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About such a disease as gout, mankind was aware even in the days of Hippocrates. This diagnosis has brought down such outstanding personalities as Julius Caesar, Isaac Newton, Ludwig van Beethoven, Charlie Chaplin and others. Gout was seen in all the prosperous cities of antiquity: in Athens, Rome, Alexandria and Constantinople, later it was discovered in England and Holland. However, in our time, the whole world was taken ill. So what is this disease, what methods of treatment are inherent in it and what is the role of alkaline drink in gout? All this must be understood in more detail.

What is gouty arthritis?

Gouty Arthritis

Gout, or gouty arthritis, is a chronic disease that occurs due to a metabolic disorder, in particular, nucleic acids. The deposition of salts is the true face of gout. At the same time, the level of uric acid in gout is significantly increased. Because of the accumulation and reduction of its excretion from the kidneys, hyperuricemia occurs, i.е.increased concentration of uric acid in the blood. Urinary sodium accumulates in cartilages, joints and tendons, which is accompanied by quite strong pain sensations. The most common gout occurs in men, but recently the prevalence among women is skyrocketing.

The first phase of the disease is accompanied by an increase in the level of uric acid, which can last several years before the onset of the first attack. Articular pains occur suddenly, mainly at night, half the time the big toe is affected. In this case, over the affected joint, there are swelling, redness of the skin and swelling rapidly increases.

The gout is diagnosed when examined by the therapist, the conclusion is based on the study of the anamnesis and the results of the studies. One of the main signs in the diagnosis of gouty arthritis by the method of studying the blood test are high levels of uric acid in the blood serum. Additional studies include biochemical analyzes of urine and blood, a sample of joint fluid and joint radiography.

The diagnosis of gout is made if the patient has signs such as tofus( deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints), acute arthritis, high levels of uric acid in the blood and intra-articular fluid. Overweight is one of the most common causes of the onset of this disease. Excessive consumption of fatty foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol contribute to the accumulation of purines in the body. As a result, kidney work is disrupted and no proper filtration of uric acid takes place, salt deposits in the joints and general deterioration of the body are noted. Diuretics prevent the natural removal of salts from the body, which can also lead to attacks of gout.

Often, the cause of gout is the intake of aspirin and cyclosporine. Such diseases as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, psoriasis, etc., can also be important factors in the occurrence of gouty arthritis. If the patient suffers from hypertension, the diuretics used in such cases should be postponed. Gout can also serve as a secondary disease that occurs against the background of prolonged intoxication of the body, as a result of which the diseased kidneys simply become unable to perform their work.

There is also a hereditary factor, becauseThe increased level of uric acid, which occurs when the metabolism is incorrect, is inherited. The higher the level of uric acid, the closer the risk of inflammation of the joints.

Treatment of gout

The basis for the treatment of gouty arthritis is a diet. Patients are advised to restrict the use of foods that contain a large number of purines: meat and fish products, strong tea and coffee, beans, etc. Strictly prohibited alcohol consumption. Although alcoholic beverages do not contain purines, they greatly complicate the excretion of uric acid from the body. It is necessary to reduce the number of proteins and fats consumed before calculating 1 g per 1 kg of the patient's weight. However, it is worth remembering that complete starvation and the deposition of salts are incompatible things.

During an attack, it is necessary to give the patient absolute rest, an ice pack is applied to the sore joint, and after the pain syndrome subsides, a warming compress is applied to the limb. To achieve a stable therapeutic result, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used. However, the drugs themselves, the dose and the frequency of use are prescribed exclusively by the attending physician.

Alkaline drink

Mineral water in the treatment of gout

The volume of liquid drunk, if there is no contraindication, should be increased to 2 liters per day. Special attention should be paid to alkaline drinking. Mineral waters, rich in hydrocarbonate, help urine to acquire a more alkaline environment, with sodium urate practically not converted to insoluble uric acid. A high concentration of uric acid can also lead to the formation of kidney stones. However, in order for the alkaline diet to give the right result, it is necessary to follow certain rules, namely: to combine alkaline drink with the main diet, the water should be very warm and its volume is not less than 500 ml per day, before use it is necessary to release the gas. Usually the course of treatment lasts an average of 30 days, after which it is necessary to take a break for 2-3 months. When observing the deposition of salts, even slightly water is contraindicated. If you follow all the rules, maintain a diet and take all the medications prescribed by your doctor, then two courses of alkaline drinking will be enough to improve the condition of the patient and prevent further occurrences of gout attacks.

Mineral water for gout

The benefits of mineral waters have been known for a long time. Even in the past centuries, high-ranking people went "to the waters", that is, where there were mineral springs. It was not only fashionable and prestigious, but also useful. And today such healing water is an obligatory product in the diet of those who monitor their health. Consider it a universal and miraculous means, something like a fabulous "living" water is not worth it. However, today mineral water is widely used in the treatment of various diseases, for example, gout.

Why does mineral water need gout?

This disease is extremely dangerous. After all, it does not just lead to the formation of painful "cones" on the legs and affects the joints, causing suffering to the patient. If it is not treated, then uric acid will accumulate in the blood, and this can lead to multiple diseases of other important organs, primarily the kidneys.

Therapy for gout should be comprehensive and necessarily include physiotherapy, medications and a special strict diet. In addition, it is required to neutralize the acidic environment of the body.

This is why patients are advised to drink alkaline mineral water. This allows:

  • to eliminate acid-base imbalance, which was formed due to the increased content of uric acid in the body;
  • to fill the deficiency of minerals;
  • make the reception of medications more effective.

Gout is difficult to cure, it's a lengthy process that requires patient responsibility and compliance with many restrictions and rules. You need to drink mineral water constantly, for a long period. This will reduce the severity of seizures and increase the gaps between them.

