Almage for osteochondrosis

Does the Almag instrument help with osteochondrosis

Almage in cervical osteochondrosis is used in physiotherapy rooms of some private medical clinics. This device effectively eliminates inflammatory changes due to pulsed running current.

The device is small in size, so we recommend its use at home in degenerative-dystrophic diseases and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Principle of action

Almage is effective in osteochondrosis due to elimination of pathogenetic links of the disease under the action of running electrical impulses. When using the product, the terms of treatment of exacerbations of pathology are reduced and pathological symptoms are removed: pain and swelling of soft tissues.

The device was developed by Russian scientists, so doctors believe that it is adapted for the treatment of domestic patients. It is recommended for the treatment of diseases of the whole musculoskeletal system.

Positive properties of the product can be considered impact on the cause of the disease. Under the influence of electromagnetic therapy, damaged tissues are restored. The effect is confirmed by clinical studies among people with osteochondrosis who received long courses of therapy with Almag.

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The device operates due to the deep penetration of the pulsed field into the skin( about 8 cm).Under the influence of the running field, the blood flow in damaged tissues increases by 250%, which improves blood supply and delivery of nutrients.

Indications and contraindications for use

Indications for use:

  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • degenerative-dystrophic lesions with radicular syndrome;
  • osteoarthritis of the facet joints;
  • edema of soft tissues of the vertebral column;
  • trauma and vertebral fractures.


  1. bleeding;
  2. pregnancy;
  3. acute inflammatory diseases;
  4. marked decrease in blood pressure;
  5. oncological diseases;
  6. increased secretion of thyroid hormones;
  7. pacemakers;
  8. increased intracranial pressure.

It is advisable to use the device together with medications. In this situation, the effectiveness of treatment is significantly increased.

The use of the product does not require possession of medical skills. The main features of working with it are described in the manufacturer's instructions. Buy yourself a home helper to deal with the pathology of the spinal column. He will keep your health for many years.

Apparatus for osteochondrosis: the essence of

hardware techniques Osteochondrosis is characterized by a dystrophic disorder in interarticulate cartilages, which degenerate and thinner and gradually lose their elasticity. As a result, the intervertebral disc becomes more flat, and the distance between the vertebrae is shortened. With osteochondrosis, the blood circulation of the internal organs is disrupted, as the nerve roots and blood vessels that drain from the spinal cord are infringed. There is pain in the area of ​​infringement.

Cervical osteochondrosis is revealed - the patient has headaches, visual impairment, tinnitus.

Osteochondrosis of the thoracic region can cause difficulty in breathing and irregularities in cardiac activity.

In osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral region, pain in the lower back is observed, there may be a disruption in the digestive tract and kidneys, varicose veins. Men may have problems with potency.

Recently, there have been devices for the treatment of osteochondrosis at home. The essence of hardware techniques is the impact on the disease by a pulse or vibration using an electric current or a magnetic field. This is a physiotherapy procedure that can be performed at home with such a device.

Which device to treat osteochondrosis?

This is Armos, Vitafon, Almag-1, Frolov's apparatus, Darsonval with a nozzle for the back.

Almag-1 acts on diseased organs using magnetic field pulses. This device also produces prevention and other areas of the spine, preventing dystrophic changes in intervertebral discs, and serves as a preventive measure of osteochondrosis.

Armos impact point on the vertebrae. Since it has a small size and special protrusions, it can be used to straighten the curvature of the spine, placing this device between diseased vertebrae. This device can be called a home massager.

Darsonval with a backpack attachment acts on the osteochondrosis with a weak discharge of electric current. It relieves pain painfully and restores blood circulation. On the day it is necessary to use this device for no more than 20 minutes, the course is 20 procedures, after which a break for several months is made and the state of health and improvements that have occurred after applying this method are estimated.

Frolov's apparatus acts on the diseased organ with the help of proper breathing, that is, it is a simulator. The device is a fairly simple device, its essence is to imbue the tissues with oxygen with the help of endogenous respiration. That is, this device is aimed at removing spasms, improving blood circulation and restoring intervertebral discs as a result of restored nutrition in nearby tissues.

The Vitafon device is based on the background effects. It is based on microvibration through a vibraphone on the cells of the whole organism. This method involves the use of a sound range of different sizes and is a vibroacoustic therapy designed to improve the regeneration of bone tissue. Vitafon also helps to remove edema and improve lymph flow, which is useful for osteochondrosis.

