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Benefits and harm of celery for men and women, celery from seeds


  • Useful properties of celery
  • Why is celery useful for men?
  • Why is celery useful for women?
  • What else is useful for celery?
  • Harm celery
  • Celery juice
  • How to eat celery?
  • Celery growing
  • Traditional medicine recipes
  • Celery application
  • Contraindications

Celery is known to be not only a valuable food product, but also an amazing remedy. Useful properties contained in this product, it is simply impossible to list. But we still want to tell you about the most important: celery slows down aging, helps to work correctly digestion, calms the nervous system, and it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. It is recommended to use it for kidney disease, rheumatism, and even gout.

Useful properties of celery

As we said above, there are a lot of useful properties for this food product. It not only in force to slow down the aging process, but boasts a large number of vitamins, proteins, acids and minerals. It is especially recommended to use it more for people aged, for the reason that it improves water-salt metabolism. The unique plant, in addition to the above, has a calming effect and is excellent for treating nerves. I want to add that in the root and stem of the plant contains essential oil, which stimulates secretion, the production of gastric juice. By the way, it is recommended to consume celery in large numbers of people with diabetes mellitus.

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The roots and leaves of the plant contain valuable amino acids: carotene, asparagine, nicotinic acid, tyrosine, essential oils and microelements. All parts of the celery - it can be safely said, are useful and nutritious. As mentioned a little bit above, the plant is rich in vitamins, such as B vitamins, provitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E and ascorbic acid.

100 grams of purified tuber contains:

  • Potassium 320 mg,

  • Phosphorus 80 mg,

  • Calcium 68 mg,

  • Magnesium 9 mg

  • Manganese 0.15 mg

  • Zinc 0.31 mg

  • Iron 0.53 mg,

  • Sodium.

Celery has anti-allergic, laxative, antiseptic and toning properties. The plant improves appetite, digestion and promotes the best work of the whole organism. Thanks to the content of vitamin C in it, the celery restores blood circulation, normalizes the pressure. Promotes vasodilation( relaxation of the smooth muscles of the walls of blood vessels), mainly the aorta, so that celery is effective in hypertension.

Iron, magnesium and calcium, which are contained in celery, improve the immune system. Celery increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood and has the property that reduces swelling.

It is interesting that in two thin stems of the plant contains 15% of the daily dose of vitamins A and C. But in two tablespoons of the plant contains 2.7 calories, this is more than one hundred and fifty percent of the daily dose of vitamins, which is recommended for consumption. Those who look after their figure, I want to say that in 100 grams of a raw plant contains only 16 calories.

What is useful for celery for men?

Just say that for men this plant is irreplaceable, because it contains androsterone - the male sexual hormone , which enhances the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics and which increases the potency. By the way, a very interesting fact - with the allocation of androsterone and then it acts on women exciting and attractive, that is, as a pheromone.

Most experts believe that celery is a natural analog of the preparation Viagra .If one of you wants to get a similar effect, it is recommended every day to use freshly squeezed root juice of a unique plant.

Men can use celery and as a prophylactic against prostatitis. The plant, due to its diuretic properties, conquers infectious diseases of the genitourinary system and reproductive organs. In addition, the plant can be used to treat kidney and liver.

Men who are overweight can eat celery, as it not only removes toxins from the body, but also improves metabolism and has a diuretic effect. The plant is a low-calorie product, and besides it contains fiber, which helps control the feeling of hunger.

And in conclusion, I want to say that the whole celery is useful, but the most useful of all parts is the root, which is added to the composition of medicines from the kidneys and liver, and also it is used to strengthen sexual function.

Why is celery useful for women?

As for the lovely ladies? Just want to say that the composition of celery is dietary fiber, so it can be safely used to combat excess kilograms. You can eat as much as your heart desires, since 100 grams of green contains only 16 calories. By the way, there is even a special diet, which includes a soup from this unique plant.

The effect of the plant is stunning, as it not only helps to get rid of the slag that accumulates in the body, but also from all sorts of toxins. In addition, celery helps women with painful menstruation and menopause.

Warning! When painful menstruation uses water extract of celery seeds, and not roots and leaves, which on the contrary will strengthen the monthly! In leaves and stems there is a substance - apion, which stimulates the reduction of the endometrium( inner layer of the uterus).

By the way, scientists have proved that those who regularly add to the plant food, look healthier than those who do not use celery at all. This can be seen by the hair, the skin and nails.

Celery is indispensable for the female: it helps with hormonal failures, prevents pain, weakness and bad mood during critical days. Remember, dear ladies, if after thirty-five years to carry out treatment four times a year with celery seeds, then you will not even notice the menopause.

The recipe for a note: half a teaspoon of the plant pour one glass of boiling water. The remedy should not be boiled in any case, only to insist for nine hours. An infusion of one tablespoon is used four times a day. The full course of treatment lasts twenty seven days.

Talking about what celery is useful for women, I want to add one more property. The fact is that now every woman can at home strengthen her vessels , if you regularly use celery juice. However, if you have varicose veins, then you need to be careful, since the celery expands the walls of the vessels, which is dangerous for varicose veins!

About modern discoveries of celery, you will tell Elena Malysheva:

What else is useful for celery?

Probably, each of you are very interested in all the useful properties of this plant. So, we will not torment you, and everything will be told in order:

  • Celery heals the pathology of blood vessels and heart;

  • Helps prevent infectious diseases;

  • Strengthens the immune system;

  • Excellent as a preventive agent for atherosclerosis;

  • Calms the nervous system;

  • Heals from kidney, genitourinary and hypertension diseases;

  • Good effect on the digestive system;

  • Helps prevent intestinal development of putrefactive processes;

  • Reduces inflammation and pain in diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcer( in celery, as well as in cabbage there is anti-ulcer vitamin U);

  • Helps to facilitate the digestibility of proteins.

In addition, the plant has a negative caloric value, that is, the human body spends much more energy in digesting celery than it receives. That is why celery with dietary nutrition will be your faithful helper.

Celery is also useful for children, and especially if you add it to food in the spring, because that's how you can prevent hypovitaminosis.

Celery for weight loss. Celery is not only a plant that contains many vitamins, substances and trace elements. Also, celery is the best way to lose weight. In the celery contains few calories, but in order to digest these calories, the body needs to spend a lot more energy. Thanks to this extra pounds with ease disappear. Celery promotes rapid splitting of subcutaneous fat, relieves the body of toxins.

