Diprospan reviews for arthrosis of the knee joint

Diprospan for joints

Diprospan is a glucocorticoid drug for parenteral administration, which is a unique drug that combines the form of prolonged action and high-speed substance. Thus, injections, Diprospan not only contribute to the rapid elimination of pathological symptoms, but also provide a long-term therapeutic effect.

What is Diprospan

The drug is part of the group of glucocorticosteroid agents. The active substance of injections of diprospan is betamethasone disodium phosphate, which provides the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect, and betamethasone dipropionate, which contributes to the prolongation of the drug for several weeks.

To date, Diprospan is one of the most effective and popular glucocorticoid drugs, which is used to treat pathology of the musculoskeletal system. It is widely used for blockades in the pathology of the spine and various joints.

The drug is produced in clear glass ampoules in the form of a suspension for injection of 1 ml. There are 2 versions of the package: 1 and 5 ampoules. The kit includes disposable syringes with 2 needles for the collection of medication from the ampoule and for administration.

Diprospan as a glucocorticoid drug has a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-allergic effect. Therefore, the spectrum of its application is quite wide, but in most cases Diprospan is used for joints and spine.

Diprospan is available as an injection suspension

Indications for use

According to the instructions for use, Diprospan can be used in the following cases:

  • inflammatory diseases of the structures of the musculoskeletal system( myositis, tenosynovitis, synovitis, bursitis);
  • pain syndrome with arthrosis of the knee joint and other joints of the body( blockade of the knee joint);
  • Diprospan in rheumatoid arthritis can effectively eliminate pain;
  • injections help to remove joint pain in gout and psoriasis;
  • with osteochondrosis of the spine with persistent pain syndrome;
  • conservative treatment of hygromas of any localization;
  • humeroscapular periarthritis( blockade of the shoulder joint);
  • pain in the lumbar region, thoracic spine and neck;
  • pain syndrome after suffered traumatic injuries;
  • for osteochondrosis of any segment of the spine and its consequences( hernia of the spine);
  • allergic reactions( insect bites, hay fever, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, hives, Quincke's edema);
  • shock states of various genesis;
  • attack of bronchial asthma;
  • various skin diseases;
  • systemic connective tissue diseases;
  • treatment of leukemia;
  • adrenal insufficiency;
  • liver disease and liver failure.
The doctor makes a blockade of the spine
Blockade of the spine with Diprospan perfectly eliminates pain

Method of administration and dose

Diprospan can be used for:

  • intramuscular injection;
  • injection into the joint;
  • introduction to soft tissue near the joint( blockade);
  • introduction into the synovial bursa;
  • intradermal application.

The drug is not intended for intravenous and subcutaneous administration. Dosing regimen and duration of therapy are determined in each case individually, depending on the disease and its severity.

For systemic therapy( intramuscular administration), diprospan is used in an initial dose of 1-2 ml. Further treatment is carried out as needed, depending on the patient's condition.

But most often the drug is administered topically. In such cases, it is often used together with local anesthetics( lidocaine, procaine).Diprospan in the joint is administered in a dose of 0.5-2 ml. Approximate calculation of dose, depending on the size of the joint:

  • large - 1-2 ml;
  • medium - 0.5-1 ml;
  • small - 0,25-0,5 ml.

As a rule, the course of treatment is 1-5 injections with an interval of 1 week. After achieving the desired result, the dose of the drug should be gradually reduced to the minimum effective. And only after that you can try to cancel it completely. If the pathological symptoms return again, the dose of Diprospan is increased.

Administration of the drug parenterally
As a rule, 1-4 injections of Diprospan

are sufficient to eliminate acute pain. Side effects and contraindications

Diprospan, like any other glucocorticoid, has many side effects and contraindications to use.

