Is it possible to warm the joints with arthrosis

Is it possible to warm the knee joint with arthrosis and visit the bath?

Before proceeding to the question, you can or can not warm your knees with arthrosis, let's see what kind of disease it is. A lot of people are faced with such a problem as pain in the knee joints. And the reason, as a rule, is hidden in a disease called gonarthrosis. Gonarthrosis is arthrosis of the knee joint, which is associated with degeneration and destruction of the cartilage of the joint. Depending on the severity of the disease, there are 4 degrees.

The main symptom of the disease is pain in the joints, which every day only increases. Blame for this is not inflammatory processes, as most people think, but degenerative and dystrophic changes. The risk group is mainly female, who suffer from excessive weight, varicose veins and those over 40. The cause may be excessive load on the body. As with arthrosis of the hip joints, and with arthrosis of the knee joints, the main task is to improve blood circulation.

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Degrees of arthrosis of the knee joint

  1. degree. In the case of a disease of this degree, the pain is not clearly expressed, it arises in episodes, the joints are not deformed and the symptoms can last for many years. Therapeutic exercises are shown.
  2. degree. Pain increases with physical nagru narrow. There is a deformation of the joints. If you do sit-ups, you hear a crunch. My knees are heavily bent. Fluids may form in the joint cavity.
  3. and 4 degree. The situation is getting worse every day. It ends with the only way out is the replacement of the knee joint with a prosthesis.

Is it possible to warm the knee joint? Many of us associate heat with health, and cold with illness. If the person has caught a cold, he immediately goes to bed and wraps himself up with all the blankets, hovers his feet, puts hot-water bottles. But you need to understand that this is not always useful, and sometimes harmful. If you are not sure of your diagnosis, go to the doctor. Do not engage in self-medication. But if you have arthrosis, then to remove the pain from your knees will help heat. Under its action, blood flow to the joint will increase, thereby providing the cartilaginous tissue with nutrition and reducing pain. You can:

  1. Steam in the bath.
  2. Apply physiotherapy procedures.
  3. Use folk remedies for warming up.

Let's take a closer look at all the methods that can ease the pain.

Bath as a remedy for the treatment of arthrosis

bath with arthrosis

. For a long time people have been sure that in a bath it is possible not only to cleanse the body, but also to relieve pain, fatigue, expel diseases. And how useful it is for couples to bathe with a birch broom! But here there are rules, if you want to get the maximum benefit. Bath - an excellent tool for healing injuries of ligaments and joints, to relieve the effects of overexertion, such as pain in muscles and ligaments. You can even heal from severe forms of arthritis. But whether the patient can warm the patient's joint, only the attending physician will be able to tell. Since in some cases the bath can seriously harm your health. In no case can you warm up the joint if you:

  • acute rheumatic fever with symptoms of process activity;
  • acute form of the disease of the musculoskeletal system;
  • spondylitis in acute manifestations;
  • severe damage;
  • active phase of corticosteroid therapy.

If you do not have any contraindications, the bath is a good medicine for pain and swelling of the hip and knee joints. Elasticity and mobility of ligaments is significantly increased by exposure to heat. Blood begins to flow in a larger amount, and this leads to saturation with nutrients and oxygen. Of the joints, the products of disintegration are good, salt dissolves. It is advisable to use heat with bruises, dislocations, sprains. In diseases of the musculoskeletal system, baths, saunas, hot springs at resorts as part of complex treatment are very often used. These procedures very well help to fight with arthrosis, because when using dry heat, tissue repair occurs, the aging process in the knee joints slows down. So it's not only possible to steam, but it's also necessary.

Physiotherapy procedures

To warm up the knee joint, physiotherapeutic procedures can also be used. Whether it is possible to warm a joint thus to you, only your attending physician knows. Knowing the state of your health allows them to determine the intensity and duration of such procedures. In general, treatment with magnetic fields, ultrasound, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, even with electric current, is used. If at home a person is limited to applying heat and compresses to a sore spot, then the spectrum is much wider. All physiotherapy procedures bring very good results.

