Treatment of arthrosis by the method of Bubnovsky

Complex of exercises of physiotherapy exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint

the girl is engaged in exercise therapy With gonarthrosis, there are degenerative changes of articular cartilage with pain manifestations and a decrease in functional capabilities in joint mobility. The process of pathological changes of cartilage is irreversible, but a set of special medical measures is provided to prevent further undesirable consequences and arising complications.

Therapeutic gymnastics with arthrosis of the knee joint, supplemented with massage, allows to suspend the process of violations of the structure of the cartilaginous tissue and maintain the volume of motor activity necessary to maintain a satisfactory quality of life. It should be remembered that physical education should not cause traumatic effects and should not be performed if there are individual contraindications. The effectiveness of the positive impact of therapeutic and prophylactic procedures in the early stages of the disease is much higher.

Exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint.

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Physical exercises are performed predominantly in the sitting and lying position to minimize the traumatic load on the joint. The complex of exercises should be performed with a gradual increase in the load, not allowing sharp pain. It is necessary to focus on the condition of the patient's joint. Properly distributed load, after gymnastics and self-massage, will manifest itself by restoring all the usual movements of the joint in 25-30 minutes after the end of the session.

Therapeutic exercise is performed by alternating each exercise( starting with 5 repetitions and gradually increasing to 20 times).Charge should be performed regularly: 20 minutes three times a day.

  1. In the supine position, the two legs should be bent at the same time in the knee and hip joint. Conduct movements: alternately bending and then unbending legs.
  2. Pose lying on back and stretching out legs. The knee of one leg should be bent and a small lifting of the foot above the surface with a fixation of the position for 5 seconds. Perform a change of the exercising leg.
  3. Do not change the pose, lift one leg, bending at the knee joint. Perform movements - bending and then unbending the leg. Exercise alternately each leg.
  4. The basic starting posture remains the same. Bend the leg and fix it for a few seconds in a bent position, pressing to the trunk with the subsequent relaxation and returning to the initial starting position. Repeat with changing feet.
  5. Without changing the starting position, make a straight leg rise to a height of about 30 cm( from the heel to the surface) and hold the foot for 5-8 seconds. Repeat alternately with both feet.
  6. Continue lying on your back and perform an exercise with your feet kicked - "bike".It is necessary to maintain the pace: from slow to faster.
  7. Roll over on the stomach, then bend one leg in the knee, while trying to reach the heel to the buttocks. Run, changing your legs.
  8. Sit on a chair and lift the leg with a straight foot into a position parallel to the floor and hold for 3-5 seconds, until a certain tension is reached in the muscles of the thigh and lower leg. Perform alternately with each leg.
  9. Stand behind a chair and take hold of his back. Take each leg alternately, repeating the movement several times.
  10. Turn sideways to the chair, resting on the back of the chair with one hand and giving the body a stable position. Perform repeated strokes of each foot in the direction of forward and backward.
  11. To sit on a chair or a suitable curb( a certain height is necessary) and chat with relaxed legs. Exercise is recommended for more frequent exercise during each day.

Treatment of Bubnovsky

multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky

Among a variety of therapeutic techniques, a special place is occupied by the author's curative system, developed and patented by Dr. med. CM.Bubnovsky. The essence of the method consists in therapy without drugs, with the use of physical exercises and movements that have a therapeutic effect( kinesiotherapy - motion treatment), and physiotherapy.

Kinesiotherapy is based on the study and practical use of deep knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, human psychology and pedagogy in the treatment process. Gonarthrosis, in this scientific area of ​​research, is regarded as a disease caused by processes associated with inadequate blood supply, muscle wasting, loss of joint fluid. By compensating and restoring the changes that have occurred, one can achieve psychophysiological normalization of the patient's condition and create comfortable life experiences from improving the quality of life.

In order to compile the most adapted set of exercises in each case, depending on the severity of the disease and clinical manifestations, an individual treatment plan is selected. This method eliminates the use of warming ointments( gels).To relieve the pain, joint cooling, exposure to cold water or ice, during the treatment period is provided.

