Likuvannya rheumatism

Treatment of rheumatism alone at home

Rheumatism is a chronic disease, it can not be cured 100 percent. Treatment of the disease is reduced to slowing the inflammatory processes in the connective tissues, because rheumatism affects not only the joints, but also the cardiovascular, nervous system, the human skin. Official and traditional medicine are looking for ways to treat rheumatism, but so far it is reduced to the removal of pain symptoms and reduce the dynamics of the disease.

Antibacterial drugs by nature

Treatment of rheumatic fever includes the taking of various medications. An important place in their list is occupied by antibacterial agents. Rheumatism, as a rule, causes infectious and inflammatory diseases. That is why folk medicine uses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory natural remedies as the most effective method of combating the disease. It must be remembered: treatment of rheumatism at home does not mean abandoning the help of medical specialists. All procedures for treating the disease, internal and external drugs are applied only under the supervision of a doctor.

proper nutrition with rheumatism

In order to effectively treat rheumatism, it is necessary to follow a diet. Malnutrition is one of the attendant causes of rheumatism, and with the help of a properly formulated diet, it is possible to prevent it and significantly counteract the disease, especially in its early stages. Treatment of rheumatism through diet means a clearly balanced diet. And in cases of exacerbation of the disease - a fruit, lasting several days, a regular diet. A person suffering from an illness must necessarily limit the consumption of salt, fatty and fried foods, spices, strong and alcoholic beverages, foods that contain carbohydrates in large quantities: potatoes, white bread, sugar, etc.

Traditional medicine recommends for the treatment of rheumatism include in the dietin a significant amount of blueberries and watermelons, products containing vitamin C.

They are excellent natural remedies to treat inflammatory and infectious diseases. Cranberry juice with honey effectively helps in the fight against rheumatism, but if a person has diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver, the use of this folk remedy can lead to sad consequences.

Onions - from seventy-seven ailments

For treating rheumatism at home, onions are actively used - a universal, universally recognized tool against inflammatory and infectious diseases. To treat rheumatism, the onion pulped to the state of the paste is applied to the sick joints for half an hour three times a day. Onion broth is another well-known folk method in the fight against rheumatism. Three large onions are boiled in one liter of water for 15 minutes, the filtered decoction is consumed daily in a glass in the morning after sleep and in the evening before going to bed. Onion broth is an effective means for preventing not only rheumatism, but also other diseases affecting joints.

treatment of rheumatism with onion

A large amount of potatoes in the diet and effective treatment of rheumatism are incompatible, however, the medicinal properties of the "second bread" folk medicine uses to treat rheumatism. Potatoes are used as the main component for compresses from rheumatism. Potato gruel is applied on a folded cloth, on top the wrap is wrapped with a warm cloth. Treatment of rheumatism through this method can be done regularly, every other day.

Traditional medicine advises to treat rheumatism and with the help of potato juice. It must be drunk daily, but not more than half a glass. The course of treatment of rheumatism with potato juice lasts a month. The most optimal option is when rheumatism is simultaneously treated externally and internally with "potato preparations" - compresses and juice.

Broth from potato peel is another of the preventive agents that can prevent rheumatism. It is noteworthy that this broth is used internally and externally. The secret is that it is brewed only from potato peels, which in itself is a remedy capable of treating various inflammatory diseases.
No less useful in the fight against rheumatism and garlic. Infusion from it helps with various inflammatory diseases. Prepare it very simply: chopped garlic pour vodka, insist about two weeks, filter. And the infusion received is taken 10 drops three times a day for half an hour before meals. The only thing, with liver and stomach diseases, this folk remedy can not be used categorically.

Herbs and collections in the fight against the disease: recipes

treatment of rheumatism with medicinal herbs

Treatment of most diseases at home is not without the use of medicinal herbs. Here is the list of herbs that are used to treat this disease:

  1. St. John's Wort.
  2. Three-color violet.
  3. The sequence.
  4. Field horsetail.
  5. Fruits of hawthorn.
  6. Camomile flowers.
  7. Pine buds.
  8. Herbs of Adonis.
  9. Nettles.
  10. Spores.
  11. Chereda et al.

