Osteoarthritis prevention and treatment

Prevention and treatment of arthrosis

Most doctors claim that there is no cure for arthrosis, the treatment only stops the course of the disease and prevents the joint cartilage from completely collapsing. The name of the disease fully justifies itself, because if you understand it literally, it means "destruction of the joint".According to statistics, arthrosis is manifested in every 6 inhabitants of the planet after 45 years. If you do not start treatment on time, the disease will develop and can lead to disability. The causes of the appearance of the disease are many. Despite the fact that arthrosis is considered an age-related disease, it can appear in young people. In addition to age-related changes, arthrosis can cause:

  • prolonged load on the joint;
  • excess weight;

  • injury to the joints;
  • flat feet;
  • problems with the vessels of the legs;
  • metabolic disorder, leading to failure in the synthesis of cartilaginous tissue;
  • is a hereditary factor.

Degrees of arthrosis

Osteoarticular arthrosis

Arthrosis is conditionally divided into 4 degrees, on the basis of which treatment is prescribed. At the first degree, in spite of the fact that the movements of the joints are limited, the pain sensations are minimal. It is quite difficult to detect the disease at this stage, since even on x-ray photographs there are no special changes yet. However, the articular surfaces are already different from healthy ones, and ossification appears locally on the joints themselves. Elevated temperature, puffiness, skin discoloration is also not observed, so many people at this stage of the disease do not seek medical help, but carry out treatment alone( tinctures, ointments, compresses).In addition, therapeutic gymnastics and a special diet are recommended.

Arthrosis of the second degree is already more palpable. Recognize the disease can not only the specialist, but the patient himself, because the violations are obvious. After any loads or a long walk there are strong enough pain, accompanied by a characteristic crunch in the joints. At this degree of disease treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, folk remedies can only be used as complementary to basic therapy.

If arthrosis has passed to the third degree, the patient will feel a sharp pain, even if the joints are not strained, that is, they are at rest. The sensitivity of the joints will also be affected by weather conditions. It is very difficult for the patient to accept a comfortable position, he walks with a cane, because of the constant pain he falls asleep heavily. In this case, complex treatment is prescribed. It consists of medicines, which are regularly reviewed by specialists, physiotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser treatment, etc. Arthrosis of the fourth degree is characterized by very severe pain. Treatment at this stage does not help, the patient is recommended endoprosthetics( joint replacement).

Home Ointments for Arthrosis

The "Ural Ointment" helped to alleviate the condition for many people, which has a local irritating and warming effect. To make it, 100 g of mustard powder are poured into a glass container, 200 g of salt and paraffin are added. The consistency of the mixture should be pasty. After mixing, the container is covered with a lid and insisted for 12 hours. Apply the remedy to the sick sites for the night, the rests are washed off in the morning with lukewarm water. Store the remedy in a dark place.

The following ointment has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can be used to treat arthrosis of any degree. To make it, take 10 grams of ground herb clover, St. John's wort and hop and mix with 50 g of Vaseline. Prepared mass is transferred into a glass jar, cover with a lid and insist for several hours. If necessary, the product is rubbed into the joint or used for therapeutic massage.

To prepare the next preparation, take a glass of crushed comfrey leaves, ½ cup of liquid honey and olive oil, 2 cups of crushed comfrey roots. The whole mass is mixed with a mixer. Store for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in the freezer. Before use, the mixture is slightly heated, applied to the diseased area and warmed with a bandage. You can keep the bandage all day long.

Treatment of arthrosis folk remedies

Treatment of arthrosis

In equal parts, juniper berries, nettle leaves and sheep oil are prepared. Leaves and berries are ground and combined with oil, mixed and spread in a bowl of dark glass. Store in a cool place. Rub twice a day into diseased joints.

25 grams of vodka and 50 g of crushed elecampane roots are mixed. Insist means two weeks. The finished product is rubbed into the diseased joints. You can alleviate the condition of the patient with the help of honey. To make it mixed in equal parts melted honey, glycerin, alcohol and iodine. The mass is transferred into a container of dark glass. Rub into joints twice a day.

Arthrosis can be treated with specially prepared compresses. For example, take 200 g of cottage cheese and mix it with a glass of yogurt. Cut the gauze into 4 layers and spread the mixture on it, wrap it and apply it to the affected joint, cover it with parchment and wrap it with a warm scarf. After the procedure, the cottage cheese will remain dry, since the damaged joint will absorb all the liquid. Carry out the procedure for 10 days.