Major side effects:

  • metabolic disturbances in the body( increased sodium concentration, decreased potassium, obesity, development of alkalosis and lipomatosis);
  • provoking the development of heart failure and increasing blood pressure;
  • muscle weakness and loss of their mass, development of osteoporosis, provocation of bone fractures and tendon ruptures;
  • development of gastritis and peptic ulcer of gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • activation of latent infection, development of candidiasis, suppression of immunity;
  • development of steroid acne, stretch marks on the skin;
  • increased pressure inside the skull, convulsions, headache, dizziness, insomnia;
  • menstrual irregularity in women, secondary adrenal insufficiency, steroid diabetes, Isenko-Cushing syndrome;
  • provocation of cataract, glaucoma, exophthalmos;
  • allergic reactions, up to anaphylactic shock.

The incidence of adverse events, as well as the degree of their severity, depends on the method of administration of the drug and the duration. As a rule, all side effects are well eliminated by reducing the dose of the drug.

These stretch marks can be a side effect of the long-term use of Diprospan

Introduction Diprospan is contraindicated:

  • with systemic mycosis lesions;
  • for I / O and S / W applications;
  • for injections inside the joint with infectious arthritis, instability of articulation associated with the pathology of the ligament apparatus;
  • for skin infection at the injection site;
  • in children up to 3 years;
  • with hypersensitivity to this drug or other glucocorticoids;
  • if there are systemic parasitic and infectious diseases;
  • in the state of immunodeficiency;
  • after vaccination;
  • for diseases of FAT;
  • for arterial hypertension, severe heart failure;
  • for diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, Itenko-Cushing's disease;
  • with kidney failure;
  • for osteoporosis.

Usage during pregnancy and lactation

To date, there is no evidence of possible risks to the fetus when the mother uses the drug Diprospan, since no studies have been performed. Taking this into consideration, such treatment is contraindicated and can be used in exceptional cases when the benefit to the mother exceeds the risk for her unborn child.

If you need to use DiSpipan injections in nursing mothers, you should consider switching to artificial feeding, since the penetration of the drug into breast milk and its negative impact on the baby has not been studied.

Pregnant women are not allowed to use Diprospan


As a rule, exceeding the dose of the drug does not lead to conditions that threaten life. If very high doses are used in diabetes, glaucoma, acute peptic ulcer disease, conditions that require emergency care can develop.

Terms of sale

Diprospan is part of the prescription drugs group and is dispensed from the pharmacy strictly according to the doctor's prescription.

Price and analogues

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The average price for injections of Diprospan for one ampoule varies between 325-400 rubles, for a package of 5 ampoules - 1000-1200 rubles.

Diprospan Analogs:

  • Betaspan Depot,
  • Depos,
  • Flosteron,
  • Betamethasone Norton,
  • Betaspan,
  • Soderm,
  • Celeston.

Reviews of injections Diprospan

Lyudmila, 25 years old: "My father has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 25 years. Despite the basic therapy, it is very hard for the constant pain in the ankles and elbows. The attending physician ordered him to do injections of diprospan into the joints. Do 1 injection in each painful joint once every 3 weeks. The state of health has significantly improved, the pain has practically passed. "

Nina Ivanovna, 62 years old: "I have been suffering from knee arthrosis for 10 years. Problems began with the onset of menopause. I tried various painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, but the pain still did not leave. I had to start walking with a cane. My friend advised me to try Dikspapan intra-articular injections. Relief noted after only 1 injection, after 3 pain and completely gone. On this I stopped treatment, but, unfortunately, the pain returned again after 2 months. Conclusion: the medicine is excellent, but only the effect is short-lived. "

Oleg, 40 years old:" In view of my professional activity, I have been suffering from osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine since my youth. Pain constant, analgesics and NSAIDs eliminate pain syndrome for only a few hours. The doctor advised to make a blockade of the spine with anesthetics and Diprospan. Immediately after the first injection, the pain significantly decreased, began to move more freely. The full course of treatment was 4 injections. It's been 2 months now, and the pain does not come back. However, he began to practice physical therapy because the injections are too expensive. "

In conclusion, it should be noted that Diprospan is an excellent assistant in the fight against acute pain syndrome and inflammation, especially in the case of pathology of the musculoskeletal system. But do not forget that this is only a symptomatic remedy. Although it removes acute symptoms, it often fails to eliminate the true cause of pain. Therefore, such therapy should be prescribed only in emergency cases and never replace therapeutic exercise and other basic medical measures.


