How to treat a hip joint at home

Symptoms of coxarthrosis and its treatment at home

Coxarthrosis is a joint disease in any joint that is in the human body. Over time, the cartilage fluid - the lubricant - begins to dry up, the cartilage tissues can wear out to such an extent that they disappear altogether.

Signs of the disease

When the cartilage disappears, the joints begin to rub against each other at the joints, which causes painful sensations. Pain can respond in neighboring joints, and a significant physical limitation of joint mobility is also a symptom of coxarthrosis.

Common external signs of coxarthrosis include:

  • lameness;
  • gait distortion;
  • frequent crunch in the joint area.

Diagnosis of the disease and its degree

In order to confirm the fears about the appearance of coxarthrosis in the joints, you should consult an orthopedic doctor. The specialist will conduct a thorough examination and send for radiography. In some cases, biopsy of the joint fluid is required to confirm the diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is established, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment that includes taking medications and a course of exercise therapy.

There are 3 main degrees of disease progression. All these degrees are characterized by pain syndrome and limitations in the mobility of the joints.

Coxarthrosis of the 1st degree has weakly expressed painful sensations which appear after serious physical exertion, long walks on foot, however after rest these unpleasant sensations disappear. In the process of prolonged walking, lameness may appear.

The 2nd stage is characterized by more acute pain sensations, which are given to neighboring joints and nearby muscle groups. At this stage, the muscle fibers tighten around the damaged joint with any movement, which leads to painful sensations. Stressing during movements, muscles can maintain this tension even at night. Therefore, often patients with a second degree of coxarthrosis of the hip joint use a cane.

Acute chronic pain is inherent during the course of the third degree of the disease. The pain is so strong that the normal functioning of the ankle is no longer possible and requires additional support. With the third degree of coxarthrosis, the patient systematically takes painkillers. This is the degree of the disease, which may require surgical intervention, in order to place the prosthesis in place of the patient or absent joint.

Sometimes severe forms of coxarthrosis lead to complications in the functioning of nearby joints. Osteoarthritis of the ankle is one of the complications of coxarthrosis. It is characterized by pain in the ankle. Heaviness, which is no longer able to bear the patient's hip joint, is distributed to neighboring joints. Ankle joint receives a load more than usual, and also begins to wear out. Osteoarthritis of the ankle joint is treated with coxarthrosis. If the joints are weak in themselves, even a weak degree of coxarthrosis can cause arthrosis of the ankle joint.

Folk methods of treatment of coxarthrosis

Before starting treatment for arthrosis, it is necessary to visit a specialist to clarify the diagnosis.

This especially applies to cases where surgical intervention is necessary, therefore it is not worthwhile to independently treat arthrosis without examination by a specialist. After the doctor has determined the degree of the disease and its dynamics, you can resort to the help of folk remedies as a supplement to the prescribed treatment measures.

