Under the plaster arm is numb

Numbness in the fingers

Numbness in the fingers can be a sign of many diseases associated with the nervous, bone and muscle systems. Most often, the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine shows itself this way.

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Causes of numbness in fingers

Numbness in the fingers is the first sign of impaired conduction of nerves. Often you can meet this sign with cervical osteochondrosis. You can check yourself - if you feel a crunch, discomfort or pain when you tilt your head to the side or turn your head, there is a chance that the cervical vertebrae are affected by osteochondrosis. With this disease, the thumb or index finger is mostly dumb. To confirm the diagnosis, it is enough to make an x-ray of the cervical spine. Most often, osteochondrosis occurs after 45 years. Similar symptoms are with a disc herniation or spondyloarthrosis.

The reason is simpler - for example, if the limb has been squeezed for a long time when you were sleeping. Or one finger can not dumb if the ring does not fit in size.

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Numbness of fingers occurs in women during menopause and during pregnancy. It also occurs in migraine sufferers.

The left hand's left fingers sometimes indicate problems with the heart. This condition can be caused by angina pectoris. Especially should be alerted by numbness of the ring finger or numbness that spreads to the forearm.

Sometimes, the cause of numbness is a brain injury or a stroke threat.

Numbness of fingers after injury

Numbness in the fingers can be associated not only with nerve damage or inflammation, but also with a hand injury or craniocerebral injury. In this case, other unpleasant symptoms often arise: burning, pain in the hand, tingling, spasm and even itching. The twitching of the limb is possible. If the symptoms are added with a shaky gait, it can be multiple sclerosis.

After a head injury, weakness often occurs along with numbness. Often the patient, who has received a craniocerebral injury, loses consciousness. Also, numbness occurs with neck injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

With the numbness of the fingers after injury, special exercises for the development of joints will help. Often the mobility is not restricted by the trauma of the hand itself, but rather by its prolonged immobility when found in a cast. It is the immobilization that causes muscle atrophy and circulatory disorders that lead to numbness. After operations on the nerves and tendons, fingers need to be developed.

If your hands are numb and tingling after a trauma often, you need to visit an orthopedic surgeon. He will determine what to do next, what exercises are needed, can prescribe a set of physiotherapy procedures. In the direction of the doctor, you can contact an osteopath or a chiropractor. Sometimes acupuncture helps.

Do not carry weights in a recently injured arm or shoulder on this side. Perhaps, in addition to exercise therapy and physiotherapy, the doctor will prescribe you multivitamin preparations. Often, numbness of the fingers can occur with a deficiency of vitamin B12.Also, stress and emotional stress, especially prolonged ones, should be avoided. With monotonous work, take breaks, walk more, run.

Numbness of fingers after fracture of hand

After a fracture, the cause of numbness in the fingers can be an unsuccessfully applied gypsum. When you wear gypsum, avoid wearing tight clothes.

Often the cause of numbness and tingling sensations can be shoulder injuries, stretching of the joint bag, cracked bone. These injuries are often received by the elderly, falling in the winter on the ice or professional athletes. The hand swells quickly and it becomes impossible to move it. Usually they begin gymnastics in a cast on the 5th day. A healthy hand is bent and unbent with the fingers of a sick hand. Active movements start from the second week: they take a cup, a pencil and a comb in their hand. After 3 weeks after removing the plaster in your hand, you can already wear 2 kg of weight.

After several hand injuries Raynaud's disease can develop, characterized by pain, cyanosis, and always cold hands. To avoid exacerbation of the disease, it is recommended to wear warm natural gloves in cold weather.

Numbness of fingers in osteochondrosis

When cervical osteochondrosis, they pay attention to such symptoms:

  1. Strongly restricted movement in the cervical spine.
  2. Headaches and pains in the shoulder are excruciating.
  3. Pain can resemble pain in the heart.

The disease provokes stress and sedentary work, overweight.