Celery oil. Celery essential oil is obtained from any part of the plant, but the most valuable oil is obtained from seeds that are distilled with steam. The oil has a strong pleasant aroma. It is used as a good diuretic. It is used for kidney disease.

With essential oil of celery make massage, thanks to which a person suffering from a delay in urine, get rid of this ailment. Massage also helps to remove toxins from the body, so it is recommended to use in the treatment of arthritis, cellulitis, rheumatism and gout.

The oil of this plant calms and tones the nervous system, gives strength and improves the emotional state of a person. Celery oil is forbidden for pregnant women, as it will only harm the female body and the future baby.

Harm to celery

Celery is not suitable for pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, as it can cause premature birth due to the fact that it contains substances that stimulate the flow of blood to the muscles of the uterus and, accordingly, causing it to intensify the contractions. In addition, after consuming the plant, gases form in the body that negatively affect the baby. Also, celery is not recommended for women who breastfeed because of caustic essential oils.

Celery can also harm those who suffer from such a disease as epilepsy. In this case, the negative impact is directed to the mind. Must try not to eat celery and those people who have stones in the kidneys, as the celery can provoke movement of stones, which will entail surgical intervention.

Celery should be taken cautiously to people who have an increased acidity of the stomach, since this plant stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.

It is also contraindicated to eat dishes with this plant for those who suffer from thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, thyroid disorders, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, uterine bleeding, and the elderly with exacerbation of chronic diseases.

will seem strange to you, but there are diseases in the treatment of which celery is contraindicated, but in folk medicine it is welcomed. In this case, I just want to say right away, you need to know the measure, that is, during treatment it is necessary to reduce the dose 2 times, since active substances with increased concentration, as well as acceleration of processes in the body, can give the opposite effect. Therefore, each of you should remember that before you start using celery juice, you should definitely consult with your doctor.

Celery juice

The first thing we notice is the diuretic properties of celery juice. As you know, the extra pounds, it's not only an overabundance in the body of fat, but also water.

Celery juice has a weak diuretic effect, and removes all harmful substances from the body along with urine. Also, it increases the tone and helps to normalize the process of acid recovery. By the way, celery juice can be safely used for rheumatism and arthritis.

This juice will help balance the weight, reduce cravings for sweet and fatty foods. In addition, it helps to get rid of excess weight, cellulite and puffiness, as it acts as a cleanser and diuretic.

Freshly squeezed juice will help calm the nervous system and keeps the body's temperature balance in hot weather.

Celery juice helps prevent constipation and reduce the risk of calcification in the body. It will improve digestion and cleanse the intestines from harmful accumulated substances.

Juice will help those who have sand in their kidneys. It neutralizes the toxins that form the stones, and helps the painless excretion of sand. If you already have kidney stones, it is better to give up this medicine!

I want to add that the celery juice will have antiseptic and antimicrobial effect and will reduce painful sensations. This is why it is widely used to treat cuts, wounds and burns. Also, plant juice is used to remove irritation and redness from the eyes. By the way, many wipe the eyes with juice to get a healthy and clear look.

The recipe for making celery juice: take a few bunches of petiolate plant and pass through the juicer. Drinks the juice in small sips. Similarly, the juice can be expressed through gauze, and eat three times a day for one hour before eating.

How to eat celery?

Celery is eaten in cooked form, in dried and in the form of broths. Celery can be added to dishes cooked from meat, can be used in salads and served as a side dish.

But it is best to use celery in raw form, because only in this way all his healing and unique properties are stored in it. Very useful soup from this vegetable.

Celery is used in kitchens of different countries. It is used not only in fresh form, but also in dried, and as seasonings for meat and vegetables. By the way, the leaves, roots and stems of the plant are tender and juicy than, for example, all known parsley, although they are considered close botanical relatives. Italians say that celery saturates the body with a large charge of energy, and it is good to use in any form. But in England they think that nothing can decorate a dish with such a piquant flavor as a celery king. Celery is added to fatty dishes from game, stewed dishes and pickles. But, the dishes that are prepared from eggplants, beans, potatoes and cabbage of celery gives a delicate astringency of the fragrance, since in all its parts volatile essential oils are contained.

Cultivation of celery from seeds

If the seeds are small, they do not need to be embedded in the soil, because they germinate in the light. Seeds are simply scattered in the container on the surface of the soil and pressed slightly. Over the crops put glass or polyethylene film and the container with seeds is left in a room with room temperature. Seedlings will appear only after 2-3 weeks. From the moment of seed sowing to the emergence of seedlings, it is necessary to keep the soil moist.

When the shoots appear, you need to transfer the containers with them to a cold place. Seeing on the seedlings 2 real leaves, you should make a dive and drop them in separate boxes with a distance between plants of 5 cm.

Seedlings should be watered only in the case of drying the soil. The plant responds well to the introduction of a complex fertilizer.

In mid-May, the seedlings must be planted in the ready-made open ground. Celery is a cold-resistant plant, so the seedlings are capable of transferring frosts to -5 ° C.When planting seedlings, it is necessary to observe the distance between the rows, which should be about 50 cm. The seedlings are regularly watered and cleaned of weeds.

Care for celery. Given the fact that celery is a water-loving plant, it should be regularly and abundantly watered. During the period of plant growth, the soil needs to be loosened and weeded. As celery grows, you should not forget about thinning plants. In the process of thinning, all weak plants are removed, giving strong free space.

For the whole season, two additional fertilizing should be done, namely, nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are introduced 14 days after sowing and after three weeks from the day of the first feeding.

In the middle of July they shovel the side roots of the plant and cut them - this is done to ensure that there were no irregularities and rootlets on root crops.

Traditional medicine recipes

Celery against salt deposits

Recipe # 1: grind the root of the plant( about four grams), pour one liter of cold water, leave for eight hours and filter it when the time is right. Take the drug one teaspoon three times a day.

Recipe # 2: pour one tablespoon of plant seeds with two glasses of boiled cold water, insist for several hours, and strain through gauze. You eat three times a day for one table spoon at a time.

Recipe # 3: freshly squeezed juice from celery roots take two teaspoons three times a day for thirty minutes before eating.

Recipes against rheumatism

Recipe # 1: one tablespoon of fresh plant roots is poured with two glasses of boiling water, left for four hours in a closed container, then filtered. It is taken infusion three times a day for two tablespoons thirty minutes before eating. This recipe can be used for diseases such as joint pain, gout and rheumatism.

Recipe # 2: one tablespoon of fresh celery roots is poured into two glasses of cold water. Further, the roots are infused for 5 hours, and 0.5 glasses are used 3-4 times a day before eating.