Still it is possible and it is necessary to do massage of the sick knee. Especially its effect on the knee joint with the initial stage of arthrosis, when there is still no destructive effect on the cartilage. Circulation at massage of a knee joint improves, there is an opportunity to stop destructive processes and to restore function of the amazed joint. It is better to do massage after medical gymnastics. Well prepare you for a massage in the steam room. If there is no possibility to steam, then a hot shower will do.

Folk remedies for arthrosis

What if you do not like going to a polyclinic? You can refer to folk remedies.

One of these are warming compresses that not only help reduce pain, but also cope with inflammation in the tissues. The principle of their action remains the same: under the influence of heat, all metabolic processes in the joints are accelerated. When you begin to warm the knee joint, the blood vessels expand, and this contributes to the flow of blood. The saturation with useful substances and oxygen increases. The basis of such compresses is ethyl alcohol, on which medicinal herbs are insisted. What if there is no tincture? You can use ordinary vodka. Such a compress well relieves pain, inflammation and swelling.

Well-proven compress of the leaves of burdock, which is used to relieve pain. It is necessary to take 7-8 leaves, it is good to wash them and add one on another fluffy side down. Top with a hot water tank. The diseased knee joint should be oiled, preferably vegetable, and on top attach burdock leaves so that their fluffy side and knee touch. Top with a plastic bag, and then wrap the leg well with a woolen shawl. So warm the joints for several hours, but not all night!

What can not be done:

  1. Leave all-night compresses on the basis of alcohol or vodka.
  2. If you incorrectly put the patient a compress, then, instead of warming, it, on the contrary, will cause a feeling of cold.
  3. Never put a heating pad on the bed before wrapping it with a towel or a piece of cloth.

The use of exercise therapy

Do not forget that with arthrosis of the knee joint shows the feasible physical activity. By charging you:

  • reduces pain;
  • improve the mobility of joints;
  • reduces muscle tension;
  • increase the functionality of the joints;
  • provides more complete nutrition of tissues.

Specialists developed a special therapeutic exercise, which must be used at different degrees of the disease.

Balneotherapy in case of illness is also shown. The use of baths with mineral waters significantly improves blood circulation, which is very beneficial for knee joints damaged by arthrosis. Mud baths are also useful.

Prevention of arthrosis of the knee joint

None of the above should not be done if you understand that the causes of arthrosis are excess weight, sedentary lifestyle and trauma. If you do sit-ups, run in the morning, jump with a rope and swim, then these exercises will strengthen the muscles around the joints and make the cartilage load less. It is very important to alternate physical activity and rest. In addition, eat less flour and sweet, and more vegetables and fruits. Limit the consumption of tea and coffee. Try to increase the amount of fermented milk products in your diet.

If you follow these simple rules, you will not know what is arthrosis. Be healthy!

Is it possible to warm and steam the joints with arthritis?

Every person dreams to live a long time, but few manage to keep their health to the onset of old age. Arthritis - one of the most common ailments in people in old age. However, with arthritis, more and more young people also have problems. Affected joints become inflamed and hurt.

what is polyarthritis

Depending on the prevalence, the following types of disease are distinguished:

  • monoarthritis( lesion of one joint);
  • oligoarthritis( defeat of 2-3 joints);
  • polyarthritis( lesion of more than 3 joints).

The causes of the disease can be different:

  • allergy;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • infection;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • injury.

In Russia, there used to be a recipe that has survived to this day - steaming in a bath - and the pain will be removed by hand. Official medicine approves far not all the folk methods of treating joint diseases. Is it possible to sweat with such ailments, go to a bath or a sauna? Are hygiene procedures allowed to warm the joints and, if so, what conditions for arthritis should be observed?