With Raynaud's disease, the fingers of both the right and left hands numb, and with osteochondrosis only one of the hands.

Also, numbness in the fingers is often worried about diabetic patients. This condition is called polyneuropathy. You can cope with the problem by adjusting the level of sugar in the blood and doing the feasible exercise.

When referring to an orthopedist and neurologist, numbness of the fingers is a very common complaint. Most often, numbness increases after sleep or in transport.

Symptoms of numbness in the fingers

A bundle of tendons, which causes our fingers to move, passes through a narrow channel. Through this channel also passes the nerve, responsible for the sensitivity of the entire palm. Usually it is protected. But sometimes it happens that the hand swells with prolonged monotonous work. Numbness of the fingers is accompanied by a throbbing pain, tingling, sensation of creepy and loss of sensation, itching and burning, muscle cramps and twitching. If the carpal tunnel syndrome is not treated in time, you can lose the ability to flex your thumb. Other causes of numbness in the fingers are possible. About them it was spoken above. But the symptoms are similar, for example, both with professional abuses, and with spinal injury and even with panic attacks. Clarify the cause should the doctor.

Stroke may be disturbed by numbness of the lower arm, speech impairment and coordination of movements. With pain in the chest and difficulty breathing, you can suspect a heart attack. Surgery, adhesions in the lungs and bronchi can also cause numbness in the fingers.

Most often, the problem can be solved by setting a course of tablets and ointments. As a preventive measure, it may be recommended to avoid overloading the psyche, infections, hypothermia.

Numbness of the thumbs of the hands

Numbness of the thumbs often occurs with frostbite, multiple sclerosis, stroke, some vascular and nerve diseases, radiculitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, with hand injuries, circulatory disorders, Raynaud's disease, osteochondrosis, arthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis, deficiency of some vitamins and microelements. If numbness occurs often and is accompanied by weakness, it becomes difficult to perform daily tasks, minor motor skills are broken, if visual and gait disturbances are added, it is necessary to find out immediately from a neurologist what to do. You may need to be hospitalized, for example, if you have a stroke. Numbness of the thumb together with the index finger indicates that something is wrong with the cervical spine.

Numbness in the fingers is a common occurrence today. You can not work without breaks. Useful for running, skiing, swimming, contrasting hand trays and honey wrap. It is enough to lubricate the fingers with honey and wrap the brush with a cloth.

Numbness in the fingertips of the

When waking up in the morning, sometimes we feel a tingling at the fingertips due to an uncomfortable posture. More often similar signs disturb the elderly. But there are also more serious reasons for which there is numbness in the fingers, a tingling sensation at the fingertips. For example, with thrombosis, the artery can become clogged and cause numbness. Thrombosis is a dangerous condition. If it is not treated, you can lose your hand.

When a stroke threatens, numbness always occurs in only one arm. The patient has increased blood pressure. There may be speech disorders. In this case, help should be given immediately, without losing valuable time. With incorrect or delayed treatment, stroke leads to persistent functional disorders.

Diabetic neuropathy is also a fairly common cause of this disorder. With diabetes, sugar from the blood eats away the blood vessels. People with diabetes also have a higher risk of getting gangrene. Keep blood glucose under control.

Rarely numbness occurs with rheumatism, nerve strains or after trauma. Sometimes the cause of numbness is in the hyperventilation of the lungs, the superficial frequent breathing. Sometimes there are spasms of blood vessels in the hands of Raynaud's disease. With this disease a person constantly feels chilliness in his hands and a burning sensation. Sometimes your fingers may itch. Fingers can turn blue or, on the contrary, very much pale.

Whatever the reason, it is impossible to install it without consulting a competent specialist. He can advise you to take a course of osteopathy. With polyneuropathy in diabetics can be prescribed as drugs to correct blood glucose levels, and changing the properties of blood. You need to improve your diet, do not eat foods with dyes and preservatives, give preference to meat, vegetables and greens.