  1. Lemon tincture. One of the most effective folk remedies in the fight against cokeatrosis is lemon tincture. To prepare this tincture, you need to cut 3 large lemons into cubes and pour boiling water in the amount of 3 liters. When the infusion has cooled - add 1 tablespoon to the container.lime honey. Honey should be taken just lime, as this variety has an excellent effect, interacting with the medicinal properties of lemon. A day should drink 1 glass of this infusion for a month.
  2. Lemon and garlic infusion. A pair of lemons of medium size, 250 g of celery, 100 g of garlic - all the ingredients to grind in a blender or scroll in a meat grinder. The resulting porridge to be transferred to a 3-liter jar and pour boiling water. Turn the jar into a blanket and let it sit one night. Tincture take for half an hour before meals to 70 g.
  3. Infusion of sabelnik. Sabelnik - an excellent tool for fighting any type of arthrosis. Sabelnik can be purchased in a pharmacy in the amount of 60 g, pour it with 500 ml of alcohol or vodka. This infusion should be insisted for 27 days. After this, you need to take this tincture 3 drops 3 times a day before eating. Such treatment of arthrosis is effective in combination with medications.
  4. Infusion of lilac. You should make an infusion from her leaves at home.100 g of lilac leaves pour 0.5 liters of vodka or alcohol and put it in a dark place for 10 days. After this time, take this infusion of 50 drops before eating. Treatment of arthrosis uses this remedy. It is very effective for arthrosis of various degrees and species. If coxarthrosis is diagnosed, treating it with this tincture gives a noticeable effect.
  5. Decoction of lime color. Lipa has been an effective treatment for various diseases for hundreds of years. Coxarthrosis is treated with decoctions of its flowers, leaves, branches and tree bark. Depending on the preparation of decoctions, the linden is able to treat internal organs, skin diseases, diseases of the mucous membrane and is often used as a remedy for neuroses, soothing. To prepare the decoction, you should mix the flowers of linden, parsley root and burdock, birch leaves, willow bark. Take 1 tbsp.of the resulting mixture and poured into a glass of boiling water( 250 ml).The resulting mixture must be boiled for 5 minutes, then let it brew for 20 minutes. The filtered broth is taken 100 ml once a day before meals.
  6. Cabbage as a remedy for arthrosis. Treatment of arthrosis at home uses the medicinal properties of cabbage. With her help treat coxarthrosis. This tool is used throughout the month. Before going to bed, at night, you should take cabbage leaves with fresh head, well lubricate them with honey and attach to a sore spot. It is necessary to wrap it up with a dense cloth or food film to create a greenhouse effect. In the morning, remove the leaves, and rinse the place of application. This procedure should be done every evening.
  7. A mixture based on honey. To prepare the mixture, it is required in equal parts to mix honey, ammonia and iodine. This means should be smeared with diseased joints and wrapped around with a cloth. Such a compress should be worn for 24 hours, then remove the compress, and carefully rinse the affected area with water. Such compresses should be repeated for 15 days, 2 months of a break, after which the procedure can be repeated. With this method of treatment, coxarthrosis recedes slightly and pains become dull.

Pine bath and massage

To fight arthrosis and coxarthrosis, you can take healing baths. Pine branches put in a bath, put a few roots of Jerusalem artichoke, pour 1 kg of sea salt, 2 tablespoons.honey and a spoonful of turpentine. The bath should be taken within 20 minutes. After the bath it is necessary to attach a grid of pork interior fat to the joints. This procedure is done 12 days.

During treatment of arthrosis and coxarthrosis, an important element is exercise therapy. It is used to facilitate movements during hospitalization, it is possible that an expert instructor will develop a special individual program for the patient. For several days, these exercises should be performed under the supervision of a doctor, after which it is possible to use them at home.

A good effect gives a combination of physical exercises and the use of traditional medicine at home. The main thing is to remember that everything must be done gradually, the procedures should ease the condition, and not aggravate.

Another effective treatment for this disease at home is massage. For this procedure, you can hire a specialist or consult yourself. Massage sessions include smooth soft movements. You do not need to press, you do not need to press, you do not need to apply an extra load to the already stressed joint. The purpose of the massage is to relieve pain, improve blood flow in a sore spot. Therefore, you do not need to make sudden movements, only soft stroking and slight rubbing of the skin surface in the affected area. Massing movements should be performed in the clockwise direction.

Hip arthrosis - treatment at home

Treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint at the initial stage can be effective even at home. Only it is necessary to know what is possible and what can not be done with this disease, otherwise the condition of the joints will worsen.

Tablets from arthrosis of the hip joint

When treating arthrosis of the hip joint, you must stock up with anesthetic tablets or ointments. For these purposes, the following drugs are suitable:

  • Arthrosylen;
  • Quick-cuts;
  • Voltaren;
  • Diclofenac;
  • Ketanov;
  • Ketonal;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Nurofen;
  • Orthophene;
  • Flex.

They will help alleviate the condition of the patient during periods of exacerbation, but only a doctor should prescribe any medicines.

Also for the treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint, drugs are needed that protect the cartilage tissue from destruction and contribute to its recovery. These are chondroprotectors. These include:

  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Chondroitin sulfate;
  • Glucosamine and other similar medicines.

Still it is necessary to use vasodilating ointments to improve blood circulation in a place of a sick joint.

If you do not want to drink a lot of drugs, you can use folk recipes, which can help you remove pain, improve blood flow and repair damaged cartilage.