St. John's wort is one of the most popular plants with which to treat rheumatism. Prepare the house of his decoction is easy. The grass is boiled and boiled for half an hour on low heat, then cooled and filtered. An infusion of St. John's wort can be drunk three times a day before meals. But it is necessary to remember: rheumatism can be treated only with herbs collected in ecologically clean areas.

Rheumatism in the home is treated with pine needles, cut in the spring, or more precisely - in May. Pine needles fill a liter bottle and fill them with alcohol. Treatment with this drug can be started in 21 days. Until then, the medicine must be infused.8 drops of the infusion is applied to a piece of sugar and taken inside for half an hour before meals. This procedure is repeated three times a day, treatment of the disease in this way lasts about six months.

How to treat rheumatism - many people have repeatedly addressed this question to Vanga. The great Bulgarian clairvoyant and healer has left in the legacy of mankind many recipes of medicines, with the help of which, as its followers believe, it is possible to overcome rheumatism and its consequences. She recommended treating the ailment with the help of sun baths, soothing the nervous system. She pointed out the need for proper nutrition and mandatory inclusion in the diet of celery. Spirituous tincture from the yellow acacia according to the healer's recipe, where there are flowers, leaves, twigs, is now actively used as a proven remedy against rheumatism.

But there is one weighty factor that makes it difficult to use many drugs against an ailment - the likelihood of an allergic reaction of a person to those or other drugs. Treatment of rheumatism in the home, excluding the control of medical specialists, is extremely dangerous! When choosing this or that folk remedy, you need to know for sure that it will not cause an allergic reaction. Treatment of rheumatism can be carried out with the help of various herbs: wormwood citrine, bearberry, elderberry, chamomile, dandelion, clover, shepherd's bag, burdock, yarrow, etc. But the combination of herbs with each other is better to choose individually.

Rheumatism is a very complex disease, it is accompanied by various changes in the human body, which can be even more severe if the treatment is performed improperly.

In any treatment, it is necessary to consult with the treating doctor periodically, tk.with exacerbation of rheumatism, hospitalization is necessary. Moreover, in addition to folk remedies, it is necessary to take antibacterial, hormonal and other medications.

Rheumatism in children: cause, symptoms, that likuvannya |Suglobi

Rheumatism - the world of zahchyovannya, yak in rivnі mіrі zagrozhuє yak doroslim people, i і дітям be-якого віку.Viklikayatsya zahchovorvanya grupoju bakterіy gemolitichnogo streptococcus. The infectious agent penetrates the organisms of the dithin with a red-hot hat. Pochatkova stadіya zahshovorvanya mozhe rozvivatisya after the type of gostygo respiratornogo zahshovuvannya abo angiini. It is more common for rheumatism in children - naslidok zastud і neyakisno prolykanovogo tonzilіtu abo respiratornogo zahchyovannya top dichalnyh shlyahiv. So rheumatism itself can be rooted out and with nesvoechasnomu likuvannі nirkovi zahmyuvan.

Naslіdki rheumatism in children, neperedbachuvannі і mozhut call yak to ураження серцевого м'яза з podalshim rozvitkom rheumatoidnoe blemish серця, и і to поразки суглобів і м'яких ткан кінцівок.To participate in the medical practice of rheumatism in internal organs. Call up the tse- nirki, seleznika і statevі organ.

I will scatter the rheumatism of children with nesya through the weakness of the clinical picture. Dosat often dad just do not zavtayut respect for the malyka skali on the ball in the hands. Tse otseboetsya on vytomu neobogbitya. Tim hour, hvorba prodovzhuy rozvivatisi і progressivati. Often, rheumatism in children is caused by vipadkovym rank and on the class, if vzhe spostereagayutsya nevorotnі destruktivnі nalіdki dії shkіdilovoї baterіїї.

In zv'yazku zim, kozhen іz batkіv povinni znati zabibizhnі zahody i iz simifi i will show rheumatism in children.

Causes rheumatism in children

The main cause of rheumatism in children, yak tse not sumno, nosіnnia streptokoka one iz batkivov abo not vilikuvana angina. The first factor is overvaluing. Razglyanemo mehanizm yogi vplyu.

