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Diagnosis and treatment of gout: photo

Gout is an inflamed condition of the joints, characterized by the deposition of crystals of salts of uric acid. The borderline age of people suffering from gout is 40 years. The male part of the population is more susceptible to the disease than the female. The disease affects any joints: fingers and toes, elbows and knee joints, feet. The risk factor may be concomitant diabetes mellitus, hypertension, disruption of dietary habits, and hereditary predisposition. Gout is classified into two forms: primary( heredity) and secondary( consequence of other diseases, for example, leukemia).Acute seizures can often occur when taking alcoholic beverages. The gout of the foot causes sharp attacks of pain and incredible suffering in the patient.

Gout: causes and main symptoms of the disease

The cause of gout can be simple overeating, excessive consumption of spicy and fatty foods, especially meat products. Increased craze for alcoholic beverages also contribute to the development of the disease. A sedentary lifestyle and nervous overwork of the body - all these components are part of the risk zone of the disease. A gout attack, as a rule, occurs suddenly and is accompanied by reddening of the inflamed area and intense pain. Acute painful sensations arise from any touch to the sore spot. The reason for this condition is poor kidney excretion of uric acid from the human body. Pain can arise and subside suddenly. Very rare cases where the pain does not recede within a few weeks. If during this period, do not pay proper attention to the symptoms of the disease, then there may be severe complications.

Gout Stop: Diagnosis of

Foot Gout

Disease Diagnosis can be diagnosed with laboratory tests. First of all, it is necessary to establish the level of uric acid in the blood and the daily rate of urine output from the body. The standard of uric acid in the blood should not exceed 420 μmol / l in men and 350 μmol / l in women.

For reference: for children under 14, the norm is 120-320 μmol / l.

When establishing a diagnosis of gout, it is very important to determine the general condition of the kidneys and urinary tract. This is done by ultrasound.

Diet and treatment of foot gout

Gout is treated with the need to adhere to dietary nutritional standards. From the diet, it is necessary to exclude or significantly reduce the intake of all products containing uric acid compounds. This is necessary to reduce the content of uric acid in the blood. All products containing purine and nitrogen containing bases( for example, liver, kidneys, brains, tongue) should be categorically excluded from nutrition. It is recommended only a small amount of low-fat meat( 200-300 grams) per week. Prepared food should be extremely fresh. The consumption of salt is reduced to 5 g per day. However, in the treatment of gout, in no case should you starve, so as not to increase the level of uric acid in the blood. Only by observing strict dietary recommendations can it be effectively treated with gout.

With strong pain, first of all, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. The main task at the initial stage of treatment is to relieve the pain and alleviate the condition of the patient. Gout is treated long and systematically. Therapy is carried out until the disease is completely stopped, and sometimes the final cure. Basic therapy is prescribed after a complete blockade of the initial exacerbation. Gout is treated in a comprehensive way, that is, treatment is directed to the entire musculoskeletal system of the body.

Alternative( folk) methods of treatment

treatment of foot gout

Treatment procedure can be performed at home. For this, various means of traditional medicine are used:

  1. You can prepare a "home" ointment. Mix butter with alcohol in 1: 1 proportions. After the evaporation of alcohol from the gruel, the ointment is ready. To rub a foot it is necessary daily and before a dream.
  2. For an emollient compress, 10 ml of iodine and 5 tablets of aspirin will be needed. Spread the inflamed place and leave a warming compress for the night.
  3. Pour 300 grams of sage grass 5 liters of boiled water. This will be an excellent tincture for taking a foot bath. The effect will be achieved by cooling to the maximum tolerable temperature when steaming the affected area. To hover feet is recommended daily for a month.
  4. The method of treatment with honey, soda and mustard powder will be effective. All ingredients for 1 tsp.can be mixed in equal parts. The resulting mixture is superimposed on a previously steamed sore spot. Wrap the leg with a plastic wrap and leave overnight. Repeat daily for two weeks.
  5. Apples perfectly prevent the formation of uric acid by the body.

Prevention of the disease

First of all, preventive measures should be aimed at the overall promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Observe the culture of nutrition. Active life position should consist in a uniform distribution of physical activity, frequent walks in the fresh air. Foot massage should be carried out for the purpose of rapid resorption of exudate and elimination of muscle tension. Sanatorium treatment will also help reduce the risk of the disease.

Take care of yourself and your body and stay healthy!


Gout: treatment, symptoms, photos. Diet for gout

• Surgical manipulation.

Signs and Symptoms of

The first signs of gout begin with a lesion of the big toe joint on the lower limbs. Appears tumescence, pain, which tends to build up, redness of the skin and hyperthermia in the lesion. Even the symptoms of gout are expressed by the fact that it is difficult for a sick joint to move and it is impossible to touch it due to severe pain.

