Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint of 2nd degree

treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint 2 degrees

Pathologies of the musculoskeletal system are found today quite often, and one of them is arthrosis of the knee joint. This disease, in which there is a gradual destruction of cartilage, deformation of bone tissue and pathological processes in nearby tissues. Often diagnosed deforming arthrosis of the knee joint 2 degrees, tk. At the initial stage of the disease, her symptoms are ignored by many patients. Let us consider in more detail how to treat arthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree.

How to cure arthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree?

Typical signs of arthrosis of the knee joint of the second degree are: painful sensations of considerable severity, appearing even under small loads, stiffness in the joint, crunching, severe puffiness. If you do not start treatment at this stage, the disease is rapidly gaining momentum, and in the future can only help surgical intervention with the replacement of the joint with an artificial prosthesis.

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Conservative therapy for this degree of knee joint damage includes the following:

  1. Admission of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation( drugs in the form of tablets, topical preparations, intra-articular injections).
  2. Chondroprotectors, which promote the restoration of cartilaginous tissue;
  3. Preparations based on hyaluronic acid to improve lubrication of the inner surface of the joint.
  4. Therapeutic physical training and massage for strengthening muscles and ligaments, normalization of metabolic processes in the knee.
  5. Physiotherapeutic procedures for pain relief, elimination of inflammation and improvement of motor abilities( magneto- and laser therapy, ultrasound, electrophoresis, mud applications, medical baths, etc.).

Patients are forbidden to lift weights, make long hiking trips, long stand in one place. It is recommended to wear comfortable nedavlyaschuyu shoes( better orthopedic), in some cases - use an orthopedic cane to reduce the burden on the patient's leg.

Nutrition for arthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree

how to treat arthrosis of the knee joint 2 degrees

One of the main aspects of the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree, especially with excessive body weight, is the observance of a rational diet. Instead of fatty and high-calorie foods, one should eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy dishes.

You must unsubscribe from:

  • smoked products;
  • pickles, fried foods;
  • sweets.

It is desirable to eat small portions, slowly, thoroughly chewing food.

Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint

Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint is a disease that is non-inflammatory. At the same time, the pathological changes in the cartilaginous tissue occur in the joint, leading to its destruction and, as a result, the knee loses mobility.

The knee joint is most susceptible to the development of this disease. The second name of deforming arthrosis is gonarthrosis.

What happens with gonoarthrosis? Cartilaginous tissue that covers the bones, loses its elasticity is broken, the synovial fluid becomes more viscous. This increases the pressure on the bone under the weight of a person, it causes pain. The distance between the bones decreases, the friction during movement increases and the process of growth of osteophytes begins - bone growths in the form of hooks. There is deformation of the knee joint, the person changes gait and posture due to ossification of the joint, muscle atrophy and the inability to walk normally.

A sample of the normal joint and joint of an arthrosis Species of knee joint deforming joint

Causes of the development of the disease

There are two forms of pathology development. Each of them is due to its own causes, which served to develop gonoarthrosis.

Osteoarthritis occurs after the traumas and diseases:

- fractures, dislocations, bruises of the knee joint, which were accompanied by damage to the ligaments and displacement of bones;

  • - surgical operations to remove meniscus and the like;
  • - overweight, causing stress on the joints;
  • - supercooling;
  • - increased nervous excitability;
  • - bad habits, leading to a general weakening of the body and the emergence of pathological processes( smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • - increased physical activity( for athletes and workers engaged in heavy work);
  • - inflammatory processes( arthritis);
  • - metabolic disorders, salt deposition, slagging of the body;
  • - diseases that are accompanied by a violation of blood circulation in the legs, spasm of blood vessels, muscles.

Gonoarthrosis can develop only on one joint or immediately on both. So, for example, as a result of the received trauma, most likely the disease will develop only on one side, while obesity is a prerequisite for the development of bilateral arthrosis of the knee joint.

Osteoarthritis often occurs due to the trauma

Osteoarthritis occurs due to congenital deformities of the knee joint ( the disease progresses together with the wrong formation of the ligamentous apparatus, abnormal development of bone, cartilaginous tissues, as a result of congenital malformation of the human skeleton).

