Corset for neck with osteochondrosis price

Cervical corset for osteochondrosis: types, features, action

Types of fixators

For patients with cervical pathology, it is desirable to wear corsets for fixing vertebrae. The most common fixatives:

  • With such a variety of medical corsets, it's very easy to get lost, trust your doctor and he will help you with the choice of

    a full lock, put on the thoracic area, a neck around the neck. It is made of an elastic fabric with rigid ribs that hold the rest of the latch on the neck. It is often prescribed to wear such a product in the late stages of the disease of the spine;

  • collar for use is similar to the corset, it is fixed only on the neck. It is best to wear on exacerbations, while performing exercises from the complex of exercise therapy;
  • pneumatic collar - the device is inflatable, perfectly fixes the vertebrae of the cervical spine in the right position. It takes a short period to get used to;
  • bandage is not such a strong fixator, but it works harder with strong exacerbations in the most neglected stages of osteochondrosis.

Only a doctor can choose a particular type or model of a corset. It determines the degree of pressure and fixation of equipment. He also determines the time of use of the corset.

In the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis in medicine, the Shantz bus and the Philadelphia collar are used. They are different in rigidity and size.

Shan Shanz

More often patients choose the type of collars: they are soft, comfortable and also perfectly retain the shape of the

. The Shanz collar is very simple in its design, it is quite comfortable to wear. The price of it depends on the type of fixation. It can be tough - the bandage is made of soft cover, inside the plastic tire. Has a special groove for the larynx.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW!Doctors recommend! When back pain is needed. .. Read on - & gt;

There is also a semi-rigid and soft - material for making soft elastic, hypoallergenic foamed polyurethane. It easily takes the form of all the natural curves of the body. This corset for the neck with osteochondrosis has a positive effect on the process of spine recovery. The bus fixes and simultaneously saves heat. Helps improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

By means of such a device, you can reduce the sensation of pain in an accelerated time, as well as restore the neck and relax the muscles.

Basic functions of devices:

  • limitation of head movements in pain syndrome;
  • unloading of spasmed muscles;
  • correction of the wrong position of the cervical vertebrae;
  • prevention of infringement of the neurovascular bundle and spinal cord;
  • warming, restoration of normal circulation in the cervical spine;
  • reduction of the psychological syndrome of fear of causing pain during sudden movements or during sleep.

Remember! In wearing a corset, it is important not to allow hypercorrection. Since the wrong position of the neck can go into reverse bending.

The corset relieves muscle tension and removes painful sensations by expanding the intervertebral distance. This is due to the prevention of stress on the problem areas of the spine.

Rules for the use of the orthopedic device for the neck

No way to wear the Shantz tire permanently to prevent total muscle atrophy

At present, millions of people suffer from such a disease. Among the patients there are fans and opponents of using the corset for medicinal purposes. The first consider the cervical corset an effective method of removing the pain syndrome, especially with exacerbations. The second is sure that this adaptation leads to weakening of the muscles. All of them are absolutely right.

Such a device really forces the patient to maintain a posture and helps to correct the spinal column. But doctors advise to apply it only in extreme cases. Therefore, there are special rules for wearing a medical device:

  1. From the first days the device should be worn for about 15 minutes. Every day, the wearing time should be increased. The wearing time should gradually approach one hour.
  2. It is necessary to wear it during the performance of exercise physical therapy, physical activity at work, while working at the computer.
  3. The timing of wearing is determined by the doctor. He watches the process of therapy. But it should be worn for at least a month and not more than 3 months in a row.
  4. It is recommended to use the cervical corset by pregnant women.
  5. If you feel the improvement of the spine - you need to gradually reduce the period of wearing to absolute failure.
  6. It is allowed to sleep in the bus of Shantz.
  7. If necessary, repeat the course of treatment on your own, you can not start wearing it. Preliminary need to consult with your doctor.

Tires are used to recover a patient with symptoms of cervical spine. You can use this device for prevention. This will help to avoid the occurrence of diseases of the spine to people with sedentary work. The price of any corset justifies itself. After all, it is an indispensable assistant for a patient suffering from osteochondrosis.