Thus, there are a lot of agents for the treatment of osteochondrosis, and you can choose the device that suits you, taking into account your needs. Using the chosen device and combining its use with regular gymnastics for the back and healthy nutrition, you will get an impressive result and will be able to enjoy an active lifestyle for many more years.

Treatment of osteochondrosis requires an integrated approach, which includes physical therapy procedures, the use of medications and metered exercise.

Changes in the spine are considered to be one of the most serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, characterized by complicated, long-term treatment and a high probability of relapse.

Doctors do not accidentally use the term "chance of recovery".The later a person begins to treat the osteochondrosis of the spine - the less he has the chance to remain a healthy person.

What is a common osteochondrosis?

Common osteochondrosis is a chronic disease that occurs with exacerbations and remission. The disease is diagnosed if two or more parts of the spine are affected. The common osteochondrosis belongs to the category of serious diseases and is peculiar to older people, although the tendency to increase the incidence among young people is positive.

The basis of osteochondrosis is dystrophic disorders of the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral space, which arise due to disruption of the nutrition of the intervertebral discs and vertebrae.

The intervertebral disc begins to lose elasticity, changes shape, which leads to a decrease in the distance between the vertebrae.

The change in the intervertebral distance is accompanied by unsymmetrical and inefficient operation of the spine and causes excessive tension, sagging muscles or ligaments of the back. Neighboring vertebrae are squeezed by the nerve roots that drain from the spinal cord, which leads to the spread of pain to distant areas of the body.

Further development of the disease includes the development of pathological mobility( spondylolisthesis) of the vertebrae, the appearance of protrusion( protrusion) of the intervertebral disc and the development of hernias. On the vertebrae, bone tissue proliferates, which limits the mobility of the spine and is accompanied by severe pain.

In case of simultaneous involvement of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, the disease is called generalized osteochondrosis.

What causes common osteochondrosis?

Among the causes of widespread osteochondrosis can be identified external and internal causes of the disease, as well as the causes associated with increased stress on the spine.

To external causes of osteochondrosis can be attributed to injuries, nutrition with insufficient content of minerals and vitamins. This includes bad habits, wrong position of the spine during sleep, school or playing sports.

Internal factors of the onset of osteochondrosis are due to the inevitable processes of aging, heredity, hormonal changes and metabolic disorders. Osteochondrosis can often occur on the basis of nervous experiences, somatic and autoimmune diseases.

The most common cause of widespread osteochondrosis is elevated or incorrect loading of the spine. Carrying heavy weights, uncomfortable pose, high heels and even carrying a bag on one shoulder provoke the development of osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis is often the result of flat feet, a sedentary lifestyle and insufficient development of muscle tissue.

Symptoms of a common osteochondrosis

The main symptom of the disease is severe and severe pain, which is felt in several sections of the spinal column.

In case of occurrence of a common osteochondrosis, for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, one can distinguish one's symptoms, which can change during the day. Since common osteochondrosis affects more than one spine, the symptoms depend on the degree of "neglect" of the disease: it is aching, persistent pain, burning, low back and painful "lumbago", which completely block the motor ability.

For common osteochondrosis, it is possible to talk about some characteristic features of various types of diseases:

  • Neurological disorders associated with the onset of depression and irritability.
  • Static disorders of the spine, associated with the pathology of individual vertebrae.
  • Symptoms associated with orthopedic disorders: limiting the mobility of the spine, the emergence of stiffness of the musculoskeletal apparatus.
  • Painful sensations in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, neck, shoulders, waist and thoracic spine.
  • Symptoms of vegetative disorders: increased sweating, impaired urination, shortness of breath, cardiovascular system functioning problems.

Disease can occur in one department of the spine and move on to others. Patients with a diagnosis of "common osteochondrosis" often have unpleasant sensations in the heart, there are disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system, which complicates the diagnosis. This is expressed in the fact that the patient can complain of pain in the heart area, but in fact, the pain sensation gives the nerve, pinched by narrowing the intervertebral distance.

