Osteoarthritis treatment at home

How to treat arthrosis of the foot at home?

how to treat arthrosis of the foot in the home

Arthrosis of the foot - one of the most common diseases, which is more common in women and affects the area of ​​the big toes. There are many causes of this disease, among which are the following:

  • wearing uncomfortable shoes;
  • excessive physical activity;
  • excess weight;
  • various chronic pathologies.
Is it necessary to treat arthrosis?

Not to notice the onset of arthrosis is difficult, although many simply ignore its first symptoms, which do not yet cause significant discomfort( periodic pain in the joints of the foot, tingling, swelling).

Timely begun therapy of arthrosis at an early stage helps to stop the pathological process and prevent severe consequences. For this, the first symptoms should be addressed to a doctor who will carry out diagnostic measures, determine the extent of the lesion and prescribe the appropriate treatment. As a rule, you can treat uninhibited arthrosis of the foot at home, periodically observed by a specialist.

Treatment of arthrosis of the foot at home

When considering how to cure arthrosis of the foot at home, first of all, attention should be paid to general recommendations that help to stop the effects of unfavorable factors. So, women suffering from arthrosis of the foot should:

  1. Reduce physical stress on the feet and refuse to wear tight shoes with high heels. It should be preferred soft shoes that provide normal access to oxygen and not squeezing blood vessels. It is best to purchase special orthopedic shoes or orthopedic inserts.
  2. If you are overweight, you should follow a diet to reduce it, which will reduce the burden on joints. It is recommended to include more vegetables and fruits in the diet, to refuse from fatty, fried foods, smoked foods and sweets. Useful dishes are those containing gelatin.
  3. For the improvement of joint mobility, activation of trophic processes, normalization of muscle tissue, special massage and therapeutic gymnastics are recommended. These procedures can be carried out independently after consultation with an experienced specialist.
  4. It is effective to make warm baths with decoction of needles, burdock, saber, laurel leaf, etc. with arthrosis of the foot. You can also apply compresses from the mashed leaves of burdock smeared with honey. This helps reduce inflammation, normalize metabolism.

Tablets for arthrosis of foot

arthrosis of foot treatment at home

Do not dispense with arthrosis and without taking medications, the main of which are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are more conveniently used at home in tablet form, as well as in gels and ointments. Consider how to treat arthritis and arthrosis of the foot( names of the most common medicines):

  • Ketoprofen;
  • Diclofenac;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Piroxicam;
  • Indomethacin, etc.


How to treat arthrosis at home

Speaking of home treatment, usually refer to traditional medicine. For centuries of monitoring plants, mankind has accumulated a vast experience of healing herbs, which gradually developed into phytotherapy. There are many examples where classical medicine was powerless, and traditional healers successfully cured chronic diseases.

Begin with the

supply. Treatment of arthrosis at home is impossible without the recovery of the body as a whole. Obesity, metabolic diseases, hypodynamia have a negative effect on the condition of the joints. Removing the cause, you can destroy the disease. And you need to start with proper nutrition, based on the physiology of digestion. Today, a lot is said about the combination of different products. Want to be healthy, do not eat indiscriminately - that's his principle.

Healthy food
The right combination of products will preserve the health of joints for a long time.
  • Protein products - eggs, meat, fish - combine well with vegetables, herbs, which helps digest proteins. Do not combine with starched dishes - bread, potatoes, beans.
  • Harmful to consume meat with alcohol.
  • You need to focus on the raw material - there are more fruits, greens, vegetables.
  • It is better to replenish the lack of vitamins and mineral salts due to natural products.
  • To the extent possible, it is necessary to exclude heavy "dead" food - sugar, sweets, flour products.
  • You do not need to overeat. Not only does weight and load on the joints increase, hemostasis( internal environment of the body) is disrupted. In joints, degenerative-dystrophic changes prematurely develop, they grow older and collapse earlier.

In cases of arthrosis, cartilage first of all suffers. Joints need collagen. It is contained in gelatin, chill, jellied fish dishes, fruit and berry jelly. You can treat osteoarthritis with a simple prescription.

Daily, 2 teaspoons( 5 grams) of gelatin will be needed. To swell it at night, pour half a glass of cold water. In the morning they make warm water and drink. The taste is not pleasant, but it can be refined with the addition of syrup, sugar, jam. For a month of treatment, 150 g of gelatin will be taken.

Movement heals

The urge to move is a natural desire of man. The movement function stimulates metabolic processes, activates the work of all body systems, including the joints, contributes to the patient's performance. Physical activity of the joints is the prevention and treatment of arthrosis.

