Treatment of osteochondrosis in bone caries

If you have a backache, do 20 minutes a day - and your back will be like a new one. .. without drugs, injections and other methods that remove the symptoms, but do not affect the causes of the pain.

After 3 minutes you will know AS:

  • .back pain. .. without manual therapists and masseurs
  • Massage and relax the deep back muscles, which in 95% of cases are the real cause of back pain
  • Translate osteochondrosis and vertebral hernia to an asymptomatic level. .. this means the end of the pain, the end of the inconvenience!

Dear reader,

If you suffer from back pain, you have probably already tried various methods of treatment - from pills and injections, to massage, physiotherapy or exercise therapy.

Were they effective for you? I dare to assume that, despite all the efforts, the problem still remains.

It is quite natural that now you can feel some skepticism( quite fair, it should be noted) when you are offered another "remedy" for pain.

The market is now full of miracle devices, the main task of which is to empty your pockets, cashing in on your pain.

Let me ask you one question. ..

Are you ready to try something new? Are you ready to skip at least five minutes for skepticism and listen to what I tell you?

If you are ready, then this material is for you.

As a rehabilitant with more than a dozen patients, I found one device that I recommend to anyone who wants to get rid of back pain, in particular, to transfer to an asymptomatic level( when there is no pain) osteochondrosis and its complications - vertebral hernia.

To have such a device is like having your own manual therapist at hand, ready to come to help always and everywhere.

Today for me it is an indispensable tool in the work when people come to me who simply do not have enough massage and need a deeper impact.

The device is called "Bonebreaker"( the name speaks for itself).

Why this, and not some other? What attracted me so much? First of all, thanks to the unique design, it allows you to quickly remove the pain, by massaging and relaxing the deep muscles of your back.

Below I will try to describe this amazing device. You will be able to read and see the opinions of the people I massaged with "Kostopravom".They will share their impressions with you and tell you what it feels like.

And I'll start by telling you about the causes of the pain, and in general - about the whole mechanism of pain. After all, in order to defeat the enemy, he must be known in person.

So get ready, we are immersed in a world of pain.

Why does my back hurt( real reason)

In my practice, I come across the fact that often people confuse the cause and effect of the occurrence of pain. Instead of eliminating the cause once and for all, they fight the consequences of the disease throughout life.

Have you ever wondered what is actually the cause of back pain? Displaced vertebrae? Osteochondrosis? Hernia? Other diseases?

Actually - no. This is all the consequences. The real cause of back pain in most cases are muscle spasms, which are caused by overexertion of the back( the remaining causes account for about 5%).

Deep back muscles. They are - in a spasmodic state - the main cause of spine diseases!

Let's look at an innocuous situation. You work in the garden. Fly the beds, fertilize. The situation in this case, as a rule, is not the most favorable for the spine.

If you work, leaning forward, then the load on the sacral spine increases enormously.

This is due to the effect of the lever, which is formed between that part of the body that leans forward, and the vertebra itself.

When tilted, the pressure between two adjacent vertebrae in the lower part of the lumbar region is 2.5 times greater than when a person is standing straight, and 10 times more than when just lying.

In order to maintain this position, your spinal muscles take a titanic effort.

If you stand in such a position for a long time, the back muscles will receive a load exceeding their normal stresses. And this will lead to a long, reflexively fixed stress( spasm) of these muscles.

The peculiarity of these muscles is that after overexertion, they can not relax on their own.

Further spasmodic muscles press on the spine and on intervertebral disks. This leads to the fact that intervertebral discs protrude between the vertebrae and squeeze the nerve endings, causing pain.

Under the pressure of the adjacent vertebrae, the intervertebral discs protrude and press on the nerve endings. .. spinal cord roots and vegetative nerves become irritated by squeezing the nerve endings - which leads to painful sensations.

The pain intensification causes even greater muscle tension.

Spasmodic muscle compresses nerve fibers and blood vessels, as a result of which food and energy-information exchange is disturbed, both in the tissues of the muscle itself and in the internal organs, which are fed by clotted vessels and nerves.

In addition, the compression of the nerve endings irritates the roots of the spinal cord and vegetative nerves.

This irritation causes contraction of the intervertebral muscles( interosteal intertransverse and other short muscles), which increases the pressure on the discs, which further irritates the roots of the spinal cord, ie, a vicious vicious circle and blocking of the vertebral segment is formed.

In the state of spasm, these muscles can stay for years, causing muscle blockages of intervertebral discs.

