Ointment for joints for horses

Gel-balsams "Horsepower" and "ZooVIP" for the treatment of joints

Treatment of joints in such complex diseases as arthrosis and arthritis is not an easy task even for a very competent doctor. Therefore, any means that help with pain in the joints are valued literally in gold.

Some time ago two similar medicinal products appeared on the Russian market - "Horsepower" and "ZooVIP"( Zoovip) - with approximately the same effect, which were announced by manufacturers as effective external means for pain in the joints.

Let's look at them in more detail and find out how they work.

Tool number 1: gel healing "Horsepower"( "Horse Force")

the appearance of the gel pack

appearance of gel pack

The "Horsepower" tool( as its packaging looks, you can see in the figure beside) is produced in a capacious container of 500 ml, and the costit is from 400 to 600 rubles.

This product is recommended for the care of the skin and joints for pain caused by diseases of the musculoskeletal system - arthrosis( osteoarthritis), arthritis, as well as after injuries to bones, ligaments and joints.

In addition, the gel "Horsepower" gives a good preventive and curative effect with increased physical exertion: thanks to its use, you can avoid muscle overstrain.

Due to what the drug gives such results? It consists of three active natural components, each of which has its own effect.

1. Vitamin E

Due to the fact that the product contains this vitamin in its composition, when rubbing the medicine, it has a beneficial effect primarily on the skin of a person: faster healing of various wounds on its surface, beneficial effect on blood formation( on erythrocytes), preventsthe formation of blood clots in the blood, increases stamina, reduces the risk of scar tissue formation during wound healing.

In addition, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that improves cellular respiration and slows the aging of cells, especially skin cells.

treatment with mint essential oil in gel

essential oil of mint saturates the gel with healing menthol

2. Essential oil of mint

Mint oil contains a large amount of a substance called menthol.

Due to this, it seems to serve as a catalyst or "conductor", accelerating the ingress of other medicinal substances in the gel-cream of Horse Force into the deep layers of the skin and in the region of the diseased joints. In addition, mint oil gives a good relaxing effect.

3. Lavender oil

It increases the general tone of the body and positively affects the brain structures( aromatherapy!).

the composition of the product includes lavender oil

the composition of the product includes lavender oil

All together, the therapeutic substances in this gel cream have a pronounced analgesic effect in joint diseases, as well as with pains in ligaments and muscles of various origins.

The gel has a pleasant consistency and odor, so it can be used both as a grinder in the area of ​​joints, and for toning general massage, and as a preparation for hygienic care of the skin of the body.

The method of applying the gel is simple: apply it to the skin in the area of ​​the aching joint and lightly, gently move it into the skin. Repeat the procedure two times a day. In this case, the gel should not be applied to the damaged skin and it is important to avoid getting it on the mucous membranes.

This product is sold in pharmacies, but, of course, its availability needs to be specified, because it happens not always and not everywhere.

Buy gel balm Horse power in Moscow

Means No.2: ZooVIP gel of double action( "horse gel")

ZooVIP double acting gel

ZooVIP gel of double action

As you can see from the name, originally the gel "ZooVIP", unlike the "Horsepower", was creatednot for the treatment of human diseases, but for caring for the joints, ligaments and skin of horses and ensuring hygienic care for these animals.

It's hard to say who came up with the idea of ​​trying it on a man, but after all, painkillers - they're both painkillers for people and animals, right? Anyway, very soon this horse gel began to be used for diseases of the human joints, including arthrosis and arthritis.

There are a few other medicinal substances in the composition of this gel-cream Zoovip, but the essence is this: the double effect of the gel is that it exerts on the skin and joints both a soothing and toning action - that is, by its mechanism this cooling-warminggel with joint pain.

Use the gel as follows. On a clean, washed skin, this remedy is applied in small amounts and with soft, light circular massaging movements rub it into the skin in the region of the affected joints.

Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a day. Best after the application of the gel, ensure the joint rest for half an hour - for example, just lie down. And for you rest, and medicine will work better.

Due to the fact that Zoovip is hypoallergenic and contains natural components, after absorbing the gel into the skin, its residues can not be specially washed off. However, it is important not to apply it to damaged skin fragments and avoid getting onto mucous membranes.

How does this balm work? After rubbing into the skin first begin to act essential oils of mint and eucalyptus - they, again, they act as "conductors", improving the delivery of deeper layers of the skin with other medicinal substances.

Gels are good for massage

gels are also good for massage

After that, the extract of pepper and camphor, which warm up muscles, ligaments, joints and other tissues, comes into play. They reduce pain, increase immunity, promote increased blood circulation in the area of ​​affected joints, which reduces stagnation of blood in these areas, accelerate the healing of injured tissues( provided that they are closed, ie, there are no skin defects and wounds).

The use of ZooVIP gel is indicated for both pain reduction in joints and for better recovery after injuries, bruising, ecchymosis( bruising), and bruises.

This product, of course, is not sold in pharmacies, becauseofficially this is still a drug for horses. Therefore, to look for it makes sense in pet stores. It is sold in bottles of 1000 and 500 ml. A half liter gel pack will cost you 300-400 rubles.

Do you have any experience using these gels? Or maybe other means of the same type that we did not write about were released? Share this information with us in the comments!

We also recommend to read other materials of our site devoted to various ointments, creams and balms created specifically to alleviate the condition of joint diseases - deforming osteoarthritis( joint arthrosis), arthritis, periarthritis and other diseases.

Read about what ointments and gels help with joint diseases, about the famous Dicul balm, ointment. Rubbing stone for the joints. Other articles are available for reading on the site under the heading "Medications".

Stay healthy!


Cream-gel for joints Alezan

Cream-gel for joints Alesan is a new remedy for the treatment of joint diseases, which appeared not so long ago in our market. Today we want to tell you about what kind of medicine it is, how it works and whether it makes sense to use it.

In what diseases does this drug help?

Indications for use: arthrosis, arthritis, destructive processes in the joints and spine, sports injuries, stretching of muscles and ligaments.

And now a little more about this.

appearance of the preparation

the appearance of the preparation

Alezan makes sense to use as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent in deforming osteoarthrosis of joints( arthrosis), arthritis and other diseases of the spine and joints, which are accompanied by inflammation or destruction( destruction) of cartilage or other tissues - for example, with chondromalation of the patella, andwith shoulder-scapular polyarthritis.

In addition, the cream has antiseptic, decongestant and wound-healing properties, which makes it a useful medicine for various injuries, including sports, stretch ligaments, etc. The use of this drug helps to remove swelling in damaged tissues and to reduce pain in the muscles and in the ligaments and joints.

For chronic joint diseases, Alezan is especially useful due to its cooling-heating properties: on the one hand, warming promotes blood flow to the painful area( this accelerates healing), and on the other hand, the cooling effect helps reduce pain in joints and joints in injuries.

In addition, this drug has a positive effect on calcium metabolism in the body, strengthening bone tissue and indirectly contributing to the prevention of injuries and fractures of bones.

Composition of

This balsam contains several groups of useful substances:

1. High purity water with silver ions. Indeed, pure water as the basis of a medicine is always beneficial. And silver ions have a good disinfecting effect, killing bacteria and helping to cleanse the skin.

2. Glycerin: promotes tissue healing in injuries, and also activates metabolic processes in the body, which reduces inflammation and improves overall health.

wormwood - one of the components of the drug

wormwood - one of the components of the preparation

3. Phytoextracts of 13 medicinal herbs: wormwood, aromatic peppermint, famous for its healing properties, celandine, marigold flowers, St. John's Wort, fennel, pine buds, yarrow, licorice root, caraway seeds, rose hips, chamomile andthyme. These extracts favorably affect both the skin and the joint area, promoting the penetration of beneficial reducing substances to it.

