Orthopedic knee pads with arthrosis price

Knee braces for arthrosis

Osteoarthritis is a disease that can significantly worsen the quality of life. It affects all the tissues of the joint. For the most effective control of the disease in the complex of treatment, it is necessary to use knee joints for arthrosis. These products support the affected area in the desired position, reduce the load on the joint and contribute to improving the patient's well-being.

Indications for use

The group of products designed to combat arthrosis includes various models of orthopedic drugs. The scope of these fixatives is quite extensive. Each model has its own purpose. The main indications for use that have orthopedic knee pads for arthrosis are. ..

  • non-operative instability of ligaments;
  • condition after operation on the tibia;
  • injury of cartilage, meniscus;
  • treatment of knee instability before and after surgery;
  • non-surgical treatment of arthritis and arthrosis;
  • condition after surgery, performed due to lateral and medial fractures of the tibial head;
  • patellofemoral pain syndrome;
  • rehabilitation period after surgical intervention on the ligament apparatus, meniscus;
  • damage to the lateral and cruciate ligaments;
  • instability of the ligament apparatus and much more.

Result of application

Knee joints for arthrosis of the knee reliably keep the damaged area and reduce the load exerted on it. With this tool, you can set the necessary amount of motion in the knee joint. The use of orthopedic orthosis significantly reduces pain.

The price of knee joints for arthrosis

The price of fixators for joints primarily depends on the complexity of the design of the product and the cost of the materials used. It is also influenced by the popularity of the company that produces and sells them. With the prices for knee pads for arthrosis you can find on our website.

Acupuncture for arthrosis

Allorto.ru, an online store of orthopedic products, presents fixators for joints for various purposes. The products of the leading brands on the market are sold. Fixators for the knee joint are characterized by a high degree of quality and reliability. Contact us, and we will help to buy knee joints for arthrosis, necessary to improve your health.


Elastic medical knee pads to buy from the

online store

product design Elastic medical armrest can be of different structure. Some products of this type are similar to conventional bandages, that is, they are a means of a single elastic fabric. Other tools have additional details: both convenient fasteners and solid elements for a greater supporting effect. There are also knee retainers made in the form of bands.

The price of an elastic knee

The price of an elastic knee depends on many reasons. The first factor is the complexity of the product design and the cost of materials used in production. Of great importance is the reputation of the manufacturer and the demand for its products on the market.

How to choose an elastic band for the knee?

Choosing the right orthopedic product is not always easy. To find a suitable elastic bandage on the knee joint, first contact your doctor. He will tell you what properties should have the right tool. Next, you need to determine the bandage with which method of attachment will be most convenient for you. Also it is necessary to carefully study the dimensional range of products in order to choose the ideal fixative.

How to purchase an elastic knee?

In the online store Allorto.ru you can buy soft knee pads from leading manufacturers. All products are of high quality and meet modern requirements for this product. In our store there are products of such brands as Otto Bock, MEDI, PROCARE, OPPO, Orlett, Push Braces, Thuasne. For questions about purchasing the required orthopedic device, please contact our store specialists. They will help you buy an elastic knee that will improve and save the health of your feet.


Knee pads. Knee joint fixators.

Knee joints with a strong degree of fixation

Knee joint restraint, limiting and dosing volume of movements Fosta FS-1204

7900 rub. Order

Knee restorative fixes the knee joint in all planes, preventing unwanted displacements. Most of the load the device takes over, and part of it evenly distributes, avoiding sudden movements and overstrain in the knee joint area. The device limits the amplitude and direction of movement of the knee joint, thereby reliably protecting the knee during recovery from injuries or joint disease. Restriction of movement of the knee can be established using a special dispenser.

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Indications for use:

  • rehabilitation period after plaster bandage with immobilization of the knee joint, injuries and surgeries;
  • rehabilitation period after injuries and operations of the patellar ligament, meniscus, lateral ligament of the knee joint, fractures and patellar operations, patella and tibia dislocations;
  • period of rehabilitation of uncomplicated fractures and operations of condyles of the tibia and femur, intercondylar elevation of the tibia;
  • treatment of uncomplicated condyle fractures at the stage of bone callus formation;
  • prophylaxis of recurrences of a habitual patellar dislocation;
  • of an easy degree osteochondropathy tuberosity of the tibia;
  • mild instability of the knee in the frontal plane;
  • arthrosis-arthritis;
  • synovitis( including specific synovitis);
  • development of contractures of the knee joint of a mixed genesis.

The fixator for the lower limb Fosta FS-1205

2050 rub. Order

The design of this model consists of different modern materials with different characteristics that help with the restoration of the knee joint after injuries and surgeries.


Bandages for the knee joint: prices and reviews in the online store medi expert

Knee injury can lead to complications even in a perfectly healthy person, an athlete, and in people who are overweight, inflammatory diseases of the knee joint, in the elderlythis probability increases many times. Use knee braces, even with minor injuries - this reduces the intensity of inflammation, hence the risk of complications decreases.

The functions of the

  • knee support are the stabilization of the knee joint with no limitation of its mobility, the
  • massage effect improves the regional circulation, the
  • compression effect helps to eliminate swelling more quickly.

