Children's massage with flat feet

Pediatric flatfoot massage

Massage with flat feet in children

Pediatric flatfoot massage

Flat feet - this is a deformity of the foot, which is accompanied by the lowering of its arches - longitudinal or transverse. Frontal lobe is usually diagnosed in children during adolescence, but it can also occur in younger children, it is difficult to detect the presence of deformity until the age of three, because during this period the feet of all children, even healthy ones, are flattened.

Clinic of the disease

Clinic of the disease

At the time of the birth of the child, the arch of the foot is filled with a fatty layer, which makes the foot itself even. Over time, the interlayer disappears and the correct shape of the vault appears.

Causes of flatfoot development in children

Before talking about ways to eliminate flatfoot, you need to understand the reasons that can cause it. There are several:

  • congenital pathology is the most rare cause of flat feet in children, it accounts for only 3% of the total number of cases;
  • prolonged wearing of shoes - numerous studies conducted by medical workers and doctors of sciences have shown that children who walk barefoot much less often suffer from flat feet than those who are constantly in shoes;
  • poor quality and uncomfortable shoes - the very fact of constant wearing of shoes increases the risk of flat feet, if the shoes are also uncomfortable, the risk increases several times;
  • low physical activity - modern children are increasingly changing their walks on the street for a while at the computer monitor. In this regard, the muscles of the foot become weaker, and can not protect it from the load during walking or running. As a consequence - flat feet;
  • improper diet - it is also attributed to factors contributing to the development of flatfoot, so it is very important to monitor the full nutrition of the child, enrich it with products containing phosphorus and calcium.
Degrees of flatfoot

Degrees of flatfoot

After the causes of flatfoot development are listed, you can proceed to the methods of its elimination. It should be noted that the earlier the flat foot is revealed, the more effective will be its treatment.

Therefore, you need to watch very carefully the child, it is obligatory to seek the help of a specialist if it is noticed that the toddler is clumsy or makes an emphasis on the inside of the foot while walking - this feature of the gait immediately catches the eye, can not go unnoticed.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles are considered one of the most effective ways to combat flatfoot. They are made of elastic material, so do not give the child uncomfortable sensations while walking. Such insoles can be used to prevent flat feet and treat existing deformities.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles

In the first case, insoles are bought in regular specialized stores, and in the latter case they are made by a qualified orthopedist on the basis of a foot impression or its computer model. Accordingly, the insole used to treat flatfoot, can not be used repeatedly, especially by other children.

Therapeutic physical training

LFK is also considered a very effective way to eliminate flat feet in a child. Exercises are represented by a very wide complex, so they can be selected only by a highly qualified specialist who has the proper education. The complex of exercises includes walking. It is performed on the socks, heels, and the lateral part of the foot.

LFK with flat feet

LFK with flatfoot

There are also many exercises with objects - balls, walking sticks, etc. Regardless of which complex of exercises is chosen for a specific child, the task of exercise therapy remains unchanged - strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the foot.

Flatfoot massage

It is known that the human foot is held in the correct position due to the muscles and ligaments that support it by contraction and elongation under the influence of loads. And if these muscles are relaxed, not strong enough, the arch of the foot begins to deform, flat feet develop.

Accordingly, in order for the foot to have an anatomically correct shape, you need to strengthen its muscles and ligaments, you can do it yourself, performing certain exercises, leading a healthy lifestyle, and also with the help of a massage, which can only be done by qualified specialists.

Foot massage

Foot massage

Based on the above, it is possible to single out the main goals, which can be achieved by massage with flat feet in children: muscle strengthening;the removal of muscle tension and fatigue, which occurs in the course of a long stay in an upright position;reduction of pain syndrome;restoring the spring functions of the foot.

Also during the professional massage improves lymph and blood circulation, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the foot, the entire body as a whole.

It should be noted that foot massage is considered one of the most effective methods of flatfoot prevention, but no less effective in the complex therapy aimed at its treatment.