All this is accompanied by painful sensations of different intensity. Through the pain the body persistently tells you - "something is going wrong, take action urgently."

If you ignore this signal, or, as we have done, take temporary measures( suppress pain with pills, injections, etc., hoping that the pain "will pass by itself"), as a result, well-known pathologies arise - osteochondrosis, curvaturespine, vertebral hernia, etc.

And this is just a harmless weeding of the garden. Such situations in our life are complete: an awkward twist of the trunk, excessive flexion of the spine, supercooling of the back, a transmitted infectious disease, a prolonged static muscular tension that arises - with an incorrect landing of a person at the computer, when carrying a bag on one shoulder, etc.

And all of them are potentially dangerous for your muscles and spine. Therefore, it is not surprising that according to official statistics, 80% of the population suffers from back pain.

But that's really scary. ..

The healthy organs of

suffer from muscle spasms. The compressed vertebrae shift and pinch the neurons coming from the spinal cord. Transmitted neurons can cause pain in any organs.

You can "shoot" in the chest, you will think that the heart is in trouble, and it's all the same nerves.

Another example from life. Constant tension of the neck( for example, when you read, write, sew, etc. - that is, when you are in the same position for a long time) complicates the normal action of the optic nerves.

Vision starts to deteriorate. Gradually, the nerves that control the diameter of small blood vessels are affected, as a result of which the flow of blood to the head is limited.

Chronic stress causes blockage of blood vessels and contamination of muscle fibers. The skin covering the muscles in this place becomes lethargic and dry.

As a result, organs that seem to be at first sight unrelated to either spasmodic muscles or back pain are affected.

As you can see, it is muscle spasms that cause a whole avalanche of troubles:
  • Vessels and nerve endings are jammed, thereby causing pain.
  • . Spine curvature, squeeze intervertebral discs - which leads to spine diseases.
  • "Give"

. Therefore, it is necessary to work on spasmodic muscles tothem to relax. But how?

There are several ways. Consider the most popular.

How to get rid of back pain

Method 1: Medication

Includes tablets, ointments and injections( ketorol, ketonal, diclofenac, spasmalgon, muscle relaxants, etc.).Pros: Effective when you need to quickly remove the pain.

Cons: In the long term, it does not relieve the disease, becausein this case you are not influencing the cause of the disease( spasmodic muscles), but simply eliminating the symptoms. Does not hurt anymore. .. for a while. Then the pain returns, and to ease it, another dose of an anesthetic is needed.

Caution! Anesthetics used in spinal cord spasms can have serious side effects( the main impact is on the liver and stomach).It is dangerous to take them for a long time.

Method 2: Manual Therapy

Pros: A good manual therapist works wonders. With the help of manual therapy you strengthen the ligamentous and muscular apparatus, restore the normal position of the vertebrae and discs, remove pain and restore blood circulation.

A manual therapist or masseur physically can not reach the deep back muscles - the main cause of back pain. It is for this reason that I began to look for alternative solutions. .. Not for this reason, but for a person to independently achieve the result that is possible only with an expert.

As a result, posture and gait will improve. It gives a good effect if you alternate it with a therapeutic massage and exercise therapy.

Cons: The effectiveness of manual therapy depends largely on the professionalism of the specialist. A good specialist, worth a lot of money. The average treatment rate is 10-15 sessions, so the method is expensive. As in the case of massage, not enough deep impact.

Method 3: Classic massage

Pros: Improves blood circulation, revitalizes the neuro-reflex processes, reduces muscle tension, reduces pain.

Cons: Not deep enough: the masseur can not physically reach the deep back muscles that cause pain. It only helps for a while, then you have to do a massage again. A costly procedure for money.

Method 4: Physical Therapy( LFK)

Pros: Regular exercises allow to strengthen the muscular corset and spine, increase its mobility. Improves blood circulation and nutrition of intervertebral discs.

Cons: We must regularly visit the exercise room. Not enough deep impact.

Method 5: Swimming

Pros: When driving in water, absolutely all joints of the spine are involved."Weightlessness" removes unnecessary load from it, spreads the intervertebral discs. When swimming strengthens the muscles of the back, the nervous system relaxes. Swimming saves from osteochondrosis, effectively prevents the development of osteoporosis.

Cons: It is very important to choose the right swimming style, otherwise there may be an even greater extension of the spinal column, which will strengthen the existing pathologies.

As you can see, each method has its pros and cons. At different stages of the disease, one or another treatment option is appropriate.