Improving the developed exercises, consolidating positive results and using the accumulated knowledge, the idea to create therapeutic MTB simulators( MTB - multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky) was realized. Use of this type of simulator is possible in domestic household conditions.

Use of massage as a supplement to exercise therapy

A professional massage massage course can only be carried out by a specialist with special medical training. Massage helps to activate microprocesses in the tissues adjacent to the joint: increase capillary blood flow, stimulate cellular metabolic processes, improve nutrition of damaged cartilage structures.

It is quite possible to perform self-massage - it has a significant auxiliary therapeutic effect. Massage movements on their own perform stroking and rubbing movements. Massaging passes are consistently subjected to the region of both knee joints( healthy and diseased).

The process of self-massage is presented in the following consecutive stages:

  1. Adopt a sitting position in the bed with one leg stretched horizontally on the bed and a relaxed lowered second leg.
  2. On the leg on the bed, the arms are placed at the bottom and at the top close to the joint, with the right hand on the top of the joint, and the left hand at the bottom.
  3. Smoothing reciprocating movements are carried out.
  4. Move the hands on both sides of the knee joint and with your fingers carry out active rubbing movements up and down the leg.
  5. Further similar rubbing movements of the lateral periarticular surfaces with the palmar surfaces of the hands.
  6. Having adopted the reference position for the thumbs on the top of the joint, the remaining fingers produce intense rotational and circular motions along the sides of the joint.
  7. Without changing the disposition of the brushes, they carry out kneading movements( with displacement of cutaneous areas) with three fingers( index, middle, anonymous) of both hands.
  8. Carry out stroking final movements on the joint with the palms of both hands.

The duration of the procedure should be at least 15 minutes. In the case of 2-3-fold repetition, during the day, one can start from the 10-minute duration of each session.

Predictive results of treatment

In all cases, following the systematic nature of the procedures, as a result of the use of exercise therapy and self-massage, the following positive changes are noted:

  • improves nutrition of articular elements and adjacent tissues;
  • pain relief;
  • improves motor functional parameters of the joint;
  • increases the amplitude of the performed movements;
  • improves the structure of the cartilaginous tissue;
  • prevented recurrence of the disease.

Treatment of coxarthrosis by the method of Bubnovsky

There are so many diseases in the world, how many people can not count, as they occur every day, and even every hour. Accordingly, the methods of combating the disease are an order of magnitude larger. Many people have heard of such a disease as arthrosis, but coxarthrosis is not familiar to everyone. The methods of combating this disease are all the more known to the units. Treatment of coxarthrosis according to Bubnovsky is the most effective method of combating the disease.

Coxarthrosis as a disease

coxofemoral joint

Deforming arthrosis of the hip joint is called coxarthrosis. This is the leading form among diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is often called osteoarthritis.

Age group: from newborns to elderly people. Most often people suffer after forty.

There are three stages of the disease:

At the first stage, a person feels short-term pain after certain loads( running, active walking).

In the second stage, the pain becomes more prolonged, even at the moment of rest, it gives to the rib, to the groin. There may be lameness.

In the third stage, the pain is constantly( sometimes 24 hours).

In the first and second stage, the disease can be overcome without medications and surgery.

Coxarthrosis is divided into two types:

  1. Primary. Causes and conditions of occurrence are unknown.
  2. Secondary. Consequence after the transferred disease, such as:
  • hip dysplasia;
  • congenital hip dislocation;
  • trauma, sometimes even the most minor( fracture, bruise, dislocation);
  • is an inflammatory process.

Before you resort to any method and start treating the disease, you need to understand the correctness of the diagnosis and the conformity of its symptoms.