The pathology of the cervical spine is a very dangerous disease. Therefore, timely diagnosis is important. Medication should be better combined with the use of an effective auxiliary orthopedic device.

An orthopedic corset is the best choice for such purposes. But do not neglect the performance of physical exercises, since cure osteochondrosis alone corset will not work.

Corset for the cervical spine-benefits:

COMFORTABLE USE.The corset "SMART" is made of high-quality materials. Soft, comfortable and without allergic reactions.

UNI-SIZE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. The inflatable collar is suitable for the neck of any person( from 39 to 55 cm).

COMPACT DIMENSIONS. You can use not only at home, but also to take with you to work and even on a trip.

35 THOUSAND PLEASANT BUYERS.This is how many people have relieved their back of pain for 4 years of sales of pneumatic corset "Spinal Doctor-101" in Russia and Ukraine.

The "SMART" corset corrects the wrong( "frozen") position of the neck, stretching the spine and increasing the intervertebral distance, thereby releasing the strangulated nerve roots and eliminating the pain in the neck.

Cervical corset Smart:

  • reduces the burden on the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine;
  • reduces susceptibility to nerve root trauma;
  • normalizes the motor abilities of the cervical region;
  • firmly holds the neck in a functional correct position.

If you have a sore neck:

Indications in which it is recommended to use a cervical corset:

  • treatment of various diseases in the cervical region, cervical osteochondrosis
  • in the prevention or treatment of spondyloarthrosis, osteochondrosis, cervical radiculitis;
  • in the prevention of various pain syndromes;
  • in the prevention of deformity or displacement in the cervical vertebra;
  • in the prevention of vertebrobasilar insufficiency;
  • elimination of dizziness, headache and other symptoms of circulatory disorders in this vertebral department;
  • in prevention of torticollis;
  • prevention of fatigue, removal of blocks and clamps in the neck;
  • prophylaxis and treatment of bruises, myositis, cervical muscle sprains;
  • prophylaxis of development of vertebral diseases with overstrain of the neck muscles, constant sedentary work, physical overloads of this area of ​​the spine.


Neck corset is not recommended for use during pregnancy. If you have a serious illness, before using a pneumocortex for the neck, it is worth getting a doctor's advice!

How the corset works:


We offer a uniform corset size "SMART".It is suitable for almost any size of neck( from 39 to 55 cm), which makes it universal for the whole family!


The corset from the cervical osteochondrosis "SMART" was developed by the Swiss University of Trauma and Orthopedics "Manshuazi"( Lozanna).Produced at the Balgristen Corporation( Switzerland) factories in PRC for the order of Doctor-101.

Corset from cervical osteochondrosis SMART: sale, price in Moscow.correctors of a posture from "Lavilites Russia CFS" Center REGION "Moscow" - 67617545

Corset from a cervical osteochondrosis SMART

Again this unpleasant and so disturbing neck pain . .. You drink painkillers, you search for a quiet and warm place, if only this The pain of left you. But, often, the pain is all-powerful and there is no escape from it. As a result: lost working time, a spoiled mood and a feeling of inferiority, haunting you.

The real reason for the "power" of such pain is Mr. Osteochondrosis in the cervical spine of your spine. Osteochondrosis is the rust of the spine! The result of osteochondrosis is the damage to the intervertebral discs with the underlying bone tissue, which is accompanied by a thickening of the spine and as a result the elasticity of the ligaments passing along the spine is lost. In the end, this leads to aging and dehydration, loss of stability of cartilaginous tissues. With each new day, with each new attack, the intensity of sensations intensifies and the duration of each attack increases.

Are you hurt? What are you waiting for? It will not be better any more!

Let the corset for the neck of SMART take care of you!

Today SMART corset is the best treatment for cervical osteochondrosis:

- it does not cause allergies;

- it very carefully restores your neck;

- in a short time will calm your nerves and relieve pain;

- he is always with you and at any time at your service.

For the relaxation of the neck muscles and healing of pain in those with cervical osteochondrosis use cervical corset SMART .It reduces the burden on the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine and reduces the susceptibility to traumas of the nerve roots, normalizes the motor abilities of the cervical region and firmly holds the neck in a functional correct position.

