Lfk with Bechterew's disease

Features of exercise therapy for Bechterew's disease

Bechterew's disease is a chronic inflammatory form of the disease that affects the spine or various groups of joints and ligaments. If wrong or untimely treatment occurs ankylosing( joint fusion), which completely paralyzes its mobility. Therefore, physical therapy with Bekhterev's disease is included in the complex therapy with drug treatment.

In the case of Bekhterev's disease( another name for the disease is ankylosing spondylitis) a pathological process develops, which can lead to a partial loss of working capacity and even disability.

Causes of spondylitis


The disease affects men more often than men between the ages of 20-45, but women are no exception. This ailment has not been studied to the end. Traditionally, it is commonly believed that spondylitis is affected due to the following reasons:

  • various injuries;
  • supercooling;
  • bacterial infections;
  • disruptions in the endocrine system;
  • immunosuppression;
  • heredity.

Treatment for Bechterew's disease consists in taking various medications. These can be medicines that have antipyretic, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory effects. Therapeutic exercise plays an important role in eliminating painful manifestations.

The Role and Importance of Exercise

In Bechterew's disease, the pain affects the spine. Sometimes patients with discomfort in the lumbar region refer to the manifestation of osteochondrosis. However, this may be the first signals to this disease. If ankylosing spondylitis has been diagnosed, the physician will prescribe exercise therapy( physiotherapy exercises).

Exercise therapy with spondylitis

For patients with this disease, a set of exercises is developed to support the work of joints. After all, they can lose their mobility, and this leads to the fact that the patient can not have a smooth gait, can not turn or bend freely. Therefore, to preserve the mobility of joints and ligaments, it is extremely necessary to give time for exercise therapy.

It can be said that physical exercises, gymnastics are vital for patients with Bekhterev's disease. The duration of physical exercises is determined by regimes calculated for a day, a week, a month and even years.

What exercises are shown to patients?

To maintain health with Bechterew's disease, traditional physical education can not always be used. Rehabilitation centers develop specific activities, which sparingly affect the patient's body. If there is no possibility to undergo rehabilitation, you can at home, using video lessons, do a set of exercise exercises.

A good exercise for a patient with Bechterew's disease is a normal walking tour, which must be done every day. It is not necessary to walk very much from the first days. In the early days, walk 2-3 km. After a while, increase the distance to 5 km per day.

It's better to start the morning with gymnastics. During an overnight sleep, inflammatory mechanisms work more intensively. Therefore, morning exercises will help to remove stiffness and restore motor functions. During the day it is recommended to do small classes. This is especially true for those patients who work and are in the same position. Change your work position at least 4 times a day in 1 hour.

LFK should be performed once a day. Its goal is to help develop the strength, vitality and strength of joints. Three times a week, visit the gym.

Another group of treatment procedures is respiratory exercises. They also need to be done daily. They are designed to maintain good mobility of the chest and lung capacity. During such exercises, it is required to draw in the stomach( for the diaphragm to be at the top) and to make inhalations with a thoracic area.

The spine stretching exercises are good for the patient's body. Physiotherapy should not cause severe pain. Tolerable painful sensations are tolerated. If the pain after a long time is felt, you should notify the doctor about it.

Restorative procedures include a swimming pool, skiing.

Favorable time for the impact of exercise therapy on human health is the time from 11.00 to 14.00 hours and from 17.00 to 20.00.

Complex of exercises in sitting position

Take position, sitting on a chair. Raise your elbows with your hands and raise the formed "ring" of your hands so that they are parallel to the floor. Now, with your chin, circle the line in both directions. Do this exercise 5 times in both directions.

The next type of exercise, do this: put your hands parallel to the body. Do not bend your arms at the elbows. Slowly twist the shoulder piece. First forward 4-6 times and back. When turning back, apply maximum force.

Grasp your elbows with your hands and raise your hands in this position of the "square" above your head. Now gently bend to the sides. Do not exceed 5 inclines in the sides, while stretching the body.

Bend over and grasp the knee joints with your hands. Stretch your chest toward them. Then straighten up, spread your arms to the sides, up and try to bend to strengthen the thoracic area. Do this procedure 7-8 times.

Classes in the prone position

exercise for the treatment of disease

The next kind of loads of physiotherapy exercises requires taking the original position in the prone position. Lie on your back. Bend your legs in your lap. Put your hands parallel to the torso. Now plant the lower leg to the side in turn. Do not bend your knees much. Do the leg divisions 4 times.

Lying in the starting position, lift the head, with the shoulders do not tear off. Pull your feet to yourself and look at them. Now slowly lower your head and straighten them. Perform the procedure no more than 8 times.

In order for the gymnastics to produce a curative effect, it is necessary to carry out the movements correctly. To do this, carefully read the tasks through the video lessons.

Physical training can initially cause discomfort. Results after exercise therapy are observed after 3-4 months.


Bechterew's disease( ankylosing spondylitis): signs, symptoms and treatment

Bechterew's disease( other names - ankylosing spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis, Striumpel-Marie-Bechterew disease) - a systemic chronic joint disease( mainly the spine), accompanied by a restrictiontheir mobility.