Bagato inhabitants of the mest є nosіami streptokok. Attendance is often given to a frequent agent with an infringement agent. As a result, chobo virobllyaetsya stіyky іmunitet, yak not pereskojdja presence of a streptococcus in organizmі people. The nose does not suffer from such a symbiosis, it does not burn with angiomas and rheumatism. Yogo organisms simply do not sprinkaye tsyu bakteriyu yak witch agent. Al at the same hour, the nose of streptococo ryasno vidilya yogo in nawkolishneh mid-size.Непідготовлений organізм малюка таку інфекцію може і не перебороти.Виникають часті простудні захворювання without visible cause.Імунітет малюка з кожним випадком такої інфекції стає all більш вразливим.

Zreshtoyu nastaє that moment, if chergova "portcia" streptococcus, otrimanoj vid batkiv, not vikliakae burhlivogo I shall show in ostavsti catarrhal manifestations. By such rank, the fathers are not zvertayutsya to lekarya for likuvannya ditini. Streptokok vkorinyuetsya without protivopalnogo vplyiv in organizmі malyuka. To begin rozvitok rheumatism at children.

Інші cause of rheumatism in children not mensh підступні:

  • reorganization of organism and display of compensatory reactions;
  • наявність вогнища хронічної інфекції в оргаізмі дтити( наприклад, карієсні зубки);
  • part of the common cold;
  • is in its infancy.

Всеі ці явища мають выттньо erased клінічну picture і not доpмамають вчасно помітити і попередити rheumatism at children. Tom slіd with particular respect to be put up to be-such a malyka skarag to his health and self-pity. Tilki such a rank can be resisted grisnomu zahchyovannu sertsya and suglobiv.

Yak vyavlyaetsya rheumatism at children

All manifest rheumatism in children in the wake of viroblennyam organism at the same time on the vpivv negative agent of the independent zakobu zahistu - S-reactive bilka. Tse Rechovina, yaka i viklikaє hronіchno abo gostre zapalennya in osredku urazhennya.

All boulo b negano, yakbi not bulo destruktcі fabricu zim bіlkom. Ale, struggling with the agent, C-reactive bilok zapoplyuє і tsіlkom zdorovі klіtini. So pochapinaetsya postupovaya deformation suglobіv і sercevichh partitions. In the skin attack of streptococcus, the reaction to the organisms of the dithinis is allowed. Pathologic zmіni suglobіv i sertsya zbіlshuyutsya. At kintsevomu pidsumku tse prizvodit before that, uh urazheni organi cease to consult in fiziologichnimi navantazhenni. Ditin became an ordinary.

The main symptoms of rheumatism in children:

  • shvidka stomljuvannost;
  • skrogs on the foot in the legs with physisic volcanic rocks;
  • м'язові болі;
  • skargy on the bil at sertsi;
  • pulse acceleration for unknown phizic volcanics;
  • mlyavість malyuka, vtrata Інтересів до звичних для нёого занять.

At a laboratory dosage in the biochemical anatomy of the blood, the C-reactive biloc.Також змінються в бік збільшення leukocitarnyі pokazniki і schwidkіst осідання іритроцитів.For the additional X-ray methods of dosage, you can pobachiti destructive zmіni suglobovoe cloth. At the ECG, the impulse of the electricity impulse is manifested. To clarify the diagnosis of rheumatic myocarditis, the abnormality of sertsy is to be recognized by ultrasound dosage.

Сучасне лікування ревматизму у дітей

Насьогоднішній день лікуванняревматизмуу дітейподіляється на кількаетапів.Vіdazu жварто зауважити, щокомплексне лікуванняревматизмуу дитини можезайняти кількароків.

Zazvichay lіkuvannya rheumatism at the children's side:

  • exact installation of diagnosis;
  • viznachenny chuttivosti up to antibiotics.

Pislya chiogo is carried out masovana antibacterial therapy with bagatrizovim control of the analgesia on the streptococcus.