Diprospan - instructions for use, side effects, analogs, price and reviews

glucocorticoids ( hormonal drugs).

Form and Composition

Available in the form of a solution and suspension for injection. The solution is packaged in ampoules of 1 ml, 1 and 5 ampoules in a box. The suspension is packaged in 1 ml ampoules or syringes. In a plastic honeycomb package - 1 or 5 ampoules packed in a cardboard box. In 1 ml of the suspension contains 6.43 mg of betamethasone dipropionate( corresponding to 5 mg of betamethasone) and 2.63 mg of betamethasone sodium phosphate( 2 mg betamethasone in equivalent).Excipients:
  • carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt;
  • nipagin.
The solution for injection includes betamethasone: in the form of disodium phosphate - 2 mg, in the form of dipropionate - 5 mg.

Description of the drug Diprospan

Suspension when considered as a colorless( may be yellowish), clear, slightly viscous liquid containing a suspension of white particles. After shaking, it becomes white, firm.

The drug belongs to the group of glucocorticosteroids. The main effect of Diprospan is associated with pronounced glucocorticoid activity;mineralocorticoid action is almost not expressed. The action of Diprospan is aimed at suppressing inflammation, allergic reaction, immunosuppression. Oppresses the function of the pituitary gland. Diprospan is a medicine that consists of two active components of different speed of action. One of them - betamethasone sodium phosphate - is easily dissolved, hydrolyzed and absorbed after administration, providing a quick healing effect. Displayed within 24 hours. Another - betamethasone dipropionate - after the introduction creates a depot, from which it is released gradually. As a result, the drug lasts for a long time. The time for complete elimination is 10 days or more. Crystals of Diprospan have a very small value, which allows you to inject it into small joints through a very thin needle.

Diprospan: indications for use

  • Rheumatic diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, eosinophilic fasciitis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, epicondylitis, lumbago, exostosis, tendinitis, bursitis against a background of hard corns, stiffness of the toe, torticollis, calcaneal spur.
  • Allergic diseases: bronchial asthma and asthmatic status, allergic rhinitis, serum sickness, atopic dermatitis, drug allergies, urticaria, allergic reactions to insect bites and snakes.
  • Systemic diseases: scleroderma, nodular periarteritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis.
  • Skin diseases: contact dermatitis, insulin lipodystrophy, arthropathic psoriasis, lichen planus, keloid scars, nest alopecia, pemphigus, diffuse forms of neurodermatitis and eczema.
  • Diseases of the blood: leukemias and lymphomas, transfusion reactions.
  • Adrenal Diseases: Primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency and adrenogenital syndrome.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract: ulcerative colitis, gluten enteropathy, Crohn's disease.
  • Kidney diseases: glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome.

Diprospan: contraindications

Only individual intolerance to Diprospan is an absolute contraindication. If long-term treatment is necessary, account must be taken of the presence of concomitant diseases in which the use of Diprospan is better to abstain( relative contraindications):
  • severe arterial hypertension;
  • intramuscular injection with purpura thrombocytopenic.
There are also certain contraindications for the administration of diprospan to the joint or periarticular:
  • infectious arthritis;
  • foci of psoriasis at the site of the injection;
  • joint instability;

Diprospan: instructions for use

For systemic use is administered intramuscularly. In arthritis, the best effect is achieved by the introduction of Diprospan in the joint or periarticular. In eye diseases, the drug can be injected through the skin in the lower eyelid. Contraindicated introduction of Diprospans intravenously and subcutaneously! The dose of the drug in each case is selected individually, and depends on the disease and its severity. Diprospan is introduced to create a drug depot in the body on the background of hormonal therapy with short-acting drugs.