Exercises for arthrosis of the knee will return lost mobility

In diseases of the upper extremities during exacerbation, therapeutic exercises are done sitting. In diseases of the lower limbs - lying down. In the period of remission - standing. Tasks of medical procedures:

  • strengthening of the muscles adjacent to the diseased joints;
  • restoration of joint function;
  • fixing of previously achieved results.

To be successful with home remedies, classes should be held regularly and for a long time, do not limit yourself to 3 days or weeks. The essence of the treatment:

  • static exercises, alternating with relaxation;
  • dynamic exercises with resistance( if possible) at the gymnastic wall or other support.

When hitting the hip, knee joint, it is good to use exercise bikes. In all cases, swimming is recommended. With coxarthrosis, it is necessary to strengthen the muscle groups of the hip, the muscles of the back, the abdominal press. Recommended:

  • maximum swinging foot back and to the side;
  • circular movements in the hip joint;
  • lying down to the sides of the arms and lift the trunk for 5 - 7 seconds;
  • lying bend and spread legs in the knees, go back;
  • lying on his side raise his leg and hold 5 - 7 seconds;
  • simulation of crawling in a plastic way;
  • standing on all fours to unbend his leg in the hip and knee joint.

Therapeutic exercises set. Loads, types of exercises, number of sessions must be agreed with the attending physician.

Treatment with plants

Home treatment of arthrosis can be supplemented in such a simple but effective way.

Recipe 1

In summer, sunflowers ripen. It is necessary to cut off the hat of a flowering plant and to pass through a meat grinder. Add a piece of grated laundry soap and 500 ml of vodka. Blend the mixture until a uniform mass is formed, close and press for two weeks in the dark. After the composition is ready, take 2 large spoons of the mixture and rub the diseased joints. Then the heat is wrapped for two hours.

Medicinal herbs
Herbs treat what medications can not cure

Recipe 2

This compound warms up the joints and relieves severe pain. Is prepared in this way. Take 50 grams of vegetable oil, powdered mustard, honey. The mixture is 5 minutes old, no more, mixed. It is well stored in glassware even at room temperature. With pains rubbed into the joints.

Recipe 3

It is necessary to disrupt 25 dandelion flowers and pour a standard bottle of triple cologne. Like all tinctures, put on 14 days in a dark closet. Two weeks later, the composition is ready. The joint is rubbed for 5 to 7 consecutive days, and the pain goes away.

Unusual treatment of

There was a time when in Russia did not know chemical drugs, treated joints with natural remedies. One of such folk methods is all the familiar forest ants. Joints are treated with insect bites, alcohol tincture, oil extract.

In the woods there is a large anthill. Put in it sick limbs - hands or feet. Brave men even lay down on an anthill and lie exactly as much as they can bear. With insect bites, formic acid is released, it has an irritating, bactericidal effect. In addition, ants are rich in zinc, vitamins of group "B", E, protein and amino acids.

Treatment of ants
Ants are treated with arthrosis of the ankle


Half the bottle of ants is collected. Fills up to the shoulders with vodka. Insists about 10 days, as usual, in the dark. Rastirki help to relieve pain in arthrosis, rheumatism, arthritis of large and small joints.

We advise you to read the article: Dead bees Treatment of joints under the bees

Ant shirt

For treatment you need a shirt with a long sleeve made of natural cloth - cotton, linen. It is spread for 20 to 30 minutes on an anthill until it is saturated with formic acid. Then the insects are shaken off, the shirt is put on the naked body. They wear, without taking off, three days. Then the procedure is repeated. In addition to the shirt, you can impregnate a piece of cloth and wrap the sick joints.

Electricity will help

Since school times, many remember a simple experience when electric discharges created friction of the ebonite wand against a woolen fabric. This method is the basis for the treatment of joints. It is established that if the skin is rubbed with an ebonite circle, a negative electric charge arises. It forms biocurrents of small force-from 5 to 10 mA, - the energy of which stimulates trophism of tissues.

Take a small circle of ebonite with a diameter of 5 - 7 mm, in order to be more comfortable to hold in your hand. Clockwise, in a circular motion, the skin over the joint is stroked for 15 minutes. If there are problems with the heart, the treatment time is limited to 10 minutes. To ebonite slipped better, the skin is sprinkled with talc or baby powder.

The body of each person is different, responds differently to treatment. Identical homemade recipes help one person, and the other not only does not bring benefits, but can do much harm. Self-medication can not be done in any case, before you need to consult a doctor.