As for the method of performing a child's massage, all manipulations are performed in the position of the child - lying on the back. After some time the child turns over on the stomach - the massage continues.

During manipulations, such techniques as stroking, kneading, rubbing and vibration are used. Particular attention is paid to the muscles of the lower leg and the foot. The rate of massage with flat feet suggests about 15 sessions, depending on the degree of deformation. Massage is performed every other day.

Usually the whole massage procedure is divided into two parts. Initially, a general massage is done before the lesson of therapeutic gymnastics. After completing the exercises for another 5 minutes, it is recommended to do a restorative massage.

Regarding the sequence of the therapeutic massage, the massage is initially performed by the massage therapist. Next, the transition to the Achilles tendon, then - to the outside of the shin. After that, a massage is performed, aimed at warming the back of the foot. Next - massage soles.

Massage of the sole

Massage of the sole

After some time, during which the calf muscle massage is performed, the masseur again returns to the foot workout. In this case, depending on the leg area on which the massage is performed, the technique of its implementation and the techniques used differ. Therefore, such manipulations can only be trusted by specialists.

In order for procedures to be effective, the child is recommended to additionally perform physical exercises from the exercise therapy, which are also aimed at strengthening the muscles of the foot. It can be walking on heels and toes, on the back side of the foot, as well as manipulation with balls, rubber pear. In addition, especially useful in this case will be riding a bike, walking barefoot on sand or pebbles.

Many children suffering from flat feet, in combination with massage procedures are recommended to sign up for swimming. In this case, the strengthening of the muscles and ligaments of the foot will occur in a shorter period, and the result will become more noticeable.

A child should provide high-quality shoes, equipped with a supinator, necessary to maintain the inner arch of the foot. Also need to remember - the back of the shoes should be high with lacing.

Only with an integrated approach to fighting flatfoot, treatment will be successful. To correct deformity of the foot in childhood is quite simple, regardless of its degree.

Video - Pediatric Flank Massage

Pediatric Flank Massage: Technique and Exercise

Massage with flat feet in children is a restorative procedure that helps to relieve fatigue and possible pain in the legs. With the proper performance of the massage, the spring properties of the foot and its general functionality are restored and not only the immediate processing of the foot area is performed, but also the entire limb is massaged, since in this pathology all muscle groups need relaxation.

What is platypadia and why is massage so important in the development of this pathology in children?

Flat-footedness in clinical practice is considered as straightening of the longitudinal arch of the foot, as a result of which there is a significant increase in the load on its inner edge. This pathology, which occurred in childhood, may be the result of early rising, walking, or having suffered rickets. In the event that the child has a change in the shape of the foot, it can signal the appearance of flat feet. At the same time, true flat feet in infants are very rare, and most often they are flat-valgus deformities of the foot.

Note: this condition is due to the fact that the baby bones are very soft, and easily subjected to stretching and deformation.

With the development of flat feet, the ability of the foot to resist the load is greatly reduced, the muscles of the feet and shins are overextended, and the child's legs very quickly become tired. Foot massage with flat feet in children, according to experts, is an obligatory procedure. If the parents do not pay attention to the development of anxiety symptoms at the time, the baby may develop deviations in general development because of the problems that arise when mastering stereotypical walking, running and jumping. The child will not be able to fully play with peers due to the development of rapid fatigue and muscle pain. It should be emphasized that in pediatric practice, foot massage is usually performed together with a strengthening whole body massage.

Note: Many experts insist that only a foot massage is an ineffective procedure, since the muscles of the lower extremities are controlled by nerves originating in the lumbar spinal cord, so every limb massage should begin with a massage of the lower back. With the development of flat feet, it is recommended to carry out a fairly energetic symmetrical massage( the baby should lie on the abdomen, the arms are stretched along the body, the head is turned to the side).

When performing a massage procedure under the ankle joint a small roller is placed.

Massage equipment

At first, the baby should be placed on the stomach, and then turned over on the back. Begin the procedure from the hip area, gradually descending below, carefully massaging the shin, and then proceeding to massage the feet. There are several ways to treat flat feet in children with a massage: rubbing, kneading, stroking or performing light vibratory movements with a special massage.

