Treatment of joints

  • The roots of the madder are red. You need one teaspoon of these roots, pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew, and it is better to boil on a water bath for 10 minutes. Take infusion in the morning and evening in half a cup.

  • External tool .You need to begin to mix 3 bottles of pharmacy tincture valerian with a bottle of triple cologne and leave to bed for the night. Now this mixture must be lubricated at night for sore spots, that is, protruding bones, with the help of cotton wool. Top with polyethylene and tie-than something warm. In a few days the joint will begin to twist, the skin will become white, the itch may begin.

  • Salt Compression. Pour into the pan 500 grams of iodized salt, pour it a little with water and boil until the water evaporates. When the water comes out, you should add 200 grams of Vaseline or chicken fat, mix everything and make a compress from it for the night. It is better to put the solution on woolen cloth, and fix it with a bandage. But, in addition to the external application of the ointment, it was still necessary to drink a decoction of linden.

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  • Fish compresses from gout. It is necessary to take 2 kg of fish scraps, separate the meat from the ridge, throw the ridge itself. All meat is divided into 10 parts, folded into kuljochki and put in the freezer. Before going to bed, one cup should be thawed. To put on a bag with fish on the leg, to put on warm socks. The next morning, wash your feet, and throw the fish or give it to the cat. In 10 days the pain will stop.

  • Cold and fever. This method was developed in Japan by a doctor who first decided to use cold and heat for joints. You need to prepare 2 vessels in advance. In one pour cold water with ice, and in the other place the grains of any cereal and pour them with boiling water. As a result, the grains should be steamed and left hot enough that the joint can be lowered into them. Now lower the diseased joint first into a vessel of cold water for 3-5 seconds, and then immediately into a vessel with grains. If the joints on the arms ache, stretch the grains with your hands, this procedure gives a lot of pleasure. After that, you must tie a hand or another sick joint with a woolen shawl to warm up the joints. So do it every day for two to three months. Treatment is long, but effective.

  • Salo. Buy ordinary fat and cut it so that you can put on each finger a small piece of fat. And now, each piece of rubbed into the skin until these pieces are not very small. After this procedure, the used pieces of fat should be discarded. And if you are tormented by constant pain, then apply pieces of fat to the sore spots for the night, fixing with a bandage. The next morning you will get a noticeable improvement. It is also recommended to consume wheat porridge and butter for a week. It will help get rid of the salts in the joints. And after the first week you can switch to milk porridge.

  • Ointment from butter. You need to take home unsalted butter and the same amount of alcohol. The oil begins to warm up before the appearance of foam, after turning off the gas and pour oil with alcohol. Carefully need to set fire to alcohol, and when alcohol burns, the ointment will be ready. Fold it in a jar and store it in the refrigerator. Utensils can be used by anyone who does not mind, for example, an old frying pan. Rub the ointment in a warm place, for example, next to the stove or fireplace, it is not necessary to wrap it. Rub until the pain passes. Iodine baths. You can also make foot baths in the evenings from the build-up on the bones. In 3 liters of water, add 9 drops of iodine solution and 3 teaspoons of baking soda. The result will not take long. After 10 nights there will be a result. Onion soup. Wash 2-3 bulbs and fill with a liter of water. Cook with the husk until the onion is boiled. You should take a glass of this broth 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment of gout is 10-15 days.

  • Mustard against gout. To prepare the paste from mustard, take 1 tsp.honey, mustard powder and ordinary drinking soda. Components carefully mixed, the resulting mixture is applied to the affected joints, which were previously steamed. At the top of the limb, wrap any plastic wrap and fix it with bandages. Such an unusual compress should remain on the skin throughout the night. The full course of treatment should be at least two weeks of daily procedures.

Treatment of gout with folk remedies

Gout is one of the few dangerous heterogeneous diseases. It is considered quite common among the prevailing majority of older people. Previously, only men suffered from this ailment, today gout is often manifested in women.

The clinical picture is mainly due to improper infertility of the appearance of peculiar salt growths on the bones. Externally, such outgrowths look like acute arthritis. Gout is well treated even at home. Patients do not need to go to hospital to get rid of this problem.

4 interesting folk medicine prescriptions

In some cases, in the bladder, discomfort or even burning sensation may occur. This is due to the fact that the salt dissolves in the body and irritates the mucous membranes. To be frightened of it it is not necessary.