A chalk of chalk rubbed on a grater and mixed with kefir until a mushy condition. Spread on gauze and put on a sore spot. Top cover with cellophane or parchment and insulate. Leave the compress at night. For the compress, you can also use the horseradish root. It is finely rubbed, spread on a cloth and applied to a sore spot. Fix with a bandage.

No less useful are coniferous baths. For 200 liters of water take 100 ml of pine extract and 1 kg of sea salt. You can also prepare a decoction, which is then added to the bath. To do this, 1 kg of needles pour 7 liters of water and boil for half an hour. Take a medical bath should be 15 minutes. After that, the joints are rubbed with liquid honey.

Prevention of arthrosis

Prevention of the disease is necessary for people who are part of the rice group: athletes, people with excess weight or leading sedentary lifestyle, diet fans, people with autoimmune, long-term parasitic or hormonal diseases. First of all, prevention is aimed at controlling weight and preventing injuries to the joints. Regular special exercises and wearing comfortable shoes significantly reduce the risk of arthrosis. In addition, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of products containing animal fat, replacing them with sea fish or white poultry meat. Another recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and use vitamins useful for joints.


How can the health of joints be maintained with the help of arthrosis prevention up to 100 years?

Prevention of arthrosis The most effective prevention of arthrosis, as well as the prevention of osteoarthritis - is a combination of various therapies: physical therapy, traditional medicine, medicines, physiotherapy and proper dietary nutrition .It is always worth remembering that preventive measures to prevent the disease are the main factor aimed at preventing arthrosis from ever disturbing.
The main methods for preventing the development of arthrosis joints are: a decrease in body weight( obesity), proper nutrition with the recommendations of a doctor, increased physical activity and compliance with the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Overweight - scourge for joints

It has long been known that the extra weight of a person gives an excessive strain on the joints, and even if the disease is not yet, then under such loads the joints will soon be asked for help. The modern rhythm of life, with its abundance of cars, work for computers and fast food, gave birth to a disease that was previously unknown - hypodynamia. The habit of constantly and for a long time to sit very negatively affects the weakening of the muscles, on the circulation in the body, on the positive state of the ligaments, muscles and cartilage.
Obesity is the most important feral of joints, so it is necessary to closely monitor the weight of your body. Weight rises even and regardless of lifestyle, sometimes simply because of age, but this trend should be caught in time and put on the root to prevent excessive body weight.

Motion and activity is the life of

In order for the disease never to arise, it is important to live in a balanced motor mode. If the joints are healthy, then all physical exercises should not be directed to a static load( that is, not to those exercises that require effort, like lifting the bar and other weights), but to the motor( swimming, running, walking, skiing, etc.).).
These classes very well help to fight against obesity, which is the enemy of joints, and the whole body as a whole. In addition, the movements help improve blood circulation around the articular cartilage, because the cartilage does not contain its own vessels and receives all the nutrition from the joint fluid. Therefore, the improvement of blood supply in the surrounding cartilage tissues, increases the supply of various joints with oxygen and nutrients.
However, it is very important to observe some caution: too much stress on joints, injuries, incorrect exercise, on the contrary, can aggravate the problem. That is why it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or trainer before starting the session, especially if you feel discomfort after class.
For prevention is also good to perform the so-called "joint gymnastics" - the exercises are very simple and do not require the presence of a trainer, or special simulators and equipment. It is also recommended to visit the pool, at least a couple of times a week, because the water in the water reduces the load on the joints.
The listed methods are good only for the prevention of joint diseases, if the diagnosis is already made( for example, arthrosis of the knee joint of 2nd degree), then you can practice in the gym only after consulting a rehabilitation doctor and only under the full supervision of a professional trainer who can develop a personaltraining program. In the acute period of the course of the disease, activities and training are contraindicated at all.

The correct regime of the day is an important factor in the prevention of

. It would seem that there is nothing terrible in that he has not slept enough, has slept a bit, has eaten a bit, did not walk, etc., but in reality all this negatively affects the body and joints, because health is wasted very imperceptibly. It is necessary to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, do not go too late and get up early, eat right and balanced, walk in nature and breathe clean air, improve your emotional state and then all diseases will remain in the distant past and will not arise again.