Folk remedies for arthrosis of the hip joint

For anesthetics:

  1. Applying to the place where it hurts, hornbeam leaves, bathed in boiling water.
  2. Lotions infused with vodka horseradish.
  3. Ointment from ordinary eggs, acetic essences and butter. To prepare it, the egg is placed in vinegar for a week, after its dissolution, oil is added and mixed thoroughly.

For the restoration of cartilaginous tissue:

  1. Manufacture of gelatin based desserts. You need to consume them every morning for a month, or better - until completely cured.
  2. Alternation of compresses from a sapelnik with comfrey medicinal.

To improve blood circulation:

  1. Honey massage. For its carrying out it is first necessary to warm up a sick joint, if there is a cinnamon, it too can be added. To rub the honey warmed up on a water bath it is necessary portioning, approximately 15 minutes. After that, cover the place with a cloth or gauze and wrap with a warm scarf for 3 hours.
  2. Therapeutic bath. It can be turpentine, with mustard, nettles, mint or hay.

For the treatment to be effective, the patient must necessarily lose weight, eat properly and avoid heavy loads.

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint - treatment

The disease affecting the hip joint is characterized by slow development, therefore long time remains unnoticed. Coxarthrosis of the hip joint, the treatment of which is described below, can manifest itself after many years, therefore struggle with it is much more difficult. The methods of disposal used depend on the stage of the development of the disease and include both pharmacy products and home remedies.

Treatment of coxarthrosis 1 degree

The presence of joint problems is indicated by pain that worries after a long walk or when lifting weights. If the first signs are found, you should consult an osteopath specialist, who is able to detect a developing costartrosis. Treatment in this case is aimed at combating the cause of the disease. The patient may be advised to change habits in the diet, reduce physical exertion, take the means that help restore the functions of the cartilaginous tissue.

Treatment of coxarthrosis of the 2nd degree

In the absence of treatment, after a year will begin to disturb the pain arising in the movement in the leg. At this stage, the patient is prescribed the reception of analgesics, analgesics, the passage of magnetic therapy. During walking, you will need to use a cane.

Coxarthrosis of 3rd degree - treatment

Pain now accompanies constantly, prevents to move. To stop the pathological processes at this stage use:

  • introduction of drugs into the joints;
  • hip joint traction;
  • CMT physiotherapy;
  • using a walking stick;
  • massage procedures.

Coxarthrosis - treatment with

One of the most important measures to combat coxarthrosis is the use of drugs that help reduce inflammation and regenerate cartilage tissue.

Assign joint injections of steroid hormones:

  • Hydrocortisone;
  • ;
  • Diprospan.

It is especially good to use such remedies in the presence of other problems caused by arthrosis( inflammation of the tendons).

Anti-inflammatory drugs are used in the form of tablets or injections:

  • Voltaren;
  • Ibuprofen.

After reducing inflammation, it is recommended to use drugs that stimulate microcirculation and normalize the metabolism in the tissues of the joint. These include:

  • Pentoxifylline;
  • Trental.

Drug treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint implies the use of chondroprotectors:

  • Honolon;
  • Chondroitin Acos;
  • Glucosamine.

These drugs stop the destruction of the cartilage and help to restore it.

The use of pharmacy ointments and the application of compresses, of course, can not cope with kokstartroz, since the joint is located deep under the skin, however, their use relieves muscle spasm.

Coxarthrosis - treatment with folk remedies

Some self-prepared preparations help cope with the manifestation of coxarthrosis.

To get rid of the pain, compress with hogweed will help:

  1. The leaves of the plant are covered with boiling water and wrapped in bandage.
  2. Apply after cooling to disturbing areas of the body.

With the pain of coping well white and blue clay. Use them is recommended alternately.

Treatment of coxarthrosis at home is possible with the help of honey, which activates the production of intra-articular fluid and speeds up regenerating processes. The presence in it of many useful substances makes it possible to use this product to stop pathological processes. To apply honey in this case follows:

  1. Massage of the joint is carried out after its preheating. The duration of the procedure is twenty minutes.
  2. After that, the affected area is applied melted honey, wrapped with a bandage and insulated.
  3. After three hours wash off.
  4. Treatment is conducted in courses of ten days.

    Treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint

    Why arthrosis of the hip arises - this was said in the program "Your doctor":

    Treatment of

    Treatment of arthrosis of the hip is quite possible at home, especially in the early stages of the disease. Of course, you must follow all the advice of traditional healers, and adhere to the principles of healthy eating. With a systemic approach, each person can help his body heal.

