Gymnastics for arthrosis of the ankle joint video

  • Complex of therapeutic exercises
    Complex of exercises with coxarthrosis during remission

    When practicing medical gymnastics, you need to learn how to listen to your body. The signal to stop the exercise is the aggravated pain of the joint, the deterioration of overall well-being, fatigue. For patients, the number of exercises, repetitions, approaches is not established, although there are recommendations. Everything is strictly individual, and is determined only by the severity of the disease, the body's fitness, well-being.

    Each exercise should be followed by a short rest( 2 -3 minutes).During this time, the pulse normalizes, breathing is restored, the blood flow to the diseased organ is increased.

    Aims and directions

    In different periods of the disease, physical exercises with arthrosis pursue different goals.

    During the exacerbation, the joint needs rest, the load is contraindicated. Classes start from 3 - 5 days after the disappearance of pain. The tasks of therapeutic gymnastics at this time are:

    • improvement of local blood and lymph circulation;
    • relaxation of spasmodic muscles;
    • is a general beneficial effect on the entire body.

    For arthrosis of the upper extremities, exercises are done in the sitting position. For the lower limbs - lying down. For patients with joints, passive flexion-extension movements are recommended first. For example, under the knee, you can put a thick roller, gradually increase its diameter.

    In the subacute period, gymnastics with arthrosis is designed to increase the mobility of the joint and the amplitude of movements. Exercises for the upper limbs can be performed standing( if health allows - not dizzy, pressure is not increased).On legs in this period to lean early, exercises are done sitting.

    Unloading gymnastics increases articular cleft

    Free fluttering movements are allowed until a small pain occurs. The ankle is well designed to sit, lowering its foot into warm water. To unload the joints and increase the joint gap, it is recommended to stretch the lower limbs along the axis with a fixed weight.

    Remission. The range of gymnastics for joints in this period is significantly expanding:

    • strengthens the periarticular muscles;
    • restores the former mobility of the diseased limb;
    • fixes the achieved results;
    • increases the stability of the joint;
    • improves patient performance.

    Exercises include a large list of movements without objects, with various objects, near the gymnastic wall. Add alternating dynamic exercises with resistance. Swimming is useful.

    Exercises for certain types of arthrosis

    Gymnastics is one of the most common methods of exercise, consists of three parts. If the whole class is conventionally divided into 4 quarters, then the introductory part takes 1 quarter, the main one - 2, the final one - again one. In the first half of the exercise, the load gradually increases, in the second half it decreases. On this principle, gymnastics should be built for osteoarthritis. Exercise bike - the best way to develop the knee


    For the development of the shoulder, you can perform simple exercises:

    • circular movements with your hands;
    • flapping forward-backward by lowered hands;
    • flap movements with straight hands down-up;
    • raising and lowering the shoulders;
    • to reduce shoulders towards the sternum and back to the scapulae.

    Osteoarthritis of the elbow joint

    • flexion of the elbow extension;
    • hands bend at the elbows in front of each other parallel to each other and rotate first into one, then to the other side;
    • hands to lower, rotate in the joint, turning inside and out.
    Therapeutic exercises with fitball
    Coxarthrosis exercises return mobility to joints

    Arthrosis of wrist joint

    • compress and unclench fingers;
    • grasping movements, take your hands and hold a small ball;
    • circular movements of the hands in different directions;
    • maximally bend and unbend your arms up and down.


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    A set of simple exercises for the hip includes such exercises:

    • lying on the back, perform the sweeping alternate movements with straight legs up;
    • lying on its side, doing a straight upward lift;
    • lying on the back, bend the legs in the knees and move the pelvis to the right and left;
    • lying on his back, bend his legs in the knees, reduce and dilute;
    • circular movements in the hip joint;
    • standing, feet shoulder width apart, mixing and breeding of toes.


    For the development of the knee useful:

    • back and forth riding sticks, small ball;
    • imitation walking feet;
    • exercise "bike" or exercise on a stationary bike.

    With the development of the knee, holding on to the support, you can gradually move to half-squats and squats.

