The finger on the hand near the nail hurts

Digs a finger on the hand

Snatches a finger on his hand

is a limited accumulation of pus caused by inflammation and caused by the entry of pathogens into the body. Usually occurs as a result of a violation of the integrity of the skin.

Why do they dig up their fingers?

On the fingers, abscesses occur most often near the nail, since in this area it is easiest to get a microtrauma. Often, the finger can pick up after an incorrectly made manicure, with not properly trimmed burrs, ingrown nails, cracks and scratches obtained by manual labor( especially with agricultural work).

Symptoms of the disease

Inflammation from the resulting microtrauma develops, which at first can not bother. Over time, there is redness, swelling, tenderness in the area of ​​damage. If you do not take action, then the inflammation progresses, the pain gradually intensifies, becomes constant, pulsating. On the spot, redness forms an abscess. There may be a restriction of the mobility of the finger.

What should I do if I have a finger on my arm?

In most cases, if a finger digs up on the arm, the inflammation goes on itself in 1-2 weeks, and patients are treated with folk remedies.

In case the abscess has not yet formed, there is simply redness, there is a chance to stop the development of infection. To do this, it is recommended to treat the affected area with antiseptic agents( iodine, zelenka).Of folk remedies, the aloe leaf, cut in half and attached in the form of a compress, also helps the folk remedies, as well as baked onions.

If the inflammation has not been stopped, and a purulent abscess has formed, it is either opened by the doctor( procedure is performed by the doctor), or measures are taken for self-opening of the abscess:

  1. Salt baths. A glass of hot( but not scalding) water is added with a tablespoon of salt and a few drops of iodine. The inflamed finger is kept in water for 10 minutes. Such a procedure can promote the opening of a mature abscess, but in the initial stages is ineffective, since heating can increase the formation of pus. Baked onions. The bulb is baked entirely, in the husk. Used as a compress. It is fastened to the aching finger for a long( 4-6 hours) period. Why do they dig up their fingers
  2. Gingerbread. Pine resin, or gum, is applied to a bandage and applied as a compress.

Of the drugs are popular:

  • Ichthyol ointment;
  • Ointment Vishnevsky;
  • antibacterial ointment Levomekol.

If the condition does not improve, as well as with large-sized abscesses or deeply gone under the nail plate, you need to see a doctor and open the abscess surgically. Often after a manicure or without any visible causes, inflammation may appear near or around the nail on the arm. This phenomenon can occur equally often in both women and men. It has various causes. In this article, we will try to find out why inflammation can occur near the nail on the arm, on the leg.

Systemic diseases

Inflammation near the nail on the hand

If the finger hurts on the hand near the nail, then the causes can be covered in the systemic disease of the body. So, pain can be caused by arthrosis, arthritis or malfunctioning of the cardiovascular system. Of course, in this case we are talking about the unpleasant sensations that arise in the entire nail phalanx of the finger( or even a few), and not about localized inflammation foci.

Such pains can often occur both in the fingers of the legs and hands. For vascular diseases, however, it is more characteristic of the lesion of the toes. At the same time the skin on them can whiten or acquire a bluish shade.

Diabetes can also be a reason why the nail pains on the arm or leg. This is a fairly common syndrome for people who suffer from this disease. In addition, it can be accompanied by burning and quite strong itching in the feet, cracks and inflammation on the skin of the feet and brushes.

Ingrown toenail

Tumor finger near the nail on the arm

The most common reason why you may notice that the thumb is swollen on the foot near the nail is an ingrown nail. Most often this phenomenon occurs precisely on the feet and on the thumb. This fact is related to the peculiar arrangement and size of the prenografts, as well as to the peculiarity of the growth of the plate. Thus, some people are inclined to this phenomenon many times more than others.

In addition, the cause of the inflammation of the thumb nail due to the ingrown plate, there may be an incorrect manicure. Growth occurs at a time when the corners of the nail on both sides can not grow outward, since this prevents the nail roller. Then they begin to grow directly into it.