Specialists recommend cervical corset SMART

Indications in which it is recommended to use cervical corset:

  • treatment of various diseases in the cervical region;
  • in the prevention or treatment of spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis, cervical radiculitis;
  • in the prevention of various pain syndromes;
  • in the prevention of deformity or displacement in the cervical vertebra;
  • in the prevention of vertebrobasilar insufficiency;
  • elimination of dizziness, headache and other symptoms of circulatory disorders in this vertebral department;
  • in prevention of torticollis;
  • prevention of fatigue, removal of blocks and clamps in the neck;
  • prophylaxis and treatment of bruises, myositis, cervical muscle sprains;
  • prophylaxis of development of vertebral diseases with overstrain of the neck muscles, constant sedentary work, physical overloads of this area of ​​the spine.

Nature of exposure

To get rid of neck pain , you need to learn to relax muscles, because relaxed muscles are completely incompatible with stress, anxiety and anxiety.

Muscle relaxation results in calming the strenuous nerves. The corset relaxes the muscles of the neck, thus removing it.load, pain, all the stresses and anxieties accumulated in spasm-compressed muscles. The corset teaches you to relax and relieve the "nerves" disease.

SMART corset corrects the wrong "frozen" position of the neck, stretching the spine and widening the lumens of the nerve roots. The neck restores its anatomical place and "remembers" it. The effect of this lasts long enough to cure osteochondrosis and provide prevention of violations.

SMART neck corset specially for you

Without spending your valuable time at all, you fill the cavity of the collar with a small pump supplied in the kit.

At the same time, they vertically expand, nicely stretching your vertebrae, also increasing intervertebral fissures, and reducing pressure on the discs, thus,completely removes infringement from the intervertebral nerves and vessels, reducing tension in the muscles of the neck.


Starting from 15 minutes to an hour a day, in tech.2-3 months. Then, depending on the patient's condition, with an ever increasing positive result, the duration of the procedure decreases.

Not recommended during pregnancy.

Invented by Swiss scientists from the scientific research institute " Trauma and Orthopedics" Manshuazi "(Lozanna) ".

Manufactured by "Balgristen Corporation" in Switzerland.

Warranty - 1 year

It's time to free yourself from unpleasant pain!

You acquire the Latest development with certified quality - SAFETY of your treatment!

You purchase a product of European quality - RELIABILITY to use!

You get Checked by hundreds of people who have had your problems - EFFECT in treatment!

You become the Owner of the facility that will grant you the CONSTANT an uninterrupted result in the treatment.

Without expensive drugs, Without spending a lot of time in the corridors of hospitals, Comfortable at home - You treat your neck with cervical corset SMART !

Cervical bandages and corsets: trunk shank, collars for osteochondrosis.

The neck bandage, specially selected from several species - the Shantz tire, cervical corset or collar, can prevent many diseases, effectively eliminate or alleviate the existing ones.

The cervical region is the most mobile part of the spine, which has a complex structure. If it is given a heavy load, it can lead to very negative, and often disastrous consequences, among them - a violation of the blood supply to the brain, hearing, sight, and much more. A less significant problem, which, nevertheless, gradually worsens our health, is the static tension of the muscles that occurs when reading books, watching TV, and taking a long trip in transport.

How do cervical bandages work?

The main purpose of the cervical bandage is to reduce the burden on the intervertebral discs in the cervical region. They reduce the possibility of trauma to the nerve roots. These products firmly fix the patient's neck in the correct position. The corset for the neck not only blocks movement, but also supports the muscles in a tone, warms them.

Indications for the use of the cervical bandage

The main indications for the use of cervical bandages are: torticollis, increased mobility of the vertebrae, their displacement, sprain, and much more. Bandages are widely used for injuries. They are also worn during the postoperative period. It is very important to use a cervical collar for osteochondrosis. This disease occurs quite often and is a complex of disorders in the cartilage of the joints. Most often affected intervertebral discs. Bandages are used in both conservative and surgical treatment.

Who is prescribed cervical bandages?

These orthopedic products can be used both for the treatment of patients in medical centers, and simply for maintaining health. Bandages for the cervical department can be worn by adults, children and even newborns. Before using the product, consult a doctor for advice.

What is the difference between cervical bandages?