Stages of development of common osteochondrosis

There are four stages of development of osteochondrosis, which are diagnosed based on a change in the structure of the spinal tissues:

I stage: changes in the spine are minimal, occasionally the patient is concerned about the pain associated with the tension of the muscles of the back. At this stage, you can see a rapid muscle fatigue, which most patients do not pay attention to.

II stage: is characterized by the manifestation of punctual pain of medium severity in the spine, which occurs after physical exertion. There is a change in the layered structure of the fibrous ring and the distance between the vertebral discs decreases, which increases the load on the articular surfaces, thinens the cartilage and promotes the growth of bone tissue.

III stage: formation of hernias - at this stage, the probability of getting a spinal injury from a small shock, stroke or load increases. The third stage is characterized by a significant destruction and thinning of the fibrous ring, severe pain and loss of ability to work.

IV stage: , the intervertebral disc is replaced by fibrous cartilage and fibrous tissue, the degenerative process extends to the musculoskeletal apparatus, which causes instability of the spine.

Late stages of of osteochondrosis can cause paralysis of the limbs, loss of hearing and spinal ischemic stroke - necrosis of the area of ​​the spinal cord tissue.

How to treat a common osteochondrosis with the help of the ALMAG-01

The purpose of treatment with the ALMAG-01 device is to improve nutrition and provide anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, analgesic effect on intervertebral discs. All medical procedures should be performed after consultation with the neurologist.

The optimal time for the procedure is before going to bed, as after the treatment it is recommended to keep the spine in a relaxed and calm state. Between the procedures, the minimum interval is 6 hours. In the acute stage, when the patient can not walk and is constantly lying down, the procedures are carried out twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. For the procedure, the device is placed on the couch or bed along the axis of the spinal column. The patient lies on the radiators affected by the spine department, after which it is possible to begin the procedure.

The course of treatment consists of 18 procedures, with an exposure time of 10 to 20 minutes. After 6 days of the course, you need to take a break for one day.

ALMAG-01 shows a good result in the treatment of acute osteochondrosis complicated by neuritis. In this case, the procedures are carried out once a day, with the effect on the cervical or lumbar region and further - with the effect of the affected nerve along the stroke. The course is also designed for 18 days, with a break after every 6 days, the time of total exposure should be divided into the time of exposure to the spine( 10 to 20 minutes) and the affected nerve( 5 to 10 minutes).Thus, the total time of the procedure is from 15 to 30 minutes.

IMPORTANT: if a patient suffers from hypertension, it is necessary to monitor blood pressure 30 minutes before and after the procedure. In the case of an increase in blood pressure or other undesirable reactions, the procedures are performed every other day with a minimum( 10 minutes) duration. If you maintain high blood pressure and unwanted reactions, you should consult your doctor.

Repeated course of treatment is carried out after 30-40 days, supporting - 3-4 months after the completion of the second course.

Therapeutic action of the apparatus ALMAG-01

  • The pulsed magnetic field of the ALMAG-01 apparatus has a mild, anti-inflammatory effect, has an analgesic effect and improves the metabolic processes in the joint region by accelerating the blood flow in the capillaries. The patient will feel the improvement of the condition already on the 15-20th day of physiotherapy.
  • Impact of a pulsed magnetic field improves the conductivity of jammed nerve endings, which has a beneficial effect on the organs and allows to start the process of restoring their functions. Running exchange processes allows you to start recovery of intervertebral disks and improve their depreciation properties.
  • The complex therapy with the use of the ALMAG-01 apparatus allows to stop the progression of osteochondrosis, improve the patient's condition and begin the process of repairing the spinal tissues.

Advantages of the ALMAG-01 device in the treatment of common

osteochondrosis The ALMAG-01 device is highly effective and can be used in home, outpatient and inpatient settings to treat a wide range of diseases.

Treatment of osteochondrosis with the ALMAG-01 device gives the following advantages:

It allows to stop the inflammation of the nerve roots, quickly to remove the pain.
Relaxes spasmodic muscles, removes stiffness, restores spinal mobility.
Improves local blood supply, triggers natural metabolic processes and allows the restoration of cartilage tissue to begin.

Almag-01.Treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis. Articles of the company "BIFAR LLC"


A huge number of people in the modern world suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory organs and many others. It would seem that incurable diseases that significantly worsen the quality of life and significantly reduce its duration, yesterday it was impossible to win. However, the technologies do not stand still. We present to your attention a medical pulse device that uses the principle of a running pulsed field in its work, Almag 01.