4. Glucosamine hydrochloride. Glucosamine - a substance that is part of the cartilage tissue. It is he who is present in any drug-chondroprotector, which you would not take. This substance is absorbed and, getting into the joint area, improves the condition of the cartilaginous tissue and inhibits the development of diseases such as osteoarthritis.

5. Sea-buckthorn oil and mummies: they have long been known for their medicinal properties, have a general health improvement on the body and additionally help with injuries and fractures of bones.

How to use

It is quite simple to apply the gel: just squeeze a small amount of the drug into your hands and rub it gently into the area of ​​the affected joints, ligaments, or muscles with careful smooth movements. To achieve full absorption is not necessary, just leave the drug soak yourself. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a day.

If you need to get a stronger and more effective effect, you can apply an airtight bandage to the affected area after rubbing the gel and walk with it for a while.

When does the result appear? Usually the effect of using the cream manifests itself 10 days after regular use, since this drug is rather mild. But in order to obtain a pronounced and stable effect, especially with joint diseases( deforming osteoarthrosis), it is necessary to use it for one month, and then it is necessary to take a break.

How much is this gel and where can I buy it?

Alezan cream gel is produced in different volumes - it is used not only for people, but also for horses, for which it, in fact, was made from the very beginning. On sale, there are usually polymer bottles of this gel with a volume of 500 and 750 ml, as well as tubes of 100 ml. For athletes who have frequent injuries, there is an additional form of release: a cooling-warming set of 100 + 100 ml.

The cost of Alezan is an average of 250 rubles( per 100 mililitre tube) to 700 rubles( per 750 ml bottle).However, a medicine in the volume of 750 ml is difficult to find, since it is discontinued, but a half-liter bottle is enough for a long time.

Since Alesan is certified for horses, it is naturally not available in pharmacies, and it should be sought in veterinary and pet stores.

If you prefer to buy this tool in online stores, here are some useful links:

In Russia( Moscow): http: //www.catsdogs.ru/product/ 1223 http: //zoovostorg.ru/category/ gel-alezan / http: //www.zooklab.ru/ index.php? ProductID = 1592 http: //www.zoo-service.ru/tovary-dlya-s-kh-zhivotnykh-sredstva-po-ukhodu/alezan-gel-s-sogrevayushchim-effektom-750-ml/ In Ukraine: http://med-nature.com.ua /catalog/grupa/ 172

Reviews of this cream gel can be read here:

http: //otzovik.com/reviews/ krem-gel_dlya_sustavov_alezan /

If you tried to use this cream for joints, you can leave a review about it in the comments to this article below. Other readers of our site will be grateful to you for this! And we recommend reading our article about two other remedies for diseases of joints and injuries - about the gel "Horsepower" and ZooVIP gel of double action.


Alesan: a cream for joints - is it useful horse's ointment

  • Reasons for the popularity of the use of

cream Originally developed as a veterinary medicine, Alesan joint cream is useful for treating diseases in horses. In view of the fact that the basis of this drug is almost identical to human medicines, with a difference only in the concentration of active substances, it is very popular in humans. Contributed to this and the safety of the means: finding in its composition a large number of natural components.

The chondroprotective effect of Alesan is expressed in the protection of joints from the potential harmful effects of the external environment. The cream prevents further degeneration of the cartilage and freezes the development of the beginning pathological processes.

Cream and ointment Alesan

In therapy, ointment and cream are used most often. The difference between the preparations is insignificant and is more expressed in the structure of the consistency than the presence or absence of some components.

However, it should be noted that the cream acts more gently than the ointment, which has a strong warming effect, and then a cooling effect. Both drugs have a positive effect on calcium metabolism in the body.

Treatment of ailments

In case of joint trauma, development of acute and chronic ailments of the musculoskeletal system, Alesan cream will help. The drug will manifest itself well when diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis and osteoarthrosis, osteoarthritis, fibro-serous synovitis and tenosynovitis are diagnosed. Alesan normalizes calcium deposits in bone tissue, inhibits degeneration, helps reduce edema and pain.