How to treat arthrosis of feet at home with folk remedies

Risk Factors for

The most often predisposed to osteoarthrosis are people who are exposed to various adverse factors. Among them, it is especially worth noting the following:

  • excess body weight and obesity - as the joints of the legs experience increased mechanical stress;
  • age over 50 years - arthrosis is often referred to as "disease of aging";
  • estrogen deficiency - common joint damage is noted in postmenopausal women;
  • joint injury - since damage to articular cartilage promotes the development of inflammation in it, and then of dystrophic processes;
  • professional, household, sports overloads of the musculoskeletal system;
  • is a hereditary factor - basically it concerns the features of the structure of the cartilaginous tissue.

What makes you seek medical help?

The onset of the development of the disease is gradual and sometimes imperceptible - the only symptoms can be only crunching and friction in the joints. But what actually leads the patient to the doctor's office is pain in the legs. At first, it worries when you are exercising and walking, and then it arises in the evenings and at rest.

As the symptoms progress, joint stiffness, limitation of their mobility, deformation occur. Therefore, most often from doctors expect help in how to relieve pain in the legs with arthrosis of the feet and return to them the lost volume of movements. However, pain and impairment of leg mobility is only a symptom, and it is necessary to treat the cause of these manifestations.

How to treat osteoarthrosis of the foot?

Despite the rapid development of medical science and practice, fundamentally new methods in the treatment of this disease have not yet been developed. As before, preference remains for conservative therapy, except for especially severe cases, when surgical intervention is indicated.

To treat osteoarthritis should be started as early as possible, until the irreversible changes in the joints have developed.

If you have the first symptoms of the disease, you should immediately consult a doctor. The first link in the provision of medical care will be the therapist. He will appoint the necessary examination, send to the consultations of related specialists( orthopedist-traumatologist, physiotherapist, physician of physiotherapy).Having received all the necessary information, the doctor will make a conclusion about the stage of the disease and suitable methods of treating arthrosis, which are shown for a particular patient.

Traditional methods of treatment

In all cases, regardless of the stage of the disease, general principles of therapy are applied, which should not be forgotten at home. These include:

  • combating obesity: adherence to diet, rationality and adequacy of the diet;
  • sufficient physical activity, exercise gymnastics - this will help not only to normalize the body weight, but also improve the condition of the articular cartilage;
  • to avoid increased loads on the joints of the legs: to exclude the lifting of weights, in difficult cases - walking with a cane;
  • wearing comfortable and soft shoes - to normalize blood circulation and trophic tissue.

The main in the traditional treatment of osteoarthritis is the use of medications in combination with physiotherapeutic methods of exposure.

Among the drugs used analgesics( to relieve pain and inflammation in the joints) and the so-called basic drugs that inhibit the destruction of cartilage( chondroprotectors).

Additional use of microcirculation and vitamins improving agents is also justified. Women in postmenopausal women should pay special attention to taking calcium and vitamin D preparations for the prevention of osteoporosis.


Methods of physiotherapy can relieve pain syndrome, improve microcirculation, regeneration of cartilaginous tissue. The following are widely used:


Arthrosis of the foot - causes, signs, symptoms and treatment of the ankle

Arthrosis of the joint of the thumb can develop in people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the joints, pensioners and athletes.

Stages of arthrosis of foot

Deforming arthrosis of the foot develops rather slowly. Because of this, at the first stages of its development, a person may not even suspect of having such a disease. This is its danger, because the initial degrees of arthrosis suggest a simpler and less prolonged treatment.

  • zero stage. In this case, arthrosis of the ankle is difficult to detect. The thing is that even an X-ray photograph does not show signs of this disease. Then the doctor makes the diagnosis, relying only on the clinical symptoms of foot arthrosis and laboratory studies;
  • first stage. An X-ray shows some signs of arthrosis. At this stage of development of the disease, the structure of the bone does not change. In some cases, shadows may appear in the area of ​​small joints, caused by seals or tissue softening. Cure the ailment at this stage can be done with the help of gymnastics, taking some medications and folk remedies even at home;
  • the second stage. An X-ray study demonstrates the minimum signs of an ailment. There is a decrease in the joint gap and softening of the bone tissue;
  • the third stage. X-ray picture clearly shows the pathologies of cartilage and bone, characteristic of the disease;
  • is the fourth stage. Strong changes not only to the joint, but also to surrounding tissues. In addition, to this extent include the effects of arthrosis( for example, ossification of the joint).Often cure ailment can only be surgical.
Degrees of arthrosis of foot


The deforming arthrosis of the ankle is progressing very slowly. Its development can take even a few years. If a person does not start treatment of arthrosis in time, various complications can develop.