Prevention of deforming arthrosis of the knee joint

In order to prevent the development of arthrosis in the knee joints, the should be monitored for its own weight, the avoiding extra pounds. To do this, it is desirable to adhere to the balanced diet , rich in calcium, vitamins, proteins and trace elements. For prophylaxis, shows physical activity to maintain the tone of the leg muscles and improve the blood circulation of the in the knee area. Sanatorium treatment positively affects the condition of the whole body and joints in particular. And, of course, it is necessary for to abandon the bad habits of , which contribute to the development of pathological processes and negatively affect a person's condition.

Physiotherapy exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee joint

Symptoms indicative of progressive arthrosis of the knee

The initial stage of development is characterized by pain in the knee that occurs after physical exertion( climbing the stairs) and in the morning. But patients usually write off these symptoms for an ordinary overtaxity.

With the progression of the disease, signs such as crunching in the knees, discomfort when moving due to fluid accumulation, knee swelling, sometimes reddening and a local increase in temperature may be added.

If arthrosis is not treated, then at the third stage the disease can lead to disability. The joints are strongly affected, pronounced deformity, muscle atrophy, legs practically do not bend at the knees.

A sample of knee arthrosis deforming knee osteoarthritis

Diagnosis of the disease

At the first signs of arthrosis, consult a rheumatologist or surgeon. The attending physician will examine the joint and prescribe the radiograph of the .The harder the cartilaginous tissue is affected, the more noticeable it is on the pictures. There may be bone build-ups( the second and third degree of arthrosis), there is a narrowing of the joint gap. After this, the sampling and analysis of synovial fluid is performed, proper treatment is prescribed.

Treatment of deforming arthrosis of the knee joint

Treatment prescribed by a doctor will necessarily be comprehensive. But the effect depends on the patient's conscientiousness, systematically fulfilling all the prescriptions and procedures.

The first two stages of arthrosis are treated without surgery. But first of all the patient is recommended to to limit the load on the joints ( use walking stick, rest more) and follow the diet of .

Medication treatment is designed to eliminate pain syndrome, improve metabolism in tissues, accelerate the restoration of cartilage. But medicines have a number of side effects, so they can not be used for a long period and without the appointment of a doctor.

  1. Selective or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. Injection of glucocorticosteroids.
  3. Sosudoreguliruyuschie drugs and venotoniki( to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, eliminate spasms).
  4. Chondroprotectors( drugs acting directly on the cartilaginous tissue, restoring it) in the form of tablets or intraarticular injections.

Therapeutic physical training helps to resist muscle atrophy, stimulates blood circulation in the joints, improves mobility. For the same purpose prescribe massage and manual therapy .

Favorable for the condition of bones and joints is affected by physiotherapeutic treatment of e and stay in sanatorium-resort facilities.

folk medicine is quite effective when used correctly.

  • - leaves of fresh white cabbage are smeared with honey and applied to the diseased knee, this helps to reduce pain and swelling;
  • - instead of cabbage, burdock leaves are used, the compress is insulated and left overnight;Treatment of arthrosis with a burdock
  • - the chicken yolk is mixed with one tablespoon of turpentine and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, carefully kneaded and kneaded sick knee before going to bed;
  • - birch buds( 100 g) insist in half a liter of alcohol for one month in a dark place, then strain and daily rub the knee;
  • - with arthrosis apply warming bandages made of natural wool( including canine).

Surgical treatment of the last stages of deforming arthrosis implies a complete replacement of the affected joint with an artificial prosthesis. Patients go to this step if they can not be treated by other methods or if they do not help. When restoration of motor function is still possible, then arthroscopy is prescribed - a low-traumatic method of surgical treatment, which allows to improve the state of cartilage for up to three years.


