Gout that you can eat and what you can not

How to Eat for a Gout

Gout is a chronic disease caused by a violation of protein metabolism. Occurs when the uric acid is high in the body. It is accompanied by the deposition of urate salts in tissues, especially in the joints. At the heart of the disease is the increased production of purines, their inadequate excretion in the urine. Podgra suffer from 3% to 5% of the population.

Features of the disease

Chronic disease requires long-term treatment by various means, among which the proper nutrition for gout plays an important role. Violation of the diet leads to an exacerbation of the disease, deterioration of well-being. The disease occurs:

  • after a plentiful meal;
  • for alcohol abuse;
  • with uncontrolled taking of some medicines.
Salt deposition in gout
Gout contributes to the deposition of salts that cause inflammation of the joints and surrounding tissues

The bulk of people suffering from gout suffer from excess weight. Therefore, the following goals are pursued with the right nutrition:

  • to stabilize weight by reducing the total calorie content of dishes;
  • normalize purine metabolism, eliminating products containing purine bases from the diet;
  • to reduce the synthesis of uric acid;
  • to reduce the uric acid in the blood and urine;
  • increase the excretion of uric acid from the body by the kidneys.


In the hospital, gout patients are assigned table number 6.At home, the diet must be observed constantly. Failures in nutrition are fraught with exacerbations. To normalize the purine metabolism, it is recommended to exclude from the menu protein and some other products.

What can not be eaten with gout:

  • meat products - poultry meat, young animals. All by-products - kidneys, brains, liver, heart, lungs;
  • fish and canned fish, caviar, fish oil;
  • sauces, broths fish, mushroom, meat;
  • soups with sorrel, spinach;
  • beans - beans, peas, soybeans, beans;
  • snacks salty, smoked, salted cheeses;
  • pork fats, culinary, beef;
  • chocolate, beer, alcoholic beverages.
Prohibited foods for gout
These products lead to exacerbation of gout

When gout is not recommended many plant products - radish, radish, turnips, asparagus, spinach, sorrel, raspberries, grapes. And also red and cauliflower, aubergines, fresh beets, tomatoes, rhubarb, figs.

Outside the exacerbation, it is allowed to eat in limited quantities( 150 grams) of lean poultry meat, fish no more than three times a week. Dishes are prepared in this way: first boiled, then stewed or baked.

If gout is combined with obesity, diet No. 8 is prescribed to reduce weight, according to which the food should be low-calorie and amount to:

  • with diet No. 8 - 1600 - 1870 kcal;
  • with diet no. 8a - 1100 - 1300 kcal;
  • diet № 8o is prescribed in stationary conditions with a high degree of obesity and is 640 - 850 kcal.

Animal fats are replaced with vegetable fats. Reduces the consumption of carbohydrates - sugar, sweets, bakery products. In the diet, the amount of fiber increases. Its a lot in white cabbage, bran, vegetable, fruit puree or juice with pulp. It is desirable to arrange occasional days off. But, despite the restrictions, the food should remain balanced, that is, the body should receive:

  • animal and vegetable proteins totaling 80-100 g;
  • mainly vegetable fats - no more than 80;
  • carbohydrates required 4 times more, up to 400 g, that is, the proportion of nutrients 1: 1: 4 should be observed;
  • salt is added to ready-made meals 5 to 10 g during the day.

Food restrictions recommended for gout remain unchanged, with the difference that normal or high-fat dairy products are replaced with low-calorie dairy products. Fatty cottage cheese - lean, milk is skimmed, sour cream - fat content of 10%.

Strictly limited and used in small quantities of products such as pickled and pickled mushrooms, roots, products of dough. Honey is also eaten with caution.

In case of exacerbation alkalinizing drink is recommended, short-term fasting after consultation with a doctor. The use of meat dishes, extractive broths, fish products, mushrooms, beans, smoked products and pickles is sharply limited or completely excluded.