In this regard, people who are prone to such a problem can be recommended the following rules for nail treatment and manicure:

  • Do not let the nails grow. Constantly monitor their length;
  • Do not allow the nail to be square. Carefully cut down its corners;
  • Make foot baths that will allow the skin and nails to become softer;
  • Remove dead skin in areas of potential ingrowth.
Inflammation of the toe near the nail

The first symptoms of this problem are the pain in the prenogamous ridges near the edges of the nails. Then the pain sensations become less localized and spread to an ever larger and larger area. Such feelings are quite tolerable, but because many do not pay attention to them and just wear slightly larger shoes. However, it will soon become noticeable that the skin around the nail on the leg inflamed.

At this stage it is still possible to solve the problem with minimal injuries on your own. So, you can steam your legs and with the help of manicure accessories, gently pull out the ingrown edge and cut it. But if you ignore these symptoms, you will soon see that the finger is rotting near the nail on the leg. A rather strong abscess develops and, in some cases, one has to resort to surgical intervention.

All this does not mean that the nail can grow only on the thumb. Depending on the anatomical features of the location of the nail roller this phenomenon can be observed on any fingers. Therefore, one can not ignore the pain sensations on them all, if you do not want an abscess on the leg near the nail to form. By the way, in rare cases the phenomenon can be observed and on hands.


Another reason why the finger hurts and fits on the foot or hand near the nail may be burrs. These small tears of the skin, resulting from avitaminosis or trauma, are in fact open wounds. It is clear that if they penetrate into the infection, they become inflamed, and even an abscess on the finger near the nail of a child or an adult may form. In neglected cases, this can even lead to a panic attack - an inflammatory disease of the entire finger.

Inflammation near the nail on the arm

Who is at risk for this development?

  1. People who perform manicure with non-sterile instruments;
  2. lovers tear off burrs;
  3. Individuals who have a bad habit of gnawing their nails;
  4. Those who do not like carefully and often wash their hands.

In general, those who often work with household chemicals without gloves tend to develop burrs, and have dry skin. Also, the frequent cause of their occurrence and inflammation is avitaminosis, together with reduced immunity. When using non-sterile manicure tools or otherwise entering the wound, "dirt" digs a finger after the manicure.

A non-inflamed burr also can cause pain, since it is an injury and a violation of the skin. Usually, this wound heals in 2 to 3 days. However, if you notice that your finger is swollen near the nail on the arm, then it is necessary to take measures to relieve the inflammation.

Methods such as the use of iodine and zelenov can be ineffective, when the inflammation is in a failed state. But they are a great help in the initial stages. In the event that the festering of the finger is already formed at the nail, then you can use the Levomicol or Levosin ointment. In especially difficult cases, you need to see a doctor.

Inflammation around the nail on the leg

In order to prevent inflammation of the finger of the hand near the nail due to burrs, it is enough to observe a few simple rules. All of them consist mainly in reducing the finger trauma, as well as preventing the spread of infection.

  1. Use only sterile manicure accessories;
  2. Get in the habit of often using antiseptic sprays and hand napkins;
  3. With a burr, seal it with an antiseptic patch;
  4. Clean or wash dishes with gloves;
  5. Moisturize and nourish the skin in order to avoid peeling and cracks.

In the event that pus from the finger near the nail began to separate, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Such small lesions and inflammations can serve as localizers of a serious disease of the hands. In rare cases, surgical intervention may even be required.

Other reasons

An abscess on the leg near the nail

Sometimes the causes of inflammations, suppuration and just pain near the nails may not be so specific. Often, too dry and flaky skin on the hands and feet may crack. As a result of getting into the cracks of the infection and inflammation occurs. In addition, the peeling itself can cause very unpleasant and even painful sensations.

In addition, a common cause can be ordinary splinters. That is why an abscess usually develops under the fingernail. This place is very specific and it's difficult to notice a splinter on it. It is not subjected to mechanical influences, and therefore, you will not notice a small splinter up to the development of severe inflammation.

In this case, most often, you can remove the splinter yourself and use anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem will retreat pretty quickly. However, in rare cases, expert assistance may be required.

Another reason why the finger on your arm or leg is inflamed near the nail may be a fungus. It causes trauma to the skin and, as a result, pain. Even with minimal suspicion of this disease, consult a doctor. Do not engage in self-medication, since the mycoses are not only extremely difficult to get rid of, but they are also very contagious.