Prescription against insomnia

This product will help you sleep soundly and increase the continuation of sleep. Thirty-five grams of a fragrant celery root is poured with one liter of chilled boiled water, infused for eight hours and filtered. An infusion of three times a day, one teaspoonful is taken.

Recipes from the allergy

Recipe # 1: freshly squeezed juice of odorous celery is taken two teaspoons three times a day for thirty minutes before eating.

Recipe # 2: two tablespoons of ground roots are poured into one glass of cold water and infused for two hours. Then the product is filtered and used for 0.3 glasses before meals.

Recipe # 3: take one tablespoon of crushed celery roots, and pour boiling water( 1.5 liters).Leave for four hours, then filter. It takes infusion four times a day for one table spoon for half an hour before eating. With allergic urticaria, infusion and celery juice are used.

Recipe for frostbite treatment:

Dried celery( 200 grams) pour one liter of water and cook. Next, cool it and keep in the broth limb until completely cooled. Further, pour cold-watered frostbitten limbs and grease with goose fat. It is recommended to rub the fat seven days every night.

Application of celery

Celery has long been popular in folk medicine, and not for nothing! It has many different properties that help cure diseases of all kinds. So, for example, celery can be treated with kidney disease, wounds, ulcers and rheumatism.

Fresh juice of the plant is a soothing agent, therefore it is used for nervousness and other ailments associated with the nervous system. Celery is used as a good vitamin remedy. This plant prevents the development of cancer. Celery is very useful for men who have problems in sexual life, and also the plant will help to set up the respiratory system, heart, liver and kidneys.

Decoction of celery with gastritis, stomach ulcer. For its preparation, pour 20 grams of the root of the plant, pre-crushed, with two glasses of boiling water. Put the composition on the fire for 5 minutes. Withdraw from the fire, we insist on a decoction about 8 hours. Next, strain it and take 2 tablespoons three times a day before eating. Attention: with these diseases, celery should be taken carefully, as it strengthens the separation of gastric juice.

Celery with sand in the kidneys. Take the celery seeds and boil them. To do this, take a teaspoon of seeds, pour a glass of water and put on the fire for 10 minutes. Add a little honey to the ready-made broth. Take the drug three times a day for 30-40 ml before meals.

Warning! This recipe is not recommended for use with stones that have already formed, since it can cause them to move!

Celery as an aphrodisiac. Take the celery and squeeze out the juice from it.100 grams of finished juice mixed with 20-25 grams of juice from an apple. A ready-made mixture the man takes before the supposed meeting.

Infusion of celery root for allergies. For its preparation take 2 tablespoons of the crushed root of the plant and pour them with 200 ml of water, then leave it for 2 hours to brew and take 70 ml three times a day for 20 minutes before meals.

A celery remedy for the deposition of salts in the body. For its preparation, take 500 grams of celery( leaves and roots).Greens must be passed through a meat grinder. Then add to the greens of scrolled 1.5 lemon with zest and leave the composition in a dark place for a week. After pressing the infusion, 150 grams of honey are added to it. Finished medicine is put in the refrigerator. Take the remedy on a tablespoon three times a day. The course of treatment is 30 days, after a break in 14 days.

Soap from celery. You need to take celery juice in the amount of 100 ml, the same amount of vinegar and 1 gram of salt, mix everything and apply a gauze moistened in this solution to the sore spot. The lotion should be changed every hour.

Celery for purulent inflammation. Take the leaves and stems of the plant and make them a gruel, which is applied to the affected area. The wound should be lubricated with an ointment, which is prepared from celery juice, mixed with butter in equal quantities.

Contraindications to the use of celery

In the presence of exacerbation of gastric or intestinal ulcers, large doses of celery preparations should not be used. Pregnant women of celery are contraindicated, as it stimulates uterine contraction, nursing mothers also do not need to abuse celery.

People with varicose veins or thrombophlebitis should also give up celery, as it expands the walls of the vessels, which is dangerous for varicose veins!

Author of the article: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna, physician-naturopath, phyto-therapeutist

Lovers of tasty and good food can not imagine that there are good diets, which do not include these wonderful crunchy stems, delicate leaves and small tubers with the originaltaste tinge.

Why is demand growing steadily for this vegetable? How does he attract so many?

Like all products containing vegetable fiber, in the first place it attracts with its excellent taste and ability to saturate, diversify the menu and at the same time protect the figure.

Nature itself tells us all about what it's worth to decorate the table! But now it's time to get to know the properties of celery.

We need to know exactly how useful a delicious vegetable is, what contra-indications it has and who should definitely use it.

Celery: useful properties for all connoisseurs of delicious and healthy food

Have you decided to find out what is useful for celery? Indeed, for many people this plant remains mysterious. However, experts and scientists, experienced nutritionists will gladly talk about the benefits of celery. You too will be able to find out interesting information about the green vegetable right now.

  • The great benefits of celery to ensure the correct metabolic processes in the body, as well as the benefits of broccoli to the body, made it indispensable for everyone who wants to lose weight. It is enough to include a delicious plant in your daily diet, so that you can observe with pleasure the decrease in weight and the decrease in volume. And the whole secret is only that the fiber contained in the celery, and its aromatic juice stimulate the acceleration of metabolism, cleansing the intestines and stomach from food debris, and also contribute to the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • The indisputable use of celery for the body is due to the fact that it contains a rich complex of vitamins and valuable minerals. You can safely include in the menu a vegetable with a rich taste, a pleasant aroma, thus furnishing itself with everything necessary. Celery is cooked, added to salads, used as a side dish. Your health will begin to strengthen before your eyes, because together with celery you will get manganese and potassium, calcium and phosphorus, zinc and iron, B vitamins, folic acid, vitamins A, C, E.
  • . For some, there is no doubt what exactly is usefulcelery for the body, with what problems it helps to cope. They discovered the main thing: this vegetable allows you to overcome difficulties in your personal life! It perfectly strengthens the potency, improves the female libido, relieves people of the difficulties with erection, poor sensitivity and reduced excitability.
  • Elderly people, as well as all who encounter difficulties in the work of the cardiac and vascular system, note: celery really helps to escape from premature aging, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and stabilize the blood flow, bring the heart to a new level. A green plant with a charming aroma will not only bring pleasure, but also significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Now you know what is the use of celery. Of course, this is not all. You can talk about a wonderful plant for hours, but we will focus only on the most basic information.