Numbness and tingling of the fingers

Sometimes the cause of unpleasant symptoms can be a banal weather change. But still more often occurs against the background of fractures and other injuries or disc herniation, osteoporosis. The cause of the disease, unfortunately, can also hide in very serious pathologies of the brain, for example, tumors.

With cervical myelopathy, when the spinal cord is compressed by osteophytes or vertebral hernia, the disturbances grow gradually, the brushes become very weak over time. When the neck is bent, the spinal cord is strongly stretched. His extensive heart attack may occur. In patients with cervical myelopathy in cerebrospinal fluid, a laboratory test can reveal an increased level of protein.

Numbness of fingers and hands

The feeling of numbness in the hands is especially common in the elderly. This is because older people move less. But there are other factors that cause numbness. There are many reasons for this. Among them:

  • Polyneuropathy with beriberi, diabetes mellitus. The fingers are also affected due to anemia.
  • Raynaud's syndrome, with his fingers freezing, turning pale and turning blue.
  • Closure of a cerebral blood vessel by a thrombus.
  • Inconvenient position in a dream.
  • Inflammation of the joints.
  • Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Cervical spondylosis.
  • Nerve compression.

You can independently recognize the stroke. You should know that the first sign of impending stroke can be just a numbness of the fingers. Then there are difficulties with breathing and walking, visual disturbances and paralysis. If you find yourself or others close to such symptoms, call an ambulance!

If you ignore the problem, you can be bothered for a long time. Even complete paralysis of the hands is possible.

If your hands are numb during operation, spread them apart and move your fingers, squeeze them into a fist.

Maybe there are some products that are good for numbness use? Yes, we advise you to eat plenty of greens containing special substances - oxalates. They are in sorrel and cabbage. But salt in large quantities is harmful to you. It is worth thinking about how to find a good manual therapist, to take a course of water procedures or acupuncture.

Numbness in fingers in sleep

Numbness in fingers at night, during sleep most often due to a violation of normal circulation in the hand. To avoid this, we advise you to buy an orthopedic pillow. It will keep the head in a dream in the right position, which will help to avoid clamps in the cervical spine. It perfectly removes tension in the muscles of the neck. Also, the cause of numbness can be uncomfortable clothing with tight cuffs. Buy more free pajamas. At night, take off your jewelry. You can try to change the pose during sleep. You should not sleep, holding your hands above your head, "embracing" the pillow. In this case, the blood may simply not be enough to get to the hands, since in the dream the heart is slightly slower to work.

If you have a crunched and sore neck, you can assume that your fingers are numb at night due to cervical osteochondrosis. Pain with him constant, pulling.

Nevertheless, if you can not eliminate the cause of numbness, you can write to the neurologist, cardiologist and orthopedist and find a solution to the problem together with a specialist. For example, you may not know that the loss of sensitivity in your hands is due to a thrombus, which simply blocked the normal blood supply to the upper limb.

Numbness in the fingers and toes

Headache, decreased performance, dry mouth, blushing face, numbness in fingers and toes, tingling, burning and itching are very serious neurological symptoms. They may indicate a threat of a stroke or that an attack has already attacked you. It can also be a microstroke, which, if untreated, can end very badly, you can get persistent physical and mental disorders.

Another reason for numbness is Raynaud's disease, manifested by the disorder of the sensitivity of the hands and feet. The cause of the disease is a hereditary factor and smoking, infection. The patients are freezing, the third and fourth fingers and toes suffer greatly.

Also, numbness of the limbs occurs with a vertebral hernia, which compresses the nerve endings. Sitting a long time in one pose increases the feeling of running creepy. Treatment of the intervertebral hernia is first conservative: with the help of manual therapy, exercise therapy, physiotherapy. Only when such measures are ineffective do they reflect on the operation.

Severe scoliosis and sciatica, sciatica even before the appearance of hernias can lead to a feeling of discomfort, "goose bumps" in the limbs. You should pay attention to these symptoms as early as possible.

