Gout causes

Why and from what does gout occur?

What causes gout? This question interests many people. Gout occurs due to metabolic disorders. If the kidneys do not cope well with the output function, then large amounts of uric acid appear in the body. Uric acid crystallizes into small, sharp deposits, shaped like needles. The deposits are deposited most often in the joints of the feet and toes, but knees, elbows and so on can suffer. This process is accompanied by inflammation and severe pain. If a person does not start treatment on time, cartilage and even bones begin to degenerate.

According to statistics, 3 people out of 1000 are sick with gout, and in most cases men. Gout attacks can occur due to overeating and drinking alcohol, they are manifested by strong and sharp pain, a feeling of heat and redness in the area of ​​the affected joint. Seizures often appear at night. If the disease is not treated, then the attacks are exacerbated and become more prolonged, which leads to dehydration of new joints and damage to the urinary system and kidneys.

Causes of gout


As mentioned above, gout can occur due to accumulated urine in the body. This accumulation is carried out in several ways: the kidneys do not excrete amounts of uric acid produced in normal amounts from the body, or the body produces too much uric acid, and the kidneys are unable to remove it. In the second case, metabolic defects are detected in the patients, for example, the body lacks an enzyme that reduces the volume of uric acid. The disease that develops against this background is called secondary gout.

Gout Kinds

  1. Gouty nephropathy is chronic. It shows urolithiasis. In 23-42% of patients with people can appear: hypertension, proteinuria and nephrosclerosis. Gouty nephropathy increases the possibility of the formation of an atherosclerotic vascular disease and arterial hypertension in a person.
  2. Recurrent arthritis and interictal gout. Attacks of acute gouty arthritis can occur at any time. In 60% of patients who do not take treatment, within 1 year there is a repeated attack. Each attack becomes heavier and more painful and affects healthy joints. In 7% of patients, recurrence of arthritis is not observed within 10 years.
  3. Chronic tofusnaya gout. This type is typical for the formation of tofusov( accumulation of salts of uric acid in tissues), the formation of urolithiasis, chronic arthritis and kidney disease. If you do not take medication, then tofus are formed in 51% of patients. They affect intradermally or subcutaneously the fingers of the hands, feet and joints of the knees, are formed in the internal organs, in the shells of the ears and on the elbows.

Symptoms of gout

manifestation of gout on the legs

Most often gout occurs on small joints near the base of the big toe. Also, the disease can be detected on the knees, fingers, hands and other parts of the body. An acute attack is characterized by the onset of instant pain, then by the influx of heat and the appearance of swelling and redness. Painful sensations can be so strong that it is impossible to even touch a sick joint. A gout attack can last several weeks. Uric acid crystals can accumulate in the bursa( small sacs around the joint).These urate crystals provoke inflammation of the bursa, which causes swelling and pain. Sometimes gout leads to chronic joint inflammation, which is similar to rheumatoid arthritis.

Methods of treating gout

Treatment of the disease begins with an arrest of an attack. Often, treatment begins in the late stages of the development of the disease, when a burning, severe pain appears in the joints of the legs. That's why the same drugs are used as with joint diseases, arthrosis or arthritis. Corticosteroid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also used. In the period of exacerbation with drug treatment, colchicine is used. This drug reduces the duration of the active period to several days. After the patient has successfully removed acute manifestations of gout, he is given the main therapy. It is prescribed regardless of which organ is susceptible to gout. It is important to direct the treatment to the body as a whole. The main therapy includes 2 groups of drugs:

  • uricodepressants;
  • uricosuric medicines.

These types of drugs reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood. Of all uricodepressants, allopurinol is most often used for treatment. Like all depressants, this drug stops the formation of acid. Allopurinol is used once a day for 300 mg after meals. When diagnosing a disease, a doctor can increase the dose of the medicine.

