The joint of the hand hurts

Sick and dumb hands - what is it?

Why do I have pain in my hands? There can be many reasons for this. The hand is known to be an element of the upper limb. It consists of 8 bones of the wrist, 5 metacarpal bones, bones of the finger phalanges and soft tissue around these bones.

Pain in the hands should alert

Injuries and overstrain as causes of pain

A hand brush can often be exposed to some kind of injury. Many of them a person can get in the process of work. Pain in the hands can arise from strong muscular tension with too much mechanical stress, prolonged incorrect position of the hands, hard work.

Pain in the hand can be caused by:

  • muscle stretching;
  • by rupture of ligaments;
  • fracture of bones;
  • by injury;
  • compression;
  • with other mechanical influences.

If you assume that the cause of unpleasant sensations is overstrain of the muscles, then you must first give rest to the limbs, do not move your arm and do not expose it to the load. Sometimes the pain is evidence of diseases of the nervous system or the musculoskeletal system. If the pain syndrome lasts a long time and does not go away, then you need to go to the clinic.

The structure of the hand

The structure of the hand brush

Pain in the wrist appears on fracture, stretching or dislocation. The doctor will prescribe an X-ray of the brush. If there are no injuries, the doctor will recommend examining the cervical vertebrae. Pain syndrome can be a consequence of deformation or shear intervertebral disc or hernia.

Sometimes the signs of a fracture are implicit. At occurrence of strong pain at first the person thinks, that at it or him there was a bruise. But then, under the influence of even a small load on the injured arm, there is a sharp pain, which is a symptom of a fracture. What to do in this case? The patient should be rushed to the traumatologist urgently.

If the right hand hurts, then this may be due to injury or too much strain on the muscles. Since a person usually performs more different actions with his right hand, the pain in the right hand can be a consequence of muscle strain during work. We must rest and provide peace to the hand.

In what situations it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor

If the joints of the hands are aching, and the feeling is kept in a calm state without effort and strain, then the cause may be arthritis or some kind of inflammation. If the pain in the left hand is transmitted to the top of the limb, then this may be a symptom of an attack of angina or a heart attack. This symptom can not be ignored.

Angina pectoris or infarction is characterized by such signs as:

  • breathing disorder;
  • nausea;
  • blushing of the face and body skin;
  • pain in the thorax;
  • cold sweat;
  • anxiety.

If two or more such signs are combined at the same time, this can be dangerous. It is urgent to take action. When the victim has such symptoms, you should immediately call an ambulance.

It is necessary to see a doctor in a number of other cases:

  • if the pain in the hand lasts more than 2 days;
  • pain syndrome increases with mechanical stress;
  • reduced sensitivity;
  • the limb function is impaired;
  • has developed a swelling of the hand.

Often pains in the hands appear in the pathology of the joints, less often - with injuries. If the upper limb is swollen and sore, then you need to contact a traumatologist and take an X-ray. Self-treatment or postponing a visit to a doctor in such cases can only do harm.

Pain in the hands with arthritis, arthrosis and gout

One of the reasons for the pain is rheumatoid arthritis. The diagnosis of the disease is established on the basis of X-ray data, blood tests and patient complaints. With arthritis, the patient has pain in the joints, which are located symmetrically. This reduces their mobility, there is inflammation. The patient is difficult to flex his arm, the connections swell.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a severe autoimmune disease. The most common among women, men suffer from them less often. The ratio of sick women to men is 5: 1.At present, unfortunately, there is no radical method of treating this disease. The inflammatory process gradually destroys the joints, their cartilaginous connective tissue and bones.

Another disease, manifested by pain in the hands - gout. It develops due to the accumulation in the joints of chemicals that appear as a result of the exchange of purines. The main source of purine is the consumption of meat products. Gout occurs when there is a metabolic disorder. Most often, the disease appears in middle-aged men.

The disease begins acutely: severe pain in the joint of the big toe, its redness and swelling. With gout, the joints on the arm can also hurt. Pain syndrome is severe, severe. It increases at night, and passes in the morning. Provoke a bout of gout can steam bath, fatty meat food, alcohol. Such attacks can be several times a year. The duration of the attack is several days.

Osteoarthritis also causes pain in the upper limbs: the joints of the thumb, in the wrist, shoulder and elbow joints. The patient develops a pain syndrome, which is aggravated during the day with a load and a prolonged standing position. After rest he ceases. There may be a crunch of joints. Sometimes the pain lasts a long time, up to several months.