Recipe # 1. Healing decoction of chamomile will perfectly soothe the gout-affected limbs. Flowers should be poured with water mixed with salt( ratio 100 grams / 10 liters / 20 grams).After the solution is infused, make a bath.

Recipe No.2 .Ordinary fir cones will help to cleanse the joints remarkably. For this unopened cone with seeds pour 1.5 cups of hot boiled water and leave overnight. The broth should be taken 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The procedure should be repeated until complete recovery.

Recipe No.3 .It is also recommended that the joints be cleansed with a bay leaf.5 grams of bay leaves should be filled with 1.5 glasses of water and boiled for at least 5 minutes. The dishes should not be covered with a lid, because the leaves contain essential oils that adversely affect the kidneys during gout. The resulting broth is removed from the plate, wrapped in a towel and left for at least 3 hours. After insisting, the formula should be drunk within 24 hours.

Recipe No.4 .Boiled rice also has a beneficial effect on the cleansing of joints.2 tablespoonsrice should be washed with water several times, then pour into a half-liter jar, pour water and leave overnight. In the morning, rinse again and cook. After boiling, remove from heat, rinse again and bring to a boil again. This procedure is repeated 4 times. When done, the rice is washed for the last time and is eaten without salt and oil. After taking this "medicine" you can not drink or eat four hours. In the evening, repeat the procedure. So it should be done within 45 days. Due to prolonged washing, starch disappears from the grains. And with repeated boiling formed cells. Due to this, rice does not settle in the stomach, but quickly passes into the duodenum. There, cells are taken for work and take away the slag, thus purifying the entire body.

Black radish juice for dissolving stones and removing salts

Juice made from black radish is one of the most powerful juices for removing salts from the joints( including crushing stones in the kidneys and other organs) and strengthening the vessels.

Only freshly squeezed black radish juice is used. Prim begin with 1 teaspoon, an hour after eating( can be planted with any other juice for your taste).Each time we increase the dosage, first we bring up to 1 tablespoon of juice, and then up to 0.5 glasses, consumed at a time. This is necessary in order not to harm your body, at the same time to check whether there will be side effects, especially pain in the region of the liver on the right. If the pain appears, then reduce the dosage, or generally take a break.

During this treatment should be abandoned from acidic and acute products. The course of treatment continues until until at least 3 liters of black radish juice has been drunk.

Recipes from newspapers on traditional medicine

Tips for treating gout

For treatment to be successful, it is extremely important to follow simple rules of healthy eating. It is recommended to somewhat restrict the consumption of meat and fish, cauliflower and sorrel, and not to eat spinach. Berries, chocolate, figs, coffee and very strong green tea should be consumed in small quantities and preferably in the morning. Also it is necessary to exclude from the daily diet beer and various wines. Instead, it is recommended to significantly increase the amount of clean water you drink.

Diet. Details of what you can eat and what you can not, as well as other features you can find here

You can drink freshly squeezed juices and not very sweet fruit drinks, as well as alkaline mineral water. With such a diet, the patient begins to lose weight, which has a favorable effect on the treatment of gout.

Source: Newspaper HLS, all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Grandmother"

How to treat gout with legs: advice of doctors

The development of gout leads to increased levels of uric acid in the body. A typical manifestation of this disease is specific arthritis. In this case, mainly the joints of the lower extremities suffer - the first metatarsophalangeal, ankle, knee, articulations of the small bones of the foot. It's not for nothing that in translation from ancient Greek gout means a trap for feet.

The main directions of

Effective treatment of gout on the legs involves not only the elimination of arthritis itself, but also the reasons that led to it. In this regard, it is important to fight hyperuricemia - an increased content of uric acid in the body. In the treatment of this pathology use:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs)
  • Steroid hormones
  • Drugs that inhibit the synthesis of uric acid
  • Drugs that enhance its elimination from the body
  • Diet
  • Recipes of traditional medicine.


Before treating leg gout with medication, the patient should be provided with the appropriate protective regimen. Maximum limited, and sometimes completely exclude motor activity, and the very affected limb is brought to an elevated position. NSAIDs are effective for any arthritis, incl.and with gouty. However, not all drugs from this group can be used in this case. For example, Acetylsalicylic acid and its derivatives increase the content of uric acid in the body. Therefore, salicylates are contraindicated in gout.