For example, in periods of acute pain, drug treatment can not be avoided. During periods of remission, you can combine massage, exercise therapy and manual therapy. Well relaxes the backbone of swimming.

But all these methods have one common drawback: they do not have enough strong effect on the cause of the pain - spasms deep muscles of the back.

The fact that these muscles are very difficult to get( that's why they are called - deep).I tell you how a rehabilitologist with seven years of experience.

The usual massage and manual therapy affects the superficial muscle layers, but the human hands can not reach the deep muscles of the back.

As a result, spasm remains, and the above procedures( except for medicamentous) if they bring relief, it is only temporary.

But what should I do?

Today, I know the only way to get to the deep muscles of my back. This device is the chiropractor.

My story( and why I started using "The Bones" in my practice)

Igor Ivanenko, professional rehabilitologist of

Here, probably, it would be appropriate to tell a little about myself and about how I went to the Bonebreaker.

My name is Igor Ivanenko, I am a professional rehabilitologist.

He graduated from the Institute of Physical Education. In parallel with studies he graduated from professional courses in therapeutic massage.

Seven years he worked in the inpatient department of regenerative treatment of the city hospital as an instructor at the LFK.

I had a difficult task: to pick up an individual complex of physiotherapy exercises for 60 patients with various complications connected with traumas, strokes, diseases of the spine and joints.

Even then, for the first time, I encountered complex cases that sometimes stumped. Since 1995 he left for private medical practice.

Driven by professional interest, I with pleasure acquired new knowledge and skills.

Osteochondrosis treatment Kiev is a psychic, healer, non-traditional medicine.| |MESRINA - HEALER, EXTRASENS, BIOENERGETICS

Osteochondrosis - degenerative-dystrophic disorders( changes) in articular cartilages, both individually taken vertebrae and the spine as a whole. Under the changes there is an increase in osteophytes - such bone growths in the form of hooks. Vertebrae often change shape. Intervertebral discs lose their important property - elasticity. The pains come because the vertebrae now tighten the nerve roots.

Causes of osteochondrosis

Although there are specific causes of osteochondrosis in a particular case, in fact, this disease threatens any person. The straightness of a man makes his spine vulnerable to uneven loads.

Osteochondrosis often follows scoliosis, stress, excessive physical overload, monotonous stress, trauma, hypothermia or overheating, as a result of improper metabolism with a poor diet. Scoliosis is hereditary or due to congenital defects of the vertebrae. Although most often osteochondrosis manifests itself after 35 years, depending on age, this disease does not have and can occur in adolescents.

What signs indicate the development of osteochondrosis?

  • If you feel numbness or tension of the back muscles, heaviness. And these feelings can be both permanent and come from time to time.
  • "goose bumps" on the skin of the neck, back or waist.
  • "lumbago" of the back area
  • Drawing pain in the neck, in the hands of
  • Pain with hands raised upwards
  • Pain if you turn your head, tilt your head
  • dizziness
  • Noises in your ears, nausea together or separately.

If you have such symptoms, you should go through the examination.

Prevention of osteochondrosis

To avoid such a formidable and painful ailment, it is necessary to follow a certain way of life and way of behavior. In addition, all the recommended rules have a positive effect on the general condition of the body, and not only serve to prevent osteochondrosis.

  • Continuous occupation by spot or gymnastics.
  • If the work is connected with sedentary pastime, the importance of gymnastics and sports increases. Need warm-ups on the course of the working day.
  • Withstand posture. The head should with the back hold the vertical, straightened shoulders and raised chest, the stomach is retracted.
  • Sleep is recommended on the back, on a hard mattress.
  • Balanced nutrition with enough vitamins and nutrients.
  • Avoiding excess weight.
  • The correct backpack is preferable to the bag - the load for the back is uniform.

We also treat

after what treatment does the treatment of bone caries help?the first to me has not helped or assisted( treatment of a back) an osteochondrosis.