This disease belongs to the class of spondylopathies. For the first time it was described in 1893 by the Russian physician Vladimir Bekhterev.

Who and why may occur

Bechterew's disease( ankylosing spondylitis) occurs in 2 people out of 1000, develops 2-3 times more often in men, more often affects at the age of 20-40.

the spine is normal( left) and with Bekhterev

spine is normal( left) and with Bechterew's disease

The causes of the development of Bekhterev's disease are not fully understood. Genetic predisposition is considered the most probable, as 90-95% of patients and 20-30% of their relatives had a genetic marker HLA B27, which occurs in the entire population of only 7-8%.

This marker is determined in the laboratory when studying leukocytes, however, it should be emphasized that the presence of HLA B27 is not a sign of the disease, but only a predisposing factor to its development. Less often, the disease occurs in people without HLA factor B27.Apparently, there are other hereditary aspects that contribute to the onset of the disease ankylosing spondylitis.

At the moment it is not yet established whether psychological, physical stress affects the course of the disease, but about a third of those who contacted Bekhterev's illness with a doctor reported that the symptoms began to appear after emotional or physical traumatic effects.

One thing is certain - Bekhterev's disease is not transmitted from person to person, is not contagious.

Symptoms of

With the onset of ankylosing spondylitis, the following symptoms appear:

  • Pain is one of the main symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis

    pain is one of the main symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis

    deep pains in the spinal column that give back to the hips;

  • limitation of mobility in the spine;
  • started not sudden, but stretches for several weeks;
  • duration of violations - more than 3 months;
  • predominantly in the morning a person is concerned about pain and stiffness;The
  • condition improves when the joints are "developed" and worsens at rest.

Although this disease develops mainly in the spine, pain may not be limited to the back area. If Bechterew's disease is affected by the joints between the ribs and the spine, pains in the chest that arise when inhaling, and spreading to the ribs, may appear. In this case, you should continue to train the thoracic, and not the abdominal breathing, so the condition will improve.

Tightness in the chest - the inability to take a deep breath, as it is difficult to expand the ribs. In fact, in this case, the diaphragm is not affected, the lungs can continue to work.

There may be pain in the sciatic region, spread along the hips from behind or lower back. These symptoms appear in the lesion of the sacroiliac region( sacrum and pelvic bones)

Bechterew People who are often ill with ankylosing spondylitis can wake up from pain, but after some movements, warm-up, warm shower, the intensity of these sensations decreases or they completely disappear. But they can appear again after a long sitting or working in one position.

Most often the symptoms of Bechterew's disease allow patients to continue working until retirement without limiting themselves in anything and without changing their habitual way of life. In most cases, the disease occurs in the lower parts of the spine and gradually "rises" higher.

In addition to the very first manifestations, the symptoms of Bechterew's disease include:

  • asymmetric non-inflammatory joint damage( oligoarthritis);
  • discomfort and pain in the heels, attachment points of other tendons( entesopathy);
  • damage to the eyes - iritis, uveitis( inflammation of the iris);

Inflammation of the eye with Bechterew's disease in women( or men) is accompanied by considerable pain. Be sure to consult a doctor at the first symptoms!

  • pain when sneezing, coughing above the sternum;
  • during the first 2 days there was a significant improvement in the intake of anti-rheumatic nonsteroidal drugs( without cortisone), as well as worsening when they were withdrawn.

We offer you to watch an interesting video about this disease:

Timely detection of the disease: diagnosis

The earlier the diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis is established, the faster will be the therapeutic exercise and other equally important aspects of targeted therapy. But most often the first symptoms go unnoticed for several years.

To make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor examines the patient and examines his tests to exclude a number of similar symptoms of the disease.

The doctor differentiates Bechterew's disease in women( and men) from:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis: this is a symmetrical polyarthritis that affects, including small joints, covers only the cervical region, is accompanied by damage to the eyes, lungs, the appearance of rheumatoid nodules, inflammatory synovitis, the presence of HLA-DR4 and rheumatoid factor;X-ray is determined by erosive symmetrical arthritis.
timely diagnosis is the basis for a good prognosis of the disease

timely diagnosis - the basis of a good prognosis of the disease

In contrast, Bechterew's disease in women and men on x-rays is confirmed by asymmetric non-erosive arthritis, which tends to ossification( ankylosing), syndesmophytes, sacroiliitis;analyzes confirm the presence of HLA-B27, the absence of rheumatoid factor, damage to the eyes and lungs has a different character. In addition, the defeat of the spine is not limited only to the cervical department.