Is able to provide additional supply of connective tissue. The glucosamine hydrochloride contained in it will protect the cartilage structure from destruction, contribute to maintaining the elasticity of the matrix. A component such as chondroitin sulfate will increase the production of intra-articular fluid, which in turn will reduce soreness and improve the mobility of the affected joints.

The characteristics of chondroitin sulfate include the following properties:

  • increase in the ability to regenerate cartilage surfaces and the joint bag;
  • activation of phosphoric-calcium metabolism;
  • participation in the formation of the main substance of cartilaginous fibers and bone tissue;
  • inhibition of the progression of osteoarthritis.

Composition and properties of the preparation

Alesan for joints includes such vegetable components as glycerin, olive and sea buckthorn oil, polyethylene glycol stearate, carbopol, mummies and others. Included in the composition and water with a high purification parameter, saturated with silver ions. The presence of fragrances and synthetic dyes in the cream is excluded.

The drug Alesan has a unique formula that is designed to perform analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on the cartilage , which was injured. The cream will also affect the improvement of metabolic processes in it.

The complex of phytoextracts of medicinal plants included in the composition will have analgesic, healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.

The main properties of the cream and Alesan ointment for joints are as follows:

  • resorption of edema and joint pain relief;
  • very fast soaking, leaving no greasy residue;
  • content of exclusively natural active substances, among which 13 medicinal plants;
  • feeds the tissues of the joints and relieves inflammation;
  • possesses a deep penetrating ability.

Features of use and contraindications

The cream in the joint area is recommended to rub with a dense tampon or sponge, carefully covering the dry intact skin in the area of ​​the cartilage. Apply ointment 2-3 times a day for a month, after which you need a 2-week break. To achieve a consistently high and long lasting effect, you can wear an airtight bandage. The cream is easily absorbed and does not spoil clothes.

No contraindications for Alesan's use. There may be an individual intolerance to the elements in the cream. Urgent discontinuation of the drug is mandatory for allergic reactions.

Is it safe to use Alesan cream

Whether to use the funds that were originally developed for the treatment of animals is a matter for every person. Many patients decide on its use, which provides the drug high demand. However, no doctor will risk officially recommend treatment with such a tool. In a private conversation, the doctor can respond positively to the horse's ointment.

It should be understood that the concentration of components in Alesan is significant and as a result, an overdose of is possible. Follow this trouble can irritation of the skin surface, allergies and even burns. In this regard, if a patient decides to use a similar drug, he should initially take care that the dose is applied in a minimal amount. After one day of application it will become clear whether the dose has been exceeded.

Reasons for the popularity of the use of

cream. To fully state that the horse ointment for the joints of Alezan is too dangerous for the human body is still a bust. Some skeptics in their opinions proceed from the fact that the consumer simply falls for advertising tricks, is wasting his own finances, and does not get the desired effect as a result. Other specialists say that Alesan ointment does give the result in view of the composition similar to human medicines.

To understand why people so readily believe in the healing power of a medicine for animals and completely ignore what is offered in pharmacies is very simple. In fact, the answer lies in the fact that people recently prefer to buy the most natural funds. Many believe that medicine for animals is exactly what they are.


Horse ointment for the treatment of joints |Are joints aching?

Sooner or later practical, every person faces the appearance of pain in the joints. Causes may be different: reaction to weather change, colds, muscle overstrain, general malaise, trauma or something else, the movement is no longer given with the same ease, but causes real anguish.

Horsetail for joints

What can I recommend when choosing a means that can ease the pain in the joints. A horse ointment for joints is one of the drugs whose active natural ingredients( peppermint oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and others) have an effective analgesic effect when pain symptoms of various origin occur in the joints, ligaments, muscles, injuries and bruises of the musculoskeletal system,has a relaxing effect, is used for the purpose of therapeutic and preventive care in case of muscular tension.

