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Treatment of osteochondrosis.33 ways to treat osteochondrosis with their own hands. Method 2.3.

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Good afternoon dear friends. Professor Kartavenko greets you, and today we will talk about the treatment of osteochondrosis with our own hands.
I will tell you today and I will show one of the most secret and long time closed receptions of the Tibetan monks who used it for the treatment of cervical and thoracic osteochondrosis.
0:23 And so, I show. This technique is called the "brotherhood of rings".In order to successfully remove the pain in the region of the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, it is enough to point the index finger of the left hand into the ring and connect the index finger and the thumb of the left hand into the ringlet. That's how we connect these rings and with pain in the neck we stretch our arms at the neck level and do this movement, movement to break these rings.

0:57 We do this exercise for 30-40 seconds, straining our forearms, straining our brushes and making efforts to break these rings, in fact not making it. That's 30-35-40 seconds in this way. This exercise to stop the pain in the neck can be considered complete.
1:22 If you are concerned about pain in the thoracic spine, then it's very good to treat osteochondrosis independently with your own hands, again, we use the "brotherhood of rings" exercise, but already at the thoracic level. We do the same movement. We strain the forearm, strain the shoulders, strain the deltoid muscle, make an effort to break these rings for 30-40 seconds.
1:58 This way at home, behind the wheel, in a traffic jam in the office, in any queue, in conditions where you can be overtaken by pain in the cervical spine or thoracic spine, you can treat your osteochondrosis with such a wonderful closed Tibetan monasticreception.
2:23 We, the academicians of Kartavenko developed more than 30 author's ways of treating osteochondrosis with the use of natural factors. It's sea water, it's sunlight, it's a landscape, it's the climate of the Black Sea.
Come to our clinic of restorative medicine of academicians Kartavenko to the sanatorium "White Russia" on the Black Sea, and we will help you to recover from any form of osteochondrosis.
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Cervical osteochondrosis. Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis for 1 minute with their own hands.

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Welcome to the channel "Doctor-Bile" and its author and permanent presenterdoctor of medical sciences, academician Viktor V. Kartavenko.
Hello, dear friends. Today we will talk about cervical osteochondrosis. In our clinic for reconstructive medicine we use our author's approach both for the diagnosis of osteochondrosis and for its treatment.
0:23 Today you will learn how to relieve the sensations that are caused by cervical osteochondrosis at home. This is the so-called cervical lumbago, a feeling of heaviness in the neck, a violation of sensitivity in the neck, both in the right and left part of it, in the shoulder joint, in the area of ​​the large, index finger, palmar surface.
1:00 In order to relieve yourself of cervical osteochondrosis at home, it is enough to have an ordinary pencil. .. We are working with you on the so-called cervical spine, which we have in the area of ​​the thumb. The distance from the palmar crease to the joint is called the cervical space.
Therefore, all the above conditions of cervical osteochondrosis are very well docked with the use of such a pencil. What are you doing to them?
1:33 You need to rub to a stable heat projection of the cervical spine.
1:42 This can be done within 1 minute, 2 minutes. .. until stable heat appears. So, at home without the use of chemical drugs, you can very well stop the condition of cervical osteochondrosis.
2:12 Who among you is very often at the wheel, spends very heavy hours in traffic jams with the strain of the forearm and palmar surface, first of all the irritation will concern the cervical region. And the muscular tension itself will provoke the spread and development of osteochondrosis. And even in a car you can use the same technique.
In the next video we will tell you how to continue treatment of osteochondrosis at home.
With you was academician Kartavenko V.V.
In the next video we will tell you how to continue treatment of osteochondrosis at home.
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Osteochondrosis of the spine Treatment of osteochondrosis Testimonial of the client of the clinic of academicians Kartavenko

Dear friends, you are greeted by the channel Doctor Bile, its author and the permanent leading doctor of medical sciences, Professor Viktor Vladislavovich Kartavenko.
I want to introduce you to the guest of our channel.this is Ms. Komarova Marina Lvovna Ph. D. in Biological Sciences. The floor is given to Marina Lvovna Komarova.
0:20 Hello. I want to tell a little story. Two years ago, I met with Dr. Kartavenko, with his assistant Tatyana Vladimirovna, and began to improve her body. One of the biggest problems I had was, as they say in our language, the age-related osteochondrosis of the spine. I was very sick.
0:45 All the pictures were taken, different methods were tried, but in the mornings I got out of bed and walked like the letter "G".Then I came to Dr. Kartavenko, after 2 years I have an amazing result. His diagnosis, his preparations in my opinion, made a miracle. This year I climbed to a height of 2500 m in Alplag, lived there for a week, climbed the mountains, and my spine did not bother me at all.
Be sure to ask your questions in the comments, write, like. We always answer all your questions, all your comments.
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