  • Diseases of Forestier. This idiopathic diffuse lesion of the skeleton, manifested by its hyperostosis at the sites of attachment of ligaments and tendons of the spine, develops in people of age. Unlike Bekhterev's disease, there is no sakroileitis, peripheral arthritis, laboratory signs of inflammatory activity in this disease.
  • Sacroiliitis in brucellosis: it has a more typical picture of an infectious disease, does not lead to ankylosis, deformities of the spine.
  • Tuberculosis of the spine: it afflicts one or more vertebrae, there is no spondyloarthritis, ossification of ligaments, and limited destructive phenomena are observed, a positive test for tuberculosis.
  • Other seronegative spondylitis - psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's disease, articular syndrome with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis. These diseases may have some similar signs with Bechterew's disease, but also differ in many clinical manifestations from other organs and their systems.

Complications of Bechterew's disease

complication of ankylosing spondylitis - spontaneous fractures of bones

Complication of the disease - spontaneous bone fractures

With Bechterew's disease, as described above, the stiffness of the spine's movements develops.

This leads to a deterioration in blood supply and nutrition, so there is a risk of osteoporosis - bone fragility due to lack of calcium.

Osteoporosis in Bechterew's disease can provoke the appearance of spontaneous fractures, so do not delay the visit to the doctor and delivery of all necessary tests.

In case of defeat of Bekhterev's disease of the sacral region, young women sometimes have difficulties during childbearing and during childbirth.

In most cases, physiological birth occurs, but with significant ossification of the pelvic bones and other joints, there is a need for a cesarean section.

Treatment of Bechterew's disease

Medical treatment of

medicinal treatment of ankylosing spondylitis

Treatment of ankylosing spondylitis should be performed by the doctor

At present, ankylosing spondylitis is considered an incurable disease, however, there are a number of drugs that can reduce its symptoms and make the patient's life as comfortable as possible. For this purpose, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

Non-steroidal anti-rheumatic drugs - a means that do not allow the production of some mediators of inflammation in the body - prostaglandins. But these drugs are not equally tolerated by all patients with this disease.

Some of them may have serious side effects when they are taken, because prostaglandins are needed to protect the stomach mucosa, and hence - the possible consequences: gastric ulcer, gastric bleeding. There may also be headaches, dizziness, allergic manifestations.

However, the drugs of the NSAID group are widely used in the treatment of the disease, since they are really strong in the fight against pain and inflammation.

To protect yourself from the side effect of the drug, you need to maintain the intake dose at a low level. That is, take it just enough to ensure a good night's sleep and constant daytime physical activity.

Corticosteroids are hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs used only in emergency cases, because they are accompanied by harmful side effects. Often a cortisone prick is necessary for an active rheumatic attack. In the treatment of eye inflammation, cortisone, on the contrary, is safe. His urgent appointment can even save his eyesight.

Basic therapy is a treatment that is prescribed for chronic polyarthritis. If the disease is accompanied by a strong inflammation of the joints, then this approach will have an effect. In other cases, it is more harmful than useful.

Painkillers, Enzymes, Vitamin E for Ankylosing Spondylitis Arthritis

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals that are produced by inflammation. Enzyme preparations have also helped many patients with Bekhterev's disease. Anesthetics are prescribed already at a late stage of the disease, when the attacks of pain are provoked not by the fact of inflammation, but by muscle tension due to poor posture, poorly healed fractures, ruptures in the vertebral body in case of osteoporosis.

Therapeutic physical culture( LFK) with Bechterew's disease

exercise therapy with ankylosing spondylitisA patient with Bechterew's disease must, individually, be assigned a special exercise program, which he will regularly perform, especially in the morning.

It is made by a specialist in exercise therapy.

Treatment of ankylosing spondylitis with cold, heat, irradiation

Heat therapy consists in carrying out heat-improving thermal procedures: warm baths before bedtime, applying heaters, heating pads, mud wraps before and after massage. The hospital can be assigned the heat of thermal baths, warm mud baths. Successfully applied electrotherapy, infrared radiation.

Cold has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially it is effective directly in case of pain attacks. You can apply a cooled gel or ice on joints or visit cold chambers( the air temperature in them is minus 110 ° C).After the cold, you need to start physical exercises.

Radiation therapy - X-ray treatment( this method of therapy for Bechterew's disease is no longer used because of the risk of developing leukemia and the onset of early menopause in women), the use of radioactive radon gas( insignificant radiation load and high efficacy of the method attracts many patients with Bekhterev's disease);Injections of the radium isotope( used in severe cases when the drugs did not give effect or were not tolerated by the patient. This reduced pain and inflammatory activity, but did not stop ossified(ee).

Alternative methods of therapy for ankylosing spondylitis

Alternative therapies: acupuncture, homeopathy, methods of body cleansing, magnetic field therapy, osteopathy, folk Chinese medicine.

reflexotherapy of ankylosing spondylitis

reflexotherapy of ankylosing spondylitis

These methods may to some extent reduce the need for drug treatment, but it is worthwhile to beware of charlatans and non-proprietary drugs. Do not take them!

The most effective group psychotherapy, auto-training, which will allow you to learn to relax, which will be beneficial for your ability to overcome pain.

Operative methods for treating ankylosing spondylitis

Sometimes Bekhterev's disease in women and men leads to severe deformations of the spine and large joints of the body. Often such patients put endoprostheses in the hip joints - straightening the spine operation.