But indomethacin is quite suitable. This drug is the drug of choice in the treatment of gout. Other means will be suitable - Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac. When starting to treat gout with NSAIDs, do not forget about their negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and blood clotting. Steroid hormones( Kenalog, Diprospan) show the maximum efficiency at their intraarticular introduction. Ingestion of these drugs is also accompanied by side effects.

But the most effective remedy for exacerbation of gouty arthritis is Kolhitsin. After ingestion of Colchicine tablets, the inflammation in the joints immediately goes to a decline. True, this remedy is contraindicated in renal failure. And the latter, as is known, is a frequent complication of gout.

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Gout on the toes is manifested not only by arthritis, but also by tofus - subcutaneous deposits of uric acid salts. Causing inflammation of joint capsules and tendons, tofus complicate the flow of arthritis. With a decrease in the level of uric acid in the body tofusi decrease in size, and sometimes completely disappear. At the same time, the inflammation in the joints of the feet is stopped. To this end, use drugs that inhibit the synthesis of uric acid( Allopurinol) and promote its excretion in the urine( Etamid, Urodan, Sulfinpyrazon).After relieving the exacerbation the medication effect is fixed by physical procedures - UHF, electrophoresis, magnetotherapy.


As Hippocrates said, for the first time describing gout, - let your food be medicine and medicine - food. Curing gout on your feet with diet alone is hardly possible, since it is a chronic disease. However, some restrictions in the diet will help improve the patient's well-being.

First of all, you should give up alcohol, strong tea, coffee and fatty foods. There are some products, the use of which leads to the accumulation of uric acid. This meat, fish, liver, brains, peas, soybeans, beans, mushrooms, eggs, carrots, salad. These products should be limited as much as possible. Meat and fish dishes should be used in boiled form without spices and spices. The diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables. It is important to comply with the optimal water regime. The amount of water drunk per day must be at least 2-2.5 liters. Preferred alkaline non-carbonated drink.

Folk remedies

Treatment in the home of gout is carried out with the help of folk remedies in the form of compresses, lotions, ointments of own preparation and other external means. The simplest means for treating exacerbation of arthritis at home is to apply cold to the affected joint. The next day, on the contrary, they warm up. Do this with an alcohol compress. On the affected joint, apply a cloth moistened in alcohol or in a vodka, a piece of clean cloth. Napkin covered with polyethylene, and polyethylene - cotton. All this is fixed with a bandage or a dense woolen cloth.

Another effective tool is to mix butter with the same volume of powdered horsetries. The mixture is heated in a water bath and rubed into the affected joints. You can also use as an infusion of infusions of elderberry and chamomile flowers. For its preparation, the flowers taken in equal amounts are poured with boiling water and infused for 2 hours. Then, the infusion is filtered and applied to the diseased joints. Showed also the baths of broth chamomile with the addition of sea salt crystals.

Removal of uric acid is facilitated by ingestion of herbal infusions and decoctions, berries. The most useful berry for gout is strawberries, which can be eaten in kind. The reception of strawberries can be combined with the use of birch sap - 1 glass three times a day. Decoction of celery roots( 1 tablespoon in 2 cups of boiling water) is taken at 2 tbsp.spoon three times a day for 3 hours before meals. Traditional medicine for gout recommends tea from the sequence of the tripartite, which is drunk in hot form.

Unfortunately, folk remedies, as well as a diet with medicines for leg gout, do not always provide the desired result. Sometimes the accumulation of uric acid leads to irreversible changes in the joints of the lower extremities. In such situations, resort to surgery - plastic or joint prosthetics.

Why does gout occur?

Gout is an ailment that occurs when violating purine metabolism in the human body. How does this violation occur?

If the composition of food consumed by a person includes a large number of purines( substances without which no cell of our body can do), too much uric acid is released during their processing. And much depends on the timely work of the kidneys.

If the kidneys are healthy, the acid is eliminated from the body with urine without much trouble. If the kidneys function poorly, urate( uric acid salts) begins to accumulate in the body. Surpluses of urate in the form of crystals begin to be deposited in the diartereses, tendons and cartilages of the human body. This is one of the ways of gout.