Bandage knee medi - comfort every day

Keep your health and active lifestyle together with bandages medi! The orthopedic products of this German company are the result of many years of scientific development. Therefore, they have a number of advantages over conventional knee pads and most similar products:

  • have a high therapeutic effect. All medi bandages for the knee joint are therapeutic and are designed for long-term use,
  • are resistant to wear and tear,
  • have an ergonomic design and optimally repeat the contours of the foot, the
  • does not slip even during high motor activity( with a properly sized size due to seamless binding, the systemsilicone droplets and stabilizing springs),
  • does not irritate the skin,
  • allows the skin to "breathe" even in hot weather due to knitting by special Clima comfort technology( three-dimensional knitting, The removal of excess moisture from the surface of the skin).

Assortment of products

Compression bandage of knee joint with silicone inserts

Genumedi is a comfortable alternative to elastic bandaging. It is used for knee injuries of the patella and knee joint, in the initial stage of gonarthrosis and in a number of other injuries and diseases. Compression stimulates blood flow, eliminates edema and relieves pain. Steel springs, located on the sides, hold the bandage on the leg. In the assortment there is also a bandage Genumedi for children .

Genumedi PT with silicone inserts in the projection of trigger points. It allows to normalize the tone of the muscles of the thigh with the help of relief silicone inserts on the sensitive areas. The area corresponding to the popliteal fossa is anchored in the product according to the Comfort Zone technology - this helps to avoid the formation of coarse folds of the material.

Genumedi plus - compression band with a silicone ring around the patella and two additional fixing straps.

protect. Genu - tight-fitting leg band with a silicone ring and steel springs on the sides.

Flexible compression bandage on the knee

medi-elastic knee support is available in 4 versions, which differ in the stabilization of the knee joint and the way the product is fixed to the foot:

  • soft stretch bandage,
  • with side stabilizing springs,
  • with side stabilizing springs andcut in the projection of the patella.

protect. PT soft - a band consisting of a compression cuff and an additional sickle belt with a patella opening. Used in the treatment of mild instability of the knee joint and inflammatory diseases of the knee joint.

Effective assistance for the "knee jumper"

medi patella tendon support is a universal-size bandage with an anatomically shaped cushion. It provides a local effect on the tendon attachment zone under the knee, relieving tension and strain from them.

Where to order a bandage on the knee joint - with delivery and at a bargain price?

Make a purchase right now in the online store medi-salon.ru and the courier will bring the order to your home, office or even a medical institution. The site offers a wide range of not only calipers for the knee joint, but also other orthopedic products - for athletes, for men and women, for children.

Orthopedic goods


Knee brace

Knee brace is an orthopedic product that is able to protect and restore leg health. Joints in this area are subject to significant loads every day. We just take a step, and our knee already has to withstand almost the entire weight of our body. The feet of people who lead an active lifestyle are particularly difficult, since they are most prone to injury. Given that a huge number of people are engaged in sports, not thinking about protecting their knees, joint damage occurs very often. Using a bandage on the knee, many problems could be prevented.

Types of knee braces or braces

There is a huge number of types of orthoses. In our store you can see medical products, as well as products designed to prevent injuries. Mostly they are used during sports training. There are special models used for arthrosis, after surgery. Some products are designed to protect the patella, knee tendons. On sale there is a magnetic knee. You can purchase split, hinged, elastic orthoses, knee tutors. The size range of knee pads is wide: on our site you can find products for adults and children.

Degrees of rigidity

The knee braces have a different degree of rigidity. Soft are most often used in sports as an injury prevention. These tools have an elastic base, which allows the leg to bend. Such a knee bandage does not have much effect on the joint. If the trauma does occur, then if necessary, the doctors prescribe the patient to use a rigid orthosis. He completely immobilizes the knee joint. Such fixation is necessary if the transferred trauma is quite serious. Rigid orthoses are worn when ruptures of ligaments, fractures and other injuries occur. Semi-rigid orthosis on the knee joint is worn during the rehabilitation period after the operations carried out. Also, this product is used as a remedy for serious deformations of the joints. Doctors prescribe to wear this orthosis and with some chronic diseases.

How to choose the right knee brace?

Before buying a fixative, check with your doctor. It is he who will help you determine that bandage on the knee joint that you need. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the models, since the parameters of the same type of tools for different manufacturers may differ slightly. These include the degree of fixation, the number of fasteners, the type of attachment, and so on. For example, orthopedic elbow pads for sports activities can either completely cover the knee cap, or leave it open. Also, keep in mind that the knee joint fixators have a fairly wide size range, and therefore be sure to determine how much of the orthosis you need.

Price of fixators for knee joint

Several factors influence the price formation of orthoses. Firstly, it is the complexity of the product design, as well as the quality of the materials used. The price of kneecaps and orthoses is also largely dependent on the reputation and demand for brand-name products on the market.

Acquisition of the knee brace

You can buy an orthosis for the knee joint in the online store of orthopedic products Allorto.ru. Here we present modern models of joint fixators. The range of products of leading brands: DonJoy, MEDI, Otto Bock, OPPO, PSB Sport, Orlett, PROCARE, Push Braces, REHBAND, Thuasne. For sale as sports orthopedic knee pads, and medical orthoses. Contact our specialists for the purchase of the product you need.


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