All this depends on the timeliness of the diagnosis, the correct purpose of the course of treatment and patient compliance. The most important thing is to move, "develop" joints. This is the key to keeping your body toned for this disease.

Summing up

Bechterew's disease is not a verdict. With it you can live, work and enjoy all the blessings of our existence: to travel, have children, make love.

However, after the diagnosis is made, it is necessary to regularly take tests to detect the onset of side effects on any drugs in time and correctly replace them, as well as live in constant movement.


Bechterew's disease or ankylosing spondylitis in men and women

Bechterew Bechterew's disease is a chronic progressive disease named after a Russian scientist who described clinical manifestations and proposed to isolate him into a nosological form.

When it occurs inflammatory changes in the joints of , mainly intervertebral and sacroiliac.

As a result - the mobility in them is considerably limited, and the whole spine with the passage of time acquires the shape of a "bamboo stick".

International disease name - ankylosing spondylitis or spondylitis ( ankylosis - fusion).

The disease affects mainly men aged 15 to 30 years. An increase in the disease among women has been noted.

Causes of

Cause has not been established to date. It is believed that the disease can be due to several causes, one of which is hereditary predisposition. The provoking factor was the infection of the genitourinary system.

However, in recent years, preference has been given to microorganisms of the intestinal group, namely klebsiella. Part of the scientists attach more importance to streptococcal infection. But there is no direct evidence of the infectious origin of Bekhterev's disease.

The autoimmune theory of the onset and development of the disease prevails. Its essence consists in the appearance of a special substance( in genetically predisposed people) as a result of provoking factors( traumas, chronic infections), which causes an acceleration of the differentiation of cells of connective tissue and their transformation into cartilaginous and bone tissue. The formation of antigens in the affected areas promotes a constant immune "attack" by their body.

Symptoms of the disease and features of the development of the disease in men and women

The onset of the disease does not have a characteristic symptomatology and develops gradually.

It begins to manifest itself pains in the sacrum and spine, peripheral small and large joints, the lumbosacral region with irradiation into the buttocks and the back of the thigh, eye disease in the form of iritium and iridocyclitis. Less often the disease begins with a feeling of stiffness in the joints of the limbs and the spine in the morning, soreness in the neck and back.

These manifestations at first, as a rule, are not expressed in character and do not attract the attention of the patient and the doctor.

Thus, the high variability of the onset of the disease makes several options conditional:

  1. In adolescence and childhood, Bechterew's disease begins with symptoms of acute polyarthritis, accompanied by "volatile" joint pains, sometimes with swelling, moderate fever, palpitations, increased ESR.Localization of lesions in large joints is similar to the clinic of acute rheumatism, and small - rheumatoid arthritis. After a while, begins to attach symptoms of the sacroiliac joint.
  2. In adolescence, one or two joints are most often affected first. The course is subacute, and sacroiliitis( inflammation of the joints of the sacroiliac joint) manifests itself much later.
  3. Occasionally, the disease can begin with of the severe fever, accompanied by fluctuations in temperature during the day to two degrees, pouring sweat, joint and muscle pain, rapid weight loss. After 2 - 3 weeks, arthritis appears.
  4. The extra-articular form of onset of the disease begins with inflammatory lesions of the eye , less often - the aorta and heart muscle. These symptoms are accompanied by laboratory data, which testify to the pronounced activity of inflammatory processes. In this variant, the symptoms of polyarthritis and sacroiliitis appear only after a few months.
  5. The onset of the disease with the original localization in the sacrum proceeds according to the type of radiculitis .Gradually, there is an increase in pain in the lumbar region and joints.
There are some differences in the manifestations of the onset and course of the disease in men and women.

In the first they proceed much sharper and with a greater number of complications. After an exacerbation, women do not have any pain, and they feel quite satisfactory for many years. The periods of remission are 3-10 years.

Unlike men, the onset of the disease is very rarely manifested by hip pains, sacroiliitis, and spine mobility in women persists in full for many years. Thus, the course of Bechterew's disease in women is much better, the symptoms are lower and the prognosis is more positive.

Visual representation of Bechterew

The development of Bechterew's disease in the photo

The forms of the disease are also different: in women, the rhizomely is much more common. The development of the disease in men, unlike women, is much more likely to progress rapidly, hitting the entire spine with .