Magnetotherapeutic apparatus Almag-01 - general information

Magnetotherapeutic apparatus Almag-01 is manufactured by the Elatom instrument factory "Elamed".This is a modern enterprise using the latest scientific developments for the production of therapeutic medical devices. The operation of the Almag-01 apparatus is based on the principle of a traveling pulsed magnetic field on the affected tissues of the human body. As a result of using the device, symptoms of the inflammatory process are completely removed, pains are eliminated, and the number of constantly taken pharmacological preparations decreases. Restoration of the functionality of the affected organs and tissues and, as a consequence of this process, improving the ability to work and life forecast, is observed in the majority of patients using the device as an additional therapeutic agent.

The main indications for the use of the device Almag-01 are the following common diseases: - spinal column diseases, including osteochondrosis, sciatica, ishalgia;- arthritis of various etiology, arthrosis;- diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension;- bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive bronchitis;- Diseases of the digestive tract: cholecystitis, DZHVP, peptic ulcer and duodenum, pancreatitis, gastritis;- diseases of the nervous system: neuropathy, neuroangiopathy, neurodermatitis;- gynecological diseases and much more. Almost all existing diseases are amenable to the therapeutic effect of the Almag-01 apparatus. With caution should be approached to use it only if there are serious suspicions of the presence of cancer.

The principle of therapeutic effect of the apparatus Almag-01

The therapeutic effect of the device is based on the effect of a magnetic field on charged particles of the human body. Due to this, a significant acceleration of metabolic processes in the intracellular space is achieved. In turn, this leads to an intensification of the processes of tissue regeneration( healing) and the replacement of diseased parts of tissues with healthy cells. Advantage of the traveling pulse field is its heterogeneity, due to which the most complete effect on all biologically important parameters of the cellular structure is achieved. The increase in metabolism, the depth of penetration into tissues, the vastness of the coverage of tissues during the exposure session - all these advantages make it possible to assert that at present there are no analogues to the device on the market. The depth of penetration into the human body of the traveling pulsed magnetic field produced by the ASM-01 apparatus is more than eight centimeters. This circumstance makes it possible to effectively treat diseases of virtually all organs and systems of man. The type of magnetic field produced by the apparatus is able not only to promote regeneration. Almag-01 copes well with more specific problems. In particular, with the help of this device, you can shoot attacks of arrhythmia, normalize the encephalogram. A pulsed magnetic field can restore the electrical balance and normalize the biofield of internal organs.

How does the device Almag-01

The mechanism of therapeutic effect of the traveling pulse magnetic field is widely described by leading medical specialists. Let's consider some aspects of the treated effect. The effect of qualitative anesthesia is achieved by blocking the nerve impulse from the affected area. This leads to a decrease in tension in the muscle tissues, removes puffiness and inflammation. Regeneration of tissues occurs due to an increase in the lumen of the vascular bed of the capillaries. The outflow of blood is normalized, the level of waste substances in the affected tissues is reduced. The increase in blood flow also leads to an increase in the flow of oxygen. This element is an antioxidant. Together with the blood flow to the affected area, nutrients begin to flow, which are the basis for building a new cellular structure. At the basis of almost all chronic diseases is the destruction of tissues and the replacement of their degenerative forms of connective tissue. Due to this, the functions of the affected organs and systems deteriorate significantly and lead to the appearance of chronic processes that until recently were considered irreversible. Currently, with the use of the Almag-01 apparatus, not only effective prevention of destructive changes is possible, but also a qualitative restoration of physiological parameters. The use of Almag-01 reduces the level of cholesterol, promotes the removal of toxins and toxins from the human body, activates all metabolic processes. With proper application, Almag-01 is able to save almost all health problems. The device Almag-01 can be used both in medical-prophylactic establishments, and independently at home.

Almag 01 and prevention of "diseases of civilization"

It's no secret that today most people engaged in mental work have much more health problems than those who are engaged in heavy physical labor. Currently, the negative impact of the computer and sedentary lifestyle is known to everyone. How to deal with this - not many know. Using Almag-01 will help to avoid such diseases as: - osteochondrosis from prolonged presence in one posture;- decreased visual acuity;- headaches due to impaired cerebral circulation;- neurasthenia, depressive conditions;

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