We should not exclude the fact that in rare cases, mainly in women, the disease can begin with joint damage on the upper limbs and spread to other small joints. Gout may be accompanied by symptoms of general intoxication - temperature, chills, increase in leukocytes in the blood, etc., making it difficult to diagnose.

The disease has a favorable prognosis and can pass independently without therapeutic intervention. But if after the subsidence of a gout attack subsides, the pain syndrome persists, it indicates the presence of the underlying disease, which requires additional examination.

Repeated attack of gout

After the debut of the disease can pass from 1 to 10 years, for which the symptoms experienced in gout are almost forgotten. Repeated relapses of the disease will occur each time with a significant decrease in the period of remission and with worsening of the signs of gout with each exacerbation. Gradually, neighboring joints will be affected, and the disease will acquire a migratory character.

Inflammatory process in the primary joint will expand with the involvement of the joint bag and ligament apparatus in the process. Gradually, because of excessive formation of urate and settling them on the surface of joints, nodes - tofusi are formed. In the absence of treatment for gout on the surface of tofusov, appearances will appear, from which a pasty substance is released.

Treatment of the disease

Treatment of gout is divided into medicamental and not medicamentous. Medical treatment consists of the following principles:

1. Urgent elimination of gout attack.

2. Achieving a therapeutic effect in order to prevent the development of complications( destruction of the articular surface, development of tofus and renal damage).

3. Identify and eliminate the causes of triggering the appearance of gouty arthritis.

Gout may be present in the human body and for a long time not to be seen. Therefore, when the first symptom appears, it is necessary to consult a doctor with a view to the prompt occurrence of remission.

Treatment of gout with medicines. Elimination of a gout attack is performed by several groups of drugs:

- Colchicine; - Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs); - Glucocorticoids.

The drug is selected individually, depending on the severity of the condition and the effectiveness of the previous treatment. Some NSAIDs may be prescribed as an anesthetic.

Home treatment for gout is also made up of several items:

1. Preventing obesity; 2.Decrease in urate production by diet; 3.Cold and rest on the affected joint; 4.Control of fluid intake.


When you reach the period of remission, do not forget about dieting with gout. Meals should be regular and moderate, becauseovereating and hunger strikes can provoke a new gouty attack.

• Meat - lean meat( rabbit, chicken), seafood • Spices and sauces - tomato, sour cream, milk sauces, vanillin, cinnamon, bay leaf, citric acid • Drinks - chicory, green tea, juice, kvass, compote, mors • Dessert - pastille, marshmallow, marmalade, jam • Fruits - apricots, oranges, apples, pears • Vegetables - aubergines, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, white cabbage • Dairy products- brynza, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese • Other - eggs, whole grains, vegetable oil, white and black bread.

What can not be eaten with gout:

• Meat - by-products, fatty meat • Beans - beans, beans, peas, soy, lentils • Spices - pepper, horseradish, mustard • Drinks - coffee, alcohol, cocoa, strong tea;• Dessert - chocolate, cream, cake • Vegetables - cauliflower, asparagus, celery, spinach, pepper, radish, rhubarb • Dairy products - salty and spicy cheese, milk • Other - mushrooms, buns, animal fat, creambutter.

It is the right food for gout that will let you forget about this problem for a long time. Very often, various relief products are included in the treatment of gout, which help to reduce weight and normalize the metabolism. To such discharges carry:

1. Curd-kefir diet. Unloading consists of 400 gr.low-fat cottage cheese and 500 ml.kefir during the day;

2. Fruit and vegetable diet. Is the most optimal and sparing. You can use 1.5 kg per day.any permitted vegetables and fruits;

3. Kefir unloading is a heavy type of diet that allows the intake of up to 2 liters.kefir for a day.

Folk treatment of .In spite of a lot of positive feedback in favor of unloading diets, you should not self-medicate and choose this kind of discharge without the permission of a doctor. It is also possible to supplement the basic treatment of gout with folk remedies. Here are some recipes that are used at home:

- Infusion of cranberry leaves - 1 tbsp each.several times a day;

- Nettle juice - 1 tsp each3 times a day;

- Decoction of birch leaves - use on?glass 3 times a day;

- Treat affected joints with animal fat, cover with cellophane and wrap with a downy shawl. It is best to do this procedure at night;

- Herbal foot baths made from sage, chamomile, oat straw, etc. Baths should not be hot, tk.it will strengthen the inflammatory process.