Joints love heat

Greaves with arthrosis Seated in the summer at the entrance of grandmothers, wrapped in warm leggings and knitted socks, probably know the main postulate of joint arthrosis prevention - joints do not like cold. The same line of behavior is best followed by patients who have osteoarthritis, for example, or arthrosis of the first degree of the knee joint. Very significant benefit in maintaining heat in the area where the joints are located, have knee pads. They can be ordered at the store or sewed from dog hair, or buy special sports that firmly support the joint, fix the knee, warm and warm it. In any case, the main rule for people who have joint diseases is not to supercool themselves and not to chill the elbows, knees or hip joints.

Gentle handling of joints

In no case should injuries be allowed to the joints. Always remember that arthrosis is one of the most common diseases among athletes. Because it was their extreme loads that led to microtraumatic joints, ruptures and tearing of ligaments, sprains. Until good physical form, muscle tone and body weight allow you to fix the joint rigidly, problems can be imperceptible. But at the end of a career, the muscular skeleton is noticeably weakened, the joints become loose, the aching pain and crunch begin.
There is a concept of "posttraumatic" arthrosis, the pain with this disease is very strong. Therefore, it is best to protect joints from blows, injuries and heavy loads in a timely manner, this rule will save you from joint pain in your old age and reduce the chances of creating unnecessary problems.

Proper nutrition with arthrosis

To prevent arthrosis of the joints, it is necessary to observe the right diet and eat balanced, because the joints, cartilages and ligaments react very sharply to what a person eats.
No one will deny that in the modern world food products have become much less useful and natural than before. The quality of a large number of food products, frankly speaking, is simply terrifying. Only 60 years ago, people did not know what a metabolic disorder was in the body, there were 45% of obese people and so many people with joint diseases. Nowadays people eat mainly meat products stuffed with chemistry, snack in fast food restaurants, buy food with flavorings, dyes and preservatives. That is why a diet with arthrosis of the knee joint is a must! After all, there is a wonderful proverb that "we are what we eat".It is very important to properly choose your diet, and experienced experts and nutritionists can help in this.

Chondroprotectors for prophylactic purposes

Chondroprotectors are medications that, apart from a therapeutic purpose, can help and just prevent. But they should be prescribed only by a rheumatologist, no self-medication is allowed.
The first generation of such chondroprotectors is alflutop and rumalon. The second is chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid( ie polysaccharides).And, finally, the third generation - chondroitin sulfate and hydrochloride.
There are a lot of reports on hondoprotectors, because they are accepted by a large number of patients. And many people note the positive dynamics in the course of the disease, especially if patients combined the intake of medications with curative gymnastics, massage and physiotherapy.
But there are also negative reviews - some people think that it is money thrown away. It turns out that not everyone complies with the recommendations for taking chondroprotectors - they take them very short time and do not increase blood circulation in the joints.
It should be noted that of all medications aimed at treating joints, chondroprotectors bring maximum benefit and do not have any side effects, therefore prevention of osteoarthritis must necessarily imply the reception of similar medications.

Using a cane with arthrosis

Cane with arthrosis Walking with a cane helps to relieve the joint from excessive load, so this measure is considered as an auxiliary method for treating lower limb arthrosis. Relying on the shelf, patients with arthrosis of knee or hip joints, reduce by 40% the load that was intended for the patient's joint.
It is extremely important to choose a cane that corresponds to the growth of a person. In order to do this correctly, you have to stand up straight, put your hands down and measure the distance that you get from the wrist and to the floor. It is better if someone helps to do this, so that the data is the most correct. The length is the length of the cane that is needed. Buying a wand, it is worth paying attention to its tip - it should be with a rubber pad that damages all movements and prevents slipping.
It should be noted that in case of left knee disease, the cane should be kept in the right hand, and in the case of the right one, it should be kept in the left arm. When taking a step, you just need to transfer some of your weight to a wand, and walking will become much easier and less painful.
Another little secret - to make arthrosis cause less pain, it is worth buying chairs with armrests protruding forward. Getting up, you should lean on them, focusing on the wrist area( but not on the brush!).Thus, the body weight will be redistributed and the joints will not whine when standing up.