Recommendation: All these methods experts recommend using alternately( each of them affects the muscle tissue in its own way).

During the massage, much attention is paid to the front and back of the shin, as well as the area of ​​the foot. Raspiraya and slightly pressing on the muscles, you need to try to slightly shift the bones of the foot. Due to the differential effect on the stretched muscles and ligaments, their total tension is removed and normal functioning is restored. The duration of the massage with flat feet should be 10-15 minutes. Such procedures experts advise to perform every other day for a month. An even greater effect of the massage will be achieved if it is combined with exercises of exercise therapy, allowing to consolidate the result. Such a complex treatment will not only help get rid of flat feet, but also improve the metabolism, acting on a growing organism, as a restorative.

  1. When performing the massage, the child's leg should be bent at the knee, after which the sole and the back of the foot should be rubbed for twenty seconds from the fingers to the ankle.
  2. Then the right hand drops the little finger, and the left finger rises the ring finger( and vice versa).Such movements on each toe should be performed six times.
  3. Stroking movements massaged foot from toe to heel( duration of exercise 30 seconds).
  4. The heel is held with the left hand, and the right one is raised and lowered simultaneously all the fingers. This procedure should be repeated 5-6 times.
  5. Within 30 seconds, the toes of both hands are kneaded and rubbed with the fingers of both hands, and then the heels.
  6. Both hands grasp the right leg in the ankle area, followed by stroking movements( up to the knee).This procedure is repeated 10 times, then a ten-fold kneading in the same direction and again stroking. Similar actions are performed with the left foot.
  7. The thigh area is also massaged( at least ten times from the knee to the groin).
  8. At the end of the massage, the entire limb is stroked from the foot to the groin. Each leg is massaged with both hands, first left, and then right( 10 times).

Massage for the youngest

When flat feet occur, children do not experience severe pain, and the pathology itself develops very slowly. That's why experts recommend that you carefully follow the contour of the foot of the child, so as not to miss the emerging deformation. It should be emphasized that at the initial stage it is much easier to get rid of flat feet to a child than in a neglected form. In children aged 1-2 years in the soles of the subcutaneous fatty tissue is very well developed, because of which some parents mistake it for flat feet. To avoid such misunderstandings, you should seek help from a specialist.

Note: when making a diagnosis, the doctor pays attention to how the heel bone is located( with flat feet it deviates outwards).

Children up to one year are recommended the following massage techniques:

Very often the compassionate request of the child to take on the hands of many parents is regarded as a whim. And in vain! In most cases, leg fatigue during walking is the first alarming sign of developing flat feet. An excellent method of treatment is massage with flat feet in children. It is a very important component of the treatment of flat feet in children and has its own characteristics, as well as the technique of carrying out.

Aims and tasks of the massage with flat feet

Massage of children's feet helps to strengthen all muscles, reduces pain, reduces fatigue during movement, improves lymph circulation. Massage from flat feet for children also helps to eliminate any stagnant phenomena in the vessels of the legs, restores the function of damping the feet, their springing properties.

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Children's massage with flatfoot can safely be prescribed before exercise gymnastics from flat feet and afterwards as a recovery. Massage of the feet of children can be combined with warm foot baths, as well as with contrast, when warm water alternates with cool water.

It is important to know that it's better to attend massage sessions with qualified masseurs who have the appropriate skills and do not harm the health of your kids.

Today there is a huge number of different devices for massage with flat feet - massage rollers, rugs, balls. In comparison with professional massage from flat feet, they, naturally, are not so effective, however, are very useful as an addition to it. It is not recommended to use these devices as an alternative to a real massage. To achieve the greatest benefit in combating flatfoot, you can combine the use of these devices with a professional massage.