From folk remedies you can use onion soup. A liter of water will need only 2-3 medium bulbs with peel. According to the recipe, the onions are cut into two parts, filled with water and boiled until finally boiled. Then filter and drink three times a day before meals. Course - two weeks. Followed by a month-long break and a recurrence of treatment.


It is recommended to drink a lot of water, two or more liters a day, with a sick gout. What water to drink better? Instead of the usual tap or well it is better to use alkaline( bicarbonate) water from natural therapeutic sources with a pH of 7.2 to 8.5 or more. Mineral alkaline waters include:

  • Swallow;
  • Yessentuki only No. 4 and 17;
  • Polyana Kvasova;
  • Borjomi;
  • Smirnovskaya,
  • Slavyanovskaya, etc.
Borjomi - one of the most famous alkaline mineral water

Alkaline water is sold in the pharmacy network. But not all patients have the opportunity to regularly purchase bicarbonate water. You can use a weak solution of baking soda( a third of a teaspoon in a glass of warm water).Useful fasting days and periodic short-term starvation to cleanse the body.

You can starve yourself for no more than 1-3 days, drinking at least 2.5 liters of water. To get out of this state you need to gradually, starting with juices, light salads, fruits. Gradually, the range of dishes is expanding. Further from the products you can eat everything that is allowed with gout:

  • milk and various dairy products - cottage cheese, butter, kefir, sour cream, low-fat, non-cheesy cheeses;
  • vegetable oils - olive, linseed, sunflower, etc.
  • raw and thermally processed vegetables, including potatoes;
  • fruit fresh, dried fruits, compotes, kissels;
  • soups are vegetarian;
  • one egg a day in any form - boiled, soft-boiled, omelette, fried in vegetable oil;
  • cereals in moderation;
  • drinks - tea, coffee not strong with milk, milk jelly, broth of a dogrose;
  • bread and bakery products.
Dairy products - the basis of nutrition for gout

It is desirable to eat regularly - 4-5 times a day. At one time they eat as much as they can with their hands. For medicinal purposes, alkaline water is drunk without gas for 15 to 30 minutes before meals.

Of the fasting days, one of the most favorable - cucumber or watermelon. Fresh cucumber contains up to 96% water, has a low calorie content - only 10 - 15 kcal. It will take 1 - 1.5 kg of cucumbers. This amount is divided into 5 to 6 servings and eaten throughout the day. Similarly, come with a watermelon.

Variants of the three-day menu

The daily menu is made with the obligatory consideration of the doctor's recommendations. On the one hand, therapeutic nutrition for gout should be diverse, include a set of nutrients necessary for the body. On the other hand, it is necessary to exclude products containing purine bases. A compromise can still be found. An example of a 3-day menu consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner is offered. Each meal includes three courses of choice and three drinks.

Salads - sources of natural vitamins


  • vegetable vinaigrette in vegetable oil;
  • omelette steam or baked;
  • cottage cheese with sour cream and herbs.


  • tea with lemon;
  • not strong coffee with milk;
  • cranberry jelly.


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First courses:

Soup from prefabricated vegetables on vegetable broth;
  • milk vermicelli soup;Soup with dumplings and sour cream.
  • Main courses:

    • boiled beef with greens;
    • pilaf with dried fruits - with dried apricots, prunes, raisins;
    • potato casserole with fried vegetables.


    • salad of tomato and sweet pepper, seasoned with vegetable oil;
    • fresh cucumber salad with sour cream and herbs;
    • fruit salad with yoghurt.


    • non-acidic fruit and berry juice;
    • tea with cherry jam;
    • cocoa with milk.


    • noodles with carrots;Pumpkin millet porridge with butter;
    • curds with sour cream.


    • compote of dried fruits;
    • tea with milk;
    • broth of wild rose.

    The daily ration is supplemented by a snack consisting of 150 grams of fruit, a glass of milk or baked goods with bran. Before going to bed it is useful to drink liquids - kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka, juices, tea from coriander, dogrose. Dishes with gout belong to the group of chemically sparing and regulating the exchange of uric acid - the final product of the breakdown of purine bases.

