Heel spur treatment with folk remedies iodine

Heel spur: treatment with folk remedies( iodine, vinegar, egg)

To date, the common hepatic spur, or plantar fasciitis, has become a common disease. You can get such trouble at a young age, but more often people get it after forty years.

"Nail" in heel

How does heel spur look? It is a growth of the bone surface, in which the calcaneus and spur fuses in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon. The maximum load during walking is tested by a stop, at this time the greater part falls on the hillock( calcaneus), later on which a microscopic tear occurs. Usually it gradually heals itself, but if there is too much damage, the fascia of the sole becomes inflamed, resulting in pain. This disease can develop in a person suffering from flat feet.

Symptoms of the calcaneal spur

heel spur treatment with folk remedies iodine

Each person's appearance of a spur can differ by individual symptoms, but there are signs that still unite this disease. This is a burning pain with a load on the foot, a sudden pain when walking and a constant feeling of a "hammered nail".

But when a person is lying down, the pain begins to recede. The nature of the pain syndrome depends not on the size of the spur, but on the sensitivity of the soft tissues around the bone. Help to understand what a calcaneal spur, photo. Symptoms will also indicate a disease.

Causes of ailment

Women who go from day to day on heels, more often than men suffer from plantar fasciitis, as they constantly create additional stress on the heel. One of the reasons for the appearance of the "nail" in the heel is the curvature of the vertebra, which is why the gait changes, and the load is redistributed to the foot.

Spurs may occur with undiagnosed infectious, rheumatoid diseases or, for example, with metabolic disorders. Athletes can also be exposed to this scourge, especially athletes who are at risk. If the disease progresses, and the inflammatory process does not go away for a long time, an osteophyte or accumulation of salts may occur.

Detecting spur

You can diagnose the spinal spur with an X-ray. After this, you should seek help from a doctor: an orthopedist, a surgeon or a traumatologist. Conservative treatment consists in wearing orthopedic shoes that have a groove in the spur area. Or it may be a special insole or lining. All this helps to reduce the load on the heel, thereby removing pain.

how to get rid of the heel spur

Help yourself

If the cause of the disease is not yet established, then, having resorted to some recommendations, you can alleviate the general condition.

The first way is to make a rubber roller and place it in your shoes so that when walking the spur it does not have any contact with it. You can make a rubber pad in the form of a horseshoe and stick it to your everyday shoes so that there is a gap between the insole and the heel. This will help to quickly remove the inflammatory process.

To relieve the pain, you can use anti-inflammatory ointment, but which one - it is better to consult a doctor. For these purposes, an anesthetic cream "heel spur" is suitable.

With the advanced stage of the disease significantly improve the situation of the tub. At the initial stage of inflammation, these procedures are not recommended, since they can aggravate the disease. If the underlying cause of the heel spur is any disease, you should first get rid of it.

folk methods of treatment of calcaneal spur

Innovative technologies

In the world of modern technology, shock-wave therapy is an effective and popular method of treating the "nail" in the heel. This is a relatively new method of getting rid of spurs, but has already earned many positive reviews. Percussion therapy of the calcaneal spur occurs with the help of special equipment, which carries out shock waves, directly affecting the diseased part of the body.

This method helps to get rid of the disease without surgery and harm to soft tissues. This method of treatment makes it possible to forget about the salt deposits, loosening them, gradually reducing the edema and removing aching pain.

heel spur treatment with vinegar

Strength of folk remedies

Many people are looking for a way to get rid of the heel spur on their own without resorting to the help of doctors. On this occasion, an excellent choice - recipes, proven for centuries.

Vinegar tinctures

If you are diagnosed with a "plantar fasciitis", in the people - heel spurs, vinegar treatment - one of the methods of folk tricks. The recipe is quite simple: take a bowl or a glass, put a chicken egg there and pour it with vinegar( usual table, 100 grams), then add 100 grams of melted butter( preferably in a frying pan).

cream heel spur

The resulting mixture, without mixing, put in a dark place for three days. After three days, the drug is ready, stir well before use. Now before going to bed, apply the finished product directly to the spur area, wrap the heel with gauze and fix with a bandage, then put on the sock and go to bed. After a two-week course of treatment, the pain disappears. With such a disease, as heel spurs, vinegar + egg - an excellent, proven medicine.