Do we need root celery? Why is the celery root so useful?

Have you thought about how useful the celery root is? Is it worth it to specifically look for cute tubers in stores? Maybe it's easier to get by with the usual leaves and stems? Not at all! Root celery has useful properties that make this plant really tempting. Let him become a frequent guest on your table!

  • Involves a celery root, the use of which is invaluable for the elderly, its ability to restore the elasticity of blood vessels. It gradually eliminates cholesterol plaques, improves hemopoiesis, saves vessels from fragility, becomes a good tool for preventing atherosclerosis.
  • At the root of celery, useful properties instantly attract everyone who often suffers from headaches, sleep disorders, nervous excitability. In a state of permanent stress, such a root is simply indispensable! He will save from negative emotions, help to quickly stabilize the state of the nervous system. The root contains many valuable vitamins of group B. They will become the best assistants in the fight against negative feelings!
  • A big role is played by the use of root celery for all who suffer from intestinal disorders. Tubers should be regularly added to salads, side dishes, to remove slags from the body, improve metabolic processes and stabilize the digestive tract.
  • Have you already found the root of the celery, but the benefits and harm of the plant until you are not entirely clear? There is one small nuance here. With increased acidity, the use of celery should be limited so as not to provoke gastrointestinal diseases associated with a violation of the acid-base balance.
  • The celery root is also useful for external use. It has an excellent wound-healing effect.

Now you know what root celery is useful. It remains only to find out exactly which shops in your city it is, because it is simply impossible to refuse your organism in such a valuable plant!

All secrets of leafy celery

Celery leaves have various beneficial properties. Fragrant, surprisingly juicy, tasty leaves with ease will become the basis of any salad, garnish. With them you can eat meat and fish, they are perfectly combined with different products.

  1. First of all, it should be noted that celery has a leafy benefit and harm is difficult to measure. Of course, these leaves will bring a lot of positive to the body, and they have virtually no contraindications. But one thing to remember is necessary: ​​the leaves are rich in vitamin C, so with increased acidity, celery should be eaten in moderation.
  2. With rheumatism, gout, all kinds of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the benefits of leafy celery come to the fore. It is desirable to regularly use leaflets to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, to regain its cheerfulness and positive perception of the surrounding world.
  3. Recommend celery leaf, the useful properties of which help restore a normal emotional state, with stress, nervous shocks. It should be used for preventive purposes.
  4. It is interesting that honors pupils in schools and universities often admit that they just like to snack on their studies and at home with juicy celery leaflets. For example, by eating a salad of celery before the exam, you can achieve several goals at once. Leaves will satisfy hunger, not causing drowsiness, will cheer up, relieve stress. The main thing is that they stimulate mental activity!

When you know how useful celery leaves, you can safely go to the store for a portion of this plant. Leaflets not only conquer by taste and aroma, but also bring appreciable benefit to the whole body.

Celery juice: useful properties for your beauty

It is worth to find out what is so useful celery juice, what exactly can give us this fragrant drink. It is important to remember that drinking too much juice does not follow, as it increases acidity. At the same time, half a glass of pleasantly tasting liquid can significantly improve the general state of the body. Juice is best served before meals, two or three times during the day. From celery juice, the benefits are obvious:

  • removes slag;
  • eliminates toxic substances;
  • stimulates metabolism and ensures the normal digestion of

There is another curious fact. Celery juice with honey is a real panacea for everyone who has difficulty with potency. If you are thinking, what are the benefits and harm from the juice of celery, we can note only one thing: with sharply increased acidity, ulcers such a drink should not be included in the daily menu. Nutritionists recommend better to grow juice in such cases, do not drink it on an empty stomach.

Pros of petiolate celery

Celery cherezkova useful properties are numerous, the recipes of many dishes from it you will definitely be useful. First of all, petioled celery is recommended for everyone who wants to lose extra pounds. With this plant to cope with the weight, the volumes are really much easier! You will enjoy delicious dishes, and petioled celery with its useful properties will provide weight reduction. It is well saturated, perfectly digestible and improves digestion. The use of petioled celery is also known to many elderly people. The plant restores normal salt metabolism, acid-base balance. In addition, it strengthens the vessels, makes them more elastic. Celiac celery, the benefit and harm of which for connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle are no longer a secret, helps to heal wounds, positively affects the overall emotional state.

Celery stalk: the benefits and harm of delicious stems

Some people are interested: and what is useful celery stalk? It is not so common, stems can be difficult to find in stores. Probably, and the benefits in it a little? In fact, the stems of celery have a lot of useful properties.

  1. Stems should be regularly consumed by everyone who decided to restore the intestinal microflora.
  2. Crispy celery will have a liking for losing weight: it sates, but does not add weight and volume.
  3. Celery stalk, useful properties of which are well known to everyone who talked with nutritionists, will help to remove slags and break down fats, prevent the formation of new deposits.
  4. More often there are stems and those for whom a large role is played by the activity of mental activity. In the menu of each student, a student of celery stems simply must attend!

It is important to know how to use stalks of celery correctly. It is advisable not to process it too much. You can cook it for a couple, lightly fry. A wonderful taste will give dishes a stalk of celery, which is scalded with boiling water, and then cut into thin circles. There is almost no harm from the stems, however, it is not recommended for breastfeeding women and future mothers.

Why is celery useful for men? Secrets of good health in all areas

It turns out that the benefits of celery for men are so huge that for many representatives of the strong half of humanity this vegetable has become a real salvation! It's no secret that men, even young ones, have problems with potency. Eternal stress, overwork and a fantastic rhythm of life do their job. But celery juice, whose benefits for men are indisputable, will overcome difficulties. The juice acts in a directional way: it strengthens the muscles, stimulates blood circulation, including in the organs of the small pelvis. As a result, you can forget about premature ejaculation! Celery realizes useful properties for men and in the sense that the plant provides a normal emotional mood, relieves stress and strengthens the body as a whole.

Celery use for women: we improve libido and lose weight

About men and the benefit to them of celery we have already learned the most important thing. So what is useful for celery for women? It turns out that for beautiful ladies the plant is irreplaceable. Celery positively affects the body, improves mood, restores salt metabolism and normal gastrointestinal function. There are also two main problems that celery decides: it helps women to lose weight quickly and significantly increases libido.

Celery: Contraindications

Has celery and contraindications to use, which also should always be considered.

  • If a person has abnormalities of the digestive system, it is worth consulting with a specialist to find out how often he can consume this vegetable.
  • Celery harms those who have too much acidity, because it contains a lot of vitamin C and acids of different types.
  • Juice from celery contraindications make it inaccessible to pregnant, lactating women.