Snatching a fingernail on the arm or leg, what to do if it snatches a finger near the nail, photo and video

snatches the nail. If there is an abscess, inflammation of a part of the tissues is observed, then a cavity is formed. Gradually formed cavity fills with pus, which is a consequence of the activity of microbes: streptococci, staphylococci, penetrating into the tissues of the human body through damaged skin. That is why, in case of damage to the skin, it must be treated with greenery or iodine. In this article, we want to tell you how to prevent surgical intervention and what to do if the nail is snatched.

Folk remedies for abscess on fingers

After disinfection of pus near the plate with a solution of soda, salt and iodine, you need to make a cake of honey. She will pull out all the pus. Mix half a teaspoon of honey and a half teaspoon of flour. The resulting cake, put on the damaged finger, fix the patch and leave for 12 hours.

During this time, the abscess must pass.

  • Try to cure pus under the plate with the following folk remedy: on a fine grater, chop an equal amount of fresh beets, carrots, onions. Mix together, add a small amount of fresh carrot juice and a couple drops of aloe juice. Attach the resulting gruel to the damaged area, then fix it with adhesive tape and then apply a bandage.
  • In order to remove pus near the tip of the finger, cure as quickly as possible, it is necessary that the abscess ripen. To do this, make a household grated soap and baked onions make a gruel, in a 2: 1 ratio. The resulting mixture is applied to the patch, and then attach to the damaged area on the arm near the plate.
  • Ulcers on the leg, the arm is successfully treated with a gruel made from fresh horse sorrel and a leaf of the plantain plant.
  • If you want to cure an abscess near the plate, then tincture of Japanese Sophora will help you. You can buy a ready tincture in the pharmacy, and you can do it yourself. To do this, grind the fruits of the plant well, then pour vodka in the proportion of 40 grams to 20 grams of vodka. Next, remove the mixture for several weeks in a warm place, after a while stirring. From the obtained tincture make lotions.
  • What to do if you find pus under the fingernail on your finger or near it( see photo)?Try to use St. John's Wort. Pour a tablespoon of dry herbs onto a glass of boiling water, then cover with a towel, and let it brew for about 20 minutes. Then cool and soak a piece of cotton wool, then attach it to the sore spot and at the end fix it with a bandage. In addition, you can hold in the infusion not only the damaged plate, but also the finger. This procedure should be about 20 minutes every day until the inflammation on the finger or nail will not pass.
  • If you still can not cure a plate or finger, then you can safely try pine resin gum. Put it on a piece of bandage and attach to an abscess. After 3-4 hours the damaged nail will cease to hurt, the inflammation completely disappears and the abscess will resolve.

What can I do to cure the abscess on the nail by other methods?

  1. If you want to, the abscess on the nail is ripe as quickly as possible, in this case you can use the onion, grated, which you need to attach to the damaged area.
  2. Boil an onion or bake it in milk, then apply it warmly to an abscess and bandage. Change the bulbs in 4-5 hours.
  3. Bulb bake, then grind and mix with 1 part rubbed soap for children. Received cakes should be applied to the abscess, changing after 5 hours.
  4. Lower the more ancient leaf of aloe should be cut, then rinse well, cut in half along and carefully crush, then put on a sore spot and bandage. Change the bandage every day, if you do not want to do this procedure more than the required time.
  5. Wet the surface where the pus is aloe vera juice. In addition, you can tie a sore tissue tissue, previously soaked in castor oil.

Collections and grasses from an abscess

Pour the crushed willow bark with 20 grams of boiling water and heat for about 20 minutes( see photo).After that, moisten a piece of bandage in the decoction obtained and apply it to the abscess for the whole night. You can apply to the sore spot fresh leaves of curly lily. In addition, try pour a teaspoon of seeds of inoculating coriander with a glass of boiling water, insist. Wet the tissue in the infusion and apply to the sore spot.

Apply to the inflamed areas of the skin and boils the mush from the crushed seeds of flax cultured, previously filled with warm water. Boil in milk the inflorescence of camomile and the flax seed of the cultural. Strain and apply the formulation to the abscess.

Crush fresh leaves of ivy buds( see photo).Apply mass to abscesses.30 grams of eucalyptus globular leaf pour a glass of boiling water and put on fire. A glass of broth diluted in a liter of boiled water, then rinse out the abscess.

treatment of abscesses on nails

Rub half a glass of flowers and dry leaf and ordinary St. John's wort and insist in a glass of vegetable oil for 3 weeks. The resulting composition grease abscesses.