    Exercises for the Ankle
    Ankle is developed by gymnastic objects

    Arthrosis of the ankle

    • sitting alternately leaning on the floor with your fingers, then with a heel;
    • sitting, fingers on the floor, the heel is raised, carry out circular movements of the heel;
    • circular motion of the foot;
    • lying, straight legs together, pulling the feet up to the stop;
    • the same thing is done, only with your fingers.

    Each exercise for joints is recommended to be performed 6 to 8 times several times a day at a calm pace. It is necessary to monitor breathing. It should be free, without delay.

    Even if the diagnosis is known for a long time, and the joints get sick again, consult a doctor. The most simple gymnastic exercises do not do without the recommendations of a physiotherapist or orthopedist.

  • begin training with the basics;
  • level of difficulty increasing gradually;
  • exercises perform in a certain order - from simple to more complex;
  • load should be adequate, consistent with the severity of the disease;
  • classes must be conducted systematically, preferably daily.

Medical gymnastics for arthrosis of joints

The extent of joint disease is enormous, about 20% of the world's population suffers, albeit not a fatal, but extremely unpleasant ailment. In Russians, osteoarthritis occurs much more often than other lesions of the joint apparatus. Spreading is promoted by an increase in life expectancy, "aging" of the population, low physical activity, obesity. Along with other methods of treatment for arthrosis, gymnastics for joints is of great importance.

The essence of the disease

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative-dystrophic chronic joint disease with cartilage damage. Despite the high strength( cartilage is 6 times stronger than the bone), the articulated surfaces of the joint bones gradually wear out and are destroyed. Treatment of arthrosis has to deal with patients of different ages, even children. But more often the ailment overtakes people after 60 years. The disease is affected by small and large joints:

  • hip,
  • ankle,
  • knee,
  • brachial,
  • ulnar,
  • small joints of hands, feet.

Cartilage is primarily damaged in joints prone to intense stress - the knee, hip, interphalangeal joints of the hands. Less common are the shoulder and elbow joints.

Begin with the basics of

. A sick person usually wants to get rid of pain more quickly and return to his usual lifestyle. Exercises of exercise therapy for arthrosis, he considers unnecessarily simple and unnecessary. She strives for a more complex and lengthy program. This approach to solving the problem is dangerous. Joints, muscles need to be gradually prepared for an increasing load. What is important:

What exercises do arthrosis for the ankle?

Exercises for arthrosis of the ankle are the main part of the course of treatment of this disease. Medical gymnastics in this disease gives a certain strain on the ligaments and muscles in the area of ​​the affected joint, but its overload is not allowed. But you should remember that physical education is only performed when the pain of the ankle is minimized or completely absent.

Exercises for arthrosis of the ankle prevent atrophy of ligaments and muscles of the ankle. With arthrosis, much time is devoted to such gymnastics, since it leads to complete recovery of the ankle joint.

Special exercises at home

exercises for arthrosis of the ankle

It is not difficult to perform physical exercises, but in order to achieve the result, you need to perform them daily, with each time increasing the time. So, for arthrosis of the ankle, the following exercises are useful:

  1. Lie flat on your back, while stretching your legs. Carefully, without straining, turn first one stop at first, then from yourself, also repeat with the second. Exercise should be carried out quietly, avoiding pain or discomfort in the ankle;
  2. Take a comfortable position, the legs stay free. Slowly rotate from side to side with one foot, then the other;
  3. Sit on a chair, your back is flat, and your legs are loose. Next, try stopping to represent walking.

Doctors recommend the above-described medical exercises several times a day. Take into account the time for physical exertion: on the first day the total time of lessons should be 15-20 minutes, then, starting from the second day, add a few minutes extra. Ideally, you should exercise up to 3 hours a day. But before you begin, you need to consult your doctor. Remember also that during the classes you should not feel pain in the ankle.

Physical culture with arthrosis speeds up the healing process, especially if you are taking medications prescribed by a doctor in parallel. Will help you and folk treatment. Of course, it is better to treat the disease at an early stage, but often people miss this point.