However, we can note that the plant is not so dangerous that it is completely abandoned. Just consult your doctor, a nutritionist - and include a valuable vegetable in the menu little by little. You learned a lot of interesting things about celery! Leaflets, petioles and stems, small tubers do not accidentally attract all connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to protect your body and take care of it, strive for perfection and maintain beauty and youth, create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself every day, improving your mood. It is the celery that will give you health and positive emotions. It remains only to find recipes for dishes with celery and come up with your own!

Be healthy, dear friends! Until next time!

Sincerely. Elena Shanina.

Celery - good and bad for the human body

Passing through markets and supermarkets, you often miss useful products. Most often this happens because you are not familiar with their taste qualities, and the kind of vegetables is not appetizing. Celery falls into such lists. Scientists, physicians and culinary experts know that this green vegetable is very useful, is an aphrodisiac, no healthy food will not do without this ingredient.

Useful properties of stems and leaves of celery

Celery leaf has a tart aroma, spicy taste. Vegetables are always fresh and juicy, available for sale in any season of the year. After lengthy studies, physicians recognized that all of its constituent parts( root, stem, leaves and seeds) are rich in useful substances. If you consume about 100 grams of this vegetable a day, then fill half the daily norm of vitamin C, more than 85% of beta-carotene and 80% of vitamin A.

In the celery stalk, useful components are extracted: vitamins B, PP, A, E,microelements, such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium, amino acids, asparagine, carotene and tyrosine. Essential oils give the vegetable a specific taste and aroma. Useful effects from the use of stalk and celery leaves set:

  • The body is cleared of toxins due to the regular use of this vegetable.
  • The immune system is strengthened.
  • Vegetables resist the activation of cancer cells.
  • Celery has a beneficial effect on inflammatory processes, so the vegetable is recommended for arthritis and rheumatism. Edema is significantly reduced, pain in the joints are not so noticeable.
  • Vegetable has a positive effect on the nervous system, soothing and lowering the risk of ordinary stress.
  • With hypertension of celery, it is beneficial to regulate blood pressure.
  • The work of the kidneys and liver is being adjusted.
  • As a diuretic is actively used to treat genitourinary diseases.
  • Vegetables lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Stem is used if desired to reduce weight. Using celery for weight loss, you will stimulate the digestive system, feel satiety, receiving a small number of calories. Your body loses more energy during digestion, so weight gain from this vegetable is impossible.
  • Celery fiber activates the work of the intestines, relieving constipation.

The use of celery roots

The vegetable root is not inferior in popularity to its other parts. It contains many vitamins, such as A, C, E, B. Micronutrients - iron, magnesium, selenium, boron, zinc, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, have a beneficial effect on almost all processes in the body. The root part of the celery contains essential oil, so there is a tart taste and aromatic odor. Useful properties of root vegetables include:

  • Improvement of the body with anemia, anemia, exhaustion. This is due to the presence of a large number of iron salts.
  • Improvement of metabolic processes with the help of fiber, which is in the root. Vegetable is irreplaceable for women when losing weight.
  • Providing mobility and youthful joints, removing excess salts from the body.
  • Strengthening of the nervous system with the help of magnesium salts.
  • Beneficial effect of a healthy vegetable in cardiac pathologies and joint diseases.
  • Stimulation of memory, concentration and attention.
  • Improvement of well-being, increase of a tonus of an organism and strengthening of the physical form at regular use of a celery.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Benefits for men - increasing potency with the help of celery root.
  • Strengthening of immunity for colds, viral diseases.

How to take a plant for medicinal purposes

To strengthen immunity, it is advised to drink juice from celery( leaves, stems).With constant fatigue, a feeling of lack of sleep, irritability, tension, you need to make up for the lack of a trace element of magnesium. Celery celery should be chopped finely, used immediately before going to bed - from 100 to 300 g. Such a useful snack will ensure a healthy, strong sleep, and soon you will have an established nervous system, get rid of lack of sleep, constant fatigue.

When swelling, impaired kidneys, it is necessary to rinse, cleanse the body from the inside. What part of the vegetable for this to choose is up to you. Finely chopped celery celery or root vegetable juice will have a beneficial effect on the work of the kidneys, prevent the appearance of stones, and remove swelling.1 tbsp.l.seeds of a healthy vegetable, filled with a glass of boiling water, hold 30 minutes in a water bath. Take 3 the morning and in the evening. For taste, add honey. For the prevention of vegetables used in the form of salads, soups.

To lower the blood glucose, brew 20 g of fresh celery leaf, pour a glass of boiling water, hold in a water bath for 15 minutes. One hour before a meal, drink 2-3 tablespoons.l.infusion. If you have problems with joints, wash 1 kg of vegetable greens with tubers, chop in a meat grinder, then also skip 3 lemons. Leave the mixture in a dark place for a week. After - get rid of the liquid, add 300 g of honey, keep in the refrigerator. Take a useful mixture of 1 hour before meals. Video instruction on the benefits, harm, application of this vegetable will help you decide on a choice.

Celery recipes

English salad. You will need celery - 60 g, chicken fillet - 120 g, mushrooms - 60 g, cucumber - 1 piece, sour cream - 1 tbsp, mustard - at the tip of the knife, greens. Number of portions - 1-2.Chicken meat, boil, then cool. Mushrooms put out( if desired, cook).Cut the ingredients into slices, mix thoroughly. Fill a useful dish with celery with creamy mustard sauce.

Summer salad for children. Take apples - 2 pieces, petiolate part of one celery, hard favorite cheese - 100-150 g. Products wash beforehand. Peel apples from the peel. Rub the ingredients on a medium grater, top with a little lemon juice. If you are a fan of a combination like apples and cinnamon, add a small pinch of this spice.

Vegetarian soup with a laxative effect on the stomach. You will need: stem celery - 300 g, red tomatoes - 5 pcs., White cabbage - 300 g, Bulgarian pepper - 1-2 pcs., Greens. Boil water, put all the vegetables there. On a slow fire simmer soup with celery for about 10 minutes. At the end, sprinkle with herbs, allow time for the prepared dish with a healthy vegetable to infuse into the pan.

Harm and contraindications to celery for the body

If you do not want to harm your health, then do not use this vegetable for peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum. Damage to the root of the celery can manifest itself as an allergic reaction, colitis. When pregnant, breast-feeding the vegetable is not recommended. If you have varicose veins, consult your doctor about eating celery.


