The fingers are aching on the hands

Possible causes of pain in the joints of the fingers

Our hands are significantly different from the limbs of all other living organisms. Thanks to the complex structure, a large number of flexible joints, we can perform any movement at the jewelry level. Unfortunately, many people do not notice how important the function of the hands and fingers is, as long as these movements become impossible due to pain or deformation.

There are many reasons why the joints of the fingers are sore. Among them there are not serious, but there are also very dangerous. Let us consider the main reasons why pain in the toes of the upper limb can occur.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This neurological disease is based on the compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel( the space between the bones and the tendons of the wrist).The median nerve provides innervation of the skin of the palmar surface of the large, index and middle finger of the hand, and also participates in flexion of the hand and its retraction toward the radial bone.

With the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, patients complain of:

  • pain in the thumb along the inner surface;
  • painful sensations of the index fingers;
  • numbness of the skin in the area of ​​innervation of the median nerve;
  • decrease in the accuracy of small brush movements;
  • slimming muscles in the area of ​​elevation of the first finger.

With prolonged compression, if the treatment is not scheduled on time, the nerve function can be lost forever, and this threatens the impossibility of performing small movements with the fingers, which can even become the cause of disability.

The reason for the development of this tunnel syndrome is a prolonged overload of the joints and ligaments of the hand. Most often, pathology develops in people who perform monotonous flexion-extensor movements with a brush in the service of their duty. For example, sign language interpreters, pianists, artists, people who work with a computer, etc.

The median nerve
Mechanism of development of carpal tunnel syndrome

Raynaud's disease and syndrome

This is a pathological condition that is associated with a violation of the tone of small arteries and finger capillaries. In response to any stimuli, or for no reason, the blood vessels spasmodize for a certain time, the blood flow in the finger tissues is disturbed, which is manifested by the corresponding symptoms:

  1. At first the vessels sharply narrows, which causes paleness of the skin of the fingers. One finger on the arm or several may be affected. At this stage, a characteristic numbness develops, which patients are often perceived as pain. Most often, only the nail phalanges suffer, but the entire finger can also be drawn.
  2. The next stage is a paralytic vasodilation, the skin turns red, becomes a dark shade, sometimes bluish. At this stage, the pain becomes burning. Fingers swell.

Reynaud's disease is distinguished when the cause of such symptoms can not be recognized, and the syndrome, when the patient has a major disease. For example, Raynaud's syndrome is a frequent companion of systemic connective tissue disease( rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis).

The danger of Raynaud's syndrome or illness lies in the high risk of developing gangrene brushes. If the spasm does not pass in time, then soft tissues can die. Also, in such patients, the risk of developing panaricians( purulent inflammation of the finger), trophic ulcers, fungal skin lesions and hand nails is increased.

Reynaud Syndrome


One of the main reasons why the joints of the fingers hurt is the deforming polyostoarthrosis( approximately 40% of all cases).Women are mainly affected after 45-50 years.

For this disease, in addition to chronic pain in the affected small joints, development of nodular formations in the area of ​​articulations of the hand( nodes of Bouchard and Geberden) is characteristic. The first are localized in the area of ​​proximal interphalangeal joints, the second - distal. They develop symmetrically on both hands, accompanied by pain and deformities of the hands, which often leads to its inferior function.

From time to time, these nodules, like the affected joints themselves, can become inflamed, swell and blush. During this period, pain intensifies, anti-inflammatory treatment is necessary. Outside the exacerbation of the painful sensations appear, as a rule, after the overstrain of the joints of the fingers.

Osteoarthritis of the fingers
Polyostoarthrosis( nodes of Bouchard and Geberden)


If the joints of the thumbs hurt, then you must first eliminate the disease, as rizartroz. In fact, this is the osteoarthrosis of the first finger. Pathology affects the joint, which is at the base of the first finger, and connects the wrist with the first metacarpal bone. Rizartrose accounts for up to 5% of all pains in the hands.

