Cervical corset for osteochondrosis price

Indications and contraindications to the use of the corset for the neck and cervical spine

Many tools have been devised for the treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. One of them is a corset for the neck. This device helps to support the cervical spine.

Indications for the use of the corset

For carrying such a corset you need serious reasons, so the device should be prescribed by the doctor after an appropriate examination. As a rule, patients with cervical osteochondrosis complain of pain in the neck, headache, which can not be weakened by anesthetics.

These symptoms are caused by pathological processes that occur with osteochondrosis:

  1. Circulatory disturbance in the spine, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain.
  2. Disorders of mineral metabolism, leading to the deposition of salts in the vertebrae.
  3. Formation of intervertebral hernia.
  4. Excessive ossification due to a sedentary lifestyle, the formation of osteophytes - bone growths, which, in turn, leads to injuries of blood vessels and nerves.

The neck corset for osteochondrosis is an effective device that can reduce pain, relieve muscles and reduce pressure on the intervertebral discs. If you do not treat the disease, then the patient's condition is gradually worsening, which can lead to such serious consequences as ischemic stroke.

What other reasons can there be for this corset? Here they are:

  • torticollis;
  • injury( sprains, bruises);
  • myositis;
  • prevention of cervical vertebral disease in people experiencing continuous overstrain of the neck muscles;
  • stable headaches;
  • displacement of the vertebrae.

What gives such a device? The corset for the neck with osteochondrosis performs the following functions:

  • limits the load on the muscles;
  • reduces headache due to the restoration of blood circulation;
  • aligns the vertebrae, restores their correct position;
  • limits the mobility of the neck and head;
  • reduces dizziness;
  • eliminates infringement of nerves;
  • promotes the prevention of vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

Although it is still worth noting that even among specialists there is no consensus on the advisability of using such medical devices. Some doctors believe that wearing this product can weaken the neck muscles, and this in the future will lead to instability of the vertebrae and further aggravation of the disease.

To avoid this, you need to fulfill the simple requirements of wearing a corset and choose the right product.

Types of orthopedic products

There are several varieties of this medical device. Depending on the concomitant diagnoses and the general condition of the patient, the doctor appoints one of them:

  1. A fixing corset that grasps the thoracic spine and passes to the cervical. This corset is used in advanced stages of disease.
  2. Orthopedic collar for inflatable. Suitable for the prevention of osteochondrosis.
  3. Collar of the Shanz. Differentiated by different degrees of fixation.
  4. Pneumocord. It stretches the gaps between the vertebrae and promotes the renewal of blood circulation.
  5. Bandage. It does not rigidly fix the neck, so it is useful for the prevention or sleep.

Depending on the severity of the pain and the stage of the disease, the specialist will advise a suitable type of corset. However, the most popular is the collar of Shantz because it has a different stiffness, a convenient device and is elementary in use.

In order for the patient to experience a minimum of unpleasant sensations, the product has a recess for the larynx, and inside it is lined with hypoallergenic material. There are also similar collars made of polyurethane, which can take physiological bends of the body.

Whatever corsets you are prescribed by a doctor, there are certain nuances that should be considered. Begin wearing such a device you need from 15 minutes a day. Then you need to gradually increase the wearing time to 1 hour a day, but not more.

Wear a corset when exercising with exercise therapy, physical exertion( necessary), or when the back is stressed( for example, while working at a computer).Usually apply it from a month to three, but no more.

It is important to correctly fix the device, just tighten it, but do not overdo it, otherwise it will lead to an even greater violation of blood circulation. To stop wearing a corset should be unsharp, and also gradually reducing the time of his socks.

Thus, the corset for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is an indispensable component of complex treatment. Correctly selected product will help to restore the functions of the spinal column and return to a full life.


Neck trusses and corsets: trunk shank, collars for osteochondrosis.

A neck bandage, specially selected from several species - the Schantz tire, cervical corset or collar, can prevent many diseases, effectively eliminate or alleviate existing ones.

The cervical region is the most mobile part of the spine, which has a complex structure. If it is given a heavy load, it can lead to very negative, and often disastrous consequences, among them - a violation of the blood supply to the brain, hearing loss, vision and much more. A less significant problem, which, nevertheless, gradually worsens our health, is the static tension of the muscles that occurs when reading books, watching TV, and taking a long trip in transport.

How do cervical bandages work?

The main purpose of the cervical bandage is to reduce the burden on the intervertebral discs in the cervical region. They reduce the possibility of trauma to the nerve roots. These products firmly fix the patient's neck in the correct position. The corset for the neck not only blocks movement, but also supports the muscles in a tone, warms them.