Parlamentally carried out obstezhennya і when neobihіdnostі lіkuvannya vseіh sіmіі sім'ї малюка.Nadal lykuvannya rheumatism in children sphymovane to vidnuvlennya poskokhdenih organіv і tkanin, and takozh profilaktika zagostrenya іnfektsії.Takozh neobhіdno spend go on vidnivlennju іmunitetu і zagarmatovuvanja ditini.

Efektivnym zakolom for likuvannya rheumatism in children є poehzdka on the sea abo pereizd on postinj mіsce vezhivan'ia v bіlsh teplіі mіscya. Al slid vrahovuvaty, scho vologii klіmat for children hvorih on rheumatism nabagato girsh, nizh chilly and dry.

Prophylaxis to rheumatism in children

The main profilactics of rheumatism in children - tse pereskojanjana penetration into organisms of dithin streptococcus. For that it is important:

  • to transfer all the members of the system to the ownership;
  • to carry out the urinalysis of streptococcus;
  • with anginas and parts of the obstruction carry out the professionalism of rheumatism for the addiction of a zipping acupuncture.

Krashya profilaktika rheumatism at children - za zgartovuvannya, the correct regime pravtsi vidpochinku, yakisne kharchuvannya.Підтримка імунітету у відмінному стані доpможе вашому малюкові подолати будь хвороботворні бактерії.

Possible complications ↑

In the absence of treatment, rheumatic heart disease occurs. Heart rate abnormalities and heart rate, heart pain and heartbeat failures suggest that inflammation of the heart tissue develops, accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating and weakness.

Other consequences of untreated chronic joint rheumatism include:

  • rheumatoid arthritis( characterized by chest pain, cough, shortness of breath and fever)
  • rheumatic skin lesions( subcutaneous rheumatic nodules or annular erythema);
  • if nervous tissue is involved in the inflammatory process, the patient develops uncontrolled muscle contractions( grimaces, sharp movements, speech becomes indistinct, the handwriting is broken).

The diagnosis can only be made by a rheumatologist.

For this purpose, a complex examination of the body is appointed:

  • , a general clinical blood test is necessary to detect signs of inflammation in the body;
  • immunological analysis of blood is done in order to find in it characteristic for rheumatism substances( they appear in the blood a week after the onset of the disease and concentrate as much as possible on 3-6 weeks);
  • echocardiography of the heart and electrocardiography is assigned to assess the condition of the heart, determine or exclude its lesions;
  • for the assessment of the joints condition, make an x-ray of the joints, a biopsy, arthroscopy and a puncture to examine the joint fluid.

If there are lesions of other organs, consultations of other specialists may be necessary.

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How to treat?↑

Rheumatism occurs as a chronic disease with periodic remissions and exacerbations.

During periods of exacerbation, patients are advised to limit the number of movements to reduce the burden on the joints. To do this, they are shown bed rest.

In case of mild illness it is sufficient to observe a semi-fast mode for 10 days.

An easy form of the disease can be treated at home.

In severe, or rheumatism of moderate severity, strict bed rest is required from 2 weeks to 1 month.

According to indications in the dynamics, with the normalization of the general condition and the indicators of laboratory studies, you can gradually increase the activity of movements.

It is impossible to completely cure rheumatism, but it is impossible to treat at all.

Ideally, if the complex applies all possible measures to combat this disease: medicamental, physiotherapy treatment, diet, etc.

Medical treatment

The success of treatment will largely depend on the correct choice of medication.

For the treatment of joint rheumatism, several types of drugs with different effects are used:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Necessary to eliminate pain symptoms and suppress the inflammatory process in connective tissue.
  • Antibiotics. The main task in the treatment of rheumatism is the suppression of streptococcal infection, which is a provoker of this disease and subsequent complications. To do this, antibacterial agents of the penicillin group and their analogs or broad-spectrum antibiotics( erythromycin, ampicillin, etc.) are used. Such therapy lasts up to 15 days. In the future, for the prevention of recurrence and complications on the heart for 5 years 1 time in 20 days, the patient is injected with this drug.
  • Immunosuppressants. Immunosuppressants weaken the body's response to infection, slightly suppress the immune response.
  • Corticosteroid hormones. Assigned if antibiotics and NSAIDs were ineffective in controlling rheumatism. They combine with other drugs to eliminate all unpleasant symptoms for several days.