Most often this pathology is observed together with polyostoarthrosis, but in 20-30% of cases has an independent course, which greatly complicates the diagnosis. The main symptoms of rizartrose: pain at the base of the first finger of the left or right hand, which is strengthened during movements, characteristic crunch in the joint, deformation of the thumb bone, limitation of the amplitude of movements in the affected joint.

If rizartroz is observed as an independent pathology, then it is necessary to conduct differential diagnosis with a disease that manifests itself with similar symptoms, with tenosynovitis of de Cerven. Unlike the latter, on the roentgenogram with osteoarthritis can be found pathological changes in bones, which is not the case with tenosynovitis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Pain, which is associated with rheumatoid arthritis, accounts for 5-7% of all cases. People of any age and even children are ill. Women are 5 times more likely than men. As a rule, the pathology develops after 30 years.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory systemic disease that mainly affects the small joints of the body, but it is possible that major joints and internal organs are involved in the pathological process.

Disease, as a rule, begins acutely after the acute respiratory viral infection, a stressful situation, hypothermia. Inflammation of metacarpophalangeal joints of the index and middle fingers. Articulations swell, redden, the skin over them becomes hot to the touch. Joints are very sore, a person can not even squeeze his hand into a fist. The defeat is often symmetrical on both hands. A characteristic feature is that the inflamed joints hurt in the morning or in the second half of the night, this is accompanied by stiffness of movements in the hands. By the evening painful sensations pass.

Other joints may also be inflamed at the same time, for example, wrist, knee, ankle, elbow. Often, the exacerbation of the disease is accompanied by fever, a general malaise.

Over time, if the patient has not received adequate treatment, the brush is deformed, its function is completely lost. And the curvature of the hand is so characteristic and typical that they are called "visiting card" rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis
Brush deformity due to rheumatoid arthritis

Gouty arthritis

Gout is an exchange disease that is accompanied by excessive formation in the body of uric acid and its deposition in the form of salts in peripheral tissues. Most often, the joint of the first toe of the foot suffers with gout, but sometimes( especially in women) psoriatic arthritis affects the upper limbs with the development of arthritis, which is very similar in appearance to rheumatoid arthritis.

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Signs of psoriatic arthritis of the fingers:

  • Inflammation manifests itself in the form of sudden attacks.
  • The pain is very sharp, it is impossible to touch the finger.
  • The joint blushes, swells, the skin above it shines, has a cyanotic shade.
  • In the long course of the disease, there are gauze-specific nodules to the gout, which are a collection of urate salts.
  • The attack lasts 3-10 days and passes independently or under the effect of treatment( injections, pills, ointments).

If you do not resort to therapy and secondary prevention( diet, medication), then eventually affected joints are destroyed, the brush is deformed and loses its function.

Psoriatic arthropathy

In 7% of cases, the skin disease of psoriasis is complicated by the development of chronic inflammation of the joints( psoriatic arthropathy).The reasons for this, as well as the psoriasis itself, are unknown.

This arthritis is characterized by a so-called axial lesion, when all joints of one or several fingers are simultaneously inflamed. Because of this, it becomes like a sausage( sausage-shaped fingers).

The pain is very strong, observed both at rest and during movements. The finger is enlarged in size, red, the skin over it is hot. The defeat is asymmetrical. In the diagnosis help the patient's instructions for skin psoriasis rash in the past or her presence at the moment.

Psoriatic arthritis of the fingers
Psoriatic arthritis

Vibration disease

Occurs in persons who work with manual mechanized instruments that produce vibration. With its long-term exposure, a local vibration disease can develop which has several stages.

In the beginning, patients complain of passing pains, numbness, a feeling of running into the fingers. Further, the pain becomes more pronounced, the sensitivity of the skin of the fingers is gradually lost, and other types of it drop out, for example, temperature and vibration. Vascular tone is disrupted and Raynaud's syndrome may occur. At the last stage develop trophic complications( ulcers, gangrene), which threatens the loss of individual fingers or a whole brush.