You can make a paraffin boot, which then should be applied to the steamed legs. Take four spoons of paraffin and melt it, add 2 tablespoons of calendula tincture and five tablespoons of vinegar( preferably apple).Thoroughly mix everything - your boot can already be used.

Before applying the paraffin compress, unzip your feet in hot water with herbs. For these purposes, chamomile, calendula or St. John's wort very well. Within fifteen minutes get your feet stained, then wipe them dry and put on a medical boot.

But this is not all the methods of how to get rid of the calcaneal spur. It is not recommended to use folk remedies if you have injuries on your heels so as not to harm your health. Vinegar lotions must be repeated throughout the month to achieve the desired effect.

heel spur photo symptoms

Iodine bolt recipes

If you are concerned about calcaneal spur, treatment with folk remedies, iodine for example, will quickly relieve you of the pain syndrome. To make the ointment, you need to mix 3% iodine with two tablets "Aspirin"( in the form of a powder), then take a bandage, apply the mixed mixture and attach it to the sore spot. Now put on your toe or cover the foot with something warm. For efficiency, you can wrap your foot with an oilcloth. These procedures must be performed three times a week.

When heel spur developed, treatment with folk remedies( iodine especially) can give a good result. For medicinal purposes use a solution of iodine in pure form, for example, you can make lotions. For water procedures it is necessary to pour this remedy into a container with water and completely lower the foot there. Hold for a couple of minutes, then pull out a leg, wrap it with a napkin or gauze and wrap it around. This method of treatment involves a ten-day course. If you are tortured heel spur, treatment with folk remedies( iodine) will be very handy.

heel spinal shock therapy

To prepare the tincture will need two vials of iodine, valerian( in liquid form) and cologne. All the liquids are mixed in one container, add a couple of peppercorn pods to the contents, then medicate in a dark place throughout the day. Before going to bed, apply the prepared mixture to the inflammation center, wrap the leg with a bandage or gauze and put on a sock.

Compresses and lotions

The folk methods of treating the heel spur often involve the use of iodine, honey, salt. In the dishes, pour fifty milliliters of iodine, add one teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of honey. Well stir the solution, then apply the mixture on the bandage and attach to the sick heel. Be sure to wrap the leg with cellophane to achieve a thermal effect.

This compress can be done in the morning and in the evening, for fifteen minutes, the result will appear after five procedures. Many people say that it is really a panacea for such a misfortune as a heel spur - treatment with folk remedies, iodine especially. Reduce pain can be done with the help of trays. To do this, take 3 liters of hot water, add one spoonful of soda( regular) and fifteen drops of iodine. Mix the contents well and dip the heel into the solution for 10 minutes.

The folk methods of treating the calcaneal spur are very diverse, so you can try all the methods and determine the one that will be most effective in your case.


Heel spur - treatment with folk remedies

heel spur treatment with folk remedies

Plantar fasciitis, commonly called the calcaneal spur, is a disease accompanied by the development of the calcaneus and the formation of a spine in the place where the ligaments of the foot are connected to the Achilles tendon. Since walking on the heel accounts for the majority of body weight, the main symptom of plantar fasciitis is severe heel pain.

An x-ray can reveal the bony growth. Conservative treatment consists in arresting the pain syndrome with analgesics and relieving inflammation in the tissues. The most effective treatment for calcaneal spur is surgical removal or partial excision of growths. But for those who are afraid of surgery, there is good news: folk methods of treating the heel spur in most cases give an excellent result.

Treatment of calcaneal spur with iodine

The alcohol solution of iodine( 5%) will help to get rid of calcaneal growths.

  1. Rastoloch 6 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid( aspirin), add the resulting powder in 50 ml of iodine solution. Finished with a mixture to process for a month's heel morning and evening.
  2. Steam the legs, apply camphor oil on a sore spot, then lubricate the heel with iodine. The procedure should be carried out regularly until the pain disappears completely.
  3. Mix a bottle of triple cologne, two vials of valerian infusion and iodine solution, add 4 pods of bitter pepper. Stay in a dark place under a closed lid with a mixture of oiling the heels at night.
Treatment of bile

One of the best folk remedies for treating the heel spur is a lotion of bile. You can use fresh pork or chicken bile, but it is better to buy this drug in a pharmacy( it is dispensed without a prescription).To give the healing composition the optimum consistency in bile, you can add a little shampoo. Ready mixture should be applied to the steamed heels with a previously applied iodine net. Above, the sore spot is covered with polyethylene, a warm toe is put on the legs. Such lotions should be kept all night, it is better to wipe the heels with boric alcohol in the morning, but do not wash. In patients who regularly treat bile, heel spurs pass in a few weeks, and the pain syndrome disappears after 3-5 nights.

