The ring finger on the right arm hurts

Numbness in the fingers of the right hand

Unpleasant numbness and tingling of the fingers usually results from a lack of blood supply to the hand, for example, if the person has been in a position for a long time in which the blood vessels are temporarily squeezed. From the point of view of medicine, this is perfectly normal. Moreover, bringing the hand into motion "disperses the blood", and everything is normalized. But when numbness of the fingers of the hand takes a systematic character and is often accompanied by pain and impaired mobility in the joints of the fingers, this is an abnormal condition.

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This may indicate the presence of inflammation, diabetes, pathology of the intervertebral disc or the onset of multiple sclerosis. Also numbness of the fingers of the right hand is an indicator of peripheral neuropathy.

Causes of numbness in the right hand fingers

Numbness in the fingers of the right arm arises for many reasons. Among them:

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  • tunnel syndromes;
  • osteochondrosis of thoracic and cervical spine;
  • cervical spondylosis;
  • herniated intervertebral disc;
  • neck injury;
  • polyneuropathy in chronic alcoholism;
  • endocrine polyneuropathies in diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • peripheral vascular disease( vasoconstriction due to the accumulation of cholesterol on their walls limits the flow of blood to the extremities);
  • Raynaud's disease( or Raynaud's syndrome);
  • pernicious anemia( deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body).

It should be borne in mind that with polyneuropathies, numbness of the fingers of the right hand is combined with the symmetrical numbness of the hands and fingers of the left hand and with numbness and impaired leg mobility.

With pernicious anemia( which in women is more common than in men), the pathology begins to manifest not only numbness of the fingers and toes, but also symptoms such as weakness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, diarrhea, and burning pain in the tongue - when usedsour and spicy food.

But with Raynaud's disease( or Raynaud's syndrome), the numbness of the fingers of the right hand is due to a sharp spasm of the blood vessels in the fingers, which is accompanied by pallor and cyanotic hands, painful sensations and a constant sense of coldness in them. Among the reasons for this syndrome, doctors call not only a prolonged stay in the cold and frequent hand injuries, but also rheumatic diseases such as system scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, nodular periarthritis, etc. Reynaud syndrome can be caused by certain diseases of blood vessels, blood andcentral nervous system.

Symptoms of numbness in the right hand fingers

Typical symptoms of numbness in the fingers of the right hand are manifested as paresthesia. First of all, it is the loss of the exteroceptive( superficial) sensitivity of one or several fingers at once. In addition, there are sensations of itching and "crawling crawling," as well as burning and cold in the fingers.

With prolonged monotonous load or inconvenient posture( when the hand is "stuck"), this is due to a temporary violation of the blood supply to the limb, as a result of which the conduction of nerve impulses changes. If a few minutes after changing the position of the body( or rubbing fingers) numbness passes, then this is the specified case.

With the constantly appearing numbness of the fingers of the right hand, paresthesias become a sign of either pathology of any parts of the nervous system, or neurodegenerative processes, or autoimmune diseases( systemic lupus erythematosus).In this case, you need to resort to medical care.

Symptoms of numbness of the fingers of the right hand, as well as fingertips, as doctors say, mostly arise due to the damage to nerve fibers in osteochondrosis or are a consequence of compression of nerve trunks in pathologies of the peripheral nervous system.

Numbness of little finger and ring finger of right hand

Numbness in the fingers of the right hand is the most prominent sign of tunneling neuropathies. Nerve trunks from the spinal cord to the fingertips go through special canals, which narrow down in some places between vertebrae. It is in these places that the nerve is squeezed, which leads to the development of so-called tunnel syndromes or peripheral neuropathies, which account for 30% of diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

So, numbness of the little finger and numbness of the ring finger of the right hand can be the result of the syndrome of the cubital canal( ulnar nerve compression syndrome).The ulnar nerve, which conducts nerve impulses to the little finger and half of the ring finger, passes through the cubital canal located behind the inner side of the elbow.