Take the branches of mistletoe white 15 grams, 10 grams of flowers of deaf nettle;stinging nettle, oak bark and water pepper herb. Pour a mixture of litters of boiling water. Use as lotions or compresses.

Treatment of abscess without surgery is permissible only at the initial stages of the disease and only under the supervision of a specialist - surgeon. The main methods of conservative treatment of abscesses are:

  • baths with a solution of potassium permanganate, which is added to warm water until the appearance of pink staining. Then put the patient's finger in the prepared bath for three minutes, then gently blot it with a napkin and apply a thin layer of levmecol or dioxin ointment in the area of ​​inflammation. Then the finger should not be very tightly bandaged;
  • if as a result of independent symptoms have increased, while the body temperature has risen, or pus accumulation has appeared, then you need urgently to contact a surgeon. Surgical treatment is always performed under local anesthesia. The specialist will make a small incision of the skin on the finger, removing special attention, the necrotic tissues of the finger, introducing antibacterial local remedies. With a subungual abscess, the plate is usually removed. After this, the patient is given bandages that allow the introduction of local wound healing and antibacterial drugs.

The duration of such therapy is about a week. But in any case, before you start treatment, you need a doctor's consultation!

Digs a finger on the arm near the nail, help please, it hurts terribly and pulls constantly, I can not stand it already

Galina Zhigunova

It's a panaritium.
Go immediately to the surgeon right now, to any hospital restroom, emergency room. Otherwise, bone will begin to rot and there will be a deplorable outcome of finger amputation, this is very serious.
And no self-treatment! !!


Vishnevsky ointment or ichthyol ointment or aloe vera.

Alexander Nazdrachev

Perhaps a panaritium. Only the surgeon will help.

Vladimir Sakhnenko

this is called the first undesired night. Always so, tomorrow urgently go to the purulent surgeon

[email protected]

The first remedy is warm baths with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and a saturated saline solution. The frequency of the procedures is not limited.
You can try potato packs: the raw tuber is ground on a grater, the resulting gruel is applied to the abscess for 2-3 hours. For each compress, you need to use a fresh tuber.
Adherents of folk medicine can use the following recipe: on the grater, 2 medium bulbs, half a bar of laundry soap, are added, 50 ml of milk or cream are added. Everything is mixed and put on a steam bath. The ointment is considered ready when its consistency becomes homogeneous. It is used as a compress.
It is important to remember that any self-healing abscess on the finger should not last more than two days. If the suppuration does not stop, the pain becomes worse and even a chill appears, it is necessary to seek medical help. The surgeon will open an abscess, clean the tissues from the pus, and if necessary remove the nail plate.

Dr. Burns

traumatic point


rinse with manganese and levomikol bandage


The very first squeeze out pus and rinse with peroxide. ... then you can and ointment with antibiotics. . n-measure: levomikol. .

Olga Vasilyeva

Passes itself onyourself in 3-5 days. If you strongly fester, you must smear Vishnevsky's ointment( about 15 rubles in the pharmacy) and wrap it in a bandage.

what to do if it digs a finger on the hand( near the nail)

Anna Belova

Tie a cut slice of aloe.

Alexandra Kanataeva

Ointment Vishnevsky helps ripen and spiknutsya. Smelly of course. ..


soak in hot water with soda

Elena Chigoyeva

you can still bake crab in mikruhe, it will cool down slightly so it's not hot, and it's prone to bandage the wound on the wound, it will pull it out by morning.

Tatyana Ermakova

If it's like a piercing piercing squeeze out a cauterized..I once waited for maturation so the finger to break was until the colleague prompted..Steamed a little and poked. . Immediately relaxed


honey very well helps, on the wound under the bandage. ...
personal experience.wanted to remove the nail. ...
saved and a fingernail and a finger cured.

Svetlana noble

spread bread crumb.pribintovat.

Anya Konovalova

can ingrown into the skin nail?can be is better to try with a decinfected nail file to pick up the nail and separate it from the skin, slightly lifting it up.and as not to grow further. You can then use an ointment to heal some kind of healing.if not.then the baby cream will also come down.

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