Alcohol baths
  1. The simplest folk prescription for treating the heel spur is a bath of heated alcohol( 96%).The substance is poured into a pan and kept on very low heat until the alcohol has heated to a temperature that the skin of the legs will withstand. The hot liquid is poured into the pelvis and the heels are held for 20 minutes. After the procedure, the feet are wiped dry( it is undesirable to wash the alcohol with water).
  2. Another popular recipe for treating the heel spur suggests adding alcohol( 100 ml) to the bath suspension from distilled water( 0.5 L), brought to a boil.75 g of salicylic acid are poured into boiling water, a handful of ground soap is purified turpentine( 0.5 l).After the addition of alcohol, the resulting mixture is poured into a glass container and stored under a tightly closed lid. When making foot baths, add 1-3 ml of alcohol suspension to water( 38-40 ° C).Course - 2 weeks, the procedure lasts 15 minutes.
Medicinal herbs from the spur

Get rid of the heel build-up help infusions of medicinal herbs.

  1. Tincture on lilac flowers - dried raw material is poured with vodka( 1:10), insist in a closed bottle for 10 days. From the received preparation do heel compresses.
  2. Decoction of pine shoots, cones, pollen and forest heather - dry raw materials in equal proportions are poured effective treatment of heel spurs with water( 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water), brought to a boil and cooked for 10 minutes. The resulting product is added to the foot baths. Course - 10-15 procedures.
Other folk recipes

The treatment of the heel spur with propolis, which is a piece applied to a sick heel for the night, has proven itself. One piece can be used 3-4 times.

Getting rid of the calcaneal spur is also helped by the treatment with a black radish. The fresh root is passed through a meat grinder and the resulting gruel is applied to the site of the build-up for the night.


Heel spur: treatment with folk remedies at home

Popular treatment of calcaneal spur: home remedies

Nowadays popular prescriptions for the treatment of heel spurs are gaining popularity, which in combination with conservative methods help to significantly reduce pain and speed uprecovery of the patient.

Treatment of heel spur with iodine

  • To relieve the symptoms of an ailment, you can make foot baths.
  • In the pelvis you need to pour 3 liters of not very hot water and add soda( 1 tablespoon) and iodine( 15 drops).
  • The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. If the water cools down, pour a little boiling water.

Treating the calcaneal spur with medical bile

  • You need to buy canned bile from the pharmacy. Before applying it to the skin, the heel should be steamed for 15 minutes.
  • A cotton swab impregnated with bile must be applied to the affected area, wrapped with polyethylene and secured with a handkerchief or bandage, and on top of the sock.
  • Put such compresses on a daily basis and leave for the whole night. After a while, the symptoms will be weakened, and the spur will disappear.

Treating heel spur with honey

Honey is a universal and very effective remedy that is used in many folk recipes. With the addition of honey, many mixtures are made for compresses with a calcaneal spur:

  • Take a teaspoon of honey and sea salt. Mix the ingredients and apply on the heel. Leave it overnight, fix with a bandage and wrap it with polyethylene.
  • Honey must be mixed with flour, so that the gruel has a consistency of not very liquid dough.
  • The cake should be placed on the affected area, previously steamed, wrapped with cellophane and secured with a bandage.

Treating the calcaneal spur with soap

  • It is necessary to take a bar of laundry soap and rub it on a fine grater.
  • Place in a bowl and melt on a water bath.
  • It is recommended to make compresses from the prepared mass.
  • Apply the soap slurry to the spur for the whole night.
  • From above, the heel can be wrapped in polyethylene and fastened with a bandage.
  • Perform the procedure daily until complete recovery.