Have you been informed about arthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree? Our article will reassure you!

arthrosis of the knee joint of the 2 nd degree How can official medicine or folk remedies help? Before you figure this out, it's worth remembering that arthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree, or, for example, osteoarthritis, is a much heavier disease than arthrosis of the first degree - it delivers very strong discomfort and badly damages the quality of life of .This is due to the fact that during this stage of the disease the cartilages that are lining the outer surfaces of the joint bones are severely depleted, and in some places can completely disappear.
Due to the fact that the load on the deformed cartilage tissue increases( due to the large body weight), osteophytes begin to form on the joints, that is, peculiar growths, and the bones themselves enlarge and expand and begin osteoarthrosis or arthrosis.

Symptoms of arthrosis

For such a serious disease as gonarthrosis of the 2nd degree, pains and aches are more common in the knees, initial pain after sleeping or rest, increased pain after physical exertion on the knee, a feeling of "numbness" after long walks or after a long positionstanding.
Incomplete development of the leg muscles on the affected side is due to the fact that patients often fear and spare the affected limb with arthrosis and tend to as less as possible load it, step on it. Also, arthrosis can be determined by the characteristic crunch in the knees, which eventually becomes more distinct.
One of the signs of the first stage of joint deformity is a violation of the knee function, that is, sick people simply can not bend the leg.
If a person has primary osteoarthritis or arthrosis of the knee joint, but both knees are affected, then this disease is called bilateral gonarthrosis. Usually the disease begins with the defeat of only one joint, but by the time when the 2nd degree of the disease develops, the second joint is already participating in the pathological process. Right-sided or left-sided osteoarthritis of the knee joint can be caused by conditions that increase the load on the right( or left) knee. Treatment of deforming arthrosis should be carried out necessarily under the supervision of an orthopedic doctor, or other specialist.

How is knee arthrosis diagnosed?

If a patient with stage 1 arthrosis of the knee has consulted a physician with complaints of increased pain, the diagnosis is already known in advance. The fact that the disease progresses can be judged by the following symptoms:
1. Appearance of the
crunch 2. Knee joint deformation
3. Increasing and strengthening of the pain
4. Restriction of the joint mobility
To make an accurate diagnosis and see the whole picture completely, the patient is recommended radiographyknee joints. For the 2nd degree of arthrosis of the knee joint joints are narrowed and marginal bones proliferate.

Treatment of the disease

Treatment of knee arthrosis with pricks By what means and how to treat arthrosis? At stage 2 of arthrosis treatment should be full and complex. It is desirable to reduce the load on the diseased knee, correct the body weight( if a person is fully built or with the first signs of obesity), limit the load on the affected knee( use canes, crutches, orthopedic appliances during walks).
Also very beneficial for patients with arthrosis is therapeutic gymnastics, which strengthens the muscles of the affected limb.
Medical treatment necessarily includes the elimination of pain syndrome with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or similar drugs.
Also, at stage 2 of arthrosis, it is necessary to take funds, which include the components present in articular cartilage: chondroitin-sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, etc.
These drugs can be used externally( in the form of gels and ointments), injected into the inside of the joint bag, and also used as capsules.
It should be noted that all physiotherapeutic procedures are not conducted during the period of exacerbation, and contribute to the improvement of metabolism and nutrition of cartilaginous tissue.

Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional medicine can help only at the initial stage of the disease, but with a strong pathological process almost does not give an effect. Thus, using only folk medicine, cure arthrosis of the 2nd degree in the knee joint or osteoarthritis is not possible, but it is possible to significantly alleviate the course of the disease, and also improve the condition in times of exacerbation of the disease.
Knee joint treatment with folk remedies is carried out with the help of herbal preparations, compresses of red or blue clay, and apple cider vinegar.

Prevention of arthrosis of the knee joint

In order for joint diseases like arthrosis or osteoarthritis to never be felt, it is necessary to reduce your weight( with its excess), and constantly monitor it in the future. Also, regular physical exercise, proper diet, avoidance of strong physical exertion on the knees are very much shown.
In the event that there is any kind of injury, it is worth immediately contacting the doctor for help. It is always worth remembering that osteoarthritis or arthrosis of the 2nd degree is a chronic disease that progresses very often over time. And in order not to start the process, it is necessary to make maximum efforts in terms of treatment and prevention, moreover, preferably under the supervision of doctors.

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How to effectively treat arthrosis deformity of the knee joint?