However, the level of uric acid is not always the cause of gout. In some patients, painful symptoms can be observed, even if its number is normal( here you can read about the symptoms of gout on the legs).Sometimes in the occurrence of gout, the use of a number of medications is guilty.

Treatment of gout with folk methods

The correct use of traditional medicine methods involves the sequential passage of two stages:

  • Use of herbal fees and adherence to a special diet to lower the level of uric acid in the patient's body.

  • Use of funds designed to stop pain and shorten the duration of a gouty attack.

Only with such a scheme, treatment with folk methods can lead to a persistent positive result.

Phytotherapy in the fight against gout

Folk treatment of gout is unthinkable without the use of herbal and vegetable juice.

  • To alkalinize urine, it is recommended to take pumpkin, squash and cucumber juices.

  • To dissolve urates( uric acid salts), folk healers use the roots of barberry, bearberry, strawberry, immortelle and cowberry in the form of infusions and broths.

  • To prevent re-absorption of urates in the intestine, astragalus, bilberry fruits, horsetail are well assisted in the form of medicinal infusions.

  • To prevent the formation of crystals of uric acid, Chinese lemongrass and corn stigmas prepared in the form of infusions are extremely useful.

  • Herbal preparation, prepared according to the following recipe, showed its high efficiency practically in all directions listed above. To prepare it in equal quantities mix the leaves of nettle, birch and strawberry, stigma corn and ordinary croissants.

    A teaspoonful of herbal tea is poured into 200 ml of boiling water and insisted for half an hour. Take a third of the glass in the morning, afternoon and evening. The full course of treatment is at least two months.

  • No less effective is the medicinal collection of nine herbs. For its preparation take one teaspoon of leaves of nettle, mint, cowberry, flaxseed, birch buds, roots of elecampane, camomile flowers, St. John's wort and horsetail. Thoroughly mixing the ingredients, they pour a liter of steep boiling water and insist for two hours. Strain, take 200 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  • When gout is very helpful course of treatment with linseed oil and strawberry tea. To prepare the drink for a liter of boiled water take fifty grams of leaves of strawberries and drink it instead of regular tea throughout the day, combining with the reception of flaxseed oil( butter take in the morning, afternoon and evening for two tablespoons).The course of treatment continues for at least a week. After a two-month break, you can repeat it.

Folk remedies for gum to available plants

  • The use of sorrel containing oxalic acid promotes the dissolution of urates deposited in the joints. To achieve a positive effect, only fresh leaves are used: they can be chewed in large quantities. After some time, the salt, which became the cause of pain, will dissolve, and the pain will pass.

  • Flaxseed infusion will reduce the level of uric acid. For its preparation take two teaspoons of seeds, pour in 1.5 cups of cold water and cook for a quarter of an hour on low heat. Remove from the fire, 10 minutes insist decoction, then pour into a glass bottle and continuously( at least five minutes) shake. After filtering, the broth can be taken one tablespoon every four hours.

Treatment of severe pain with traditional medicine

  • Tincture from a shell of pine nuts possesses great efficiency for removal of a painful syndrome. For its preparation, dried cedar shells are poured into a bottle of dark glass to the level of the shoulders, and then poured into vial with vodka or alcohol.

    Insists for ten days, remembering to periodically shake. Take a teaspoonful( before eating), at least three times during the day. With severe pain, the number of receptions can be increased up to five times.

  • Attacks of nocturnal pains well removes blue clay. Clay powder is poured with water and from the resulting clay dough make a cake, which is then placed overnight in an afflicted place. After 7-8 sessions, painful attacks stop.

  • Strong gouty pain can be cured with an ointment prepared according to an old recipe( ointment from gout can be prepared in many other ways).To make it, you need to take the same amount of home-made butter and alcohol.

    Oil( before the formation of foam) is heated in a small saucepan, then removed from heat and poured into alcohol. After that, the mixture must be set on fire. Note that this procedure is unsafe, since after ignition a high flame column is formed( it is necessary to protect hands and face from it).The product is ready for use immediately after the flame has faded. Keep the drug best in the refrigerator.

    Rub the ointment into the affected joint in a warm room( preferably in front of a working heater or a heated fireplace).After applying the joints do not wrap. The product has great effectiveness, which is confirmed by numerous approving reviews.

