Aching feet when walking on heels

Tips to help you learn to walk on heels without pain. Avoid pain when walking on heels.

It's nice to watch movies where the beautiful main character drives a car, works and even walks in the park in high heels, without losing the grace of gait. Just want to look the same. But in practice it turns out that stylish shoes with a hairpin, which you immediately liked, can cause unbearable pain in your legs. And although beauty requires sacrifice, one should not spoil one's health and neglect certain rules.

How to walk on heels without pain


Model of shoes

You can always choose such shoes that, although it will increase your height, but will not cause inconvenience when walking. When choosing, pay attention to the heel - it should be as stable as possible. It is better to buy shoes with high and thick heels. You can also prefer a model with an open nose. When walking, the finger will necessarily move forward, and an open nose will protect you from calluses.

Orthopedic insoles and silicone pads

They can be attached over the entire length of the foot, or put only under the heel. So your foot will not slide forward. Accordingly, the risk of getting corn on the finger or feeling the pain is reduced.

The size of shoes

It must be exactly yours. Do not expect that shoes are worn or you will get used to them. While this happens, you will suffer much.

Correct gait

Many girls do not even suspect that buying high-heel shoes does not mean that you can wear them correctly. Putting them on, be sure that you have enough time, and do not rush. There is nothing more stupid than a girl walking on stilettos with a swift gait. Steps should be small. Keep your legs straight all the time, put them on the entire foot, and start the step by lifting the heel. And do not hide your hands in your pockets to keep your balance.

  1. For everyday wear choose models on the middle heel. And stunning beauty shoes with stilettos leave for ceremonial events, where most of the time you will sit.
  2. Shoes on the platform can be an excellent alternative for those who need to increase their growth, but it's hard to walk on heels. Footwear on the platform not only visually builds a leg, but also makes walking around the nervous area as comfortable as possible.

How to relieve leg pain when walking on heels

If you can not do without heels even in everyday life, remember a few rules that will help you to remove fatigue from the legs after a hard day.

Carry change shoes with flat soles. At every opportunity, change your shoes. So your legs will be given the necessary rest, and they will not swell.

To relieve fatigue in the legs, during the day, as often as possible, do a few simple gymnastics. Look like a socks or razmotite feet with your hands. You can also pull the sock first to yourself, then from yourself. So you will improve the flow of blood to the legs, and they will be rested.

On arrival home necessarily make a bath. You can lower your feet just into cool water, but it is better to add a decoction of some herb( chamomile or oak bark).After the procedure, massage, stretch your feet. Wipe them with a towel, anoint the legs with a nutritious cream. And do not forget that even the very purchase of shoes with high heels is a very important occupation. Wrong choice will not only lead to a useless purchase, but also completely eliminate the joy of a beautiful purchase.

Try to keep enough space between the toes and the toe of the shoe. Then there will be no pressure on your fingers, and walking on your heels will not be so hard. In addition, the squeezed fingers are the direct path to the fungus between them and the appearance of calluses.

tell me some remedy for pain in the legs when walking on his heels!

Mukhnurov Alik

it is necessary to eliminate the cause, not the consequence. ..


No such:(

Daria Lebedeva

ointment some. .. chondroxide to mine. .


If it hurts, we must give up the heels.flat soles. And so in general, try Finalgon. They say it helps. ..


And you take slippers to change. And the legs will not hurt. ..

Mila Betz

I bought myself a "Lyoton" - relief is felt.
And in general, for prevention, try every day or at least two days later to change the height of the heel, then the legs will be easier.
After all, the heel is not very useful for health:)

Julia. Sh

but this one I usehttp: // prod.html? Prod = 00536
in my opinion- super!

Elena Lyzhnikova

Try to play with the height of the heel. It is likely that you do not take into account your lifting of the foot. Everyone has different. Sometimes people can not wear a heel at all. In addition, the fatigue of the feet is affected by the shape of the heel, the shoe. .. Good shoes are always an expensive pleasure.

elena m

there are special German biochips - you go.legs do not get tired at all

Why does my leg begin to ache when I walk on his heels?


and how much see heel?and where exactly does it hurt?

Elena Krisanova

I have a fourth day hurts after the heels, it's time, probably, to change the heels to slippers, it's a pity.

Vitaly Litovchenko

please for the exact diagnosis I need to know what kind of leg is left or right. ... specify. ...


Neuralgia or veins. It appears simply imeeno in this position of the foot. Try a heel of a different height.

Elena Gorbacheva

The lift is not properly matched.

Svetlana Erofeeva

Heels, heels - different. The height and quality of the product also matters. And especially the very lifting of the foot. Easier - not a very correct distribution of the center of gravity at this height.
Board - in the evening feet on the back of the couch to have a quick rest. Where does the


hurt?can passive blood circulation?or shoes do not have flat feet and bones on your leg?

Anton Root

Blood circulation in small pelvis is broken. Reduce the height of the heel and do physical exercises.

Irina ******

There may be varicose veins, which so far appear only on one leg. There may be weakness of the gastrocnemius muscle. Try to do gymnastics for the feet, or go to the angio-surgeon( diagnosed in time - half the success of the treatment!)


So you need to be more responsible for choosing shoes. Complications can begin. The first sign: a large pole becomes much larger

can not walk on his heels - the joint of the thumb hurts. . why? ?


Usually walking on his heels should not cause pain especially if you are younger than the older one begins the deposition of salt in the joints and as a result begins to ache the joints, it would be good to check with the doctor and while the council will have to work at work on his heels and in other places to changeshoes with a lower heel will not hurt another finger


do not walk on heels


most likely because of an uncomfortable shoe pads or joint sagging.


Maybe the shoe size does not fit, or just need to be carried.

tatyana yakimova

On the heels, a lot of stress on all the joints. And you can also have a transverse flatfoot, when the thumb grows what is usually called a bone, but it's cartilage. In general, shoes with heels are not useful.


it is necessary to check a leg at the surgeon. ... And in general, if oochen the big heel and support on a finger-there can be pains, but all passes or takes place, if to wear heels is less and not often


Because there is a redistribution of weight on a forward partfeet. The foot does not work as it should. If a narrow nose on shoes or a weak ligamentous apparatus, then a transverse flat foot develops - this is when the stone crawls out, and the fingers on the foot become crooked.

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