All agents used for treatment are effective, but have certain contraindications.

Therefore, to minimize their harmful effects from prolonged use and increase the effectiveness of therapy, a complex treatment is prescribed. It is carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Folk remedies

Treatment of joint rheumatism with folk remedies is possible.

And for many years folk medicine has accumulated many recipes to combat this disease. But it is better to carry out treatment in combination with medication.

It is advisable to consult with your doctor about the appropriateness and correctness of this treatment.


  • Two tablespoons of fresh dandelion flower flowers are crushed and add 2 tablespoons of sugar. Leave in a cool place for 7-10 days, then squeeze the juice and take it 3 times a day for 20 drops.
  • In 200 ml of vodka, insist for 1 week 30 grams of the leaves of the yellow acacia. Take 20 drops of tincture in the morning, lunch and evening.
  • Elm bark( 20 grams) pour a glass of boiling water and do not remove from heat for 10 minutes. Then leave for 3 hours. Prepared tincture can be taken on 1 spoon 4 times a day.
  • Roots of wild rose and chopped vodka. Within 2 weeks, insist in a dark place. Take 1 spoonful three times a day.
  • The fruits of sea buckthorn, red mountain ash or physalis also have an anti-rheumatic effect. From them prepare broths and tinctures.
  • Pharmacy tincture of barberry is taken 30 drops 3 times a day.
  • Squeeze the juice of nettle, take as much honey and concentrated alcohol. All this is mixed and left in the refrigerator for 15 days. Take 1 spoonful 3 times a day shortly before meals. The course of admission is six months.when developing arthritis is recommended to use until the movements in the joints are not easy and free.
  • Take 40 grams of chopped garlic, pour 100 ml of vodka, and insist in a dark place for 10 days, periodically shaking. Take 10-15 drops 3 times a day.

Teas and decoctions:

  • Very useful for rheumatism is green tea. It should be drunk at least 3 times a day.
  • Black tea with raspberry berries( 30 grams of berries per glass of tea) also helps fight the symptoms of inflammation.
  • Herbal teas made of fattened thick bean, bearberry, cocklebur, shepherd's bag, yarrow, tartar, violets, daisies or alfalfa are considered useful.
  • A mixture of carrot and celery juices in a ratio of 7: 3 to drink every day.
  • Broth from the roots of burdock and elecampane should be taken within 2 months 2 spoons 3 times a day.

Still folk medicine recommends patients with rheumatism joints to take a bath with a decoction of flowers of chamomile, clover, thyme, roots of wild rose or ayr.


In the treatment of rheumatism, nutrition should also be paid attention: the main thing is that the body receives all the necessary substances.

Doctors recommend adhering to diet number 15, increasing the protein component of the diet and reducing the intake of carbohydrates and salt. Do not forget about fruits and vegetables, drink warm drinks: tea with raspberries, decoction of linden.

It is recommended to exclude from power supply:

Rheumatism - symptoms, likuvannya, causes

Approximately through 2-3 tyzhnі symptoms rheumatism can znikuti, and захворювання to pass in the latent phase. Perіод ремісії може тривати місяці і навіть роки, а потім знову in the course of 2-3 місяців заступти застострення.

Rheumatism of the suglobiums

When rheumatism of the suglobi in the Persian cherry, the ignition of naiibles of the great and rukhlivyh suglobivs: the shoulder, liktovi, colinny, promenapazhastkovi.Дрібні суглоби пальців уражаються набагато рідше, якщо суглоби були раніше травмовані або піддавалися тривалому перехолодженню, then ризик їх залолення with rheumatism збільшується.The characteristic peculiarity of rheumatism is suglobium є їh pustergowe sunbathing: the sword is littered with one suglob, through godinii abo dnі - frying pass, allege by shifting to the next, with the triwal of attack is not transplanted 10-12 days. When zahshovovanni not vidbuvayutsya pathologicheskih protsessov in fabrics suglivіv, уражається лише оболонка.With a speedy literate forecast, the price is very favorable.