Basic rules and duration

Massage session for children has certain rules, which are necessary: ​​

  • first apply the simplest massage techniques, gradually flowing into more complex ones;
  • all massage techniques for children are performed with extreme caution;
  • movements are carried out exclusively in the supine position, when the muscles of the child are not stressed and there is no load on the locomotor apparatus of the child( ligaments and joints of small children are not completely formed yet - sharp tremors injure the musculoskeletal system of children)

As for the duration of the massage sessions,then often the course lasts from 12 to 20 procedures( this depends on the severity of the cases, strictly according to the doctor's prescription).Time 1 session can take from 7 to 20 minutes. In a year spend at least 3-4 courses.

The massage technique

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With flat feet, massage is done when the baby is on the stomach or on the back. The fingers are carefully massaged in the child( the emphasis is on the first), the foot( mostly its inner edge), the shin( especially its front surface).It is very important to keep in mind that vibratory massage techniques can not be performed on the front surface of the shin, and kneading should be limited.

During the procedure of flatfoot massage, it is necessary to carry out exclusively corrective exercises, such that strengthen the muscles of the baby, support the inner arch of the foot. First passive and then active movements must be combined correctly with the gymnastics from flat feet: turning the feet inside, rear bending, picking up small objects with the fingers of the feet, sliding one foot on the other's legs, squeezing and unclenching the toes, rolling a small ball,others.

Mandatory massage with flat feet in children includes: impact on the lower back, thigh muscles and buttocks, and, of course, on the foot itself. So, let's turn to the technique itself:

  1. Belt zone, buttocks

Special attention is to the sacral triangle: rubbing, kneading. On the gluteal muscles - rubbing, kneading and vibration.

  1. Zone - hip

Relaxing muscle tone of movement is directed from the knee joint up to the hip joint.

  1. Shin area

Begins with light, relaxing techniques: strokes in the direction from the ankle to the baby's knee. Rapid, rhythmic movements rub the shin with a shift of the skin. Further toning - deep kneading. Next, the points are toned: massing along the vertical line for 30-60 seconds at each point. The last stage is muscle relaxation, easy stroking.

stop area The main focus is on the inner, outer and transverse parts of the child's foot. All techniques are performed from the fingers to the ankle joint. First, the muscles are relaxed by stroking. After passing to the massaging of the sole with an emphasis on the inner edge and at the base of the first finger. This is the main part of the session. Effects are made on all points of the foot.

Do not forget that flat feet will develop if you do not take any measures to overcome it. Children often flat feet develop slowly, so you should pay due attention to the complaints of the child, periodically examine it, show the doctor. Massage from flat feet for children never hurts - because the mechanism of the massage from flat feet on the child's body has an exceptionally positive effect for the treatment of flatfoot at any stage.

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Pediatric massage with flatfoot

Massage: on the inner surface of the foot and shin the muscles are overstretched and relaxed. First massage is carried out on the inner surface of the foot. Stroking of each finger( 1 and 2 fingers), interosseous gaps, pincer stroking along the inner edge of the foot, stroking the ankle joint with the thumbs, transition to the interosseous interval, the inner edge of the shin, spiral grinding, gum-grinding including fingers, transition to the shank with ring grinding, gummed kneading, vibration - effleurage, chopping, puncturing.
Next, massage the external surface of the foot and lower leg( 3,4 and 5 fingers): stroking the fingers, interosseous gaps, pinched stroking, spiral grinding, gum-grinding along the outer edge of the foot with the transition to the shin. Duration of massage 10 min.15 sessions. After 1.5-2 months.repeat the course. Massage is performed in combination with a back massage.
Gymnastics: fix the ankle joint, perform rotational movements to the outside, perform equalizing movements of the foot, flexion and extension of each finger, dilution of the fingers, bend the legs of the child in the knees and press the palms on the socks, causing resistance( strengthen the muscles of the foot).Active movements: Drum roll( sitting on the floor, the child knocks with fingertips), pulling objects with your feet using a towel, rolling a bottle, walking on socks in a straight line, walking on pebbles. It is also recommended to wear the supinators.http: // /ru/news/ 201. ..

http: // watch? V = rXDs5my0wWQ

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