Pain in the knee that occurs when moving, initially perceived as an annoying misunderstanding. But gradually the sensations are amplified, and now for this it is not necessary to run, walk, move - the pain itself comes, without any preconditions. Perhaps, you are faced with arthrosis, cure which is not so easy. And yet it is possible and necessary to fight against it, because even if you have a deformed arthrosis of the knee joint, treatment can be productive. How to do it, so as not to waste time in vain, we will talk further.

deforming arthrosis of the knee joint

The photo shows a damaged joint. Treatment is important to start as early as possible

Risk of developing deforming arthrosis of the knee

Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint, it is also a common disease, particularly among the elderly. However, in recent years there has been a rejuvenation of this disease, and now in the main risk group - people from 30 years old.

According to the most modest statements, about 4% of the world's population suffers from arthrosis of various species. If we talk exclusively about those who passed the line of their 60th birthday, then among these people, patients with arthrosis accounted for more than 80%.
In addition, as already mentioned above, the percentage increases, and the disease "gets younger".This means that in the coming years, arthrosis can become a very common disease that affects the elderly.

Therefore, today, those who have not had to suffer yet, it makes sense to adhere to certain rules that will help to avoid such fate in the future. The same recommendations will be useful to those who are already sick, because they are an important part of the treatment.


Prophylaxis I will say before the beginning of the topic "treatment", because it should be done, respected and when you are healthy, and if you are already sick.

Osteoarthritis is divided into two varieties. The cause of the first is the violation of metabolic processes in the body, as well as age-related changes, the second - injuries and infections. As for the second species, here is the main advice: to protect yourself from bruises, fractures and the like. This is true for those who are intensely engaged in dancing or sports. For these people, this disease often becomes professional. Also children who are very fond of climbing on fences and trees, will not be prevented by a share of caution.

On the other hand, the main factor that prevents deforming arthrosis of the knee joint of any kind is movement. Moderate sports. This is especially important for those who work "sedentary".Do not be confused with professional sports: in this case we are talking about moderate loads on different joints.

How to cure the disease

If you are already suffering from this disease, it makes no sense to dwell only on physical activity, although it should be an important part of the treatment process.

To overcome the disease, you can take the help of a doctor, or you can try to recover yourself, by popular methods. It should be noted that both options should ideally be combined.

The first step on the path to health is to make a diagnosis, and not independent, but medical. If there is no trust to a free polyclinic, then visit it first, and then go to a paid reception in any private. Thus, you will have on hand 2 diagnoses, most likely - the same, from which you can draw conclusions. After that, you can take up the treatment.

the knee is hurt

For increasing confidence in the diagnosis, you can go to 2 different polyclinics for different doctors.

Treatment with traditional medicine

Most often doctors prescribe:

  1. Chondroprotectors - both for ingestion and for injections. Very good preparations for the restoration of cartilage and nutrition of cartilaginous tissue. Treatment by them is not a removal of symptoms, but a real impact on the structure, influence from within.

  2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Their action is aimed at reducing and gradual elimination of pain and inflammatory processes. They are especially important at those stages of the disease, when discomfort becomes difficult to bear. Then the patient can not tolerate physiotherapy procedures, which in this case are very important. With the help of these drugs will be greatly reduced pain. But it is very important to understand that the real process of recovery will be shown only by examinations! Elimination of pain after taking such drugs can be mistakenly perceived as a recovery. The same goes for supporters of self-treatment: if the symptoms have disappeared, put an early point! We must go to the reception again.

Chondroprotectors are very effective at the initial stages of the disease and are practically useless in the last stages, when the cartilages are already destroyed. At the "final" stage, implantation of the prosthesis is recommended.

  1. Vasodilator drugs. Narrowing of the vessels is often a consequence of arthrosis of the knee joint. This causes additional pain and can lead to new unpleasant consequences, up to the varicose nodules. Such medicines increase blood circulation.

  2. Hyaluronic acid - intraarticular injection. This substance is responsible for the normal amount of water in the cells of the body. This method is quite effective, especially in the first and second stages of the disease, but it is expensive. One course of treatment costs the patient 9-10 thousand rubles. On the other hand, 1 course per year is required.