Urazhennya sercya with rheumatism

In motivating bagatoes people vvazhayut rheumatism tilki hvoroboyu suglobiv, ale with tsyomu zahshovovannі naybіlsh important blow pіddaetsya serce.Наслідком ненадаі вчасно кваліфікованого лікування rheumatism є rheumatic carditis, a kind of three forms of perebigu - rheumatism sealed shells sercia, miocard ta valve. With ts'omu in 20-25% vypadkіv dіognostyat formavannya defect - robotic robot valve. Revmokardit mozhe protikati asymptomatically and not only in the case of profilactic oglyadіo at rozvitku oskladnen, such yak aritmіya, serceva lack.

Rheumatism at children

At rozvitku zahchyovannya at children nybіlsh often rival sertse і krovosnnі sudini. At vіsutnostі demonstration rheumatism suglobіv abi їh lіvіі znіchno пізніше, in рідкісних and important vipadkah gostogo perebіgu crook of mozhlivy rozvitok hronіchnogo blemish sertsy. Takozh disease can vozvonkuvati girdle of little horei, scho є naslidkom urazhennya nervovoi sistemi with protykanni rheumatism in children. Tse zahchyvovannya characterize zmіnoyu character ditini, її go, handwriting і мови, погіршенням пам'яті.Він стає більш прихливим, дратіввимвим, агресивіні, пізніше з'являються хаотчні рухи, неконтрольоване posmikuvannya m'yazіv, grimace. Symptoms of horei can be spent 4-8 months, and sweatlessly zniknuti, which can not be said about rheumatic carditis, a kind of nadalii zdatny call to hronichnogo pososhkodzhennia valveіv sercya ta postal shoshi інвалідності.To him, in case of a prothannic catarrhal sucking at your ditinia, it is important to conduct a diagnosis and restorative rheumatism. So yak vіn є naslіdkom streptokokovoї іnfektsії, then with the confirmation of the ecology of zahchyovanannya neobhіdno go through the course of the course recognized as a lykar antibiotics for zabibnyannya mozhlivyh zakladnen.

Likuvannya rheumatism

For vstanovlenya dіagnozu with rheumatism to conduct: zagalny і імінологічний аналіз крові, ЕКГ, ЕхоКГ, рентгенологічні дослідження.Likuvannya rheumatism with active phase zahchyovannya protiika in bilshosti vypadkiv in the minds of the statsionaru, hvoromu neobhidno doktrannya postilnogo regime stretching 2-3 tizhniv. When the medication is performed, antibiotics are recognized, nybyls often penicillin and yogi analogues. The course of anti-biotics, triage, zazvichay two tizhnі, krіm іn'єкцій пеніциліну takozh vychyayut antibibiotiki a wide range of dії у вигляді таблеток.Nadalі with the method of profilactics of rheumatic serotry, hvoromu nalezhit stretch p'yati rockiv once a month robiti іn'єкцію пеніциліну( бициллина).

With rikovatnym rheumatism in period gostroi phasis perebigu zahchyovannya for kupiruvannya bol'sovogo syndrome takozh vikoristovuyu non-steroidal proztipalnyi zasobi, dozuvannya preparations і trivalval їh zastosuvannya zalozhit vid stand ill. Zalezhno vіd severіstі perebіg rheumatism mozut bouti is recognized as a glucocorticoid( prednisolone, dexamethasone) and gamma globulini for stimulating zahisnyh forces organizmu, with elaborate vikoristovuyt dyuretiki.

Rheumatism - rikovatnya rheumatism with folk remedies and methods

Likuvannya rheumatism with folk remunerations

Folk ritmatism

In meve buv rheumatism of the tazostegnogo suglob, I likuvala yogo such an axis way.Візьміть one table spoon of salt, roschinіt її in water - one glass, zmochіt in the warehouse of the plant ганчірочку, покаіть її на хворе місце.Over wrap up a warm scarf and pokladit grilko with hot water. Tsei compress good do not help with rheumatism and radiculitis. Likuytesya so kіlka dnіv pіdryad, up to the time одужання.