Treating the calcaneal spur with fat

  • To prepare the medicine from the spur you need to take half a glass of melted lard, ½ cup vinegar and one raw egg with the shell, grinding it on a coffee grinder.
  • All components must be put in a dark place, stir every day.
  • After 21 days the drug will turn into a homogeneous mass.
  • A small amount of it should be spread on a cotton swab and attach to a sick heel, secure with a bandage and put on a warm sock.
  • The course of treatment is 35 days.

Treatment of heel spur bischofite

Bishofit is a natural substance that has a beneficial effect on health and helps to defeat the disease. To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to adhere exactly to the rules of application of this gel.

  • Warm the heel with a warmer for 5 minutes.
  • Then you should fold the cheesecloth into several layers, apply a remedy on it and put the heels on the skin.
  • Gaulet should be covered with cellophane and put on a warm sock.
  • Compress left overnight, and in the morning remove and wash off the gel with warm water.
  • Set compresses every other day for two weeks.

Treatment of heel spur with dimexid

Dimexide is a medicinal preparation that can relieve inflammation in the heel spur and relieve the symptoms of the disease.

  • As a rule, a solution of dimexide is used( a tablespoon of the drug should be diluted in three tablespoons of boiled water).
  • Compress should be applied for 20 minutes.
  • To do this, a tampon soaked in a solution must be placed on the heel, secured with a bandage and put on a woolen socks.
  • The duration of the course of therapy is 7-30 days.

Treating the calcaneal spur with alcohol

  • You need to pour a glass of alcohol in a bowl and heat it over low heat. You should do this with caution, since alcohol can ignite.
  • It is recommended to lower the heel in a hot liquid for 20 minutes.
  • Then pull out the leg and wait until the alcohol is absorbed.

Treatment of calcaneal spur with

  • It is necessary to take fresh leaves of nettle. It is advisable to collect them in May.
  • A small amount of raw materials should be followed by a meat grinder, to make 2 tablespoons.green gruel.
  • The drug obtained is evenly distributed on a burdock sheet and applied to the diseased heel, fastened with a handkerchief or bandage.
  • Compress every day at night. In two weeks the pain will decrease, and after a month the spur will disappear altogether.

Treating calcaneal spurs with herbs

  • It is required to take a glass of dried horsetail and pour three liters of hot water. The broth should be insisted for two hours and filtered through gauze.
  • Before going to bed, you need to make foot baths lasting 15 minutes. Wiping feet from water, a painful heel should be lubricated with Lugol's solution.
We also recommend that you read the article Treatment of the knee joint meniscus with folk remedies.

It is well known that any disease is easier to prevent than treat. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken to eliminate the causes that cause the formation of the heel spur. Among them:

  • weight control;
  • timely treatment of flat feet, use of orthopedic insoles;
  • no excessive load on the feet;
  • competent treatment of diseases of the joints and spine;
  • wearing comfortable shoes;
  • active way of life and sports;
  • balanced diet.

Do not forget about preventive exercises, thanks to which you can avoid the appearance of a spur. It is advisable at all times to walk barefoot, to stomp on toes, on the outside or inside of the foot. You can also take foot baths, adding in them soda, soap, salt or essential oils.


If you care about the calcaneal spur, iodine treatment can help?| |

What is heel spur?

Heel spur is the popular name for the result of the deposition of salts in the heel area. The sprout may have a conical shape, but consists of calcium salts.

Heel spurs can lead to severe pain syndrome. Especially acute painful sensations happen in the morning, after a long sitting or walking. If treatment is not carried out, the disease can become chronic. In order to achieve the desired results, it is important to contact the doctor in a timely manner, who will perform the diagnosis using an X-ray examination, determine the necessary folk remedies.

If you are concerned about calcaneal spur, iodine treatment may be effective.

Features of iodine treatment.

Alcohol tincture, prepared on the basis of iodine, is recognized as one of the most effective means in combating the heel spur. Many people note that iodine can be used, either in its pure form or in combination with other ingredients. Iodine can have a warming and anti-inflammatory effect, penetrating deep into the sick leg through the skin, blood vessels. Subsequently, improvement of blood circulation and metabolic processes can be noted. It is important to note that iodine treatment is desirable before bedtime, since the heel requires rest, heat after the procedure.

It is recommended that people who suffer from hemorrhagic diathesis, an allergy to iodine-containing drugs, pregnant women are advised of treatment.