This is a purulent inflammation of all the tissues of the finger. Usually the nail phalanx is affected. The reason for the panarisation is the penetration of the infection into soft tissues, for example, a cut, a finger puncture, pulling out burrs, an unsuccessful manicure, etc.

The first sign of a panic is pain that has a tugging or pulsating character that intensifies at night. Then redness and swelling are added, the skin becomes hot to the touch, you can find a wound with pus. The general condition of a person suffers: the temperature rises to high values, general malaise develops.

Panaritium is a dangerous disease not only for one finger, but for human life, because infection can get into the blood with the development of sepsis and death. Therefore purulent inflammation is an urgent condition that requires urgent surgical care and adequate antibiotic therapy.

These are only the main reasons why the joints of the fingers are sore. In fact, there are a lot of them. If the pain does not leave you for a long time, is not associated with a bruise, is accompanied by other pathological signs, then it is mandatory to be examined by a doctor. After all, such, at first glance, a trifling symptom can cost not only hands, but also life.

Pain in the fingers is a common symptom that can indicate the presence of a variety of inflammatory, traumatic or dystrophic diseases. Why this happens - only the doctor can determine, but there are a number of accompanying signs that help to understand what a person suffers. Consider the most common causes, the appearance of pain in the fingers of the upper limbs.

This localization of pain can have different origins. The most common reason for the appearance of unpleasant painful sensations, in women 40-60 years old - carpal tunnel syndrome. Let us analyze the accompanying signs of this disease.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This disease is characterized by burning pain and tingling, which is aggravated by physical exertion. And more often four fingers suffer, only the little finger is not subject to painful sensations. Also, a person can feel numbness and swelling, which is concentrated on the palmar surface.

The attacks of this disease occur mainly at night. External signs this disease has practically no. An exception is a small puffiness in the area of ​​the brush and cyanosis. Remove such feelings will help only complex anti-inflammatory treatment, and sometimes the operation. Diclofenac, ketoprofen and nurofen will help in the fight against pain.

Damage to the cervical department of

This problem can be faced both by a woman and a man. Pain will be covered by all the fingers and little finger, including. Also, this problem can be characterized by numbness, due to infringement or damage to nerve fibers.

A distinctive feature of this phenomenon is that pain occurs either in the right or in the left hand only, depending on the localization of the lesion of nerve endings.

Dislocation of the fingers

Another common cause of pain in this area is dislocation. The main accompanying pain symptom is the bulging of the finger from the joint. The pain in this kind of trauma is harsh. The patient can not move a struck finger. Most often, the thumb suffers. To remove these unpleasant symptoms, joint management, weekly immobilization, therapeutic gymnastics and usual painkillers, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, will help.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Similar ailment, in addition to painful sensations in flexion, is characterized by swelling, redness, inflammatory processes in the joints. This disease develops simultaneously in the right and left arm. The skin in the lesion site becomes dry and lifeless.

In most cases, rheumatoid arthritis begins with symmetrical joints. An example is the index finger of both hands. Unpleasant sensations, such as stiffness, are manifested mainly in the morning.

Rheumatoid arthritis progresses very quickly, so treatment should be performed with the first symptoms. The consequences of rheumatoid arthritis are the curvature of the hands and fingers. Correctly selected therapy at an early stage can lead to complete recovery. The treatment usually uses hormonal and antimetabolics( prednisolone, methotrexate).

Gouty arthritis

This disease spreads not only on the legs, it affects the bones of the fingers. Gouty arthritis occurs in women, but in most cases, its goal is a male body. In women, the disease is much easier than in men.

Pain in gouty arthritis is acute and very difficult to remove. In addition to painful symptoms, this ailment is manifested by inflammation, redness and increased local temperature, sometimes numbness of the skin is possible. Sometimes patients complain to the doctor: - My hands hurt, as if I burned them. It is with a burn that one can compare gouty arthritis to sensations.