Urikozuric drugs increase the urate clearance in the body( especially in the kidneys).This is necessary, because not only the legs but also the kidneys suffer from gout. Because of what can be formed gouty nephropathy, which can lead to death. If the patient has symptoms of nephropathy, then he absolutely should not use drugs that increase the effect of uric acid on kidney tissue.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

The person is favorably influenced by visiting sanatoria, where the patient is engaged in physical therapy, attends useful procedures and uses mineral water. Mineral water is an auxiliary treatment. In a day, patients need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water. For people suffering from gout, resorts with alkaline water are better suited.

water consumption for gout

Diet for gout

Gout develops intensively with excessive consumption of meat dishes, alcohol and overeating .During an exacerbation from a diet it is necessary to exclude fish, meat and regularly arrange unloading days. It is useful to sit on dairy and vegetable diets, as they purify urine and improve the solubility of uric acid. If there is no exacerbation, then meat and fish can be eaten, but only in a boiled form, as when cooking purine substances disappear.
Everything should be a measure, you can not long to starve and overeat. Because of starvation, gout can also worsen, as the volume of uric acid sharply increases in the body. Carefully watch the weight, you can not get better or lose weight. You can not drink alcohol, you can eat compotes and mineral water. Very simple drinking water is very useful, as it prevents the formation of kidney stones. In a day you need to drink at least 5 glasses of liquid. During an exacerbation, you must reduce the intake of table salt.


Prevention and treatment of gout

The disease most often affects the joints of the legs

Gout is a disease that is associated with a metabolic disorder, resulting in the deposition of salts of uric acid in the joints. This ailment is known for a long time, it was once called "the royal disease".This name arose because gouty arthritis mainly arises from consuming a large amount of food and alcoholic beverages, which was previously only available to rich people. Now the disease is much less common: according to statistics, it is observed only in 3 people out of 1000.

The disease is usually observed in men after 40-45 years, in women it occurs much less often and can develop after menopause. In children, gouty arthritis is practically not found, but it can occur in the presence of heredity metabolic disorders and, as a consequence, the findings of uric acid. If we talk about what is gout, then this is a joint disease, which is also called gouty arthritis. Usually, the disease affects the joints on the hands or feet. In the network, you can find a photo and see how this disease manifests itself.

The main causes and symptoms of the disease

Gout is a disease in which the level of uric acid increases in the blood, persisting for a long period. With the development of the disease in both women and men in joints, urate is deposited. There it crystallizes, and this gradually leads to the fact that there is a partial, and sometimes complete destruction of them.

Causes for the development of the disease.

  1. The body produces a very large amount of uric acid. At the same time, even healthy people will not have time to deduce such a volume of this majesty.
  2. Uric acid is formed in permissible amounts, but the diseased kidneys do not cope with its removal from the body.
Most often men are ill

The appearance of the disease is explained by the fact that many people eat wrong food: they eat a lot of meat, fatty fish, they consume a large amount of alcohol. All this leads to the development of a disease such as gout, or arthritis. During the war or the difficult economic situation in the country among men and women, the percentage of patients with gouty arthritis is significantly reduced. This is due to the fact that meat and alcohol are consumed in smaller quantities, so gout does not develop.

Symptoms of a disease such as gouty arthritis usually do not appear immediately. Often there is inflammation of one of the joints, usually the big toe, but an ankle or knee can be affected. Often, gouty arthritis in both men and women is manifested in the morning and night. This is manifested in the appearance of pain in the joint, it swells, turns red, the temperature rises, the affected area begins to shine. Photos of symptoms can be found in the medical literature or on the Internet.

During the day, gouty arthritis recedes, but towards the night the pain intensifies again. The duration of a gout attack is usually 2-3 days, but in some cases, pain is not relieved within 7 days. Re-manifestation of the disease can already involve several joints.

Features of the manifestation of the disease

In the area of ​​the affected joint, growths appear in women and men, and the content of uric acid in the blood increases significantly. The adolescents may burst with time, and then the patient sees crystals of white color - this is crystallized uric acid. Gout or arthritis can lead to complications in the form of gouty nodes and urolithiasis. This disease can be primary, secondary, acute recurrent and chronic.

Gouty nodes, photos of which you can find in the special literature, are called tofusi. They are accumulations of urate sodium and can be deposited in any part of the body. When these deposits arise in the joints, the immune system perceives them as an alien body, which leads to the accumulation of leukocytes and the onset of the inflammatory process, that is, arthritis develops.

The disease can not be cured, the therapy is aimed at alleviating acute attacks

The disease can not be cured, the therapy is aimed at alleviating the acute attacks of

Tofuses look like nodules, can be microscopic or reach the size of an apple. Most often they are formed in the area of ​​the ear shells, elbows, hands and feet. If urate deposits in the kidneys, then in the future it can cause kidney failure, which in some cases leads to the death of the patient.