Metabolic diseases are a fairly common cause of numbness in the fingers and toes. At a gout, for example, in joints urea is postponed. This leads to numbness of the thumbs. Gout is more common in men.

Particular attention should be paid to cases where speech and movement coordination are disturbed along with limb numbness. Such a person should immediately be taken to a hospital and examined by a neurologist. It is necessary to establish whether a stroke caused numbness in the arms and legs, perhaps there is another reason, for example, chronic trauma or vitamin deficiency, problems with the spine, arthrosis or osteochondrosis, hernia, hypothermia, tunnel neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, migraine, pancreatitis, Raynaud's disease. The list can be continued.

You can try to cope with a slight numbness by running and swimming, but the bike is not recommended for you. Do not store heavy things in pockets. Take breaks during which actively move your hands, walk around, for lunch, better go out of the office to fresh air. Even simple walking on the stairs instead of the elevator will help. The diet should include as much fruit as possible, salads, vegetable dishes. Do not abuse diets. Give up alcohol. The lack of vitamin B12 negatively affects the general tone of the body, the person becomes irritable and his limbs may dumb.

Numbness of fingers of hands in the mornings

Nowadays even young people wake up from unpleasant numbness of fingers, although earlier this trouble was much more common in older people. The reason for this is the ubiquitous distribution of computers and laptops, long-term continuous work for which contributes to the disorder of normal blood circulation. At numbness of fingers in the morning after awakening we advise you to do this: analyze, that can become the reason of constriction of blood vessels. Perhaps you are sleeping in an uncomfortable tight pajamas. If the clothes are all right, you should think about making warm-up more often while working. It is also not bad to know the level of glucose and iron in the blood, as diabetes and anemia can also cause such feelings.

Numbness of the face and fingers

Numbness of the face and hands with loss of consciousness happens if the lumen of the vessel narrows. For example, when it is blocked with a thrombus or an atherosclerotic plaque.

Sometimes it can occur after inaccurate dental manipulation. Smoking, except for numbness of the face, can lead also to taste disorders. By the way, numbness of the limbs is quite a frequent problem for smokers, so we wish you to get rid of bad habits sooner.

Anemia, gait disturbance, numbness of face and fingers can occur with vitamin B12 deficiency. To identify it, you need to pass a biochemical blood test. Vitamin B12 is found in red meat and liver, use them in sufficient quantities.

Constant numbness in the fingers

The number of people complaining of numbness in the fingers is growing every year. Neurosurgery and traumatologists say this with concern. And if a person comes to a doctor, then, as a rule, this is repeated not once, that is, it is not possible to blame for everything an uncomfortable pose, clothing or pillow. Here are some reasons:

  • Cervical osteochondrosis. With this disease, numbness occurs not only in the morning, but throughout the day.
  • Inflammation of the joints.
  • Psycho-emotional overload.

With constant numbness of hands, try the recipe of Academician Bolotov. Take 3 liters of whey, three glasses of crushed garlic and a glass of sugar. Stir. Add a teaspoon of sour cream and let it wander for 3 months. Take 100 ml 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

Massage and self-massage the neck.

Infusion of swampy wild rosemary can also help.2 tbsp.l. The grass should be poured a glass of boiled water. Soak in a water bath for 15 minutes. Let it cool down and mix it with apple cider vinegar 1: 3.Do grinding.

A warming compress made from warm pumpkin porridge on the whole hand can help.

Remember that you can not drink strong coffee and tea. They lead to spasm of blood vessels. Better for breakfast eat sprouted grain or oatmeal, rhubarb, sorrel, buckwheat porridge. Run, in the winter skate, in the summer - on rollers, swim. In frost, do not go without a hat and mittens. While working on the computer at least occasionally rotate with brushes. Keep hands while working at the computer, close to the body, they should not hang.