Disease of the joints and how gavoid gout in the photo

Gout is a joint disease that develops as a result of disturbances in metabolic and excretory processes. Too intense formation of uric acid in conjunction with poor performance of the urinary system leads to the deposition of salts in the body. Gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis and can develop anywhere. Fingers, nails, knees, elbows and other joints of the upper and lower extremities suffer especially often. This disease is mainly affected by the elderly. As a rule, in men gout occurs over the age of 40, in women - after 60 years.


  • Traditional methods of treating gout

Causes of gout

The main cause of gout is the abuse of fatty, high-calorie food and the maintenance of a sedentary lifestyle without constant physical exertion. In addition, there are a number of factors that provoke the development of this disease, such as:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • presence in the history of various diseases associated with metabolic disorders( diabetes mellitus, pathology of the endocrine system);
  • kidney failure;
  • taking certain medications, a side effect of which is worsening of the urinary system;
  • physical and emotional overload;
  • alcohol abuse.

The presence of one of the above factors, and especially the combination of several of them, significantly increases the risk of gout, especially for the elderly. In this case, the presence of autoimmune abnormalities in the child, as well as parents who have problems with the deposition of salts, can lead to the onset of the disease, even at an early age.

Symptoms of gout

As a rule, the development of gout symptoms is lightning fast. In addition to acute sharp pain in the fingers or toes, the patient can see the redness of certain areas of the skin and swelling in the joints, as well as a slight increase in body temperature. In addition, severe headaches and deterioration of general well-being are possible. Later on the affected joints are formed nodules and growths that interfere with the normal functioning of the limbs.

In the case of chronic gout in the period of exacerbation of the disease due to extensive inflammatory process, lymph nodes increase, there are difficulties with urination, often leading to acute renal colic and even kidney stones.

Drug treatment methods for gout

For the treatment of acute gout, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used, either orally in the form of tablets( Indomethacin, Metindol retard) and topically in the form of ointments( Voltaren), in conjunction with strong painkillers and diuretics that reducethe level of uric acid and prevent the formation of crystals in the urinary system of the body.

In addition, the patient must necessarily adhere to a strict diet and observe bed rest for a week, since the treatment of inflamed joints requires complete rest.

Folk ways of treating gout

There are many popular ways to treat gout, used at home. The most effective of them are:

  • regular reception of warm baths for feet and hands, with the addition of various oils( fir, juniper, pine), which have anti-inflammatory and soothing effect;
  • use inside a decoction of fresh apples or dried fruits, which helps normalize the level of uric acid in the body;
  • profuse lubrication of damaged joints with radish juice or baked pudding infused with ethyl alcohol;
  • setting for the night compresses with honey or gruel from grated garlic, onion, aloe juice, beeswax and melted butter;
  • daily exercise exercise designed to improve blood circulation in the upper and lower limbs, as well as preventing the possibility of developing heart disease;
  • adherence to a strict diet( it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet acute, fried, fatty foods and also flour and confectionery, carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee, carefully monitor the amount of sugar consumed) and alcohol restriction.

As a rule, independent treatment of gout brings good results. Nevertheless, if during a week the symptoms of the disease did not decrease or there were additional factors worsening the general condition of the patient, it is necessary to consult a doctor without fail to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a correct treatment regimen for the disease.


Gout on legs: symptoms, causes, treatment, diet for gout

Gout is a disease that occurs as a result of impaired metabolism of purines that participate in the process of creating DNA.As a result, the blood levels of uric acid increase( hyperureukemia).Uric acid begins to be deposited in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system and in internal organs. Due to this, there is a restriction in the movements, and acute attacks of pain occur.

Causes of gout

Affects gout predominantly men!

  • The use of certain medicines: aspirin, diuretic diuretics, cyclosporins.
  • Presence of conditions and diseases in the form of diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, obesity, blood diseases, organ transplantation, psoriasis, chronic renal failure, metabolic syndrome, lead poisoning. Exacerbations of gout cause trauma and surgical intervention.
  • People who eat foods with a high content of purine bases are at risk of developing the disease. The use of fatty varieties of meat, seafood, carbonated and alcoholic beverages in no small degree contribute to the accumulation of purines in the body.
  • Strikes gout predominantly in men between the ages of thirty and fifty, but recently women are also at risk, most often in menopause.
  • A significant role in the occurrence of gout is heredity. If the right lifestyle and healthy diet are observed, the disease can be preserved in a latent, latent form, but in case of adverse effects, its development begins.

There are two forms of gout: primary and secondary .The primary form arises independently as a result of the accumulation of purines. Secondary - as a consequence of other diseases and taking medications.