Depending on the degree of development of arthrosis of the ankle( they will be described in detail below), treatment is prescribed. For example, at the first degree( stage), an arthrosis of the ankle joint will be cured by gymnastics. As for the neglected disease, both physiotherapy and medication can be prescribed. Sometimes the way out is surgical intervention. However, everything is in your hands, and you can not allow serious consequences of this pathology.

Arthrosis of the Ankle: Symptoms and Methods of Treatment

arthrosis of the ankle

Arthrosis of the Ankle is a common disease that requires long-term treatment. Sometimes the disease appears due to frequent injuries. But basically this is an age-related disease that develops after 50 years, that is, the risk of developing arthrosis increases with age. As a rule, such a pathology is observed in women who spend most of their time on their feet, subject themselves to physical stress, hypothermia, and lead an incorrect lifestyle.

Ankle joint is one of the most active in the musculoskeletal system. He is responsible for walking, which is significantly hampered by arthrosis. If you do not start treatment on time, arthrosis can even lead to disability.

In arthrosis, muscle tissue is destroyed and thinned, and the bones of the head are prone to deformation. When the ankle is affected, the following symptoms( changes) are observed:

  • in the ankle area painful sensations often appear;
  • sharp pain that occurs after the onset of motion from a calm state;
  • when moving joints sometimes crunch;
  • there are painful sensations with physical exertion on the joints of the feet;
  • fast fatigue on walking;
  • permanent dislocation, stretching of the muscles of the joints of the feet;
  • there are swelling in the foot;
  • joints affected by arthrosis are much warmer to the touch than the whole body temperature;
  • noticeable changes in walking( limping).
pain in the foot

If any of the above signs appear, consult a rheumatologist immediately. Using an X-ray, he diagnoses the presence of arthrosis. And in the picture you can see the affected part of the joint( its deformation or the broken joint).

With arthrosis, such treatment methods as physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, medication and oriental treatment, and, finally, surgical intervention will be effective. Physiotherapy for arthrosis specializes in heating the affected joint. Such therapy includes various compresses based on herbs. This procedure is carried out exclusively in the presence of a doctor in charge( do not self-medicate!).

Warming the affected area of ​​the foot improves the general condition of the patient and leads to a speedy recovery( but in all cases, heating helps).Passing the course of treatment, you can be assigned and physiotherapy, which include the use of a current or laser.

Physiotherapy is necessarily accompanied by a therapeutic physical culture( which will enhance the effect of physiotherapy).A specially designed complex of gymnastic exercises can reduce pain in the joint and stop the development of arthrosis.

Massage can have a beneficial effect on the affected feet. Especially if it is carried out after the warm-up procedure. Massage improves blood microcirculation in the affected tissues of the joint.
Oriental therapy most often involves acupuncture, acupressure, which accelerate the process of recovery.

Drug treatment is prescribed by a doctor only if an inflammatory process is observed. Special drugs can stop the destruction of the joint.

Surgical intervention is necessary when all of the above methods are impotent and the process of destruction can not be stopped.

Stages of development of arthrosis and disease prevention

Arthrosis of the ankle joint is divided into three main stages( degrees): arthrosis of the 1st degree - metabolic disorder, 2nd degree - the appearance of any mechanical injuries and 3 degree - changes in the affected joint.

Depending on the stage, treatment is prescribed. But it is better to prevent illness than to undergo long-term treatment.

Prevention of joint diseases includes proper nutrition, exercise( without overload), avoidance of hypothermia, weight control and periodic visits to the doctor.

Doctor Norbekov: articular gymnastics( video and complex of exercises)

An important therapeutic function is the joint gymnastics of Dr. Norbekov, aimed at strengthening the spine and joints. Attractively, it does not require the purchase of expensive simulators, and to obtain the effect of it, only the desire to improve oneself is required. But since the exercises have contraindications to , it is important to consult a doctor before starting them.

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Objectives and effects of gymnastics

First of all, Norbekov's gymnastics for joints contributes to the overall improvement of the body - both physical and spiritual. It also helps to gain control over the body and improve mobility of the musculoskeletal system, giving flexibility to the spine, muscles and ligaments.

It is forbidden to make a complex for severe pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and for exacerbation of chronic diseases. And also with mental disorders, heart attacks, strokes, recent operations and pregnancy.