Walk, swim, dance

arthritis load

Affected joints cause a person to change the usual rhythm of the load. But also to start to conduct a sedentary way of life at an arthritis too it is impossible. Is it possible to play sports for people who suffer from this ailment? At the first stages of the development of the disease it is physical exercises that help to reduce pain symptoms and slow the development of the disease. Those who suffer from arthritis, it is useful to walk. Doing sports with arthritis can be based on the stage, dynamics, localization of the disease. And swimming with arthritis can do. But it must be remembered that when the painful attack covers the joints, the training stops temporarily.

Before you go in for sports, you should definitely consult a doctor about choosing a set of exercises that will correspond to the specificity of the functioning of the muscular apparatus. The question, whether it is possible to be engaged in this or that kind of sports, directly depends on this specificity. When arthritis is broken, not only the functioning of the affected joints, but also the muscles located next to them. A person faces the task of increasing their mobility. But only medical specialists after the examination of the patient will be able to say exactly which exactly exercises with arthritis can be fought.

Sport activities with arthritis should be regular. One of the most common mistakes of those who before the appearance of the disease led a physically active way of life is to stop playing sports. The organism is prone to get used to physical stress. If you abruptly and immediately abandon them, it will lead to a dynamic progression of the disease and the emergence of other diseases. Arthritis can be stopped if a person has a high vitality, which is directly related to the functioning of the immune system, which is opposed to various infectious diseases.

You can dance with arthritis. Many patients suffering from this disease are advised to do oriental dances or flamenco. Dance movements help to strengthen muscles, increase the vitality of the body. From dances, where there are sharp jumps, jumps, turns, it is necessary to refuse. With arthritis, you can do ballroom dances, but not all of them, but only those that are part of the European program. There are special techniques how to walk properly, if you have an arthritis that hurts, for example, a knee. For all types of physical exercises and dance movements, the main rule is: do no harm. If sports or dancing cause a worsening of the patient's condition, he will have to give up these methods of non-medicamentous fight against arthritis.

Do not warm or warm?

Is it possible to warm the joints

Is it possible to warm joints to people with arthritis? Heating compresses are an integral part of the treatment of the disease. They allow not only to warm joints, but also to remove painful symptoms, puffiness. But if there is an intensely inflammatory process in the tissues, warm joints in this period of the disease are categorically impossible. If the knees are affected by arthritis, warming massage is required to improve blood circulation in this part of the body. It is necessary to take into account: this method is used only at the initial stages of the disease.

Is it possible to heat an organism with a hot shower? Yes. Specialists in a number of cases recommend combining the water and hygiene procedure with a subsequent, warming and relaxing massage. Similarly, the answer to the question is whether the organism can be heated in a steam room. But if arthritis becomes an attendant ailment of skin diseases, and they are its original cause, it is strictly forbidden to go to a sauna, a bath, or bask in the shower. If this rule is violated, exacerbation of skin diseases followed by a dynamic aggravation of arthritis is guaranteed.

Is it possible to heat an amazed knee with a warmer? Water and electric heaters can remove painful symptoms and improve the patient's well-being, but you can not simply put a heating pad on the affected joint. It is pre-wrapped in a towel or a piece of cloth, only then perform the procedure. If the pain knees, alcohol-containing compresses and rubbers will help to remove it. But is it possible to warm the whole night with a compress prepared on the basis of alcohol, aching joints? In no case it is impossible, because it will lead to overheating of the joints and accelerate the progression of inflammation.

On the nuances of water and hygiene and massage procedures

The bath really helps with arthritis. Her, like a sauna, is visited to get a charge of cheerfulness and health. The bath helps the joints to restore their functions, including by removing the decay products from the body. During the water-hygienic procedures in the bath, the vessels in a person expand, the ligaments, joints receive more nutrients and much needed to restore the normal functioning of oxygen tissues. The warming of the joints, combined with the broom whipping, only strengthens this process.

Is light vapor needed - for or against?

Is light vapor needed?