Systemic therapy

The initial dose is 1-2 ml, it is injected deep into the muscles of the buttocks. Systemically used in the following diseases: Improvement of the condition occurs within a few hours after the injection of Diprospan intramuscularly.

Local administration( Blockade by Diprospan)

In most cases, during the injection of Diprospan, simultaneous use of anesthetics is not required. If necessary, you can enter lidocaine. In this case, first you need to dial into the syringe Diprospan, then lidocaine, and shake it thoroughly. Blockade Diprospan is performed in the treatment of the following pathologies:
  • headache and facial pain.
In this case, the action of the hormone Diprospan is aimed at reducing the pain syndrome. Periarticular blockades( diprospan is introduced into the tissues surrounding the joint) are indicated in bursitis, tendonitis. With these manipulations, the drug is injected into the periarticular bag, or directly near the tendon, with caution, so as not to damage it. Symptoms of the spinal spur Diproppan effectively eliminates even after a single local injection at a dose of 0.5 mL.This is due to the suppression of inflammation in the case of calcaneal bursitis and achilobursitis. Diprospan is injected into the joint cavity at a concentration corresponding to the size of the joint: 1-2 ml in the large joints, 0.5-1 ml in the middle joints, and 0.25-0.5 ml into the small joints. Intradermal injection of Diprospan is possible with skin diseases. The lesion is uniformly cicatrized along the perimeter, the total average dose of the drug is 0.2 ml / cm2.

How often to spill Diprospan?

It is recommended to enter Diprospan in the joint( the same) with a multiplicity of 1 time for 2-3 months, not more often. The interval of introduction of the drug into different joints is 1-2 weeks. After the end of treatment, the dose is reduced gradually, not allowing a drastic withdrawal of the drug.

Treatment with diprospan in rheumatoid arthritis

Intra-articular drug administration is combined with systemic therapy with glucocorticoids. Intramuscular administration of Diprospan is not recommended in this case. With rheumatoid arthritis or arthrosis of the joint, the introduction of Diprospan reduces the intensity of pain, eliminates joint stiffness. The therapeutic effect is manifested after 2-4 hours.

Application of Diprospan in psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis by Diprospan is possible only with very severe course of the disease, and in case of arthritic form of the disease.

Treatment with diprospan at alopecia nesting

1 ml of the drug is injected into the muscle at a frequency of 1 time per week. The course of treatment of alopecia areata includes 3-5 injections.

Diprospan application for eczema

Diffuse form of eczema allows the use of Diprospan to control acute inflammation and severe disease.

Application of Diprospan in ophthalmology

Parabulbarno Diprospan is introduced in the postoperative period of treatment of eye diseases, in the treatment of endocrine ophthalmopathy. The use after rhinoplasty is indicated with the appearance of severe edema after the operation. At the same time do a shot of Diprospans in the nose.

What is harmful to Diprospan, and what side effects are observed when it is used?

With the introduction of Diprospans, the consequences in the form of adverse reactions occur extremely rarely, more often after prolonged use. Basically, they are associated with oppression of the pituitary gland. However, there is a small chance of developing side effects associated with the use of many glucocorticoid hormones:
  • Cushing's syndrome: weight gain, the appearance of striae and areas of skin atrophy, acne, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, decreased libido and menstrual irregularity, myopathy.
  • Growth retardation due to oppression of the pituitary gland, and disruption of the formation and growth of cartilage, bone and muscle.
  • Increased susceptibility of the organism to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
  • Ulcerogenic effect. Under the influence of glucocorticoids, the risk of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum increases.
  • Nervous system and psyche disorders. There may be a sleep disorder, irritability, euphoria, anxiety, depression with attempts at suicide, convulsive seizures.
  • Under the influence of glucocorticoid hormones, it is possible to increase blood pressure and the development of myocardial dystrophy.
  • Ophthalmic diseases can cause cataracts, glaucoma, corneal perforation in herpetic lesions of the eye.
  • Allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock.
  • At the injection site, foci with pigmentation disorders, aseptic abscesses, skin atrophy and subcutaneous fat can occur.