Gouty arthritis is caused by excessive intake of animal food, medicines for hypertension. To identify this disease, you need to undergo a diagnosis to determine the level of uric acid.

Psoriatic arthritis

This disease is rare. Only 5% of the total number of finger problems is due to this disease. It is characterized by the defeat of all the joints on one finger at the same time. Moreover, it extends both to the thumb and to the middle finger. The pain is accompanied by an inflammatory process and has a noisy type. In the treatment more often used strong hormonal or antipsoriatic drugs, such as Methotrexate, Evetrex.


Wear of articular cartilage sometimes causes pain and numbness in the fingers. Most often, the middle and big fingers of the left or right hand are affected. Spasm occurs when the fingers are bent. Women suffer from this ailment much more often than men.

Many patients do not feel pain and burning sensations when forming osteoarthrosis nodules. On the contrary, some patients complain directly about these symptoms. To remove pain with osteoarthritis does not mean complete healing, it is necessary to eliminate all symptoms. Usually, it is possible to relieve pain based on paracetamol and curative gymnastics.

Pain in the joints of the fingers: reasons how to treat

As you know, each finger consists of phalanges - small bones, connected by joints, which have great mobility. But due to the fact that our hands are in most contact with the surrounding world, they are characterized by a high probability of injury and the development of diseases. With any of these changes, a person begins to suffer from pain in the joints of the upper limbs. And naturally, he will be interested in the question of how to treat the joints of the fingers.

As a result of finger injuries, a dislocation of one or another joint may occur. The displacement of bones is accompanied by pain and numbness of the finger, as well as the inability to perform movements in full.

The pain in the fingers is in most cases a consequence of certain diseases. Treatment will depend solely on what caused the pain.

Arthritis and pain in the joints of the fingers

Arthritis is an inflammatory process in joints and nearby tissues. Pain in the joints of the fingers with this disease is quite pronounced. And the pain is felt even in a state of rest. In addition, if the joints are affected by arthritis, then in their area will be redness and swelling. The joints of the fingers are deformed, the movements become difficult and can be accompanied by a crunch. There are several types of arthritis:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis - a lesion of connective tissue of joints due to allergic reactions or infection. With this disease, inflammation of the joints is symmetrical. This means that the defeat of rheumatoid arthritis usually occurs simultaneously on both hands. Symptoms of this disease are severe night pain, fever, chills, weakness and weight loss.
  • Psoriatic arthritis is a consequence of skin lesions of psoriasis. For this type of arthritis is characterized by the simultaneous inflammation of all the joints of one or the other finger. In this symmetrical inflammation usually does not occur.
  • Gouty arthritis occurs against a background of progressive gout, which is a metabolic disease. Inflammation, which began in the joints of the big toes, gradually shifts to the hands. During an attack of gout, inflamed joints cause a person to experience painful pain. A characteristic feature of gouty arthritis is that the painful sensations from the fingers extend to the entire arm.

Joint pain is the result of arthrosis and bursitis

Arthrosis is no less serious and if you do not start treatment on time, fingers can be deformed so much that their return to a healthy appearance will be almost impossible.

When the cartilage surrounding the joint begins to deteriorate, it is a disease such as osteoarthritis. With such an ailment in the joints, there are seals, which cause a lot of pain. Movement becomes constrained, especially in the morning, and accompanied by a crunch.

If the first joint of the thumb that connects it to the wrist is inflamed, then most likely it is rizartroz. This disease occurs due to a sharp or systematic overload of this area of ​​the hand. Rizartrose is accompanied by a strong pain syndrome and a change in the shape of the inflamed joint at the base of the thumb.

Another, a disease that can cause pain in the joints of the fingers, is bursitis. In this case, the inflammatory process occurs in articular bags, in which an increase in the volume of synovial fluid occurs. At the site of the inflamed joint there is a soft swelling, the finger swells and becomes crimson. All this is accompanied by strong enough pain sensations.