Bath is an integral part of the complex treatment of various diseases of the joints and the musculoskeletal system, but it is possible or impossible to perform the heating of the joints using this method, just in every single case the doctor will determine. The bath has a number of contraindications. It, like a sauna, can not be visited if the diseases of the musculoskeletal system are at their penultimate or final stages. This also applies to the implementation of active corticosteroid therapy. With acute rheumatic diseases, considerable damage to the joints from visiting the bath will have to be abandoned.

Contraindications of the application of bath procedures are:

  1. Exacerbation of rheumatic diseases with signs of process activity( disproteinemia).
  2. Exacerbation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  3. Strengthened corticosteroid therapy.
  4. Presence of acute compression syndrome( spondylitis discopathy).
  5. Acute damage.

With a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system in Russia, vibro-massagers are widely used today. They quite effectively perform warming up of muscles, improve blood circulation. But to warm the joints with arthritis they can not be used, because vibratory massagers will only worsen the condition of the joints. But instead of them you can use special apparatus for vibroacoustic massage. When selecting this equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the amplitude of microvibrations and the frequency range. The optimum amplitude is less than 50 microns. But also when choosing apparatus for vibroacoustic massage, which can be used without problems at home, it is necessary to consult with specialists.

Bath for arthrosis of the knee joint and use of the bandage

Arthritis is a disease of the joints of a dystrophic and inflammatory nature. It is divided into gouty, rheumatoid and reactive. Many residents of Russia have a passion for visiting the bath, so the question often arises: Can I go to a bath with rheumatoid arthritis? As you know, "couples do not break bones," and even heals and rules. Therefore, with rheumatoid arthritis, not only can, but also need to go to the sauna.

Even at the first visit to the bath, people with arthritis feel pleasant warmth in the joints, feel how they return to their former mobility and flexibility. After visiting the sauna, the state of health improves gradually, but it becomes easier after 2-4 hours. The most important thing is not to chill the joints heated in the bath. However, the bath can only be visited during the period of remission, during the exacerbation of the disease the bath is contraindicated. Therefore, before visiting the sauna, always consult your doctor.

Treatment of joints in the sauna

Treatment of joints in sauna

Bath is an excellent folk remedy for the treatment of arthritis. Dispensing removes decay products from the body, and massage and soaring improve blood supply and counteract the appearance of degenerative-dystrophic symptoms. Strengthen the beneficial effect of the sauna for arthrosis of the knee joint can be with the help of decoction for saunas.

  • Recipe # 1.One to one grass blends are trifid, violet tricolor, veronica, root grass, strawberry leaves.1 spoon of mixed, crushed plants pour a glass of boiling water, after 40 minutes filtered and diluted in 3 liters of water and splash on the glowing stones in the sauna.
  • Recipe # 2.One to one mixes the leaves of black currant and cranberries, add to them the fruits of brown hips.1 spoon of plants pour a glass of boiling water, after 35 minutes the resulting broth is filtered and diluted in 2 liters of water, then spills it onto the glowing stones. With arthrosis of the knee joint, this solution is useful to take inwards 3 times a day for 50 g.
  • Recipe # 3.One to one mix fruits of barberry, nettle grass and wild rosemary, brown hips root, pine buds.1 spoon of plants pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes, then wrap and insist 40 minutes. Filter, dilute in 3 liters of water and splash on the glowing stones. The inhalation of the resulting vapor favorably affects the body as a whole, and is also very useful for arthrosis of the knee joint.

Useful properties of the bandage

bandage for arthrosis

The bandage is recommended for use in various injuries and diseases associated with joint problems. With arthrosis of the knee joint, the use of a knee joint brings the following benefits:

  • relieves swelling;
  • reduces inflammation and joint pain;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • returns the activity of the movements.

Symptoms of knee arthrosis are manifested in the following:

  • pain when the joint is loaded;
  • aching pain when weather changes;
  • crunch when walking;
  • limitation in motion.