Most often, the numbness of the little finger and numbness of the ring finger of the right hand with neuropathy of the ulnar nerve can be noted when the elbow joint is for a long time in a bent state. Therefore, so often on such symptoms complain those who work with the support of the elbow on the surface( table, machine, etc.).In addition, with elbow joint overloads in drivers and musicians, with injuries to athletes, as well as during work associated with vibration, the joint and ligaments thicken. As a result, there is a syndrome of the cubital canal and its symptom appears - numbness of the right little finger and numbness of the ring finger of the right hand, which can be accompanied by pain under pressure on the elbow and weakness in the hand. It is impossible to neglect the neuropathy of the ulnar nerve: it threatens the atrophy of the muscles of the hand.

Numbness of the right thumb

Carpal tunnel syndrome( from the Greek karpos - wrist) causes numbness of the right thumb, numbness of the index finger of the right hand, numbness of the middle finger of the right arm and half of the ring finger. In this case, the median nerve is squeezed as it passes through the wrist canal.

This happens from a constant voltage with a prolonged static and dynamic load on one group of muscles and on the wrist joint( for example, when working at a computer, as well as at painters, seamstresses, violinists).This syndrome, narrow specialists are also called stenosing ligamentosis of the transverse ligaments: with excessive loads on the hand, tendons of the wrist joint swell and squeeze the nerve trunk. It is for this reason that the fingers grow numb, and often numb fingers of the right hand at night, and in the morning a person can feel the stiffness of the movements with his fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can also occur with such diseases as arthrosis, arthritis, neurofibroma, hemangioma, etc. It is necessary to treat this syndrome, since the muscles of the thumb can be atrophied and the person will not be able to bend it.

Numbness of the right index finger of the right hand

In dystrophic disorders in the cartilages of vertebral joints - osteochondrosis - their elasticity, strength and shape decrease, which leads to pinching of nerve fibers. As a result, patients complain of pain in the neck, shoulder girdle and chest, frequent headaches, fatigue, blood pressure changes, dizziness and tinnitus, impaired coordination of movements, "flies" before the eyes. In addition, neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine are numbness of the index finger of the right hand. At the same time, numbness is often felt in the thumb.

Numbness of the index finger of the right hand can be a consequence of pathologies of the elbow joint, in the first place, such as arthrosis( epicondylosis) and arthritis. With arthrosis, the elbow joint begins to break down and becomes inflamed, which leads to pain giving to the wrist, limiting the mobility of the arm at the elbow, numbness of the fingers, and the inability to squeeze the hand normally into a fist.

And with arthritis of the right elbow joint, inflammation leads to impaired conduction of nerve impulses and numbness of the index finger of the right arm. Arthritis can occur as a result of infection, as well as after injuries or constant overloads of the elbow joint.

Numbness of the middle finger of the right hand

If the numbness of the middle finger of the right hand is present with partial loss of the index finger sensitivity, the physicians see the cause of this pathology in functional disorders of the intervertebral discs, cervical discs or muscles of the cervical region. These disorders occur with compression action on the nerve endings, which manifests itself not only in the form of paresthesia, but also weakness of the fingers, as well as pain in the forearm and shoulder.

Numbness of the middle finger of the right hand occurs when the distal processes of the nerve endings of the radial nerve are affected. That is, it is peripheral neuropathy, which can develop after stretching or nerve pitting, for example, with subluxation of the elbow joint. But the most typical cases are associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, which was mentioned earlier.

Treatment of numbness in the right hand fingers

Treatment of numbness in the fingers of the right hand should be directed at the cause of the onset of this symptom. If the cause is in pernicious anemia, then the intake of vitamin B12 is prescribed. If numbness of the fingers of the right hand is caused by osteochondrosis, arthrosis, intervertebral disc disorders, then conservative therapy will include medication removal of pain and prevention of further dystrophic changes in the vertebrae with the help of physiotherapy procedures and therapeutic physical training.