Depending on the location and course of the disease, the following 4 forms are distinguished:

  • rhizome , which is accompanied by a spinal cord injury, and one or two large joints, more often - hip, less often - humeral;the beginning is gradual;with the passage of time the process becomes more intense and permanent, muscle contractures and restriction of mobility in the joints are formed;
  • Scandinavian - a rare form of flow, in which the spine and small joints of the feet and hands are affected;development resembles rheumatoid arthritis;in connection with the later appearance of symptoms of sacroiliitis, as well as benign course, diagnosis is difficult;
  • central - localization of the process only in separate departments or in the entire spine;is characterized by the formation of the thoracic kyphosis in combination with a pronounced lordosis of the cervical region or a combination of the absence of kyphosis of the thoracic and lordosis of the lumbar spine;the onset of the disease is inconspicuous, gradual, because of which the diagnosis is established only after a few years;
  • peripheral , in which the disease captures the middle( knee, ankle) and smaller joints( feet, brushes), as well as the sacroiliac joint;relapsing arthritis is characterized by subacute flow, asymmetric lesion and is accompanied by a gradual development of muscle contractures, deformities and pronounced restriction of mobility of one or two joints.
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Complications and prognosis of

In addition to the above, there may be complications in the form of of aortic valve and heart disease with the development of the corresponding symptomatology. Restriction of mobility of the chest contributes to frequent respiratory diseases, pneumonia and development of tuberculosis and fibrosis of the apex of the lungs.

Complications from the nervous system are manifested in the form of radiculitis, shoulder-shoulder syndrome with severe pain, and the development of osteoporosis leads to fractures of even cervical vertebrae with subsequent violation of breathing, disability and death.

A frequent complication is amyloidosis of the kidneys with a progressive heavy course.


MRI with Bechterew Diagnosis is established on the basis of a clinical picture and characteristic X-ray studies, in which: expansion of the articular cleft of sacroiliac joints, their ankylosis, indistinct joint arches, characteristic erosions with sclerosing zones in the corners of vertebral bodies, destruction of disks, changes in the areahip and small joints and others.

Laboratory blood test data are not more or less specific.

Detection of the disease in the early stages is greatly assisted by the use of magnetic resonance imaging( ).

Treatment of

It consists in the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents of pyrazolone series and indole derivatives, non-steroidal and hormonal preparations, the use of antibiotics and antibacterial drugs( in case of complications of inflammatory nature in other organs).

All about the use of Diclofenac in injections and its analogs for pain of different etiology. And you can find the cheapest substitutes for Gast Fastum here.

As an auxiliary therapy in the treatment of Bechterew's disease it is useful to use traditional medicine. One of them is a herbaceous collection consisting of the roots of elecampane, valerian, rhizome of calamus, herbs of St. John's wort and plantain, burdock, immortelle, ground oats and maize. A mixture of plants is infused and taken at a certain dosage.

A rice diet is also used to remove toxins from the body.

The use of traditional medicine must be agreed with the doctor and can be used in conjunction with basic treatment.

Swimming, massage, mud therapy and therapeutic baths and exercise therapy make it possible to prevent pronounced ankylosing changes in the joints.

Learn more about Bechterew's Disease and how to treat the disease from a video story.

Video: Medical gymnastics with Bekhterev's Disease. Complex of exercises


Bechterew's Disease: Diet, Gymnastics and Treatment

Spine diseases significantly affect the quality of life of patients, turning into a great social and medical problem. Ankylosing spondylitis( Bechterew's disease) is no exception. Pathology is named after the Russian neuropathologist Vladimir Bekhterev, who described the characteristic symptoms in his scientific work.

This pathology is inherited and characterized by the development of the inflammatory process in the spine, which leads to impaired mobility.

Prevalence of

According to WHO statistics, symptoms of Bechterew's disease are defined in 1% of the world's inhabitants, 0.1-0.2% need full-fledged therapy. The signs of the disease most often appear after 20 years, the data on gender dependence are contradictory. It used to be that girls are less prone to such spinal lesions, but modern studies deny this opinion.

The study of the disease was carried out constantly. In 1973, the gene factor was deciphered, which is inherited and increases the risk of developing Bechterew's disease. This defect in the immune system in combination with the transferred infection sets up protective cells against the body's own tissues.

Principles of therapy of ankylosing spondylitis

Patients often ask: "Can Bechterew's disease be cured?".Unfortunately, there is currently no pathogenetic therapy. All measures are aimed at reducing the severity of the pain syndrome and reducing the activity of the inflammatory process. To do this, use:

  1. diet;
  2. exercise therapy( LFK);
  3. medications( sulfasalazine, methotrexate, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticosteroids).

Recently there has been an active development of directed drugs. The main task of such drugs is to block the immune inflammation in the joints.

The basis of nutrition

The diet with Bechterew's disease is of great importance, since this pathology affects the health of the body as a whole. Patients need a high-grade, vitamin-rich and microelement-rich food.

The basis of nutrition for Bechterew's disease should be plant food and cold-water fish.

These products help to reduce the production of endogenous( internal) prostaglandins - substances that enhance the activity of the inflammatory process. The principles of the diet for this disease are as follows:

  • fish or soy foods are the main source of protein and are served 3-4 times a week;
  • meat should be limited to 2 times a week;
  • daily intake of dairy products to eliminate calcium deficiency;
  • full refusal of alcohol and smoking.

However, you need to consider calorie, since excess body weight interferes with normal mobility and posture of the spine. Get rid of excess calories will help active walks in the fresh air. In addition, they contribute to the production of vitamin D and the normalization of calcium metabolism.