The peculiarity of gout is that it is a chronic disease, and it will not be possible to completely get rid of it. His photo and description is in the medical literature and on special sites. The first symptoms of the disease can occur only after a year, but over time, seizures will repeat, and the time between them will decrease, and their duration - increase.

Purines enter the body in the food and are produced by the body itself. When these substances break down, uric acid is formed, which must be excreted through the kidneys. If this process is violated, the acid accumulates in places where there is no blood supply, that is, in the joints. Thus, gouty arthritis develops.

High uric acid content is not the only cause of gout. The development of the disease is also promoted by a sedentary and immobile way of life, excess weight, heredity.

How to deal with an attack of gout

Therapeutic bath will ease the pain

Do not expect that the performance of certain actions will lead to an instant halt of the attack, but you will still be able to reduce the pain. The main requirement is to comply with bed rest. In order not to load sick legs, keep them on a raised platform. To do this, you can use, for example, a pillow.

If the pain is very severe, ice is applied to the sore spot, then compress is done using Dimexide or Vishnevsky ointment. A diet should be observed. The amount of food should be reduced. You can eat porridge, raw vegetables or broths from them. It is necessary to drink plenty of liquid enriched with alkali: it can be jelly, milk or mineral water. You can drink plain water, but you need to add lemon juice. A day must drink at least 3 liters of fluid.

The use of pain medication will be ineffective. Recommended use of anti-inflammatory drugs, but they should not contain steroids. If the prescribed medication is taken for prophylaxis, the course should be continued.

Applying various therapies to

Do you know which doctor is treating gout? This is a rheumatologist. The main principles of treatment will be a decrease in the intake of uric acid in the body and its maximum withdrawal. Appointment of certain drugs and procedures can only doctor, self-treatment will only lead to complication of the disease.

For 1-2 weeks, a course of treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids, such as diclofenac, naproxen, butadione and similar medications. To reduce the concentration of uric acid, can be used milurite, orotic acid, hepatocatalyst. If acute pains occur, then colchicine may be prescribed.

Mud compress on the aching joint

But one should not rely on medicines only. An important stage of treatment is strict adherence to the diet. In this process, one can not overdo it, since fasting and a sharp decrease in weight lead to an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body. And this will lead to new attacks of gout. We need to eat dishes that are steamed and almost do not contain salt. It is necessary to exclude spices and sauces.

If to speak about mineral water, it is necessary to use the one that contains a lot of alkali, for example, "Borjomi", "Essentuki" and others. In a day, you need to drink about 2.5-3 liters of fluid. When the disease is recommended to do gymnastics, cycling, walking and swimming.

Since this disease is known for a long time, many national recipes of its treatment have accumulated. Used broths of chamomile, spruce cones, bay leaf, rice. When using these tools during urination, there may be a slight burning sensation, but you should not worry. This is a sign that the salts dissolve and are eliminated from the body.

Adherents of phototherapy recommend the use of nettles, watermelons, grapes, cornelian, apples, dog rose, geranium, linden, willow, mint, burdock, wormwood, radish. They can be eaten as fresh, and make from them broths and tinctures.

Alternative treatment may include the use of radioactive substances. In this case, appoint radon baths or inhale radium emanation. One of the factors that favorably affects the affected joints is heat. It is recommended to bring both local and general thermal procedures, in which blood circulation improves, but this is only permitted between gout attacks.

Preventive measures

Do not wear uncomfortable, narrow shoes. It should not be fashionable, but comfortable. Violation of this rule leads to injury to the thumb on the leg, so it is most often damaged by gout. An important method of preventing such a disease is proper nutrition.

It is necessary to revise your lifestyle and, if necessary, completely change it. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of protein foods, that is, meat, fish, mushrooms, chocolate, smoked products. This will normalize the weight, reduce the load on the joints, which is very important in exacerbating gout.

The diet should include more cereals, eggs, vegetables and fruits, it will help reduce cholesterol. The use of alcohol and tobacco leads to a decrease in the intensity of removing uric acid from the body. It begins to accumulate in the joints, which leads to gout.