Treatment of the joints of the fingers: injuries, diseases

If you began to suffer from pain in the joints of the upper limbs, then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. He will determine the exact cause of these painful sensations and prescribe appropriate medical measures. Treatment of the joints of the fingers involves a whole complex of procedures and the taking of several medications.

If the pain is a consequence of an injury, it is necessary to attach ice to the damaged area. However, before this, it is necessary to wrap a painful area with a bandage or a dense tissue. This will protect you from frostbite.

In the event that the joints began to hurt due to the progression of any disease( arthrosis, arthritis, gout, etc.), then applying ice will have no effect. In this situation, it is necessary to take medications that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Along with this, it is necessary to treat the affected area with the help of special creams and ointments.

Medical treatment of pain in the joints of the hands must be combined with massage and special gymnastic exercises. However, it is not necessary to independently determine the degree of strain on the joints. This can only aggravate the condition. Only a specialist can correctly choose a set of kneading movements, whose purpose is to restore the motor functions of the limb, as well as the normalization of blood circulation and metabolism.

Joints of the fingers are aching: causes and treatment

It is said that a man's brush is the most perfect tool that nature could invent. This instrument is subject to subtle operations, for which humanity has not even tried to find something better, it is simply impossible. And if the joints of your fingers hurt, our life turns into a problem.

Very high mobility and flexibility, an incredible range of movements and the ability to instantly respond to a changing situation - that's what are the main characteristics of this "tool", equipped with such an intelligent engine as the human brain.

But, like any other tool, hands need to take care of themselves. If you neglect the rules of care, then you will certainly feel how unpleasant they hurt in old age.

Pain in the joints of the fingers: the causes of

Physicians identify three main reasons why the joints of the fingers hurt, but you can add a fourth.

The main reasons:

  • injury( stretching, ulcers, sprains, etc.).

Arthritis of the fingers

Signs of arthritis of the fingers, as an inflammatory disease, in addition to pain in the joints of the fingers, are swelling and swelling of the joints, redness of the skin. Distinguish between bacterial arthritis and rheumatoid. The causes of bacterial arthritis are getting into the joints of bacteria as a result of blood flow. Hence the conclusion - to save you from this misfortune can only a healthy lifestyle and the constant prevention of the whole body by exercising in the open air, preferably in a tense running mode. When it comes to pain in the joints of the fingers, we will not forget about the general strengthening of the entire shoulder joint, starting from the forearm and ending with the wrists.

It is very important to understand one thing. When there are problems with the joint of the hands, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the ways leading to it - if the knee joint, then the muscles of the thighs and lower leg, and if the joints of the fingers, then on the wrist, forearm and shoulder.

Very unpleasant sudden sharp pains known rheumatism. This sharpness of manifestations he brought to the joints of the fingers, also accompanying the whole process with redness, swelling and violation of freedom of movement. Add to this a possible rash and a rise in body temperature, and a complete picture of the disease will be drawn, the treatment of which is already possible only with the help of a doctor.

Although, modern methods of treatment do not allow to completely defeat such a disease as rheumatoid arthritis. But this is not surprising - until the drug is invented to fight against the carelessness of the previous 30 years of life, to 50, and with the onset of age and aging of the body. These "mites", covering the body from two sides, it is impossible to win in principle. It is only possible to reduce the mites "up to 50" as much as possible, considerably to remove the moment of exposure to "mites" called "after 50".

Arthrosis of the hands

The next cause of pain in the hands is arthrosis, it is characterized by gradual deformation of the joints. This disease is not uncommon, moreover, they suffer the majority of the population of the earth, who entered the 6th decade of his life. Like arthritis, arthrosis develops gradually, at first the joints of the fingers are slightly hurting, then there is some stiffness, the bristles grow numb. One of the most obvious signs of arthrosis is symmetrical pain on the left and right hands. And often it all starts with the pain of the joints of the thumbs, and then the pain passes to the neighboring joints.

In this situation, again, we have to say that we must always think about the fact that someday we will all enter this very sixth decade. Therefore, constant prevention in the form of regular massage of the entire shoulder joint and the joint of the fingers when you are only 20 years old is the only real way to avoid problems with joints when you are already over 50.