Physical activity

Diagnosis is not a contraindication for sports, but, on the contrary, it should increase the patient's activity. All exercises for Bechterew's disease are aimed at improving the mobility of the spine, increasing the volume of breathing and developing a network of blood capillaries in the lungs. Activities that bring maximum benefit:

  • swimming;
  • cycling;
  • Volleyball.

If the patient was engaged in any other kind of sport, then he should not be thrown. And you do not have to work for high results, but to maintain the necessary physical activity.


This sport combines the work of almost the entire muscular apparatus without excessive loads on the joints. Swimming on your back or with a mask allows you to achieve the maximum restorative effect on the body. The duration of classes during the initial stage should not exceed 15-20 minutes. Then the duration can reach 40 minutes. The optimal multiplicity of such activity is 3 times a week.

Therapeutic physical training( exercise therapy)

Therapeutic physical training with Bechterew's disease is possible both for the treatment of the main pathology, and for reducing the risk of complications. Performing daily exercises can improve the patient's quality of life. The complex of motor activity is selected by a specialist and should correspond to the stage of activity of the disease.

Gymnastics for Bechterew's disease is best done in the morning. This will reduce the stiffness of movements and the severity of pain.

All exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, free movement of all joints. The basis of exercise therapy is:


Gymnastics with Bechterew's disease is a very important part of the overall treatment package. It is regular medical gymnastics that helps to maintain the mobility of the spine for many years and prevent vertebrae from growing together, as it happens in the late stages of the disease.

Medical gymnastics with Bechterew's disease should be actively used and at more complex stages of development of this disease. The fact is that due to regular physical loads, even with partial loss of mobility, it is possible to significantly improve lung ventilation, which suffers from injury and inflammation in the joints of the chest.

In addition, therapeutic gymnastics can reduce the tension of the joints and just feel better.

Therapeutic exercises with Bechterew disease usually take 20-30 minutes.it is very important to start every day with this gymnastics, which will allow you to be on your feet all day and feel less normal. Next, we would like to bring a few exercises that will necessarily go into the curative gymnastics course prescribed by your doctor.

The starting position in the following exercises - sitting on a chair:

  • slowly start to stretch your chin toward the middle of your collarbone and also in the opposite direction;
  • execute the semicircles head to the right, and then to the left;
  • chin try to reach for the chest;
  • follow the head tilt to the right and left, trying to press your ear against the shoulder;
  • keep your back straight, put your hands on your waist, and take the shoulder blades back. From this position, stretch your chin forward;
  • your hands as far as possible back and to the sides, trying to connect the blades. With your chin, press from this position to your neck.

The starting position for the exercises described below - lying on the back:

  • bend the legs in the knees, put the arms behind the head, bend upwards, trying to lift the pelvis, go back to the starting position;
  • hands bend in the elbows, lean on them and try to lift the chest on inhaling and exhale to lower;
  • from a lying position raise your head and start dragging your chin towards your stomach;
  • lean on the back of the head, heels and hands and lift the pelvis, bend and return to the starting position.

Lie on your side:

  • swing your foot forward and backward, after 10-15 swings, change your leg;
  • feet pull on yourself and perform several straight leg lifts up, change your leg;
  • bend the leg in the knee joint, perform circular motions in the hip joint, the same perform the other leg;
  • both knees pressed to the chest, forehead reach for the knees, then straighten your legs and bend back.

As you can see, nothing difficult gymnastics with Bekhterev's illness does not represent itself, therefore it is possible to perform such exercises at home. The only important condition is the daily execution of these exercises, which will significantly reduce the burden on the affected parts of the spine, and allows you to enjoy the joy of movement longer, braking with this ossification of the spine.

Gymnastics for spondylitis in women |Ladies' advice

Hello, dear friend.

Gymnastics with ankylosing spondylitis, this is both mobility, flexibility and vigor.

Let's talk about gymnastics with Bechterew's disease .I already told you something about not tricky exercises that you can do lying in bed, or sitting on the bed when the back from long non-mobility hurts in the article medical gymnastics in case of Bechterew's disease .

Now about the gym itself, to improve the flexibility and mobility of the spine. Different institutions offer different options. I will describe what I did in the case of Bekhterev's disease and .which I like and which I do until now.

Basic exercises for the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis

Basic exercises, as I call them, help to study all muscle groups and joints with Bechterev's disease .These include squats with a barbell, a barbell press with a chest lying down or push-ups from the floor, a deadlift and training of the abdominal muscles lying on the floor.

The first and most powerful exercise is squats. You will say haha. Discovered America. Yes, it's not new, it's a well-forgotten old. Simply squats can be performed in different ways. In hospitals where I was treated earlier, I usually offered 8-10 squats with arms outstretched for body balancing.

And what gives a small number of sit-ups? Yes, practically nothing, no spine to the joints

. During this time, you will not even warm up, and your muscles will not feel anything. And such a number of repetitions are usually used for people who are weakened by illness, or by long immobility.

In addition, to be useful for the spine and joints in the treatment of Bechterew's disease, you need to exercise this exercise correctly.