    Classic massage

    Often those who have arthrosis are diagnosed with a classic massage. This therapeutic method is aimed at reducing stiffness and relieving muscle tension. Also, massage improves local blood circulation and the state of tissue perfusion.

    Naturally, if you have arthrosis developed in the area of ​​the femoral joint, then you need to massage the thighs( and especially the place where the joint is located).The duration of the procedure on each side is at least 20 minutes. When you massage, you need to use any cream or oil, but it is best to make massage oil yourself. To do this you will need the following ingredients:

    • Olive oil - 50 ml;
    • Sage Oil - 5 drops

    Mix all the oils, and use it to lubricate the skin with a massage.

    How to do a classic massage? You can read about this on any thematic site. However, it does not matter what massage movements you use, the main thing is to work out all the muscles and improve blood circulation. If you have arthrosis of the hip joint, massage should be done every day until unpleasant symptoms disappear.

    Cold hot compresses

    Treatment with cold and hot compresses gives a tangible relief to people who have arthrosis. It is better to combine these two methods alternately. Warming and cooling muscles reduces pain, relaxes tissues, improves mobility of joints, causes anti-inflammatory effect.

    Vegetable juices

    A hunger diet based on vegetable juices gives remarkable results in the treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint. You can drink juice of carrots, celery or cabbage for a day( regular meals are forbidden on this day).The first week should be allocated one "hungry" day, the second week - two days( between these days there should be a break), in the third week - the day of the day( for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday).Juices perfectly clean blood and joints, helping to treat arthrosis.

    Horseradish wrapping

    Osteoarthritis of the hip joint will quickly go away if you regularly apply treatment with horseradish wraps.

    How do I do them? Rub the horseradish root and apply on a linen napkin. The received compress should be put on 5-10 minutes on a sick joint. After the procedure, rinse the skin. Continue to do compresses every evening until the arthrosis completely disappears.

    Mud packs

    To treat arthrosis of the femoral joint helps also healing mud. They can be bought in a pharmacy, or you can collect them yourself during a summer holiday on the sea or a lake where there are such dirt. Compress to apply in a warm form, and from above tightly wrapped with oilcloth and a warm towel. Keep dirt until it cools. Repeat the procedure every 2 days until the arthrosis goes away.

    Nettle juice

    Nettle juice has a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the joints, so it is widely used by people diagnosed with arthrosis. Take nettle juice 1-3 times a day for 1 teaspoon, diluting it with a small amount of water.

    Compress from sea salt

    Often arthrosis is accompanied by such an unpleasant symptom as swelling. To reduce it, apply a compress of hot sea salt.2 Warm sea salt in a pan( without the use of fat!), Pour it into a linen bag, and apply to the affected area.

    Salt bath

    This bath relaxes the body, relieves inflammation in the joints and reduces pain. How to cook it: add to the bath water 1-2 kg of any salt( it is best to use bischofite or sea salt).The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes. Treatment is carried out every 2 days, until the arthrosis of the femoral joint completely disappears.

    Infusion from spruce shoots

    It is possible to effectively treat arthrosis with infusion from spruce shoots.1 a handful of raw materials rinse under running water, finely chop, mix with ½ liter of water and bring to a boil. After this, the drug should be filtered and drunk several times a day for 2-3 teaspoons before meals. With regular use of arthrosis of the hip joint can be completely cured.

    Juniper Oil

    Rub the sore spots with a mixture of essential oil of juniper and any base oil( olive or vegetable).This will help relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the hip joint. Perhaps you will be interested in therapeutic exercises against arthrosis:

    Potato juice

    Fresh potato juice is an excellent tool for those who have arthrosis. Naturopaths advise drinking 3 teaspoons of this juice 2 times a day before meals. Treatment continue until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.


    If you are suffering from arthrosis of the hip joint, try a rhubarb treatment. Every morning squeeze the juice from the green parts of the rhubarb, sweeten it with honey and take 2-3 tea before breakfast.