Arthritis of the wrist joints also manifests itself as the pain of the joints of the hand. Pain syndrome occurs both with the load and in a calm state. The skin in the joint area turns red, it becomes hot. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. The acute period is marked by severe pain and swelling. The chronic period is less pronounced, but more dangerous. Without taking medication, the patient can get a joint deformity. Arthritis develops due to the penetration of the infection that enters the joint.

When the

can still hurt and dull. After the birth and during pregnancy, women sometimes get numb hands. Numbness usually appears after sleeping. This is due to a violation of the balance of calcium, magnesium and potassium. What to do in this case? For treatment it is necessary to normalize nutrition, increase the amount of vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to consume more dairy products, fruits, vegetables, sunflower seeds and pumpkins. You need to drink 2 liters of water per day. If numbness continues for a long time, then you need to see a doctor and get tested.

If a person works for a long time at a computer, his hand usually hurts. Pain syndrome occurs as a result of pinching the nerve in the carpal tunnel. The nerve is pinched due to a long uncomfortable position of the hands, a prolonged load, or as a result of a small volume of interarticulate fluid. This disease is called tunnel syndrome.

Any disease is easier to prevent than cure. For the prevention of diseases you need to take breaks in work, often rest, perform therapeutic exercises for gymnastics to unload muscles. If the patient has pain in the joints, then he should consult a traumatologist, neuropathologist or rheumatologist.

Pain of the hand: causes, symptoms, treatment

If you suffer pain in the hands, then sleep at night, and work during the day is very problematic. They can occur not only after a bruise or stroke, but also due to certain diseases.

Different diseases cause pain in the hands. They are divided into two groups: the first - damage to the hand( fracture, bruise, dislocation, sprain).The second group of diseases, in which the hand is hurt, is the pathology of the joints, cartilage, bones and their inflammation. With such troubles as dislocation, fracture, stretching occur, in addition to pain in the hands, swelling, sprains, tumors, deformation of bone tissue. Characteristic for such traumas are traumatic and acute pains. In this case the hand is inactive. Improper treatment can cause immobility of the brush.

With a sharp bending of the hand or hand, you can stretch the bundles or even break them completely. Symptoms will be similar to those that occur with bruises and fractures. The wrist is swollen, the wrist hurts, any movement is given with pain. In order to avoid serious complications, treatment should be started immediately. In the case of the pathology of the tendons of the hand, its movements are limited, often there are swelling, swelling and various pains. The condition of a person will noticeably worsen, and the treatment will take more time if not taken immediately. Also, inflammation of the tendons can spread to different parts of the hand and even to the other arm: for example, if the pain begins in the left hand, then you can feel that your right hand is hurting too.

All of these injuries lead to various diseases: tendonitis,

sore arm peritendinitis, tunnel syndrome. Peritendinitis is a disease in which the wrist and tendon of the wrist are inflamed. Symptoms are as follows: a thumb and forefinger, and, consequently, the whole hand is hard to move because of the pain in them. Tendonitis - with this disease inflamed tendon flexors, they connect the metacarpal bones to the wrist. Most often, this disease affects people who are engaged in manual work, or athletes. It should be as soon as possible to see a doctor even with minor pain, since they can later develop into sharp ones. sore right hand Carpal tunnel syndrome, or tunnel syndrome, is a very serious disease. With it, the nerve in the wrist gets inflamed. Inflammation is accompanied by severe pain in the wrist and hand. The hand as a whole becomes less mobile due to decreased mobility of the fingers. Tunnel syndrome often occurs in musicians, surgeons, watchmakers and sculptors.

There are several types of pathologies of the wrist joints: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, deforming osteoarthritis. Any pain in the brush can be associated with them. By their nature, the pains are usually sharp, sharp, prolonged and pulling, very exhausting. Various complications may develop.

Deforming osteoarthritis is a disease of the cartilage of the radial joints of the wrist. Incorrectly fused fractures of the carpal bones are the main cause of this disease. The disease, in which small hand joints are damaged( especially the wrist joint), is called rheumatoid arthritis. With it, the mobility of the fingers of the hand is broken individually and the fine motor skills of the hands. In order to avoid various complications, even with minor pains, you should contact a rheumatologist and take the prescribed treatment immediately.

Why pains in the hands: the causes, symptoms, treatment

Pain of the hands: about the causes, symptoms and treatment

The hands are constantly loaded, because every day we do something with our hands on trifles or we do somecomplex tasks. When pain in the hands is a signal of diseases of the joints or internal organs. More about the causes and features of pain in hands read in the article.