General recommendations for the prevention of arthrosis

There are a few tricks designed to prevent joint diseases from ever disturbing a person. Wearing shoes on a comfortable heel, the use of special insoles and insteps, aqua aerobics. It is not recommended to sit, putting one foot on the other - thus worsening blood circulation in the vessels. And after a tiring day of work, you can do an exercise "bike" - chat with your feet in the air, depicting a ride. This exercise relieves tension in the joints and tones the muscles.
Summing up, it is worth saying that the whole complex of these simple rules and tricks will reliably protect the joints from the first signs of arthrosis, well, and in case the disease has already appeared, will brake its development and maintain a comfortable quality of life for many years.

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Prevention of arthrosis of joints

For the prevention of arthrosis of joints, you must follow the following rules and recommendations, which you will read about in this article.

Choose the right physical activity

Different sports exercises are chosen in accordance with the tasks. To maintain or prolong the health of the joints, you can choose walking, running, skiing or swimming. Motor activity is not only an assistant in the fight against excess kilograms, but also improves blood circulation in the periarticular tissues, as well as their nutrition.

People with whom the problem of arthrosis became relevant, a consultation of a rehabilitator doctor is necessary before choosing any sports loads. Taking into account the individual condition, a set of exercises is developed to slow the destructive processes in the cartilaginous tissues. Special workouts without heavy loads allow you to keep joints in shape.

Eat right

Enriched with microelements and nutrients, the diet is useful to everyone and serves as a preventative for many diseases, including arthrosis. With regard to choosing a specific diet, it is better to consult a specialist, because a wrong or insufficient set of products for daily use can cause health problems.

For people with painful joints, dietary nutrition is simply a necessity. Its goal is both to combat excess weight, and to prevent further destruction of cartilaginous tissues. For example, people with arthrosis are shown to include in the diet of food with gelatin, enriching the body with natural proteins.

Keep joints warm

Subcooling does not benefit the body. It is especially harmful for patients with joints. Therefore, patients suffering from arthrosis, it is very important to keep the body warm. Protect the "weak spots" from cold will help special products based on dog wool, for example, knee pads. In addition to the knee area, hip and elbow joints require warmth.

Do not Overweight

People with obesity are especially at risk of developing arthrosis. In order to prevent illness, it is important to monitor the mass of your body, because extra pounds become an additional burden even for healthy joints, and with existing problems aggravate the condition and provoke rapid progression of destructive processes.

Observe the daily routine of

Any of the body systems does not like the wrong mode and ignoring a healthy lifestyle. You can not neglect a proper and balanced diet, full sleep, outdoor walks. Not the last role in the well-being of a person is played by psychological stability and lack of stress.

Avoid joint injuries

Often arthrosis develops due to joint injuries. For example, athletes increase physical exertion without thinking that this can lead to ligament tears, sprains and micro-injuries. But the loss of elasticity and muscle tone often leads to the appearance of diseases, including arthrosis, in the post-traumatic period. The trend is becoming more pronounced with age.

Take chondroprotectors

Special preparations for joint protection can be taken not only as a treatment, but also as prevention of arthrosis. This may be relevant during recovery from injury or with significant physical exertion. But the doctor should choose the remedy and set its dosage, because at least self-medication will be ineffective, and as a maximum, harmful to health.

Let's rest your feet

Comfortable shoes with a small stable heel also helps to maintain joint health. And it is also useful to remove fatigue from your feet. For this purpose, aqua aerobics classes or at least regular exercises like "bicycle", performed after work everyday at home.

Those who suffer from leg joint diseases are advised to walk with a cane. This will help avoid excessive physical exertion on the focus of the disease and slow the development of pathological processes.

Non-simple rules serve as prevention of joint arthrosis, and when ailment occurs, they help slow down the destructive processes in the joints, thus preserving the most comfortable way of life.


When arthritis is meant, arthrosis is also no exception, it is clear that it should be prescribed by a highly qualified specialist with experience in the relevant field, because not always the usual doctor can accurately determine which of these two diseases the patient suffers from. Treatment of arthritis and arthrosis should be different, because despite the sufficient similarity in symptoms, the reasons for their development are completely different.

How to distinguish arthritis and arthrosis

To treat the disease correctly, one must understand the differences between arthritis and arthrosis. Arthritis is a disease that is associated with inflammatory processes throughout the body. Pain in the joints is only an echo of the disease, that is, one of the symptoms. Arthrosis is not associated with inflammatory processes in the body. With it, in the joint itself, the metabolic process is disrupted, so the tissues of the cartilage and joint gradually begin to break down. Instead of cartilage tissue, various bone growths are formed, which are called spines or salt deposits.