This disease is more likely for women with overweight after 45-50 years.

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

Treatment is performed in an operative or conservative way, depending on the stage of the disease. With conservative treatment, knee massage in combination with orthopedic treatment( bandage) and physiotherapy procedures is effective. But it must be remembered that it is impossible to massage the affected knee, as this increases the inflammation of the periarticular tissues. Massing need muscles around the knee: this will increase the blood flow, which comes to the inflamed joint. Restore the circulation of blood will help the knee brace. You can wear a bandage for 2-3 hours a day. But remember that the bandage is only an auxiliary tool, so you should not give up medication. When choosing a bandage, make sure that it is not too tight, because it can cause swelling of the leg.

For arthrosis of the knee joint, a bath and bandage is useful and effective, but a doctor's consultation is necessary before applying these methods of treatment.

How to choose a knee brace?

  1. Open bandage with stiffeners fixed in a spiral. This type is recommended to be worn if the pain occurs when you descend the stairs.
  2. Closed bandage. It is worn when the exact area of ​​pain is not established.
  3. Special bandage with support for tendons. It is used if the patient is concerned about the pain under the kneecap.
  4. Open band with tension adjustment. It is suitable during rehabilitation, and also when the pain is not significant.
  5. Orthopedic brace. It is universal and is used for various pains, especially for post-traumatic arthrosis of the knuckled joint.
  6. Magnetic knee joint. Reduces the load on the joint, retains heat and provides joints support. magnetic knee pads
  7. Heated brace. In the bandage is built in an infrared or halogen lamp, providing the bandage heating. This kind removes severe pain.
  8. Bandage with tourmaline. Tourmaline favorably affects the joint due to infrared radiation. Treatment with tourmaline increases the volume of intraarticular fluid and restores cartilage.

Good luck in fighting this unpleasant ailment!

Why knee-walking in arthrosis is necessary

Organized exercise therapy

One of the most serious and difficult is the diseases associated with impaired functions of the spine and joints. Throughout a person's life, the joints wear out because they move almost continuously. As a rule, special lubrication protects them from degenerative diseases. However, over the years, because of the wrong way of life and nutrition, it stands out very little. As a result, the joints become more vulnerable to various diseases.

To problems with joints can lead and exhausting exercise. Professional athletes engaged in light and heavy athletics, powerlifting and other power forms are often injured due to excessive loads. During training, the joints take an unnatural position for them and become predisposed to injury even more. In the risk zone, usually the shoulders, knees, elbows.

People with diseased joints often become meteosensitive, that is, respond to changes in the weather. Therefore, in case of violations of the musculoskeletal function, it is necessary to protect the diseased joints from hypothermia. Most often, people have joint diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis and gout.

Methods for the treatment of arthrosis

If a patient is diagnosed with joint disease, do not put an end to an active lifestyle. In addition to medical treatment, which will be prescribed to the patient by the attending physician, there are also non-traditional methods of healing and restoring the mobility of joints. The patient should reconsider his attitude to such things as physical activity, eating habits.

In the diseased joint, the cartilaginous lining is depleted, which causes friction of the bones and their further inflammation

In a diseased joint, the cartilaginous lining is exhausted, which causes bone friction and development of inflammation.

. Even an ordinary Russian bath or sauna can be an excellent restorative in the fight against arthritis and arthrosis. The main advantage of this type of treatment: when visiting a bath the problem areas are well warmed up, because the cold is one of the main enemies of sick joints. The second plus is in humidity. To get the necessary warming and moisturizing effect, you can stay in the steam room for 5 to 10 minutes. It is during this period of time that the greatest amount of heat and steam accumulates in the sauna or bathhouse. Such procedures have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect in osteochondrosis, arthritis, rheumatism and other such diseases.

With arthrosis of the knee joint, walking on your knees is very useful. And such exercises should be continued even in the presence of unpleasant pain, gradually increasing the time of the exercises. Of course, this will require willpower.