Elena, 32 years old: For a very long time, she suffered from intestinal problems. There were constant constipation, probably because of stress at work, malnutrition or lack of sleep. At one point, I decided to take a vacation and adhere to proper nutrition. Has included in a diet of celery, and problems with an intestine have evaporated. I continue to use this useful vegetable, work, sleep like a baby, and do not disturb constipation.

Oleg, 46: It's hard for any man to admit to such problems, but I do not. For a while my wife and I had a malfunctioning relationship because of my temporary loss of male power. And I wrote the word "temporary" not by chance. We tried and psychologists, and viagruz - not at all. In some magazine, the wife found information about useful celery. We decided - why not try this vegetable? The result in reality - we are both married now!

Lyudmila, 58 years old: With age, I started having problems with pressure, which jumped up to unbearable marks. All ended with a call of an ambulance, a decrease in blood pressure. And so on several times. I am an avid summer resident, so I did not like this way of life. The neighbor mentioned celery. I read the information, I understood that this useful vegetable can help me, I decided to use it daily. Since then, I have not seen high pressure surges. I look after the garden without problems. How useful is celery? Celery properties, methods of application and recipes.

Celery is a very valuable food and an amazing remedy. Useful properties of celery simply can not be calculated: it slows down aging, calms the nerves, helps digestion, has a beneficial effect on the heart, it is used for rheumatism, kidney disease, and even gout.


Celery is the closest relative of parsley. However, they came to our garden in various ways: celery - from the marshes, and parsley - from the mountains.

In the Greeks and Romans, petioled celery was considered a sacred and curative plant. About the hopelessly sick in ancient Greece said: "He only lacks celery.""Lunar plant" - the Greeks called it so. Hippocrates wrote that it is necessary to eat a lot of celery with frustrated nerves. Leaves - serve to meat, root - add to the soup, stalks - in salads.

For the Egyptians it was a symbol of sadness and death. And its appearance in Europe in the eighteenth century immediately enveloped the celery secret and all kinds of prejudices. In the Middle Ages, it was already considered a vegetable culture. In Egypt and Rome, he was revered for his medicinal useful properties, celery leaves were covered with triumphs. In Italy, and later in France and England, this miracle-vegetable began to grow, as an aromatic food plant. Now he is highly appreciated, both by doctors and culinary experts.

Celery in itself is a biennial plant, in the first year of its life it forms a rosette up to 30-50 cm high, during the second year it steals stems up to 1 meter high.

Celery composition

Its leaves and root crops contain valuable amino acids, such as: asparagine, carotene, nicotinic acid, tyrosine, trace elements, essential oils.fructose oil in the leaves of the plant is about 30 mg /%, in root crops up to 10 mg /%.Absolutely all parts of the plant are nutritious, useful and exciting appetite. Celery is rich in vitamins. In it are: provitamin A, vitamins of group B( riboflavin, thiamine), vitamins E and K, ascorbic acid.

In addition to mineral substances, this unique culture contains: protein, choline, glycoside, apyin, mucus, citrine, mannitol, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, oxalic acid, furocoumarins, glycosides, flavone substances, etc. Specific taste is given to apion.100 g of ready-to-use, purified celery tuber contains:

  • 1. potassium 320 mg,
  • 2. phosphorus 80 mg,
  • 3. calcium 68 mg,
  • 4. magnesium 9 mg,
  • 5. manganese 0, 15 mg,
  • 6. Zinc 0.31 mg,
  • 7. Iron 0.53 mg,
  • 8. Sodium.

What is useful for celery?

Useful properties of celery are numerous. Celery has the ability to slow the aging process, because the unique set of vitamins, minerals, proteins and acids contained in it ensures the stability of the cells of the whole organism. It is especially recommended to people of age, because it greatly improves water-salt metabolism. The plant has calming properties - for the treatment of nervous disorders, appearing through the fault of fatigue is used celery greens.firn oil, which is in stems and roots, stimulates secretion, the production of gastric juice. Celery is actively included in the diet of patients with diabetes.

Celery cherry is one of the most popular vegetable plants. Due to its peculiar pleasant smell and taste, it is widely used to improve the taste and aroma of many vegetable and meat dishes. Celery cherubkovy used for cooking salads and side dishes, which increases the content of mineral salts and vitamins. The celery root is used, both fresh and dried.

On what dishes can be prepared from different parts of celery, how to improve your diet and make the menu unsurpassed, read in the article: "Dishes from celery. Councils of the chef. "In the same article, I will describe in detail how useful properties of celery are used in medicine, with what diseases and exactly how it fights, what are the recipes for the treatment of various diseases. This culture is very often used in folk medicine for preventive measures and treatment of many diseases - useful recipes and properties of celery. Read more.

Celery: use in medicine

Leaf celery has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, strengthens it. In addition, it is widely used in folk medicine, as one of the most effective means for gout and rheumatism.

Celery cherry , like the leaf, is extremely healthy for health, thanks to the beneficial effect on digestion. The prophylactic and therapeutic properties of celery are provided by the content of apian and limonene in it. Diuretic properties, he owes a high content of potassium, asparagine and apiol. The useful properties of celery when exposed to metabolism and the nervous system are widely known. In folk medicine, culture is used for kidney disease, it is effective against the formation of stones. In addition, it is recommended for removing uric acid from the body, with exhaustion and internal anxiety.

Medical application of celery

Preparations from celery in medicine are used to regulate the activity of the kidneys and liver, enhance sexual function.then an excellent hypnotic, painkiller, wound-healing, antiallergic, an effective remedy for obesity, for the normalization of metabolism, prevention of atherosclerosis.

Celery juice is used for gastrointestinal diseases, for the treatment of urolithiasis, as a remedy for allergies, urticaria, diathesis, and the like. Regular use of its juice cleanses the blood of a person and helps to get rid of many skin diseases. To increase the useful properties of celery, experts recommend mixing its juice with dandelion and nettle juices. Celery juice diluted with 1 tablespoon of honey and taken before eating reduces appetite, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system well. In addition, juice helps in the treatment of vision problems, various ophthalmic diseases.

Seeds of celery contain useful oils, widely used in pharmaceuticals and perfumes.

Raw celery has the greatest healing properties. It is indicated for diseases of the stomach, obesity, rheumatism, diseases of the bladder. Celery salad is an excellent way to maintain good health. Celery properties have to cleanse the body of toxins.