Diprospan: complications of intra-articular injection of

  • microcrystalline arthritis.

Symptoms of an overdose of

When a high dose of Diprospan is administered for several days, complications are usually not observed. Symptoms of overdose can be observed in the presence of concomitant diseases that enhance the glucocorticoid effects of the drug, or with simultaneous use with certain medications.

Interaction with other drugs

Azathioprine with long-term use, together with Diprospan, can promote the appearance of cataracts, myopathy. Anabolic steroids, deligil, ibuprofen - increase the side effects of the drug. Diprospan reduces the incidence of allergic reactions from antibiotics with simultaneous application. When glaucoma is not recommended to use Diprospan along with antidepressants because of the high probability of increasing intraocular pressure. With the use of isoniazid along with Diprospan, a decrease in the concentration of attention is noted. There may be disturbances in the psyche. Antiepileptic drugs reduce the concentration of Diprospan - hence, its therapeutic effect decreases, which requires an increase in the dose of the drug. The likelihood of ulcers in the digestive tract increases with the use of Diprospan simultaneously with ibuprofen, aspirin, indomethacin, butadione. Estrogen preparations( including contraceptives) increase the therapeutic effect of Diprospan. Side effects can also increase.

Diprospan and alcohol

Glucocorticoids increase tolerance to ethyl alcohol, reducing its toxic effect on the body. The concentration of alcohol in the blood remains the same. This allows the use of these hormonal drugs in the treatment of poisoning with ethyl alcohol.

Special instructions for use

Application of Diprospan during pregnancy and lactation

No data on teratogenic effects of glucocorticoids, including Diprospan. Studies in humans were not conducted. Do not sharply cancel the therapy that was already started by Diprospan in case of pregnancy. Glucocorticoids penetrate the placenta, and in an insignificant amount are excreted with milk. When appointing Diprospan, one should assess the possible risk to the mother and child with the expected beneficial effect. The use of diprospan together with beta-2-agonists in the third trimester of pregnancy contributes to the possible occurrence of pulmonary edema in the mother.

Application of Diprospan in children's practice

Long-term use of Diprospan in children can lead to a delay in growth and sexual development. During the reception of the drug, it is necessary to limit the child's contact with sick measles and chicken pox. It should be noted that the introduction of the drug intramuscularly leads not only to the development of local therapeutic effect, but also to systemic action. To prevent the development of atrophy of subcutaneous fat and skin, diprospan should be injected deep into the muscle. Intra-articular and periarticular injections can be performed only by a medical professional of a certain qualification. When treating with Diprospan, vaccination can not be carried out, since no antibodies are formed under the influence of glucocorticoids, and the inoculation will be ineffective. There is a need for a regular oculist examination of patients taking Diprospan, because of the risk of developing cataracts and glaucoma. In men, there may be a decrease in spermatogenesis and a decrease in the motility of spermatozoa with prolonged use of the drug.

Diprospan: analogues of the preparation

In the pharmacy you can be offered a substitute of Diprospan - Flosteron. It is the absolute analog of Diprospan.

Conditions and shelf life

The drug is stored in a dark cool place, at a temperature of no more than + 25 ° C( preferably in the refrigerator, but do not allow freezing).Shelf life - 3 years.

Conditions for dispensing the drug in pharmacies

Buy Diprospan in pharmacies can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Diprospan: price

Buy Diprospan in Moscow can be at an average price of 211.15 rubles for 1 ampoule solution for injection and 213.04 rubles for 1 ampoule suspension for injection. Price in Ukraine: Diprospan can be bought at an average price of 68 - 494 hryvnia for 5 ampoules. Buy Diprospan in Minsk is possible at a price of 300 000 - 333 400 Belarusian rubles.

Producer of suspension Diprospan

Schering-Plow, Belgium.