Usually the second third session is already easier. Only very much I ask you to choose a doctor more seriously. How to distinguish this bone chopper from the HALTURSHCHIK, if the chiropractor is ready to take you without a tomogram of the spine, then before you SHARLOTAN and better to forget his path.
I advise you on a bitter personal experience.
Good luck to you and health)))


the doctor himself prescribes the number of sessions, at least 2 of them are the first treatment( if the problem is simple), the second preventive, make sure that there is nothing else to do


You are trying to cure osteochondrosis, you are a heroic person.http: // lobhee.php


At least 2 weeks after another 2


that the doctor prescribes this little if the massage then it should be at least a few months, or in the pool to swim helps, or special gymnastics with the trainer( curative)

Serg Havr

Manual THERAPEUV is not a surgeon. That is, treatment with sparing methods is not meant to be a radical property. The main thing is not to hurt, not to worsen the condition. The acute phase with osteochondrosis and without treatment after a week or two comes to naught with observance of rest and fixation by the corset of the affected area. Strengthen the back muscles with simultaneous unloading of the spine: swimming, pulling up on the bar with a wide grip( a month after the onset of remission).

Anna Bezkorovajnaja

Osteochondrosis, everything concerning joints and a backbone has three reasons. One reason is dehydration. The second reason is bacteria. The third - a lack of vitamins, proteins, minerals - sulfur, silicon.

Center for Kinesitherapy in Almaty

come to us for treatment( in Latin) 3B.Bubnovsky.ру

how to treat it acute cirrhosis and shoulder

Sergey Stepanychev

This question will be set on the massaging table after diagnosis in the osteopath or bone carver. The reasons are different! And the massage is also different!

Vlad Ustelyomov

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.
Methods of treatment of osteochondrosis and its complications
Treatment of osteochondrosis and its complications is performed with the help of conservative methods aimed at elimination of pain syndrome, disorders of the function of spinal roots and prevention of progression of dystrophic changes in the structures of the spine. If the conservative treatment is ineffective, and according to special indications, operative( surgical) treatment is performed, the volume of which depends on the level of the lesion and the clinical manifestations of the disease.
The duration of treatment for osteochondrosis and its complications mainly depends on the severity of the disease, the age changes, the treatment methods used, and the conscientious fulfillment of the prescriptions and recommendations of the attending physician. As practice shows, the active phase of treatment in most cases lasts 1-3 months with the application of conservative methods, and the recovery period after the operation is about 1 year. At the beginning of the treatment, in some patients, the pain syndrome may increase, due to the reaction of the muscular system and other formations to uncharacteristic effects. Painful sensations are stopped in a short time by the use of physiotherapeutic procedures, medications, as well as special physical exercises. The result of treatment largely depends on the behavior of the patients themselves, which require patience, perseverance, perseverance, a certain willpower, and a desire to recover. The greatest effectiveness of conservative therapy and rehabilitation after surgical intervention can be achieved in conditions of specialized medical centers and sanatoriums equipped with a modern diagnostic and treatment base, as well as highly skilled practitioners using complex treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Complex conservative treatment includes physiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy, stretching( traction) of the spine, reflexology, medication.
Therapeutic physical training is the main method of conservative treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It consists in creating dosage loads aimed at decompressing the nerve roots, correcting and strengthening the muscular corset, increasing the volume and developing a certain stereotype of movements and correct posture, giving the ligamentousthe device of necessary flexibility, as well as the prevention of complications. This is achieved by regular classes on rehabilitation equipment and joint gymnastics. As a result of the exercises, blood circulation improves, metabolism and nutrition of intervertebral disks are normalized, intervertebral space increases, a muscle corset is formed and the load on the spine decreases.
Physiotherapy is a method of treatment in which physical factors are used: low-frequency currents, magnetic fields, ultrasound, laser, etc. It is used to relieve pain syndrome, inflammatory processes, rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries. When using the methods of physiotherapy, the terms of treatment of many diseases are shortened, the effectiveness of the use of medications and the reduction of their dosage are increased, and the side effects characteristic of drug treatment are absent.
Massage is a combination of mechanical dosing actions in the form of friction, pressure, vibration, carried out directly on the surface of the human body with hands. Effectively removes muscle tension, muscle pain, improves blood circulation, has a tonic effect.
Manual therapy - individually selected manual effect on the musculoskeletal system for the removal of acute and chronic pain in the spine and joints, as well as increasing the volume of movements and correction of posture. One of the directions of manual therapy is Visceral Manual Therapy.

Efim Nikulin

God created us all different, and therefore we need to treat everything differently, given your particular symptom complex. Classics - massage, fiz.culture, dosing of the load on the spine, if necessary, drug therapy, but this is mostly in an acute period. And with a shoulder that you have, you have not written =))

Galina Nikitina

There is a simple set of exercises.well helps those who do 2-3 times a week. Where to look? M. Norbekov's book "Experience of a fool or a key to enlightenment" - exercises for the cervicothoracic spine.

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