And with rheumatism nig, you can add the old-time folk song: vrantsi treba scoop the grass, fold її in стіг, і зашити до вечара або оступного дня.By the way, in the field of grass, I stand so much in the way of twenty hvilin. Pislya tsyogo wrap up in a rug and lie down in a lezhko. So repeat the leaf of the bottle of razov, і skinny time stіn guilty bouti again swaps.

Meni Tsei method duzhe dopomіg its hour, і teper I vzhe duzhe for a long time do not suffer hvoroboyu nig.

Лікування ревматизму суглобів вівсом

My mother is in all our homeland shkarpetki, she did not suffer from rheumatism in the cold season, she did not suffer from a rheumatism in syglobes in a bustling period.

Pam'yataite, scho with rheumatism takozh tearfully croak, and take care be rukhomiy robotoyu. Takozh dopomagay with rheumatism nastupne folk shysh likuvannya, yake vmozhete prigotuvati sami, vikoristovuyuchi oats.

Зробіть деяку кількість мішечків з полотна, в які потрібо засипати oats, покласти їх у вода і до до до кипіння.Поки мішечки ще гарячі, відіжміть їх і приіть до суглобів.Above, you can tie a bandage, but the mosquitoes did not fall off. So repeat kіlka разів і болю почнуть іти.

Likuvannya rheumatism birch leaves

Yaksho at once lito, then you can cope with this method of folk rіkmatannya rheumatism. You potibnobo budeks in his shtany tyvsti ball of birch leaves. List povinni buti svizhi, ali yakschoo these are all the same nemeє, cope dry. If you go in such pants, strongly propotyte, after a busy hour, wet the sweat of the leaves on the holy days. Such a compress on nech. Repeat the procedure ten to twenty times.

Try takozh skoristatisya mazzu on the basis of birch brunks.Візьміть вісімсот грамів коров'ячого масло, яке повинне бути not простерилізованою і свіжим, викатаіть його in the dishes of clay, tudi p pozkalіt according to the beliefs of the birch tree, utensils cricket, і zapіpiti region in the middle of the krishki with a stick, lodge the dishes in the coarse, yak alternately potrebnogood of rose.

Потім візьміть nirki z tsієї clay ware, відіжміть їх від oils і в то це масло додайте камфоору, яку треба подрібнити до стану порошку - один ложку.Viide ointment.

Її потрібно зберігати в посуді з добре закривається кришкою в прохолодному місці.Rub the ointment into the hibernation of the suglobi of the skinned vechir, before the time, yak lie down. On the top of the suglobos pokladit birch leaf, stink of povinni buti svyazhi, and perev'yazhit all bandage. Compress trimaetsya the extension of the night. So repeat litikuvannya up to a different dandication.

Likuvannya rheumatism of a raspberry

Suchasnі preparations, schо to be advertised on телевізоруі and in newspapers не зажди здатні допомогти, especially at лікуванні такої folding хвороби, як rheumatism. Previously, I was a keeper of the soul, I had a lot of syclobi for it. She could not see the house of the Mayge, if the stalk was being hoarded. Potim sisіdka pіkkazala, scho mozhna lіkuvati rheumatism with a nettle. At mee bilya budinka growth bahato tsієї roslini.

I, as a vyishla dvir, got up in chiu nettles and started to smear my feet with growth. Zvichayno, the nettles terribly scorched their feet, or, with the help of the wheel, they passed through the suglobs. Potim podkazali, scho treba natirati hvorі mіstsya gassom. I became a chernugati nashirannya suglobіv gassom і proparyuvannya їх in kropivi. Potim shche became a piti sic from a leaf of a nettle. U day potrobno vzhivati ​​for two or three tea spoons of this juice. Course likuvannya become close to twenties.

Ale before the time, yak likuvatisya nettles, be oberezhny, marvel at the facies. If you give the procedure, get ready for the camp of your health, as soon as possible, you can sell it.