Treatment of numbness in the fingers of the right hand, prescribed by the doctor in peripheral neuropathies( carpal tunnel syndrome and the syndrome of the cubital canal) is to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and reduce the load on the joints with the help of special orthopedic devices.

In acute pain, a doctor can prescribe injections of corticosteroids into the joint area, and also apply drugs aimed at improving blood microcirculation, for example, trental.

Trental( analogous to pentoxifylline, pentylin, vasonite, etc.) stimulates metabolic processes and improves blood circulation in the tissues of the central nervous system, limbs and kidneys. It is prescribed for violations of cerebral circulation( with atherosclerosis), ischemic stroke, peripheral circulatory disorders of various etiologies, as well as paresthesia and Reynaud's syndrome. The doctor sets the dosage individually, usually 2-4 tablets 2-3 times during the day( after eating).However, in some cases, the drug gives such side effects as dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, stool disorders, stomach pain, redness of the face, violation of the heart rate, lowering blood pressure. Trental is contraindicated with a tendency to bleeding, with hemorrhagic stroke and hemorrhage in the retina, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. Those who suffer from severe arteriosclerosis of vessels, arrhythmia, ischemic heart disease and sharp differences in blood pressure, this drug is administered with caution.

In the treatment of numbness of the fingers of the right hand - besides medications - physiotherapy( thermal procedures), massage, physiotherapy exercises( joint exercises, exercises for strengthening and stretching the muscles of the forearm), reflexotherapy are widely used.

If all methods of conservative treatment of numbness in fingers with tunnel syndromes do not produce the desired result, then an extension of the carpal( or cubital) canal can be proposed surgically. This weakens the constant pressure on the nerve column, and the person ceases to feel the numbness of the fingers of the right hand.

An unnamed finger grows numb on the right hand ↑

An unnamed finger, like the little finger, is innervated by the ulnar nerve, the same causes can cause symptoms in this area. On the right arm, the ring finger of the also becomes numb because of the tunnel syndromes of the hand itself, with the compression of small branches of the nerves.

Sometimes this can be a manifestation of Dupuytren's contracture in the emergence of connective tissue nodes. If there is pain in the neck, giving off along the elbow or on the front side of the chest, this is a clear sign of muscle-tonic, compression-ischemic syndromes. Night flowing in the ring finger and little finger, giving away to the fingertips is no exception.

Nudes the right index finger of the right hand ↑

For the innervation of the index finger on the right hand meets the right radial( the base of the finger) and the median( pads) nerves. This site is one of the most involved in everyday work. In case of violations, violations in the osteoarticular system should be eliminated. The phalanx is worried about the nail or pads. With okolonogtovom numbness should pay attention to the condition of the nails and exclude onychomycosis. Pillow worried mainly with neurological disorders.

Nemeth the middle finger of the right hand ↑

The innervation of the middle finger is one of the most difficult on the hand, as all the nerve branches of the brush answer for its work. Quite rare in this area is concerned about numbness separately, since other sites should also be sick.

If there is numbness of the middle finger on the right, it can also give to the little finger. When worried at the top left, the base of the index finger and the tip of the thumb are connected.

Enlarged thumb of the right hand ↑

Innervation of the median nerve

On the right arm, numbness of the large( first) finger may appear. For the sensitivity of the pads and the inner part of the hand, the palm - the median nerve responds. At the base of the finger outside - ray.

Patients often say that in addition to numbness on their right thumb they have a pain in the palm of their hand, the pain goes to the elbow from the top, intensifies when turning by hand.

Indeed, many patients complain that the right arm is numb at night, after or during sleep. Factors to the emergence of quite a lot, ranging from an inconvenient pillow and ending with swelling due to problems with the kidneys.