The main signs of ailment are as follows:

  • pain. In most cases, it is because of this that people are recorded for admission to a specialist. The pain is deep, aching. It increases if a person heavily loads the joint of the big toe. Naturally, unpleasant feelings disrupt the normal operation of the limb, because of which a person instinctively restricts his movements. The patient becomes uncomfortable not only to walk, but also to stand;
  • lameness. This is a direct result of the pain. In the process of walking, a person presses more strongly on a healthy leg, because transferring the load to the affected joint brings incredible pain. The more arthrosis of the ankle joint is launched, the worse the patient limps. In addition, it is difficult for a man to pull out or raise a sock;
  • jointed joints. Often this symptom is manifested in the morning hours. The fact is that after a long rest the affected joint is very difficult to tune in to work. As a rule, the stiffness lasts for an order of half an hour after the person has woken up. An effective method of getting rid of this unpleasant symptom is gymnastics. Loads should be moderate;
  • deformation. This symptom is characteristic of late stages of the development of the disease. The joint of the big toe is deformed because the periarticular tissue changes its structure. It dissolves and is replaced by connective fibers. Because of this, a lateral enlargement of this zone appears, and bone outgrowths are formed. They are called osteophytes. Naturally, outgrowths change the appearance of the big toe. In addition, osteophytes cause painful sensations, because they press on soft tissues. In some cases, near the joint of the thumb appears inflammation, which is accompanied by redness.
Development of arthrosis of the foot joints


Arthrosis of the foot is a dangerous disease also because in the early stages it is rather difficult to detect, and at the last stages of development it is difficult to distinguish from other inflammatory ailments of the joints. At the first manifestations of the disease you need to write down urgently for an appointment with a doctor. He will carry out an examination and send for radiology. At the moment there are no specific laboratory tests that can determine arthrosis of the ankle. The disease can be indicated by the results of the study of the intra-articular fluid, antibodies, the biological products of cartilage tissue disintegration.


Do not miss the initial stage of the disease

Many patients, feeling pain in the foot, write off this for fatigue and physical exertion, and some think that with age, the pain becomes the norm. But this is not so!

Sure, with age, the delivery of essential nutrients to the joints is deteriorating, but it's easy to fix. It is enough to introduce into the diet minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and other biologically active substances. But arthrosis of the foot joints is not a passive age-related degeneration, but an active process of destruction of joint tissues followed by deformation.

To be effective, it is important to know not only the causes of the disease and eliminate them, but also to stop the process of joint destruction in time. That is why physicians are strongly advised to consult a doctor when the first signs of arthrosis appear, which include:

  • joint pains that appear with physical activity and increase as these loads increase;
  • the appearance of a crunch in the foot when moving( even insignificant);
  • fatigue and difficulty walking in the foot;
  • appearance of calluses or corns on the sole;
  • pain in the area of ​​the fingers( with arthrosis of the small joints of the foot).

If you have at least one of the above symptoms, you need to see a doctor, and the best way to diagnose arthrosis early is radiography.

Principles of treatment with folk remedies

The first thing that folk medicine relies on for the treatment of arthrosis is a change in lifestyle and nutrition. Since the main cause of joint destruction is a metabolic disorder, a diet for arthrosis of the ankle is the main and necessary condition for treatment.

Excluding from the diet of sugar, salt, alcohol, spicy food, animal fats, finished food products with E-additives will not only improve metabolic processes, but also help to reduce weight. Also, it is not recommended to starve for arthrosis, as this can worsen the process of delivery to the joints of cellular nutrition.

All effective and effective recipes for the treatment of foot arthrosis folk remedies have the principles of therapy, which include:

  • increasing the tone of the body;
  • improved blood flow and lymph flow;
  • increase of protective forces( immunity);
  • removal of pain.

Treatment of foot arthrosis folk remedies involves the use of several forms based on medicinal products and medicinal plants:

  • therapeutic compresses for topical application;
  • rubbing and grinding;
  • means for oral administration.

Means for topical application

Treatment of folk medicine for ophthalmic arthrosis is best done in a complex using recipes for oral administration and compresses( grindings).Below are some of the most popular local remedies for improving joint nutrition and movement.