Gout on the hands of

The third cause of pain in the joints of the fingers is gout- is associated simply with an unreasonable way of life, is more common on the legs, but sometimes in the joints of the hands. Gout - the deposition in the joints of purines, substances that are in large quantities contained in meat products.

It was said more than once during the previous years of life - ate a chop for dinner, first, by no means at night, but 2 hours before bedtime, and secondly, in the morning, be kind, go out to the stadium and give it backdue to nature and taking care of your health - runs 2-3 kilometers.

Otherwise, when the joint of the thumb hurts, and gradually this pain passes to the joints of the other fingers, the pain begins to cause inconvenience, and then the general impossibility to hold the hand, it means it's time to pay and go to the doctor, having prepared a solid amount of money forstarted on X-rays and the delivery of tests. That's when you will surely remember and regret that when 10 years ago you had a choice to buy dumbbells or 10 kilograms of selected Angevian beef, you chose beef.

Joint pain in the joints of the fingers: treatment of

If you often notice that your knuckle joints are hurting, the treatment of this trouble is ultimately governed only by medicine under the guidance of a rheumatologist. It is he who will direct you to the masseur, will advise the necessary analgesics and an obligatory diet.

If the analysis shows an increased level of uric acid in the blood, then drugs will be prescribed to reduce their level.

We will outline the basic rules for pain in the joints of the hands:

  1. It is necessary to consult a doctor( surgeon, rheumatologist);
  2. Use in the treatment of chondroprotectors;
  3. Use in the treatment of painkillers;
  4. During the period of remission, always do exercises to develop the joints of the fingers.

Most likely, correction of lack of character, purposefulness and love of life in the period from 20 to 50 will take chondroprotectors - natural substances of healthy tissues. These substances are contained in special preparations such as "Collagen Ultra", they contribute to better connectivity of tissues. The composition of these drugs includes all sorts of mineral-vitamin complexes and extracts of medicinal plants that stop inflammatory processes and stimulate the metabolic processes in joints that are no longer able to provide weak muscle tissues of forearms and shoulders.

The pains in the joints of the fingers are sometimes so acute that it is often possible to avoid the use of painkillers in the form of various ointments with novocaine, anesthetic or other anesthetics . The main thing in the process of joint treatment is the gradualness and the onset of the smallest. Then the load in all directions should increase very little with strict self-monitoring and control of the doctor, constant monitoring of dynamics through fluoroscopy.

When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, a cardinal solution to the problem may be surgical intervention. Although in most cases good results are provided by targeted physiotherapy, mud therapy and, if once there was not enough character to run and engage on a bar, then perhaps during the treatment will help swimming.

In medical practice, the situation of joint damage at the base of the thumb, which is called rizartroz, stands out. Often, the problems here arise with overloads against the background of a general weakening. The situation with the deformation of the joints of the thumb is one of the most common.

If you do not pay attention to pain in the joints of your fingers in time, you can not avoid deforming the brush and even muscle atrophy.

Remember the main thing - you need to take care of your hands, as well as other joints, from a young age.

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Exercises for the development of the joints of the hands:

Joints of the fingers are aching. What to do?

Let's look at the underlying diseases in more detail!

Diseases that affect the joints of the fingers

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is considered one of the most common diseases. The result is the defeat of small joints in the hands. Rheumatoid arthritis is observed in people of all age categories( from childhood to old age), and is able to affect symmetrically the joints. With this disease inflammation often occurs, and during the pain in the joints of the fingers can be seen redness and swelling. Sometimes, on the affected area, a person can grope - rheumatoid nodules. The disease can be expressed as light or sharp pain. Prolonged rheumatoid arthritis can deform the brush. As a result, the so-called "hands with a lorgnette", "a swan's neck", etc., are formed.