With arthritis, the pain can be quite strong, and it grows without any reason.

Pain occurs not only with physical exertion, but even at rest. Pain sensations can occur quite dramatically. At night, they usually increase and can continue until the morning. Waking up, the patient will experience limited movement due to the fact that the muscles are chained. Unpleasant sensations can last about 2 hours, then the patient gradually "paces" and kneads muscles. Attacks can abruptly occur and last for about a week, then suddenly stop. Such attacks are frequent enough. The disease itself does not manifest itself in any way, and the first symptom is precisely the severe pain, taken, at first glance, out of nowhere. If you actively move, the pain will gradually pass. The pain has a character acute or pulsating. Where there are areas with diseased joints, the skin may have a higher temperature. If you take anti-inflammatory drugs, the pain will gradually disappear, although getting rid of the disease they will not help - arthritis will progress further.

With arthrosis, pain in the joint arises from physical exertion on it. In the morning, pain can disappear. First, the pain is insignificant - it's just a crunch and unpleasant sensation in the joint, but in a few years they grow and become unbearable. Although arthrosis is more typical of dull and aching pain, in some cases, there may be lumbago in the joint. The joint loses its ability to move, so the motor activity of a person is limited. Adjacent muscles can atrophy.

You have to give blood for analysis, do x-rays. The index of ESR( the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation) increases with arthritis, the same applies to leukocytes. This is due to the fact that due to inflammatory processes the immune system starts to actively work. With the help of an X-ray, you can determine the deformation of the joints, which then shows what kind of disease the patient suffers from.

Osteoarthritis is diagnosed much more often than arthritis. Arthritis occurs mainly in people who are older than 40 years. Joint pain is only one of the symptoms, and arthritis has many kinds.

Arthrosis is mainly manifested after 50 years for every third person on the planet. Moreover, every second person after reaching the age of 70 can also be diagnosed.

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Treatment of arthritis

The main treatment for arthritis is the elimination of inflammation and the strengthening of immune defense. The very same treatment must be chosen depending on the form and type of arthritis. First, you need to eliminate all the causes that led to the development of the disease.

Basic rules:

  1. You need to monitor your own power.
  2. You can not drink alcohol and smoke.

For treatment, antibiotics are used that can eliminate bacteria that led to inflammatory processes. Together with them, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be used. And the latter must be inserted inside the joint itself.

It is also important to engage in therapeutic gymnastics in order to develop joints and muscles. In addition, it is necessary to perform various physiotherapeutic procedures that will be useful for joints and muscles.

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Treatment of arthrosis

The main principles in the treatment of arthrosis are: restoration of cartilage tissue and elimination of extra bone growths. Treatment should be performed first on an outpatient basis. After prolonged treatment in the hospital, the patient should be sent to a sanatorium to promote health and restore the entire body.

Various medicines are used as a medicamentous method of treatment. It is necessary to use painkillers, which will help to eliminate strong pain in the joint. Also, doctors prescribe hormonal drugs from a number of adrenocorticotropes.

In addition, it is very important to do physical exercises to develop joints and muscles so that they do not atrophy. For the same purpose, massage is also prescribed so that the muscles can relax. Massage improves blood circulation, and this affects the access of all useful elements to the joints. In addition, massage helps improve the tone of the muscles that are near the joints. Massage should be done from the bottom up, from the fingers to the thigh. It should take at least 25 minutes.

In some severe cases, doctors are forced to use surgical intervention. So, the doctor can partially immobilize the joint and eliminate all the defects in it( cracks and outgrowths).The second variant of surgical treatment is a complete immobilization of the joint. You can apply prosthetics.

Then the destroyed joint is completely replaced with a prosthesis made of plastic, ceramic or metal alloy. In general, the artificial joint can last up to 20-30 years. This procedure is completely safe for the patient's health. Within a week the patient is discharged, and after six months he will not feel any discomfort from the new joint. The mobility of the limb will be fully restored. This procedure on average costs about 250-300 thousand rubles, and half of the amount goes to pay for the prosthesis itself. The operation can be carried out at any age. According to statistics, this procedure is carried out by people after 50-60 years, but there are examples of how the joint takes root without any complications in patients after 80 years.

Useful advice

If the joint is not completely worn out, doctors recommend medicines that contain glucosamine sulfate.