  • For severe pain in the big toe, you can use iodine. The place gored with gout generously, in several receptions, is moistened with its tincture( it is best to do this at night).

How to treat gout with folk remedies

  • For the treatment of pains that occur in the gout cone on the toe, folk healers are advised to use the following remedy: 10 table spoons of iodine, ammonia and triple cologne are poured into a glass bottle, mixed thoroughly and insisted for at least 24 hours.

    The compound is daily rubbed into the painful buds on the feet in the morning, afternoon and evening. Treatment will have to continue for at least six months. Thanks to the use of this remedy, not only pains have passed in many patients, but the lumps themselves have disappeared.

  • Effective action to relieve pain in the joints has an infusion of willow bark. A tablespoon of ground raw material is poured into 200 ml of steep boiling water and insist for at least an hour. To drink infusion it is necessary within day, having divided on 4 times.

  • Articular pains respond well to "mushroom fat" treatment. Prepare it this way: in a pot with a thick bottom put the cubes of interior fat( 200 g) and 50 g of pine resin-resin. Tumble the resulting mixture on low heat until full fat is thawed. Formed cracklings are obtained with the help of noise.

    After letting the fat cool off a little, add a powder made from 100 g of dried fly agarics and a tablespoon( with a slide) of rye flour. Ready "mushroom fat" can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 years.

Method of treatment with "mushroom fat": The treatment procedure is performed before bedtime. Affected gout joint warmed by massage, preliminary wiping the skin with alcohol tincture of mushrooms( for its preparation 100 g of fresh fly agarics are poured into 100 ml of alcohol and insisted for a month).

After the massage begin to rub the "mushroom fat".Manipulation of fat burning should last at least five minutes. After that, the treated joint is covered with a woolen shawl and goes to bed. Continue treatment is necessary for 10-15 evenings. After this, you need to take a week break, and then again to repeat the course, consisting of 15 sessions.

Nutrition for gout on the legs involves the exclusion from the diet of beans, beans and soybeans, fat, mushrooms, spices( except vinegar and bay leaves).Meat and fish should be consumed only in boiled or baked form not more than twice a week. The portion should correspond to the mass of the body at the rate of 1 kg of body weight - 1 gr.meat.

Mineral water is very useful, but its amount is determined by the doctor.

An effective diet for gout on the legs in combination with a rice-apple unloading day. For cooking porridge for a day to cook 75 gr.rice in 750 ml of milk. Eat three meals.250 gr.apples to cook or use during the day without sugar in the form of compote.

Prevention of gout should concern all relatives living with the patient, as it is difficult to change their lifestyle, while the rest of the family feeds on and continue to live.

Traditional methods of treatment

Apples in the treatment of the disease play an important role

Gout arises because of a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and alcohol abuse. The first thing that needs to be changed in your way of life is nutrition, besides adding physical exercises, because it is impossible to get rid of gout without normalizing the metabolism.

Non-traditional methods of treatment of the disease include folk recipes and procedures with radioactive substances. The latter include the inhalation of radium emanation, the adoption of radon baths. An excellent effect is provided by hydrogen sulphide baths.

Folk remedies greatly facilitate the condition and successfully relieve pain. These methods are tested by generations.

Treatment of gout with folk methods has several directions.

Treatment with folk remedies, relieving excess uric acid

  • 20 gr. Leaf cranberries brew in a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes. Take several times a day on a tablespoon.
  • Drink 3 times a day for a teaspoon of nettle juice.
  • 2 tbsp.l. Shredded leaves of birch in 500 ml of boiling water, after 10 minutes of boiling give 30 minutes to infuse. Strain and drink 3 times a day with meals for ¼ cup.
  • 3 tsp.snoti ordinary insist two hours in 500 ml of boiling water, drain. Drink before meals 4 times a day for half a glass.
  • 1 tbsp.l.mixture of chamomile flowers and lime blossom in a ratio of 1: 1, pour in 500 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 35 minutes. Strain and drink four times during the day( half a glass).
  • Spruce or pine buds together with the crown cut with a knife and dried outdoors. Pour into a glass of boiling water 25 gr.needles, boil for 20 minutes. Add to the broth apple cider vinegar and sugar( to taste).Take twice a day for half a glass.
  • Eat eggplant as often as possible.
  • Drink in the morning tincture of garlic with lemon.
  • Include in the diet of apples 50 minutes before meals or 2.5 hours after meals.
  • It is advisable to change treatment every 4 weeks: four weeks to drink infusion of cranberry leaves, the next four weeks - nettle juice, then - infusion of birch leaves.