    Herbal collection number 1

    Many plants help restore joint performance, remove inflammation and cure arthrosis. It is best, of course, to call for help a whole complex of herbs. Here is the recipe:

    • Grass horsetail field - 50g;
    • Three-color violet grass - 50 g;
    • Grass of the centipedes - 50 g;
    • The leaves of elderberry black - 50 g;
    • Leaves of nettle - 50 g;
    • Willow bark - 100 g

    How to use: all the ingredients are mixed. One tablespoon of this mixture is poured a glass of boiling water and left in a covered container for 20-30 minutes. Then filter and consume three times a day for 1 glass of infusion 20 minutes before meals. Soon you will notice that arthrosis of the femoral joint does not bother you anymore.

    Herbal collection №2

    High efficiency also distinguishes such herbal collection:

    Treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint folk remedies at home and sanatoriums

    Inspection, x-ray of the hip joint, blood test, MRI - these analyzes reveal the general picture:

    1. What are the symptoms?
    2. What was the degree of destruction of cartilage and bones?
    3. How best to treat: home conditions or sanatoriums?
    4. Is there a need for operation with coxarthrosis?
    5. Can I use folk remedies?

    There are many questions. The answers to them can only be given by a specialist. Independently to put the diagnosis is contraindicated.

    Self-medication at home with a variety of folk remedies is fraught with trouble. Often for the implementation of medical procedures, there is a need to visit specialized sanatoria. It is advisable not to postpone the treatment of coxarthrosis, since the disease has a special feature to progress. The more neglected form( grade 3), the less likely is a successful disposal without surgery.

    Infectious disease

    Coxarthrosis( Latin sohka - thigh + Greek arthron - joint) is a disease that causes deformity of the hip joint. Often used as synonyms are the words "arthrosis" and "osteoarthrosis" - a generalized definition of diseases. At stage 1 of coxarthrosis, the joint lubricant thickens. The cartilage dries up, and under the influence of friction during movement it becomes thinner. Bones, glancing from under the cartilage, approach each other and deform. Hence the name - deforming arthrosis of the hip joint. The disease disrupts the blood flow through the vessels of the joint. The metabolism becomes slower. If you ignore the pain and do not treat coxarthrosis, gradually the muscles of the leg stop functioning normally.

    Chronic course of the disease involves periodic exacerbations of pain. It is during periods of reactive inflammation that most patients decide to seek help. Isolate the primary and secondary( a consequence of other ailments) forms of coxarthrosis. There may be a lesion of one hip joint or two at a time. In the latter case, the diagnosis is bilateral bilateral coxarthrosis.

    Causes of the disease

    Factors that provoke coxarthrosis are:

    1. Circulation of blood in the joint is malfunctioning. The tissues do not receive the proper amount of oxygen. They accumulate under-oxidized metabolic products. They activate the action of enzymes that destroy cartilage.
    2. Hormonal changes, impaired metabolism, biochemical changes in cartilaginous tissue.
    3. Overload of the hip joint. More often observed in athletes and people with excess weight.
    4. The main factor in the appearance of coxarthrosis in young patients is trauma.
    5. Sedentary lifestyle.
    6. Consequence of other diseases: inflammatory-infectious processes, aseptic necrosis of the head of the hip bone, problems with the spine, stop.
    7. Predisposition: weak skeleton, congenital deficiencies in the development of joints, metabolism, etc.

    Coxarthrosis in most people occurs due to age-related changes in the body.

    Symptoms of the disease

    Symptoms provoking the development of coxarthrosis of the hip joint, many.

    The age range of people exposed to it is wide. And yet the most common pathology of the joint appears after 40 years. Symptoms vary depending on the degree of the disease. They can be reduced to the following list:
    1. Pain in the joint, thigh, knee and groin. Their character changes with the development of coxarthrosis.
    2. Bound movement. The affected leg becomes shorter than healthy, there is lameness.
    3. The thigh muscles dry up, which often leads to spasms in the knee. And the pain in the patella appears more sharp than in the groin and thigh. Therefore, the probability of misdiagnosis is high. Coxarthrosis is confused with knee joint arthrosis. An incorrect treatment is prescribed. While the destruction of the hip joint becomes more intense.