Vegetables should be eaten raw. But not all vegetables in this case are useful: you need to exclude cauliflower, spinach, sorrel, legumes, since they are rich in purines. Useful sour cabbage, it can not only be eaten, but also used for compresses that help relieve pain and inflammation. It is worth using watermelon, citrus, flour and dairy products, various cereals, potatoes, eggs. Tea, coffee and cocoa is best replaced with mors, compote, kvass, jelly.

Some experts recommend such a method of preventing gout as fasting. If you get hungry for 1-3 days you can without consulting a specialist, then a long course should be conducted only under the supervision of a doctor. The way out of starvation is important. After this, you must follow a diet. If fasting is difficult, you can once a week arrange for unloading days, during which to consume only juices and vegetables.

Since the disease primarily affects small joints, it is necessary to develop their mobility, do gymnastics every day, move more and stay out in the fresh air.


The first signs of gout: how to identify the insidious disease

Manifestations of gout - a visual aid

What is this disease - gout?

Gout is a disease that occurs due to a violation of the metabolism of purine bases in the body. This disease has been known since ancient times. Gouty attacks are described in the writings of Hippocrates and his followers.

Gout is called "the disease of kings", its descriptions are found in classical literature and drama. This name and popularity of this disease are associated with its occurrence due to a violation in the diet - the abuse of meat fatty dishes - and the widespread prevalence in old age.

In the last century after the disease of gout, people became disabled, and malnutrition caused frequent exacerbations. Know how gout is manifested, it is necessary for everyone, because its first signs are easily not noticed, and then treatment of the disease will be much more difficult.

Gout is a disease that occurs due to metabolic disorders in the body, when the production and elimination of purines, components of uric acid, is broken, and they begin to accumulate in the body. This can be caused by genetic disorders in the enzyme system or an increased content of uric acid in food. Also, the cause of gout can be abnormalities in the work of the kidneys.

Hand fingers suffering from gout

Symptoms of the disease appear when urate salts are deposited - urates, which in their structure resemble needles and, deposited in joints and kidneys, cause severe pain.

Causes of the disease

Today, doctors using modern medicines ease the condition of the patient and suspend the course of the disease. But, nevertheless, it often affects older men. Women suffer from this disease much less often, and its onset often coincides with hormonal changes in the body - menopause. Predisposition to the disease is transmitted genetically, so that it can be considered a hereditary pathology.

The course of the disease is recurrent, chronic, complete cure of the patient is impossible. All methods of treatment are aimed at stopping the pathological process and preventing recurrence of the disease.

The following are the main causes of the disease:

  1. Genetically determined enzyme deficiency leading to disruption of metabolic processes.
  2. Metabolic disorders.
  3. Diseases of the kidney and urinary system - disrupted the release of products of disintegration of uric acid.

Risk factors for the onset of the disease:

  • diabetes;
  • violation of diet - eating large amounts of animal protein;
  • regular consumption of alcoholic beverages.

What happens in the body during illness?

The appearance of gout is associated with an increase in the content of uric acid in the body. Excess uric acid occurs when there is a violation of its secretion or increased education in the body. Not excreted in time from the body uric acid, which includes salts - urate, is deposited in the form of crystals. They cause inflammation in the joints and kidneys.

Salts form crystals, in their structure resembling needles. When they are absorbed by protective blood cells - neutrophils, they cause their destruction and the reciprocal inflammatory response of the body.

This inflammation causes severe pain and with its progression, gouty nodules are formed - salt deposits. Such deposits usually appear on the auricles, small joints of the hand and foot. Without proper treatment, these formations can completely disfigure the appearance of the joint.


Gout on legs: symptoms, causes, treatment, diet for gout

Gout is a disease that occurs as a result of impaired purine metabolism, which are involved in the process of creating DNA.As a result, the blood levels of uric acid increase( hyperureukemia).Uric acid begins to be deposited in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system and in internal organs. Due to this, there is a restriction in the movements, and acute attacks of pain occur.

Causes of gout

Affects gout predominantly men!