Indications for the use of the cervical bandage

The main indications for the use of cervical bandages are: torticollis, increased mobility of the vertebrae, their displacement, sprain, and much more. Bandages are widely used for injuries. They are also worn during the postoperative period. It is very important to use a cervical collar for osteochondrosis. This disease occurs quite often and is a complex of disorders in the cartilage of the joints. Most often affected intervertebral discs. Bandages are used in both conservative and surgical treatment.

To whom are cervical bandages prescribed?

These orthopedic products can be used both for the treatment of patients of medical centers, and simply for maintaining health. Bandages for the cervical department can be worn by adults, children and even newborns. Before using the product, consult a doctor for advice.

What is the difference between cervical bandages?

Supporting neck tools differ in functionality, design, as well as the materials used. The most severe of them are used after the injuries and operations. Some models of cervical orthosis are needed for moderate stabilization of the cervical spine, while others are designed to take the desired form. A huge number of these products are made of artificial materials, but there are quite a few bandages covered with cotton cloth. They are for people with sensitive skin. Some corsets can be adjusted in size, while others should be selected individually.

Do I need a neck bandage if my health is ok?

Cervical bandages are useful to have in the house in case of unforeseen circumstances. Many people do not take care of possible problems in advance, which then it is necessary to regret. Often, there are injuries in sports, subluxation, pain in the joints. Even when carrying weights( large backpacks, for example), we also experience unpleasant sensations in the neck. Shantz tire will effectively help to get rid of these problems. This bandage removes hypertension of muscles, restricts neck movements, eliminates infringements of vertebrae and very quickly relieves of painful sensations. The orthopedic product allows to keep the head in the correct position, unloads the cervical vertebrae. Bandage has a warming effect, which helps improve blood circulation. Thus, this cervical corset has the widest range of applications, and therefore it can become a valuable acquisition for the whole family.


Spine for the spine - an important element in the correction and treatment of the spine

The health of the spine depends on many factors: proper posture, balanced nutrition, loads of healthy and harmful. The condition of the spine determines to a large extent the general well-being of the person and the readiness for the development of various diseases.

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With systematic pain in the back, it is necessary to undergo a checkup and follow the doctor's instructions. Timely detection of violations gives the possibility of full recovery. As part of a comprehensive program to strengthen the health of the spine, specialists often apply various corsets.

Useful corset for the spine with osteochondrosis

Aging of the spine tissues, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive load on the back lead to degenerative changes in the discs and vertebrae. The sagging of the disc, associated with its deformation, can disrupt the natural location of the vertebrae. This creates tension in the muscles, traumatizes the radicular nerves, provokes pain.

Osteochondrosis uses different corset designs. Correctly matched device, depending on the location and depth of the problem, can greatly help the spine.


  • If the patient undergoes manual therapy procedures, then the corset prescribed by the doctor will fix the position of the spine for a certain time and relieve the back muscles.
  • The corset helps to support the vertebrae in the correct position for disc disorders.
  • The device will relieve the load on the intervertebral discs during treatment.
  • The use of the corset helps to restore the correct position of the spine and internal organs, which can suffer from vertebral dislocation disorders due to the disease.
  • Some types of corsets have a local warming effect. At the same time, there is an improvement in blood circulation in this zone of the spine. This effect contributes to a more complete nutrition of tissues and their regeneration.
  • During the complex treatment, the use of the corset helps to reduce back pain and bring the healing to a close.

Indications for wearing

The device, fixing the vertebral column, unloads the surrounding tissue problem area and brings relief. You should use the corset only after consulting a specialist.

The corset is recommended in the case of:

  • After surgery, it is prescribed to wear a corset to fix the position of the spine. This provides an opportunity to achieve earlier rehabilitation.
  • When worried about all sorts of pain in osteochondrosis.
  • To have a corrective effect on posture in order to prevent the progression of osteochondrosis.
  • Frequent loss of consciousness and dizziness( with cervical osteochondrosis).
  • With muscle weakness in a certain area of ​​the spine.

The main types of

The devices are as follows:

  1. Corrective - corsets, helping to maintain a correct posture, to warn the spine of scoliosis and the prerequisites for osteochondrosis. They are used to prevent and correct deviations from the norm. If a person sets a goal to improve posture, he can buy a corrective corset for himself in the store, picking up the device exactly in size.
  2. Fixing - produce varying degrees of rigid fixation of the trunk. This type of device is prescribed only by a doctor and is selected individually.

Corsets are distinguished by the ability of fixation:

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  • With a fracture of the spine, during the rehabilitation period after the operation, the hernia requires a restriction in the movements. Devices with strong fixation can be used. Hard corsets do not have elastic inclusions.
  • If the corset is worn for prevention under heavy loads, with osteochondrosis, then a corset with a fixation of medium strength will do. Such corsets contain ribs of plastic rigidity.
  • Correcting devices are manufactured with the lowest degree of fixation, they can be soft. These products do not contain hard inclusions.
The variety of devices for supporting the spine is caused by a large number of disorders that can be with the spine and each case has certain requirements.