Symptoms of coxarthrosis

symptoms of coxarthrosis This disease has a common symptom inherent in almost all diseases that lead us to the medical room - this is pain. It depends on the stage of coxsaturation. For some reason the person is so arranged that when the body gives us a signal in the form of painful sensations, we do not react to it. Only when the pain becomes unbearable does something begin. At the time of ascertaining the disease, it is already far from being an early stage. Pain can be reflected in places such as the thigh, knee, groin and, of course, in the joint itself;arise at the moment of rest, and after loads. There is stiffness in the movements, lack of mobility. The patient begins to limp. As a consequence - there is atrophy of the muscles of the thigh. The aching leg becomes shorter. Often, from this moment, treatment of coxarthrosis begins.

Causes of coxarthrosis.

There are many reasons for this disease.

  1. Destroyed cartilage( occurs as a result of circulatory disorders in the joint).
  2. Excess weight, occupation of professional sports( all that is considered beyond the norm of the load on the joint).
  3. Biochemical changes in cartilage( hormonal, metabolic disorders).
  4. Injuries( identified in a secondary form).
  5. Heredity or predisposition.
  6. Infections or inflammations.

Believe me, this is not the whole list of the existing causes of this disease.

Treatment of coxarthrosis

Professor Bubnovsky

Modern medicine offers a variety of treatments for coxarthrosis. One of them is treatment according to Bubnovsky's method.

A number of questions immediately arise. By what means or medications is the treatment? What feedback does this method have?

Bubnovsky's methodology does not use ultra-modern medicine. All ingenious is simple!

Scheme of work:

  1. The picture is taken.
  2. Diagnosis of the patient's muscular system is performed.
  3. A training program is created( by the attending physician).
  4. Control and correction of traffic techniques( instructor-methodologist) is carried out.

Methods of treatment in the medical center of Dr. Bubnovsky:

  1. Adaptation of the patient( expressed by the load, which is supplied from the minimum to the required volume).
  2. The rehabilitation program for the patient is developed exclusively individually.
  3. Control of correct breathing.
  4. Dosed exercises.

Such methods of treatment work with a 100% hit on the target!

What is the result of the treatment?

Pain pain is removed, joints come to normal, become mobile. The person stops limping and begins to move more.

Mechanism works not only to restore a certain focus, but also over the entire body as a whole.

Please note, Dr. Bubnovsky's medical center works with patients who have the first and second stages of coxarthrosis.

Treatment of coxarthrosis, arthrosis - not an easy task, but it is quite feasible. Everything depends on two sides: the patient's desire and the professionalism of the medical team. In this situation, everything is in your hands, as the methods of work of the Bubnovsky team are exceptionally professional and effective!

Exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky with coxarthrosis( arthrosis of the hip joint)

The treatment method developed by Dr. Bubnovsky - exercises for the hip joint - is the most effective for patients with arthrosis of the hip joint. The disease begins quite unnoticeable for a person. Articular cartilage is gradually depleted, at first it does not affect health, but gradually its depreciation properties are lost. And, as a consequence, dangerous processes begin in the hip joint - marginal bony growths.

The problem of arthrosis of the hip joint

Bubnovsky's method is the most reliable and best way, which will not allow the disease to progress. This unique doctor has developed a magical, without exaggeration, method that has restored the working capacity and the ability to move and rejoice at each step to many patients.

The developed system, which includes therapeutic gymnastics, is based on the examination of many patients.

Based on all the nuances of therapy for many people, Bubnovsky created, at first glance, a simple but very effective program.