Folk recipes.

Iodine baths.

You can run a course of iodine baths. To do this, you need to dissolve one or two tablespoons of tincture of iodine in three liters of hot water. To increase the effectiveness of the product, you can add a tablespoon of soda. Then wait for the water to cool down to the optimum temperature for you. The duration of the bath should be 15 minutes. Then you must wipe your feet with a towel, grease with iodine. For effective treatment it is recommended to wear warm socks.

If desired, you can make a bath using undiluted 3% tincture of iodine. You will need several vials of the drug, which will need to be poured into a small container. Then put a heel in the bath. Remember that the duration of the procedure should not exceed five minutes. Then you should carefully wipe the heel and bandage it or put on a warm sock. Take into account that this method allows a significant amount of iodine to penetrate the patient's heel. However, the procedure is not recommended for owners of sensitive skin, since in this case there will be an increased risk of skin burn.

You can apply an iodine grid to your aching leg every day. This treatment is recommended to continue until the complete disappearance of the pain syndrome.

Iodine-aspirin tincture.

You should use iodine and aspirin. The remedy, prepared on the basis of two components, has a high level of efficiency.

Preparation will require minimum effort. You will need to mix three to five crushed aspirin tablets and one vial of 5% iodine tincture. If desired, you can add 50 grams of honey to the prepared preparation.

The resulting solution should be infused for one day. Then you must apply tincture to the sore heel and put on a warm sock.

The procedure can be carried out once a week.

Tincture of iodine, red pepper and valerian.

Take one bottle of triple cologne and a pharmacy tincture of valerian, two bottles of iodine tincture, and five pods of red hot pepper. Ingredients will need to be placed in a glass bottle of dark color. Infusion is recommended for 2 days. The prepared product should be lubricated with a heel. After each procedure, wear a warm sock.

Iodine-honey ointment.

Take one tablespoon of honey, 50 milliliters of iodine tincture, one teaspoon of shallow salt. The prepared mixture should be carefully kneaded. Apply the product to the tampon, then compress for the whole night. In the morning with a bandage it is recommended to walk about half an hour and only then to remove the compress.

Advantages of heel spur treatment with iodine.

Doctors say that people who are worried about heel spurs, iodine treatment can choose, because this technique has important advantages.

  • Availability and affordable price.
  • Iodine has high anti-inflammatory properties, as a result of which the effectiveness is guaranteed.
  • Dressing is optional.
  • There is no unpleasant odor when using medical products.

Disadvantages of heel spur treatment with iodine.

  • Iodine can only be effective at the initial stages of the disease.
  • The medicine is a strong allergen, so you should take great care when using it.
  • The method has serious contraindications, among which it is necessary to note hemorrhagic diathesis, hives, pregnancy.
  • The course of treatment can be prolonged. The desired effect can be noted after a month.

Possible consequences.

Everyone who decides to be treated should be ready for side effects, namely itching, skin irritation, hives, rhinitis, Quinck's swelling. These side effects are allergic reactions, suggesting the need to abolish the use of iodine to fight the heel spur.

To reduce the risk of skin burns, use 3% alcohol solution of iodine.

Before starting treatment it is recommended to consult with the treating physician, as in many cases traditional medicine can help to achieve the desired results.


A heel spur is better to prevent, because the treatment will be of significant duration. Prevention consists in controlling weight, observing optimal water-salt balance and wearing comfortable shoes.

If you have noticed the appearance of a calcaneal spur, contact a doctor immediately, because the treatment should be started in a timely manner.


The medication of the heel spur is aimed at reducing pain and inflammation in the foot. The patient is prescribed Diclofenac, Brufen, Indomethacin, Flexen, etc.in tablets or candles. If these drugs do not help, do 1-2 injections with corticosteroid hormones right in the heel. In parallel, the treatment of the disease that led to the development of the calcaneal spur is carried out. If it is an infection, then prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Laser treatment affects soft tissues. This method does not save from the spur itself, it improves blood circulation and, as a consequence, eliminates the inflammatory process and reduces pain. Massage with a calcaneal spur also helps improve circulation in the foot.

Removing the calcaneal spur refers to the cardinal ways of getting rid of the problem. The doctors beat the heel spur with a chisel and remove the altered adjacent tissue.