  • The use of certain medicines: aspirin, diuretic diuretics, cyclosporins.
  • Presence of conditions and diseases in the form of diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, obesity, blood diseases, organ transplantation, psoriasis, chronic renal failure, metabolic syndrome, lead poisoning. Exacerbations of gout cause trauma and surgical intervention.
  • People who eat foods with a high content of purine bases are at risk of developing the disease. The use of fatty varieties of meat, seafood, carbonated and alcoholic beverages in no small degree contribute to the accumulation of purines in the body.
  • Strikes gout predominantly in men between the ages of thirty and fifty, but recently women are affected, most often during the menopause.
  • A significant role in the occurrence of gout is heredity. If the right lifestyle and healthy diet are observed, the disease can be preserved in a latent, latent form, but in case of adverse effects, its development begins.

There are two forms of gout: primary and secondary .The primary form arises independently as a result of the accumulation of purines. Secondary - as a consequence of other diseases and taking medications.

Symptoms of gout

The manifestation of gout is expressed in seven different stages. Each of these stages has its own symptoms:

There are seven stages in the development of the gout

Acute gout. The most frequent attacks of acute gout occur at night. The main symptoms: weakness in the arms and legs, trembling, arthralgia, headaches, subfebrile condition. The joint of the metatarsal phalanx of the thumb on the leg swells, the skin of the finger assumes a bluish-red color, becomes shiny and firm. In the joint of the toe, there is a sharp pain. The finger loses its motor ability. The body temperature rises to thirty-eight degrees. The onset of pain and seizures continues for three to ten days. Then comes the period of calm from one month to two years. At this time gout on the legs may not manifest itself.

Subacute gout. Basically manifested as a monoarthritis - a disease of one joint. Most often there is gout on the toes. Pain is expressed in a weak form. Basically, gout on the big toe is localized.

Rheumatoid gout. The defeat of various joints and the appearance of painful attacks, lasting for hours or days. Often there is gout of the knee, expressed by a constant aching pain.

Pseudophlegnoma gout. Expressed in mono-displays of arthritis. The attack is susceptible to any joint and surrounding tissues. The body temperature reaches thirty-eight degrees. In addition, there is inflammation of the patient joint, fever, leukocytosis.

Gout by type of allergic infectious polyarthritis. Quite a rare form of gout. Manifestations are similar to manifestations of polyarthritis, but the pain does not have a clear location and arises in different joints. And the inflammation manifests very quickly and have a bright crimson color.

Malosymptomatic gout stage. With a similar manifestation, the joint becomes inflamed, but the pain syndrome is almost not felt. Often the manifestation of gout begins with an inflammation of the bones on the legs.

Arthritic gout. With the arthritic form of gout, the pain concentrates in the tendons, especially the pain covers the heel tendon. It becomes denser and increases in size. In the absence of treatment, chronic polyarthritis develops with gouty manifestations. With arterial shape, the joints and muscles of the legs deform. The pain syndrome is initially manifested by attacks, then goes into a chronic form.

Symptoms of chronic gout form are tofusi - visible solid nodes in the joints. They appear after five years of the disease. Gouty attacks can be associated with kidney disease. This greatly increases the pressure and a severe headache occurs. The contrast between the healthy tissue and the tissue affected by the disease is particularly clear.

Treatment of gout

Tofusi - visible solid knots in joints

Medication for gout on the legs consists in arresting the pain syndrome and restoring the purine metabolism. In case of an acute attack of gout, the patient must comply with bed rest and complete rest. The patient's leg should be placed on a hill and ice is applied, after the pain is reduced, a warming compress is applied. When treating seizures, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used. The drug and the recommended dose is prescribed by a doctor.

To reduce the level of uric acid, antidotal drugs( sulfin-perazone, alopurinol, uralite and others) are used. How to treat gout on the legs should decide the doctor. The drug is chosen by a doctor and is used for many years.

When tofusov emerges surgical treatment to remove them. This is due to the fact that the tofus formed can not dissolve during drug treatment and severely limit the motor ability of the joints.

As applications for physiotherapy, applications from a dimexide solution are used. They relieve pain in acute attacks and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In the absence of pronounced attacks, applications of ozocerite, paraffin, and therapeutic mud are used. This greatly improves the function of patients with joints and reduces the number of urates. Good results are obtained by the intake of mineral-alkaline waters, mud therapy, balneotherapy.