Supporting neck tools differ functional capabilities, design, as well as the materials used. The most severe of them are used after the injuries and operations. Some models of cervical orthosis are needed for moderate stabilization of the cervical spine, while others are designed to take the desired form. A huge amount of these products is made of artificial materials, but there are quite a few bandages covered with cotton cloth. They are for people with sensitive skin. Some corsets can be adjusted in size, while others should be selected individually.

Do I need a neck bandage if my health is ok?

Cervical bandages are useful to have in the house in case of unforeseen circumstances. Many people do not take care of possible problems in advance, which then it is necessary to regret. Often, there are injuries in sports, subluxation, pain in the joints. Even when carrying weights( large backpacks, for example), we also experience unpleasant sensations in the neck. Shantz tire will effectively help to get rid of these problems. This bandage removes hypertension of muscles, restricts neck movements, eliminates infringements of vertebrae and very quickly relieves of painful sensations. The orthopedic product allows to keep the head in the correct position, unloads the cervical vertebrae. Bandage has a warming effect, which helps improve blood circulation. Thus, this cervical corset has the widest range of applications, and therefore it can become a valuable acquisition for the whole family. Millions of people suffer from osteochondrosis.

allorto.ruThis makes scientists develop more and more effective ways to combat this ailment. Medications, procedures, apparatus. .. There is a huge number of different drugs that help different people - depending on the form of the disease, the stage, the characteristics of the patient( age, sensitivity, the presence of other diseases), etc.

The neck bandage is not a medicine, however, it is important as an auxiliary - reduces the pressure on the intervertebral discs

Special bandages( for example, the collar of Shants) were invented for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. They refer to the means to immobilize the diseased part of the spine( for other departments, similar products are used - for example, the belt for osteochondrosis of the lumbar region or the corset for breast osteochondrosis).

Prescriptions for use

A neck bandage for osteochondrosis is not a drug. He is not able to heal the spine, but the benefit from it is still very large:

  • does not allow the muscles of the neck to overextend;
  • reduces pressure on intervertebral disks;
  • limits the movement of the injured part of the spine and thereby reduces the pain syndrome;
  • is suitable for the prevention of possible infringement of the neurovascular bundle and spinal cord;
  • does not allow the spinal curvature to progress.

The bandage can be used not in all cases of osteochondrosis - in some cases it will be useless and even harmful. That is why wearing this remedy should be carried out solely on the prescription of the attending physician.

The medical prescription for using the corset is a constant aching neck pain that is not removed by painkillers and correcting the wrong position of the spine. The bandage fixes the neck in the right direction and corrects its bend. Almost always, the corset for osteochondrosis is prescribed after the operation, when mobilization of the operated site is required, so as not to injure it, help to recover faster and prevent complications.

In some cases, special types of bandages are required. For example, if osteochondrosis is accompanied by scoliosis, then you need to make an individual model, made on a plaster cast. The use of template neck corsets can lead to complication of the disease.

The main thing is to properly tighten the corset - it should not hang out, but it should not tighten the neck

When and how to wear

Using the cervical corset, remember the rules:

  1. In the case of cervical osteochondrosis, it is best to wear a collar if you need to spend a long time at the computer or carry heavy things. When lying, the corset should be removed.
  2. Before donning, make sure that the band is exactly matched, otherwise it will do harm instead of good.
  3. It is very important to properly tighten the corset - it should not hang out and should not strongly draw your neck. If, putting on a collar, you can safely move your neck, then it's chosen incorrectly.
  4. In the corset, the neck should be straight, the head - in a level position( without tilting down or tipping back).
  5. During the wearing of an orthopedic product, a regular examination by a specialist of the changes occurring in the neck is necessary. If necessary, the doctor will prolong / stop the course of using the collar or pick up another version.
  6. With pain and discomfort, remove the cervical corset immediately and inform the doctor. You may not be able to use an orthopedic device.

Too long wearing a collar can lead to muscle atrophy, so remember to be modest in using this device. The first few times the corset for the neck with osteochondrosis should be worn only 10-15 minutes to allow the neck to get used to an unfamiliar object. Gradually, the time of using the cervical bandage should be increased. The duration of wearing a collar is 7-8 weeks. And you can not abruptly stop the course - you need to gradually reduce the time spent in the bandage.

