What kind of doctor should I use for gout?

What is gout and how to treat it: at home and medically

People are beginning to wonder what is gout and how to treat it after the manifestation of this ailment. Most often we come across a similar disease in the pages of books: they suffered literary heroes - mostly to know and royal persons. Most often, gout suffer men over forty, less often women after menopause.

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All joints are susceptible to gout, the most common cases of knee, finger and leg injuries. Since the time of Hippocrates it is called "disease of the kings" due to the fact that the main reason for its occurrence is excessive consumption of food and alcohol. Today, doctors have found out what gout is and how to treat such a disease.

Historians and doctors note that during the wars the number of patients with gout decreased significantly. This is due to the fact that supplies of provisions were violated, and even more so of alcohol.

Causes of development of

The cause of gout development is a constant elevated level of uric acid in the blood. Urate crystallizes and accumulates in joints, in rare cases in internal organs.

These deposits subsequently without proper treatment can completely destroy the joint. Doctors call 2 main reasons for the development of gout:

  • the body produces an excessive amount of acid and healthy kidneys simply can not get it out;
  • man suffers from any disruption of the kidneys, and they can not excrete even a normal amount of acid from the body.

Today gout occurs more often. This is due to the fact that people began to eat without measure food with high content of purines - fatty meat and fish. Also, the general availability of alcoholic beverages aggravated the situation with this ailment.

Symptoms of gout

The main symptom of the disease is a gouty attack - inflammation of the affected joint. Usually it occurs at night and is accompanied by pressing pain.

In addition to the external tumor, redness of the joint and an increase in temperature in the affected area are observed. The duration of the attack usually does not exceed one week.

Over time, a joint develops on the joint, and the blood test shows a consistently high level of uric acid. These deposits prevent a person from leading an active and fulfilling life of .Without proper treatment, gouty nodes or tofus develop over time. They cause a reaction of the immune system - the active formation of leukocytes, which are the cause of inflammation.

With gout, kidney stones can form. Because of this, a person may begin to suffer from kidney failure, which sometimes leads to death.

Diagnosis of gout

On the Internet, you can now read a lot of information about the diseases and put yourself allegedly an accurate diagnosis that this is gout: how to treat is also easy to find. But it is worth remembering that first of all you need to see a doctor: an error with a diagnosis can cost you health. If you think that you have gout: to which doctor to address becomes the main issue. It is always worth remembering that for any problems with joints is necessary to visit a rheumatologist.

The next important step is diagnostics. Doctors prescribe the following tests to patients:

  • blood test;
  • puncture of the joint( joint fluid analysis).

Also an experienced rheumatologist checks the external symptoms of the disease and on them can make a correct diagnosis.

How the gout

is treated After you have found out what gout is: what kind of doctor you need to treat, you need to think about ways to combat this ailment.

There are several approaches to how to treat gout. All of them complement each other and are not interchangeable:

  • medication;
  • means of traditional medicine;
  • creams and ointments that relieve pain in attacks.

Before starting treatment, consult your doctor about each drug and remedy that you plan to apply. After all, you should avoid not only a possible allergy, but also eliminate the conflict of medications and methods of therapy.


To begin treatment first of all it is necessary with observance of the special diet approved by the doctor. You have to find a balance between overeating and hunger to bring the body back to normal. If you sharply start to lose excess pounds, you can only cause a strong increase in uric acid and deterioration.

It is recommended to cook food only for a couple, excluding salt from the recipes. If you can not deny yourself in its use, then the daily dose should not exceed half a teaspoon. It is necessary to abandon spices and hot sauces, caviar and broths from meat and fish. Vegetable, melted or butter can be eaten, but not more than 10 grams per day.


Gout Foot Trap

Once upon a time, extremely rich and noble people suffered from gout disease. Indeed, the higher the standard of living of people, the more often it occurs.

It is known that during the war, under difficult economic conditions, this disease is practically not affected.

In men, gout occurs 20 times more often than in women. The primary age of the newly infected is 40-50 years. In children, gout is very rare, usually in cases of hereditary impairment of uric acid metabolism.

For the first time the disease was described by Hippocrates, who called it a trap for the foot( podos - stop, agro - trap).The great healer believed that the causes of the disease lie in gluttony and alcohol abuse. It was only in the nineteenth century that medicine established the connection of gout with a high content of uric acid in the blood, which is formed during the breakdown of proteins and is a white, poorly water soluble powder. If uric acid is formed more than normal, or its removal from the body is not enough, it begins to be deposited in the joints in the form of sodium monoaurate. The process of deposition of monourate in tissues also causes a gouty attack. Especially prone to this are people who are prone to crystal formation.

Classification of gout

Clinically, there are three stages in the course of the disease:

  • I acute arthritic arthritis;
  • II, interictal gout;
  • III chronic tofusnaya gout.