In combination with physiotherapy and medical products, phytotherapy is also used. A wonderful effect gives the use inside of infusions of cowberry or black currant and blueberries.

Diet for gout

Of no small importance is nutrition for gout legs. When treating any form of gout on the legs, strict adherence to the diet is necessary. From the daily diet should be excluded products with a high content of purines.

Products requiring exception: lungs, liver, brains, kidneys, young meat and chicken meat, fish and meat broths, alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

Restricted products: fish, crustaceans, caviar, cauliflower, radish, mushrooms, asparagus, beans, spinach, sorrel, eggplant.

The intake of calories in the body should be provided by consumption of carbohydrates. You can eat small amounts of cereals and flour dishes, eggs, beef, lamb, lean fish. At the same time meat and fish are used in boiled form, no more than three times a week in the amount of two hundred and fifty grams per serving. To maintain the vitamin balance is recommended reception of broths from lemon, dogrose, apples, black currant.

With gout, you can without any restrictions eat milk and grain products, vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts, melons, watermelons, spices.

In addition to adherence to the diet, drinking is necessary. Gout requires an abundance of alkaline drink. To do this, a variety of berry and fruit compotes or mineral water with a high content of alkali.

With timely detection of the disease and timely on-going comprehensive treatment, gout is treated quite successfully. The main thing with the slightest symptoms of gout is to consult a qualified specialist who knows how to cure gout on his legs correctly, and exactly follow the recommendations for taking medications and changing the diet.

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Signs and symptoms of gout in men

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  • Prevention of gouty disease
  • Treatment of gout with folk remedies
  • Myths about gout

What is gout? It is a chronic disease in which urates are deposited in the joints. Urates are salts of uric acid. Gout is also referred to as the disease of kings, it arose a long time ago, Hippocrates itself found her appearance. It appears because of the inordinacy of food or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Gout was previously very common, now this disease affects 0.3% of the world's population or about 3 people out of 1000. Most of the patients are in the male population over the age of 40, but women are no exception to the rule, the risk of developing goutwomen grows after the onset of menopause. The most common manifestation of gout can be observed from the growing bone on the foot near the thumb, which does not mean that only this joint suffers. From gout suffer all the joints, from fingers to fingers and ending with toes. Gout is nothing more than one of the many diseases of the joints, when the deposition of salts in them occurs. What are the symptoms of gout in the male half?

Symptoms of gout in men

First, an attack of gouty arthritis occurs - the first symptom, i.e.one joint arises, most often this joint is the same bone of the big toe, but cases of inflammation of the knee or ankle joints are not uncommon. A gout attack makes itself felt late in the night or early in the morning, when the body is relaxed and is in a state of deep peace. In the area of ​​the inflamed joint there is a pressing throbbing pain, the skin on the joint turns red and starts to shine, and the temperature of the inflamed tissue rises. You can feel with your hand that the sore spot has become much hotter than the rest of the body. The joint itself swells. In the afternoon the pain subsides, and many people stop paying attention to it, but closer to the night the pain sensations come back and are more often intensified. The duration of such attacks is 2-3 days, rarely a week and more. When the attack repeats, it hurts not only the inflamed joint, but also the joints next to it. If you do not treat gout, then the joint can partially collapse.

Gout can be a warning signal to the occurrence of urolithiasis, kidneys and urinary ducts can form stones because of the high content of uric acid in the body.

On the hands and feet of patients suffering from gout, there are growths. These growths burst after a while, and on the site of build-up formation one can see the characteristic whitish luster of uric acid crystals, its level in the body is significantly increased. Sick people feel intense, pressing pain in inflamed joints, which hinders to lead a healthy lifestyle, fully move, perform physical work. And the work of men is very often associated with physical stress and motor activity, which brings tangible discomfort and painful sensations.

Tofusi - signs of gout, otherwise - gouty knots, arise from the deposition of salts in the joints, the body perceives these salts as a foreign body and tries to get rid of them. The brain directs leukocytes to the center of the urate accumulation to neutralize the deposition of salts. There is a strong inflammation in the joint area and a painful sensation.

The formation of kidney stones with gout can cause kidney failure, so you need to control your health, because kidney failure can cause death. Symptoms of gout:

  1. Pulsating pain in the joint area that occurs at night or in the morning, falling to the morning.
  2. Redness and glossy shine on the inflamed joint.
  3. Increase in the temperature of the inflamed joint, and sometimes the entire body, to 39-40 degrees.
  4. Puffiness and decreased motor activity of the joint itself.