Complex exercises of gymnastics Norbekov

Mandatory requirement is the Norbekov system - joint exercises should be performed in the joyful and uplifted state of .The complex takes no more than half an hour.

You have to stand up straight before the session, so that the head, chest, neck and waist are on the same line. Exercises are performed by springy movements 8 to 10 times with alternating tension and relaxation.

Exercises for the hands

Stand in the starting position and stretch your arms in front of you. Proceed to the exercises:

  • squeeze and unclench fists, placing emphasis on all the fingers;
  • gather your fingers together from the thumb to the little finger and vice versa;
  • lower your palms and pull them towards you, then away from yourself;
  • reduce and spread hands;
  • squeeze the brushes into fists and make them revolutions in a circle of maximum diameter one way and the other.

Exercises for elbow and shoulder joints

Gymnastics for Norbekovun joints elbows and shoulders are made from the initial position with arms stretched out along the body:

  • rotate hands in turn in different directions;
  • shoulder joints move towards each other;
  • turn your hands palms outwards, then inside;
  • take the blades, trying to connect them;
  • pull your shoulders down, then up;
  • draw in the air circles of shoulders back and forth;
  • bend your hands and rotate your forearms in different directions;
  • with your right hand before the chest pull the left, moving only the head and shoulders.

Exercises for the Ankle

The joint exercises on Norbekov introduced in the video will ease the exercises for the ankle. The order of their execution is the following:

  • pull the toe of the limb from the floor and away from yourself;
  • turn the foot inside and out;
  • make a circular motion in both directions.

Exercises for the knee joints

Developed a variety of exercises Dr. Norbekov: gymnastics for the joints of the knee is popular:

  • rotate knees of both feet simultaneously clockwise and counter;
  • rotate the shin in different directions;
  • move your knees first inward, then outward;Push the
  • palm onto the knee cap.

Exercises for hip joints

Take the original position and perform the exercises for each leg:

  • turn the right thigh to the side to the side;
  • divert the bent leg to the right and forward, combining it with lightly shaking the hips;
  • with the kneecap facing to the left, draw a circle;
  • walk on the spot on the straightened legs, leaning alternately on the entire foot, on its outer, inner surfaces and on the socks.

These exercises are recommended to supplement with special training of the spine departments, which helps to strengthen and improve the activity of internal organs.

Created a unique joint articulation complex Norbekov - the video details the exercises and all the requirements for their implementation. This charging can improve the overall health of the person, resume high joint mobility and give a good mood. But it will be useful to consult with an expert before starting it.

Is it possible to defeat arthrosis?

Unfortunately, many people experience pain in knee and ankle joints. Often, it is not a consequence of previously received injuries, the reason lies in the insidious disease - gonarthrosis( arthrosis of knee joints 1-4 degrees), which requires comprehensive treatment. The ailment is manifested with painful sensations in the region of the knee-cap, which is intensified day by day.

If arthrosis of the knee joint is diagnosed, treatment is simply necessary, and it must be adequate and comprehensive. On specialized sites you can see the appropriate photos and videos. Interesting: Want to get rid of joint pain - do exercises at Norbekov


The disease does not occur against the background of the inflammatory process. When it comes to gonarthrosis in acute form, it means that the changes occurring in the joint are degenerative-dystrophic.

In order to see firsthand what is at issue, you can see a video about arthrosis of the knee joint 1,2,3, 4 degrees and the ankle joint.

One or both joints are affected, in any case, the full functioning of the lower limbs, which "refuse" to cope with even small physical exertion, for example, with morning exercise exercises, is disrupted.

In the risk group, in the first place, it is precisely the representatives of the weaker sex who have crossed the 40-year-old line, are more susceptible to the disease of obese women who are overweight and against varicose veins.

There are exceptions, sometimes people with a younger age are facing younger people, including athletes, the cause of arthrosis of the knee joint is 1, 2, 3, 4 tbsp.they have received and suffered injuries, including, and the ankle joint. Interesting: Is it possible to defeat arthrosis?