Traditional recipes

External means

  • Iodine. When treating the calcaneal spur, it is recommended to make 10-minute baths with iodine. It helps to get rid of the pain. The second recipe suggests mixing 50 ml of iodine with six aspirin tablets, which must first be crushed. The resulting mass is applied to the heels in the morning and evening before bedtime. Do this daily for one month.
  • Potatoes. Boil six potatoes in a uniform, crush them and cook mashed potatoes, adding not milk, but kerosene. In hot mashed potatoes, lower the legs for 20 minutes. After wipe the heels with a rag and wear warm socks. The course consists of 4-12 sessions. It is also possible to make a compress of raw grated potatoes, to clean the vegetable from the peel while not required.
  • Black radish. Grate the vegetable on a fine grater, without peeling. Then put the gruel on a sore heel and tie it with a bandage. Compress to apply in the evening for the whole night.
  • Leaves of plantain. Fresh plant leaves, without washing, tie to the heel and walk until they dry. Then you need to put fresh herbal raw materials. Repeat for 14 days. Plantain has the property of pulling salt, thereby easing the pain.
  • Cabbage and honey. Fresh cabbage leaf is well lubricated with honey, attach to the heel and bandage the foot. Do this for the night, remove in the morning, and wash the heel with warm water. The course of treatment is 3 days. Compresses as folk remedies from the calcaneal spur perfectly relieve pain and remove excess salts.
  • Medical bile. Mix 40 g of bile with 20 g of vodka and 10 ml of shampoo. You can steam your legs well in a hot bath. Apply a compress to the sore spot from the resulting composition and put on socks. The duration of the procedure is 1 hour, repeat twice a day. Compress almost from the first time reduces the intensity of pain in the heel.
  • Nettles. Collect fresh nettle, it is good to steam up your legs and trample over the plant for half an hour. Heel spurs give up positions after 5 courses of similar treatment.
  • Alcohol, salt and acetic essence. Mix 100 g of salt, 100 ml of alcohol and 10 ml of acetic essence and pour with water to make the volume of the drug equal to 3 liters. The mixture is heated to the point that you can put your feet into it. Soak until the water completely cools, then wipe the legs and put on socks. Drink the medicine in a jar and put it in the refrigerator. The next day, warm it up, add a tablespoon of acetic essence and alcohol. Re-make the foot bath. This is a very effective tool. The procedure should be repeated fourteen days, not missing a single session.
  • Magnesia. Dilute 6 packets of pharmacy magnesia in a liter of water, heat the solution to 60 degrees and add to the foot bath. Soar your heels for 10 minutes before going to bed. After making a compress of liquid valerian and putting on socks. The treatment of calcaneal spurs with magnesia should consist of ten procedures.
  • How to cure a heel spur for two weeks, will tell the following recipe. It is necessary to take a pinch of ground red pepper and pour it into the socks. Walk all day. After the first day, walking will become much easier, the pain will be less intense. And in two weeks she will retreat forever.

Means for taking inside

It will be more effective for people to heal the heel spur if they drink silicon water within 30 days.

Well normalizes the metabolism of tincture on pine nuts. You need only 20 g of nuts to crush and pour 200 ml of vodka. To put on ten days in a dark dry place. Drink two teaspoons of medication before meals three times a day.

What is heel spur? Causes of

The heel spur is characterized by bony growths that appear on the calcaneus. These growths have a medical name-exostosis. Often they appear at the site of fixation of the plantar ligament, not so often at the attachment point of the calcaneal tendon( posterior and anterior spur).With neglected forms of the disease, swelling and edema appear, abscesses form around the cracks. The factors for the appearance of exostoses can be different.

Main causes of calcaneal spurs:

  • flat feet,
  • wearing high-heeled shoes,
  • excess weight,
  • diabetes and metabolic disorders,
  • affection of stop fungal diseases,
  • gastrointestinal diseases.

The tendon tissue in the place of its attachment to the bone loses its elasticity, there are invisible cracks that inflame, provoking pain. And any disease with time only aggravated. In place of injured tissue, scars appear, in which calcium compounds accumulate. Sore place ossifies, turning into a bone growth, this is the spurs. Sometimes such growths can have an infectious origin, due to the transferred diseases-angina, rheumatism, influenza.