    Diet improves the effectiveness of treatment, positively affects metabolic processes. It is designed to prevent exacerbations and complications of the disease. As a result, it helps to maintain health.


    That it is impossible to eat at a gout

    In the period of an exacerbation the patient is prescribed a bed rest and complete rest. The main food should consist of liquid or semi-liquid food. With particularly acute pain, the first day should be spent on a day of unloading. Do not take any heavy food. It is better to focus on juices, jelly, mineral water, compotes.

    The next day in the diet, you can enter a more complete food. It is desirable that it contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins. In the process of exacerbation, do not consume broths that have remained after cooking chicken poultry.

    Do not forget to drink a lot

    A large number of liquids, this is the most important in such a disease as gout. As a rule, finding out that you can eat with this disease, many completely overlook the abundant drink. Of course, it's not all drinks that can be drunk in large quantities.

    It is advisable to refrain from drinking such drinks as highly aerated lemonades, alcohol, canned drinks. It is better to give preference to such drinks as non-carbonated mineral water, herbal tea, compotes of apples or strawberries, fruit drinks.

    It is useful to brew tea from cranberry leaves. Well, of course, in large quantities you can drink the most ordinary water. In addition to compulsory use of it during the day, be sure to take before drinking any food at least one glass of liquid an hour before eating.

    Improving the diet of

    Do not think that with gout you will lose tasty food completely. In fact, with gout, there is a fairly large list of foods that can be deliciously cooked and eat without worrying about the excessive deposition of salts:

    • you can prepare vegetarian soups, with the addition of various cereals;
    • allowed to eat dietary meat in small quantities, for example, turkey meat.

    Many people suffering from this disease are interested in, and whether it is possible for honey gout? Undoubtedly, this is the very natural sweetness, the use of which is not forbidden, but it should also be eaten in moderation. Honey can be added to tea or infusion of herbs. It is very important to remember that you can not eat with this disease products enriched with purines. For example, legumes.

    Gout - can it be cured?

    The question that worries all the sick. To cure this disease it is possible. This will take a long time and complex treatment. Any person who has already encountered gout should remember that all folk remedies are ineffective without the necessary diet.

    If you eat correctly and apply complex procedures( for example, make foot baths, wraps), then you can be sure that you will not wake up at night from an acute attack of pain in your leg.

    In addition to knowing what foods can not be eaten with gout, every patient should know that the pain syndrome can disappear and without treatment. But this fact does not mean that the disease itself has gone away.

    If you do not act and ignore the disease, then in the future, gout will return. You can be sure that the next time the attack of pain will be stronger several times.

    With a progressive disease, it will spread to larger joints, and also affect the functioning of the kidneys and urine of the excretory system. In the future this can cause disability.

    How to live with such a disease

    This disease should cause the ill, first of all, to reconsider their way of life. This applies not only to proper nutrition. Known since ancient times, "sore" has been studied by many luminaries of medicine. The same Hippocrates claimed that this is a disease of fat and rich people who love a lot and tasty food.

    But, despite multiple external factors, hereditary predisposition plays a significant role in the occurrence of gout at the age of 40 years. And to a greater extent, it affects men.

    According to the statistical data, there are only 1 woman among the nine men who have sex with men. Today, more than 14 million people with this disease are registered in Russia.

    If you find the first signs of a disease, then you should not wait until it manifests itself with all its strength. Get rid of bad habits and get used to a more lively lifestyle.

    For many years, scientists have been constantly saying that in the human body everything is interconnected. And the first cause of all diseases is not only the wrong diet, but the very way of life.

    Providing proper nutrition and a set of physical exercises, you can get rid of gout without letting it spread. Nobody says that now you have to expose yourself to the massive loads in the gym every day. You can find more alternative ways. For example, swimming is an ideal option. Pleasant and very useful for health. You do not know how to swim?then you have a great opportunity to do it with benefit for your own organism.

    Do not forget about proper nutrition. Be sure to exclude from your diet foods that can not be eaten with gout. If you adore sweets, then you can completely replace them with honey, but in moderation.