  • • Some two thin stems of celery contain 15% of the daily dose of vitamin A and a similar amount of vitamin C. Two tablespoons of celery contain only 2.7 calories and at more than 150% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins. In a hundred grams of raw celery - only 16 calories.

If fresh celery greens are allowed to pass through the meat grinder, after mixing with melted butter in equal proportions, you will get an excellent remedy capable of curing any wounds, burns, ulcers and inflammations.

Thanks to its excellent diuretic properties, celery is used for inflammation of the joints, in the treatment of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. The celery contains a large amount of water, making it an excellent product for a diet. It does not recover from it, which explains the low calorie content with high fiber content, which prevents a feeling of hunger. Nutrients contained in celery are beneficial to the health of hair and skin.

Celery roots are made from the roots of celery .

Celery salt is the richest source of organic sodium, which increases the digestibility of nutrients in the body.

Celery: recipes for the treatment of

Celery: a recipe useful for women

  • • For women, to prevent problems with hormonal characteristics, to prevent pain, weakness, bad mood during critical days, and before and after them, celery is simply necessary. Climax can remain "unnoticed" if after 35 years begin to treat 4 times a year with plant seeds:

0.5 teaspoons pour 1 cup of boiling water. Boil the remedy is not, just insist for 8-10 hours. To drink infusion it is necessary for 1 table spoon 4 times a day. The full course of treatment is 27 days.

Celery: recipes against the deposition of salts

Recipe No.1: The crushed celery root, 3-4 g, is poured into 1 liter of cold water, left for 8 hours to infuse, filter. Take the drug should be 1 tsp spoon three times a day. Recipe No.2: 1 tbsp. A spoonful of celery seeds is poured into 2 cups of boiled cold water. The drug is infused for 2 hours, and filtered. Drink three times a day for 1 tbsp.spoon at a time.

Recipe No.3: Fresh juice, squeezed from the roots of celery, take 1-2 teaspoons before meals for half an hour three times a day.

Celery: recipes against rheumatism

Recipe No.1: Take fresh celery roots - 1 tbsp.spoon, and pour it 2 cups of boiling water. Leave for 4 hours to insist in a tightly closed container, then filter. Take infusion is necessary for 2 tbsp.spoons 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The recipe is suitable for rheumatism, joint pain, gout.

Recipe No.2: Take fresh celery roots - 1 tbsp.spoon, and pour it 2 glasses of cold water. Insist celery roots for 4-5 hours and drink 1/4 cup 2-3 times a day before meals.

Celery: prescription against insomnia

This tool is used to deepen sleep and increase its duration. For cooking, the celery root is odorous - 35 g, and cold, previously boiled water - 1 liter. The root should be filled with water and infused for 8 hours, then drain. Take infusion of 1 tsp spoon three times a day.

Celery: recipes from the allergy

Recipe # 1: Juice, squeezed from the fresh root of fragrant celery, is ingested 1-2 hours a spoon three times a day, before meals for 30 minutes.

Recipe # 2: You can also take andcelery infusion of 2 tbsp.spoons of crushed roots, infused 2 hours on 1 glass of cold water. It is necessary to strain and drink three times a day for 0.3 glasses before meals.

Recipe # 3: 1 tbsp.spoon of crushed roots, pour 1.5 liters of boiling water, wrapped, leave 4 hours to infuse and strain. Take infusion of 1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Infusion and juice of celery root is used for allergic urticaria.

Celery: recipe for frostbite treatment

Cook the dried celery in the amount of 150-200 gr.for 1 liter of water. Cool the solution slightly and keep the limb in the broth until it is completely cooled. Then frostbitten limb pour in cold water and grease with goose fat. Rub the fat every evening for at least a week.

In addition, it has a negative caloric value - when digesting this vegetable plant, the body spends more energy than it receives. Therefore, with dietary nutrition, celery can become a true helper.

Photo of celery and celery juice

It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of celery for children. It is especially good to add it to the children's diet in the spring to prevent hypovitaminosis.

2 Celery use for men

For several centuries celery for men has been considered one of the most useful plants. In ancient Greece, wrestlers were given food with the addition of root celery to increase strength, the famous heartthrob Giacomo Casanova adored fine dishes, generously flavored with celery, often the root of this healing plant was part of the love potion that the medieval alchemists were preparing.

It is no accident that physicians often compare Viagra and celery - useful properties for men in both cases are very clear. The large amount of androsterone sex hormone contained in the celery excellently increases the male potency and gives the man an indestructible strength for sexual feats. And all plant parts - roots, leaves, stems, have a favorable effect on the potency.

Photo of celery

Celery properties for elderly men are of great importance, since they help to normalize pressure spikes and contribute to general body rejuvenation thanks to antioxidants.

3 Why is it useful for women to consume celery

Why is celery useful for women? First of all, it allows you to stay slim due to the negative calorie content of the plant. Celery normalizes metabolism and water-salt metabolism, improves digestion, speeding up the processing of food and not allowing it to turn into fats. That is why it is very useful to eat celery with diet.

But not only for the shape of the celery is important, useful properties for women are also that this plant returns to the representatives of the beautiful sex freshness, youth and beauty. The unique composition of celery helps relieve tension from the eyes, making the look clear and radiant, eliminates stress and fatigue, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

On the photo of the celery root

Did you know that the celery juice is able to eliminate the protruding vessels on the legs( vascular mesh)?This surprising property is explained by the fact that the celery strengthens the blood vessels and improves the blood composition, preventing the formation of an unattractive "mesh" on the female legs.

Female beauty largely depends on the quality of the intimate life - and here the celery plays an important role, because it is a powerful aphrodisiac, helping to restore the female libido.

4 Celery - the benefit and harm that outweighs?

Before you include in your celery diet, useful properties and contraindications it must be carefully studied, so that you do not harm your body by ignorance. This vegetable plant can heal from a variety of diseases and generally have a beneficial effect on health, however good the celery is, there are also contraindications to its use.

In a photo of celery

Do not eat celery for food:

  • with high blood pressure, as it can provoke a crisis;
  • for varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
  • to elderly and weakened patients with exacerbations of diseases;
  • with obvious manifestations of nephrolithiasis and gastrointestinal diseases;
  • because of the content of essential oils can not eat celery with enterocolitis and colitis;
  • cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis require limited consumption of celery for food;
  • drinking celery juice and a diet based on celery, are undesirable in severe forms of allergy.
Video about celery Women are completely forbidden to use celery in any form during pregnancy( especially after the sixth month), and also during breastfeeding, as the celery reduces the production of milk and gives it a specific taste that the baby may not like. Celery should also be avoided in case of uterine bleeding and severe menstruation, spinach and parsley are also excluded from the diet in this case.