Heel spurs often appear in athletes, and is associated with heavy physical exertion and leg injuries. They are at risk, they are recommended to wear special shoes that support the arches of the foot. Often heel spurs are diagnosed in people in adulthood. The causes of appearance at this age are gout, osteoporosis, microcracks in the place of fixation of the ligament to the bone, flat feet. In children this spurs are observed in rare cases.

For the provision of medical care, almost all patients are treated when the disease process has already developed. Classical complaint is pain in the heel. A characteristic symptom is increased pain when the feet are bent. As a rule, recognition of the calcaneal spur is performed with the help of X-ray diagnostics.


Flattening is one of the main reasons for the appearance of the calcaneal spur. It is necessary to take measures to correct and prevent heel spurs:

  • is massage,
  • foot baths( conifers, salt, contrasting),
  • special gymnastics,
  • quality shoes.

Special attention should be paid to shoes. Qualitative, correct footwear means the presence of a heel no more than 5 cm, the load on the feet should be distributed evenly. The constant wearing of shoes with high heels is prohibited! In addition, to prevent exacerbations of the disease, you need to reduce excess weight. If as a result of any disease appeared calcaneal spur, treatment with medications should begin with a concomitant disease.

Treating the calcaneal spur medicamentously

First of all you need to get an appointment with a doctor, so that the expert has an accurate diagnosis that it is a calcaneal spur and how to treat it medically. Complex treatment includes tablets and ointments that will help relieve inflammation and pain. If pain can not be tolerated, and you need to walk a lot, botulinum toxin is injected into the area of ​​the tendon tissue. After a few minutes, the pain passes, and discomfort is removed when walking.

As a supplement, doctors recommend to buy special insteps that are inserted into the shoes so that, resting on the aching foot, there was no contact with anything in the spur.

At the stage of exacerbation you need peace, cool lotions, for the night, medical bile with a heel spur in the form of a warming compress. Treatment of the heel spur with medical bile is carried out as follows:

Put a foot with a sick heel into hot water, steam it for 20 minutes, then dry it dry, apply cotton wool soaked with bile, fix it with a bandage, wrap it with polyethylene, put on a warm sock. The leg in this condition is left overnight. The procedure is performed every day, at night, until the symptoms of pain disappear.

One of the most effective is a patch for treating calcaneal spurs, consisting of medicinal herbs and active ingredients. These substances can remove pain and inflammation. The patch with heel spur is fixed on the clean and dry surface of the affected foot for a day, then it must be changed to a new one. The duration of treatment with patch is 10-15 days. Also, a doctor can prescribe electrophoresis with a medicine( hydrocortisone, novocaine), as a method, X-ray therapy is used with a calcaneal spur.

how to cure a heel spur at home

At one time she herself suffered from terrible pain for a long time, she could not step. People suggested recipes, I learned what a heel spur. Treatment with folk remedies and many recipes have been tried on oneself. Here is a selection of recipes, which will certainly ease the painful condition, and the therapeutic effect will be much stronger if taken in combination baths and applications. Treating the calcaneal spur at home is long, so do not wait for immediate relief immediately. Let's look at how to heal the heel spur on your own.