For 1 time you need to do at least 50 steps, kneeling. For a day it is desirable to perform such an exercise 3-5 times. After walking it is necessary, holding on to some firm object, to make an attempt to move to the heels. This exercise is not easy, but very useful in such a disease. The result of the classes will surpass even the most daring expectations.

The Basics of Proper Nutrition

Incorrect and inadequate nutrition also harms the joints. To avoid serious diseases of the knee, hip and other joints, the diet should contain the necessary norm of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Doctors advise not to limit the body in ordinary water. In doing so, they prescribe supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin. Preparations containing these active substances are popular both among elderly people with fragile joints and in professional athletes experiencing increased loads.

The diet of people suffering from various disorders of articulation functions must necessarily include fatty omega-3 acids. They are found in fish oil, as well as in linseed oil. These substances can have anti-inflammatory effect. Alcohol and fatty or spicy food, on the contrary, will be harmful to the afflicted body.

Healthy diet will help fight disease

List of products, the reception of which can be useful for joint diseases.

  1. Fresh greens from a bed containing beta-carotene, calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamin C.
  2. Broccoli cabbage is a natural source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate, iron and potassium. It is useful to eat fresh or cooked steamed broccoli several times a week.
  3. Ordinary and all favorite carrots are also rich in beta-carotene. It is recommended to eat it every day in raw or boiled form.
  4. Celery has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a source of potassium. Eaten preferably in raw form.
  5. Bananas are famous for their high content of potassium and fiber. They are desirable to eat as often as possible: from 3 times a week or more.
  6. Soft cartilaginous tissues of mammals and fish are sources of glucosamine and chondroitin required for joints.

Health will restore physical education

Severe physical exertion is as harmful to joints as their complete absence. Often, patients doubt whether they can run or exercise, for example, with knee arthrosis( gonarthrosis is different) or with coxarthrosis of the hip joint. Doctors do not advise completely to give up physical exertion, since when properly performed they train the aching joints. Exercises of physiotherapy exercises restore and establish metabolism. With regular exercises around the diseased organ, muscles grow, blood flow increases, which begins to nourish the adjacent ligaments, bones. Thus, the process of restoration of diseased joints takes place.

In restorative practice, the following exercises are considered useful for knee joints:

  • walking on the knees;
  • ordinary walking on the stairs;
  • sit-ups;
  • running( moderate).
Before walking requires a good workout

When walking on your knees, you should do about 30-50 steps in one approach, the same applies to squats. You need to start with a minimum number of approaches. At first all movements are slow, then the physical load is gradually increased and the tempo is increased.

Do exercises every day, even through pain. Within 5 or 6 hours after gymnastics joints should rest. This time interval is ideal for regeneration of affected tissues.

Gray - in a beard, pain - in the joints?

Joint pain, what should I do?

The Japanese claim that a person remains young as long as his joints are in order. And it's hard not to agree with this! With healthy joints, all the pleasures of life are left to you: hiking, romantic walks and travel, even if you wish, even dances. You can dance like a young man, not paying attention to what exactly ten years have already been "exchanged".But, unfortunately, age is inexorably approaching the appearance of joint diseases. The main rheumatologist of Kazakhstan, doctor of medical sciences Togizbaev Galimzhan Asylbekovich tells about how to properly treat such diseases and how they can be prevented, says.

EZ: How common are joint diseases in Kazakhstan and the world?

- Joint diseases are diagnosed in about one percent of the world's population. However, after 60 years the number of people suffering from this ailment increases significantly and reaches 80 percent. These statistics reflect the state of Kazakhstani society.

EZ: Why do the joints begin to ache? What is the mechanism of development of joint disease?

- The most common cause of joint pain is osteoarthrosis, which is based on inflammation, degeneration of the articular cartilage - it is thinned, exposing the underlying bone. As a consequence, there is a narrowing of the joint space along the inner side. The joint deforms: the inner side narrows, and the outer one expands. If the disease affects the knee joints, then as a result of this discrepancy, the legs acquire a wheel-shaped form.