The first thing with such complaints is to find out a few simple questions:
  1. How well mattress and pillow is matched;
  2. Do you have chronic pain in the lower back, neck?
  3. Does it get to sleep in any position of the body or there are favorite poses( a healthy person does not have habitual positions in a dream);
  4. Is the head and trunk in one axis?
  5. How quickly the dream comes, whether there is no insomnia at night.
The banal habit of falling on the right side causes compression of the vessels of the hand and subsequent symptoms of a lack of blood circulation in the form of tingling, crawling "goosebumps."

Although all these factors are important, they only provoke symptoms and are not the main cause of the disease. For example, with degenerative-dystrophic processes in the cervical region, it is unacceptably long to bend the cervical region, as this causes the infringement of nerves and vessels.

If passes over the right arm of the , the brachial flapper periarthrosis should be excluded, in the elbow of is right-sided epicondylitis.

Finger tips grow numb on the right hand ↑

Finger tips on the right limb can become numb, dumb, accompanied by a display. Numbness in all fingers of the right hand should simultaneously push the doctor to systemic diseases. To such it is possible to carry a lot of problems with the endocrine and immune system, starting from diabetes and ending with arthritis.

Much more common signs appear in one or more fingers. For example, the little finger cushion and the nearest half of the nameless on the right hand. Or the first, index, middle and part of the ring finger, while the little finger does not bother. In such cases it is necessary to check with a vertebrologist for problems in the cervical department.

Causes and treatment ↑

Having analyzed the symptoms of numbness in the right hand, one can assume in which particular system of the body the problem arose-the locomotor apparatus, the endocrine system, the immune, cardiovascular or nervous. Therefore, it may be necessary to consult a vertebrologist, a chiropractor, an endocrinologist, an immunologist, a neurologist, a cardiologist, a rheumatologist and some others.

Having found out the reason, it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible. Without treatment, manifestations deteriorate until complete loss of sensitivity, weakness in the hands and loss of their function.

A nauseating finger on the right hand is sore. Straight to touch impossible. What could it be?

Olesya Dzhandarova

a in menya, middle, this is not a joke, ventilator gone. I feel empathy for you, I hope, will pass. And can someone bite?

Onotole Onotole

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rain can you hit something, and dislodged it?


do not worry!common cold. a day or two will pass. .

Leonid Kutny

In general, the tip of the little finger can tell about the state of the heart. Therefore, if there were no physical injuries: impact, pressing, puncturing, etc., there is an occasion to visit the cardiologist.

Alexey Konshin

Maybe it's time to cut it. A small incision, removal of pus and dressing. This is the worst thing that awaits you, and can you wait for more unpleasant things?
In short, tomorrow morning go to the surgeon in the clinic!

Bruising the ring finger of the right hand. It hurts when I bend to the extremity, looks unnaturally to the left( towards the little finger). What is this

Lena Karaseva

maybe a dislocated small descend to the traumatologist

Anton Chernyatin

X-ray must make

Numbness of the fingers of the little finger and an unnamed right hand. Help.

Anatoly. Korablev.

This is associated with blood vessels, consult a doctor.


something that lasted for 3 days is already bad
To a neurologist.

dmitriy shepida

The vessels could be hammered, it is better to contact a doctor urgently so you can lose your hands.

** irina **

problems 3.4 vertebra!check the back

Ir @

Osteochondrosis neck

I- on the right

There are several options why this happens. But only a neuropathologist can see this. Very similar to microinsult. In this case, you need to call an ambulance, because, the faster the treatment starts, the better the outcome.


This is not a microinsult. This is cervical osteochondrosis. Probrusias certainly are. MRI should be done and go to a neurologist.


Sore hands and feet - treat the spine. Most likely you need a good massage


Tunnel syndrome or a hernia of the cervical spine. It is necessary to address to the neuropathologist.

ewgeny gasnikov

All this is related to myositis( spasm)
trapezius neck muscle. Treatment-point massage, 1-3 sessions( I myself remove such problems, for one session, practice-20 years).

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