  3. Corticosteroid hormones - injections. It is used when there are edemas and inflammations. The injections are done no more often than 2 times a month.

  4. Ointments and compresses. For the most part they are an adjuvant, but still they should be included in the course of treatment. If the drug causes burning or allergies, then the application should be discontinued.

  5. Massage, manual therapy, sometimes acupuncture and other similar methods. They can also be prescribed by a doctor. If your doctor forgot about them, you can register yourself in a private medical center for these procedures.

  6. In the most neglected cases, surgery is required to replace the damaged joint with a new, artificial one. This move will completely relieve you of the disease, but the prosthesis will need to be changed every few years. This development is best not to wait, ideally going to the hospital in a few days, even weak pain.

The treatment methods described above are prescribed by the attending physician, self-medication is not recommended. Usually, the doctor prescribes several methods and medicines at once, and this is correct. Unfortunately, already at the second stage, arthrosis can not be cured completely, but one can maintain a good joint condition and prevent the development of the disease.

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint of the third degree: Deforming, Operation, Amenoottexo

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint of the third degree

The third degree of arthrosis of the knee joint is considered to be the heaviest. The disease significantly complicates the life of patients, severely restricts their ability to work and often becomes the cause of disability.

At the third degree of gonarthrosis the structure of the knee joint undergoes very serious changes. Articular cartilage is practically absent. This leads to the fact that the articular surfaces of the bones are sharply compressed, which is clearly visible on the X-ray.


At the late stage of the disease, the knee becomes swollen. A severe consequence is synovitis, in which a large amount of fluid accumulates in the joint. If there is a lot of it, a Baker cyst may occur. A dense, elastic formation appears on the back. In this situation, grade 3 arthrosis is treated with surgery.

Often when a disease appears crunch, it is sharp, with it there is a lot of pain. All symptomatology arises due to the fact that in humans a weak ligamentous device or a person in excess quantity moves the joints

Methods of treating arthrosis in the 3 stages of

Symptomatic develops at the late stage of arthrosis. The patient painfully bend and unbend legs. When he wants to perform the movement, there is a lot of pain. The legs can be bent at an angle of 95 degrees. In the future, there is a strong unbearable pain, the joint is deformed.

Osteoarthritis in 3 stages is characterized by the fact that the joint ceases to move completely, sometimes the patient has to move with his legs bent. The patient can not sleep peacefully, begins to take a large amount of nonsteroidal drugs from inflammation. Especially good is ozone therapy, for which an injection is injected into the affected area. Additionally recommend to use cream, ointments.

Kinesitherapy is also necessary for the disease, it includes a set of exercises using exercise machines, with the help of them you can improve blood circulation, elasticity. In severe cases, chondroprotectors are used.

So, with grade 3 arthrosis, the tissue of the cartilage becomes very thin, the bone is exposed. On the x-ray, osteophytes are noticeable - a large number of salts, free bodies, are deposited in the joint cavity. The pain to overcome is very difficult, you have to completely give up walking. Unpleasant sensations with arthrosis 3 degrees remain when a person rests. Especially dangerous deforming arthrosis of the knee, which causes severe pain, crunching. In this situation, it is necessary to start treatment at an early stage, so you can protect the cartilage from deformation.

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint of 2nd degree gelatin by reference.

Knee arthrosis deformans symptoms and treatment http: // artroz-kolennogo-sustava-simptomy-i-lechenie.html # t4.


When arthrosis acquires severe forms and conservative treatment does not lead to positive results, the patient is offered surgery. In different forms and for different purposes, various surgical procedures are performed:

puncture - excess fluid is removed with the subsequent administration of hormonal drugs;

overblack osteotomy of the tibia - correction of the axis deflection during deformation of the joint;

arthrodesis - joint resection with bone fusion is performed. Such an operation is extremely rare;

arthrolysis - removes altered and thickened synovial membranes, adhesions to provide more volume for joint motion;

arthroplasty - the remains of articular cartilages are reduced with the formation of simplified articular surfaces. This type of surgery is rarely performed due to the development of joint instability;

endoprosthetics - replacement of a damaged joint with an implant.