Mineral water with gout will accelerate recovery, especially if taken in conjunction with medications prescribed by a doctor. In case of exacerbation of the disease, it is even recommended for a patient to drink only alkaline water and a broth of wild rose for several days. From food intake should refrain.

What kind of mineral water should I drink with gout?

The list of names of alkaline waters is rather long today: Naftusya, Luzhanskaya, Essentuki, Swallow, Nabeglavi, Dilijan, Slavyanovskaya. With gout on the feet is most often recommended to use Essentuki 17.

The first people who tried this water were horses. The Cossacks of the Essentuk Redoubt noticed that their horses were not rushing to the river with a watering-place, but with pleasure they were drinking tasteless water from a dubious swamp. He was even jokingly called a horse. Later they became interested in scientists. It turned out that there are such "swamps" 23. Some of them turned out to be too small, but sources number 4 and 17 today are the glory and pride of the resort.

And if without derogations, Essentuki 17 is mineral water, which has a high concentration of mineral salts( hydrocarbonates, chlorides) and is sufficiently saturated with carbon dioxide. Compared with Essentuki 4, it is more saline and concentrated. And it is not surprising, because its underground way to the surface is the longest in comparison with other sources of Caucasian Minvod. It is under the ground that it is absorbed by healing salts and gases.

How to drink alkaline mineral water?

No matter how useful the mineral water, but it is not necessary to completely switch to it, because it is a medicinal, not a dining room. Excess minerals and salts can be no less harmful than their shortage. Therefore, such water can not be drunk uncontrolled, long and long.

How much alkaline water Essentuki 17 needs to be consumed per day is determined by the doctor. For each patient, the dosage is set individually. In the period of remission, it averages 0.5 liters per day, with intensive treatment - 1.5-2 liters. Drink - it is recommended on an empty stomach for 15-30 minutes before meals, the volume is determined by a doctor( usually 200-300 ml).Do it slowly, in small sips. In this case, useful substances will be assimilated best. In this case, the water should be slightly warmed( 36-40 degrees).

Initiate the intake of mineral water for gout in the legs from a small dose and gradually increase them to normal. So it will be easier for a patient to get used to the slightly unusual taste of alkaline water. In addition, the gradual saturation with minerals less harm the body. If the condition worsens, stop taking water and consult a doctor. The duration of the course is from one to one and a half months.

For more effective treatment of gout, alkaline water must be combined with a therapeutic diet.

Mineral Water For Podagre

Category: Health & Beauty |10/03/2015 |0 CommentsPad in medicine is called a rare and dangerous disease that occurs due to a disorder of uric acid metabolism and leads to the accumulation of its excess in tissues and joints. This accumulation results in the deposition of salts in the area of ​​joints, in ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, and sometimes even in the kidneys. The treatment of this ailment is always complex and, along with medications, involves a diet with the exception of foods rich in purines - substances from which uric acid is formed. And to enhance its removal from the body, the patient will benefit from mineral water for gout. More information about the disease and diet for gout is described in this article.

Signs of the disease

A typical sign of gout is the formation of solid nodules in the small and large joints of the hands and feet. In the vast majority of cases, the joint of the big toe is affected, less often the joints of the hands, knees and ankle. The disease is characterized by periodic attacks of acute pain, redness and swelling of the affected joints, as well as an increase in local temperature. In a neglected state, complications can occur in the form of tendovaginitis and bursitis. If the disease takes a chronic course, there is a risk of damage to the internal organs, that is, the development of urolithiasis, atherosclerosis, calculous cholecystitis, and disorders in the digestive tract.

Treatment of the disease

In the complex treatment of gout, a crucial role is assigned to dietary nutrition. The goal of therapeutic nutrition is to reduce the formation and decrease the concentration in the body of uric acid. To do this, experts recommend that the patient limit the use of foods rich in purines. These include: fish, meat, liver and kidneys, all kinds of sausages, caviar, spicy, salted and marinated dishes. In addition, the patient is recommended to remove from the diet vegetables rich in oxalic acid: asparagus, spinach, sorrel, celery and cauliflower. Any grape, alcohol and confectionery products are also prohibited.

However, it is extremely important to think about the increased excretion of uric acid in the urine. For these purposes, it is necessary to limit the use of table salt, which keeps the liquid in the body, and increase the drink to a minimum of 2.5 liters per day.

Mineral water for gout

The most effective way to "wash out" uric acid from the body is drinking mineral water. The purpose of its use is reduced to alkalization of the body, and therefore patients with gout are most suitable sulphate-sodium( for example, Jermuk, Lysogorskaya, etc.) or bicarbonate-sodium( for example, Borjomi, Luzhanskaya, etc.) waters. And, if there are no contraindications( there is no propensity to edema, there are no pathologies of blood vessels and heart), mineral water can be consumed in a larger quantity, that is, 1000-12000 ml / day.

In addition to the main action aimed at ridding the body of uric acid, mineral water is a rich source of silicon and magnesium, it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart muscle and reduces sugar levels. Daily use of mineral water sets up the digestive system, biliary tract and liver, increasing the periods between exacerbations of the disease.

No matter how useful mineral water is for gout, the complex treatment of this illness should include radon and hydrogen sulphide baths, therapeutic gymnastics, massage and mud applications. And in the case of a severely tolerable exacerbation and significant changes in the inflamed joints, medicinal preparations can be used - Anturan, Butadion, Atofan, satsilaty and others. Eat right and take care! Alkaline mineral water for gout. Mineral water for gout. Remedy for gout

Alkaline mineral water for gout. Mineral water for gout. Remedy for gout.

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