  • Take the school chalk, grind it well and add the yogurt to make a homogeneous paste, which is applied at night to the foot in the form of a compress. The content of calcium salts in the chalk improves blood flow, relieves pain and swelling.
  • Take the crushed roots of the swamp saber with butter, mixing them in a ratio of 1:10.We rub for the night in the diseased joint. Butter can be replaced with vegetable oil.
  • We heat the pork fat and in hot form we rub it into the joints of the foot, from above we cover with cellophane, we make a warm bandage and leave it for the night.
  • Several full tablespoons of oatmeal are cooked with water until a mushy mass is obtained. Apply at night to the foot in the form of compresses. Use only fresh porridge, but not yesterday!
  • Prepare a mixture of herbs - St. John's wort flowers, sweet clover flowers, hop cones( 2 tablespoons each) and add 50 grams of any oil. The mixture is applied to the foot at night in the form of a compress.
  • Boil 2 tablespoons of conifer needles in 100 g of water for 15 minutes. The broth is insisted for 40 minutes and applied in a warm form to the joints.
  • Squeeze fresh cabbage juice and put it on the feet in the form of a compress. The same analgesic effect is possessed by fern leaves, torn and used in fresh form.
  • Make a mixture of equal parts( 1 tablespoon) of dry mustard, honey and olive oil. The mixture should be boiled and put on the hot 1-2 hours to the leg.
  • Prepare the tincture of onion with vodka( 1 chopped onion per 100 g of vodka), stand it in a cool place for 2 weeks and then use it as rubbing.
  • We prepare a complex solution of honey( 280 g), radish juice( 350 ml), red fortified wine( 120 ml), add 1 tablespoon of sea salt to it. The finished mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Use: a small amount of rubbing in the affected joint and leave under a warm bandage for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.
Treatment of folk remedies of arthrosis of the ankle or other joints should be done regularly, at least several months. It is desirable to combine local funds with other national recipes for internal use.

Recipes for internal use

Treatment of joint arthrosis by folk methods does not give 100% cure, but it is possible to stop the degenerative-dystrophic process with their help. In addition to compresses and rubbing, ingestion of infusions and broths will help restore blood circulation and nourish the joints.

  • Mix in equal parts( 2 tablespoons) of willow bark, calendula flowers, birch leaves, nettle leaves, fill the entire mixture with 1 liter of hot water, bring to a boil, we insist 12 hours. Within 2 months, preparing this infusion, we take 100 g 3-4 times a day.
  • A similar method of making infusions from equal parts of Ledum, cones of hops, St. John's wort and chamomile well removes swelling, reduces pain and improves the delivery to the joints of nutrient components.
  • Prepare a mixture of equal parts of celery and lemons( 0.5 kg each), which must be passed through a meat grinder. Then add to the mixture 0.5 kg of honey( preferably in May).After the mixture is infused for a week, take it 50 grams before eating.
  • Freshly shredded fresh agave leaves, drenched with alcohol( 70 °), the ratio of products 1:10.The mixture must be insisted in a dark cool place for 10-12 days, and then before each meal take 20-30 drops.
  • A similar tincture for alcohol is prepared from finely chopped rhizomes of the swamp saber. From the sabelnik, you can prepare in a ratio of 1:10 and a regular broth on the water, which is taken 100 g before meals. Take infusion or decoction for at least 2 months in a row.
  • You can make a mixture of juice of 10 large lemons with 6 raw eggs( together with the shell).The solid part of the egg gradually dissolves, after which we add 300 g of honey and 150 g of cognac to infusion. The mixture is stored in the refrigerator and we take 1 dessert spoon inwards, shortly before meals.
  • Cooking broth from the roots of licorice in a ratio of 1:10, cook for 15 minutes, and we insist 30 minutes. The consumption of just 100 grams before each meal significantly improves the outflow of lymph and cleansing of the joints.
  • Take 100 g of dry horsetail, pour 800 ml of milk, bring to a boil. We cover with a warm towel and leave to insist. Admission per day 800 ml of this infusion reduces pain in the foot and improves blood flow.
  • We prepare the calcined cottage cheese( for 1 liter of hot milk we add 3 tablespoons 10% CaCl), filter it, we separate the whey from the curd mass. Separately, prepare a decoction of 4 liters of water and 1 kg of freshly ground horseradish roots, which should be boiled for 10 minutes. Once the broth has cooled, add 500 g of honey and store it in the refrigerator. Take one spoonful of cottage cheese, squeezing it 100 grams of broth several times a day before meals.
  • Take 1 kg of rye grain, clean, pour 7 liters of water. Then put on the fire, bring to a boil, then let us brew for 2 hours. Infusion should be filtered, add 1 kg of honey, 200 g of 70 ° alcohol and 3 tsp.the root of barberry. The finished mixture is stored until ready in a cool dry place for 3 weeks, and then taken 3 tablespoons before meals.

Preparation of recipes for traditional medicine requires patience and accuracy, and the treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies is long, not less than a few weeks. But patience and following all the advice will help to restore mobility to joints and increase their service life. Before taking folk remedies, be sure to notify your doctor!


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