Rehabilitation is an important part of the rehabilitation process. Under the supervision of a doctor, the patient after the operation from the first days begins gradual movement in the joint to be restored. If the general well-being of the patient is satisfactory, he is allowed to get up on the second day. Exercises that strengthen the muscles of the hip are performed, gait is developed, sparing the operated joint. The rehabilitation period can last about six months.

First the movement is carried out with the help of crutches, then they are replaced by a cane. It is important to perform the prescribed exercises. It is useful to walk, the more, the better, but not exhausting yourself. Walking does not replace exercise. On the stairs, you should move very carefully.

Any redness of the wound, discomfort should be reported immediately to the doctor. Sudden numbness or weakness in the leg may indicate damage to the blood vessel or nerve. Whatever modern implants are not doing a knee replacement, they wear out sooner or later. However, the more modern and expensive the prosthesis, the longer it will last.



Solution for i / m introduction

V / m, deep - at 7.5-15 mg / day. With a slight or moderate decrease in renal function( Cl creatinine> 25 ml / min), as well as with cirrhosis in a stable clinical condition, dose adjustment is not required. The initial dose in patients with an increased risk of side effects is 7.5 mg / day.

The maximum daily dose is 15 mg, in patients with severe renal failure, on hemodialysis, 7.5 mg. Tablets

Inside, with food, once a day.

Rheumatoid arthritis: 15 mg / day. Depending on the therapeutic effect, the dose can be reduced to 7.5 mg / day.

Osteoarthritis: 7.5 mg / day. If the dose is ineffective, it can be increased to 15 mg / day.

Ankylosing spondylitis: 15 mg / day.

The maximum daily dose is 15 mg.

In patients with an increased risk of side effects, as well as in patients with severe renal failure who are on hemodialysis, the dose should not exceed 7.5 mg / day.

The deforming arthrosis of the knee joint is the destruction of the intraarticular cartilaginous layers, which entails a change in the external joint configuration. When the disease affects all the components of the joint, starting from the muscle tendons, and ending with bone surfaces.

Medical treatment

By severity, the disease is classified into:

  • 1 degree - onset of the disease;
  • 2 degree - the disease manifests itself with a bright symptomatic pattern;
  • 3 degree - complete destruction of the knee joint.

The disease is very serious, it can take a long time, but in some cases the joint is destroyed in a very short time. That's why the treatment should be long and maximum full. Without taking medication you can not do it, but you can supplement it with folk medication.

Baths at home for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee

Baths with arthrosis of the knee

Joints do not tolerate low temperatures and dampness, because under such conditions the production of synovial( intra-articular) fluid prevents friction of the cartilaginous plates. To remove pain in the knee will help anti-inflammatory bath. It is useful to do with salt. For 10 liters of water, you need 50 grams of salt. You can use the usual kitchen, but it is better to take sea salt. If there is a possibility, they make rappent baths, taking water from saline estuaries.

It is useful to add decoctions of anti-inflammatory herbs to water for water thermal procedures. More suitable chamomile, hemlock, St. John's wort, burdock root, pine needles or spruce. In pharmacies, they implement special anti-inflammatory preparations containing a complex of herbs that reduce the pathological process. Brew them according to the prescribed instructions.

Here are a few fees for treatment that are easy to use at home:

  • mix 60 g grass of sweet clover, 60 g of nettle leaves, 40 g of herb thyme and 40 grams of willow bark. On low heat, boil for 3 minutes, allow a few hours to brew, throw in a colander. The resulting liquid is poured into the bath water;
  • we use essential oils: 5 drops of juniper, 4 drops of eucalyptus, 3 drops of cloves, 2 drops of thyme;
  • an indispensable assistant in the fight against YES any localization is turpentine. On a bath filled with water, 1 spoonful of this "drug" is enough. Then it is necessary to mix well.

How to treat AS of the knee joint with ointments

Local treatment of deforming arthrosis is the most optimal treatment for joint diseases, because it does not affect the gastrointestinal tract, does not damage the mucous membranes, does not contribute to the formation of ulcers.

