatory, but it can show the deposition of uric acid crystals and tissue damage.

Is the disease curable?

We are treated when it's hot, is not it? Do not worry about the disease and okay, but when I get sick so that even at night there is no rest, then we start treatment. To stop the acute inflammatory process, standard medications are used, which are usually used to treat joint diseases. Attacks are suppressed by non-steroidal analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs( indomethacin, voltaren, methindol, butadione), and sometimes corticosteroids are used. The main task at the first stage is to remove the inflammation. At the beginning of treatment, colchicine is prescribed, which is intended to overcome the acute period of gouty disease.

The next step is the basic treatment for gout, a basic therapy aimed at treating the entire body. All medications for therapy can be classified as uricosuric drugs and uricodepressants. Both these groups are designed to reduce uric acid in the blood. The most popular and effective is the drug group of uricodepressants - allopurinol. Attention! Doses and methods of treatment appoint a doctor - do not think that you know better your body.

The second group of medicines used for gout is uricosuric drugs. They include agents that enhance the excretion of the products of the decay of purine by the kidneys. This group of drugs should be administered with caution, as this also affects the kidneys, and later nephropathy can develop, which is a frequent cause of death.

In addition to the treatment with pills, it is useful and effective to have an external effect on the inflamed joint. At present, the assortment of pharmacies is full of various ointments, rubbers from gout. One of them I want to mention separately. This is the drug Fullflex, which has already proved itself from the positive side. In addition, that there is a variety of this drug for internal use, there is also an ointment that can quickly remove inflammation. We emphasize that only a doctor can recommend to you what ointments are best for gout.

Auxiliary treatment methods

Any medication treatment, even if it is prescribed by specialists, will be ineffective, if you do not change your lifestyle, move more, rationally eat. The first thing you can start after overcoming an acute period is exercise therapy( LFK).Ancillary measures include hardware treatment, for example, irradiation of the joint with ultraviolet lamps, which is an effective way to prevent the development of an attack. Hardware heat treatment is prescribed with the beginning of joint deformation in combination with chronic arthritic polyarthritis with osteoarthritis. The whole range of physiotherapy procedures can be done in specialized sanatoriums, where they combine all types of treatment with massage, hydrotherapy and physical education. Tune in for a long struggle with the disease, because gout is not treated for a short time.

Eating to be healthy

Food for a person is life, but not in the sense that one must devote his life to consuming food indiscriminately. We need food to live and be healthy, it only depends on us, whether we listen to our body and supply it with necessary nutrients or cram all that we see in advertising. With gout, you need to limit fatty, roasted red meat, eggs, give up strong tea and coffee, cocoa and chocolate are no longer needed, and you should forget about alcohol altogether. What then to eat? It's simple, you have to switch to simple, unpretentious food - cereals, low-fat pasta, fish, low-fat soups. Excellent fit in the diet of dairy products, vegetables and fruits. As you can see, our diet will not be meager. Always remember about water, it should drink a lot - at least two liters a day, and not any, but alkaline. Only complex treatment can overcome such an insistent disease that has broken through to us through the centuries and a whole arsenal of medicines.

can I cure of gout?or how to relieve. ..

the yellow partisan

Eeee. .. blue. . this is a chronic disease, i.e. if it appears, it will continue to appear periodically if the diet is busted( increased uric acid level in the blood because ofexcessive for personally ill consumption of protein products. ...)
There are a lot of drugs, but without self-control diet it will be a shot in the elephant. To cure - it is impossible( completely), but to maintain at a relatively acceptable level - it is always possible, + diet + Allopurinol 100 = and yes the fight will come with you. And HERE you will read more.


Heard -press the lemon juice on the feet

J. Pollack

diet, minus alcohol, diclofenac during an exacerbation

Vladimir Bochkov

It is impossible to cure - it is an inborn violation of uric acid metabolism.
Help - yes, you can. It is best to consult a rheumatologist( good).He will tell you what diet to adhere to, prescribe drugs to reduce the formation of uric acid in the body, and for its accelerated elimination. During attacks of arthritis, colchicine works best - 1 tablet every 2 hours( but not more than 8 tablets!), Slightly less - anti-inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac, xefocam, etc.

NEPLA, But. ..

I read,that gout is treated with a pussy. Used for joint diseases."At the beginning of the century, the vesel was sent to England, to the healers of the royal court, where a drug was prepared for gentry from the gout." Read here: http: // Veselka.htm


Physical blockage of
Gout is a metabolic disorder characterized by an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood and the deposition of its salts in the joints and in the kidneys. This disease affects mainly men, with the salt most often deposited in the big toes, knees or feet.
Emotional blocking of
If the big toe is struck, gout is a sign that a person wants to rule, but does not give himself that right. Very often such a person seems to be not at all powerful, but only because his power is manifested in a roundabout way. Gout can talk about lack of flexibility and even stubbornness in relation to the future, and also about aversion to someone or something.
Mental blockage of
This disease, which is considered a type of arthritis, tells you to relax, become yourself and at least allow yourself to exercise your authority at least once. Do not pretend all the time. Think about how your fear of the future can be unreasonable, and allow yourself to talk about it. Read also the article ARTHRITIS.
Spiritual blockage and conclusion of
In order to understand the spiritual blockage that interferes with the satisfaction of the important need of your true self, ask yourself the questions listed in the UNLOCKING section. The answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the real cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.

gout is curable?

Vitaliy Kim

Very well treated with mud in Sakki and Evpatoria. .


what is it?


Of course it's curable.

Vasily Zheleznov

It is curable. It will take 6-7 months. If interested, write on the box.

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