Diprospan: feedback from

Most doctors and patients are satisfied with the persistence and speed of the therapeutic effect of Diprospan. But it is worth noting that the effect depends not only on the drug itself, but also on the type of disease and its severity, the presence of concomitant diseases and drugs used to treat them. In each specific case, the influence of Diprospan on the body will differ. This should be taken into account in the treatment, especially long. Before use, consult a specialist.


Doctors! In the knee joint, an injection of diprospan from arthrosis

was made. Elena Kiseleva

If you have knee arthrosis deforming arthrosis, as a rule, in addition to anti-inflammatory therapy( in this case diprospan), intra-articular injections of synovial fluid prostheses are prescribed( sodium hyaluronate - ostenil, fermatron, syncope, suplazin or duralan) again with the course( exception - Dyuralan - 1 injection), plus appoint chondroprotectors, oral, structure, arthra, etc.
Contact your doctor - one diprospan,then, do not treat. In addition to medicines - gymnastics, recommendations for monitoring body weight, etc. Good luck and do not be ill!

Svetlana Erofeeva

It is allowed to repeat the injection intramuscularly, depending on the condition, ie 2-4 ml once every two or four weeks.

Warrior, winner - moder.

Orthopedists and arthrologists koljat diprospan courses-5 injections, once a week. And what is this recommendation-one injection for six months? And besides diprospan, there are many other more powerful drugs, although they contain hormones, for example, prednisolone. And you certainly need to continue treatment, only a good specialist!

Iogan Visse

Recently, from the injections of diprospan and other hormones into the joint cavity, they try to move away, because the cartilage begins to break down more quickly. Now special "lubricants" for the joint have been developed, which are injected into the joint cavity 1-2 times a year.

How to get rid of the arthrosis of the knee? A lot of excess weight. Answer. Please.

Prince of Wales

arthrosis occurs due to excessive strain on the joint. Without weight loss, any of your attempts are futile. It will be a struggle with the inevitable.
It is necessary to help restore the cartilage layer without fail. There are preparations and dietary supplements for this. I will not show my finger, as it will be advertising. It is best to consult with a specialist.
Yes, and more, you can completely get rid of arthrosis only by changing your lifestyle. This is not all for everyone. So if you at least suspect that you will not be able to change anything, then do not even start. Save your nerves-money-time.


First, take care of the weight, and there will be seen.

Anna Ruska

It's natural to reduce weight. For this, I advise you to exclude rolls, sweet tea( sugar), pasta and flour products, potatoes, cereals to limit. Exclude broth from the food - this is a prerequisite. To the best of our ability, movement. In your case, yoga, but not at the stage of exacerbation of course.

Natalia Moose

Unfortunately you can not get rid of, but you can cause some temporary improvement. First, take up weight.(go to the site online online) You need to pierce the anti-inflammatory. Aflutop mucosate. Don - more expensive. And every day to take glucosamine and chondroitin, which restore the sight. Remove the spanking load with a cane. It is important. The laser, magneto-gelling and the pool help a lot. In the watermelon you weigh only 3 kilograms. You do not have to go - go to aqua aerobics. You go about 10 days - remember the exercises and you yourself will kick your feet in the water. It is much cheaper. If very painful - I use candles of diclofenac or indomethacin. You can make an injection. You will learn by yourself. When sealed - then everything will turn out. And most importantly - very much want to lose weight. It will cool down the load on the joints. Good luck to you. Everything will turn out.


Buy a bike home and daily twist your legs( knee joints)
for 15-20 minutes twice a day.
Your problem will be solved.
It is possible to get rid, itself so I do. Do not stab in the joints diprospan.

Bob Keiko

amputated at..or geladrinka.

nad fed

take dietary supplements - write there are those that reduce weight, there is for arthrosis - everything is not synthetic, but a long process

T & P

Reduce weight and kinesitherapyhttp: //bookz.ru/authors/ sergei-bubnovskii / bolat-ko_084.html

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