It is almost impossible to remove a throbbing pain in the attack, medications that can stop pain can not help.

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Causes of gout in men

Since the beginning, gout causes an excessive level of uric acid in the body, which in turn is deposited in the joints and causes their inflammation. With normal metabolism, uric acid is excreted from the body along with urine and its level in the human body remains normal, but if for any reason the metabolism fails, the body starts to accumulate uric acid and only partially withdraws it. Three main factors affect the fact that uric acid ceases to be excreted and deposited in joint tissues:

  1. Kidney failure. The cause of failure in the work of the kidneys can be their descent or hypothermia.
  2. Pancreas and liver failure. They monitor the exchange of salts in the body.
  3. Presence of increased pressure. With arterial hypertension, the withdrawal of uric acid from the body is difficult, this can also lead to inflammation of the joints.

Why does gout occur more often in men? Frequent hypothermia in the winter can cause gout. Fans of winter fishing and hiking, sleeping in tents and snowdrifts are more likely to be sick than those who are and are working in the warmth.

Excessive use of alcohol, too, threatens with gout, because the work of the liver and pancreas gets lost. The admission of certain drugs that disrupt the kidneys and the liver can cause an attack of inflammation of the joint tissues and gouty arthritis as a side effect.

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What to do if you have a gout attack?

Anesthetics for gouty attacks will not help, they can only worsen the patient's condition, causing nausea, heartburn or vomiting. With the pain in the inflamed joint tissue, if the inflammation occurs on the lower limbs, you need to put the situation in a reclining position, and put your feet on a hill. It is better to put a pillow or rolled up blanket under your feet. Bed rest should be observed. If the hand is inflamed, you need to immobilize the joint and ensure that it is in complete rest.

Food intake is better limited, but you need to drink, and the more, the better. To neutralize the acid, you need to use alkali, and an attack of gouty disease is caused by acid. Excellent will help mineral water without gas, jelly or broth of oats. If the pain is completely intolerable, then for a few minutes to the inflamed articular tissue you can put ice, trying to avoid frostbite. Ice is applied no longer than 5-10 minutes. In a day you need to drink a large amount of liquid, about three liters, giving preference to milk and compote, rather than simple clean drinking water. From the food you can eat liquid broths and soups, avoiding everything roast and spicy.

On the inflamed joint after the ice is removed, it is necessary to apply a compress with ointment, for example, Vishnevsky. Then the attack of gouty disease will be much faster - within 2-3 days.

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Prevention of Gouty Disease

Gout is most often affected by those joints that were previously injured. To prevent new seizures, you should wear loose, comfortable shoes, avoiding narrow shoes, preferring sneakers. Do not let hypothermia of the hands and feet, in the cold wear warm wool socks on your feet and gloves or mittens on your hands. Men who work as drivers, car mechanics, in places where they have to work on the street in the winter with bare hands, eliminating breakdown, must take care of their health and carry a warming ointment for the hands and feet.

With frequent attacks of gouty ailment, you will have to completely reconsider your lifestyle. Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol slow down the excretion of uric acid from the body. Of alcoholic beverages you need to remove mainly beer. A good wine can sometimes be consumed in reasonable quantities. Reception of tea, cocoa and coffee is also better restricted, the caffeine contained in these drinks, binds uric acid and slows its excretion.

Men who are obese and overweight are more likely to suffer from gouty arthritis. To prevent the occurrence of gout or new seizures, you need to follow a special diet. It is necessary to limit the intake of meat and fish food, as well as all fatty, legumes, tomatoes and mushrooms. The diet normalizes body weight, reduces the risk of new attacks of the disease. The use of salt should be excluded completely, if it is not possible to eat completely unsalted food, then the finished food can be salted, the norm is 10 grams of salt per day. That's about half a teaspoon. Food should be prepared completely without salt, and add it to ready-made food before consumption. Tea and coffee should be replaced with herbal decoctions of mint or rose hips.