Equine ointment for joints instruction: twice a day the ointment is rubbed into the skin with soft movements. This drug has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of individual components of the ointment. It is not desirable to apply if the skin is damaged and abrasions.

Horse joint ointment:

price To date, this drug is actively sold in pharmacy chains, through specialized online resources, in clinics or through private distributors. The price of horse ointment for joints in different implementers may differ. The final cost of the product can be influenced by the brand of the manufacturer, the availability and quality of packaging, packaging. In principle, the price of equine ointment for joints is fairly democratic and is available to most, and the effect and health of the joints will pay off all the costs incurred.

Horse joint ointment: reviews

People who suffer from joint diseases after using horse's ointment for a short time to relieve pain and general relaxation share only positive impressions and recommend buying a horse's ointment for joints to their friends and acquaintances. My patients use a proven means, which can get rid of the pain in 2 weeks without much effort.

No one will take the liberty of claiming the harm of this remedy, but there are no side effects of official statistics and warnings, the percentage of negative reviews on the Internet is negligible compared to positive ones. Therefore, if there is a problem with joints or muscles, or if you want to treat joints, almost any interested person has the opportunity to get acquainted with the recommendations of independent experts and simply people who have personally tried the action of horse ointment for joints. This drug will be an excellent method in the application of complex therapy. To achieve a positive effect, it is better to consult a specialist.


Alezan for joints was originally a veterinary drug for the treatment of diseases in horses. However, the basis of this veterinary drug was absolutely identical to medical products for people, the difference was only in dose and concentration. Therefore people began to test it on themselves and were satisfied. In addition, the composition of the product a large number of natural components, so the cream was completely safe.

As a matter of fact, Alezan cream for joints is a chondroprotector, that is a powerful protective agent for joints from the harmful and destructive effects of the environment. The effect of the cream is to freeze the onset of the pathological process in the joint and the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue.

How does the ointment differ from the cream?

In pharmacies you can buy as Alezan cream for joints and ointment. But the difference between them is only in a different consistency of the base. Some people prefer a thick ointment, someone with a lighter cream. And the therapeutic effect of both forms are absolutely identical. Although experts say that the cream acts softer than the ointment, it first strongly warms, and then cools the field of application. By the way, both forms have a beneficial effect on calcium metabolism throughout the body.

Unloading days.

What does Alezan Cream treat for joints?

This miracle tool is shown after injuring the joints and when there are various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, acute and chronic. That is, with arthrosis, arthritis, osteoarthrosis, osteoarthritis, synovitis and tendovaginitis. Alezan Cream for joints stops cartilage degeneration, reduces pain and swelling, normalizes calcium metabolism in bones.

Also, the preparation further nourishes the surrounding joints with connective tissue, thus strengthening the ligaments. Directly cartilage protects glucosamine hydrochloride, which is a structural element of cartilaginous tissue and ensures its elasticity. And the chondroitin sulfate contained in the cream and ointment provokes an increase in the secretion of intraarticular fluid, which is a natural lubricant. As a result, joint mobility increases and soreness decreases.

What is in the composition of Alezan cream?

In addition, chondroitin causes an increase in the regenerative processes inside the joints. After all, cartilaginous tissue, although slow, but able to recover. Also, this substance activates the exchange of calcium and phosphorus, brings it back to normal. Chondroitin is directly involved in the synthesis of cartilaginous and bone tissue. As a result, regular use of this drug stops the development of osteoarthrosis.

Additional components

How to deal with laziness

In addition to the main active substances, Alezan cream for joints includes a large number of additional bioactive substances, which explains its unique properties. It contains sea buckthorn and olive oil, glycerin, mummy, carbopol, ionized silver water, extracts of 13 medicinal plants, etc. It should be specially noted that in the cream completely lacks chemical additives in the form of fragrances, dyes, etc. .