Doctor Bubnovsky Sergey Mikhailovich

Recommendations of the professor

  1. When coxarthrosis of the hip joint, pay attention not only to exercise, but also to proper breathing. The fact is that the right breaths-exhalations during the exercises enrich the body with oxygen.
  2. Learn to understand your feelings so that you can stop in time, if because of the loads you feel discomfort.
  3. The intensity of the first sessions and each subsequent should be distributed. The load, the number of exercises in the beginning should not be too active, so as not to provoke a new outbreak of the disease. But gradually the load every day must increase.
  4. To have a decent result - do not torture yourself. Bubnovsky's method is based on the cyclicity of exercises. Here it is meant that one movement can be repeated both 10 and 20 times. The amount depends on whether the person experiences joy and satisfaction from the exercises. Or performs them, clenching his teeth from pain. Gymnastics Bubnovsky is designed only for recovery and pleasure from classes.
  5. Take for the rule of doing all the exercises regularly. If the joints are not actively exposed to positive physical effects every day, there can be no recovery at all. And it should be understood that the effect of the exercises does not come at once - it should take time, even a few months, but the result will please the patient.
  6. Do not be afraid of such a reaction of the body during exercise, like cramps. There are various methods of getting rid of muscle contractions. For example, a light massage. For a while it is desirable to reduce the load, but do not stop training.
  7. Perform lying all exercises, gradually adding to the joints work not only the hip, but the ankle, knee and others, following the instructions of the developed exercises.
  8. Without a good mood and faith in the victory over the disease, the effect will not be as good as the person wants. As with any initiative, you can not do without the desire to achieve results, and arthrosis of the hip joint can be defeated with the help of curative gymnastics. To make it more fun, you need to find the right music.
Joint exercises of Bubnovsky

Doctor Bubnovsky is sure that if you follow all his instructions and wishes, spare no time that will be spent not only on gymnastics, but also recovery, a happy time, called health, is sure to come.

Complex of exercises

So, with coxarthrosis of the hip joint, it is necessary to take every day to perform light, but effective exercises that perform lying.

  1. On the back: legs bent. In turn, try to pull one, then the other leg to his chest, clasping his knees with his hands. The task is to be able to hold the position for 3-4 seconds. Smoothly put your feet with your hands in the starting position.
  2. On the back: legs stretched. Raise one or the other at a distance of 20-30 cm from the floor. The task is to be able to keep your feet, without bending.
  3. On the back: legs bent. Breed knees to the sides. The task: try to breed as hard as possible.
  4. On the back: the legs are bent, the arms are relaxed lying in such a position that the hands are palms down. Then an action takes place, similar to the fact that as if with a foot a person wants to push away from himself a heavy object. The task: to extend the leg extension completely, pull the toe on itself and return to its original position.
  5. On the back: legs bent and set apart. Tilt one, then the other leg, not straightening inwards. The task: to be able to keep the pelvis motionless, try to touch the floor with the knee.
  6. On the back: the legs are bent and pulled together. To raise and lower them synchronously. The task: to monitor breathing, lowering your legs - to exhale, lifting, - to inhale air.
  7. The Bubnov exercises for the hip joint on the back end: the legs are bent. Raising his head from the floor, you also need to try to reach out to her knees.

After endoprosthetics of the hip joint, the function is well restored by the exercises, which are performed from different positions.

  1. Sitting on a chair: bend down. The task: reach out to the toes.
  2. Standing. You can hold on to the back of the chair: in turn, swing your legs forward and back. To the sides.

Bubnovsky's method works not only on the musculoskeletal structures, but also on the pelvic organs.

Even after hip arthroplasty:

  • pains are significantly less felt;
  • blood circulation in the affected area is markedly improved;
  • increases the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus.

Each person has a huge potential, so with coxarthrosis of the hip joint, he will certainly cope.

Treatment of arthrosis and arthritis of the knee by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky

The suffering of a person experiencing discomfort in the knee when flexing the leg is unlimited. Acute pain syndrome is accompanied by every movement in which the knee joint is involved. Operative intervention to replace the joint only in 30% of cases leads to a stable positive result and much at the same time depends on the correct preparation for such an operation and a long rehabilitation after.

Traditional drug therapy only temporarily relieves the condition, but it gives a lot of side effects and complications. Dr. Bubnovsky offers an alternative treatment option - modern kinesitherapy, which allows to remove puffiness and regenerate the lost functionality of the knee joint without surgical operation and the use of medications.

Why does the knee hurt?

Arthritis is a joint disorder that occurs as a result of a decrease in the transport( trophic) function of its muscle group due to damage, atrophy or hypotrophy. An inadequate therapeutic scheme leads to arthrosis - deformation of the articular surfaces.