Classification of corsets by the departments of the spine


How does the collar for the neck help with osteochondrosis? This question is of interest to many patients. Many people for various reasons do not pay attention to osteochondrosis. And some of them just put the wrong diagnosis, which happens very often, because osteochondrosis is easily confused with other diseases, especially if it is a question of cervical osteochondrosis.

An effective method for fighting this disease is the cervical collar, which will be one of the most important treatment tools. In general, the bandage is used to alleviate the symptoms, as well as as part of the recovery procedures.

To buy a corset for the neck with osteochondrosis costs only after consulting a specialist. After a thorough examination, the doctor will tell you at what stage of development this disease is and will prescribe you a comprehensive treatment, because it is impossible to cure osteochondrosis with just a corset.

The specialist should be treated in the following cases:

  1. Neck very often begins to ache.
  2. Painkillers can not eliminate pain.

All the above symptoms of osteochondrosis should never be left without due attention, since if you do not start treatment, the patient will begin to deteriorate bone tissue. And the intervertebral discs will become so large that for a full recovery you will need years. In addition, you will be visited by constant severe pain in the neck, which then will go over to the head.

How and in what cases should I wear a neck bandage for osteochondrosis?

To wear a neck clamp is necessary in the following cases:

  1. If joints and tissues are damaged in the cervical spine.
  2. For prophylactic purposes.
  3. When clamps are formed in the neck or suspected of them.
  4. For effective stress relief at the end of the day.
  5. To prevent vertebrobasilar insufficiency.
  6. When diagnosed with "torticollis".
  7. With the slightest deformation of the cervical vertebrae.

The neck collar in osteochondrosis helps all muscle groups relax and relieves stress and pain from them. The corset is able to align some curvatures of the vertebrae and makes more space between them. All these processes help the body restore regenerative functions, which will make it possible to function normally in the upper part of the spinal column.

It is necessary to put a fixator on the neck only for 15 minutes, not more. In the following days it is necessary to increase the time of stay in it, but so that it does not cause you unnecessary discomfort. To achieve good results, it will be necessary to wear a bandage around the neck for 3 months and walk about 1 hour in it. After the end of the specified time, you will immediately notice improvements.

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Rules for using the corset

People with osteochondrosis need to learn a few simple rules that will help to achieve good results in a short period of time:

  1. The collar from osteochondrosis should be used for a short time so that its wearing does not become a habit for you. The bandage should be used strictly for the purpose and only as necessary, otherwise its useless wearing will lead to an even weakening of the muscles.
  2. The corset can not be worn for more than 6 hours for the whole day, and you do not need to go to bed.
  3. If you need to carry something heavy, it's best to do this with a corset.
  4. Before using the lock, you need to read the instruction, as the corsets are constantly being improved, and there may be useful information for you.

Sometimes surgical intervention or trauma to the spine forces a person to buy and wear a corset, because after the operation or a severe bruise the patient needs to go through a long rehabilitation period. In such cases, specialists prescribe patients to wear a corset daily.

The neck clip for osteochondrosis will bring great benefit to the patient, because with the help of it the patient will be able to recover quickly enough.

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Which corset should I choose?

But to date, there are many injuries to the spine and cervical spine. And before you will be the question, and which corset is best to choose?

Correctly pick up a bandage you will help your doctor, he will advise what you need to buy. In no case should you buy a collar yourself, because the wrong choice and wearing the wrong corset will not help you in the treatment.

Collars come in different types. The use of an inflatable collar in case of osteochondrosis is strictly forbidden, because by wearing such a bandage you will only make yourself worse.

For osteochondrosis, you can use the collar of Shantz for the neck, but you should consult a specialist beforehand. This is the best kind of collar, which will help you effectively cure cervical collar osteochondrosis.

The neck collar will help you remove pain, improve circulation of blood streams, and also relieve muscle stress and total stress from the entire body.

The bandage helps reduce the load on the affected area, and thanks to it you can quickly recover. When the disease with osteochondrosis of the cervical collar zone, along with medical treatment, wearing the collar significantly speeds up the treatment process.

In most cases, experts recommend that it be worn after the rehabilitation period has already ended, because it will positively affect your body as a whole. This unique bandage can take the entire weight of the head on yourself, so you can completely relax your muscles. He will not exert absolutely no pressure on you and normalize the blood flow.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = YhFXDB3GR7M

If you notice that you have started to show even the slightest symptoms of the initial stage of such a disease as cervical osteochondrosis, then urgently seek help from a highly qualified specialist. Do self-medication is not worth it, you can only make it worse.

After the examination, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment for you. And do not start your health, because you will not find another. Watch yourself and listen to your body.


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