The main causes of the development of the disease

You can not confuse arthrosis with arthritis of the knee joint, these are 2 separate diseases, you can see this by watching a video. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is found in 2 forms: primary and secondary, in the first case it is a question of the innate nature of the disease, in the second case, the symptoms of the disease are acquired as a result of traumatic injuries or arise against the diseases of internal organs.

The main causes of the disease

If this ailment is "programmed" at the genetic level, then gonarthrosis 1 tbsp.declares itself in childhood. In the secondary form of the disease, in addition to the reasons mentioned above, it can be caused by a whole complex of factors: arthritis, salt deposition, increased loads.

Degrees of disease

Osteoarthritis is divided into 4 degrees. With gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the 1st degree, the symptomatology can last for years, the pain sensations are not pronounced, they appear sporadically, appearing under certain circumstances, external deformation of the joints is absent. In a calm state of pain, as a rule, they do not exist at all, special therapeutic exercises help to cope with the situation.

The main causes of the development of the disease

With gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree, pain is increased even with minor physical exertion and immediately after them. There is a crunch, which tends to increase, joint deformity begins, there are problems with bending the knees.

Moreover, with arthrosis of the knee joints 2 degrees, the symptomatology is complicated by the accumulation of fluid in the joint cavity, this can also be seen from the video.

With each next degree of gonarthrosis, the situation is only aggravated and can result in the fact that in addition to replacing the joint with an endoprosthesis, there is no other way out.

If symptoms of knee arthrosis appear, treatment should start from the 1st day of diagnosis.

Treatment of disease

How is arthrosis of the knee joint treated, arthrosis of the ankle joint? Is it possible, in particular, to get rid of gonarthrosis of the knee joint of 1-2 degree? Again, it is advisable to refer to the video in order to visually familiarize yourself with all the measures taken in the complex treatment. These include the use of arthrosis knee joints ointments, such as: ointment Atroaktiv, Diclofenac, Ferbenon, ointment Heparinovaya and other ointments. They can also be used for arthrosis of the ankle, judging by the opinions of patients, the desired effect is achieved.

Physiotherapy to help you

When it comes to the question of how to cure arthrosis joints 1,2, 3, 4 degrees, it is worth remembering the feasible physical exertion, which are shown in this disease.

In the fight against arthrosis

So, for example, an excellent option is for arthrosis of the knee joints of exercise therapy( exercise therapy), more details about it can be found from video clips. LFK helps to achieve positive symptoms:

  • Painful sensations decrease;
  • The tension in the muscles decreases, and their tone rises;
  • Joint tissues receive more nutritious food;
  • Joints start to function better.

There is a special exercise therapy complex, which is a complex of exercises for knee arthrosis, developed by specialists. You can familiarize yourself with this by yourself by watching video exercises for arthrosis of knee joints 1,2, 3,4 degree.

Arthroscopy of the knee joint

In this case, it is a medical and diagnostic method, you can learn more about it by viewing a video about arthroscopy of the knee joint. When carrying out research in the field of the patient's joint( above it), cuts of several millimeters are made, allowing the introduction of a special instrument that allows the doctor to perform all necessary manipulations. Such sparing surgical intervention as atroskopija at an arthrosis of a knee joint of reviews deserves only positive. After all, arthroscopy, and this makes it possible to verify the video, is a very serious operation, but high-precision modern medical equipment allows achieving high results, minimizing the risks present during normal operations.

Arthroscopy of the knee joint

After the anthroscopy of the knee joint, it should be restored, it requires a certain period of time. At this time, it is necessary to follow a certain treatment regimen, which directly depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body. But the recovery period is not protracted.

The measures of complex rehabilitation after arthroscopy of knee joints include physiotherapy, carried out in 3 stages. At the initial stage, it is aimed at abandoning the aids during walking, by regaining control over the muscles of the lower extremities. Further complex measures concern the restoration of the motor functions of the knees with the performance of the necessary exercises, at the last stage the rehabilitation after atroskopii should be safely completed.

The ankle joint

is under threat. Apart from the knees, for arthrosis, for various reasons, the ankle joint may suffer. Do not pass without consequences for him cases when the leg is tucked, even if it may seem a trifle, not requiring treatment, but micro-trauma can end badly.