    Classification of the disease

    Deformation of the hip joint has its own 1, 2 and 3 degrees of percolation. Depending on them, treatment is prescribed. Define:

    • Coxarthrosis 1 degree .Bony growths are not serious. The borders of the joint lip they do not leave. The head and neck of the thigh almost do not change its shape. At 1 degree of pain appear after physical exertion. Predominantly in the hip joint. After rest the condition is normalized.
    • Disease 2 degrees. Bones extend beyond the cartilaginous rim. The cervix and the femoral head are deformed.2 degree of coxarthrosis is characterized by increased pain, regardless of the load. Pain is also felt in the groin. After a long walk, lameness manifests.
    • 3 degree is provoked by extensive bone growth. Symptoms of 3 degrees: a person experiences pain constantly, walking without a cane can not. The leg is shortened from the affected side.

    Treatment methods for

    The treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint of the third degree requires surgery. The broken joint is replaced with a prosthesis, which is implanted in the pelvis and thigh. The artificial element is designed to reproduce the properties of the present joint. Avoid surgery if you start treatment at stages 1 and 2 of arthrosis of the hip joint. Minor violations are relatively easy to fix, for example, in a specialized sanatorium. At grade 2, more effort is needed to strengthen muscle mass and eliminate pain. The specialists have developed many methods. Most often, medication is used.1-2 degrees of the disease are accompanied by reactive splashes of pain. On such symptoms, many react with medication:

    Coxarthrosis of the hip joint of 2nd degree symptoms, treatment at home lfk

    The disease develops gradually and passes in three stages.

    1. In the first stage, the cartilage of the joint loses its moisture, and as a result, becomes less elastic and elastic. Then the destruction of collagen fibers follows. The cartilage becomes dry, its tissue is covered with cracks. The articular surfaces cease to glide and begin to rub, which, in turn, causes thinning of cartilage and their gradual destruction.
    2. In the second stage of the disease, the head of the femur, already devoid of protective cushioning, begins to deform, flatten out. The surface of the joint is enlarged, the growth of bone tissue occurs with the formation of osteophytes, which are often mistakenly regarded as deposits of salts. The capsule of the joint is reborn, wrinkled. The circulation of the articular fluid, the joint lubrication, and its nutrition deteriorates. The distance between the articulating joint elements is reduced by 50-70%.The destruction of the joint begins to increase rapidly.
    3. The third stage is expressed in severe joint deformation and almost complete disappearance of the joint space. The joint is practically immobilized, the cartilaginous tissue is almost absent. To help at this stage is capable only of surgical intervention.

    Symptoms of the second stage of coxarthrosis

    • Pain in the groin area becomes intense, spreads over the surface of the hip to the knee, sometimes pain is felt in the buttock. It never reaches the toes, and this is the main difference in pain from arthrosis from the one that causes damage to the lumbar spine, for example, a hernia. Pain occurs during the movement: a short walk, attempts to rise from a sitting position. The first steps are especially painful.
    • In the second stage, pain can appear even at rest, and not only after physical exertion.
    • Stiffness and limited movement at 20 degrees. It is difficult to pull your leg to your chest or take it to the side, it's difficult to put on your shoes or put on socks.
    • A crunch appears in the affected joint during movement. It differs from painless soft crunching of joints, which happens due to the features of the anatomical structure of a person, its sound is rough, dry and accompanied by unpleasant or painful sensations.
    • After motor loads, noticeable lameness appears.
    • The radiograph shows a significant increase in osteophytes.

    Treatment of coxarthrosis of the second stage

    It is impossible to cure a disease by any one method, an integrated approach is mandatory. With the general efforts of the doctor and the patient, the first stage is completely curable. Coxarthrosis of the second stage can not be cured completely, since not only the cartilaginous tissue is damaged, but also the bones adjacent to the joint.

    Nevertheless, it is still possible to significantly improve the condition of the joint, providing it with nutrition, normal circulation and widening the joint gap.

    Treatment will maximize or even cancel the need for surgery. To address it is necessary to the orthopedist or the rheumatologist.

    Treatment is usually carried out at home. Write anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs( diclofenac, piroxicam, movalis), which relieve pain, vasodilator drugs( trental, theonikol), muscle relaxants( midolma), chondroprotectors( structum).Also very helpful in the treatment of intraarticular injections of hormonal drugs( Kenalog, hydrocortisone).