Acute attack of gout

As a rule, the exacerbation of gout begins suddenly at night, after a plentiful feast with a lot of meat and alcohol. The payment for a nice time is truly terrible. Pain grows rapidly, the joint that has fallen from the trap blushes, swells, becomes hot to the touch. The patient does not find a place, the slightest touch, even the bed linen, to the affected joint is extremely painful( symptom of the sheet).The body temperature can rise, there is a chill. It seems to the unhappy man that a dog is tearing his fangs into his body and tearing the tendons into parts. A gout attack can cover other joints, and within a few hours a person becomes practically immobilized. At first, such an attack can go through a day or two, the gout temporarily retreats only with a protein-free diet and without any treatment, but after a while it will come back again. Chronic leaking, the disease affects the entire body, so starting from the first metatarsophalangeal joint, gout gradually involves other joints with a similar picture of inflammation. For example, gout knee is characterized by redness, swelling, pain, severe movement restriction, effusion to the joint. When puncturing the joint in the synovial fluid, crystals of urate sodium are detected.

Tofus gout

One of the characteristic symptoms of gout is the formation of tophi gouty nodules, which are local clusters of urate crystals in the subcutaneous tissue. Tofuses on the arms in the region of the elbows and metacarpal joints, forearms, on the legs in the field of the Achilles tendons, over the joints of the feet, on the extensor surface of the thighs and lower legs, on the forehead, in the region of the ear canals, as well as on the internal organs, including the kidneys,heart, pericardium and blood vessels.

As a rule, gouty nodes are painless. Soreness can occur if nearby tissues are involved in the inflammatory process.

Currently, much attention is paid to the treatment of patients during the inter-attack period, despite the fact that they feel fine. This is the cunning of gout, as in the absence of acute symptoms, the exchange of uric acid remains disturbed and without proper treatment in the tissues microtophytes continue to form. Disease as a clever hunter freezes in anticipation that the victim will break the diet or, for example, will be injured. And after waiting, he slammed his hellish trap harder on the next joint even more zealously. But if only this. Much more terrible consequences of the disease are the defeat of internal organs, including the heart and kidneys. Chronic kidney failure, for example, can lead to death.

Diagnosis of gout

The diagnosis of gout is made when there are specific complaints and symptoms, laboratory data, radiography, positive dynamics in response to colchicine treatment. Unfortunately, in some cases the patient's medical history may not describe the characteristic arthritis of the disease, and gout is diagnosed at a late stage, when its effects are revealed: severe kidney damage and chronic kidney failure.

Treatment of

Treatment of gout should be comprehensive. First of all, it is a diet with the exception of products, the cleavage of which produces a large amount of uric acid: meat of young animals, fish, beans, peas, fish caviar, beer, etc. It is necessary to comply with bed rest and take a large amount of liquid to improve the excretion of urate from the body and prevent the formation of urate and oxalate stones in the kidneys. In addition, treating a patient with a gout diagnosis involves normalizing body weight, preferably under the supervision of a physician, to prevent rapid weight loss that leads to excess uric acid formation and gouty crises. From medicinal preparations the doctor can prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, colchicine, in some cases glucocorticoids, and in the interictal period, allopurinol to maintain a normal level of uric acid in the blood.

In addition, much attention should be paid to changing the patient's lifestyle. Psychotherapy should be directed at this. It is quite difficult to work with such patients, because it is about changing habits and behavior patterns. And the patient is ready to change only when he hurts. Pisodes of the acute manifestation of the disease are short enough to have time to rebuild their lives and develop new habits, and at the time of the attack not before. Therefore, only the joint work of a psychologist and the patient himself can bring results. What kind of doctor should I go for gout?

of the sister

To a rheumatologist.

DAMA with a dog

rheumatologist. ... or a surgeon. ...

Tanya Kolesnikova

Either from a rheumatologist or a surgeon)))

oxana farm labor

to a surgeon


When you do not know which doctor to contact, go to the therapist,and he will send further.

natalia schultz

you in any case should see a district therapist to prescribe directions for tests and pictures


Only to a rheumatologist. Rheumatologists deal mainly with joint problems and closely related connective tissue problems, the so-called collagenoses. The term "collagenosis" is outdated and is not used in modern life. Instead, it is used to designate systemic( diffuse) diseases of connective tissue..
Gout is a disease of the whole organism( ie a systemic disease), which is associated with a violation of purine( uric acid) metabolism. It is accompanied by the accumulation of uric acid in the body and the deposition of urates( salts) in the joints, tendons, skin, kidneys. The clinical manifestation of gout is inflammation of the joints( arthritis), the deposition of uric acid in the kidneys.

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Now if a person has gout - which doctor should he contact?

Get lost Beautifully

kidney urologist, liver hepatologist, spine neurologist, gout-anthrologist.

Eugene Ganja

2-3 doctors))) and so everything says that the body is acidified...camnes and gout are the result of acidification( possibly from alcohol) you need to raise the alkaline status and the diseases themselves will go away...ni in any case it is impossible ascorbic acid. ... and some products... All this is in the internet. ..
The easiest way is to take soda and mix it in a glass of water, with citric acid, you get a drug that costs 500 rubles in a pharmacy for 2 weeks)))) you can still urine the PH with a litmus control. ..

Also part of the

UniverseAt least therapist and neurologist


Rheumatologist. It is painful, but curable.


Gout - to the therapist.

Dr. Burns

stop eating meat, fish, eggs, and then the next will be a stroke


Gout is treated by a rheumatologist, usually he is a therapist who understands kidneys and liver. If necessary, he will refer to a nephrologist, a gastrologist, a neurologist.

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