Why the arm hurts after removal of plaster

Rehabilitation after removal of gypsum. Cleaning of the skin after gypsum.

Removing gypsum is a long-awaited moment, but it's also some stress. Contemplation of the healed, but pale, word of a talc-treated limb, a patchwork of indistinguishable color bruises, looking little can deliver satisfaction. In addition, the arm or leg is still weak and it is not normal to load it as before. Ahead of restoring the motor abilities of the adored limb is the rehabilitation of its initial flexibility, mobility and health.

Cleaning the skin after gypsum

Naturally, if you spend so much time, without air, light and washing. First let her remember the beauty of water procedures, wash it with warm water with shower gel and a washcloth. Following the mud in some places, old leather will begin to slice - and that's right. After all, during the time of confinement, the epithelial cells could not exfoliate normally. If necessary, use a scrub, and after bathing, carefully wiping the limb, lubricate it with a nutritious cream.

Removing gypsum and p Developing a body

Appearance, but that's not all. It is necessary to restore the former mobility and, if the pham has not been prescribed a course of therapeutic physical training, develop the limb yourself. The most impact on the restorable limb, it's rotational movement in the joints and flexion-extension. It is desirable that home exercises were just an addition to exercise therapy under the supervision of a doctor.

It is very important to restore proper blood circulation. After the cast is removed, the limb begins to undergo an unusual load and swells. In such cases, massage helps, or simply rubbing. Periodically bend and unbend fingers to disperse blood through the vessels. Legs with edema raise higher and use elastic bandages every time before prolonged loading.


The main thing in rehabilitation - do not save on movements, because all the recovery problems, this is the result of stagnation of fluids and small work of muscles, bones and joints. For the development of these organs, the need to overcome unpleasant sensations, make a lot of effort and spend a certain amount of time.

For example, when recovering from an ankle fracture, after taking the plaster bandage at least twice a day, make warm baths for the damaged joint, while the water temperature should correspond to body temperature. The effectiveness of baths will increase when using a solution of sea salt - a tablespoon per liter of water.

What to do after removing the gypsum

Begin the gymnastics directly in the water. Without making sharp movements, bend and unbend the joint, performing the most characteristic movements. Do not be afraid of some pain, but it's important not to overdo it. In the early days you should not make circular foot movements.

After ten minutes of gymnastics, stroke the joint with relaxing circular motions, but massage until it is worth it.

After sleep, immediately bandage your leg with an elastic bandage, which should be removed only in the evening, half a month for this procedure is enough. Your trauma doctor can tell you exactly whether to bandage the whole leg or just the ankle joint. Wear steady shoes with a low heel.

Important and proper diet: you need food rich in calcium. This milk, sour-milk products, cottage cheese, yogurt. Strong meat broth promotes the activation of regeneration processes in bones, cartilages and ligaments.

To accelerate the healing process, mix twenty grams of gum, a crushed bulb, fifty grams of olive oil, fifteen grams of copper sulphate. Warm the mixture over low heat for half an hour without boiling. The resulting preparation is lubricated by fracture sites. The pain can quench the grated raw potatoes, with his help, compress on the sore spot. In the menu additionally introduce products containing gelatin - marmalade, jelly, jelly.


Treatment of joint stiffness after gypsum

After the removal of gypsum, there comes a period of treatment, which is called rehabilitation. This is a set of activities that the patient performs himself( for example, exercises after fracture of the ankle) or with the help of specialists - massage, physiotherapy.

It is an integrated approach, and not a single method of treatment that helps to fully restore joint mobility. There is it not for a day or a week, if the fracture is heavy or there was a displacement of bone fragments, rehabilitation can last several months.

The main role in the development of joints is assigned to physical therapy and walking ( in some cases it is necessary to start walking with crutches, then go to the cane, and only then the doctor allows full load on the foot when walking.)

Connecting the swimming to your complex makes it easierexercises and helps to develop a joint faster

Treatment of edema after fracture

In addition to therapeutic gymnastics, physiotherapy is good in the fight against puffiness, many often neglect the services of conventional polyclinics, and it's in vain, because it's enough to go to an appointment with a physiotherapist so that you get a full treatment on modern apparatuses. "

After fractures, magnetotherapy and electrophoresis are good, sometimes paraffin is prescribed." Even if the outpatient clinic does not have the latest equipment, Russian devices can cope with the physiotherapists very well if you have the opportunity to find a professional masseur and undergo a massage course( 10-15 sessions).

Preparations after removal of gypsum

Basically, prescribe gels and ointments that help reduce swelling - this is Lyoton-1000, Troxevasin, heparin ointment.

With pains, you can take a pill of pain medication, but remember that they often develop addiction and better consult a doctor.


pain after removal of gypsum. WHY?WHAT'S WRONG?

Valery Kolchin

Feeling that the bone was not matched. On the X-ray urgently!

Yulia Hinshtein

another 1-2 weeks will experience pain, this is the norm after gypsum, because for a long time the finger was in one state the vessels are all compressed, blood does not flow.to quickly remove the pain you need an expander ringlet to buy in a pharmacy, and through the pain of trying to squeeze and unclench it, the floors wash, everything you need to do at home to quickly develop a hand. At me the bone was beaten out with displacement on a hand + a crack of a radial bone, I in a week itself have removed or have taken off a plaster and have developed a hand.you at least after the removal of gypsum rengen did?if there is a fracture, it may not properly grow together.if the crack is normal, not exile, trauma doctors say that they heal within 1.5 weeks, will be developed in a week

Edema of hands after removal of gypsum.

soroka- by itself

I was helped by soda compresses and exercises. Soda - 1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water.temper. Dip the napkin and apply. Quickly passes inflammation and acc.the edema comes off. Easy exercises - turn the brush left - right, etc., a hand-held expander - such a rubber ring or a ball - to compress-expand. The arm is often raised upwards. DO NOT TWO.Rinse with eucalyptus oil. I did it myself, but, like there is also a chemist.
I had 3 fractures( radius with an anvil, ankle, sacrum).So I was treated.
But in general, swelling can be several months. For such an injury, this is normal. Bone still.

Vasily Ivanov

The physiotherapist knows this. Go to the procedures

Karb O'Foss

Hand develop, the physical load is needed. Muscles were atrophied, blood circulation was disturbed. Of course, not pulling the bar, so.without weighting exercises to do.

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