Since the nature of this disease is associated with the estrogenic background, most often osteoarthritis occurs in women of the older age group. But, the prevalence of this disease is not limited to this. It can manifest as a result of a metabolic disorder, strong physical exertion and even hereditary path.

Osteoarthritis is also able to form nodules under the skin, in those places, joints of the fingers are aching. These nodules together with edema create a deformation of the fingers, the middle of which becomes thicker. With this disease, other groups of joints are not affected, organs - the same way. In some cases, osteoarthritis of the hands can be expressed as rizartroz. It happens with prolonged loads on the thumb.


The impairment of purine metabolism( protein metabolism products) contributes to the deposition of urates( uric acid salt) in the joints. It is with this connected Gout. The main lesion for her( Gout) is the foot, more precisely the joints of the feet. But in the process of developing the disease, the joints of the fingers are affected. The first suffer the joints of the thumbs, which are closer to the tips - metacarpophalangeal. The pains of the joints of the fingers in this disease are very intense. Redness of the skin and swelling of the fingers are noticeable. At the time of intense pain, it is very difficult, and often impossible, to move your thumb. Gout more often suffer from middle-aged and middle-aged men( 40-60 years).

Stenosing ligamentitis

With this disease, the ring ligament of the fingers becomes inflamed, namely, the periarticular tissues. Externally, stenosing ligamentitis is very similar to arthrosis or arthritis, which is why, in many cases, a diagnosis can only be made after X-rays. The symptoms are typical: the joints ache during flexion and extension of the hands, in some cases the fingers can remain bent and an additional force( the other hand) is needed to unbend it. At the moment of extension, clicks can be heard, as if inflamed, the ring ligament thickens and loses its elasticity.

Psoriatic arthritis of the fingers

This disease is one of the few forms of psoriasis. In some cases( 10-15 out of 100), the joints of the fingers and toes are affected( usually phalanges).In rare cases, finger tissues become inflamed, which in turn is one of the forms of dactylitis. In this case, the fingers are difficult to bend, there is pain, swelling and redness. As for the diagnosis, then with psoriatic arthritis it is quite easy to establish it, since the disease is marked by an unusual( in appearance) lesion of the skin.

Septic and infectious arthritis

In cases of this type of disease, there may be monoarthritis - a disease of one joint, and polyarthritis - a disease of many joints. In this case, the source of the disease is an infection, which( for whatever reason) has got into the tissues of the joint. During septic and infectious arthritis, purulent inflammation occurs, as a result of which not only the pain in the joints of the fingers is felt, but the general condition is disturbed - the temperature rises, fever, etc.

Treatment of pain

Well, we finally got to the very core! How to treat? How are these diseases treated? Of course, one must understand that it is necessary to treat the most( underlying) disease, and not just to remove the pain. In the case of pain in the joints of the fingers due to inflammation, then as a medicine used anti-inflammatory drugs and various antibiotics, in some cases - hormones. With multiple degenerative-dystrophic lesions, measures should be taken to restore damaged joints. This is done with the help of - physiotherapy, massage and manual therapy.

The video shows a set of exercises for the joints of the hands

Of course, when the joints of the fingers hurt very much, the doctor can prescribe various painkillers - pills, ointments, etc. But, in almost all cases, the pain passes during the treatment of the underlying disease. To accelerate recovery, many people use the methods of traditional medicine, the recipes of which are listed below.

Common Traditional Medicine Recipes:

  1. Ointment, made from the grass of the Caucasian hellebore. To make it, you need to mix dry herb hellebore with honey( 20 gr each), add 5gr of mustard( dry) and 10 g of vegetable oil. Then, all these components must be melt in a water bath and mix until the mixture does not take a homogeneous state.
  2. You can make compresses on painful places, using the usual fruit table vinegar.
  3. Melt a piece of( small) propolis and mix with butter( corn or sunflower).Apply to the joints pain joints on the fingers( or legs), like a regular ointment. Of course, for the result, the doctor's recommendations should be followed, and all should be carried out within the deadlines set by him. In this case, the chances of your recovery will be maximum.

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