Partial numbness of the fingers

Partial numbness of the fingers should make you act. Check the condition of the spine, especially the cervical region, make an x-ray and an MRI.As a result, you will be prescribed a massage and exercise therapy. Track how you react to stress. If you have frequent panic attacks, it's time to visit a neurologist or psychotherapist. Remember if you have had shoulder, elbow or wrist injuries.

First of all, the neurologist at the reception of a patient with such complaints excludes his cerebrovascular disorders - ischemia and stroke. To find out the cause of numbness, you may need to pass a blood test for hormones or toxins, if your work is related to occupational hazards.

After the examination, medication is prescribed to relieve pain and improve sensitivity. A timely call to a doctor will allow you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms in a short time and to influence the cause of the disease.

Numbness of fingers after delivery

Swelling often accompanies the last months of pregnancy, hands are no exception. The accumulated liquid compresses the nerve bundle on the wrist, which is in a narrow channel, hence all the troubles begin. Of course, a woman gets used to unpleasant feelings during pregnancy, sometimes it's easier to think that this is because the hand has been in an uncomfortable position for a long time. But still, it is worthwhile to look for the cause inside the body, which changes every day during this period.

We advise you to control weight during pregnancy. The increase in body weight helps numb the fingers. The hands should not have loads during pregnancy. Do not raise more than 4 kg.

Numbness in the fingers after giving birth sometimes indicates a heart problem, with pregnancy experiencing an overload. Do not get nervous during pregnancy. This is a wonderful period in your life! Nervous overloads also sometimes lead to numbness.

Treatment of numbness in the fingers

Numbness in the fingers can be a sign of serious malfunctions in the body. Of course, it happens that this condition is due, for example, to the deficiencies of vitamin B12.If you do not eat meat and fish, add to the diet brewer's yeast. They are in pharmacies. Eat red vegetables, as well as greens, in these products there are many other important vitamins, Vitamin A, for numbness control. From nuts and grains you can get nicotinic acid, irreplaceable for your nervous system.

The elderly often wear a woolen thread on their wrists. This is a very old way to combat the numbness of the upper limbs.

A therapist or neurologist can refer you to a cardiologist if you complain about numbness in the little finger. He will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

If a consultation with a neurologist about numbness reveals a nerve impairment, the doctor will prescribe you B vitamins and a procedure like amplipulse with the addition of analgin. Also the refusal of alcohol, smoking and strong tea is obligatory.

To help with numbness in people with circulatory problems will come to the aid of parsley and celery. Take them for 1 kilogram, as well as a glass of honey. Pass the mixture of these products through a meat grinder. Eat 4 tbsp each.l.in the morning on an empty stomach.

With poor blood circulation, Reynaud's syndrome, it is important to provide the body with ascorbic acid. It is a real elixir for blood vessels. Eat more citrus, tea substitute for a drink from the dog rose.

Massage at numbness of fingers

Elasticity of arteries can be lost with frequent overcooling. And this also becomes the cause of numbness, pain, "creepy."In this case, you should wear warm clothes and try to avoid vibration. A good tool for both prevention and treatment of numbness in the fingers is massage.

Hand massage normalizes the work of capillaries. Pick up a small ball and roll it in the palm of your hand. With the right index finger, rub the fingers of your left hand. Then change your hands. Can also help contact massage with rubbing tincture of lilac juice.

Now on weekends we are working hard on our private plots, and our hands are very tired for the day. General hand massage will help: stroking, rubbing.

10 g of camphor alcohol should be diluted in a liter of cold water and massage hands with rubbing the solution. Or another mixture: take a glass of vegetable oil and sugar and mix. We do massage of the dumb places.

Medication for numbness of fingers

If numbness of fingers occurs with tunnel syndrome, injections of glucocorticoids into the carpal tunnel make massage, eliminate overloads and occupational hazards.

What is the substance of glucocorticoids? These are the hormones produced by the adrenal glands. They have been used for a very long time, since the middle of the 20th century. Hydrocortisone is used most widely. Its anti-inflammatory effect is due to the suppression of the activity of phospholipase A2, which inhibits the formation of prostaglandins, which cause inflammation and pain.