  • painful sensations, intensifying when walking on rough terrain, stairs;
  • crepitation( crunching, cracking) while driving;
  • atrophy of hamstrings;
  • swelling.

Method of Dr. Bubnovsky

A new method of treatment consists in combining the physical culture and health-improving measures and medical-consulting assistance into a single system of treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal system diseases. The priority factor in the progression of the disease Bubnovskiy Sergey Mikhailovich considers the reduction of the amount of joint fluid due to the disrupted transport function of the surrounding joint of the muscles, which impedes the normal operation of the knee joint. As a result, a pathological chain is formed: weak leg muscles - weakened blood flow - insufficient supply of the joint - arthritis - arthrosis - permanent pain syndrome - endoprosthetics - disability.

Procedure in Action: Diagnosis and Exercise for Knee Arthrosis

Principles of Modern Kinesitherapy

  1. Immediate treatment, even with acute pain and edema.
  2. Performing decompression exercises aimed at restoring lymphatic drainage, microcirculation, blood circulation of the joint. Strict adherence to the principle of consistency.
  3. Strictly individual approach taking into account the concomitant pathology

The program of treatment according to Bubnovsky SM

  • multifunctional trainers Bubnovsky( MTB).The complex of exercises on unloading the spine / joints of the simulators is selected individually, taking into account anamnesis, age, degree of joint damage. The treatment process is monitored in dynamics, which allows you to adjust the program of recovery;
  • mastering the technique of diaphragmatic breathing, improving the functioning of blood vessels and relieving pressure;
  • hydrothermotherapy / cryotherapy. Stimulate the thermoregulation of the body, help natural anesthesia.

Results of

  • treatment improves nutrition of cartilage / bone articular tissue;
  • improves the patient's quality of life( drug dependence is removed and work capacity restored);
  • restores the mobility and efficiency of the knee joint.
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All these factors lead to the fact that in the knee joint the nutrition in the cartilaginous tissue is disrupted, the production of intraarticular fluid is reduced. These processes often lead to friction and damage, to the gradual wear of the cartilaginous tissue, and then to the bone tissue of the joint. Also in this place there is a strong inflammation, swelling, proliferation of connective tissue. This causes pain and limitations in the movement of the joint. After a time, calcium salts accumulate - this leads to ossification and osteoarthritis of the joint.

symptoms with arthrosis of the knee joint

At the initial stages of arthrosis of the knee joint, complaints appear due to physical exertion, during the movement friction occurs on the joint surfaces with each other, which causes unpleasant sensations.

After a while, joint stiffness is added to the symptoms of gonarthrosis, restriction in movement, while movement - the bones crunch, then there are deformations, x-and o-shaped bends of the lower limbs.

The last - the third stage, means the process of involving the body. If mobility in the knee joints is not enough, there is a load on the spine, hip, ankle joints, this provokes the development of coxarthrosis and flat feet, herniated discs.

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint in Moscow

To determine the optimal method of treatment of arthrosis, it is necessary to determine the stage of the disease.


  • conservative methods - attributed at early stages of the disease;
  • surgical treatment, joint replacement - usually applied to the last degree of knee joint disease.

For the treatment of early stages of the disease, tablets and intraarticular injections are often used. The effect of the use of capsules and tablets is insignificant, and injections that are produced inside the joint cause additional damage to the non-healthy joint. To return to life without pain and discomfort, use all the possibilities of your body - heal with the help of movements! Come to our Center, and get used to live more actively!

What should I bring for consultation?

2 towels( one for classes, another for shower), a sports comfortable form, shoes, minimum 0.5 liters of still water.

Doctor's consultation


Question: Good day, please help my child. My daughter is 11 years old, from the age of 8 she became a strange gait, after the examination in Krasnodar she was diagnosed. ..

How to cure arthrosis by the method of SM.Bubnovsky

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Home / Articles / How to cure arthrosis by the method of SM.Bubnovsky Osteoarthritis is a serious joint disease. The question of how to cure arthrosis according to Bubnovsky's technique worries both elderly people and young people.