The development of joint diseases contributes to a number of factors: excess weight, inactivity, the consequences of trauma or infectious disease, malnutrition, hormonal disorders, hereditary predisposition, hypothermia.

EZ: There is an opinion that joint diseases should not be treated: treat, do not treat - they will still be sick! Is it correct?

- It's not. From the diseases of the joints, the quality of life falls sharply in a person: he experiences pain, it becomes difficult not only to move, but also to keep, for example, a spoon in his hand, the opportunity to independently service himself is lost. The inevitable decrease in physical activity leads to the development of concomitant diseases - the circle closes.

But with timely and adequate treatment it is possible to stop the progression of destructive processes inside the joint and to avoid such deplorable consequences. Treatment of joint diseases in the early stages brings very good results - a stable remission, which can last for many years.

In addition, there is an order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 786 on the guaranteed volume of free medical care at the outpatient level. And the diagnosis of "osteoarthritis" is included in the list of diseases to be treated free of charge. So, all Kazakhstanis have the opportunity to get free medical help in a timely manner and not to start the disease.

EZ: As a rule, most of us turn to the doctor for help only at the moment when they begin to experience severe pain. And this is already evidence of a progressive joint disease. What are the signs of the onset of the disease?

- The very first signs - the appearance of a crunch in the joints, discomfort when moving, especially evident when you descend the stairs - at this point in the affected joint may appear pain syndrome. According to statistics, the biggest joints are the very first to undergo painful changes: knee, hip, ankle. Then - humeral, and only after that - small joints.

And if you notice the very first symptoms of the disease, I advise, without delay, to see a doctor: to make a radiograph of the joint and to undergo a timely treatment.

EZ: What are the current possibilities for the treatment of joint diseases?

- Today medicines are widely used - artificial analogues of synovial fluid. It is a viscoelastic implant that replenishes the lack of interarticulate fluid. Synovial fluid "lubricates" the joint, reduces friction during movement, acts as a kind of cushioning. It is clear that if the body stops producing synovial fluid in sufficient volume, then the friction in the joint increases, pain appears. In the absence of treatment articular cartilage can completely eradicate. And this process is irreversible.

The drug is injected into a diseased joint, it improves the ability of cells to produce their own lubricant, removes friction and plays the role of a filter that removes articular slag.

Physiotherapy, physiotherapy, cold therapy and heat therapy - there are a lot of ways to treat joint diseases. But I would like to mention one more thing: today in the world special devices are widely used for biomechanical correction of the patient joint - orthoses. They were developed in America, but are actively used today in joint therapy and in Europe. A person dresses the apparatus, for example, on a sick leg, walks without a cane and a stick, is engaged in his usual affairs, and at this time the orthosis "works" - reduces the load on the joint and corrects its deformation. Thus, it is possible to correct the already formed deformation of the joint to 20 degrees. Now we are actively introducing ortheses in Kazakhstan.

EZ: It's quite a question for many: is it possible to warm the sick joints?

- In case of aggravation of the inflammatory process, which is indicated by fever and redness of the joint, it is strictly forbidden to heat. In this case, the cold that reduces inflammation will be much more effective. During the remission period, the use of various thermal procedures is indicated. For example, going to the bath is very useful for joints.

EE: How much does the diet affect the course of joint disease?

- In general, the provoking factor in the development of joint disease is overweight. Therefore, I often recommend that my patients consult a dietitian with a view to reducing it.

EZ: Is it dangerous for joint diseases to self-cure? And how often do you encounter such cases in your practice?

- In my practice, there have been cases when patients used paints or tablets used by veterinarians to treat horses for pain relief. Of course, such a radical way to reduce the pain can be, but it's impossible to influence the cause of its occurrence. Effective disposal of the disease is possible only with a comprehensive approach, each element of which strengthens and reinforces the resulting health-enhancing effect. Only in this case one can count on a positive result.