Hand injuries

When the ligaments of the wrist joint are damaged, first a sharp pain is felt, then pulling, moving the brush becomes painful, movements are limited. With the dislocation of the phalanx of the finger of the hand, edema appears at the site of the injury, this part is deformed. But the dislocation of the semilunar, navicular, pea-like and other small bones affects the work of the brush, it is difficult to recognize. If there is a fracture of the brush, the movements are sharply limited, the place of damage swells, the brush can move pathologically, a crunch of debris is heard. To fix the fracture use gypsum or orthosis. Usually the doctor prescribes physiotherapy with massage, physiotherapy exercises. Sometimes, to restore the normal structure of the brush, do the operation.

Tendonitis in case of overload of the hands

If you are busy with heavy activity, the tendons of the hand are inflamed. People who repeat similar movements by hands, for example, sportsmen, loaders, pianists, seamstresses are at risk. Pain from insignificant gradually turns into acute, especially with loads. In the hands there is weakness, swelling is noticeable, tendons "crunch".To begin treatment it is necessary with reduction of loadings that the brush had a rest at least some days. Non-steroidal drugs and physiotherapy help with the gradual transition to special gymnastics. Well relieve tension warm baths.

Features of the tunnel syndrome

This syndrome is also called carpal tunnel syndrome, in which the median nerve is squeezed( it passes in the area of ​​the bony walls and the transverse ligament of the wrist).Among the reasons, experts sing out professional activity - a long work at the computer, playing musical instruments, plus changes in the hormonal background. Provocators can be rheumatoid arthritis, tumors, cysts or fractures. Because of the edema of the tissues, the nerve is squeezed and inflamed. In addition to pain, numbness of the hand is noticeably visible, fingers do not move easily.numbness, limited mobility of the fingers. With this syndrome, you need to change activities, undergo therapy, surgical correction( if necessary), fix the brush with orthosis.

Deforming osteoarthrosis

It is believed that the cartilage covering of the articulations of the wrist is damaged due to fractures of the wrist bones, intra-articular fractures of the fingers( especially if they are not properly fused), with disturbed metabolism and systemic diseases( for example, polyarthrosis with rheumatoid arthritis).Pain appears during the load on the wrist and even at rest( this is an exacerbation).Crunch of joints is combined with deformation of the hand, restriction of movements and edemas. It is difficult to do fine work because of a violation of fine motor skills. It is treated with arthrosis in a complex way - chondroprotectors, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, massage, gymnastics.

Aseptic Necrosis

Blood is poorly transmitted to the bone tissue, so it dies and dissolves. Inflammation brings pain during rest and work, swelling is noticeable. The causes of aseptic necrosis can be fracture and inflammation of the bone.

De Cerven's disease

Frequent twisting and grasping movements of the brush are fraught with inflammation of the tendon shell of the extensor of the thumb. This happens, for example, if you often lift a child in his arms, knit, play bowling. At the base of the first finger, pain is felt, edema is visible, sometimes there is a crunch during movement. To determine if this is a disease, bend the thumb, press it to the palm of your hand, pinch your fingers and tilt your wrist toward the little finger. If there is no pain, everything is in order.

"Writing" cramp

A painful spasm of the fingers of the hand appears after a long typing or writing. Often "writing" cramp is a companion of cervical osteochondrosis, neurocirculatory dystonia and stress. When trying to continue working after a convulsion, the brush weakens and trembles. Necessarily need physiotherapy with relaxing baths, gymnastics, psychotherapy.

Syndrome of snapping finger

Constant overstrain of the hand( or with climax) the synovial membranes with which the tendons of the fingers are covered begin to swell. As a result, the bent finger is difficult to unbend, and the applied effort responds with a click. Then a pain arises from the inside of the fingers. To restore the mobility of the finger, the operation is recommended.

Gouty arthritis

One of the signs of gout is the accumulation in the joints of salts of uric acid( urates).The process begins with an inflammation of the joint at the base of the big toe, moving on, including touching the wrist joint. Edema and severe pain in the form of pulsation or burning can last for several days. Sick place blushes. You can cope with Diclofenac, Celebrex, a strict diet( refusal of meat, beans, alcohol and tomatoes).After an exacerbation reduces the amount of uric acid in the blood of allopurinol.

Rheumatoid arthritis

First, the wrist joints hurt at the base of the fingers. The defeat is symmetrical, fetters the movement, the pain is stronger in the morning. In addition to edema, the skin at the site of inflammation is hot. To notice rheumatoid nodules with deformation of fingers it is possible at advanced stages. In the treatment of methotrexate with prednisolone, agents for the removal of inflammation, massage with exercise therapy and physiotherapy.