Corsets for the neck are hard and soft( the collar of Shants)

What are the collars and their cost

Orthopedic corsets for the neck are of several types and the choice depends on the form and degree of the disease:

Type of cervical corset Approximate price
Soft collars of Shanz assumes the presence of rigid ribs. It is made of foamed polyurethane. Products well take the form of natural bends of the body. Such collars can be used for prevention( especially for people with sedentary occupations).An alternative to the collar of Shantz is an inflatable cervical corset. Price from 350 rubles
Neck corset( collars) with medium fixation Possess plastic stiffeners that can bend slightly under pressure Price from 850 rubles
Solid bandages with rigid fixation The design has non-elastic stiffeners providing a 100% cervical fixationspine Without support of the chin - from 850 rubles. With the support of the chin - from 1300 rubles. With the transition to the breast corset - from 7000 rubles.

Which collar is right for you? This question will be answered only by the doctor. Independently choose orthopedic products is not recommended, as the use of inappropriate models can only harm and aggravate the disease. Only correctly selected neck corset will help you in the treatment and rehabilitation of the spine.

2 products.

Corset for the neck - the best protection against osteochondrosis

An impressive load on the neck and upper vertebrae can cause discomfort not only in the spine, but in the whole body. The main assistant with the solution of this problem will be the neck corset .As you know, the upper spine is the most mobile and easily injured. Cervical collar in case of acute pain will ensure rest and relaxation of this part of the body.

The modern corsets on the neck, which easily adjust the height and force of pressure, are extra convenient. Well-known vertebrologists who study and treat the pillar of our body, the spine, are also advised to wear a neck lock and when unpleasant headaches occur.

To use this bandage around the neck , you need to confirm the medical indications. Treatment of all kinds of ailments with bones, joints, cartilage and nerves are dealt with by neuropathologists, traumatologists, surgeons and vertebrologists. The corset for the neck becomes a necessary measure and a warning, and an amendment to the problem that has already arisen. Bandage for the neck: application of

There are basic and secondary causes, in the presence of which doctors can prescribe a neck lock to the patient. The cervical bandage can fix the optimal position of the vertebrae and allow the body to eliminate all the clamps and pains on its own. Among the reasons why people start to wear neck fixators, it is necessary to allocate the following:

  • Injury in case of an accident. The most fragile place on the body is difficult to save from wounds and injuries, this is how the bandage around the neck becomes a detail of the wardrobe for a long time;Osteochondrosis of cervical vertebrae. This ailment has recently become much younger, and if previously associated only with people over 60 years of age, now you can meet and the youth who wears an inflatable collar for the neck with a diagnosis of osteochondrosis;
  • Increased pain in the head and unpleasant sensations in the temples, caused by squeezing nerves. In this case, often used as the use of the corset for the neck, and additional therapy in the form of certain drugs and physiotherapy procedures;
  • Permanent sedentary work, complete disregard for physical activity, and constant, throbbing pain in the neck and head. Doctors are often advised not to neglect the sport, but to accept the body's optimal position in space, for a time to wear a corset for the neck.

What should be a real cervical corset? Such bandages around the neck are a special collar with a rigid fixation, and the ability to adjust the height. Thus, the corset for the neck will completely adjust to the patient, and will give the muscles of the neck and vertebrae the long-awaited relaxation, as well as the opportunity to take their correct position.

Neck bandage - the best way to avoid the consequences of osteochondrosis

The disease of our days is called osteochondrosis of the spine, which often leads to deplorable conditions that bind the movements. As you grow up, the spine of a person is subjected to all kinds of stresses and can develop incorrectly. Sluggish lifestyle and incorrect loads are provoked. If the problem touched the upper spine, doctors recommend wearing a medical cervical collar .

Among the reasons that lead to the appearance of osteochondrosis, the following are distinguished.