EZ: What diseases can be confused with osteoarthritis?

- Just the other day I was taking a patient who had been treated for a long time and unsuccessfully from an osteochondrosis of the cervical zone. Meanwhile, she had spondylosis - a rheumatic disease of the intervertebral joints, which requires appropriate treatment. As a result of narrowing the distance between the vertebrae, blood flow is disrupted, and if the disease is not treated adequately, it begins to progress. At my patient the disease passed to the shoulder joint. Treatment of joint diseases - at the junction of neurology, rheumatology and neurosurgery. And here it is very important to put the right diagnosis.

EZ: You mentioned that joint diseases are more common in the elderly. But sometimes children suffer from joint diseases. In which cases?

- Children often suffer from a disease such as juvenile arthritis. Here the hereditary predisposition, the transferred infections play a role. Now this diagnosis is also included in the list of diseases that are treated free of charge, including the cost of necessary medicines.

EZ: Are physical stresses shown in joint diseases?

- This depends on the degree of damage to the joints. As a means of prevention, physical exercises are simply necessary. It works very well on the joints of yoga, in which there are many exercises aimed at their development. Even the common walking positively affects the joints.

Regarding curative physical education, it is now widely used for the rehabilitation of joints after injuries and surgeries. But as a means of treating joint diseases at the initial stages, it is not widely used. Now we are trying to remedy the situation: exercise therapy can be a powerful tool for the rehabilitation of patients with joint diseases, it is able to return diseased joints lost functionality.

And we are actively engaged in this issue now: we study and evaluate the effectiveness of exercises that are used in the world practice for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with joint diseases. In the near future, we plan to widely introduce this method of rehabilitation at medical institutions of the republic.

EE: In what cases should I resort to an arthroplasty operation - joint replacement?

- If the joint disease is not treated in a timely manner, then from excessive friction sooner or later the cartilage tissue is completely erased. And here you can not help anything - the joint is destroyed, and it must be replaced with an artificial joint.

EZ: If a person experiences acute pain in the joint, what do you advise him to do at home?

- Today there are many painkillers - ointments, gels. Of course, acute pain should be removed. But after that, you should see a doctor, because only anesthesia will not solve the problem.

Is it possible to warm arthrosis of knee joints

Olga Pavlova

In the complex treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint( gonarthrosis) a positive role is played by therapeutic gymnastics, acupuncture and manual therapy. Often recommend half-alcohol warming compresses and warm( 36-36 degrees) bath before bedtime. Treatment of gonarthrosis( arthrosis of the knee joint) physiotherapy( diadynamic currents, phonophoresis, electrophoresis, ultraviolet irradiation, UHF), laser-, magnetotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, pharmacopuncture, massagehttp: // /reading/ lecenie_de352.shtml
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Victoria Meleshko

If there are no phenomena of arthritis( pain, redness, edema of the knee joint), then compresses, ointments are possible.... if eThe appearance of arthritis in arthrosis, then you can not warm, because it will increase inflammation. ...

Is it possible to warm the leg with arthrosis of the hip joint? What compresses can I do?


I do not speak 100%, but to mine with arthroses in general to warm joints it is impossible! !!!there is such a site the first doctor called, enter in the search engine, the first term appears. ... ask a doctor there a question, only he needs to describe his condition in great detail and he will unsubscribe to you there. ...


Osteoarthritis -this can not be cured. Need bones to strengthen or replace the joint

Natalia Shklyaruk

nothing will not help you need to change the joint
I have a ploy tormented until changed by the quota


compresses with coxarthrosis will not help - too deeply it is necessary to penetrate the substance. ..
physiotherapy, a course of anti-inflammatory drugs, vascular and vitamin B group.
limit the load on the aching foot to the maximum( at least for the time of exacerbation).
when the pain is less - a consultation of a physician in physiotherapy.

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