Correct execution of the exercise gives a healing effect several times faster and better

During squats, hands, it is better to hold on your shoulders, as if holding a bar, or on your chest. Back try to hold, as even as possible. I know it's not so easy, but with time you will definitely get it. If you do regularly.

Also, in order for this exercise to have an effect, it is necessary to squat before heavy fatigue, but not from the first time of course. And then the next day you can not walk, so the muscles will ache, especially if you rarely do physical exercises.

How do I do it regularly? At the beginning, you can do 2 - 3 times a week. When you get into the load, and the muscles get stronger, you can do this exercise 5-6 times a week. Rest yourself, sometimes, you must give necessarily. So the muscles respond better to the load. And you will feel much better.

This exercise very well contributes to the blood supply of all the joints of the legs: ankles, gymnastics with ankylosing spondylitis in women , knees, pelvis, internal organs and, of course, the spine, that is, practically the whole body. And this is the food for the spine and joints, gymnastics in case of ankylosing spondylitis in women , and purification, and strengthening of blood vessels.

Do exercises with joy, you strengthen your health

Constantly look at your health. Be sure to track the emotional state. It must be positive and joyful. If it's hard to do the exercise, reduce the number of sit-ups. You can divide the workout into two parts. Do in the morning and evening. So you'll get tired less.

Do not know how to start and where. To begin with, start at least somehow. If you have never done this or are afraid of loads and exacerbations, do one two sit-ups, and look at the next day how you will feel. Everything is possible. It is necessary only to want.

With strong feet in life to walk easier and more fun

The road will master the going. Just have to go, that is, in your case, at least something to do. At you all to turn out, do not doubt.


Bechterew's disease belongs to the category of genetic pathologies. To prevent its occurrence is impossible. However - this is not a verdict.

Timely diagnosis of Bechterew's disease at the initial stage and application of an effective method of therapy can stop the development of the disease.

Exercises for Bechterew's disease, drug treatment in combination with medical physical training( LFK) allow the patient to keep motor activity.

General characteristics of the disease

Basically, the initial stage of Bekhterev's disease begins to develop from the sacral and iliac bones. Then, the disease affects the lumbar region and eventually covers the entire spine.

In the process of further development of the disease, Bekhterev's disease can be diagnosed in almost all articulations of the body. Most often the area of ​​localization of the disease is the ankle or knee joint. A cyst can be formed in the heel region, which in people is called a spur.

Feeling of discomfort in the heel may be the first sign of the onset of the development of Bechterew's disease.

Secondary symptoms of the disease include inflammation in the joints and spine.

Neoplasms in the knee joints

Kist Bekhterev( more common name of the Becker cyst) occurs quite often. Visually, this disease manifests itself in the form of a round protrusion in the popliteal region.

Initial development is due to mild symptoms. The patient may feel a slight discomfort in the knee joint when walking. In rare cases there is a painful syndrome of noisy character, which is constantly present. Such pain is often attributed to the initial stage of arthritis.

In the joint, fluid gradually accumulates, which penetrates into the synovial bag, due to which its size increases. As a result, the patient develops a cyst of the knee joint.

The average Bechterew's cyst grows to 10 cm. Sometimes there is pain in the calf muscles. This symptom is manifested due to a blockage of the veins.

Therapeutic treatment of ankylosing spondylitis

After diagnosing this disease, all patients are wondering - how to cure the disease? In such cases, doctors are unanimous. Only complex therapy can defeat Bekhterev's disease and relieve inflammation.

The most important factor of treatment is exercise therapy and special gymnastics with Bekhterev's disease. Complexes of exercises help to overcome immobility and the processes of ossification in the spine and joints.

Healthy gymnastics with Bechterew's disease

After the diagnosis of "Bechterew's disease", exercise therapy and various gymnastic exercises become vital. Only intensified studies are able to preserve the patient's motor activity and freedom of movement.

Complexes of exercise therapy and gymnastics are quite diverse. All exercises are selected for each patient individually, depending on his physical fitness and the stage in which the disease is located. Therefore, the course of exercise should be made only by the attending physician.

Below is an approximate set of medical exercises for Bechterew's disease:

  1. The starting position is sitting. Grab your elbows and raise them parallel to the floor. In the air, hold the lines with the chin in the direction of the folded hands. First, one way, then the other, while trying to stretch his chin up.
  2. Sitting on a chair, lower hands down. Do rotational movements with shoulders, without bending arms in the elbows. You need to describe the circles first in one direction, then in the other. The most important factor in performing this exercise is the maximum load.
  3. Sit on a chair, clasp your elbows with your hands and lift your bent arms over your head. Perform alternating slopes in one and the other side, applying effort.
  4. Raise your elbows bent at the elbows to the chest level, while holding your elbows with your hands. Slowly make turns first to one, and then to the other side.