Possible symptoms of arthrosis

The main signs of the initial stage include sudden pain in the joint and the likely formation of convulsive muscle tension. Painful sensations occur with physical activity. For stage 2 of the disease is characterized by:
  • possible appearance of minor puffiness in the area of ​​the patient joint;
  • audible crunch;
  • incessant discomfort when working the joint.
If there is arthrosis of the knee joint, minor pain occurs during:
  • walking;
  • climbing the stairs;
  • long standing in one place.
An apparent sign of arthrosis is convulsive pain in calves, in particular, at night. At the second stage of knee arthrosis, a small puffiness can form, a simple bending of the leg will bring painful discomfort, crunching, joint pain. Stage 3 leads to the impossible straightening of the leg. A person who suffers from arthrosis of the knee:
  • feels the presence of constant pain in the knees;
  • starts walking all the time on bent legs;
  • he develops a curvature of the legs;
  • swells and deforms knee joints.

How to cure arthrosis by the method of Bubnovsky

In our clinic, there is the possibility of to treat gonarthrosis by the method of Bubnovsky .This method is patented by Doctor of Medical Sciences SM Bubnovsky. Its difference from the traditional is in the ability to heal a patient without medication. The technique allows you to stop the progression of arthrosis, get rid of pain and swelling of the joints, restore function and return work capacity. With arthrosis of 3-4 degrees, a program is selected for the preparation for endoprosthetics and rehabilitation after. In most cases, patients manage to avoid surgical intervention. The answer to the question of how to cure arthrosis according to the method of Bubnovsky is to use kinesitherapy. With arthrosis, the doctor gives many recommendations for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of post-traumatic joint disease syndrome. The basic principle of treatment of arthrosis according to the method of Bubnovsky is the treatment by movement on special simulators under the supervision of a doctor and qualified instructors. The program of exercises is compiled individually for each patient in accordance with his exact diagnosis and the degree of his neglect. The best effect of treatment is achieved by combining exercises in the rehabilitation room with joint gymnastics, sauna, cryotherapy and shockwave therapy. All this you can find in the Center of Dr. Bubnovsky in Mytishchi. In our clinic you can get more detailed recommendations on how to cure arthrosis according to Bubnovsky's technique, and also our specialists will help in practice in the treatment according to this method.

Center of Bubnovsky reviews of the patient - treatment of arthrosis of 2nd degree according to the method of Bubnovsky

Review of a patient with grade 2 arthrosis about the center of Bubnovsky. Treatment and effectiveness of Dr. Bubnovsky's method( http: //
Movement is life. It is this principle that determines the treatment in the rehabilitation centers of Bubnovsky. In the presented video the patient tells about his illness - arthrosis of the knee joint of the second degree, and how the specialists of the center help to fight this disease.
To date, such a disease as arthrosis in diagnosis is found not only in people of advanced age, but also in the younger generation, it can be both a post-traumatic complication and the consequences of excess weight. On reception at doctors to you will write out the prescription with the sum in half of the salary or pension which remains in a drugstore.
The principle of treatment according to the method of Bubnovsky is completely different. If the hospital advise to reduce the load on the joint and reduce activity, then in this method everything is different. There are a number of exercises that are very difficult to perform at the very beginning, but the pain is worth enduring, making a couple of steps on your knees will be hellishly painful and painful. But for more gentle measures it is recommended to make protective "cushions" from crushed ice. And on the third day the number of "steps" will increase, it will become much easier.
In the video, the patient tells her story about how it was difficult for her to climb the stairs home before, she had to help herself with her hands( holding onto the railing) and pull herself up, which naturally greatly increased the time of ascent. During the descent down the woman had to put her foot to her leg - this is a very long process and every time she passed the endurance test.
After just 12 lessons in this center, in a wonderful environment with activity, and with professional rehabilitation specialists, the patient noticed significant improvements in her condition and now can climb and descend the stairs very easily.http: //
( 044) 238 28 37

http: // watch? V = KU6M-WEovK4
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