Gout attack

Apitherapy is an effective remedy for relieving an attack of the disease

  • Soar your legs before going to bed, then lubricate the joints with Butadion ointment, fixing the compress with cellophane.
  • Pour red fly agaric vodka in a ratio of 1: 5, let it brew for 5 days, drain. To apply for grinding.
  • Pour a liter of vodka a glass of dried bees, let it brew for 12 days in a dark place, drain. To apply for grinding.
  • To remove joint pain, onion soup will help. For this, 2-3 washed bulbs pour 1 liter of water and cook together with the husks until completely softened. Drink a glass of broth three times a day before eating. The course of treatment is 10-15 days.
  • One of the oldest ways to get rid of pain with gout is the effect of bee stings( apitherapy).And today there are specialists who practice the treatment of many diseases in this way.

Very effective treatment of gout at home with the help of herbal baths

  • 200 gr. Pour the leaves of sage into 1.5 liters of boiling water, let it brew for two hours. Strain and add to the bath with a water temperature of 33 degrees, gradually reducing it to 27 degrees.
  • Gout on the leg will decrease if you keep your feet in a decoction of oat straw, which was cooked for half an hour, for 30 minutes.
  • You can soar your feet in such a solution: in 2 liters of water with a temperature of about 40 degrees dissolve half a pack of salt and half a piece of laundry soap( you need to grate it for this).The procedure should last about half an hour. It is necessary to pour boiling water as the solution cools.
  • 300 gr.stems and flowers of pharmacy chamomile pour in 5 liters of boiling water, let it brew for 2 hours. Strain and add to the bath.

The course of treatment with baths depends on many factors: one will need 4-5 procedures, another - 30-40.After every 20 procedures, a 20-day break is required.

And several more treatments

  • A lot of positive feedback about the treatment of gout with iodine. For this, in 10 ml of iodine tincture dissolve 5 tablets of aspirin. In this case, the solution should become colorless. Sick places at night lubricate and put on warm gloves( socks).Or 3 tsp.soda and 9 drops of iodine solution add to three liters of water. With this solution, take warm foot baths.
  • Treatment is quite effective, based on the contrast of temperatures. For the procedure, take two vessels. In one it is necessary to pour as cold water as possible. In another place the cereal grains and pour boiling water, wait until the grains are broken up, and the temperature drops to a level at which it will be possible to hold a hand in this mixture. Now you need to lower your hand for 3-5 seconds in cold water, and then immediately into the hot mixture. It is desirable to grind the grain with your hands. After the procedure, bind a hand with a woolen scarf or handkerchief. The treatment is quite long: 2-3 months.

Rubbing honey in the joints helps in the fight against the disease

  • Another excellent remedy for gout is honey. It must be rubbed into the joints, as it helps the formation of intraarticular lubrication, which increases the excretion of uric acid. To do this, warm up the joint with a heating pad, then rub honey into it for 15 minutes. After that, put a napkin covered with honey, cover with cellophane and fasten the compress with a warm cloth. After 3.5 hours, wash the joint with warm water. Scheme of treatment: the first four compresses - every day, the next 6 - every other day. Then take a break for two weeks and repeat the scheme.
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Gout: treatment in various ways

Treatment of gout is a complex process, because the disease is chronic, which develops against the background of metabolic disorders and is characterized by deposits in the cartilage, bones and joints of human uric acid salts. Interestingly, this disease has been known since ancient times - it was described by Hippocrates and it suffered from such famous personalities as Achilles, Ivan the Terrible, Michelangelo, Turgenev, Pushkin, Charles Darwin and others. Symptoms of this disease are very unpleasant. The attack usually begins unexpectedly, more often at night, and is characterized by swelling and redness of the joints of the legs( usually the thumb), severe pain syndrome and high fever( up to 38-40 °).There may also be pain in the abdomen and stools.

Sometimes, with a long course of the disease, tofus develop. Tofusy with gout are the same deposits of uric acid salts, surrounded by a connective tissue. Most often, they appear in the area of ​​the auricles, but this is only the beginning. Further, tophi can occur anywhere, and even on internal organs, and detect them at times is very difficult.