Обліпиховий чай від ревматизму

Обліпиха володіє не тільки приємним with a smell, але і безліччю корсних властистистей.Things were tse tsinuvali people і goda oblivipihoyu naveit his horses. In oblіpіі містяться вітаміни і мінерали, корсні для людей і тварин.In danii hour oblipika takozh vikoristovuyutsya in the public health, ії використовуть в ідеї соку, в цілому вигляді, як варення, олії, инвинки на спирту.Oblipihu korisno їсти і просто просто так, а також використовувати масло обліпихи.Leaves of the skin and in rheumatism.

Візьміть one tablespoon of a subliminal leaf of the region and prokip'yat by the stretch of ten hvilin in one sklyantsi vod, potim protsedit i dodajte vody so, shob viyishlo by ob'etu stilki, skilki bilo to kip'yatinnya. Live in half a bottle of wine a day. That way you can make tea. For tsogo vіzmіt one tea spoon peeled the leaves alternately podriefen, fill one with a bottle of okrope.

Drink zamist tea, zavarenu oblpihu, pomitit, scho became less than hvority. So it is very korisno oblnipihova varenya. When zavaryvannі chai z oblipihi z vikoristannyam gilochok u vide vide good zasib vіd poslatu shlunka.

Murashinic alcohol against rheumatism

I know a good folk method of treating rheumatism, so that you can. Kozhen the day you potrybno on nich pariti feet in vodyi, yaka blamed bouti garyachoyu. Potim rub at the hvori leg Murashin alcohol, potym good to bundle. Course lіkuvannya - місяць.Pislya such likuvannya rheumatism become a pass, the bumps znikli.

For prigotuvannya alcohol you need to collect the jar of mugs. For chyogo, you can smear the throat of the banks with chim-nebud malt and serve the jar in front of the antler. If you put komahi in a jar, you can turn it into a bowl, turn it into a bowl, you can pot it in the pich, after a couple of hvilin viparuvati liki. Tse і му Murashiniy alcohol.

People's prescription for rheumatism

Існує good sposib for lіkuvannya rheumatism, taking of folk medicine, a kind of dopomagav shche moєї babusi. Vaughn o'clock could not go to walk an hour ostretennya pain in suglobah, for rheumatism.

Take a hefty gram of camphor, a hundred gram of alcohol, and a hundred grams of yawn powder.Крім цього гарненько збийте яєчні білки - дві pieces.Змішайте всі інгредієнти, і отриманий a warehouse втирайте at hvory suglobi on ніч, але so, shchob zaloshalasja vologa, yaku potrebno viterty.

І axis is simply a method of drying out the lumpy rheumatism, the basic one on shishin.Візьміть півтора стакани подрібнених коренів шипшини, fill in пів літрами горілки і and let it infuse with the extension of six days.Іноді a warehouse nehhіdno strushuvati. Potim prodіdіть, і приймайте по одній столовій ложцыі three times a day - перші three дні, потім по двадцять п'ять - п'ятдесят грам three times a day at the onset of the day.Ліки приймається за п'ятнадцять хвилин до прийому їжі.The course likuvannya - up to a different decorating.

Likuvannya rheumatism nastavnoyu z shabelnika

Vizmіt гілки шабельника, вони повинні бути сухие, подрібніть їх і заповніть цим in warehouse one third of the part півлітровою banks. Pour alcohol on the top. Give the warehouse to insist by stretching three thousand tizhniv in the world, de neme access to the briny prominnyu. Tsei warehouse potribno piti on odnіy chaynі spoons trichi per day. Can priymati і on one of the table lodges.

Yaksho suglobi do much worse, drink one meal three times a day. Tsim same warehouse potrybno vtirati hvorі mistsya with rheumatism, abo robot compress.

The course of rheumatism is to stop, if you are viscous, you need two banks of such a warehouse in the middle.

Likuvannya rheumatism with barberry

In barbaris there is a charcoal baguette, before that, tse garne folk ritual for rheumatism і зміцнення серця.

Візьміть 1кг ягід барбарису, вони повинні бути стиглими, то збирайте їх in кінці місяця серпня.Remember the breezes, fill the water with water, and till the quiet, leave the jog not to go into the brush. Pislya chyogo protsіdіть berry, zasipte tsukrom, і zalishte varitsyashche pivgodoni. Viide jelly, yak potrbno rozblosti on the banks.

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