The basis is most often taken by the internal fat of animals, but it is better that they are duck, goose, marmot. To overeat the fat you need in a water bath, because you can save more useful substances. If there is no internal fat, then it is replaced with petroleum jelly, the usual lard.

Here are a few recipes for proven ointments that are effective for deforming arthrosis of the knee joints 1 and 2 degrees:

  • will require a marshmallow( ground part of grass) and the inner fat of the pig. To avoid burns, it is better to withstand the proportions of 1: 5.On water vapor, the ingredients are boiled for about an hour, then allowed to cool in the open air. With the resulting ointment, the affected area is lubricated overnight;
  • in a container alternate a layer of fresh butter in height in 2 sm and a layer of birch kidneys of identical size. The container is tightly closed, placed for 24 hours in an oven at a temperature of 80-90 g. Celsius. After cooling the mixture of kidneys, remove, and add a few drops of camphor.

Compresses for articular pathologies

Compresses have been treated for a long time. Make them in the form of a layered "pie".On a piece of cloth( film), apply a warm mixture for the compress, and apply to the skin. Then the tissue is covered with a food film, but it is better to use wax paper. Cover a warm bandage( wool, feather headscarf), and go to bed. All compresses should be done at night.

Here are a few useful compounds that will definitely help in the treatment of DA knee joint:

  • a tablespoon of salt( without top) mixed with two small bulbs passed on the meat grinder. Put on a very slow fire and cook for 5 minutes. If the onion will burn, then add a little water. From a lightly cool mixture, make a compress on the diseased knee. Hold for several hours until it cools. Wash skin with clean water;
  • in a glass of warm water, add 6 drops of essential oil and 2 drops of rosemary oil. Compress to hold 3 hours;
  • a few minutes to cook the ginger root in a small amount of water. Apply at night, well warmed.

Razirki in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint 2 and 1 degree

For the treatment of joints, most often, the grinding liquid is prepared on an alcohol basis. For this, medical alcohol or high-quality vodka suits. Alcohol contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, the flow of blood. Periarticular and bone tissue warm up well. In case of deforming arthrosis, use

  • half the volume of capacity of any size with red ants living in the forest, and top up with alcohol. After 2 weeks, the grinding aid will be ready. You can rub a knee several times a day into a diseased knee;
  • 25 g of amber should be dissolved in 125 ml of any cologne. To use as in the previous recipe;
  • for the treatment of joints is well suited for olive oil. They need to lubricate their knees several times a day;
  • instead of alcohol rubbing it is useful to lubricate the joint area with natural honey, tincture of propolis or beeswax.

How to treat deforming arthrosis of the knee joint with decoctions, infusions of herbs

More than one millennium arthrosis is treated with herbs. At 1 and 2 stages they are very effective, because they give a persistent therapeutic effect. Moreover, it is desirable to drink herbal decoctions to all people after 40 years, because this pathology is diagnosed in 30% of the population of this age group.

Here are the simplest but effective recipes for anti-inflammatory decoctions that can improve the condition of the knee joint with arthrosis:

  • 2 spoons of the primrose are brewed with 2 glasses of steep boiling water. Insist several hours, take ¼ cup four times a day;
  • Elm bark in the amount of 4 tablespoons is combined with a liter of cold water. Next, cook for 200 minutes under a tightly closed lid. The received liquid to drink in small portions 2 days. If you do not really like the taste, you are allowed to flavor it with honey;
  • doctors from Siberia suggest the following composition. Take the root of the comfrey, the root of the madder dyeing and the leaves of the walnut. Raw materials should be mixed in a separate bowl. It should take 1 tbsp.spoon of herbal raw materials, fall asleep in the evening in a thermos, pour boiling water and close tightly. In the morning the infusion will be ready. You can drink three times a day for 0.5 cup;
  • a full tablespoon of herb Kirkazon pour 200 ml of hot milk. To receive enough 50 ml of the resulting infusion of milk. Attention! The drug is contraindicated for those who have diseases of the urinary system!

With YES, the knee joint of the third degree is not treated with folk remedies because of its inefficiency. You should contact a traumatologist to resolve the issue of an operation for prosthetics of the joint structure.

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