All of the above exercises must be performed while sitting. Now go to exercises lying on your back or stomach:

  • Lie on your back on the floor or bed. Bend the legs in the knees and carry out shin bends to the sides. In this case, the knees should touch. It should be remembered that performing any exercise with Bekhterev's disease, you need to make maximum efforts.
  • Lying on the back, bend your arms in the elbows, creating a support. With the help of the elbows and the nape, make breasts with the chest area.
  • Starting position: lying on stomach. Pull forward your hands, then, without turning aside to raise your hand up, while crouching in the back.
  • Lie on your stomach, putting your hands under your chin. To lift up one leg, the other at this time, to lean on the floor.

With Bechterew's disease, doctors are advised to perform gymnastic exercises on all fours:

  1. Get on your knees, leaning on your hands. Bend your back out, lowering your head down, then bend over. The hands do not need to be bent.
  2. Take steps with the right knee to the left hand, while describing the circle and maximally pushing the knee forward. Then repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  3. Pull back one leg at a time, then the other. Keep it parallel to the floor, while pulling the sock.

Dietary diet for Bechterew's disease

Because Bechterew's disease is caused by the inflammatory process and is a chronic disease, special attention should be paid to a correct, balanced diet.

Daily diet should meet all the requirements of the body and regulate the weight of the patient. If the patient is overweight, this leads to increased stress on the joints and spine.

When diagnosing a cyst from extra pounds, you need to get rid of it urgently.


Bechterew's disease: therapeutic exercises for improving mobility |Bechterew's disease

Bechterew's disease is a genetic malfunction caused by a disease. The appearance of the first symptoms can not be prevented, but this is not a sentence to the habitual way of life. A timely diagnosis and the right treatment chosen can stop Bechterev's disease at the first stage: medical gymnastics and medical therapy allow the patient to overcome mobility limitations.

Is exercise therapy effective?

Many patients refer to medical gymnastics with suspicion, believing that simple at first glance exercises can not have a serious effect on the development of the disease. Chronic diseases can not be cured by morning exercises? Actually this is not true. Cure Bekhterev's disease does not work out, but regular exercises help to keep mobility even for patients with a serious stage of the disease.

Medical gymnastics compensates for the lack of movement, when the disease already imposes certain restrictions on the usual rhythm of life. It also allows you to keep the mobility of the joints and does not allow the vertebrae to grow together.

The main advantage of gymnastics is the ease of use. Exercise is easy to master, and the result can be expected in a couple of months.

. Exemplary set of exercises.

. The therapeutic gymnastics capable of alleviating Bekhterev's disease can be varied, the complex of exercises is selected taking into account the stage and severity of the disease, the initial preparation of the patient and many other additional factors. Therefore it is better if the treatment is prescribed by a doctor.

Below we give an approximate set of exercises, designed for zero level of training. With him, it's easy to start doing gymnastics.

To begin with, exercises that you can do in the morning without getting out of bed. The starting position - lying on the back:

  • raise your hands up, feet - on yourself. Hands and heels stretch in opposite directions.
  • lift the head and chin to the stomach.
  • get your hands behind your head, bring your feet together, pull your feet towards yourself. From this position, lift the body by 45 degrees, hold for a few seconds, return to the starting position.

In the middle of the working day, you can take a short break, after spending a few minutes on simple exercises for the cervical department:

  • make a few turns on the semicircle head to the right and left,
  • make several head inclinations sideways to the shoulder, in both directions,
  • put your hands on your waist,connect the shoulder blades, pull the elbows back, the chin at this time, drag forward. When doing the exercise, try to keep your back straight.

Several exercises that you can perform at home at the end of the day:

  • familiar from the school physical training "cat",
  • from the initial position lying on its side, make several swings with your straight leg back and forth,
  • sit upright, with your straight hands you have to wave back and forth, while turning your head towards the hand that is at that momentbehind the back,
  • stand on all fours. From this position, without moving your hand, bend your back with a wheel. Then, while lowering the buttocks to the feet, straighten your back, bending forward, without bending your arms. Hold in this position for ten seconds, then return to the starting position.

Recommendations for the implementation of the

exercises. Regardless of which set of exercises you have chosen, the exercises will be as effective as possible with the following simple recommendations:

  • it is better to start gymnastics better in the morning, but the greatest effectiveness can be achieved by doing exercises throughout the day. This will help to achieve good results at low loads,
  • the main rule is regularity, even if you feel unwell, it is better to do exercises half-heartedly,
  • all the exercises should be done at the pace that is comfortable for you,
  • for severe Bechterev's disease, medical gymnastics canseem to be too complicated, but even not done exercises will still bring the result,
  • exercises and medication should be supplemented with a properly formulated diet. There is no special diet for Bechterew's disease, but the menu should be balanced and healthy, improper nutrition exacerbates any health problems,
  • increase the difficulty of the exercises gradually, starting with the simplest, the
  • is a good addition to therapeutic gymnastics in the hospital and there can be a visit to the pool at home. Water helps to relieve the load from the spine, and exercises are more effective.

For patients with Bechterew's disease, medical gymnastics can be a very effective addition to traditional treatment. The main thing is to pay attention to the exercises every day, even if the disease has already developed to a serious stage. With regular sessions, most patients can significantly improve mobility.


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