Systemic lupus erythematosus

Before the bright manifestation of the disease begins inflammation of the small joints of the hands. The pain can appear and pass for a short while, and it happens that persistent pain with edema, reddening does not last long. Possible atrophy, impaired movement of the hands. The treatment is based on cytostatic drugs, plus corticosteroid hormones, as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. You may need to cleanse the blood( plasmapheresis).

About Reynaud Syndrome

Differences of the syndrome - numbness of fingers, their pallor due to cold and stress. Vessels are narrowed, blood does not go to the brushes.

Pain in the hands as body signals

A harbinger of myocardial infarction is often pain and tingling in the left arm( sometimes in both or just the right).The sensitivity of the hands increases with diabetes, as blood circulation inside the body is impaired. Brushes can ache, respond with tingling and numbness during pregnancy.

Expert advice for pain in the hands

If the brushes become swollen, remove all jewelry from your hands. When injuring brushes, you need to fix them motionless, apply cold. When you feel pain after a load - reduce it. Break or change of activity is recommended when working with repetitive movements, when pain in the hands appeared. Only the specialist will diagnose, prescribe the treatment if: the pain does not last long after the injury of the hand, there is edema and the movements of the hand are stiff, redness and high temperature of the skin at the site of the injury, and also when the brush or fingers are numb.

Methods of prevention

Effective special exercises that strengthen the muscles of the hands. If you have to repeat the same movements many times, often take a break. It helps to change the body posture and the position of the hands, for example, during reading or at the computer. Useful warm-up of the fingers and joints of hands, straightforward posture. To reduce vibration when working with vibrating objects help special gloves, and reduce the load when playing sports - equipment. It is better not to overcool hands, do not smoke and use less caffeine, so that blood vessels do not taper and blood flows well to the hands.

Treatment of inflammation of the joint of the hand |Are joints aching?

How to diagnose inflammation of the joints of the hands?

People, especially those who are at risk of injury, should carefully listen to every atypical manifestation. If you are in the cold for a long time, begin to ache, or if atypical pain occurs when weather changes, this is the first sign of inflammation. Many have heard of such symptoms from grandmothers, parents or elderly people. To prevent an accurate diagnosis, and then take action, you need to make a diagnosis. In most clinics, diagnose inflammation of the joint of the hand can be done using:

  • X-ray;
  • of the joint of the hand;
  • blood tests, urine tests.

If the doctor is experienced, then he will offer you the most suitable diagnosis, and in most cases it will be comprehensive. This will give an opportunity to see the general picture and make a more accurate diagnosis, as well as understand what factor influenced the development of the disease.

The main symptoms of

Symptoms can be multiple and manifest they can themselves in a fairly pronounced form. The most common symptoms:

  • pain in the hand. Pain can be accruing during movement;
  • formation of red spots in a sore spot;
  • formation of edema on the hand;
  • fever;
  • pain when exposed to very cold water;
  • creaking of joints and a feeling of stiffness, especially in the mornings.

If several of these symptoms are observed, and often, then - the joint has become inflamed on the wrist. Depending on the symptoms, you can determine the form of inflammation - acute or chronic.

Why does an inflammation of the hand?

The causes of inflammation of the hand can be listed for a long time. Starting from the complications after the transferred infectious diseases and ending with heredity. The most common causes are infectious diseases in chronic form. Also, inflammation can cause:

  • hypothermia( especially regular);
  • suffered injuries on the hands, surgical intervention and bruises;
  • predisposition at the genetic level;

Joints on the hands are aching »Women's online magazine

Reasons for

Why are the joints of the hands bruised? There are many reasons for such symptoms: a number of diseases, as well as injuries of joints and periarticular tissues.

Pain in the joints of the fingers is a characteristic sign of the following pathologies:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease of the whole body, which is based on an autoimmune non-infectious inflammatory process, manifested by the lesion of small joints of the feet and hands.

    This is the most common cause of pain in the small joints of the fingers. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs at any age: in childhood, youth, old age. The manifestation of this pathology is a symmetrical lesion of various joints, but most often - fingers.

    Pain is always accompanied by other signs of inflammation: hyperemia and swelling. On the affected area under the skin, rheumatoid nodules are easily palpated, which are fairly dense formations. A feature of the disease is its undulating course, in which the periods of remission are replaced by acute attacks. Long-term rheumatoid arthritis is accompanied by the formation of such deformities of the hand as a "hand with a lorgnette" or a "buttonhole".