Action of the cream and way of using

Due to its unique formula, the Alezan cream for the joints penetrates deep into the tissues, reaches the intraarticular cavities and has a complex and very effective effect on the joints. The cream quickly absorbs and leaves no traces. And literally in front of eyes disappear edema, pain goes away, and the functionality of the affected joints is restored.

Irrigator fluid from Dental Volk

The course of treatment with cream - 1 month with 2-3 times daily application on the area of ​​the patient joint. After this, you need to take a break for 2-3 weeks and you can repeat. The cream is applied to clean, dry skin evenly and rubbed with a sponge or swab. The effect of the cream will be higher, if immediately after its application, put an airtight bandage on the affected area. Although the treated area can immediately wear tights - no traces will not be visible.

Contraindications and side effects of Alezan cream.

The remarkable Alezan for joints practically has no contraindications to , however it is a very active drug that in some people can cause intolerance and local irritation or allergy. In such cases, the use of the cream should be stopped immediately. In order not to cause an overdose or even a skin burn. In the first days of application, the cream should be applied in small amounts, gradually increasing the dosage.

Well, for the health of feet, you may need a foot cream with urea, which has already proved its effectiveness.


Cream Alesan for joints for horses?

Margarita Filatova

Alezan( Alesan) joint cream
- promotes the disappearance of edema and joint pain
- quickly absorbed without leaving greasy spots
- contains only natural( natural) active ingredients: 13 herbs, mummy, glucosamine, sea buckthorn oil
- removes inflammation and nourishes the joint tissue
- Has a high penetrating ability
The unique formula of gel cream Alezan( Alesan) for joints has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the injured suTav therein and improves metabolic processes. Complex phytoextract of medicinal plants has a healing, analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Glucosamine hydrochloride normalizes metabolic processes in articular cartilage, inhibits the development of destructive processes in the joints. Cream-gel Alesan is used in cases of injuries of joints, with osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, chondromalation of the patella and shovel-shoulder polyarthritis. Cream-gel Alezan( Alesan) normalizes the deposition of calcium in bone tissue and promotes the disappearance of edema and joint pain syndrome.
Alezan cream for joints includes: glycerine, olive oil, complex phytoextracts of herbs celandine, wormwood, thyme herb, St. John's Wort, flowers of marigold and chamomile, hips, caraway and fennel, licorice root, pine and leaf budspeppermint;polyethylene glycol stearate, sea buckthorn oil, carbopolum, mumie, methyl ester of paroxysbenzoic acid, propyl ether of paroxybenzoic acid, sodium hydroxide, water of especially high purity with ions of silver.
Yes! Not bad! In this series are still very good shampoos. I tried only shampoos.


I first read about this cream "on the answers."Good reviews about the cream "Alezan" in a white package( or tube) with the image of the rider
But she did not use herself. Read on the site http: //otzovik.com/reviews/ krem-gel_dlya_sustavov_alezan /


Now the cooling-warming gel for horses is not bought unless lazy. Yes, it helps - with this I can not disagree. And why should not he help? In miracle-ointments for joints, everything is extremely simple to disgrace. Chondroitin and glucosamine. Exactly the same as for people. Only when next time will be smeared by horse means, think that the human weight is slightly different from the horse, and the dose is needed quite different( even considering that the ointments ZooVip and Alezan are considered weak for horses).Not to mention the fact that the veterans-funds naturally did not pass any tests on the human body. A complete human analogue of such ointments is the usual "Star".The difference is only in the consistency, because in the "Star" as a connecting element is used wax.
Already tortured with such questions, so I wrote an article about ointments and shampoos: http: //izzy-going.livejournal.com/60825.html

Sasha Efimova

It will not help, I tried it on myself, do not waste money, but go toneurologist)

Oksana Kinkova

I smear hands and feet.helps. I understand that this is for animals, but when you climb the wall from pain. ... in short, it helps me personally!only green.

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