  1. Reduces inflammation of saline baths, per liter of hot water 2 tbsp.spoons of salt, or one st.a spoonful of salt and soda. Soda softens the tissues, salt relieves pain and inflammation.
  2. Contrast baths for calcaneal spur. In one pelvis pour cold, in another hot water. Alternately, walk from one container to another. In hot water, stand about 2 minutes, in a cold not more than 10 seconds. Contrasting baths stimulate blood supply and strengthen the vessels on the legs.
  3. Foot bath with chamomile. In the pelvis pour hot water, throw there 2 bags of chamomile. Wait until the chamomile is fed. Take a bath for the feet for at least 20 minutes.
  4. Trays with starch. For each liter of warm water add a tablespoon of starch. Keep feet for 30 minutes daily until the cracks disappear.
  5. Treatment of banana mask. Two bananas are well stretched. Apply on the heels and hold for 15 minutes.
  6. Dressing from Vaseline. Before going to sleep, heal the heels and apply petrolatum or petrolatum oil to them. Wrap the bandage, put on cotton socks. Instead of vaseline, you can use any vegetable oil. The bandage should be done every day for 14 consecutive days.
  7. Compress for heels with honey. If there is no allergy to honey, you can heal their heels. On the steamed feet, put a bandage, with soaked honey, overnight. In the morning wash off and grease with baby cream.
  8. Treatment with household soap. To rub soapy heels of legs for the night with soap. In the morning, wash the soap and moisten it with any oil or cream.
  9. To reduce pain to the heel with a calcaneal spur, apply a plate of lard, or rub in a sore spot bearish, badger fat.
  10. On a small grater, rub the raw potatoes, gruel to wrap in several layers of gauze, fixing on the heel. Similarly, treatment of calcaneal spur with raw black radish.
  11. Rub the sore spot with turpentine, put on a cotton sock, over-woolen. Treatment spurs to spend before bed, from 7 to 14 days, then break. Repeat if necessary.
  12. Smear honey cabbage leaf, apply to the diseased heel and fix it for the night. Warm your feet with water in the morning, repeat 3 times.
  13. Take a piece of propolis, make a cake from it, attach it to the spur, fix it with a plaster, put on a sock. In the evening, remove the plaster with propolis, moisten with vodka, reattach. On the fifth day the pain must go away, and the spurs no longer bother.
  14. Take under art.a spoonful of dry mustard, any vegetable oil, 70% of acetic essence, mix, put the mass on a rag, put it on the heel for half an hour. Then take off, wash your foot with warm water. After about two weeks spurs stop worrying. Do not be afraid of a burn, acetic essence combined with mustard and vegetable oil during this time, the skin does not burn. This recipe I applied myself, experienced it myself and my relatives, all helped. Treatment in the summer with a burdock. In the beginning, I just tied the burdock leaves to my heels, it did not help me. I decided to go on burdock. The whole day I'm at the dacha, so I put the leaves in the garden galoshes, so I went. In the afternoon the sheet turned black, the juice absorbed into the feet, again stuffed the leaves. Usually enough four days to prevent the spurs.

Ointment from calcaneal spur

And I want to share advice, if you tried the medication of the heel spur and nothing helps, use this recipe. Ointment for the treatment of the calcaneal spur is prepared as follows:

Take the chicken yolk( preferably from poultry), add 1 tbsp.spoonful of any natural honey, grind carefully. Put the mixture in a jar, put it in the refrigerator( not a freezer!).In the evening, steam up your legs, wipe dry, make a compress on your heels, wrap your feet up in the morning in heat. Wash your feet in the morning with warm water. The procedure is done until the ointment is finished. The ointment is applied a little warmed up so that the legs are not cold.

Heel spur- treatment with folk remedies iodine

  1. Tray with iodine and soda. One st. Spoon soda and 15 drops of iodine diluted in 3 liters of hot water, take the procedure until the water cools.
  2. Pour the iodine into a shallow vessel, dip the heel into it for a few minutes, then fix the gauze bandage, put on the sock. Treatment without interruption-10 days, a burn is possible, so you can apply just an iodine grid.
  3. Mix 5 small bottles of iodine, a teaspoon of extra salt and 80 gr.honey. Composition put on cotton wool, attach to the heel, top to wrap in a cellophane bag, leave for the night. It will take 10 procedures, the pain goes away.

And another universal remedy for spurs on the heels.

At the bottom of the basin, fill in pebbles of round shape, fill the tank with half the water of room temperature, pour in 5 tbsp.l.sea ​​salt, trample the stones for 10-15 minutes, walk forward and backward. Do "walking" several times a day, for two weeks. The method massages the inflamed places, eliminates puffiness. This procedure is an excellent prophylaxis of the disease, and at the initial stage, an effective treatment of the calcaneal spur.

At home, you can massage the heels with a roller foot massager, it helps to break the bony growth. If it is not available, use a simple device-a bead with a diameter of one cm, put it in a plastic cover, cover it with a cloth, and actively roll the bead with a heel. Tried-it helps!

Before deciding how to treat the heel spur folk remedies, visit the doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Not always our desire to cope on our own with the disease, has a good result! After consulting with the doctor to treat the heel spur, you can choose any of these tools, they are all very effective. The results will be on your heels.


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