    During discomfort in the joint, do not be lazy, and every day make foot baths. They will help to prevent pain during exacerbations, and also relieve inflammation.

    How about steaming?

    If you like a sauna or a sauna, then you need to know if you can sweat with gout. At any stage of the disease, neither the sauna nor the sauna is prohibited. During bath procedures, you should drink plenty of fluids. This prevents kidneys from overloading and will protect you from the formation of stones in them. The fact is that during bath procedures, with increasing temperature, the body increases blood flow, which can lead to increased formation of uric acid. It is a large amount of liquid that can significantly smooth out this process.

    Summing up

    Summing up, I want to note that gout is a disease that can be got rid of. But if she has already shown herself to be chronic attacks, exacerbations, it will take a lot of time to heal.

    Agree that any disease is much easier to prevent, than then treat it and its consequences. That is why it is worth right now to analyze your lifestyle, your diet and change it so that after forty you do not get to know such an unpleasant illness as gout.


    Diet for gout of legs in men and women( table number 6, menu for a week, etc.)

    Unloading days

    Unloading days for gout are useful to spend about 1 time per week. You can choose the day of the week yourself, but only then arrange the unloading constantly. To starve during these days do not have to, because the menu can be made diverse.

    Fruit unloading day, in which you can eat up to one and a half kilograms of apples and oranges. In vegetable - the same number of vegetables, in curd 400 grams of cottage cheese and half a liter of low-fat kefir. In kefir drink up to one and a half liters of low-fat this product.

    Sample menu

    To make it easier to eat, you can give an approximate menu, for a man with gout.

    On Monday

    For breakfast, you can eat a bowl of fruit salad, which you can fill with yoghurt. Supplement all the cup of tea with milk and cracker. For a second breakfast will go a glass of kefir or milk.

    Vegetable oil is used instead of refractory fats

    You can eat vegetable soup puree at lunch, which is seasoned with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and sprinkled with greens from the heart. On the second you can cook 2 potato zraza, fill them with a tablespoon of sour cream.

    You can snack one fresh egg and 1 fresh cucumber, and have dinner with 200 grams of cottage cheese and a glass of yogurt.

    On Tuesday

    For breakfast, you can prepare a bowl of vegetable salad from cucumber, tomato, pepper and herbs, seasoned with vegetable oil, add a slice of rye bread, a cup of tea, coffee or broth of rose hips. At the second breakfast, a baked apple is useful, which can be stuffed with curd cheese and raisins.

    At lunchtime, there will be 200 grams of mashed potatoes and 6 - 8 inflorescences of cauliflower cooked in batter, you can drink with a glass of tomato juice. At noon, 2 small pieces of rye bread can be spread with caviar from courgettes.

    You can have supper with a plate of rice porridge on milk, one oatmeal cookie and a cup of tea.

    On Wednesday

    You can have breakfast with a plate of oatmeal, seasoned with a tablespoon of jam, and a cup of tea or coffee. For the second breakfast will be useful 2 - 3 tablespoons of salad cooked from boiled beets.

    Cereals and vegetable soups are much more useful for gout than meat or fish.

    Lunch is a useful soup dish based on wheat cereals and vegetables, garnish can be 150 grams of boiled or steamed fish of low-fat variety and fresh cucumber.

    You can snack a cup of tea and a couple of pieces of marmalade or marshmallow. You can dine with a glass of kefir and a banana.

    On Thursday

    Breakfast is necessary 4 syrniki, a spoon of sour cream or jam with a cup of coffee with the addition of milk. For the second breakfast, an excellent choice will be a cup of fruit jelly and a cracker or a biscuit biscuit.

    You can dine with 2 cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and vegetables, complete all 4-5 slices of roast zucchini and a glass of compote. Spoon a boiled egg and a slice of cheese.

    You can have supper with a plate of pumpkin porridge and a glass of milk.


    For breakfast two tomatoes can be sprinkled with herbs, supplemented with all 50 grams of unsalted cheese, a cup of tea with milk. At the second breakfast, by the way, there will be a fruit mix.