  2. Osteoarthritis is a noninflammatory deformity of the joints, characterized by their thickening and mobility limitation. This disease is closely related to the estrogenic background, which is why it is characteristic of older women. Among the causes of osteoarthritis are the following: hereditary predisposition, metabolic disturbances in the body, occupational loads and others.

    The main symptom of the disease, except pain in the joints of the hand, is the formation of subcutaneous nodules and edema. They contribute to the appearance of a characteristic deformation of the fingers: a thickening in the middle and a general view of the spindle.

    The peculiarity of arthrosis is the absence of damage to other joints and internal organs.

  3. Risartrose is a disease associated with the occurrence of pain in the joint of the thumb. The reason is constant loads or even overloads of the thumb. In this pathology, the joint is affected, which is located at the base of the thumb and connects the metacarpal bone with the radiating joint. X-ray and visual inspection help to make the correct diagnosis, as the deformation of the bones of the patient joint is very noticeable.
  4. Stenosing ligamentitis is a disease manifested by inflammation of the ring-shaped ligaments of the joints of the fingers. The clinic of ligamentitis is typical: pain at flexion and extension of the finger, sometimes - with its wedging in a bent position and extension with effort. This is accompanied by characteristic clicks and is explained by the fact that the ring-shaped ligament becomes inflamed, thickens and loses its elasticity.
  5. Gout is one of the most common causes of pain in the joints of the fingers. This is an exchange pathology associated with the deposition of crystals of the salt of uric acid in the joint cavities of the fingers. At the heart of the disease is a violation of purine metabolism, which is characterized by the deposition of urate inside the joint.

    With gout, the joints of the feet and hands are mostly affected. The pain arises paroxysmally, has a burning, tearing character and is very intense. It is always accompanied by swelling and reddening of the skin over the lesion. Movement during the attack of pain is extremely difficult or impossible.

    Pathology usually occurs in men aged fifty-sixty.

  6. Psoriatic arthritis is a manifestation of psoriasis, which is also characterized by damage to the skin and internal organs. In psoriasis, the distal phalanges of the fingers of the hands become inflamed. They ache, swell, blush, bend badly and outwardly take the form of sausages.
  7. Infectious arthritis is a bacterial or viral inflammation of joints that occurs as a monoarthritis with one joint or polyarthritis affected with multiple inflammation of the joints. The cause of the disease is an infectious agent that penetrates the joint through damaged skin or with blood. The clinic is diverse and determined by the severity of the disease. With purulent inflammation, symptoms are local pain, fever and other signs of intoxication.
  8. In pregnancy, the joints of the fingers are sore due to a lack of calcium, increased secretion of relaxin, weakening of the immune system or compression of the median nerve.

Causes of pain in the hands and hands

Type of pain Symptoms of the disease
Aching, dull Thoracic and cervical osteochondrosis, disc herniation in the thoracic or cervical region, protrusion of the disc in the thoracic or cervical part of the . The pain increases with exercise, the person can not move the brush at full strength. The pain can be poured into the shoulder blades, shoulders and elbows, "piercing" the entire hand. It is accompanied by a partial loss of sensitivity of the brush. Occurs usually at night.
Pain occurs in the morning and passes by the evening Gouty arthritis or gout Pain of the joint of the hands. The pain is accompanied by fever, the joint swells, the skin around the joint turns red. A person with difficulty moves his fingers, he has nausea, loss of appetite.
Pain in the left and right hands Polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and polyaritrate, post-traumatic polyarthritis Pain in the hand is accompanied by fever, edema and joint deformity. It is difficult for a man to move his fingers. Diseases occur after a trauma or a cold.
Pain in the wrist Osteoarthritis, arthrosis of small joints Pain in the hand is intensified during the day with physical activity, pressing on the wrist. Man with difficulty moves his wrist. In the morning or after rest the pain passes.
Pain in the hand Wrist( tunnel) syndrome The disease begins with burning, numbness and pain in the palm and fingers of the hand. Pain of the right hand often hurts. Painful sensations can "rise" up the arm.
Severe aching pain in the wrist Inflammation of the ligaments and tendons The pain causes a sharp or, on the contrary, a prolonged load. It is accompanied by an edema of a brush and fingers, numbness of a brush.
Acute pain in the wrist Tension of the tendon Occurs after an unsuccessful fall on the arm, sudden movement, heavy load. The brush swells, a person can not move it freely.
Severe pain and deformation of the brush Fracture of the brush Occurs after falling on a wrist or a strong blow to the wrist. Sometimes the symptoms are limited to swelling and mild pain in the hand.
Pain in the left hand Ischemic heart disease or myocardial infarction In some cases, pain in the left hand occurs due to the pathology of the heart. Pain is felt behind the sternum and under the left scapula, accompanied by shortness of breath, the appearance of cold sweat, nausea.