This substance is a natural substance. It is obtained from the shells of various marine inhabitants. This substance can improve metabolism in the joint, and also strengthen it. For example, on the basis of this natural element, the drug Don was created. This medication helps not only to eliminate all the symptoms, but also slows the development of the disease.

You can also use folk recipes. Good help is grasses such as cowberry, black currant, birch buds, nettle, violet, corn, dandelion, burdock, sabelnik.

In general, in order not to suffer from such terrible diseases, prevention of arthrosis and arthritis is necessary. Perfect fit moderate physical activity, classes in various sports, walking in the fresh air, it is necessary to do exercises at least once a day. It is important to monitor your own diet so that the diet includes foods that contain enough vitamins and microelements for the full exercise of the body.


But if the first symptoms of these diseases were noticed, then it is necessary to consult a doctor for advice and diagnosis to treat the disease correctly. Treatment should be carried out with the help of medications and physiotherapy. In addition to them, you can use proven recipes from traditional medicine.


Prevention and treatment of knee arthrosis: folk remedies and gymnastics

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Deforming osteoarthritis is easier to prevent than cure - this is an indisputable fact. A healthy lifestyle is the basis for the prevention of arthrosis of the knee joint. A complex of exercises, folk remedies, a diet and an optimistic attitude will save you from the disease, and if the problem is already there, help to stop the destruction of the joint.

Deforming osteoarthritis is easier to prevent than treat - this is an indisputable fact. Once launched, the pathological process will not stop on its own. When the destruction of the cartilage has already begun, to prevent the complete immobilization of the joint is only capable of correctly selected treatment. Traditional and folk treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint articulation, diet, intake of dietary supplements, as well as baths, mud, sea bathing - all this has a favorable effect on the condition of the knees and does not allow the disease to win.

Arthrosis of the knee joint: gymnastics and K0

Prevention of arthrosis of the knee joint means measures to prevent the disease and prevent its exacerbations.

To prevent the development of the disease will help:

  • motor activity;
  • prevention and treatment of joint injuries;
  • correction of "mistakes of nature" - correction of flat feet, curvature of limbs, congenital dislocation of the hip.

Often you can hear that physical activity "wear out" the joints - this is fundamentally not true. It would be strange if arthrosis of the knee joint caused a complex of morning exercises. On the contrary, physical education, promote the mobility of joints, strengthen muscles, improve coordination of movements, prevent injuries and diseases, not worse, and even better than the popular "popular treatment".Osteoarthritis of the knee joint, more precisely its prevention in people with joint injuries, overweight, lack of physical training does not imply heavy loads, but dosed walking, cycling, swimming, special joint exercises will only benefit.

Walking is the main physical load of a person, and it is she who should become a favorite anti-arthrosis "folk" remedy. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint limits the time of stress on the joints to 30-40 minutes, but during the day the patient should walk up to 7 km.

What exercises can perform arthrosis of the knee joint? The complex of exercises should include, first of all, stretching and slow movements with increasing amplitude. In this case, it is better not to engage in amateur activities, but to get recommendations from a physician at the exercise room. Specifically designed for arthrosis of the knee joint gymnastics, including a competent set of exercises, will help increase knee mobility, will stimulate blood circulation and promote cartilage regeneration.

Nutrition for arthrosis

Overweight is a common problem for the body, but for the knee joints it is just a killer factor. Suffice it to say that an increase in body weight of only 1 kg adds 4 kg of load per knee joint. Normalization of weight helps to reduce this load and prevent gonarthrosis, gymnastics in this case is a great help.

Note, there is no special diet for arthrosis. Folk dishes such as pork ears, legs, holodtsa, that is, products containing collagen, are certainly useful, but not enough to become an apotheosis of folk therapy of arthrosis of the knee joint. In the diet of patients with arthrosis must necessarily include a complex of products - suppliers of calcium, B vitamins, C.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint folk remedies

As self-help for arthrosis of the knees, rubs, ointments, herbal compresses that improve blood circulation in the joint region are effective. Folk remedies serve as an effective distraction therapy during exacerbations, warm, help reduce pain, relax muscles, ligaments, improve joint mobility, help restore cartilage and calm down the disease.

There is no doubt about the benefits of therapeutic muds, baths, sea bathing, massage, outdoor walks. In addition to directly affecting the joints, they help to relieve tension, tune in to recovery, which is very important for any disease, including deforming arthrosis.


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