    For lunch, a bowl of buckwheat porridge will be supplemented with 200 grams of boiled veal veal. In addition, a salad of fresh cabbage and carrots, seasoned with herbs and vegetable oil, will be useful. You can snack a piece of rye bread with beetroot caviar.

    For dinner, you can prepare an omelette from 1 egg with the addition of tomato and pepper, a cup of tea and a cracker.

    On Saturday

    For breakfast prepare a bowl of pasta, which is sprinkled with grated cheese, complements all a cup of coffee with milk. At the second breakfast you can eat a handful of dried fruits with nuts and drink a glass of compote or juice.

    For dinner, you can cook a plate of stewed cabbage with carrots, and complement everything with a pair of baked potatoes with vegetable oil and herbs, and drink a glass of compote or juice. You can have a snack with a salad of fresh fruit, dressed with yogurt or a plate of fresh vegetables with sour cream.

    You can have supper with 200 grams of baked pumpkin and a glass of kefir.

    On Sunday

    For breakfast, 15 grams of curd casserole is useful and a cup of coffee with milk. At the second breakfast, a boiled egg is useful.

    For lunch, by the way, there will be a plate of pearl soup with vegetables, rubbed through a sieve. The second is suitable for one steam cutlet, prepared from low-fat minced meat with lettuce leaves. You can snack with baked apples.

    For dinner, the best option is a plate of vinaigrette, only without beans and a slice of rye bread, complement the entire cup of tea or a glass of milk.

    With gout, you can eat a variety and, while losing weight, do not limit yourself to your favorite and healthy dishes. The main thing is to constantly monitor the level of uric acid in the body and not to eat foods that contribute to its accumulation. The menu can be arranged in a variety of options, most importantly, everything was delicious. Proper nutrition and dieting will help to forget about the symptoms of gout for a long time.


    Diet for gout: table of products, approximate menu for the week

    Gout is a metabolic disease characterized by the accumulation of excess uric acid in the body. This can happen as a result of hereditary predisposition, and because of acquired diseases. But in any case, the starting factor in this pathology is the receipt of specific chemical compounds with food.

    What is the diet for gout?

    Gout is a chronic pathology in which the concentration of uric acid is increased in the blood, and the salts of this acid are deposited in the tissues, mainly in the joints. However, there is no clear correlation between the level of this acid in the blood and the degree of severity of the joint symptomatology. Also: symptoms and treatment of gout. Uric acid is formed in the body from compounds called purine bases. Most of them come from food, a small percentage is synthesized from substances such as glutamine or glycine contained in the body. The level of purines also increases under conditions accompanied by cell decay( antitumor therapy, shock states, autoimmune diseases), because they contain DNA, RNA and other nucleotide-containing compounds. Entering the liver, purine bases turn into uric acid. Further, it enters the intestine, where it is "processed" by the gastrointestinal tract, then it is absorbed into the blood and excreted in the urine. If a failure occurs at one of the stages of this "path" from purines to the excretion of uric acid, it begins to accumulate, and gout develops at some point. But since most of the uric acid is formed from food, then, removing them from food, you can reduce its content in the body several times. If a person knew of a violation in the content of his own enzymes, either in the synthesis or in the excretion of the urinaryacid, or other causes of predisposition to this disease, then he could avoid its development, all his life following a certain diet. Unthinkable and effective therapy of gout without compliance with the rules of nutrition.

    General dietary rules for gout - menu for the week

    1. 1) The diet for gout is different during the period of exacerbation of the disease and during the inter-rush period: when exacerbated, meat and fish products are excluded completely, when the symptoms subsided, these dishes are returned in small amounts.
    2. 2) Must be unloading days: fruit and vegetable, kefir-curd, kefir or dairy - at least once in 3 days. This improves the excretion of uric acid.
    3. 3) You should drink water one hour before a meal. In total, you need to drink 2-3 liters a day in the form of not only water, but also fruit drinks, green or herbal tea, compotes, alkaline mineral water.
    4. 4) You can not starve or overeat. You need to eat a little, 4-5 times a day.
    5. 5) It is necessary to completely abandon alcohol.