    Ointments and gels in coxarthrosis are in themselves ineffective, as the diseased joints are located deep under the fat and muscle tissue. Relief comes at the expense of improving blood circulation and removing muscle spasm massage during rubbing.

    To improve blood supply and reduce inflammation, physiotherapy procedures are done: electro- and magnetotherapy, UHF therapy, light therapy and ultrasound treatment.

    Also prescribed compresses, hip and joint massage. Massage gives a very good result, it should be done as often as possible. During the procedure, blood circulation improves, muscle spasm is removed and the distance between the articulations of the joint increases.

    Sprain the joint and various orthopedic procedures designed to reduce the burden on the affected joint. Extension is carried out manually or on a special apparatus, the procedure allows to dilute the joint bones.

    Manual traction is preferable to a hardware one, but this is a very laborious procedure and requires a high qualification of a specialist.

    An obligatory stage of treatment is special gymnastics. Very useful for swimming.

    Exercises for the treatment of coxarthrosis of the second stage

    The main thing is to remember that absolutely all gymnastic movements must be performed as slowly and smoothly as possible, try not to feel pain so as not to injure the additionally affected joint.

    • Lie on your stomach. Hands should be kept stretched along the body, legs should be straightened. It is necessary to slightly lift each leg in turn and leave it in this position for half a minute. After smoothly lowered. During the exercise, the stomach and pelvis should be kept pressed against the floor surface, and the movement itself should be performed using the muscles of the hip. The body can not be unfolded, and the leg can be bent. It is enough to rise to a height of not more than 15 cm.
    • Then, after a brief respite, the exercise is performed in a dynamic variation: 10-12 repetitions with a stop in the upper position for two seconds.

    • Lie on your stomach. Hands should be kept stretched along the body, the knee of one leg should be bent at an angle of 90 °, and the second leg should remain straight. Slightly raise the knee bent in the knee, to a height of not more than 10 cm, and hold it up for half a minute. Make the exercise the second leg.
    • Then follows the exercise in a dynamic variation: 10-12 repetitions with the foot restrained at the top for two seconds. It is necessary to completely relax the muscles of the leg after it is lowered to the floor.

    • Lie on your stomach. Raise your legs to a small height. Slowly reduce and dilute them, keeping on weight. The legs should be straight. Repeat 10 times. Exercise is not recommended for hypertensive patients and patients with a sick heart.
    • Lie on one side, lower the lower leg slightly, and leave the upper one straight. Upper leg raise at an angle of 45 ° and hold for half a minute. Exercise should be done in turn with both feet.
    • Lie on one side, lower the lower leg slightly, leaving the straight line straight. Upper leg raise at an angle of 30 ° and gently unfold it whole with the foot outwards;and then turn back inside. Make 10 such rotational movements. Keep your leg straight all the time. Exercise is performed in turn with both feet.
    • Lie on your back, knees bent, and your feet stand on the floor, your legs are diluted about the width of your shoulders. Gently lift the pelvis, leaning on the shoulder girdle, and stand for half a minute. Also smoothly sink. Run once.
    • Then, perform a dynamic exercise method: raise and lower the pelvis with an amplitude of about 15 cm, stopping the movement in the upper end position for a couple of seconds. Make 15 swings.

    • Sit on the floor, straighten both feet. Do not bend your knees forward and grab onto your feet. Hold for two minutes. This movement should be carried out strictly once a day and not more often. If the exercise is difficult to perform, then you can wrap your feet with a towel wrapped in a towel. During the exercise, the spine should be straightened, the head should not be lowered.
    • Sitting on a chair, it is necessary to lift the straight leg as high as possible. Hold it at the highest point for a minute. Make 2-3 repetitions on each leg.

    Gymnastics with coxarthrosis - video

    The video gives working advice and exercises for those who have this disease.

    After gymnastics, you need to self-massage. It is done in the sitting position, carefully massaging the thigh except the back surface. Massage is carried out by grinding, moving from the knee to the groin. Rinsing should be done about three minutes. At the end of the massage for a minute, perform gentle strokes in the same direction.

    Properly selected, adequate comprehensive treatment and careful implementation of all medical recommendations will avoid surgery, eliminate lameness and pain, prevent possible complications, improve the overall well-being and quality of life of the patient.

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