Under throat ankle joint

To judge the presence of arthrosis of the ankle allow the symptoms of such a plan as the appearance of pain, gradually increasing, crunching in the joints, signs of their deformation and mobility, judging the disease can be on the appearance of swelling and other ailments in the anklethe joint. It is not necessary to postpone visits to the doctor when symptoms appear, since the ankle requires no less serious treatment, performing the appropriate exercises.

Based on the foregoing, we recall that it is necessary to treat joint diseases and undergo timely rehabilitation.

How to treat arthrosis of the ankle joint?

  • LFK for arthrosis of the ankle

Ankle joint is one of the most functionally active and most loaded in the musculoskeletal system of a person. Discomfort, pain and limited mobility in this area almost immediately affect his gait, ability to move and work, suggesting a load on the lower limbs. Osteoarthritis of the ankles is the most common problem that orthopedic doctors face. What does the treatment of ankle arthrosis include? What are its features? A little bit about that.

Basic principles of the treatment of ankle arthrosis

Therapy of arthrosis of the ankle is a painstaking process, the treatment requires special interest of the patient, his desire to follow scrupulously all the doctor's recommendations. The basic principles of the treatment of arthrosis of the ankle, in fact, differ little from the therapy of arthrosis and include the following provisions.

  • Compliance with the load on the joint, the use of crutches, wearing comfortable orthopedic shoes, special orthopedic insoles for correction of flat feet and other foot defects.
  • Therapeutic exercise for arthrosis of the ankle is aimed at activating the blood circulation, increasing the volume of movements, strengthening the ligaments that fix the joint.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Medical therapy, including "injections" in the joints.
  • Surgical correction of disorders in the joint for the purpose of preventing the development of arthrosis, and as a solution to the problem, arthrosis in the final stage of the disease.
  • Sanatorium treatment for the prevention of exacerbations and the consolidation of the effect as a result of intensive therapy and therapeutic gymnastics.

Medication for arthrosis of the ankle

Medication for arthrosis of the ankle is a treatment that involves both elimination of acute symptoms of the disease and restoration of the destroyed cartilage in order to prevent further destruction of the bone articulation.

With inflammation of the joint, the development of synovitis, the appearance of swelling in the ankle region and persistent pains, non-steroid medication or glucocorticoid medications that exert analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are usually prescribed. Such therapy promotes rapid relief of the exacerbation and opens up opportunities for using other methods. Physiotherapy and physiotherapy for arthrosis in general, and osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, in particular, is scheduled for 4-5 days, which contributes to the preservation of the volume of movements in the articulation.

In the "cold" period of the disease, treatment is aimed at preventing the destruction and restoration of cartilage tissue with the help of drugs - chondroprotectors. Medicines based on hyaluronic acid, qualitatively improving the joint fluid, nourishing the cartilage, moisturizing it, restoring its elasticity and elasticity, stop arthrosis of the ankle joint are injected into the joint. Treatment with hyaluronates is possible only in the absence of synovitis, in order to avoid their inactivation by inflammatory enzymes.

LFK for ankle arthrosis

Treatment and prevention of ankle arthrosis is impossible without physical exercises. They are simple and accessible to everyone, you do not need to go to the LFK's office for classes, they can be done at home.

Exercise 1 is performed lying on the back with elongated legs. Without straining, it is easy, with a minimum amplitude of movements, alternately turning feet on itself and from itself.

Exercise 2 is called "stop rotation" and is executed alternately in one direction and in the other direction.

Exercise 3 - "walking, sitting on a chair", as it is done sitting on a chair, and the movements of feet resemble walking.

It is recommended to increase the time of classes once a day, bringing their total duration up to 3 hours a day.

Arthroscopic gymnastics for arthrosis of the ankle is aimed at preventing atrophy of ligaments and muscles of the limb, increasing mobility and stimulating circulation in the articulation. Simple exercises are able to perform even patients with grade 3 arthrosis, with a pronounced restriction of joint mobility, it is possible to use passive movements, manual therapy.

Ankle gymnastics after a fracture( ankle).Gymnastics

https: // watch? V = QC6O9ZshoEg
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