With prolonged current rheumatoid arthritis, a characteristic deformity of the hands is similar to "hands with a lorgnette", "boutonniere" or "swan neck".

Osteoarthrosis and polyosteoarthrosis

This group of diseases is more typical for older women, because the nature of its development is directly related to the estrogenic background. However, there are other causes of osteoarthritis: heredity, metabolic disorders, occupational loads, etc.

In addition to pain for osteoarthritis of the hands, it is common to form subcutaneous nodules in the area of ​​joints that, along with edema, contribute to the development of deformity of the fingers - they take a characteristicknotty appearance. Sometimes the fingers look like a spindle, due to the thickening in the middle. Outwardly it may resemble rheumatoid arthritis, but with arthrosis there is no damage to other groups of joints and internal organs.

Osteoarthrosis of the hands often occurs as a rizartroz, when the joints of the thumbs are isolated. Risartrose often develops as a result of a prolonged overload on the thumb of the hands. Defeat in this area must always be differentiated from such pathologies as gout and psoriatic arthritis, for which this place is a favorite localization.

In osteoarthritis joints of the hands, thumb, shoulder, and elbow joints most often ache. Pain increases when working in a vertical position, it increases in the daytime. After rest and in the morning the pain can be almost invisible. Exacerbation of pain can be as long as a couple of days, and up to several months.

The first thing you should do is to sit on a strict diet, limit consumption of meat dishes, fish, alcoholic beverages, and, strictly according to the doctor's prescription, take medications that are aimed at normalizing purine metabolism and lowering the level of uric acid in the blood.

To prevent an attack, it is recommended to take analgesics. Also effective in the treatment of gout are and folk remedies for the treatment of this disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis overcomes the joints of the hands and the phalanx of the fingers simultaneously and symmetrically on both hands, which further complicates, and makes it unbearable to perform even basic actions.

The diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is determined exclusively by the doctor on the basis of changes in the analyzes, X-rays and the characteristic symptoms of a particular disease - read about this in our article Diagnosis in rheumatoid arthritis: how doctors make this diagnosis.

rheumatoid arthritis affects the small joints of the hands

Symptoms of this disease are as follows: the patient feels moderate pain, while the troubled joint blushes and swells a little, one can observe the creaking and deformation of the middle finger phalanges, tingling and numbness of the wrists.

For pain in the fingers, you need a complex treatment. This means that in most cases it is necessary as a medication, as well as massage, and gymnastics for the fingers. If, during work on the fingers, there is a significant load, do not forget to regularly knead them. However, please note that in no case can you do gymnastics through force. If pain increases during exercise, stop immediately and consult a doctor. A positive effect is the massage of the fingers, which you can do yourself.

5. Gout.

Given that the disease is - chronic, you need to know that the inflammation is not permanent, but periodically. The very first attack, as a rule, affects the joint of the base of the thumb. This is a sudden pain, usually in the morning or at night. Such inflammation with all its signs passes by itself after a while.

6. Risartrose.

The disease begins with the thumb joint of the thumb. Such pain can arise in those who constantly loaded or once heavily overloaded this finger. Bones of the aching finger are deformed, which are visible to the naked eye both on examination and on an x-ray.


Rheumatism develops as a complication after acute infection of the upper respiratory tract;fever and joint pain - the initial stage of the disease. Rheumatism, as a rule, overcomes large joints - such as the elbow and wrist. More information about the symptoms and treatment of joints and heart rheumatism can be found here.

Pain sensations can pass from one aching joint to another, with the affected area swelling and reddening. But not everything is so terrible, irreversible processes are not observed in this case, with a long period of illness, rheumatic nodules appear around the inflamed area - dense formations.

In the case of a child suffering from rheumatism, the patient's skin becomes covered with pale reddish spots or rings. If the disease is neglected and the doctor does not go on time, rheumatism can provoke severe forms of damage to the heart muscle.

At the moment, doctors are engaged in the development and search for new, most effective, no side effects procedures for the treatment of various diseases of the joints of the hands.

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