Usually, this condition lasts 5-7 days, after which the attack passes. Previously it was believed that men with gout, age forty and older, are particularly susceptible to gout, especially those whose relatives have this disease. However, recently, gout has taken unexpected forms and it often happens that different categories of people have started to hurt it - both women and men, and young and aged. The reason for this spread of the disease is likely to lie in the wrong way of life and nutrition of modern people.

How doctors treat gout, but they also admit that getting rid of the disease is completely impossible. In this case, not only medication is used, but the correct organization of a person's way of life. Despite the fact that doctors advise patients to use certain medicines, they also suggest normalizing the diet regime for gout and adding physical exertion, avoiding hypothermia and overheating, and using additional methods of traditional medicine.

In our article we will consider the main types of gout treatment:

  • Folk remedies
  • Diet and exercises from gout

Treatment of gout with folk remedies and methods

How to treat gout with the feet will tell folk medicine, "grandmother's" recipes in this case bring invaluable benefits, help quicklyto relieve an attack of the disease and prevent the development of relapses. So, let's list the most effective means of treating gout with the help of traditional medicine.

The main folk ways:

  • Compresses
  • Decoctions and tinctures

The first means - ubiquitous urino therapy. Folk doctors say that if you soar your feet daily in urine, then gout will recede.

The second effective remedy for curing gout is compresses. A very good compress is a honey-salt compress. To do this, gauze should be put honey and salt( 1 st.lozhke), and apply a compress to the inflamed joint. Repeat the procedure until the symptoms disappear completely. You can also make a compress of red clay and 2 vinegar.

The third folk remedy is various broths and tinctures. The most effective decoction is a decoction of cowberry. To make it, 2 tbsp. Spoon cranberries pour 250 ml of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Decoction to drink for a day, and the next day to prepare a new one, and so until the recovery. Folk doctors claim that the best means and the answer to the question of how to treat gout on the legs can not be found.

Well, even such a herbal tea - 20 grams of grass rootgrass, 30 g of violet trichromatic( grass), 25 g of burdock root and 20 g of veronica medicinal grind together. Take the resulting mixture of 40 g and pour a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups daily, and the first time in the morning, you must drink a decoction on an empty stomach.

Treatment of gout at home

There are not only folk ways to answer the question of how to treat gout, but also the ways home used by many people in the event of an attack of the disease. Most often these methods do not cure gout completely, but only help to relieve an attack, and pain including.

For example, treatment of gout with iodine and aspirin is very effective. This remedy many people were saved from severe pain and relieved inflammation. It is necessary to take 10 ml of iodine and in it to dissolve tablets of acetylsalicylic acid in an amount of 5 pieces. It turns out a colorless liquid, which for the night needs to handle the affected joints.

You can also make foot baths with iodine - 3 liters of water 9 drops of iodine and soda( no more than 3 tsp).Good pain relieves the usual activated charcoal. To do this, grind a handful of activated carbon in a coffee maker, add a spoonful of flaxseed and lubricate the affected joint. After that, cover the place with polyethylene and wrap it well and go to bed. Usually the patient feels relief in the morning.

It is very important to treat a gout with a certain diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet products such as kidneys, liver, brains, radish, sorrel, beans and peas, spicy seasonings. Reduce the consumption of fish and proteins of animal origin. To use fruit teas: cowberry, currant, strawberry, and to eat vegetable food.

Medications for gout

Meditating on how to treat gout, it is impossible to ignore medications. Drug medications are very effective in coping with the disease, helping to relieve inflammation and pain, and reduce the risk of relapse.

Most often, doctors prescribe patients with ointment from gout, in particular - cream fullflex. The use of this cream is a very effective method of treatment, due to its diverse natural composition. Tablets from gout patients are also indicated for taking, allopurinol, fulflex tablets, colchicine, etc. are effective drugs. However, one should not conduct independent treatment with medicinal preparations - it is necessary to apply for a prescription to the treating doctor.

After reading all of the above, you probably will find the answer to the question "how to cure gout?", And you will be able to cope with the disease and prevent its return.

Video on the causes and treatment of gout:

How to reduce uric acid in goutGoutGout

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How to treat gout with the big toeGoutGout

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