  • Disturbance of the metabolic process, or presence of infections in the body;
  • Big weight and ignoring the principles of separate nutrition lead to the need to wear a corset for the neck;
  • Poor posture and other troubles with the body, including hypermobility, flatfoot, etc;
  • Various injuries and poor rehabilitation. Groups of muscles after their rupture must be loaded slowly and with time;
  • Predisposition to the onset of osteochondrosis that was transmitted from the parents;
  • Physically hard work with finding in incorrect poses and hypertrophied load on disks when lifting weights, etc.

Once a patient is told about the appearance of cervical osteochondrosis, most often he is prescribed certain medications and in some cases is credited with wearing an inflatable cervical collar. When using this corset pass pain in the back, as well as relaxed clamped muscles. In order for such therapy to work, you need to choose the right corset for the neck, which is suitable in a particular case for a certain person.

Unpleasant statistics indicate that even young people are at risk and can get out of the doctor with an unpleasant diagnosis of "osteochondrosis".Prevention in this case will be the best way to prevent the disease. Proper sports that load symmetrically on both sides of the body will help to avoid trouble with the vertebral column and a fixator for the neck will not be required.

How to use the cervical corset

Observing certain simple rules for wearing a corset for the neck, you can get rid of obsessive pain and improve the patency of the vessels to the head. Inflatable cervical corset or bandage will help clamped muscles to relax in the cervical region, increase the clearance between the vertebrae and thereby regulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. All this triggers the process of improving the condition of tissues and blood vessels, and also reduces the risk of strokes.

After the patient has bought a corset for the neck, he must learn how to use it correctly for best results. Getting used to the bandage around the neck should be done gradually and in the first days it should be worn no more than 15 minutes. If there is severe discomfort, the time of use can be reduced. Subsequently, the time of wearing such a corset for the upper spine should increase to one hour. The desired result is achieved after 1-3 months. The main subtleties of the process are told individually by the doctor.

Sport and correct loads for healthy neck and spine

It is important to correctly use a medical collar for the neck, and also follow the instructions and doctor's recommendations clearly. People who have to work hard must use a corset for the cervical vertebrae, in order to protect the upper muscles of the neck from excessive overstrain. The spine in the cervical region can be discharged with the help of the neck collar, and certain exercises will help to strengthen the muscles. A large number of rehabilitation specialists and instructors in yoga and pilates offer special classes and special exercises for the spine.

Many of us know that insufficient muscle strength and a lazy way of life afterwards, can be badly reflected and worsen the condition of the vertebrae. The weakness of the muscles can be corrected, but first of all, it is necessary to relax the clamped neck of the neck. To avoid using the corset around the neck, you need to train your inner corset from the muscles. Athletes who correctly deal with and monitor the load and relaxation regime do not have problems with the free movement of different parts of the body.

Injuries in sport can not be foreseen, and with sprains and bruises, as well as for all kinds of dislocations, athletes should wear bandages, among which are cervical. In this case, the loads become smaller, and exercises for soft and delicate development of the neck, joints or injured muscles appear. It should be said about the flexibility, which will help to avoid having to buy a bandage around your neck. The more flexible, but at the same time stable joint( and the spine is one big and intricate joint), the more opportunities to make your health strong and finally get rid of the pain.

Comfortable neck bandage for the whole family

Buy a corset for the neck offer both in a stationary store with medical equipment, so order through the Internet. The more functional the model turns out to be, the more reliable it will be on the neck of all family members. The corset can also be worn for simple prevention, in order to avoid unwanted curvature of the spine. For schoolchildren, the neck corset will be the ideal device for developing the habit of sitting with a flat back.

Buying a corset for the neck will be a good contribution for the whole family. The upper part of the spine is closely connected in the lumbar, which is why the neck corset will correct discomfort in the lower part of the trunk. An inflatable collar for the neck and other analogues will provide comfort and health to the upper vertebrae and the entire body of a person. Cervical corset to buy and use the whole family can be due to its flexible system and the ability to adjust its basic functions to maintain the cervical spine.

Feel the benevolent influence of such additional means as a bandage around your neck. True, correct use and purchase only on the instructions of a specialist in the medical field will help to get rid of severe pain, both in the neck and in the head. The vertebrae will fall into place, and exercises for the neck will make the muscles strong enough. The need to use the corset for the cervical vertebrae will also decrease significantly and eventually disappear. You should buy only quality corsets for the neck from official representatives.

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