As you can see, the useful properties of celery, although very diverse, but it needs to be eaten wisely, taking into account the characteristics of your body and the presence of diseases in which celery can only do harm.

Celery. Useful and medicinal( healing) properties of celery. Than celery is useful. Celery treatment. Celery juice. Women's site www.

Celery is often used in folk medicine to prevent and treat many diseases, thanks to its healing and healing properties .

Celery composition

Celery is the most valuable food and remedy .Its root crops and leaves contain the most valuable amino acids asparagine, tyrosine, carotene, nicotinic acid, microelements, essential oils( in roots up to 10, in leaves - up to 30 mg /%).All parts of the plant excite appetite. Celery is rich in vitamins - these are vitamins of group B( thiamin, riboflavin), vitamin K, E, provitamin A and ascorbic acid. In addition to mineral substances, celery contains choline, protein, etc. Specific taste of celery gives apion.

Useful properties of celery

Useful properties of celery do not lend themselves to calculation .Celery is able to slow down the aging process, since a unique set of proteins, vitamins, acids and minerals contained in it ensures the stability of body cells. Celery has a calming effect - Celery greens are used to treat nervous disorders that result from overwork. Essential oil, located in the roots and stalks of celery , stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. Celery is included in the menu of patients with diabetes mellitus. It improves water-salt metabolism, so it is especially recommended for older people.

Application of celery

Preparations from celery are used to regulate the activity of the liver and kidneys, enhance sexual function. They are also used as sleeping pills, painkillers, wound-healing remedies, a remedy for obesity, for the prevention of atherosclerosis, the normalization of metabolism, like antiallergic. Celery juice is used to treat urolithiasis, with gastrointestinal diseases, as a remedy for allergies, diathesis, urticaria, and the like.

Regular consumption of celery juice cleanses the blood and helps to get rid of many skin diseases( for greater efficiency it is recommended to mix celery juice with nettle and dandelion juice).If you skip fresh celery greens through a meat grinder and mix it in equal proportions with melted butter, you will get a remedy that can heal any wounds, sores, burns and inflammations.

Celery action

The leaf celery has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, strengthening it, and is used in folk medicine as an effective remedy against gout and rheumatism. Celery is extremely healthy, it has a beneficial effect on digestion. Thanks to the content of apian and limonene, celery has a preventive and curative effect .Diuretic properties of celery are caused by a high content of potassium, apiol and asparagine. Its beneficial effect on the nervous system and metabolism is known. In folk medicine, celery is used for rheumatism, kidney disease, and stone formation. It is recommended for excretion of uric acid from the body, under conditions of internal anxiety and exhaustion.

Photo: celery

Celery seeds contain a useful oil that is widely used in perfumery and pharmaceuticals. Celery salt is obtained from celery roots .Celery salt is a rich source of organic sodium, which increases the digestibility of nutrients by the body. Healing properties has primarily a raw celery .It is useful in diseases of the stomach, with rheumatism, obesity, diseases of the bladder. Salads and juices from celery are an excellent way to maintain good health( cleanse the body of toxins).Only two thin stems of celery contain 15% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A and 15% of vitamin C. Two tablespoons of celery contain only 2.7 calories and at the same time provide the body with more than 150% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins. One hundred grams of raw celery contain only 16 calories.

Thanks to the excellent diuretic properties of , celery helps in the treatment of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, and inflammation of the joints .Celery contains a large amount of water, which makes it an excellent product for a diet. Celery does not get better, which is explained by the combination of low caloric content and high fiber content( prevents the appearance of hunger).Celery is very useful for eyesight. The nutrients in the celery are beneficial for the health of the skin and hair. Celery juice perfectly cleanses blood, treats the most "stubborn" skin diseases. Celery juice with a tablespoon of honey before eating suppresses apatite, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system. Celery juice helps in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases.

Celery in cooking

Celery is often used as a spicy plant for the preparation of aromatic seasonings for salads, side dishes, soups, as a green edible ornament for a table. Of cherezkov and root crops, celery is prepared quite independent dishes: stewed celery with vegetables, baked celery. From a mixture of oat flakes and root crops prepare celery cutlets. Celery is perfectly combined with apples, especially sour, carrots, pineapples and in salads, and stewed.

Leaves and root crops of celery are consumed in fresh, dried, salted form. In folk medicine apply water infusion of roots and leaves.

Celery has anti-allergic, antiseptic anti-inflammatory, wound-healing properties of .Light laxative properties of celery and its ability to improve the overall tone of the body and enhance physical and mental performance are known.

Useful properties of celery. Celery juice, celery treatment

Fresh root juice juice and celery infusion are widely used to treat urolithiasis, inflammatory diseases of the bladder, urinary tract.

Celery juice is used for various allergic diseases : urticaria, dermatitis, diathesis, malaria and diabetes. Take 1 tsp 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.

Dry, hot weather is easier to tolerate if you drink a glass of juice of fresh celery in the morning and as much in the afternoon, between meals. It normalizes body temperature.

A mixture of celery juice with other juices is very useful and gives an almost phenomenal result in case of avitaminosis and with other ailments. With nervous disorders, the consumption of carrot and celery juice helps restore the nerves. If there is not enough sulfur, iron and calcium in the food you eat, or they are in large numbers, but are devoid of vitality, then such disorders as asthma, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, etc. can occur.

Celery juice increases tone, improvesappetite, has a diuretic and laxative effect. It is better to drink fat people with metabolic disorders and fast fatigue. Celery juice contains vitamins C, B1, B12, PP.For prophylaxis it is usually enough 1-2 hours of spoons of juice 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals, up to 100 ml per day. Such combinations are popular: carrots, beets, celery ( 8: 3: 5), carrots, cabbage, celery ( 1: 4: 5), carrots, celery, radish( 8: 5: 3).

Celery treatment

With allergy : 1 tbsp.spoon of crushed celery roots pour 1.5 liters of boiling water, insist, wrapped, 4 hours, strain. Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

For rheumatism and gout : 1 tbsp. Spoon fresh roots pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist, wrapped, 4 hours, drain. Take 2 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

To treat frostbite , boil 150-200 g of celery( dried) in 1 liter of water. Cool and keep the broth in the broth until it is completely cooled. Finish with cold water and grease with goose fat. Fat should be rubbed every evening.

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