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Treatment of gout

Treatment of gouty disease is best done in a comprehensive manner. After removing the acute attack, it is necessary immediately to begin treatment, which takes place in several stages:

  1. Reception of colchicine. Colchicine relieves an acute attack, is also taken for prophylaxis according to the doctor's prescription. This drug is almost harmless to the body, becauseit is excellently displayed. Contraindications to use may be renal or hepatic insufficiency. In men, a side effect may be a sperm deficit in the semen, which occurs after discontinuation of the drug. In case of an overdose of colchicine, nausea and vomiting may occur.
  2. Taking medications. Patients need to take drugs to normalize the kidneys and drugs that regulate the level of uric acid in the body to avoid exacerbation of the disease.
  3. Weight control. It is best to stick to a diet and avoid heavy protein foods, legumes and mushrooms, excessively salty and spicy foods. But exhausting and restrictive in all the diets also badly affect. The body begins to intensively produce uric acid, which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease.
  4. Massage. It is necessary to take two courses of therapeutic massage a year - in spring and in autumn.
  5. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To avoid repeated seizures and chronic course of the disease, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up alcohol, especially beer, and smoking.
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Treatment of gout with folk remedies

There are many methods of treating gout with traditional medicine, but it is better to consult your doctor before using them.

Tool number 1.Take a large basin and fill it with grains of wheat or any other cereals. Before this, stand sick under the contrast shower, which should last at least 15 minutes, if the joints ache on the hands, then the hands should be massaged with soap under running water. After the contrasting soul, the diseased limbs must be lowered into the pelvis and the fingers squeezed the grain. The duration of treatment is 10 days, the frequency - 2 times a year.

Tool # 2.Affected gout of the limb perfectly calms the trays of chamomile pharmacy. Not to be confused with the common and three-rubber nivine, it will not bring much-needed relief. Chamomile must be brewed in boiling water and insist 20-30 minutes, then make a bath. The broth should be such a temperature that it does not burn, the duration of taking a bath - until the water cools. Duration of treatment is 5 days. Means number 3.Collect ripe spruce cones. The collection should be carried out in winter from December to March, the cones in this period are ripe, they contain many useful substances, they are this year, the seeds in them have not lost their germination and nutrients that can soothe the sick joint. Collected cones should be unopened, they need to be poured hot, but not boiling water and insist 12 hours, then take 3 times a day for half a glass before eating.

Tool number 4.Boiled rice with a small addition of salt( salting after cooking, but not in the process) favorably affects the painful tissues of the joints. Rice diet helps to reduce weight and normalize kidney and liver. The duration of the rice diet is no more than 3 days. For breakfast, boiled rice and a glass of milk. For lunch, rice with vegetables and two glasses of compote. For dinner, rice with raisins and any fruit with fruit compote, tea and coffee is best excluded from the diet, but mineral water without gas must be drunk in large quantities - at least 2 liters per day.

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Myths about gout

Myth 1. Gout is treated with beer. It is believed that gout arises from the fact that the kidneys cease to fulfill their function of removing urinary salt from the body, it begins to accumulate in the tissues of the joint. This is true, only to treat kidneys is not necessary. Beer does not purify and improve kidney function in gout, but only aggravate the situation. The body will begin with a vengeance to form urates, which the kidneys can not infer, leading to a new attack or severe exacerbation of the disease.

Myth 2. Bone protrusion occurs only in women. This is not so, men also swell the joints of the big toes. And the growing bone is not always a manifestation of gout. Sometimes this is a consequence of wearing uncomfortable or too narrow shoes.

Myth 3. Only alcoholics suffer from gout. This statement is also erroneous. Gout can also appear in absolutely non-drinkers. Alcohol can only be the reason why a metabolic disorder has occurred in the body of the patient and uric acid has ceased to be excreted from the body in full, but began to be deposited in the joints.


http: //youtu.be/ SlNO87Pk6tU

Myth 4. Gout is an incurable disease. This statement is also the fruit of someone's imagination. Gouty disease is known to people since antiquity, when still lived Hippocrates. And already then the ancient doctors successfully fought with the disease, although they simply removed the symptoms of exacerbation. The treatment itself takes a long time and requires an integrated approach: medications, massage, baths, healthy lifestyle, refusal of alcohol, caffeine and smoking, exclusion of a prolonged sitting or standing position, more sports and movement.

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