These drugs have some toxic effect on the body, which can be reduced with the appointment of inducers of liver enzymes. When treating glucocorticoids, it is undesirable at the same time to take estrogen-containing drugs. Diuretics interact with glucocorticoids in such a way that arrhythmia can begin. Be careful. Also glucocorticoids suppress immunity, reduce the effectiveness of insulin, heparin and vaccines.

There are also many traditional medicine to combat numbness in the fingers. You can make a tincture of pickled cucumbers and red pepper. Cut the cucumbers into cubes and chop the pepper and add 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist for a week and then rub your fingers with tincture.

Numbness of fingers should not be ignored - find out the reason and only after that start treatment and be healthy!


the hand in a gypsum flows and hurts. This is normal?


And how long ago the cast was cast-if not, then this is normal. Wait, it will still itch, it is there, under the plaster-it will be on the prikolney.

Vasya navel

The hand in the plaster is normal))))))

Anton Sinonimov

if I broke just that and plaster cast it ok:)


My leg in the cast went numb. And what kind of pain? If the hand is broken, then, of course, it can hurt. .


and what are you. .. kayfovat like that.


My grandfather three days before his death also. ..

Nadezhda Sorokina

In the hospital, plastered put in the morning and evening anesthetic injections until the discharge and at home take anesthetic, and the edema will begin to subside when the bone grows slightly a little.


All norms)

Guzel Safina

elevated position, if it hurts you can drink ketonal or naiz

Parkhomenko Olga

There is a possibility that the plaster cast was badly imposed. ...

Hooligan In Kedy

Poor thing. How can I help you?
Take a glossary of English and begin to repeat the words, with a hand in the plaster at the same time you can gently tap and grumble:) ).
Attention will be switched. You will learn a language. All some good. ...


Pain pain reliever. To the hand does not swell - "hold your hand higher," "avoid physical exertion."

Sister today broke her arm from her wrist and a little higher, she was plastered. Now dumb in the area of ​​the elbow and thumb.

Nelly R

This nerve is stretched. .. Massage the finger lightly and the elbow. .. Go to the traumatologist, let him look. As you recover, you can physiotherapist.procedures such as UHF do for better and quicker healing, lech.fiz-ru. ..


this hand is numb. .. it is necessary to change the position of the hand( to put a small pillow) to wiggle your fingers as much as possible and to knead your fingers. .. recover. .. we, too, with plaster only have more of your. .. elbow. ... recover. ...


Where there is a trauma there will always be edema. Edema can cause both neurological disorders, and simply can be squeezed by a plaster bandage. Compression is dangerous. The treatment process must be controlled by a traumatologist. In extreme cases, there are resources of online consultations of doctors, for example [the link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project].Good luck! .

Numbness of the finger after fracture


And who knows?90% with regular massage( there are such springs - to roll on the finger - expensive, judging by the appearance, rubles 100-150) will be restored and 10% that is not. It depends on you a lot!

Daniil Fedorov

After a fracture of the left arm a day later the numbness of the thumb was numb Why? If the gypsum does not squeeze the limb, there is no swelling, then there is no need to change this langete. Numbness is most likely due to the presence of gypsum, after removal of the langete. After the fracture of the wrist with displacement( ray in the T-spot), a gypsum was applied in the trauma unit,that strongly pressed on the hand, experienced apparently vessels, immediately appeared numbness, the thumb was bluish

Katya Nikolaeva-Aristova

You are affected by nerves, whether the function is recovered is unknown, you need time. Personal experience - there was an operation on the phalange of 2 toes, during 6-8 months half of the finger was so numb this really unpleasant sensation.



is immediately injured. Perhaps the cast is cast incorrectly. We need to make a new one. Urgent, otherwise you can stay without a hand. It should not be that numbness and cold hand.

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