    What can not be eaten with gout: table of products

    With gout, it is necessary to refuse or significantly restrict the foods containing purine bases in the diet. Below is a table of products that should be abstained from:


    Nutrition for gout. Prohibited and authorized products for gout on the legs |All About Gout: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes of

    "Tortured bony leg? For this, only. ..

    Why is nutrition important for gout? It is considered as a cure for this disease. It develops as a result of the deposition of salts, which are extracted from such a natural product of excreta as uric acid. The correct power for the gout is of great importance. If you do not take the necessary measures, the kidneys and liver will be in danger.

    Among the products there are those that contain urate. Important nutrition for gout on the legs of and in other extremities. These are uric acid salts, because of which the disease is activated. Normalization of metabolism by improving nutrition speeds up recovery, mitigates the coming seizures.

    Principles of Nutrition for Gout( illness outside of exacerbation):

    Doctors recommend first of all to remove animal-type proteins, animal fats, foods with digestible carbohydrates.

    Also should order meals. They should become frequent, divided into small portions. Building food for gout and arthritis , you need to think about 5-6 meals, not forgetting about unloading days. It is necessary to arrange at least one per week, using only vegetables and fruits.

    1. Food for gout suggests protein restriction per kilogram of optimal body weight to 0.8 - 0.9 g. Vegetable protein in the diet with gout should be at least 30% of the total daily amount of protein. Along with proteins, the amount of fat in the diet for a patient with gout( per kilogram of optimal body weight to 0.9-1.0 g) is limited by eliminating fats of animal origin. About 35% of the daily amount of fat in the diet for patients with gout should be of plant origin, fatty acids in vegetable fats well affect the metabolism in patients with gout. In connection with the restriction of fats and proteins in the diet of patients with gout, the energy value of the diet should be brought to the physiological level by increasing the amount of carbohydrates.

    2. In a diet for patients with gout, there is a significant restriction and even exclusion of foods that are rich in oxalic acid and purines. Fish and meat should be eaten in a boiled form, as during boiling, most of the purines go into the broth. Bullion should not be used.

    3. For successful removal from the body of patients with gout, urinary excretion per day should be approximately 1.5 liters. Fluid drinking is shown taking into account the condition of the heart, vessels and kidneys( at least 2 liters).Dehydration of the body in hot weather or after a sauna may exacerbate gout. For drinking, juices of citrus fruits, vegetable juices, sour-milk drinks, broth of dogrose, diuretic teas, alkaline weakly mineral waters are recommended. At the same time, it is recommended to limit the amount of salt in the diet of patients suffering from gout to 8-9 g per day.

    4. Elimination of alcoholic beverages, especially red wine and beer. Ethanol contained in these drinks inhibits the excretion of uric acid from the body and, to some extent, increases its formation. A single intake of alcohol and a large amount of fatty fish or meat food can trigger a gout attack.

    5. With gout, it is useful to arrange a fasting day once a week, regardless of weight. Unloading days can be spent on dairy products, allowed vegetables, fruits, berries, juices. When unloading a free liquid, a day is not less than 1.5 liters. Fasting with gout is contraindicated, as when fasting in the body, the level of uric acid increases, and this contributes to exacerbation of the disease.

    6. If gout is combined with obesity, diet therapy is advisable to build on the principles of combating obesity, but to limit the diet of fish and meat and increase the number of dairy products. The rate of weight loss with gout should not be high( 1-1.5 kg per week).

    7. When renal damage is introduced into the diet, changes are made depending on the state of their functions.

    8. Food for gout should be regular, at least 4 times a day.

    According to the system of therapeutic nutrition adopted in Russia, a diet for gout № 6 was made.

    When diet No. 6 is being followed, the purines are exchanged in the body, the synthesis of uric acid and its salts is reduced.

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    What can not be eaten with a gout

    You should remember about products that are forbidden for gout .This includes not only meat, but also:


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