Symptoms of gout

The manifestation of gout is expressed in seven different stages. Each of these stages has its own symptoms:

In total there are seven stages of gout development

Acute gout. The most frequent attacks of acute gout occur at night. The main symptoms: weakness in the arms and legs, trembling, arthralgia, headaches, subfebrile condition. The joint of the metatarsal phalanx of the thumb on the leg swells, the skin of the finger assumes a bluish-red color, becomes shiny and firm. In the joint of the toe, there is a sharp pain. The finger loses its motor ability. The body temperature rises to thirty-eight degrees. The onset of pain and seizures continues for three to ten days. Then comes the period of calm from one month to two years. At this time gout on the legs may not manifest itself.

Subacute gout. Mainly manifested as a monoarthritis - a disease of one joint. Most often there is gout on the toes. Pain is expressed in a weak form. Basically, gout on the big toe is localized.

Rheumatoid gout. The defeat of various joints and the appearance of painful attacks, lasting for hours or days. Often there is gout of the knee, expressed by a constant aching pain.

Pseudophlegmonous gout. Expressed in mono-displays of arthritis. The attack is susceptible to any joint and surrounding tissues. The body temperature reaches thirty-eight degrees. In addition, there is inflammation of the patient joint, fever, leukocytosis.

Gout by type of allergic infectious polyarthritis. Quite a rare form of gout. Manifestations are similar to manifestations of polyarthritis, but the pain does not have a clear location and arises in different joints. And the inflammation manifests very quickly and have a bright crimson color.

Malosymptomatic gout stage. With a similar manifestation, the joint becomes inflamed, but the pain syndrome is almost not felt. Often the manifestation of gout begins with an inflammation of the bones on the legs.

Arthritic gout. With arthritic gout form, pain concentrates in the tendons, especially often the pain covers the calcaneal tendon. It becomes denser and increases in size. In the absence of treatment, chronic polyarthritis develops with gouty manifestations. With arterial shape, the joints and muscles of the legs deform. The pain syndrome is initially manifested by attacks, then goes into a chronic form.

Symptoms of chronic gout form are tofusi - visible solid nodes in the joints. They appear after five years of the disease. Gouty attacks can be associated with kidney disease. This greatly increases the pressure and a severe headache occurs. The contrast between the healthy tissue and the tissue affected by the disease is particularly clear.

Gout treatment

Tofusi - visible solid nodes in the joints

Drug treatment for gout on the legs is to stop the pain syndrome and restore the purine metabolism. In case of an acute attack of gout, the patient must comply with bed rest and complete rest. The patient's leg should be placed on a hill and ice is applied, after the pain is reduced, a warming compress is applied. When treating seizures, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used. The drug and the recommended dose is prescribed by a doctor.

To reduce the level of uric acid, antidotal drugs( sulphinperazone, alopurinol, uralite and others) are used. How to treat gout on the legs should decide the doctor. The drug is chosen by a doctor and is used for many years.

When tofusov emerges surgical treatment to remove them. This is due to the fact that the tofus formed can not dissolve during drug treatment and severely limit the motor ability of the joints.

As applications for physiotherapy, applications from a dimexide solution are used. They relieve pain in acute attacks and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In the absence of pronounced attacks, applications of ozocerite, paraffin, and therapeutic mud are used. This greatly improves the function of patients with joints and reduces the number of urates. Good results are obtained by the intake of mineral-alkaline waters, mud therapy, balneotherapy.

In combination with physiotherapy and medical products, phytotherapy is also used. A wonderful effect gives the use inside of infusions of cowberry or black currant and blueberries.

Diet for gout

Of great importance is nutrition for gout legs. When treating any form of gout on the legs, strict adherence to the diet is necessary. From the daily diet should be excluded products with a high content of purines.

Products requiring exception: lungs, liver, brains, kidneys, young meat and chicken meat, fish and meat broths, alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

Restricted products: fish, crustaceans, caviar, cauliflower, radish, mushrooms, asparagus, beans, spinach, sorrel, eggplant.

The intake of calories into the body should be provided by the consumption of carbohydrates. You can eat small amounts of cereals and flour dishes, eggs, beef, lamb, lean fish. At the same time meat and fish are used in boiled form, no more than three times a week in the amount of two hundred and fifty grams per serving. To maintain the vitamin balance is recommended reception of broths from lemon, dogrose, apples, black currant.

With gout, you can without any restrictions eat milk and grain products, vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts, melons, watermelons, spices.

In addition to adherence to the diet, drinking is necessary. Gout requires an abundance of alkaline drink. To do this, a variety of berry and fruit compotes or mineral water with a high content of alkali.

With timely detection of the disease and timely on-going comprehensive treatment, gout is treated quite successfully. The main thing with the slightest symptoms of gout is to consult a qualified specialist who knows how to cure gout on his legs correctly, and exactly follow the recommendations for taking medications and changing the diet.

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